The World inside Scar’s Hat – Part Six : SS.


Scar has done all he can to help the boys in finding their way to the doorway of Hell.  Now, it was up to them to save their sister…..

Scene setting – The World in Scar’s hat. : Seven Sins series.

Co-written with Dessy.


Dessy:  This was going to be a tough job for the boys – but it needed to be done. They had to be strong and brave. They had to do this. They didn’t want their sister to die again – they wanted far from it. Sean thought over what Scar had said; the power of three. Then it hit him. The three closest people to Mariela needed to unite to open the door to Hell. Those three people being Mariela’s dear brothers, and Mariela’s best friend. It was clear now – even if it meant having to go through the painful memories again, they had to do it.

Scar jolted up, and Sean looked at him as he did so. He was a bit dazed, and his hair smoked – but he was awake. That’s all that mattered. And, that creepy eye thing was gone. “Do you believe now that magic does indeed exist in this world? Mariela was proof of that.” he said, watching Scar. “Sam is outside, on the phone with Tes-” Sean started, only to have Sam run back in. “I’m heading over to Tessa’s to pick her up. She said grab everything you need, as well as the book and Mariela’s amulet. She said if Marie really is in deep danger, then she’ll need her amulet. It holds all of her power.” Sam said, receiving a nod from his brother.

“Teleport yourself and Scar to the place. I’ll teleport me and Tessa there after I get her.” Sam then said, nodding and then leaving the room. He wrote a note for their parents and pinned it on the fridge, saying they were out late with some friends and would be back later. Who knew how long this would take them? No need to worry their parents – and they couldn’t tell their mother what was going on. He then left and went – quickly – to grab Tessa. Sean turned around and picked the amulet off of the floor, before turning to Scar. “Sorry about that. It was the quickest way to wake you up.” he apologized.

Sean took a deep breathe, seeming to prepare himself for going back to that dreaded place. “Alright… Let’s go.” he said, and with a quick flick of his free hand, they disappeared from the house, and then reappeared a few feet in front of their old house – where Mariela was killed.

Razorbackwriter:  The basement room swirled into nothingness, only to next have Sean and Scar arrive on the footpath just outside what remained of the house that Mariela died in. The picket fence was still there, but you could see where the palings had been damaged by fire crews. The hinged gate was hanging by just one bracket and swung back and forth as though almost restless. The trees that were once full of flowers and brightly coloured leaves were still charred black. In the center of the yard was the burnt out remains of what was once a family dream home. It was like a skeleton, a hollowed out shell that still carried the air of death about it. Yellow police tape fluttered from tree to tree where investigations had taken place. It was both forlorn and in some ways very sad. This was not the place the boys would ever dream of having to return too. It was here that Mariela left this earth to never again feel the love in the families embrace, or the joy of being one with her family that she loved so much.

Scar’s face fell at the sight. He had seen many horrid things in his centuries of life, but this….this was made all the worse to know that Mariela suffered here. She gave her life so that her brothers may live theirs. Scar walked up to the broken gate, and at the touch of his hand it simply fell off the last hinge and collapsed to the ground with a clatter. The Alp winced and glanced back over his shoulder at Sean.

“Sorry about that.”

Letting out a sigh, the Alp ventured further up the path, as the breeze ruffled his hair. It was almost like Mariela’s fingers were teasing him. Was she with him in spirit? The Alp closed his eyes as though he wanted to feel her. Feel her so deeply to his core. Opening them again, he let out yet another sigh. Soon Sam and Tessa would join them, and then the spell could be cast to send the trio to her.



Dessy:  They arrived at the footpath of the house, and immediately Sean flinched. He was already having flashbacks of that terrible day, as was obvious from the horrified expression on his face. His eyes looked around; the charred trees, the picket fence, the broken gate. This all brought back painful memories. But Sean took a deep breath, and began walking towards the house anyways.

Sean frowned as Scar touched the gate and it fell to the ground. When he apoligized, Sean just shook his head. “Don’t worry about it.” he said as they kept on walking. Mariela’s magic could be felt in the air – it was still here even after her death. Either that, or Mariela was somehow with them right now – to help them. Sean honestly didn’t know.

Once they reached the burnt up house, Sean froze. Visions of the fire reappeared again, and it took everything for him to not fall on his knees and cry. The plsce looked just like they left it – only difference being that there was police tap around it. Police tried investigating, trying to find out information – but they foung nothing. It was useless. Sean closed his eyes and held his breath for a few seconds, walking forward again as he opened them.

Meanwhile, Sam appeared with Tessa – who was a slim, tall, pretty brown eyed brunette who had short, shoulder length wavy hair. At the moment, it was in a ponytail. Sam and Tessa ran up the path, also getting flashbacks from the incdient… and they too, were having a hard time making it to the house. “We’re here!” Sam called, gesturing over to Tessa. “This is Tessa… Marie’s best friend. This guy is Scar, the one who I told you about.” he gestured to Scar next.

“So, you’re the one in love with Marie?” Tessa gave a laugh. “I always told her that people crushed and fell in love with her all the time, but she never noticed. For her to notice you… that means you must be pretty special.” she said with a smile.”And if she cares for you as must as it seems, judging by what Sam told me, and from the way her magic is felt in the air… especially aroudn you… she must love you, too.” she spoke. Tessa knew Mariela well – that much was obvious. She walked up to Sean, taking the amulet and the book, and then turning to face Scar. She looked at Scar, then the boys, and nodded. “Let’s get to work, then, shall we? Marie needs our help.”


Scar didn’t need to be a clairvoyant to feel the sadness that had now gripped Sean. When the young man came up alongside Scar and froze in his place, the Alp chewed on his bottom lip in an awkward fashion. He knew that this was not at all an easy thing to do. To face your fears. The greatest one, was the place that his sister gave up her life for him. For Sean, he could see not just the burnt out remains, but also the house in a different time…a time long before the hatred of the non believers would break their family apart.

The Alp was almost about to pat Sean’s back, when Sam called out from behind them.

“We’re here!”

It was Sam, with the girl that Scar had seen in the picture. So this was Tessa. The human friend of Mariela. Her best friend, and the keeper of her memories. Whether the twins believed it or not, it was Tessa who held the key to get to their lost Mariela.

“This is Tessa… Marie’s best friend. This guy is Scar, the one who I told you about.”

Scar bowed politely, though it was a bit showy by ordinary standards. Everything was over done…but that was the Alp’s nature. On rising, he examined her with a critical eye, before hearing her laugh and comment about how he was the one that was in love with Marie.

“The Duchess…yes. And I prefer to call her, Mariela.” Scar’s cheeks flamed a bit, as the girl appeared to be making light of Scar’s crush for the young witch. When it came to Mariela, and her well being he was serious. At all other times, he was a wicked scamp of a creature.

“I always told her that people crushed and fell in love with her all the time, but she never noticed. For her to notice you… that means you must be pretty special.”

Scar made a hmmph sound. He knew that Mariela didn’t feel the same way or as strongly as he did. He gave a false laugh, like a titter with a slight head wobble. “Oh, she can’t help but notice me. Mariela found me….hard to ignore.” It was then he beamed a large cheeky smile, before rolling his eyes and looking back at the twin boys. Tessa saying that Mariela must have loved him if her magic surrounded him. There was a connection….a very real one, but Scar had so much to worry about, and this would not concern him for the moment.

The girl was eager to get started, and Scar clapped his hands together.

“And…about time too.” This was the beginning of what would be Mariela’s rescue.

Walking up into the charred remains of the house, Scar scanned for the spot where she died. It wasn’t hard to find. The police had managed to do a good job of that, and this meant that it was easier for Scar to prepare for the ritual.

Seeing Tessa had the amulet and the book, Scar made a loud whistle for the boys to follow.

