Inferno Kingdom | Element: Fire (2) •- The Enchanted Wars.




Inferno Kingdom | Element: Fire •

There were few things that Nagos and Dracus ever agreed on. Both adversaries due to their distinct natures, it was actually very rare to see them both smiling about the same thing. Nagos acceptance brought Dracus to walk across the room and offer his clawed hand to shake – sealing the deal between the two. The King for once was actually happy for once, and on breaking the hand shake he sung out for his adviser.


Standing just shy of the entrance, since she had taken care to be one step behind Rina; she entered the throne room and bowed before both of the great dragons.

“You summoned me, my Lord Inferno?”

“Yes…where is Rina? I told you to send her to the throne room when she returned from wherever the bloody hell she has been spending her day.” Dracus’s dark mood was going to return if he was not appeased. Mora noted this immediately, her eyes shifting from Nagos, whom she nodded in acknowledgement to, before looking back at her King.

“I have not seen her as yet, my Lord. I was on her way to her chambers when you called for me.” This was not far from the truth, but it would do for now. She needed to grant Rina more time to gather her things and read the note. The King snarled, marching over to the diminutive red head and staring down at her darkly.

“Then….go….get….her.” Each word said slowly and in a precise fashion. So he was clear on what he now wanted. Mora quickly bowed and spun on her heel, hurrying out of the room leaving the two dragons alone once more.

“So hard to get good help these days, Nagos. Course…you know that already.”

Mora hurried down the corridor, her skirts whipping up behind her as she hoped that when she reached Rina’s room, that she would have read the note and already fled.

If she had read the note in her pocket, this is what it said:

Dear Rina,

I can no longer protect you from your uncle’s wrath. I have received word that he plans to send you with Nagos off to the dark lands, a place where many go to die. It is ruled by Ethel, a black dragon and one you never want to meet. Gather your belongings, and take flight now. I hate to see you go, but it is for the best. There is a contact at the entrance to the Portal. His name is Wren. An old friend of mine. He will grant you papers to help you shield your identity on the other side and make it harder for Dracus’s spies to find you.

I am so sorry that I cannot come with you. My place is here, to keep Dracus distracted as long as I can.

Forever your friend,





Dear Rina,

I can no longer protect you from your uncle’s wrath. I have received word that he plans to send you with Nagos off to the dark lands, a place where many go to die. It is ruled by Ethel, a black dragon and one you never want to meet. Gather your belongings, and take flight now. I hate to see you go, but it is for the best. There is a contact at the entrance to the Portal. His name is Wren. An old friend of mine. He will grant you papers to help you shield your identity on the other side and make it harder for Dracus’s spies to find you.

I am so sorry that I cannot come with you. My place is here, to keep Dracus distracted as long as I can.

Forever your friend,


Rina read the letter silently, her crimson eyes slowly having lost their glow as she did so, her anger subsiding and her effects on the surrounding environment finally beginning to fade with her anger; but that anger soon rekindled as she read yet again. Rina was slowly growing angrier and angrier with her uncle for putting More and her into this kind of situation like it was of no consequence, his damned tricks and antics were finally grinding on Rina’s nerves to the point that she wanted him dead. Dead and gone; but, the problem was, Rina didn’t have the strength to do it.

Rina let out a growl as she crumpled the paper in her hands and tossed it straight into the fireplace, taking a quick breath
before blasting a stream of flame into the fireplace through her mouth. After setting the note on fire, and making sure it was turned to ashes entirely, Rina immediately turned straight to getting her things together; considering making a small pocket of space in her Esoteric Flames in order to store them better and not weigh her down. Esoteric Flames are flames that are magical in concept, allowing the user to do more than just ‘burn’ things; which is what allowed her to create a single flame and set it on her bed, tossing clothes into it as fast as she could. She could always just remake the flame later, pulling things out as needed unharmed, which meant it was time to get serious about everything else.

Rina planned to change everything the moment she had the chance, and just as she reached the window, about to jump out with her wings spreading out behind her; she caught a glimpse of something left to her by her father before he’d died by “unfortunate circumstances.” The ring made of gold infused with flames underneath the surface, he’d given it to her mother before she died; perhaps not the most romantic of gifts, but the ring burned a brilliant shade of red underneath the gold, never burning anything but instead simply being the way it was. It was precious to Rina, and she couldn’t leave without it.

