Falling – GS.


Scene setting:  Elissa’s apartment – GS.

co-written with VunG.


VunG:  So much energy, so much passion and furious heat, all of it built up into that one grand moment as Tommy thrust up into her and they both released. The feeling of their fluids mixing made her shiver, her entire body tingling with the climax, their strange, manic love-making finally cooling down. She returned his gaze, her chest heaving and breath heavy as she struggled to catch her breath. Eventually the feel of his arms around her was all she needed to finally give in, and she softly collapsed onto him, slowly sliding her hands up to rest on him. They were both done.

Like Tommy, she was bright red in blushing with their intense ‘exercise,’ and all she could hear beside their breathing was heartbeats. Tommy… he felt so passionate about everything, there was energy there she had never felt before… it was an energy she hoped never flickered, it was absolutely amazing. She hoped that this wasn’t an only time… she wanted to know all he had to give. She had no idea what just happened or how they clicked so suddenly, but she sure as heck wasn’t about to complain about it.

At his words, she let out a soft snicker, only just now realizing how rough her throat felt now, but didn’t care enough; as far as she was concerned she had the best lover in New York. She didn’t bother ‘speaking,’ she just slid over onto her good side and let her left arm wrap around him as she snuggled up to him, giving him a soft kiss on the neck, eyes still open as she just gazed at him. After all the madness that they had been through, this sort of bliss was just what the doctor asked for. Well… her doctor would probably have an anneurism if he knew about this fresh off getting shot, but forget him. She was perfectly happy with what just happened, her bandages and stitches seemed to have held, and she was now in a state of pure bliss with a wonderful guy. As far as she was concerned, that was a 100% positive result.


Razorbackwriter:  Some guys are fast to get out of bed after coupling, others light a smoke, or fall asleep. Tommy? He wasn’t like other blokes. Right now he was coming down from the heady high of how Elissa had made him feel. His breathing was now starting to regulate as he had finally caught his breath. He’d asked the question that was the first thing on his mind. It was insane just how wild Elissa had made Tommy feel, and now he was staring back into those beautiful eyes – totally captivated. She had bewitched him completely, and when she kissed his neck it was like ice on a flame. Cooling…gentle. He needed this….he needed her. It didn’t matter that she couldn’t answer him aside from a soft snicker. That was enough. The radiating warmth of her cheeks, the redness. Yes she felt it too.

Tommy rolled enough so he could snuggle Elissa and face her.

He leaned his head forward and kissed her forehead softly, while his arm wrapped around her to bring her close to him. Tommy loved how she melded to his form, her body smaller and yet she was the perfect fit. His hand strummed her back lightly as he whispered.

“I didn’t hurt you, did I?” Tommy was worried about her stitches and her shoulder. A gentle yet concerned look sweeping across his features. He genuinely cared about her. The last thing he ever wanted to do was hurt her. Before she could even answer, his lips searched for her. Kissing her with an aching need. If she didn’t get it by now, Elissa had gotten more than she bargained for that morning. Tommy was smitten. A hand clasped her backside, and the fingers dug into her skin. It was as though he was not ready to let her go. Not yet.



VunG:  The enraptured feeling was utterly mutual, she had absolutely zero intent of leaving the person that had just placed her on cloud nine. The warmth of his skin against hers, his wonderful gaze, the redness of his cheeks. Oh how she wished she could speak; sign language was so dispassionate in her eyes, impossible to get across her true emotions. She felt like she was melting from the inside out, and in a good way. Right now she wanted to just forget the outside world and stay here, embraced, sweat mixing with sweat, passion for passion. Indeed, she definitely felt something after that, and she was more than happy to cling to it.

