Equality for all.

As the ruling in the US was handed down allowing for same sex marriages, here in Australia our opposition government has attempted to introduce a private member’s bill that will also allow for same sex marriages to occur here.  Simply changing the term that marriage is between a man and a woman, but to two people.  That alone would open the doorway for those that wish to marry to be able too.  The current Prime Minister however is doing his best to block such a move, saying that he would rather have his government work on introducing reforms to the small business sector.

Even with all the support that the Australian public has for equal rights for same sex couples, it appears that there needs to be a change in government, or at the very least; a total back flip from the PM.  Using his own views as a reason not to support the change shows that he is truly out of touch with the electorate.   The time for change…is now.