Is the only alternative to vote Green?

Australian politics has been pretty pathetic in the past couple of weeks.  With both parties losing support over a range of issues, you reach a point where you start to wonder, just who the hell do you vote for in the next election.  

While the Libs really are getting my goat with their censorship of the front bench, the delaying of a same sex marriage referendum, and the woeful carbon emission target projections, their attempts to change laws that prohibit environmental protection groups from taking corporations to court over damage to our environment; labor just don’t seem to be giving any reason to vote for them, since they are so caught up in the whole Trade unions royal commission hearings.

There really is only two alternatives if you are thinking of voting for someone other than the two main parties.  An independent….or…the Greens.  Sad to say, I don’t fancy the Greens either.  

This video sums up how a few might be voting, come the elections next year.

7 thoughts on “Is the only alternative to vote Green?

  1. Being that I live in the US I dont know much about politics in Australia. But I will say that in US elections past I have noticed that often the two main parties really just dont have enough to offer. It almost seems like they know they will get the vote so they dont try and branch out the way that they should. They really dont represent the people’s wants. I am shocked to hear you say the Same Sex Marriage referendum has been delayed. Here in the states mostly all states have it legal with a few exceptions. I hope Australia is soon to follow!

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    • 70 percent of the Australian population actually support a change to the laws to allow marriage equality. Unfortunately our current government heads don’t support that view and are saying we have to wait until after the next election for a plebiscite. That could be at least another year away.


  2. Thankfully the U.S. Supreme Court just legalized same sex marriage throughout the country. That’s not to say there aren’t some small pockets of resistance, but they won’t win in court. I also sympathize with your political woes. Over here we have this huge scandal brewing with the Democratic front runner Hillary Clinton, and over on the Republican side we have Donald Trump. Ugh!

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