Kebab Kings – SBS Trailer Australia.

You’d be amazed just how much Australians love Kebabs.

SBS unwraps a sizzling new documentary series, Kebab Kings.
Premieres Wednesday 28 November, 8.30pm on SBS. #KebabKingsSBS

4 thoughts on “Kebab Kings – SBS Trailer Australia.

    • We have stick kebab meats too, usually bought from the supermarket, but this type of kebab is very popular in Australia.

      Fun Fact: There are almost five times more kebab shops in Australia than McDonald’s outlets.

      The doner kebab is a traditional dish from the Middle East but has become a late-night staple in Australia. It is made up of thin slices of minced and seasoned meat, grilled on a vertical, rotating spit. The meat is wrapped in flat bread with salad/ vegetables and dips.

      Of all the fast foods available I think kebabs are up there with the best. There is a good combination of ingredients from all of the main food groups and in appropriate proportions.

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