“Sean, you are to tie the handkerchief to the collar.” He then looked at Tessa. “You…dear, are to wear the amulet.”This may not have been what Tessa was expecting, but the alp had his reason for this. “Give me the book….and then I want all three of you to form a circle. You are all to place a hand on the collar in the middle, so that each of you are one with it.”

If Tessa gave him the book he would hold it out a few feet away from where the trio were standing, and let the pages fly open to the right spell.

“Oh….just one thing. I’m not coming with you.” Scar’s face grew dark as his eyes changed colour. The book had indeed a very strong power. “Only Mariela can summon me back. If she has the hat…..tell her to call for me. If not…..tell her I love her….and always will.”

Scar began to say the incantation, the words illuminating off the page in bright gold symbols as the wind picked up and howled around the trio. The jewels on the collar all started to illuminate one by one and their hands would start to tingle as the magic and power of their beloved Mariela was to take them on a one way trip……to hell.

The sky erupted over the house and a massive bolt of energy fired down, opening the ground beneath where the trio stood. Scar screamed the final words that was to send them on their way.




Dessy:  Scar bowed to Tessa – and maybe over-did it a bit. Tessa just smiled and nodded her head, looking to the brothers before Scar began talking. He called her a… dutchess? Mariela was a dutchess? That was a bit shocking to the trio, to be honest. “Dutchess, huh? Never imagined Marie would ever be a dutchess. But, that’s not the concern at the moment.” Tessa spoke, shaking her head, but laughed when Scar said Mariela found him “hard to ignore”. “Hm… I bet.” she said. Tessa followed Scar up to the charred remains of the house, finding the exact spot where Mariela had died. Well… the police did one thing right…

Sam and Sean had waited, and once Scar whistled for them to go over there, the boys followed. Scar then began shouting out instructions… and they were eager to do as they were told. Sam held the collar, while Sean took the handkerchief and tied it around the collar like Scar instructed. Tessa gave a confused look when Scar told her to put on the amulet, but she handed him the book, before slipping the amulet around her neck, pulling her ponytail through it.

Tessa pointed to the spot where they were supposed to stand, before instructing the boys to stand in a certain spot. Tessa looked at them both, giving a nod of her head. The brothers looked at each other, before nodding at Tessa and then taking a deep breathe. Sean had his hand on the collar first, then Sam followed, and last Tessa.

“Oh….just one thing. I’m not coming with you.”

This caused all three of them to look at Scar… but Tessa just nodded. “I’ll make sure to let her know. See you soon, Scar.”Tessa said, before her and the boys shut their eyes. They felt the wind pick up, and their fingers started tingling. But neither of them let go. The sky erupted, and soon they felt a bolt of energy hit the ground… before it opened a hole and all three fell into it. They heard Scar’s final words right before they fell, and they all just nodded in agreement.

Then… they were gone.


Razorbackwriter:  And so they were gone.

Scar stood motionless as the great beam of light opened the hole beneath the trio that held onto the collar of Raul. As they all fell into it, there was an enormous crack as the earth groaned and protested for being violated so. Within a trice the hole closed once more, leaving Scar to be there alone in the charred remains of Mariela’s families house. The Alp bowed his head, closing his eyes as he felt Mariela’s magic slip away with them. The book that he had read from fell from his hands, with the pages falling open and turning, faster and faster till arriving at a blank page. Slowly Scar stared down at the empty page. Like the ending of a journal, or an unfinished diary. Was this significant? Crouching down, the Alp picked up the book and closed it slowly – bringing it to his chest. He didn’t know what Mariela was going through in the maze, or…if Raul and that bitch Lydia had her captured….or worse Would the twins and her best friend find her in time? Can their combined efforts save the witch….or will she be led to greatness?

Standing in the middle of the ruined house, Scar knew that it was futile to remain. The only way out was via the hat. It was how he was sent there, and again another rule he forgot to mention.

The only solace Scar had was that if and when the boys found their sister, she would have the family reunion to remember. Scar hoped that his sacrifice….was worth it.




The World inside Scar’s hat – Part Five : SS.

Scar is shocked at how those with magic in this world are treated.  He knows true evil and Mariela; along with her family were far from that.  Getting his bearings it is now up to the Alp to find the magic within himself to help the boys save their sister….

Scene setting – The World inside Scar’s hat – Seven sins series.

Co-written with Dessy.

Dessy:  “You keep it all hidden away?”

At this question, the boys looked at each other, then Sean turned to Scar. “Yes. Magic isn’t exactly… praised here. We’ve always had to keep it hidden. Magic is considered nothing but pure evil – even if used for good, like Mariela’s was.” Sean spoke, looking at his brother, who nodded in agreement. “We started putting more effort into hiding it after Mariela’s death. The town found out we were witches and burned the house to try and kill all of us. Calling us “evil”, and “monsters”, and “wanting nothing more than to kill them all”.” Sam spoke, anger slightly in his voice by all of this. “You’ve met our sister… tell us. Do you honestly think Mariela would use her powers for any sort of evil?” Sam asked, before turning back around and walking to the chest.

Sean grabbed something off of the wall as they passed by, heading to the end of the room where the chest was located. It was an amulet – Mariela’s amulet that she wore at all times. The amulet helped her have full control of her powers, and it was also used to unlock various things of hers – such as the chest. The boys knelt down in front of the chest, and Sean held the amulet in front of it – then the chest popped open. Sam looked up at Scar, noticing he was looking at everything on the wall. “Look around, if you want. We’ll need to flip through the journals to find what we’re looking for.” he said, before both boys started digging through the chest.

They pulled out journals, most of them singed or with the cover almost completely burned off. A few other things were in the chest, like artifacts, for example – whatever were most valuable. There were a few video tapes lying around that, once again, given to them by Tessa. The boys didn’t know what exactly they were looking for – but they would look through everything.

As Scar looked around at the pictures, Mariela was seen through different ages of life. Most of them had Tessa in it, but they were there. Down to when she was a young child, up until her nineteenth birthday when she died. A few pictures were of Tessa and Mariela as young children. Some had them smiling, some had funny faces, in most of the younger one’s Mariela would stick her tongue out in a childish manner. The last picture that was taken was on her nineteenth birthday, three days before her death, as was obvious with a banner in the background that said “Happy 19th Birthday, Mariela!” and party decorations. Mariela was standing next to Tessa, one arm wrapped around her with a big, bright smile on her face, green eyes full of life and happy, and her blonde curls were like they always were. Tessa was kissing her cheek in a friendly gesture, holding a cup of punch in her other hand that wasn’t wrapped around Mariela. Mariela’s personality and life when she was here could be seen shining through the pictures… the life before she died.

The brothers didn’t hear what Scar had said, but Sean looked over hearing Scar speak to them, a bit startled by the sudden flair Scar seemed to have. “Alright. Come help us.” Sean said, handing a few journals to him. “If you see something that looks like a teleportation spell, or something dealing with this collar, let us know.” when he mentioned the collar, Sean picked it up, examining it closely now. Maybe there was some sort of writing on it… or some sort of symbols that could help them out here. Anything.

Razorbackwriter:  How odd this world was? Seeing magic as all evil and then murdering those that practice it? If humans went to Hell, the place where Mariela was now, they would see true evil in its most horrid forms. What Mariela and her brothers practiced was light magic, the kind that was good. Scar could see that, yet humans couldn’t. What a foul lot they were. Not appreciating what should be a blessing and not a curse. Scar knew all about curses. He knew what dark powers could do and what fueled them. Take Lydia for example. The Demon of Ambition. Oh, she appeared sweet and gentile on the surface, but she was darker than most of the other heads of hell. She was cruel, and one that thought of no one but herself. She fitted into the new role of Greed with such ease it was hardly surprising. The more that Scar thought of it, the more he realized that Mariela did not truly belong in Hell. She was in a way an Angel. Least in his mind. Perhaps that was part of the attraction. Loving something he could never have, or hope to be.