As he pressed his lips to her warm, slightly sweaty forehead, she couldn’t help but snuggle up against him, happy to fall into his grasp. All thoughts of power were gone, right now she was just happy to be here with an equal, glad to be here as one body with her newfound lover. The feeling of his hand on her back was rather pleasant, and she returned it with her own hand, her fingers lightly feeling those wonderful muscles. His words got a light scoff out of her as if the idea was absurd, but before she could give an actual response (in the form of a shake of her head), she was promptly interrupted by the feeling of his lips. Well, guess she was going to have to get used to that, certainly not something she had issue with; the feel of his lips was electric and she was more than happy to return the favor. The intrusion of his hand on her backside surprised her a little, but she just continued kissing, sliding her right hand under him to hold onto his body while her other reached up to his head to hold his hair a bit. Well, this was rapidly becoming a strange morning; barely through breakfast and it seemed that she’d hooked Tommy to her. He would catch a bit of the ‘purrs’ as he fondled her backside and their kissing continued; she loved everything about his embrace, from the playful lack of tact to his gaze to his kisses to his scent and beyond… this was perfection.


Razorbackwriter:  In a world where there was so much heartache, imperfection, death and mystery; Tommy had stumbled across the very thing that he thought he would never find. Coiled up with Elissa in his arms, this was a sanctuary from the madness of the real world. All the danger, the horror and the sin were outside of this bubble that they had created merely by chance. From the fast pace and voracious act they had just performed, now they were sharing a moment that was far more meaningful. It was rare as it was beautiful. To be treasured and savored for what it was. To be honest, Tommy had never felt this way before. So many words could describe what he was feeling, but instead of speaking them he let his body talk. His fingers danced and gripped at Elissa’s flesh as his kisses slowed. It was almost as though he had settled and now was letting this magic take him away. Elissa’s purrs were to him acceptance. A renewed joy filling his heart.

Was this what it felt like? To fall for someone who he barely knew?

Only when he drew his head back and broke the kiss could he honestly look at her. His eyes searching hers. This was so new for him. The brash and cocky Tommy now reduced to a man who would gladly fall on his knees and do whatever Elissa wanted him too. A free hand came up and cupped her cheek as he drowned in her gaze. Not even putting up a fight.

His body was now sweaty and slick from their love making. Tommy knew that he would have to get up and shower, but part of him just didn’t want to leave her side. Silly as it sounded. He wanted to kiss her again. Roll her over and then take her once more. His eyes darted to the clock and already he could see the day was really starting without them. Tommy turned his face back to hers. The playful side being replaced by a more serious one. They still hadn’t heard from Frank. The world outside was starting to tear away at the peaceful bubble. Without thinking, Tommy blurted;

“Elissa. I’m falling for you.”


Would she reject him, or laugh at these words. Would she believe him?







Poetry in motion – GS.


Scene setting : Elissa’s apartment.

co-written with VunG.


Razorbackwriter:  What had started out as playful teasing, with a wiggle and a dance turned into a hot encounter that was now spiraling into overdrive. From smirks and dark chuckles, it was now the sound of heavy panting and growls of deep pleasure coming from both Tommy and Elissa. She needed it, and Tommy wanted it. The deep scratching of Elissa’s nails dug into Tommy’s flesh leaving red drag lines. Cat like she gripped his back, while he continued to grasp the roundness of her buttocks. Tommy was almost shocked at the hunger Elissa displayed and pulled back from the kiss as though to catch his breath. He was staring at her with a look of complete entrancement – wanting to go further. She had him so aroused that his pants were now pulling tight against his groin. The pair barely knew each other, and yet they were obviously keen on the other. Tommy was ready to wipe clear a section of the bench and just take her there, but that would mean smashing a few plates and bowls. No….not in the kitchen.

“Bedroom?’ The word came out like a harsh croak, almost strangled as he was dying to kiss her again. Regardless of whether she would answer, he started to carry her to her bedroom, where looked for a spot to lay her down on and rip that nightie off.



VunG:  Elissa had no idea how longing she’d been, she hadn’t even been considering the possibility when Tommy more or less moved in here. But now she needed this, she was so into it that, at this point, his back would probably wind up looking like a satellite map of a World War One trench line. As their kiss broke, she too looked back into his eyes, breathing heavily, the crux of her legs already a bit wet with arousal. This may have been a new meeting between them, but she didn’t care in the slightest right now, and in fact she would’ve been just fine if he had just bent her over the counter, certainly would’ve fit the mood, plate replacements be damned.

