Classic Oz Comedy – The Flight Attendants.


Classic Hoges – The Push Bike song.

A bit late for Friday funnies, as its now the early hours of Saturday here in Australia.  Thought I would share some classic Hoges comedy.  Is bicycle riding really dangerous?  Watch and see.




“Skinny Love” parody – “Skinny Wip” by Fitzy and Wippa.


This was recorded in October 2012 but is just going up on YouTube. After recording ‘Cookie Jars’ with Lupe Fiasco and Guy Sebastian, Fitzy decided the next song needed to be more encouraging. So he wrote this one…Enjoy.  🙂


Come on Skinny Wip we want you here
Not the bloke who orders chips and beer
Bye bye bye, bye bye bye say goodbye
To the man who Sizzler restaurant owners fear

You want it bad, well I want it more
I see empty cans of Coke and not apple cores
Why why why, why why why please tell me why
Am I knocking at my local kebab owner’s door

We told you to eat cabbage, you were told to cut out wine
After lunch stay off the carbs and go walk a steep incline


For energy have Nutella cos it’s the same as Vegemite
I’ll eat corn but slap on butter and wash it down with Sprite

Come on Skinny Wip what happened here?
Stop adding to your chins and use your ears
Try try try, try try try please big man, try
Don’t go home with your cake on your wedding night

I told you just to back off, I’ve got a pretty busy life
I’ve never seen a kitchen, that’s for my future wife
I’ll have a run tomorrow arvo, I may even look at my bike
I’ll shed off those kilos, how much is lap band surgery by the way

Come on Skinny WIp we know you’re here


You can always win over Australians with the offer of a day off.

The Gruen Transfers; “The Pitch” asks two ad agencies go head to head to win a Gruen trophy.   In this clip they try to convince Australians that we need to start a war with New Zealand.  But how do you convince the Australian public to rally behind the idea?  It’s easier than you might think.  Totally tongue in cheek, and no offence to my Kiwi readers…(lol), the two ad agencies do a smash up job of promoting an Invasion.


Umbilical Brothers – A Puppet show for Adults.

The Australian comedy duo, the Umbilical Brothers do a puppet show…that is not for kids.


Let the Blood run free – The pilot.

What would an Australia day weekend be without a bit of classic Aussie comedy in the form of a spoof on Hospital dramas.  “Let the Blood Run free” is a funny look at a run down hospital, and its staff.  Matron Dorothy Conniving Bitch was my favorite.


“Dacking” – : Fitzy and Wippa’s take on Pharrell William’s “Happy”


Dacking – Aussie slang for pulling down your mate’s pants.

Enough said…..just watch the clip.


In the last 5 weeks we have played a game
Where your private parts could be on display
When theres prime opportune to inflict some pain
Over there, without a care, and its time to shame

Because I’m dacking…
Come along and watch me pull his jeans down to his shoes
Because I’m dacking…
Clap along if I accidentally grab his undies too
Because I’m dacking…
Clap along if I dack him waiting in a que
Because I’m dacking
Clap along if you chuckle at someone partially nude

Here comes my hands and down come his pants
You try to live to live your life, but you just cant relax
You think, tightening your belt, will be just fine
No offense to you, don’t waste your time, here’s why…

Because I’m dacking…
Come along and watch the velocity of his shorts travel to his shoes
Because I’m dacking…
Clap along if the peanut wears his pants real loose
Because I’m dacking…
Clap along if you’ll laugh if I dack him in his suit
Because I’m dacking
Clap along if your keen to witness a full moon

Bring them down… Your running shorts…
Bring them down… your jeans are too high…
Bring me down… ya trackie pants…
Bring me down, at the photocopier
Bring me down…When you order your lunch
Bring me down… your aggots say hi…
Bring me down… can’t nothing…
Bring me down, I said…

Bring me down… can’t nothing…
Bring me down… your love is too high…
Bring me down… can’t nothing…
Bring me down, I said (let me tell you now)


The Rubens explain Aussie Slang.

Often it is sometimes hard to understand what Australians mean when they use old Aussie slang to talk to their mates and loved ones.  This video by the Aussie band “The Rubens”, fills you in on the meanings of some of our more colourful phrases.




Cane toad – What happened to Baz?

  Cane toads.  One of the dreaded menaces of my backyard.  Can’t tell you the amount of times that I have gone to take out the trash and nearly stepped on one.  This short film by David Clayton and Andrew Silke, is a comical look at just what can happen to a Cane toad.