“You’ve met our sister… tell us. Do you honestly think Mariela would use her powers for any sort of evil?”

Scar shook his head. He didn’t think that Mariela had a bad bone in her body. In fact, she seemed almost reluctant to use her powers. She was so shy about them. Was it an insecurity, or was it the fact that her power was what led her to end up being in Hell?

“No, I don’t think she ever would. If anything she would use them to save another, given the chance.”

This was as honest as you would ever get the Alp to be. Having him open up…oh if only Mariela could see this. See the human version of the alp. it would be an eye opener. Watching the boys recover an amulet that Mariela used to wear, and then using it to open a chest, Scar was told to look around, while the boys rummaged through her chest. Scar gave a curt nod as he was more than happy to peruse through all of Mariela’s pictures and treasures.

One picture he simply couldn’t take his eyes off was the one of her celebrating her 19th birthday, with her friend Tessa. The young witch was so vital looking. Happy, so very happy. The world at her feet, and there for the taking. Yet it was not to be. Scar tipped his head to the side as he saw how the camera had captured that radiant beauty that he had come to love.

“So beautiful.” Scar uttered as he passed his hand over the picture. Only thing was as he turned away from it, the images in the photograph started to move. The girls becoming animated. The photo had come to life, and Scar didn’t know that it was he that had caused it. Again, he was unaware of the true power of the hat.

“Alright. Come help us.” Sean was now ready to have Scar help them in finding a spell. He handed the alp some journals and Scar took them, before finding a small chair to sit on. One by one, he started to flip through the pages. His eyes scanning back and forth across the text. One book, that sat beside him and was next on the pile to be read, had a symbol on the front. Aged and tattered yellow stained pages poked out haphazardly, while the symbol glowed with a sudden brightness, as Scar muttered some words, that he read on another page. Mariela’s magic was able to be reached, via the true connection that he had with her.

Turning his head slowly, he could see the glowing symbol and then whispered.

“I think I’ve found something.”



Dessy:  Honestly, it was hard to live in a world where “magic” was seen as evil. There was magic much more evil then what the brothers and their sister practiced… but people believed all magic was evil. Except for Tessa. Tessa had found out on accident what the family were, but she saw the good they done with it and knew the goodness that Mariela had in her would cause her to use the magic for good only. Sure, Mariela was capable of doing dark magic with ease if she wanted to, but that’s the thing: Mariela didn’t want to. She wanted to use light magic. She wanted to use her powers for good… not evil, whether she was capable of doing it or not.

Tessa was the one who was always with Mariela when she practiced her magic. Watching, observing – she found it interesting that her best friend was so powerful, while she was just an ordinary human. She also found it interesting that a girl who could use both good and bad magic chose to only use the good magic and had no interest in practicing the dark. Tessa has seen what Mariela can do, when her brothers haven’t. Tessa was there for all of it. Every time Mariela wanted to try out a new spell – Tessa was called to be with her. Sort of just as comfort. She also documented things in some of the journals of what she observed and what Mariela explained. Mariela trusted Tessa with her life – which is why Tessa was the only one in town not involved in the fire, and the only person who ran back to the burned house after to comfort her family. Even now, she kept in touch with the family frequently – she was always treated like one, after all. Mariela and Tessa were like sisters.

Hearing Scar speak about their sister, the boys nodded in agreement. “Exactly.” Sam spoke, looking up momentarily. “I can’t recall a single incident where Marie used her powers for evil. She always used them to save someone else. She always put her life in danger to keep someone else from getting harmed – like what she did with us in the fire. She was always willing to risk her life, and sacrifice herself for others.” Sam said. He then looked back to the books, rapidly flipping through pages in an attempt to find something. A lot of this stuff was foreign to them – the boys never learning it, and Mariela never having the chance to teach it to them.

After Scar ran his hand over the picture, it came to life. The girls moving inside the picture – retelling what had happened on that day after the picture was taken. As the picture moved, Tessa could be seen wrapping her arms around Mariela in a hug, before her parents, brothers and other people there joined in for a group hug. They congratulated, and Mariela was laughing and smiling the entire time. The brothers never noticed the picture coming to life – they were too busy searching the journals.

“I think I’ve found something.”

Scar called, and the boys looked up at him. Scar was eager to help when asked for it, and he had grabbed a stack of books and sat in a chair. They turned their heads to follow Scar’s gaze, and Sean got up and walked to the now glowing book with the symbol on it. “How did you do that?” Sean asked, looking up and staring at Scar. “Actually, never mind… Hopefully this has what we need.” he spoke, and he reached over to pick up the book. He blew dust off the cover, and then opened the book to the first page. But he stopped as the pages of the book turned on their own, flipping through pages before carefully landing on a page that had just what they needed. Sam had gotten up by this point, walking over and standing next to his brother. Mariela’s magic could now be felt throughout the room… for reasons unknown. “Looks like Marie is still with us… and she already knows what we are looking for.”

Razorbackwriter:  Scar wasn’t entirely convinced that he had magic in this world. As far as he knew he was a normal human being, but the truth was that the magic resided within him, due to the Mariela. It was this connection that they had, that crossed beyond realms and reality. The awakening of those that were in the picture he touched was just the start. The boys were eager to see the book that Scar had been holding, and as the pages flipped through to the right place, it was clear that from the inscriptions, that they were going to need help on this. Not only that, because as Scar read the text he started to feel a pressing in his forehead. Little by little. His skin was stretching and the alp cried out as the emergence of a third eye appeared on his head. It was the most unnatural thing you had ever seen. A beautiful green coloured eye that was slightly larger than his other two. It may well have given the two boys a scare to see. Scar’s sudden cries might also have had them shocked.

Scar got up from his seat as the eye rolled around and around before finally settling. The eyelid opened and closed as though testing and the Alp was taking short sharp breathes. He reached up and waved his right hand in front of the eye, and it blinked a few times.

“I didn’t think I could do it.” It really was a shock. He still had some magic. Maybe not the hat, but something far more useful. The third eye. With shaking hands he picked up the book and then he started to go into like trembling fit as the eye flew wide open and projected a scene out into the room much like a hologram. What the boys would see, was the one thing that they would never wish to witness again.

The blazing fire that killed their beloved Mariela.

In a strange voice, Scar spoke. “This is the door way from this world to Hell. It is the way she traveled there. Take the collar, her handkerchief and her friend Tessa to the spot where the house stood.” Scar continued to tremble as the eye was now in control. “The power of three are needed to be united to fight the Demon of Ambition and Greed. The book will guide you.”

The holographic image soon faded out to nothing, and the eye closed – before sinking back into Scar’s skin. The alp then dropped Mariela’s book and passed out on the floor in a heap.



Dessy:  Sean scanned over the page, moving his eyes across the words… only to end up shaking his head. “I don’t understand any of this. This is a lot more advanced than the stuff we can do. The inscriptions, the writing… I don’t understand it.” he spoke, handing the book over to his brother. Sam ran his fingers along the page as he read each word.”Marie never taught us this… Either she never got around to it, or she knew we wouldn’t be strong enough to do it.”

Both boys dropped the book and jumped when Scar started screaming. They watched with wide eyes as what appeared to be another eye appeared on Scar’s forehead. At the sight of the big green eye, the boys took a couple of steps back, their faces holding shocked expressions on them. They simply watched Scar, the eye blinking a few times and Scar waving his hand in front of it. They were discovering a lot of new things today.

