RPC – Doctor Wilhelm Schwartz for the Seven Sins series.


Name: Doctor Wilhelm Schwartz.

Age: 28

Race: Human

Job: Scientist/Grave Robber/Healer

Personality: Insane, crazed, wicked, mysterious, brooding, evil.

Relationship Status: Single – hasn’t made the right girl yet.

Orientation: Straight, we think.

Likes: Necrophilia, body parts, amputations, Science fairs, comic cons, puzzles, chemistry and biology, dead bodies, zombies

Dislikes: Lively people, sunny days, happy music, Justin Bieber, mid morning television.

Powers: His mind. Able to reanimate dead tissue using his specially designed lab equipment, and experimenting on the unwilling, or the dead.


Weapons: Scalpel.

Strengths: High IQ, being a talented physician, healer, cybernetics scientist.

Limitations/Weaknesses: Being human, he has mortal like weaknesses typical for such. He can die, basically.

Background: Doctor Wilhelm Schwartz was one of the most reclusive and talked about scientists of the age, when ideas of bringing the dead back to life was nothing more than a work of fiction. Noted for his extreme theories, and sickening tests on the young and the disabled; he soon found himself on the wrong side of the law, when caught trying to steal body parts from the New York city morgue for his grisly science experiments. After a serious bout of depression, he would commit suicide in the oddest way, but his body was never found. Having made a deal to sell his soul he wound up in all places…..Hell. Now he is free to work on the many bodies that keep getting churned up from the wars of the Princes. There are simply not enough graves or mass burial pits, so he and his assistant scour the landscape for the fallen, to take back to the Lab. Why not come see….what’s on the slab?

Theme : Repo the Opera – 21st Century Cure.


RPC – Scar for the Seven Sins series.


Name : Scar
Quote : “Your nightmares follow you like a shadow, forever. ”
Gender : Male
Race : Alp
Age : 1290 years
Height : 6’9”
Weight : 79 kilos
Eyes : Red
Hair : Black
Personality : Brooding, calculating, deceitful, intelligent, evasive, devious.
Likes : Heavy sleepers, babies, young women, cows, milk, bed time stories.
Dislikes : Loud noises, fools, men, hard beds.

Theme song : “Sweet dreams (are made of this.)” – Marilyn Manson.

Abilities : The alp is best known for its shape shifting abilities, similar to the creatures from werewolf lore. It may change into a cat, pig, dog, snake or a small white butterfly. It has also been said that it can fly like a bird and ride a horse. The alp always wears a hat, giving it an almost comical appearance. The hat is known as a Tarnkappe (the literal translation being “camouflage cap” or “cap of concealment”) which is simply a hat (or less commonly a veil) that gives the alp magic powers and the ability to turn invisible while worn (see also cloak of invisibility). The hat is visible no matter what shape the alp takes. An alp who has lost this hat will offer a great reward for its safe return. The alp also possesses an “evil eye” whose gaze will inflict illness and misfortune. Removing or damaging this eye also removes the alp’s malicious intentions. An alp is a spirit summoned by a witch or an evil person wishing harm on another, and sent to torment them. Tricking an alp may lead a person to its master.


How to protect yourself against one.

Protections against an alp include laying a broomstick under a pillow, iron horseshoes hung from the bedpost, placing shoes against the bed with the toes pointing toward the door, or placing a mirror on the chest. Steel and crosses are also used. If awoken by the alp and finding him still there, one can address him by asking him to return in the morning to borrow something or have coffee. The alp will dash away at once, arriving in the morning either in his “true” form, or else in the form of a human with eyebrows that meet to receive his gifts. The creature can be convinced to leave the victim alone at this time, but the alp will beg pitifully and at length not to be turned away. Plugging up any holes, specifically keyholes, before a visitation will keep the alp out. Plugging them during a visitation will invariably seal it inside the room, as they can leave only through their original entrance. A light kept constantly on during the night will also effectively ward off an alp. A sentry may also be employed to wait and watch for the alp to attack the helpless sleeper, the alp may be driven away if caught by someone not under the alp’s influence. Similar to the German Neuntoter, alps are weakened or immobilized by shoving a lemon in its mouth should it be caught resting during the day. The alp appears all but impossible to kill, and sometimes even after being turned away it may reappear years later in a worse mood

