The Bush Post – Back and ready to write!

Hi guys!


I’ve just returned from my vacation to the coast and I can honestly say while I enjoyed the sun and surf, I missed my computer.  I did manage to read the three Fifty Shades novels while I was away, and while that fueled my imagination, its not the same as writing your own stories.  One thing I realized however as I took my summer break was that I have so many stories that I want to tell, and hopefully this will be my year to branch out and start my first novel.  I have a few plot ideas in my head, but I want to get down the skeletons on paper and really think about the characters I want to use.  In the meantime, I will be posting more from the Gantz series, along with the Seven Sins.  For those that follow the adventures of the Detective; Frank Malone and Tommy Xo, the reporter – there is a lot coming up that is both emotionally charged stories and features some sexy scenes.  ~Grins~

Hope you and yours had a great New Years and that you will share my love of writing and music in 2015!



The Bush Post – When it rains….it pours!


As my title suggests, I am once again talking about that magical thing – rain.  After getting a few welcome inches last week, temperatures skyrocketed here.  So you would think I am praying for more rain.  Well, one thing that comes with soaring temperatures is the storms.  And I am not talking about your odd thunderstorm.  We are talking super cells, and wind gusts that are so  frightening, you hope you remembered to pull in everything that was loose outside.  When you are living in the outback and one of these storms hits the amount of rain that falls in a short space of time is staggering.  So we go from being in drought to experiencing floods.  From one extreme to the other.  The scary part is that many towns get cut off from the highways, and that means delays in much needed food stocks as most is brought in by trucks.  Social media such as Facebook, which has become very important in the lives of people out here; is where everyone passes on information about road closures, storm damage, lost animals (due to the lightning and thunder), and contacting emergency services.


Right now, the storms have passed.  Talk is however there is more on the way tomorrow, and this is a worry if flash flooding occurs.  I love rain, and I know how much we need it.  The extremes though can make it scary at times.




The Bush Post – Here comes the rain….I hope.


It’s been an absolute scorcher yet again, and with forecasts predicting storms for this evening; I am looking skyward and praying.  The welcome relief that rain brings to the parched land and to me as I work is sheer heaven.  Sadly, rain has been avoiding my town of late.  Sure, they have had storms down south with golf ball sized hail; but here…..nudda.  Nothing.  Zip, zilch….not a drop.  The clouds are starting to build from the east and surprisingly the west as well.  Fingers crossed!

I plan to dance in it!






The Bush Post – I scream for Ice cream.


Today got to a ridiculous 42 degrees Celsius, which is the equivalent to 108 degrees Fahrenheit.  It was so hot that I was craving an ice cream after a hot day at work.  Memories of my childhood back in the big smoke had me remember the joy of hearing the ice cream man’s truck come down the street.  Yeah, nothing beat a Mr Whippy ice cream that always melted down my hand before I got a chance to even take a lick.  Out in the outback, there is no Mr Whippy.  Best bet is to go to the local servo….which I did.

I had a Maxibon. ❤


What is your favorite type of ice cream?

Do you still get the Ice cream man come to your neighborhood?