Rina darted over to the stand she kept it on, looking at it quietly before slipping it onto the ring finger of her right hand, taking a deep breath to prepare herself just before she heard footsteps. Not wanting to risk who it might be, the Draconian girl shot for the window, stopping in front of it just before jumping out, her wings flashing out behind her with a rush of wind; flames began to burn along her wings as she flew, using them to propel her at a higher speed with every flap, causing her to be gone in minutes. However, she really didn’t understand that whoever had come to her room as she jumped out…..

They would have seen her.



Inferno Kingdom | Element: Fire •

There was a bright flash. Oranges, reds, yellows. Marvelous to those that had not ever seen the draconian girl in full flight, but Mora had – and she knew by the unmistakable burst of light that the girl had read her message and taken heed of her words of warning. The royal adviser had missed the girl all by as little as thirty seconds, but it was enough. Mora entered the abandoned room. A slow smile creeping upon her face, but it was also marred by a certain sadness. Why should the poor girl have to flee the home of her father? It was all so wrong. Dracus who was blinded for his hatred of all things human, or even remotely related to them, could never see the beauty of the girl, nor the wondrous powers that she had inherited from her father.

Slowly, Mora crossed the floor of the room and stepped up to the window ledge where Rina had taken off from. Now her fate lay in the hands of others. Her friend Wren was waiting for the girl at the portal between worlds. Her only true hope was to leave this land forever. As much as Mora wished she could see the girl again, she knew in her heart that she must let her go. Her job was to keep Dracus from finding her. His wishes were for her to spend a lifetime of misery serving others, so he didn’t have to be reminded of what she was. The royal adviser placed a hand on the window ledge, still feeling the heat trail the girl had left behind.

“May you find happiness in the other world.” She thought to herself, as the booming sound of Dracus finally reached her ears.


The King had grown impatient, not to mention that he wasn’t actually all that keen on Nagos’s company. He came thundering down the hall. The footfalls so loud that they were making the very walls quake and the windows shake. He turned into Rina’s room and stood there with hands on his hips.


“My…Lord. Rina…she…uhm…’

“SHE WHAT?” His eyes darted around the room, but he couldn’t tell that her things were missing. He was just incensed to be kept waiting.

“WELL?” His eyes falling back to the red headed adviser, who suddenly brightened.

“She went…shopping.”

“SHOPPING?” The King repeated the word as though Mora had lost her mind. Mora on the other hand was quick thinking. It was one of her strengths. “Yes. You see, there is this ball and well none of her gowns were suitable…so she went shopping to buy a new one. Wanted to impress you, my Lord.” Mora held one hand behind her back with her fingers crossing over, silently saying her prayers. The King stood there almost dumbfounded. Since when was Rina every trying to impress him. “I hate Balls. Bloody tossers dressed up in cheap rags like bloody harlots and sly skanks. Only men that go to those HAVE no balls. Poncy gits! Why would she want to go to one, hmm?’

“Maybe…to find a suitable male to marry and…then be off your hands or…help form an alliance.” Now this was really clever thinking on her part. She watched the King for his reaction. It was important to buy the girl as much time as she could, and also get Nagos off her back. The seconds ticked by as Dracos mused over this.

“An alliance by marriage, huh?” Dracos started to stroke his chin as he considered this. In the wake of the current situation with Endora, it wasn’t such a bad idea.

“Right. When that girl gets back from frock shopping, I want her presented to me. I might go to this blasted ball after all.” He went to turn as Mora breathed a sigh of relief, only to see him face palm at the thought he had to deal with Nagos.“Well bollocks. Now I gotta find some poor strumpet to go and keep care of Ethel’s kids.” He shot a look at Mora, who nearly died at the thought of being sent to the dark lands to work for Ethel.

“Nah…I need you here. You’re the only one that has any real brains in my staff. Ugh….carry on.” he waved his hand dismissively,. as he went back to the Throne room to get deal with Nagos.

As soon as Dracus was out of earshot, Mora fell back and sat on the bed. That…was close.




Inferno Kingdom | Element: Fire (1) •- The Enchanted Wars.



Inferno Kingdom | Element: Fire •

A pile of dead bodies that bore terrible knife wounds lay haphazardly to the right of the big dagger wheel. The blood from his victims had splattered all over the bright colours of the wheel, thus making it a much more morbid sight. Ripping out the daggers from his last victim, the servants were quick to untie the dead human and ready him for a cart that would take all the dead down to an incinerator pit.