“This is just as shocking for us as it was for you…” Sam said, but grew quiet when the eye opened up a hologram. What they saw, was not something they expected to see… and the one thing they never wanted to see again. The fire popped up – the same blazing fire that killed their sister. A gasp came out of Sean’s mouth, and he stumbled backwards, getting caught by his brother who had wide eyes and a horrified expression on his face. After standing his brother up, the boys listened to the words Scar said, but flashes of the fire just kept appearing back in their thoughts.

They needed to go back. Back? To the one place that they tried to run away from? From the town they never wanted to see again? They had no choice. They’d have to deal through the painful memory… to save their sister. “Back? We have to go back?” Sean called, dread clear in his voice. Scar passed out on the floor, and Sam ran to catch the book. “Yes, we have to go back.” Sam said, tossing the book to his brother. “I’ll go call Tessa and let her know. Grab the collar and the handkerchief, as well as the book, and see if you can try to wake him up.” Sam pointed to Scar, and Sean nodded. Sam left the room, pulling out his phone in the process.

Sean immediately turned around, facing Scar. He held out his hand and sent a burst of light towards Scar, in an attempt to jolt him awake. He then turned around, grabbing the handkerchief and then grabbing hold of the collar, placing them on top of the book, which he held tightly in his hand. He then waited to hear back from his brother after his phone call with Tessa. This was going to be hard… but they had to do it. They had no choice.


Darkness. Scar was out cold. Whatever it was that was so powerful to awaken his third eye must have still been present in that room. It was a pretty good guess, that Mariela’s magic was strong within her personal effects, and having touched and handle these items allowed for Scar’s own magic to begin to shine through. The third eye was able to see not only Mariela’s end, but the best and only way to reach her from this world. It was pretty simple really. The last known place of the witch before her terrible death was the house of her birth. The house that had been consumed by the devastating fire. Of course, it is the last place on earth that the brothers would ever wish to be, and being reminded of it was enough to startle and shock both boys. This was going to be a great test of not only their courage, but also acceptance. Going back to the root of your fear and facing it takes a lot of guts. But the reason to go back was to be able and find a way to reach their sister and save her from the evil within the maze. Did the boys understand what Scar was really asking them to do? By bringing Tessa into this, the three of them – all the closest people to Mariela; would need to unite and hold the collar as they stand over the very ground on where she took her last breaths.

As Scar lay on the stone cold floor, his body would be hit by a burst of light. A jarring sensation like an electrical charge would travel through him and the alp would awaken with a fright. His hair smoking slightly, Scar sat up looking dazed. His third eye had disappeared from his forehead, having gone back under his skin. Now he just looked human again.

“My magic worked!” The alp explained, a smile starting to form upon his lips. He had been so sure that he had no magical powers in this world without his hat, but little did he realize that it was Mariela’s power that rubbed off on him and helped him to assist her brothers. Bless her.

Scar looked around for Sam, who was no longer in the room.

“Where is the other one?”

The alp didn’t know he was off trying to get Tessa. Seeing that Sean had all the things they needed to go and rescue Mariela, Scar was quick to get to his feet. Patting himself down, the alp did have one thing to say about being zapped awake.

“Next time, you could just slap my face to wake me up.” He did smell a bit like cooked bacon.



The World inside Scar’s hat – Part Four : SS.


The twins; Sean and Sam were starting to believe the crazy Alp’s story.  Everything that Scar said about Mariela matched up with the boy’s questions.  Now, they had a mission and that was to see if they could break Raul’s collar off Scar’s neck.  Could it be handy in finding a way back to Hell?

Scene setting : The World inside Scar’s hat – Seven Sins series.

Written with Dessy.


Dessy:  “We can always try, right?” Sean spoke, receiving a nod from his brother. “The collar might be some kind of portal. You may not have magical powers, but we do. We can probably use our power to send you back to Hell.” As Sean spoke, his brother had moved to Scar and the collar. He ran his hand along the collar, then gave a nod. It wastheir sister – he was positive of it now. He recognized the magic that still lingered on the collar – he could feel it. “Her magic is still on it. I can feel it when I put my hand near the collar.” he said. “If I focus, I might be able to sense what she did to unlock it the first time. Then all I’d have to do is trace and match it to unlock it again.” he said, and Sean nodded his head.

“I don’t know much about this hat, or this powerful warlock Raul… but if he’s as powerful as you claim, then Mariela needs our help.” Sean said again. “Some of Mariela’s spellbooks and journals survived the fire. Not many, but some. Maybe we can look through there and find something. I’m sure she has at least something to help us send you back.” Sean had determination in his voice. They might not have been able to save her here… but they were willing to save her in Hell. They were not going to let her die again… not after she risked her life for them the first time. They didn’t care if she was in Hell. They were going to save her.

“She had a habit of recording everything she did. Every spell she performed, every potion she made, every new power she had discovered and what not. She kept them in journals and usually kept them hidden from other people.” Sean spoke again. “If the collar isn’t some kind of portal, then maybe there’s some other way to open a portal to send you to Hell. And if there is, chances are is Mariela has it written down somewhere.” Sean was doing all of the talking while Sam was focused on the collar. Sam was concentrating on getting the collar off, so he didn’t need to be disturbed. So Sean did the talking.

“That’s if… you’re willing.” Sean added. “If you’re willing to accept our help, then we’re willing to give you our help. For Mariela. She died once… we will not let her die again, Hell or not.” he spoke. Sean knew sending him back to Hell would require a lot of power. The boys couldn’t do it by themselves like Mariela could… but if they worked together and combined their powers, then they might be able to do it.



Razorbackwriter:  Scar really didn’t like being touched. When one of the boys moved his finger across the jeweled collar to get a trace of Mariela’s magic, the Alp winced at having this lad so close. It was necessary, but uncomfortable. Only when the boy stepped back and announced that he had felt the surge of Mariela’s magic left on it, did Scar let out a sigh of relief. This proved pretty much everything. That Mariela was their sister, and that they believed what the Alp had said to be true. Scar wouldn’t lie, there was no point to it. He was desperate to get back and help the young witch, but knew the limitations placed on him due to how he came to be in Sean and Sam’s world.

One thing about the boy’s chatter, was that Scar was learning a great deal more about the young Witch he cared so much for. She kept a number of journal and spell books, having noted down everything from spells she created and used, to her day to day life. These very things could be helpful to the pair if they wanted to find a way to get to her. They would never have imagined where Mariela ended up, not until Scar had pointed them towards it.

The Alp reached up to the collar and started to try and prize it off with his fingers. He clawed at it, and struggled as the collar remained tightly fastened. It was designed this way so that the person that wore it, could not take it off themselves. Sean asked if Scar was willing to accept the boys help, since they pretty much were determined to find their sister and help her. They owed her their lives, and now her life…in hell was in grave danger. Releasing his hands from the collar, he let them fall to his sides as he nodded slowly.

“Alright…alright. Can one of you, please take this collar off me, and we can get to tracking her back to hell.”



Dessy:  Sam didn’t notice Scar wince as he ran his fingers over the collar. As his brother was talking, Sam was focusing on tracing Mariela’s magic. His hand stopped moving when he could trace Mariela’s magic no more. “I know how to get it off. Just… keep still, and stop clawing at the damn collar.” Sam said, waiting until Scar moved his hands. His fingers moved along the collar, touching each jewel the same way Mariela did. Within seconds, the collar popped off – just like it did with Bandit. “There.” Sam said, removing the collar and holding it up in his hand. “It’s off. Now, before we destroy it, we need to see if we can use it to open a portal to Hell.” he spoke. Mariela taught them well – with the things she managed to teach them before she died, that is.

