14 thoughts on “If you had only 48 hours to spend $72.2 Million, what would you do?

  1. I’d immediately give half of it to various charities (I’m nice like that! ;)).
    Then I’d divvy out half of what remains to my family and friends.
    Then with the remaining 18 million or so, I’d buy the most powerful computer on Earth, buy every game ever made, then play them over and over – a good investment, since the games will still be on my computer after the 48 hours is over.
    I’d buy a racing track and drive on it for a few hours!
    I’d then just give whatever remained to NASA, help them get back on the Moon and stuff! haha 🙂

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  2. I would immediately purchase a great deal of reliable stocks and real estate, which I could turn around and sell later, after I’ve taken the time to decide more wisely how to spend and/or invest such a great deal of money.
    Okay, and maybe set aside a little for a quick trip to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. And a couple of other cool places. Or a couple dozen…

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  3. Well, spending 78 million in 48 hours is a huge task. I’d purchase various properties in various parts of the world. I’d purchase various vehicles. I guess I’d get quite a large grocery stock going and a new wardrobe. After that, I’d have many, many millions left that I’d give away.

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  4. Give a lot to family/friends/charities, then pay off bills, buy a beachfront house in Florida, one on Cape Cod, book a world tour for my family, buy $5 million in traveler’s checks, and then send the rest, if any, to our financial planner to invest asap.

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  5. I’d pay off the back taxes on the Conneaut Lake Park amusement park in western Pennsylvania, and try to set up some kind of trust that keeps the place running and in good order until its next fantastic and improbable catastrophe strikes.

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  6. use $70million to set up a research lab to focus on therapies to correct DNA issues that kill children…for example AT/RT…then pay off all my student loans and other bills…buy a piece of land and a home and the reminder goes into a savings account w/auto transfers into a checking account

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  7. I would firstly pay off all of my parents debt and all of our church’s bills. I’d pay off my and my siblings loans, etc. Buy them houses. Invest and make a charity in 3rd world countries that houses, feeds, and takes care of orphans and teaches them how to succeed. Buy and invest in stocks. And of course splurge a little.

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  8. Thank you so much for liking my poem Happy Day. I have hundreds of Facebook friends (I am the staff poet for The Blue Route, a progressive ‘zine there) and when one of them has a birthday, I zap them one of my poems.

    Brent Kincaid

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  9. I would choose 3 (fortunate) hospitals and settle all the bills of every patients in advance till healing point, I would also donae to charity home and the remaining will be used for real estate investment and shares for myself

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