Zoolander – The Original Narcissist.


Well before Instagram, Facebook and Twitter; the movie Zoolander was ahead of its time as far as the social media juggernaut with the portrayal of Derek Zoolander by Ben Stiller.  The actor is currently in Australia to promote the release in February of the eagerly anticipated sequel; Zoolander 2.

Ben was interviewed by the ABC’s Julia Baird, in a frank and interesting discussion about the original movie, and what we can expect from the latest offering.

Ben Stiller : Zoolander 2star on Justin Bieber, Donald Trump and the narcissism of social media

Now for a clip of the new movie, Zoolander 2 – opening in Australia in Feb, 2016.

The Popcorn Review – Star Wars : The Force Awakens


I can’t tell you how much I looked forward to the release in my home town cinema of the latest Star Wars film – The Force Awakens.  Growing up with the series and loving the original trilogy, I had such high hopes for the newest installment.  Well, after counting down, today was the day that I got time off to go and see the film, along with a packed audience in our little town cinema.


I hadn’t had this much anticipation for a movie in so long, that when I finally sat down and heard the familiar theme music at the start, it was like going back to my childhood once more.  With all the hype, the merchandising and the chatter on social media, it had a lot to live up to, and let me say right now….they got it right.  After the failure in my view of the previous trilogy with the story of Anakin…and ugh – Jar Jar Binks, I felt that the writers, direction and the casting was spot on this time around.  It truly brought back what the story was really all about, and for anyone that may not have ever seen Star Wars before, this new episode was one that I believe new fans would eagerly embrace.


The movie had me enthralled for the full two hours and sixteen minutes.  Seeing the original cast, that had been brought back, was like seeing old friends and I won’t lie, but I was a little emotional in a few places.


I won’t spoil it for anyone, but….if there is a movie to take the family to this season…this is the one.    Rare for me to ever say this, but it gets a full 10 out of 10.

May the force be with you…..



Last Cab to Darwin


In LAST CAB TO DARWIN, Jeremy Sims (Beneath Hill 60) directs Australian acting legends, Michael Caton and Jacki Weaver against the backdrop of the stunning Australian outback and alongside the outstanding Mark Coles Smith, Ningali Lawford-Wolf and Emma Hamilton. Caton gives the performance of a lifetime as Rex, a Broken Hill cab driver who, when told he doesn’t have long to live, sets out on an epic journey to Darwin in a bid to die on his own terms. Along the way he discovers that before you can end your life you have to live it, and to live it you have to share it.

Filled with hope, humour and heart, LAST CAB TO DARWIN takes us on a journey in cinemas from August 6, reminding us that it’s never too late to start living.

The new Star Wars trailer that blew people away.

For as long as I can remember, I have been a fan of the Star Wars movies.  My first real love of Science fiction and space stories came from the very first Star Wars film.  Now, with the release date of the latest in the Star Wars line being announced for Christmas 2015, the first of the trailers has been released.  What truly is amazing is the sheer scope of love for the franchise.  From around the globe, people from all walks of life simply love the Star Wars tales.  For your viewing pleasure, I will post the actual trailer that saw Disney stocks rise by over 2 Billion dollars US.  (Shocking, I know.)



And this is a video montage of the fans reacting….



I have to admit, hearing Mark Hamill’s voice as Luke gave me goosebumps, along with seeing Darth’s helmet.  My favorite part however, was seeing Han Solo and Chewie again.



Fifty Shades of Grey – The Verdict.

So today I caught the matinee of Fifty Shades of Grey at my home town cinema complex.  I would have gone last night but it was a sell out.  (There are only two screens at my cinema).  I have read the trilogy of the books, and so I knew pretty much what I was letting myself into.  The hype build up however raised my expectations.  I grabbed my takeaway coffee and packet of  cheese Twisties and joined about fifty other people to watch the film.

I’ll say from the start, I was ready to be immersed in the world that had been brought to life from the book onto the screen.  My hat off to the screenplay writer, since there were none of those toe curling inner monologues, like “Oh myyyy.”  Or…”He awakened my inner goddess.”  The actors I think were well cast, cept Jamie Dornan was not exactly how I imagined Christian Grey.  Oh…he had a great body, and was able to amuse me with his delivery, in fact in a few places you could be mistaken for thinking it was a comedy.  I know I heard the audience laugh in a few times.  My favorite line was;

Anastasia : “What’s a butt plug?”

The sex scenes?  Eh, soft porn to my way of thinking.  But hey, it was not as much as what I had read in the books.

The cinematography was excellent, the sets definitely took me in as I fell in love with Christian’s apartment (though I can’t imagine cleaning it!).  The soundtrack is one that I know I am going to add to my car collection, the songs were well placed and helped set the tone.

To me this was very much a romantic movie of sorts, till you got towards the end – which followed the book to a T.  And yes, I was left sitting there wanting more.  -cheeks flush-   Oh I hope they don’t make us wait another couple of years, with trailers that come out eight or so months before the actual release.  Mind you, I think they will probably release the next one (if it’s made) on the Valentine’s weekend again.

So, what did this razorback give the movie?  3.5 out of 5.