Is the only alternative to vote Green?

Australian politics has been pretty pathetic in the past couple of weeks.  With both parties losing support over a range of issues, you reach a point where you start to wonder, just who the hell do you vote for in the next election.  

While the Libs really are getting my goat with their censorship of the front bench, the delaying of a same sex marriage referendum, and the woeful carbon emission target projections, their attempts to change laws that prohibit environmental protection groups from taking corporations to court over damage to our environment; labor just don’t seem to be giving any reason to vote for them, since they are so caught up in the whole Trade unions royal commission hearings.

There really is only two alternatives if you are thinking of voting for someone other than the two main parties.  An independent….or…the Greens.  Sad to say, I don’t fancy the Greens either.  

This video sums up how a few might be voting, come the elections next year.