However, instead he made a simple one-word question, one which he already began responding to. Immediately she responded with a fervent nod, the rasp in her voice egging her on and telling her just how longing he was to resume where they’d left off. The moment he showed any sign of comprehension of her response, her lips were back to his, her tongue jabbing into his mouth as she feverishly grasped at his back, nails still digging in a bit and her legs holding firmly to him, though when they approached her bed she’d ease her grasp enough to be released.


Razorbackwriter:  There would be no slow moves, like one of those 80’s songs that was about taking each step with care and soft touches. Not Elissa. No sooner had she nodded feverishly for Tommy to take her to the bedroom, she was right back to kissing him fiercely as he fought his way to the bedroom. Trying to carry her and match her with wild abandon. God, the pain from her scratches had him moan deep into her mouth, yet he yearned for more. Tommy reached the bed, and then tried to set her so she was standing on the floor just by the bed. In between kisses and nipping at her bottom lip, Tommy grabbed the edge of her nightie and brought it up so he could pull it up and over her head – tossing it away absently behind him. For a moment his eyes wandered up and down her body, taking in that she had sheer panties on. They would have to come off. Tommy’s hands now ran up and down her sides, teasing her skin roughly while he lowered his head to the crook of her neck and started to bite and pull at her skin. He had totally forgotten about her injuries as he was caught up in the heat of the moment. Pulling back, Tommy started to un-thread his belt from his pants so that he could get them off. He struggled a bit, cause he in such a rush. His pants dropped to the floor and he kicked them away behind him. By now she would be able to see his raging hard on, practically bursting through his silk shorts. Tommy’s chest was heaving as he was ready to finish what they started in the kitchen. Bending down fast, the silk boxers were off and down his legs, leaving him completely naked before her. The only thing left on him was the tie. Was she going to use it to have her way with him? He was hers for the taking now.



VunG:  Oh goodness those moans, oh they made her wish she could answer them in turn, as it was she was definitely making a lot of “sighs.” She of course took his release to stand back up, though the whole while she still pressed herself against him, standing on her toes to keep their lips as close as possible She took his nips gladly, occasionally returning them in turn, and only stopped when it was time for the nightgown to find itself a home on the floor, glad to be rid of it. She was well aware of him looking her over, and allowed it while she hastily tried to help him get her panties, leaving her utterly naked since she never wore a bra to bed. He would find that she wasvery fit, the smooth bumps of a mild six-pack on, her arms and legs very lean, and her chest graced with mid-range B-cup breasts. Her bandages were still on her shoulder, but they were tan-colored and like him she’d forgotten them temporarily, huffing and puffing excitedly. She sighed breathlessly at the feel of his lips and teeth on her neck, and she gladly lifted her chin and tilted her head to allow him better access, her own hands sliding up his arms, pressing and squeezing along his arms, nails no longer in use for now. However, the moment he stopped and began working on his pants she joined him, desperate to get the darn thing off and give her access to his ass and get them back to work. Her eyes briefly latched onto the bulge, lust pausing her mind before she reached out only to have him beat her to the punch, so instead once he was up she pulled him to her by his ass, pressing them against each other in that brief moment before it began.

For a brief moment her eyes latched onto the tie; she could definitely take him if she had that on hand. It had been a couple years since she bothered, but she felt like she still had her touch. However, as slid her hands up his side and began to move over his chest to grasp it, she felt a slight tugging at her shoulder, and a reminder of her wound. He would actually see her make an expression like she was silently growling, briefly irritated with that stupid injury for trying to ruin this. Well, guess that meant she’d have to be the woman for once; she wasn’t about to let this stop though. Reaching up to the thing with her good hand, she gripped it, and for a moment she yanked it like she was about to assert herself, her other hand going to his back. However, she then took the tie off him and tossed it into the distance behind Tommy and grabbed him by the shoulders and fell back onto the bed, intent on taking him with her.