Sean nodded at his brother when he successfully got the collar off. “Good. Now that that’s done, we need to focus on getting him back to Hell.” he then said. All of a sudden, the group of boys they were with earlier were calling their names. “One second.” Sean said, beginning to exit the forest. He yelled out that him and his brother had to go, because they had important family matters to tend to – which, technically, wasn’t exactly a lie. After saying goodbye, he re-appeared later. “I told them we had important family matters to attend to. They shouldn’t bug us for awhile.” he said, his gaze turning back to Scar.

“Now, we might have to head to our home to go through the books Mariela has. No worries, our father is at work and mother is running errands all day. We don’t have to worry about them.” Sean said. “Thank god. We do not need mother finding out that Mariela is in Hell and is in danger. She’s had a hard enough time after her death as it is.” Sam said, looking at Scar. “Quick question… what is your name? That might be important to know before we head off and get to work.”

Sean nodded his head, walking over to where his brother and Scar were standing. “We’re ready to do this whenever you are. Just give us the word.” he spoke, giving Scar a determined nod.



Razorbackwriter:  Scar looked uneasy as Sam worked his fingers on the jewels that lined the collar. One by one his fingers traced over in the same fashion that Mariela had done, and so with his magical powers fusing with those left by Mariela, it was enough to break the collar off – falling into Sam’s hand. Scar took a step back and started to touch around his neck as though he could hardly believe that he was now rid of the thing.

“Ugh…horrid piece of warlock crap.” The Alp hissed as he took a breath and then stared at Sam and Sean through dark slits. The words of destroying the collar brought about a foul look from the Alp. “Think twice before you destroy it. It’s probably the only chance you have to find her.” Scar pursed his lips, before starting to pat down the clothes that he was wearing to see if he had anything on him that could be of use to the pair. In his pocket, he happened to find a flimsy piece of cloth that had laced edges and was quite delicate. Withdrawing it slowly, Scar then realized what it was. It was Mariela’s handkerchief. The Alp having pinched it from her whilst she was dancing. it was monogrammed with her initials and carried her scent. He took a sniff, closing his eyes as it was almost like he could see her bright and colourful in his mind’s eye.

“Here…you might find this useful.” As with any spells, to have something from the person you wish to seek, it pays to have a personal item or lock of hair. This was the next best thing.

At one point, the other lads that had been playing the football game were calling for the boy’s return. Course, the boys had more important things to do, and were able to blow them off using a good excuse. Scar waited in the bushes for that news to be delivered, before the boys were ready to take him to their house. It was there that they kept their sisters personal effects and her spell books. With the handkerchief and the collar, they had a better chance to create the right amount of magic.

As the boys were about to head off to take Scar to their home, they did want to know one thing. What his name was.

“Scar. Just Scar.” The Alp didn’t have a nickname or a surname, just the one name. And that was quite enough. He then bowed low and extended his hand.

“Lead the way, gentlemen.”




Dessy:  Sam handed the collar over to his brother, and Sean began examining it, turning it in his hand. Sean was the smartest out of the two – yes, Sam was smart, but he was more athletic than anything. Sean was also athletic, but he was mostly smart than anything.”We’ll definantly need to look through Marie’s journals. I don’t recognize anything on the collar – it’s probably more advanced magic. Stuff Marie could do, that we can’t.” he said, looking at Scar when he spoke. When Scar said “horrid piece of warlock crap”, Sam couldn’t help but laugh.

Sean nodded his head when Scar said not to destroy it. “Right. We find our sister first, then destroy it.” he said. The brothers turned and watched him as Scar started patting his pockets, and Sam narrowed his eyes in curiosity. He then watched Scar pull out a handkerchief – and when Sam squinted his eyes he saw Mariela’s initials. Then Scar was… sniffing it. Okay… A little weird. But whatever.

Sam reached over and took the handkerchief, examining it. “This will work perfectly.” Sam said, giving a nod of his head.”With this, and the collar, we can find a way to get you back to Hell.” he added soon after. After he spoke his name, the boy’s raised an eyebrow and looked up at each other, before Sam shrugged. “Scar. Gotcha.” he said.

“We won’t have to walk. We can teleport us there.” Sean said with a grin. With a quick flick of Sam’s hand, they disappeared, and then reappeared in front of the house. It was a cute little house – blue, and a two story. It was quaint and it was comfortable, yet elegant at the same time – which was proven once Sam opened the door and waited for Sean and Scar to enter, before closng it behind him. It was very homely and comfortable on the inside. From the looks of the house, you could have never guessed they were witches. The boys took their shoes off, placing them by the door like always. “This way.” Sean said, before heading down a hallway.

Sam bent down, removing the light blue and green striped rug, revealing a door. Sean had left, and came back with the key, handing it to his brother. Sam unlocked the door, pulling the handle and opening it up, sticking the key into his pocket. Sean walked down first, pressing a button to turn on the lights to the basement. They kept all of there witch stuff here – potions, materials, herbs, witch books – everything. Sam came down after, shutting the basement door after he walked down. “This is just the basement, where we keep everything that we use. We keep all of Mariela’s belongings in a trunk, that can only be opened by us. That way no one can get into it.” Sean spoke, as they walked to a door in the basement.

Sean held his hand to the door, muttering something, and then the door glowed and swung open. Only way the door could be opened. The inside revealed what seemed to be all a memorial shrine – with all of Mariela’s belongings that they managed to save from the fire. That was obvious from some pictures on the wall in frames that were a bit burned up, certain pieces of fabrics that were torn and burned hanging on walls. “All of this is stuff we managed to save from the fire. Pictures, pieces of fabrics from Mariela’s clothing. Everything we could save that dealt with her – we did. The stuff you see that aren’t burned are pictures Marie’s best friend, Tessa, had given to us after her death. She was the only one who knew what we were… the two have been friends since they were young. Grew up together.” Sam said, looking to Scar as he spoke. In the pictures, the one known as Tessa was a pretty brown-eyed and brunette girl that was seen in most of the pictures. Tessa still kept in touch with the family, and she was kind enough to hand over pictures she had kept of her and Mariela – or just Mariela – for them to have since most of the pictures, except for a small few, were lost in the fire.


Razorbackwriter:  What a strange place it was. The home of the twins. It all looked, so normal. So very human. Scar was almost scared of it. He kept up with the twins, who were more than accommodating. The alp watched as they took off their shoes before entering the house. Apparently that was customary and Scar bawked before following suit. He just was so out of his element. He took off each boot with a clunk and a thud, then lined them up alongside the boys shoes neatly. When in Rome and all that. Once they made their way inside, Scar could not stop turning his head left and right. Family pictures on the walls. Happy, smiling faces beaming down at him. Like something out of a magazine. Perfect families. Scar didn’t know or understand what being part of a family felt like. All he could gather was that the twins cared a great deal about their sister; Mariela.

Scar followed the boys down the hallway till they reached a light blue and green striped rug, that hid in behind it a door. It was obviously something that the boys wanted no one else to know about. The Alp’s eyes darted back and forth as one of the boys went to fetch a key. Sam did the honors, and opened the door – turning on the light that flooded the basement. So this was where they kept their supernatural artifacts and belonging. Not everything was what it seemed to be.

This brought about a question from the alp. If magic was here in this world, why all the secrecy? That was how it seemed. Were magical people considered evil beings, or simply misunderstood? Scar thought that this world was devoid of magic, but apparently he was very wrong.

“You keep it all hidden away?” This said with the Alp bending his head to the side in a curious fashion. The twins mentioned that they kept all of Mariela’s possessions in a trunk that could only be opened by them. This fueled the idea that there were those that hunted her kind in this world, if they had to keep it somewhere that only would be privy to them ever seeing it.

