Things I like – The Tucker Trial on “I’m a Celebrity, get me out of here!”

I’ve not been posting much due to the amount of work I have on in my days, but at night I always sit down to my favorite TV show “I’m a Celebrity, get me out of here!”.  Its down to the final week, and only four contestants remain.  However, one of my favorite tasks that the celebrities are voted to do is the Tucker trial.  Viewers get to vote who has to eat the most disgusting things imaginable, and this week the best of the best, Freddie Flintoff has to eat an array of dishes, including a large hissing cockroach.  One of the presenters can barely hold his stomach, and it is later after some macho argy bargy, that Doctor Chris Brown is challenged to try the vile jungle shake.   Best bloody television of the week, to see a host cop a good mouthful…..literally.


Freddie…and that cockroach…


Chris Brown after…a taste of the jungle shake….

Things I love – Peanut butter Tim Tams.


Any die hard Australian knows the joy of eating a Tim Tam biscuit.  One of the few pleasures in life, if you ask me.  But of late, Arnotts has come out with some new flavours to our old favorite, and I can’t tell you how much I love the Peanut butter flavored ones.  I happened to be buying petrol at Caltex, when I was going up to pay for my fuel, and saw this packet of Peanut butter Tim tams for only 50 cents.  Normally they are up to $4.00 a packet.  I’d not tried them before, but as a fan of PB, I thought I could spend the 50 cents and find out.


YUM!  That fine layer of peanut butter sauce mixed with filling in the middle made them sweet and reminded me of my mother’s chocolate peanut spider clusters.  (Something I miss terribly.)   I’ve since bought more with my weekly shopping – on special of course, and enjoyed them with my coffee.  One thing that we Aussies love to do is the Tim tam bomb.  To give you a good idea of how we eat them for extra oomph, check out the video below.


I’m feeling Hot Hot Hot!


It’s the weekend, and with the cyclones bashing the coast late this week, we are being followed up with a heat wave.  No joke, its absolutely freaking HOT!  Got in my car to go down to the local golf club and the inside of my car was like a sauna.  The steering wheel had me driving with my finger tips, and my seat belt????  Okay, that was pure torture to try and put on.  It’s now 37 degrees Celsius, but if you ask me it feels more like 45!

So now I am back and in my air conditioned room, with a cold beer…(yes, nothing is better than a cold beer), and back at writing again.  Too hot to do anything else.


Might go down the local pool later.  Yeah.



Frackman – The Movie.

Frackman The Movie coming to cinemas in MARCH 2015

Frackman is like no other Australian film. It aims to spark a broad national conversation about the risks of our headlong rush into massive coal seam gas development. Five years in the making, it not only entertains and engages, it also gives audiences the tools to get involved in what is becoming the largest social movement our nation has seen in decades. It’s a deeply political film, but not the old style that is so badly failing us. This the New Politics, bringing together old and young, city and country, conservative and progressive in a shared effort to prevent an environmental catastrophe. Can we imagine any other issue that would bring together the likes of Alan Jones and Bob Brown?
See it and find out why.

Take a stand with us

Miners do it better.

Pilbara mine workers find Facebook fame with Valentine’s day lip-sync duet


A video, posted on the social media platform by Jamie Byers, shows the men singing to the late pop diva’s I Wanna Dance With Somebody while driving and dressed in high-vis vests and hard hats.

By Monday morning, the video – apparently recorded at Pannawonica, 1,400km north of Perth – had been viewed more than 800,000 times on Facebook.

Titled Valentine’s Day in the Pilbara, the video duet even warranted a mention in the online edition of Australian Mining magazine.

Credit to ABC News Australia.


I wish I could post the video here, but if you click the link….you’ll enjoy the blokes outback performance.

Jamie Byers Facebook.



Tree fossil with opal growth rings – GeoPicture of the week.


This is a part of an opalized tree, and the rings you see are actually tree rings; or at least they were.

This is an very rare sample: opal can be fairly common in petrified wood, but this is a fire opal, which makes it so much more valuable. Fire opals are transparent to translucent opals with warm body colors of yellow, orange, orange-yellow or red – basically, it often has pretty colors.

So how did this magnificent opalized tree came to be? Initially, water filled the cracks and empty spaces of the source fossil, and the silica content in the water hardened and turned into opal or chalcedony.

The above tree fossil is from Queensland, Australia; it measures 25x22x5mm and weighs 23.5 ct.

Happy Austalia Day!


It is after Midnight writing this, but it is now Australia day.  In about five or so hours I am going to go and help one of our local community groups to serve an Aussie day breakfast.  I’ll be hitting the hay soon enough though to get a few hours sleep before hand.  So to all my fellow Australians….Have a good one!  Enjoy it with your friends and family and celebrate our nation’s birthday!