Razorbackwriter:  It was like a mad race. Each helping the other to undress, with fumbling hands whilst continuing fevered kissing in between. There was this mad sense of urgency, like neither could wait for the other. Hungry, passionate….hot. Words to describe the scene as clothing went flying from their bodies. Had Tommy been any rougher he would have torn those panties right off her. Only when he felt that growl and saw the look on her face that her bandaged shoulder was giving her grief, did he ease up. She was petite, and yet was on tip toes trying to keep those kisses coming. The last stitch of clothing was of course the tie. She could have used it, sure – but instead she whipped that off fast. The silk slipping past and off his shoulder to be thrown carelessly away. Tommy’s heart was now racing; stampeding within his chest. The excitement was building to a point where he was set to need a release. Before he knew it, Elissa grabbed his shoulder and pulled him down, so the pair would tumble onto the bed together. The bedding was soft on impact and took both their weight well – only creaking slightly in protest. There was more of that to come.

Tommy took to Elissa’s lips again, hungrily kissing her while his tongue darted into her mouth. Searching, licking and then intertwining itself with her own. Elissa tasted so sweet, that Tommy let out another pleasured moan that erupted from the very pit of his stomach. Down lower the hardness rubbed against her inner thigh as though seeking to go further. He’d find her wet spot easily enough as his hips began that age old dance – his ass rising then falling. No doubt her hands would find their place there.

Rolling over, Tommy was now flat on his back having dragged Elissa to straddle him. He broke the kiss, and stared up at her. He knew that her shoulder would make it hard for her to take his weight and so in this position she had more control. Something told Tommy that she liked to be on top. He glided his hands to her waist to help move her into position. Tommy wet his lips in anticipation; his tongue gliding along his bottom lip. There was no need for words. There was the look in his eyes; hungry like a wolf for her. His body glistened beneath her, ready and waiting.



VunG:  It was like there was a frantic drumbeat in her ear attempting to coax some manic dance out the two of them, one which their bodies demanded that they partake in. As they struck the bed, Elissa was more than happy to embrace his lips again, her tongue returning his efforts while her hands sought for something more entertaining than his shoulders. Oh, how she loved those moans, his voice was like honey in this moment, even his taste and scent intoxicating her and immersing her in this moment. As his hardness found her, she immediately took firm hold of his backside and let out what seemed like a wispy purr; her entire body bracing, readying for him to begin proper.

However, instead she found herself surprised and spun back around, and would find herself hurriedly repositioning herself to straddle him. Of course, this was a position she was more than happy with, from the way she moved her legs to the way she perched herself confidently over him with one hand resting on his chest told of that. She was just a touch surprised that he would be so willing to submit. However, as she looked down at his body, his heaving chest, those ravenous eyes of his, and saw how far above them she was, all hesitations stopped and she found herself biting her lip excitedly. Her entire body seemed to coil like a spring, her bad hand moving to slightly tease his wood in preparation while her good one propped her up against his chest. Then, she began. She was relentless, her relatively small size belying just the sheer force she went with. She didn’t necessarily begin quickly, but she definitely escalated. Almost immediately her mouth was open in a pant, her cheeks bright red as she bobbed over him. She occasionally looked up and away, biting her lip as a purr-like rattle escaped her, but most of the time she remained looking down at him wit her hair falling forward, her mouth open, a smile flickering in and out of view.


Razorbackwriter:  How quickly Elissa took to the dominant role. Her face illuminated by her smile as she hovered above Tommy. Chewing her lip as she found the right spot. Slowly lowering down, Tommy let out a satisfied grunt – his eyes closing as he felt himself delve within her. The tightness and wetness making for a sensation that made his toes curl. Tommy tipped his head back, his chest now rising and falling quicker as he snorted through his nostrils. Like a stallion beneath her, he started to raise his hips up to meet hers, ensuring her one hell of a ride. Elissa inflamed his desires, and now he tilted his head back so he could watch her, in all her splendor. Her hair a delicate veil that at times swung forward to mask her face. When she tilted her head back she could see the beauty….the rapture of her taking control and using him as she dared. Though small in size, she made up for that with the exuberance and drive. A fierceness almost as she came up to a speed that would have her bouncing upon him – matching his upward thrusts with downward pressure. Tommy was transfixed, forgetting himself almost as he reached up and cupped her breasts with his large hands. So soft to his coarse skin, they jiggled almost like jellies and he couldn’t help but try to squeeze the nips between his fingers. Everything about Elissa at this moment was wild and carefree. What started out as a crazed dance in the kitchen had evolved into something so much deeper. The touch of her skin made him harden all the more as she clenched her inner muscles – squeezing him till he was now moaning louder.