Dracus threw his blooded dagger at Mora, who skillfully caught it on the fly and started to clean it free from blood like she had the rest of his daggers. It was part of her job description to be hands on when keeping up with her Lord’s wishes. One thing however, his mood had changed…somewhat. Having killed at least ten humans, he felt he had sated his need to torture and commit murder in what was a sickening and twisted way to play a game. Surprising that it was Mora’s idea. One of her better ones. You might wonder just why she had tried to keep the Lord of Inferno distracted and she had a bloody good reason. Mora knew it would be a matter of time before Dracus realized that Rina was not in attendance.

“Right…that was fun. Now, where is that bastard child that is supposed to be family?” This was said with a menacing tone, as he picked up a chalice of red wine and sculled it down in one go. Letting out a heavy breath, he arched a brow and glanced at his adviser.


“Sire, I am not her keeper. I’m yours.” Said with a firm voice and nod of the head as she placed the last dagger back in it’s box to complete his set. All gleaming and clean once more.

“Hmmph.” Clearly, Dracus was not impressed by that, but he had to hand it to Mora, she was not afraid to call a spade a shovel. “When you DO see her, tell her to come to the throne room. Do I make myself clear?” His eyes burnt to a fire red as he spun on his heel and stormed out of the game room, knocking a servant off his feet as he rounded the corner.

“Crystal, my Lord.”

Once he was well out of sight, Mora let out a sigh. She had a fair idea where Rina had gone, but hoped she would be back soon. No telling what the Lord of Inferno had in store for the girl. It was no secret that he held little or any love for his niece. Placing the dagger box on a nearby shelf, Mora whistled for the cleaning crews to come in and set about cleaning the dart wheel, as well as the floor and anything else that the King had broken or soiled.




“………I see that my darling uncle is in a charming mood as expected…..”

The soft, lyrically voice, filled with strength and passion, resonated outwards from the shadows nearby, and it was a voice that Mora would recognize quickly; she was like an aunt to the owner of the said voice, she’d known it since it had originated from a child. Rina had been born when Mora was a teen, so Mora had known the girl for many many years, and as she stepped from the shadows, her fiery mane of hair flowing about behind her like an inferno waiting to be let loose; you could almost feel the tension in Rina’s form as your own, she had every reason to be tense after all. Her uncle basically hated her, despite her draconic blood he still hated her down to the very blood in her veins; she was half human and that was the reason. She couldn’t understand it.

“I wonder what he has to say this time…”

Rina sounded almost tired and just plain exasperated, she didn’t want to deal with the stuff that her uncle was probably about throw at her, in fact she didn’t really want to see him again today for the moment; especially after having seen him finish off the tenth human in his little ‘game.’ She didn’t understand his damnable obsession with killing humans, he was part of the reason that even Draconians like her had to be careful going to the human world; his damnable obsession was causing most of the problems between their world and the human’s. Not to mention his damned war with Endora, what was the fucking point anyway?! Rina let out a small sigh, her crimson eyes gleaming with a small tone of sadness as she exhaled and rubbed a hand against the back of her neck.



Inferno Kingdom | Element: Fire •

Mora stopped in her tracks when she herd the words of Rina filter through the room. It was coming from the nearby shadows of the room, and on turning she would catch sight of the girl who had returned from what Mora believed to be the human realm. The red haired vixen nodded slowly to Rina’s sarcastic remark. Charming being a word few would ever use to describe Dracus. Mora had organized the spin wheel of death to keep the Lord of Inferno busy on purpose. She knew what his moods were like when he was cooped up inside, and he tended to be even more evil to those that strayed into his path. This day he had not forgotten that he had plans for Rina…plans that he had not even spoken to Mora about. He trusted Mora to an extent, but not when it came to this matter. To the Lord of Inferno, Rina was a blight on the family name. Even though he could shape shift into what he hated most it was the fact that he was full dragon, and the fact Rina was not made his blood boil.

“As you know, mornings are not agreeable with him.” Mora kept up appearances, for she knew that Dracus had eyes and ears everywhere. Crossing the floor, Mora reached for the girl’s hands and held them firmly as she stared directly into her eyes, when Rina wondered what he had to say to her this time. it didn’t take a fool to see that Rina was just plan tired of all her uncle’s games and tricks. Who could blame her?

“He seeks audience with you in the throne room, Rina.” This was said loudly, loud enough for those around her to hear, but when she brought the girl into an embrace, she slipped a small note into the girl’s pocket – patting her hip, before withdrawing herself from the hold.

“Afterwards, I suggest you go to your room. I imagine I will be sent with instructions after.” This alone sounded ominous, but there was something about the way that Mora stared at her. As though silently trying to make her understand that she was to prepare to take flight if necessary.