Creed : Alp

An alp is a nightmare creature originating from Teutonic or German folklore. The alp is sometimes likened to a vampire, but its behaviour is more like that of the incubus. An alp is typically male, its victims are often female, and it usually attacks during the night time, controlling dreams and creating horrible nightmares. An alp attack is referred to as an alpdrücken, as “pressing” is a favourite night torment of the alp. The alp “sits upon” a sleeper’s chest and becomes heavier until the crushing weight awakens the terrified (and breathless) dreamer. They may awake terrified and unable to move under the alp’s weight. An alp will repeat these sessions until it is repelled sufficiently, for it is quite persistent and determined once it selects its victim, and have been known to travel great distances to and from their favourite haunt.
An alp is typically male, while the mara and mart appear to be more feminine versions of the same creature. Its victims are often females, whom it attacks during the night, controlling their dreams and creating horrible nightmares (hence the German word Alptraum [“elf dream”], meaning a nightmare). An alp attack is called an Alpdruck, or often Alpdrücke, which means “elf pressure”. Alpdruck is when an alp sits astride a sleeper’s chest and becomes heavier until the crushing weight awakens the terrified and breathless dreamer. The victim awakes unable to move under the alp’s weight. This may have been an early explanation for sleep apnea and sleep paralysis, as well as night terrors. It may also include lucid dreams.
Sexual attacks by the alp are rare.

The alp is often associated with vampires because it will drink blood from the nipples of men and young children, though women are the preferred victim of the invariably male alp, for it favors the taste of breast milk.

Alps also exhibit a tendency for mischief similar to elves, like souring milk and re-diapering a baby; a maid must sign a cross on the diaper or the alp will put the soiled diaper back on her child. They also enjoy tangling hair into “elfknots” or chewing and twisting horse’s tails. They will ride a horse to exhaustion during the night and may sometimes crush smaller farm animals such as geese to death during a pressing attack. Alps are also similarly blamed for minor illnesses and milking cows dry, for they enjoy the taste of cow’s milk as well.

History: Scar is going to be summoned by Lydia to Greed eventually, as part of her evil plans to do nasty things to the other leaders of Hell. (TBA)



RPC – Father Thomas (Tom) McGowan from The Gantz Series.

”The Priest.” 


Name : Father Thomas (Tom) McGowan
Species : Human
Place of worship : St Lukes Cathedral
Occupation : Priest and Hunter
Gender : Male
Marital Status : Single
Religion : Catholic
Side kick : Rufus the Hunchback bell ringer
Allies : The Sisterhood of Immaculate Chastity

Appearance : Often seen on the streets in his trademark black leather jacket, jeans and shirt he often blends into the public in NY with ease. Few would ever spot him as being a priest outside of the Cathedral. With dark brown unruly hair that is cropped at the sides and a slight beard, he is more rugged looking than handsome. He stands at a whopping 6’ 10”, with size 14 shoes. He walks among the living in search of the sinners, the un-dead and vampires. A modern day Van Helsing of sorts, he has many enemies. Often working alone, his latest operations will eventually come to see the rise of a new Boss.

Hobbies: Playing the Organ and bingo

Abilities : Martial arts expert and kick box champion. Hand to hand combat; a specialty.

Weapons :
• Twin glock revolvers with silver bullets.
• An iron cross.
• Holy water.
• A large Bible that he uses to hit people with.
• Killer rosary beads for strangling.
• A crossbow that fires wooden stakes.

Background : A true Irish son, Father Theodore (Tom) McGowan was sent from his home town in Ireland to work in the poor houses and shelters of New York, where his Bishop had recommended that he would be of great service to the people and fufill his life dream. Arriving in New York, Father Tom was sickened by the depravity and the sins committed by many that he was supposed to be helping. Father Tom decided that the best way to cleanse a sinner was to send them on a direct path to GOD. No hail Mary’s for this Priest. Once you entered the confessional and admitted your sins….you were marked. Keeping up appearances was often hard, as he was well liked by the nuns, who loved his accent when calling out bingo numbers on a Friday night.


One Saturday night when he was serving coffee and sandwiches to the homeless, the Priest came across the body of a wino that had been attacked by a vampire. This was to be Father Tom’s first introduction to the underbelly of New York’s vampire problem. Taking it upon himself to rid the city of Vampires, he soon became a top hunter and would be much feared by those that fed upon the unsuspecting of New York’s public.


Theme song : Judas Priest – A Touch of Evil.

RPC – The Demon of Ambition, Lydia Dominatus.

Lydia Dominatus from the Seven Sins RP.


Alias: Demon of Ambition

Species: Demon

Gender: Female

Age: 222 short years

Quote : “Ah, Love! Could Thou and I with Fate conspire
To grasp this sorry Scheme of Things entire,
Would we not shatter it to bits—and then
Re-mold it nearer to the Heart’s Desire!”
—The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam.

