Cussing Like A F*cking Lady

I admit, I tend to swear the most when I kick my toe on the furniture, or a door.  Come to think of it, any time that I hit myself, I swear.  Maybe not as much as this girl, but…bad habits are hard to break.  Enjoy the clip.   ~RB~



The Chainsmokers – #SELFIE Parody The Midnight Beast


Happy Saturday! Yes, I’m back after a bit of an absence on wordpress.  Things got really hectic as far as work and my writing time was limited sadly.  But you can’t keep a good girl down…or can you?  I have got some more of my collaborations to be posted up today, as well as some funny pics and of course I found this parody last night and thought I just had to share.  Enjoy your day/night!


Cane toad – What happened to Baz?

  Cane toads.  One of the dreaded menaces of my backyard.  Can’t tell you the amount of times that I have gone to take out the trash and nearly stepped on one.  This short film by David Clayton and Andrew Silke, is a comical look at just what can happen to a Cane toad.