His hands slid from her breasts, to run up and down her sides as she continued to spur him on. Her cheeks aflame, with those lips now stung to a fullness that needed to be kissed. And they would be. For now, Tommy wanted her to use him. Take what she could get and then explode with her wetness seeping down his inner thighs.

The sound of her purr like rattle was like music to her rhythmic bouncing. Tommy didn’t want her to stop. She was poetry in motion.

Again that smile. It was now burnt deep into his mind. Tommy reciprocated as he smiled back up at her.

“Elissa….” His voice husky as he whispered her name. Tommy’s hands moved toward her hips, and then forgetting himself, he gripped her harshly and pulled her down as he pushed himself hard up inside her with three powered thrusts.



VunG:  Oh how much she adored Tommy in this moment. Elissa may have been in the dominant position, but she was more than happy submit to the primal emotions that this man was putting her through. While his skin may not have been as smooth as her own, even his was more than supple enough for her liking, and while she may have been under some degree of control prior to his thrusting into her, now she was thoroughly off the leash. Immediately she threw her head back with her mouth wide open in a manner suggesting a scream, her “purrs” filling that hole and became more urgent, higher pitched, her hands sliding down to his hips as she tried to keep herself stable. Whenever she looked down and saw him her already burning passions were fanned, his touch poured gasoline onto the fire, his supple muscles utterly maddening to the touch. As he began to touch her chest, she gladly allowed it, reaching around and gripping his ass in turn, the strange intrusion oddly pleasurable as it enticed those sensitive areas, making her bite her lip harshly as they went. She felt as if she were fit to burst at the feeling, his maddening wood putting incredible pressure on her as she in turn clenched down on him, his moans almost seeming to vibrate up into her. She could feel a bit of wetness escaping her, but she didn’t care, he was like some mighty machine pushing her on, he was an incredible driving force and she wouldn’t be satisfied until they both were.

When she heard her name called, she found herself oddly enticed by his voice, the moans strangely eclipsed by just the satisfaction of hearing her name breathlessly voiced, something she wished she could return to him. As it was she returned it with a hushed, still purring, “Tmmi.” However, no sooner had she said that than she felt his hands moving to her hips. As she felt him thrust forcefully into her, the first one had her eyes wide and she let out a shuddering gasp of pleasure as he clearly struck that spot, already sending out of her control. On the second she fell forward over him, hands moving forward to grasp his shoulders to keep herself upright as she felt herself beginning to tense. And then the third, she was down, her entire body clenched as she clamped down on him ferociously and climaxed, a stunned gasp escaping her as she dug into him and struggled not to collapse onto him, her arms shaking as fluids seeped over him.


Razorbackwriter:  Desire had now been overrun by this insatiable need to finish what was started. It was impossible not to be turned on by the whisper like purrs that were now turning into something darker, almost harsh as Elissa tried to vocalize the impending explosion that was on the verge of erupting. She was so close and Tommy could feel it as he spurred her on with his powered thrust. The mad, almost out of control pace at which the two gyrated. Like pistons driven to their optimum speed.

Tommy’s experience told him by the look sound and feel of Elissa that she was just about there and he gave his all in the last powered upward thrusts, as she bared down on him with all her strength – clenching hard as she leaned forward. Tommy grit his teeth when Elissa leaned forward and gripped his shoulders as she climaxed with a heady gasp. Almost crying out in delirious joy. The force so great that Tommy could not hold back any longer. Her tightening muscles and movement hit that spot and Tommy shuddered violently as he moved his hands to grip her ass tight and lock her down upon him; so the two were fixed together. Their juices fusing, melting down each other’s inner thighs. A hot searing heat having being built up, now doused as Tommy tried to catch his breath.

A bead of sweat trickled down Tommy’s forehead – his eyes drilling Elissa’s and he pulled her down to collapse on top of him.