Appearance: Voluptuous yet diminutive woman of about 5 foot 6 inches, with flowing black hair which is usually styled up with braids and curls that tumble down her back. Lydia has black eyes, alabaster coloured skin, when in a more human like state and loves to wear fine gowns that are Victorian in design. She loves dresses that set off her hourglass figure with plunging necklines.
Demon fit : Large black leathery wings, sharpened tail, red skin, red eyes and is usually nude in this guise.
Likes : Gambling, horse racing, card games, gossip, stealing, spying, girls, nice clothes, lace and jewels, sweets.
Dislikes : Boring conversation, idiots, snooty men.
Personality : Chatty, witty, diabolical, sweet, disarming, loyal to Mariela, cheeky, devious, wicked.
Abilities :Infernal beam: Lydia aims with one outstretched finger, and shoots a concentrated beam of bronze colored energy at the target.

Yoke of the damned: Lydia is able to lift one hand, palm up into the air and nearly immediately, green spectral hands shoot out of the ground, pulling the target into this mass of arms, holding them in place. Can be broken with effort, and hands cannot catch targets in the air.

Flight: Uses ki to fly as well as wings.

Telepathy: The ability to speak to somebody in their mind, and their ability to reply.
Mind Barrier he has a mind barrier or after-image technique that lets her avoid an attack if her pl is high enough.
Weapons : Currently in play she has found the book of Shadows, and intends to use it to help her summon demons and other spirits to do her dirty work.
Transport : Black carriage – horse drawn.
Allies : Currently Mariela and Suda, the Dwarf Blacksmith.
Resides : Greed Kingdom.

History : Lydia Dominatus was for as long as anyone could remember, the Demon of Ambition. The kind of girl that had fierce intentions and though while she acted as though she was supremely loyal to Mammon the Prince of Greed, she was actually plotting to have him get himself in such trouble that it may well cost him his life. She loves a game of chance, and favours gambling dens as a place to relax, or the local seamstress to have her latest gowns made. One that is not afraid to use her sexual prowess to get what she wants, Lydia is a formidable force and will stop at nothing to get what she wants.

Theme song : I want it all by Queen.

RPC – Detective Frank Malone from The Gantz Series.


Name: Detective Frank Malone

Age: 25

Race: Human

Job: Detective Homicide branch – New York Police department

Personality: Somber, serious, thoughtful, intuitive, loyal, determined, hard working

Relationship Status: Divorced

Orientation: Straight

Likes: The job, working with a partner, guns, bars.

Dislikes: Creepers, ex wives.

Strengths/Powers: A crack shot, he is trained in hand to hand combat as well as being a bit of a sleuth in working out difficult cases, solving puzzles.

Weaknesses/Limitations: Big Joe’s Pizzas.


Frank Malone graduated with top honors from the NY Police academy and was landed his first desk job with fellow rookie Constable Rory Lismore. The pair were inseparable and worked their way up the ranks to that of Detectives in the Homicide squad. During this time, Frank was married with a small son to Missy Malone, who divorced Frank after his fall from grace. The shocking death and murder of his partner on a case in the Bronx had left Frank a shattered shell of a man, who drowned himself in booze rather than deal head on with his problems. After Missy took the baby and left him, his friend and reporter Tommy Xo, who Frank had known from grade school was his only true supporter, as many down at the precinct suspected that Frank played a part in the death of Rory. Truth be told, what killed his partner on that fateful evening…was not of this world. No one would believe him of course, and the case was made cold by the Commander’s office. To this day, Frank is fighting to clear his name and reputation, and while the Precinct keep giving Frank a new partner, he is unable to forge a bond, and they usually end up asking for a transfer.


RPC – Tommy Xo from The Gantz Series.


Name: Tommy Xo

Age: 27

Race: Human

Job: New York Times Reporter

Office : New York

Personality: Inquisitive, curious, cunning, dedicated,

Relationship Status: Single

Orientation: Straight

Likes: Cold cases, detective novels, movies, cigarettes, drinking, classy women, a good story

Dislikes: Badly made suits.

Strengths/Powers: Martial arts

Weaknesses/Limitations: His mother’s cooking


Tommy Xo is one of New York’s leading investigative journalists that has been working his way up from the mail room to the top offices of the New York Times. Born to Japanese parents that immigrated to the US when he was five years old, Tommy took to the American way of life with gusto. A graduate from one of New York’s finest universities, Tommy aspired to become a name about Manhattan. Dreams of being a detective with the department soured after one failed affair with the Commander’s daughter. So instead he decided to put his talents to good use in journalism. Often working on cases that others are too afraid to touch, he has contacts in the underworld as well as an established network of grasses up and down the east side.

Rumors about of strange goings on in the city. Deaths that could not be explained, and talk on the street of vigilantes. Always one for a good mystery, Tommy is on the case.