As they walked through another door in the basement there was a definite feeling of a magical presence. It was unmistakable in fact. Scar had felt it before and that was in Mariela’s company. In this room was a shrine to Mariela. Belongings, clothes, personal effects. Books, and partially burnt photographs. Scar spun around and around slowly as he tried to take it all in. This was indeed a fascinating sight to behold. Scar knew of the witch in hell. The Duchess of Greed. The beauty of the Ball. Here was the images and the belongings of a girl that Scar didn’t know. This was her human world self. Even though much of it was dusty or burnt, it brought to life Mariela in Scar’s mind. The way the boys had kept all of these treasures showed their love and respect for her. In a way, Scar was glad that they had not let her memory die with her. It showed their love for her and it was this gift; this love that they had for her that could be the very thing to save her in Hell.

Her power….was love. It was only being away from her and stuck in the hat that the Alp was able to see it for himself. As the boys spoke of how they gathered everything they could and brought it all down here, including items from her best friend Tessa, the Alp was lost for the moment in just enjoying seeing this side of his beloved witch. He was starting to understand a great many things that before his evil heart could not possibly do. This was why she was so powerful, and it was the reason she could defeat Lydia.

Touching one of her dresses that hung on the wall closest to where he stood, Scar whispered to it, as though speaking to his Mariela.

“You are worthy of this sacrifice.” Whether the boys heard him or not, remained to be seen – but it was in that moment that Scar knew what he had to do. His black little heart beat fiercely as he found a renewed vigor. Clapping his hands he turned to the lads and said with a flair that they would not have ever imagined him having.

“Right lads, how about we get to making a spell that takes us all to Hell.”


The World inside Scar’s Hat – Part Three : SS.

Mariela’s brothers; Sean and Sam don’t know quite what to make of Scar and his tales of Hell.  Was he simply a mad man, or was he telling the truth?

This arc is co-written with Dessy, and is a spin off from the Maze of Greed stories.

Scene setting – Scar’s hat – Seven sins series.


Dessy:  “Considering you just beat your head against the tree, of course you’re gonna be in pain.” Sam commented sarcastically, crossing his across his chest. Honestly, the boys should have left by now. They should have just left this crazy man alone… but they didn’t. Why? Because they wanted to know why their sister’s name was being screamed from his mouth. They needed to know.

“My…Mariela…is trapped in a maze in Hell. She’s there, and I’m here.”

The man finally began speaking in between pants. The boys turned to look at each other, raising an eyebrow as they looked back to the man standing in front of them. Mainly the way he called her “his Mariela”. There confused looks ony got worse as Scar continued talking. He then mentioned a warlock using his hat to send him here as punishment. Sent him from Hell to Earth? As witches, they knew traveling between the worlds was possible, but they didn’t honestly believe this man came from Hell. Plus, why would their sister be in Hell? She was much too good-hearted for that.

The brothers let him finish talking before they said anything. He then went on to mention about how she was the most powerful witch he’s ever met, but she didn’t know her own strength. Maybe it really was their sister. They all came from a long line of powerful witches – although Mariela seemed to have gained more strength than they all did, for reasons unknown. She used her witch abilities more than anyone, and was better with them. She also learned new spells and such easily. She was passionate about her abilities and powers… about being a witch. She cherished being a witch. Their parents knew she was powerful, and the brothers knew it – but Mariela never knew how powerful she was. Mariela was a powerful being, but she never thought she was when it was brought up. And nothing had ever happened for her to need to use her power and strength to prove how powerful she was.

But this still didn’t mean it was her. Not yet. He began speaking about Lydia, and Lydia wanting to use Mariela’s power to cause war in Hell… over the Wrath kingdom. Sean widened his eyes, his green eyes looking at his brother. They all knew that someone would end up finding out about Mariela’s power and wanting to use her for it… they just didn’t expect it to be in Hell, of all places. They expected it to be here. He then talked about the maze, and the brothers noted the guilt in his voice… blaming it on himself.

He tried getting Mariela to take the hat so she could be here. This caused Sam to roll his eyes… their sister was always stubborn. It was certainly starting to sound more like Mariela. He then said that… there was no magic here? Was he nuts? He was standing… kneeling now… on the ground in front of two witches. Of course there was magic. From the way he talked about Mariela, it sounded like he was in love with her… which was weird. Mariela was never one for relationships or love. She certainly never had people fall in love with her – so she says, at least. She did, but she either never noticed or they hid it well.

“You called her “your” Mariela? From the way you talk about her, you make it sound like you’re in love with her or something.” Sam spoke up again. “The way you described her certainly sounds like our sister, down to her being powerful and not knowing it, to her stubborness. But, let me get this straight… You came from Hell? You were sent by a warlock? And Mariela is there in Hell?” he said, shaking his head. “Impossible. Mariela wouldn’t end up in Hell after death. She’s too good-natured. She’s never done anything to land her in hell.”

“Wrong.” Sean finally spoke up, looking at his brother when he gave a confused look. “Marie may have been good natured, but there is one thing she’s done that sent her to Hell.” “What is that?” Sam asked, dropping his arms at his side. “Murder. Remember? We were eleven, Marie was sixteen. We were coming home from a walk when a man attacked us in the alleyway, holding a gun to my head. He threatened to shoot me if Marie didn’t do what she was told. Marie knew he was lying and would kill us anyway, then her next, so she knocked the gun out of his hand and shot him with it.” Sean spoke.”She was sent to Hell for killing him.” he added afterwards.

“Oh… god.” Sam said with wide eyes, shaking his head. “Still doesn’t prove it’s her. Can you describe her to us?” Sam said, looking at Scar. Sean looked over at him as well, running a hand through his light brown hair. “You said there was no magic here?” he then asked. “You’re standing in front of two witches… in the same bloodline as Mariela. She was born and raised in this world. Magic is what got our sister killed.” he crossed his arms. “So what do you mean “magic does not exist”, when it does? You’re standing in front of it.”


Razorbackwriter:  “You called her “your” Mariela? From the way you talk about her, you make it sound like you’re in love with her or something.”

Scar rolled his eyes and looked exasperated. What was with the big hoo haa about him calling Mariela his. God, she did the same thing. It seemed so natural to say she was his, because he really didn’t know where he was, and they spoke of a Mariela…their Mariela and Scar…had his. Now with a terrible headache to contend to, he was going to have to explain himself to these…boys. “Yes….I love her. Throw the book at me. Woah, it is so wrong that an Alp should love a witch, but I do.” This of course was said with much arm flailing as though to emphasize the point. Bringing his fingers back to point at his chest he continued. “My Mariela, Your Mariela…Mariela is in hell. How she got there was a mystery to me. All I know is that I was summoned by Lydia and Mariela to the Kingdom of Greed to serve the Princess.”

Now the story was starting to be told. From the moment that Scar arrived in the palace of Greed, Lydia had plans for him. What she didn’t count on was the fact that by him spending so much time with the young witch, that he would find himself falling for her goodness and beauty. It had nothing to do with power. The Alp himself had power, but most of it lay in the hat that he wore. The hat that was back in the Maze in Hell.

“And yes, I came from hell, via…my own Hat. Which was used against me by a powerful warlock named Raul. Raul works for Lydia. You do the math.” Again, much hand waving as he spoke. To see Scar this upset and emotional was most unusual, but answering the boy’s questions meant a lot of explaining, that he felt he had already done time and time again.

“You must be her kin. You sure do ask as many questions. Hmmph.”

Scar pushed himself up off the ground at this point, ready to square off with the lads if they didn’t believe him. He listened to the tale of how she had murdered a man that had threatened to shoot one of them. Again, another roll of the eyes.“Murder….is a one way ticket to hell, fellas.” Of course it was. It was one of the ten commandments, and it had been broken. “No matter how good you are, one bad mistake can cost you dearly.” The Alp was getting tired of all this. He knew in the back of his mind that precious seconds were ticking away, and the longer he was here going on and on about Mariela and not doing anything was like he was wasting time.