The fast beating of each other’s hearts was a chorus in the silence of the bedroom. The intensity had left a red blush to Tommy’s cheeks and he struggled to speak as though his tongue was tied. He could hardly believe what had just happened between them. Elissa was no ordinary woman. Far from it. She was a goddess….a wild cat that he never wanted to tame. True beauty.

When Tommy finally swallowed and found his voice, he said. “My God. What just happened?” He’s had other lovers, but Elissa was in a class all of her own.




Teasing & Twerking – GS.


Scene setting:  Elissa’s Apartment.

co-written with VunG.


VunG:  Elissa very promptly scoffed at the kiwi comment, resisting the urge to make a comment along the lines of ‘hopefully the branch isn’t a baby carrot,’ mostly succeeding just because she didn’t know the sign language for ‘carrot.’ That said, his weird way of offering a frontal view got her to raise her eyebrows with surprise, though she was quick enough on the trigger to fire back with a toothy grin, ~I bet I’d ask for a refund.~ Nothing quite like some playful insults between friends. What was that that one of the boys on the old squad had said? ‘You know when you have a true friend when you can say things that would get you arrested if said in public.’

She also continued eating her apple as she looked over at him, just waiting for his witty retort. Truth be told, there a lot of different traits she could appreciate in a man, from sensitivity to confidence to intelligence. She wasn’t about to declare Tommy a paragon of that first, but the other two he very clearly had down pat, and damn if that wasn’t something that got her a little hot under the collar. It had been a while since she lost her husband, and while she did miss him, she’d long ago realized that he wouldn’t want her to mope about him too much; so she latched onto that philosophy as best she could manage. Why be afraid of joy because of something you couldn’t change? Sure those old feelings would return, but she would rather avoid them than cling to them.

As Tommy moved closer, she looked up at him expectantly, wondering exactly where he was going with it. The exact situation of his relationship with the other woman got a raised eyebrow out of him, but she chose to take his word for it that he was free as a bird. And then he took his pot shot. There was a very brief moment where she looked genuinely surprised by his compliment, clear as day. Still, she was quick to react, and she came up with an interesting way to toy with him a bit. Turning towards him and making sure that there was some open space behind him, she leaned up on her tip-toes, putting both hands on his chest, looking like she was offering a kiss. However, before he could move to put his hands behind her, she pushed him away somewhat firmly, though all the while grinning wickedly, grabbing her apple from the counter and signing challengingly, ~You’re not man enough to keep up.~ Her blue eyes were sparking fiercely, challenging him to try as she took a bite of her apple, cocking her hips and putting her free hand on it.


Razorbackwriter:  Now there is a thing called playing hard to get, but there is also that moment when a challenge is issued. Acting all coy and then giving Tommy a good shove back followed by a wicked signing that he wasn’t man enough to keep up with her, was like throwing down the gauntlet. “Aha!” Tommy let out a loud laugh as though he found her comment to be totally laughable. Tommy Xo? Not man enough. Was she daring to question his ability to please a woman? Oh those baby blue eyes of her were practically dazzling as she took another bite from her apple and gave a little hip wiggle. Her hand resting on her hip as though she was daring him.


Tommy started to slowly unbutton his shirt, and there would be no signing from him as he exposed his chest. He then pulled it roughly from where it was tucked into his pants and ripped it off – showing off his upper torso. Tommy started to make his pecs dance as he did a little shuffle, giving Elissa a little floor show in the kitchen.


“I got the moves, El.”

It was like something out of a Channing Tatum movie for her eyes only. Either she was going to choke on her apple, or die laughing. Either way, this morning was getting pretty interesting. Tommy grabbed his tie and then draped it around Elissa’s neck and winked to see how she would react. He then spun around and twerked….Yes…he twerked.




VunG:  Elissa remained calmly watching as Tommy went about slowly stripping out of his shirt, wondering what in the world he had in mind. She knew darn well that she’d pretty well thrown down the gauntlet and she figured that unless he was the weakest person ever she’d probably have to put up with him attempting to put the moves on her for the next little while. And she was perfectly fine with that. However, what she hadn’t been expecting was for him to go full-on Chip’n’Dale’s on her right there in her kitchen. Initially she was just stunned, her eyes watching as his muscles rippled and just trying to comprehend what she was watching… and once he spoke she was immediately rolling, soft coughs escaping her as she leaned over, tears of laughter streaming down her face.