“I don’t care, I’m Aussie” – Fitzy and Wippa’s parody of Icona Pop’s “I love it”

It’s the Australia day long weekend starting tomorrow, and so to celebrate here is another parody by Fitzy and Wippa of Nova FM.  For those that tour my blog, you might be familiar with some of their other great parodies.  This one has a bit of extra Aussie flavor and the big coat hanger in the background.  (That’s the Harbor Bridge…  

I’ll trash the government but then I’ll forget to go and vote
I’ll say “good burley” when my mate is spewing off a boat
Hire a suit and have Khe Sahn as my wedding waltz
There’s cold pizza in my fridge

I don’t care, I’m Aussie! I don’t care

I’ll wave to Aussies as if I know them when I’m in Phuket
Bury my money declare I’m bankrupt just to avoid my debt
I’ll say that’s Warney’s changed since he has proposed to Liz
I hope someone tweets him this

I don’t care, I’m Aussie! I don’t care

Tattoos of our postcodes, in school we make ashtrays
We mosh at a concert, rack up our phones prepaid
We always lose our keys, 5 blokes to dig a ditch
Mow our lawns really short, so there’s a cricket pitch

I’m Aussie! I’m Aussie!

I’ll rack up fly buys for a family trip to Broken Hill
Waste just as much on Powerball just to win the mill
I’ll order waygu steak but cover it in tomato sauce
I miss Video Hits

I don’t care!

I’ll smoke durrys but then I’ll tell my kids they’re not to swear
I’ll get my boobs enhanced and try and claim it on Medicare
I’ll carry slabs of beer on my shoulder with my top off
It is my right to have a whinge

I don’t care!

We think we own the road, Mars Bars and Milky Ways
We’re all wine connoisseurs, we all love Andrew Gaze
We cant remember last night, and that girl you kissed
We love our in-laws, but we can’t co-exist

I don’t care, I’m Aussie
I don’t care, I’m Aussie, I’m Aussie
I don’t care, I’m Aussie
I don’t care, I’m Aussie, I’m Aussie

Tim Minchin – White wine in the Sun.


This is a Christmas song with a difference.  Tim Minchin’s “White wine in the Sun.”

A sentimental song about Christmas. This version is taken from the Australian ‘Ready For This?’ DVD. As in previous years, all proceeds from the sale of this song during the months of November, December and January, every year, go to the National Autistic Society (NAS).

December 2012: “It’s been six years since I wrote my little tribute to Christmas, and I’ve finally recorded a studio version. Huzzah!” – Tim Minchin.

I really like Christmas
It’s sentimental, I know, but I just really like it
I am hardly religious
I’d rather break bread with Dawkins than Desmond Tutu, to be honest

And yes, I have all of the usual objections
To consumerism, the commercialisation of an ancient religion
To the westernisation of a dead Palestinian
Press-ganged into selling Playstations and beer
But I still really like it

I’m looking forward to Christmas
Though I’m not expecting a visit from Jesus

I’ll be seeing my dad
My brother and sisters, my gran and my mum
They’ll be drinking white wine in the sun
I’ll be seeing my dad
My brother and sisters, my gran and my mum
They’ll be drinking white wine in the sun

I don’t go in for ancient wisdom
I don’t believe just ‘cos ideas are tenacious it means they’re worthy
I get freaked out by churches
Some of the hymns that they sing have nice chords but the lyrics are spooky

And yes I have all of the usual objections
To the mis-education of children who, in tax-exempt institutions,
Are taught to externalise blame

And to feel ashamed and to judge things as plain right and wrong
But I quite like the songs

I’m not expecting big presents
The old combination of socks, jocks and chocolate’s is just fine by me

Cos I’ll be seeing my dad
My brother and sisters, my gran and my mum
They’ll be drinking white wine in the sun
I’ll be seeing my dad
My brother and sisters, my gran and my mum
They’ll be drinking white wine in the sun

And you, my baby girl
My jetlagged infant daughter
You’ll be handed round the room
Like a puppy at a primary school
And you won’t understand
But you will learn someday
That wherever you are and whatever you face
These are the people who’ll make you feel safe in this world
My sweet blue-eyed girl

And if my baby girl
When you’re twenty-one or thirty-one
And Christmas comes around
And you find yourself nine thousand miles from home
You’ll know what ever comes

Your brothers and sisters and me and your Mum
Will be waiting for you in the sun
Whenever you come
Your brothers and sisters, your aunts and your uncles
Your grandparents, cousins and me and your mum
We’ll be waiting for you in the sun
Drinking white wine in the sun
Darling, when Christmas comes
We’ll be waiting for you in the sun
Drinking white wine in the sun
Waiting for you in the sun
Waiting for you…

I really like Christmas
It’s sentimental, I know…