Scar was about to facepalm now that they were asking him to prove that she was the one that they had lost years before. The alp fumbled and then he suddenly looked up. He pulled away at his scarf, and there…tightly fixed to his neck was Raul’s collar that had been removed by Mariela from Bandit.

“This…horrid thing. It was one one of the Warlock’s slaves….or something. Mariela broke the magical seal by damaging one of the jewels. It’s a tracker…thingymebob. Horrible thing. The Warlock fixed it onto me, because Mariela took it off Bandit. Another in the maze. Mariela’s magic might still be on it…I don’t know. I’m just an alp…this is all completely beyond me.”

The Alp did not believe magic existed in this world, because he was no longer an alp in form, but a human. He didn’t feel magical, or how he had. The brothers claimed that they were witches. Both of them.

“Male witches? Is there such a thing?’ He said with a raised brow.




Dessy:  “Does she love you?” Sam asked, and this caused a glare from his brother. “It doesn’t matter! Our sister is in Hell and it sounds like she’s in danger. That’s what matters.”Sean spoke, shaking his head at his brother then turning to Scar. “You’re an Alp? I’ve heard of that before, but I don’t remember. This… Raul… sounds like bad news. Just how in danger is Mariela?” Sean asked. Sean had the right idea – they needed to worry about their sister.

“You must be her kin. You sure do ask as many questions. Hmmph.”

Sean nodded. “We’re her younger brothers.” he then replied. “I’m Sean, and this my twin brother, Sam” he gestured to his brother, who nodded. “She was very protective over the both of us. That’s why she had sacrificed her life.” Then again, Mariela was always willing to risk her life to save others – every other time she had just gotten lucky. She wasn’t very lucky for the fire.

Scar began explaining the collar around his neck, explaining that Mariela had took it off and Raul snapped it on to him. “Let us take a look at it. While we’re not as… strong and advanced as our sister, chances are that if Marie’s magic is still on it, we might be able to break it off again.” Sam finally spoke up, receiving a nod from his brother. “There’s a lot of things Mariela can do that we can’t… not even her parents. While she taught us a few things, she couldn’t teach us everything before she died… and soem things were hard and impossible for us to learn. But we should be able to break it off.”

“Male witches? Is there such a thing?”

This caused both boys to laugh. “Yes, there’s such a thing. It’s uncommon to find a male witch, as most are born female. But when you’re born from a long bloodline of powerful witches… chances are both genders will be witchs.” Sean spoke.”You said the collar was some sort of tracker? Maybe it can be used to find Marie.” Sam spoke. “Possibly even find a way to send you back to Hell.” They both called her “Marie”, even after death… never her full name. It was the nickname she always went by, and to this day they still called her Marie.

Razorbackwriter:  “Does she love you?”

This question would stop the Alp in his tracks. Did she love him? She never showed it if she did, and it was not like they were any sort of romantic couple. It was very much one sided. He was an Alp. A demon of nightmares. The whole idea of love, was so foreign to him, and yet he was feeling this way for the young witch. Unrequited? Possibly. All he knew was that he was willing to die for her. More than once. If that was not love, then…what was? The two boys went on and on. Asking questions then dismissing it as they conferred on all that Scar had told them. Scar didn’t really think they even knew what an Alp was, but he was pretty much caught between the incessant banter. Back and forth he looked between the two lads as they started asking more questions as to whether Mariela was in a really dangerous situation. Would Scar be acting as he had if she wasn’t? Hadn’t he just explained that the warlock of the maze was a very powerful one.

The twins names were Sam and Sean. Younger brothers of Mariela. They claimed to be male witches, something Scar didn’t know existed. They were not as powerful as say, Mariela, but they had been taught a few things by her, and they were willing to do what they could to help. On learning about the jeweled collar that was fastened around Scar’s neck, again they were eager to see if they could break it off. The notion that it was a tracking device meant there was a slim hope of using it to create a portal to go back to Hell, where Mariela was. All Scar knew was that he had been sent via his own hat. This world, was inside the hat. To escape it would take a great deal of magical power. Was it something that the boys possessed?

Through all the talking and the questions, Scar was beginning to have doubts. As he had told Mariela from the outset of using the hat, there was a price to be paid. So far, the price was the loss of his magical power. His third eye would not even open. He was in human form. Scar watched on as the boys pondered using the collar to send him back.

“I don’t think it can. The only ones that have even a slim chance have to have magical power in this place.” Scar stared at them both as he loosened his scarf further. The horrible truth was he didn’t think he was ever going to see Mariela again.

“If you think you can break it off me… are welcome to try.”




The World inside Scar’s Hat – Part Two : SS.


The shocking realization was now hitting Scar as he found himself in what he thought was a world without magic.  The World inside his hat.

Scene setting – Inside Scar’s hat – Seven Sins series.

Co-written with Dessy.


Razorbackwriter:  Scar was spinning and then stopping in his tracks. Squinting his eyes tight together as though willfully trying to blink away the reality of what he faced. At a blink he can change forms. He could. In Hell. Here however, he would open his eyes to find that he was the same man, the same outfit. Everything stayed the same. Nothing worked. His magic….gone. Scar raised his hands up before him, as they quivered. His fingers as though clutching at some unseen being. Scar wanted to strangle the life out of Raul for what he had done. Sending him into his own hat. Sending him to a world without magic. The alp panted and looked up at the sky once more, only to just see a jet liner through the clouds – spiriting away to some unknown destinations. Flying…metal things! It was crazy. None of it made any sense to the creature. Hell might have been the last place you ever wanted to be, but that was where he belonged – not in this reality.

“Hey, dude.” A voice. Scar spun around to see two boys, though they were not children they were young men. One then asked the oddest question. One he would never expect to hear. “Why are you calling our sister’s name?” The young man had the bluest eyes. Radiant and matched in well with his colourings. The one beside him though, had green eyes. Like jade pools….with a frightening similarity to…Mariela’s. Both boys…had her features. They were younger of course, but…there was this eerie feeling that Scar was getting. “Why are you calling our sister’s name?”

What were the possibilities that the hat sent Scar to the one place that he knew Mariela would be safe from Lydia and Raul? The one place, she would call home. Scar’s eyes widened as the shocking truth was coming to fruition. There was no doubt in Scar’s love for her, that he would wish the hat to take her home. The only problem was, the hat….took him after Raul turned the game on it’s head.

“I don’t belong here.” Scar uttered, backing away from the two young men. He raised a hand, pointing at each of them in turn. “She…never told me…she had siblings.” He shook his head, then he reached up and started pulling at his hair.“This can’t be happening. She’s in that maze with Raul….and a…human. What if Lydia……..Oh fuck no.” Scar started walking around in a circle, then saw a tree. Marching over to it, he gripped it around the trunk and started to beat his head against it.



Dessy:  This guy looked like he was having a mental breakdown… or something. The boys didn’t know what was wrong with him. They didn’t move or take any steps further – for all they knew, this man could be some crazy who would attack them the minute they took a step toward him. Instead, they stayed in their position where they were, watching him and exchanging glances every now and then.

“I don’t belong here.”

He spoke, and Sean looked at his brother. “What do you mean “you don’t belong here”? Who are you?” Sean asked, deciding to take the risk and took one step further. What if he was one of the people after his family? The people who burned their house and killed their sister? What if they found out the rest of the family escaped? Their mother always feared that the people would find out and hunt for them. That they’d find out where they had ran off to and try to finish them off. What if this man was sent here to see if it was really them?