At that point, all was thrown to the wind, goodbye rules, goodbye outside world, hello surreally sexy morning. As he wrapped his tie around her, she promptly winked back with an eager grin, wanting to know where he was going with this. But then he… oh jeeze. He twerked. Well, there were two reactions she could have to that, but only one of which would have actually been worth the effort. If you can’t beat ’em…

Immediately she joined him, rubbing her front up against him, ignoring the fact that she was on the wrong side for the female. She wasn’t in anything nearly as sexy as his attire (or lack thereof), but her nightgown definitely rode up to reveal her plain panties. She placed her hands on his backside while this was going on, and she even went so far as to give him a light smack, a snicker accompanying it as they went.

Eventually she tired of the embarrassment that was realizing she twerked of all things, so she quickly grabbed him and spun him around to face her. Grabbing the tie that was now around her neck, she hooked it back around his and yanked her close to her and pressed her lips to his roughly, her eyes burning excitedly. It was a damn good thing she couldn’t speak, because she damn well didn’t want to voice the fact of the matter: despite how silly this whole thing was, Tommy had definitely won.


Razorbackwriter:   What a sight! The pair of them both twerking without music but the whisper like laughter that was coming from Elissa. Tommy could be a right dolt at times, but in a way it was infectious as now Elissa had completely lowered her guard and joined in on the mad cap dancing. Totally taking on the wrong roles, with Tommy acting more like Miley Cyrus at the Music awards. To feel Elissa rub against him as she did was a bit of a surprise for Tommy; but a happy one at that. When she went a bit further and actually spanked him, he let out a loud whoop like he was at a rodeo. With her hands clasping his rear, Tommy gave her a bit of a ride – so to speak. A few extra ass wiggles and he was done. Before he could catch a breathe however, Elissa grabbed Tommy and spun him around – dropping the tie around his neck as though she was lassoing him. Oh this really was a rodeo. Pleasantly surprised at her bold action, the next thing she did totally caught him off guard. Using the tie, Elissa yanked his head forward and down so that she could press her lips hard to his. Tommy’s eyes were wide with surprise and didn’t miss the look in her eyes. Dayumn! How he did it, he still didn’t know, but the fire in her eyes soon caught his own. Reaching around, Tommy gripped the cheeks of Elissa’s ass and hoisted her up so that she would have to wrap her legs around his hips for support.

A sharp growl emitted from Tommy’s throat – a rich sound that could be felt as well as heard. Tommy didn’t care that Elissa was still in her night gown – which had ridden up even further up her thighs. His fingers dug into the soft cheeks of her backside – kneading them while his tongue searched within her mouth for hers. Tommy may have won, but he easily surrendered to her.




VunG:  Oh, even without actually having one, Elissa was feeling so hot under the collar she might as well catch fire. She had absolutely no idea why she was doing this, whether she was just in desperate need of something to purge her stress, lonely, genuinely attracted to Tommy on both a physical or mental level, or all of the above, but she just felt absolutely on fire. The feel of his hands on her backside was unexpected, but she had no complaints about it, and moved naturally as he lifted her up off the ground, her legs wrapping around his waist while her hands went behind his neck, letting the tie hang limp. The growl was a new one to her, but she loved it, she loved the sensation it created as their mouths tussled.

As he continued to knead her backside she let out a sound of herself, almost like she was sighing, but much more sensual than that. Her tongue fought back against his, gladly meeting it and tangling with it ferociously as she kissed him back aggressively. She may have been a heterosexual woman, but with her husband and her few other past boyfriends she’d been the man of the relationship, and even if she didn’t demand it, her borderline aggressive mentality was still there. Her fingers gripped tightly to his skin, kneading his back much as his hands were working at her, and right now the only thing keeping her from flinging her gown off was the fact that she’d likely fall off if she attempted it. Even if she was no longer the ‘man’ of the house and had quite easily surrendered to Tommy’s wiles, that didn’t mean she didn’t have a different kind of fight left in her.


