20 thoughts on “What’s your funniest misheard lyric?

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  2. Desmond Dekker’s ‘Israelites;’
    Original lyrics – “Get up in the morning slaving for bread sir, so that every mouth can be fed. Oh oh. me Israelites”.

    My lyrics – Get up in the morning want beans for breakfast, so that every monk can be fed. Oh Oh, me ears are alight.

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  3. I was like 5 or 6 when Mariah Carey’s hit Without you was everywhere. So instead of singing “can’t live without you” I was actually singing “Ken Lee without you”. Great post. Thanks for sharing


  4. England Dan & John Ford Coley’s “I’d Really Love to See You Tonight”; my wife thought the line was ‘I’m not talkin’ ’bout millenium’ instead of ‘I’m not talkin’ ’bout movin’ in’.

    Also Robert Palmer’s “Addicted to Love”; I have sang it as “Might as well face it you’re a dickhead to love”.

    Lastly a comedian once said that a friend of his interpreted Steve Miller’s “Jet Airliner” and the line ‘Big ol’ jet airliner’ as ‘bingo Jed had a light on’.

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