Then again, after Mariela’s death their mother had became really paranoid. After going through a depression state, she became over-protective and paranoid. Their father had to not only pull her out of that depression, but also convince her that everything would be fine and there was no reason for her to freak out. She had to be pulled out of a paranoia. It took a few years for her to finally be her normal self. Even now, mentioning Mariela’s name always ended up with their mother in tears again. This man pointed to each one of them, then stating that he never knew she had siblings.

The boys exchanged glances. Maybe he really did know their sister. But they had to be sure. “Are you sure we’re taking about the same girl here?” Sam spoke up next. “You have to be talking about a different person. If you knew our sister, we would’ve recognized you.”

“Who the hell is Raul? And Lydia?” Sean asked in confusion. “What are you talking about?” What was wrong with this guy? The brothers were just getting more and more confused as he rambled on about a maze. Then he walked in a circle. Then, he started beating his head against a tree.

“Woah! Hey! Calm down!” Sean spoke, taking a step back at this sight. Sam stayed in his spot, unsure if he should help hm or not. Was this guy crazy?


Razorbackwriter:  “Woah! Hey! Calm down!” Blurbs of questions were being asked as the Alp continued to smack his forehead against the tree trunk. Each time he hit the tree trunk, his eyes rolled about comically in his head. At last he staggered back, with a great red welt right in the center of his forehead. “Pain….such a rush.” If the boys thought that Scar was indeed crazy, it was because he was certainly acting like it. Now you’d think the boys would just wipe their hands of him and go back to their game of football. Leave the sad mad chap to his own devices, but they really wanted to know if it was their sister that Scar was crying out for.

“You have to be talking about a different person. If you knew our sister, we would’ve recognized you.” This might be true in their world, but Mariela was from a place after her death. A place that the brothers would not have even contemplated her being in. Scar finally stopped moving, though he was panting hard. In between taking in deep breaths, he tried to answer them, to the best of his ability. “My…Mariela…is trapped in a maze in Hell. She’s there, and I’m here.” He pointed to the ground and then slapped both his arms to his side, as though he felt totally lost.“A warlock….used my hat, to send me here as punishment.” He looked up at both boys, and then said something that may help them figure out what was really going on.

“She’s the most powerful witch I’ve ever met, but she doesn’t know her own strength. That is why Princess Lydia was going to use her for another war. To topple the Princess of Wrath. Then….I STUPIDLY…led her into the maze…thinking, she’d be safer there.” Scar was now feeling the stinging sensation of guilt. “This is all my fault.” His voice breaking into quiet sobs.

The Alp collapsed on the ground. Sitting in a crumpled heap. A sad laugh coming from his lips as he tried to wipe away a tear. “I kept telling her. Use my hat. She’s supposed to be here….not me.” Scar bowed his head, ashamed of himself. “I was trying to save her. Now I’ve signed her death warrant, and there is no way, I can go back. Not without my hat. There is no magic here.”

What would the two boys think of all this?


The World inside Scar’s Hat – Part One : SS.

once upon a time animated GIF  

This is the side arc from the Maze of Greed – Seven Sins Series.

Co-written with Dessy.


The World inside Scar’s hat

Razorbackwriter:  The setting was like any typical suburban park with families out enjoying the delights of a summer’s day. Children were playing on swings, families were at picnic tables and lighting barbecues. Boys were playing football on the wide fields of green and the sounds of laughter and music came from all around – coupled of course with the everyday sounds of a modern world. Cars….trucks…the odd horn blast and of course planes that flew high overhead. So with all these ordinary people going about their ordinary lives, they would not even notice something extraordinary happening.

A swirling vortex of purple mist opened up high above the tree canopy of a nearby forest. Deep from within, the scream of a certain alp came down as his body plummeted to the earth below with a dull thud. Scores of leaves went up in a cloud of greens and browns as the Alp lay there, slightly winded. We all remember how Scar was dressed right before Raul zapped him into the hat. In this reality however, Scar looked nothing like his Hellish counterpart. In this world….in this age, he looked….human.

Laying there for a few moments, Scar blinked. What the hell had happened? His mind was a jumbled mess and all he could see above him was the steady movement of the trees, the sparkle of light from the sun’s rays. In a trice he sat up and could hear a couple of lads shouting out football numbers. Scar’s head snapped around – left to right and back.


He looked down to what he was wearing and he gasped loudly. His hands…they were big. Scar touched his face and started to cry. “I’m…..I’m…..human!” There was no mistaking it. Clamoring to his feet, Scar’s eyes were starting to go glassy, as unseen tears were threatening to fall. The reality hit him like a speeding train. His worst nightmare had come to fruition. He was lost inside the world of the hat. A world….that he believed had no magic.

“M..M..Mariela?’ A whimper came from his lips, that quivered ever slightly.

“MARIELA!!??” Desperation now evident in his cry. Where was she? Was she still in the maze with Raul and the human? What of Lydia? “MARIELA?!” Scar turned around and around. He started to see evidence of the truth of his surrounds. Happy families….strange objects that moved on wheels. A world of humans.





Dessy:  Over on a clear, green and grassy field was a large group of boys playing fotball. It was a Saturday – a weekend. There was a group of girls sitting on blankets over to the side that the group of boys had brought with them, talking and gossiping and stealing a few glances from the boys every now and then. Some of them went as far as to blow kisses. This was the modern world – the world of cars, social media and cell phones. This was Mariela’s world.

It had to have been pretty hard for a family of powerful witches to live in secret in the modern world – but the family kept the secret pretty well. Until they eventually found out about it, when Mariela’s life had ended. Even to this day, it was unknown how those people had found out. But after the incident, her parents took her brothers and they moved to a new state and town – starting a new life.

Mariela would have been twenty-three years old at this time – five years after her death. Life had went on with her family, and even now they still used their witch abilities in secret – being extra careful this time around. Laughing could be heard from the field of the teenage boys, which was close to the forest. “Nice tackle, Sam!”spoke one of the voices with a laugh afterwards. Football numbers were then being shouted, the boys getting ready to get back in position.


The shouting of the all too familiar name caused one of the boys to stop. He nudged his brother in the side with his elbow.”Sam, did you hear that?” the boy with light brown spoke, causing the other teenager to look at his brother in confusion.”Hear what?” the dark brown haired boy, known as Sam asked, but just got a “shh” by his twin brother.


There was that name again. “Is… is someone calling our sister’s name?” Sam asked, receiving a nod from his brother.”We need to go check it out.” he said, giving the other boys the timeout symbol. “Me and Sean need to go check something. Break for now!” Sam yelled, before motioning for his brother to follow as he began running off. “Come on, Sean.” he spoke, Sam running off and the one known as Sean following. Yes, these were Mariela’s little brothers – the twins Sam and Sean. After Mariela saved them from the burning house when they were fourteen, they continued on with their lives like their sister would’ve wanted. Both boys were now eighteen, and seniors in high school.

The brothers ran into the forest where the voice had came from. Why was this person screaming their dead sister’s name? Coincidence, maybe? Maybe this person happened to know someone who shared her name… but they weren’t sure. They both stopped when the voice was heard no longer. Then they heard it again.


“This way!” Sam said, running in the direction of the voice. “Why is he screaming for help? And using our sister’s name at that?” Sean questioned, following his brother. “That’s what we’re going find out.” Sam answered. They stopped when they came to the source of the yelling. Some male… they knew that much. But they didn’t recognize him, which meant he couldn’t have known their sister. They knew most people that Mariela had always hung around… so he couldn’t have known her.

“Hey, dude.” Sam spoke, looking at him with an eyebrow raise. “Why are you calling our sister’s name?” he asked. Sam had blue eyes, unlike his brother. Sean’s eyes were green – almost the same green as Mariela’s, just darker. They also shared similar facial features with her. The brothers exchanged glances, before looking back at the male.