Knowing that she would have work to do, Mora gave a short bow before heading out the door. Only stopping at the entrance to look back at the girl, and making a chin up action hoping the girl understood.

Waiting in the Throne room, there was an evil looking black dragon who was pacing back and forth. He had been waiting for Dracus to come and when the Lord appeared, he clasped his hands together.

“What reason have you brought me to this disgusting hovel you call a home, Dracus?’ There was clearly no love lost between the two and Dracus gave as good as he got. “Cause its a damn sight warmer than that tar pit you wallow in.”

The Black dragon rolled his eyes and folded his arms as he stood impatiently – tapping his steel capped toes on the ground. “This better be good. My wife will ring my flaming neck if I don’t bring her the extra help to cater to our children.’

Dracus started to laugh…and loudly. “How is Ethel? I thought that moving to the dark lands would settle her temper. It was the one thing I liked about her.” Ethel being Nago’s new wife. Dracus and Ethel went way back, but Nagos had been tricked into marrying her. He thought she had a fortune behind her…sadly he was mistaken.

“She’s still a bitch. Now cut the crap. Why did you summon me?” You could tell that he was getting more and more annoyed as it appeared Dracus was stalling.

“Oh…I got word that she needed extra help and it just turns out that Ethel’s need may well be the answer to my prayers. I have what you need. A nanny to care for those brats you call children.’ Dracus picked up a small hot rock, then tossed it into his mouth, chewing slowly.

“A what? Who?” Now Nago was interested. He stopped his pacing, when he heard that Dracus had found a solution to both their problems.

“Rina. Annoying half breed. I want to send her to a place the sun never shines. Where no humans go. Think of it as a long earned punishment, for being insolent. I happen to know your wife would beat her into submission easily. AND you get time off from the kids…What do you say?’

A wry grin started to form upon the Black Dragon’s maw.

“I say yes..naturally. Anything to get me more time away from Ethel. So where is this…Rina?”

That was a good question.




“I know, all too well. Understood.”

Rina gave a small sigh once more, hugging the adviser back tightly with full understanding of her words, it was a precaution and Rina knew it; they both knew that the instance was needed above everything else that they could think possible. If Dracus decided to do anything that could become threatening to Rina, then she had to be prepared to run; no matter how strong Rina had become over the years, she still wasn’t strong enough to take on her uncle yet and they both knew it. Rina soon arrived at her uncle’s throne room, but with the door cracked the voices leaked out, crystal clear to her ears thanks to her silent footfalls. And what she heard made her seethe, the air around her began to shimmer with heat as he crimson eyes slowly brightened to the point they seemed to be on fire themselves, the floor even began to emit sparks for a moment as she stood there; her eyes cast in shadow despite the deadly glow that emanated from within them.

Rina had to hold in a growl as she turned on her heel, leaving before either of them could notice that she was still standing there. Rina was utterly pissed, and every servant that saw her immediately began to back away, fearing she was about to reduce them to nothing; as she had been known to do that in the past, however despite all of that, none of them dared report her otherwise they would face her later. And they knew it, it’d happened again, and last time it happened her Killing Intent had leaked out, paralyzing everyone in the room; though somehow at the moment she was currently pulling it under wraps. Only the Lord above would ever be able to understand just how she did it too. The moment Rina entered her room, actually on the other side of the castle from the throne room, the first things she did was slam her right hand straight through her training dummy; the impact of the punch causing it to fly across the room and explode against the wall.

Rina was livid, but she knew better than to lose it right now, she had to keep calm and be ready to run now. Rina reached into her pocket, pulling out the note silently, preparing to read it quickly before her uncle could come in the room searching for her.


Inferno Kingdom | Element: Fire •- The Enchanted Wars.

Inferno Kingdom | Element: Fire •- The Enchanted Wars.
• • • 



Inferno Kingdom | Element: Fire •

Twas spring time. A time for new life, budding wild flowers and of course spring time festivities. All the things that the other realms might find pleasant and enjoyable. All…except….the King of Inferno. He hated spring time, and in particular he wasn’t too fussed with the weather pattern. Rain pitter pattered on the window sills and panes as he marched back and forth in front of the colossal windows. Most were well aware of Dracus’s moods during this time of year and were smart enough to steer well clear. The onset of rain had caused much of the air around the castle to be heavy with fog cover – so thick it was hard to see the nose in front of your face. Being that his kingdom was surrounded by lava flows and hot rocks, any water falling caused steam to rise up.

All this just added to Dracus’s terrible temper. It was dawn and there was no chance of going out to hunt in weather like this. Visibility was poor which meant flying was not an option. The fiery Lord’s hand swiped at a vase that was on one of the dressers and it went flying off as he displayed his impatience with being cooped up. Boredom for someone such as Dracus was a very bad thing.

“Mails in, Sire.” A haughty voice sung out as Dracus marched right over the broken fragments of the vase. His royal adviser, who happened to be a red headed vixen always checked the incoming ravens at dawn and as per usual there were a few letters and some invitations for the King. Mora bore a gracious smile when she noted that her King was in one of his moods. “I thought you liked that vase. I got it for your birthday.” She showed a pout, then brightened again as she offered the handful of mail. “Oh well, was probably a knock off. So…shall I leave you to read the mail in private, or would you like me to organize some entertainment?’ The King snatched the mail off her with a snort.

“Trust you to be cheap.” He started tearing open seals, as he dumped the rest of the letters and scrolls on the nearest desk. Rarely did the King have a nice word to say about anything. Not to mention, he was not a morning dragon.“Eh….usual social events. I hate Spring. Someone should blow it up.” He took the other letters and held them in his hand as the whole lot burst into flame. Dracus blew on the burning papers, and they then fluttered about the room, the ash slowly covering his adviser, who pouted whilst putting her hands on her hips. She flicked her hair and the ash fell to the ground at her feet. It was barely six am and he was already making a mess. “Really? Must you do that.” If it was one thing, Mora was not intimidated by the King. Many would have soiled themselves the moment he snarled at them, but this girl had seen it all before and probably would again before lunch. “Maybe if you had brought me the list of people that are to be hung, beaten, tortured or…dropped into a lava pit, I’d be a bit more cheery.” The Lord of Inferno loved violence. He had a strong distaste for humans, and took great pleasures in killing them. Either fast or slow, he didn’t care. Their dying screams were a delight to his ears. It was why he often called his dungeon, his Red room of pain. For him it was his happy place. The only good human was a dead one.

Picking the last bits of ash out of her hair, the girl brightened.

“It just so happens my Lord that I organized a new indoor game for you. What with this weather being so bad.”

“A game? If it’s indoor bowls, I am going to pull your small intestine out via your nostrils…THEN shove them up your ass.” The Dragon Lord leered down at her as he waited to hear what she had to say about that.

“You’re not a senior citizen yet. No…I got something that would appeal to your sense of fun. Come on, I’ll get a maid to clean up in here.”

Not entirely convinced, Dracus followed the diminutive red head as she lead him through the castle to a large new room that she was having fitted out for him. It was sort of done like an old English pub. A bar on one side, and few tables to enjoy a meal or an ale. On the other was a large spinning wheel. Like the kind you would find on a game show. The thing with this spinning wheel was that it had a human strapped to it. A terrified one. He was marked, like a dart board and the royal adviser brought over a wooden box, which she presented to her King.

Dracus stared at the box, and then glared at Mora. “I don’t get it. What the hell is this?”

“Darts, my King……with daggers.” When the King opened the box, he would find a brand new set of throwing knives, really sharp ones. He took one out of the box, as one of the servants started to spin the human on the wheel. Around and around he went. The back of the board marked with bright colors, which made the whole thing quite bizarre. The human who was not only getting dizzy was begging for mercy. It didn’t take the King long to realize the fun he could have with this game.

“Ahahahahaha!” He roared with laughter as he threw the first knife with deadly accuracy and it pierced the spinning man’s right thigh. The man screamed in pain, and the royal adviser clapped, like a spectator would at a golf tournament. “Ten points for that shot, my Lord.”

Dracus beamed as he snatched up the second dagger and bent down to say to Mora. “Fifty points if I hit his head?’ Mora giggled and then whispered back. “Bet you ten gold pieces you can’t.” Oh now it was a betting game, and the King loved the odds. Either way, it was a win win for him. No matter where the dagger landed, it was going to do damage. Blood was already dripping on the floor. Much more was to be split, while Mora was handed a tankard of beer. This was probably the best idea she ever had to keep the King entertained. She just hoped the human didn’t die quickly. So good that with the wheel spinning, it would take a while.

Dracus poked his tongue out the side of his mouth as he took his shot.


“Guess I just lost ten pieces. Top shot, my Lord.” The wheel kept spinning, but the man was already dead. The dagger having pierced his forehead and sliced his brain in two.

“Load up another one! I like this game.”