Nothing serious – GS.

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Scene setting:  Elissa’s Apartment.

co-written with VunG.



The next morning

Elissa woke to the feeling of her painkillers wearing off. It wasn’t a great surprise, in fact she fully expected this to happen, though she was hoping she would just wake up beforehand instead. Wincing as she slowly rose from her bed, she actually had to pause to catch her breath before actually heading off. Glancing at the clock, she saw that it was seven o’clock in the morning. Ugh… she didn’t know what was worse, that she’d slept in or that she felt like she needed more sleep than that. Getting up with a grunt, she quietly went ahead and made the journey from her bedroom to the bathroom, stepping as softly as possible to avoid waking Tommy. She had woken up once before during the night, partially to get another painkiller in her, and partially to change into hernightgown, but she had basically been running on autopilot and hadn’t realized that he’d passed out, or even that the TV was on. It was kind of adorable actually, the TV still quietly doing its thing, news currently on while he silently snoozed on the couch. Smiling softly, she went ahead and grabbed a blanket from her room and brought it over to him, laying it on him as gently as possible to avoid waking him.

After that she promptly went ahead and take care of her morning requirements, especially those damn painkillers. Eventually she’d make her way over to the kitchen and begin making herself some cereal and start fixing both of them a pot of coffee.


Razorbackwriter:  The new morning had finally dawned and while Elissa had been up for sometime, Tommy had slept in. He had found the couch to be more comfortable than his own bed at home and kicked his feet up. The blanket that Elissa had draped on him during the night was now half hanging on the floor, but Tommy had one part gripped tightly within his hand. The sound of Elissa going through her morning routine caused Tommy to stir and he smacked his lips as he slowly opened his eyes. Naturally the surrounds at first were unfamiliar and this caused him to sit up with a bit of a fright. Only when he smelt the coffee that Elissa was making, did he rouse to the fact of where he was. Looking down at himself, he was disgusted to find that he was still wearing the same clothes, now for three days straight. Tommy grimaced and threw back the blanket, feeling like a bum. “Morning.” Tommy’s voice had an extra deepness to it as his throat was dry. First things first, he needed a shower…and a shave. Getting up off the couch, he dug into his pockets for his car keys. Thankfully Tommy kept a bag in his car with a change of clothes and a shaving kit. He was like a boy scout in that affect, that he liked to be prepared. Mumbling that he was going to go grab his bag of clothes from his car, Tommy ducked out of Elissa’s apartment and headed down to where his car was parked, to get his gear.

This might have confused Elissa if she had not heard what he had said.

No sooner had he gone, Tommy was back and instead of going into the kitchen, the reporter went straight into the bathroom and shut the door. A shower was a welcome relief, as Tommy cared a great deal about his appearance. Frank might have been able to go a few days without changing, but not Tommy. Soon Elissa would hear Tommy’s voice as he started singing in the shower. “Her name is Rio and she dances on the sand……” he wasn’t a bad singer, but his taste in music was totally old school.

Opening the door, Tommy came out in just his towel, and walked into the kitchen still dripping. He smiled warmly at Elissa as he looked about for a coffee cup.

“Now I don’t smell like garbage. Morning to you, Elissa.”

Was he going to have his coffee before he got dressed. With another towel he rubbed his wet hair. it was like having a large dog in her kitchen. He was dripping everywhere.



VunG:  Elissa looked up from her bowl as Tommy began the laborious process of waking up, though otherwise continued to eat, even beginning to gather up a newspaper as she started up her day. As he greeted her, she gave him a smile and nodded calmly, signing a ~Good morning~ of her own before continuing her breakfast. Of course, she was kind of oblivious to him being a bit rank, for whatever reason she’d gained a bit of a tolerance for smells, though perhaps that had to do with her being a bit of a bachelorette herself. She indeed caught his mumbling, and scoffed lightly as he went on out. Actually… she should probably look into taking a shower too; she was a little more diligent than him, but it had been a wee bit. Though… her stitches put a wrinkle in that plan. Suppose she could sponge herself off, even if that didn’t give the satisfaction of a shower it would get the job done. Shrugging it off, she supposed she could just put on some deodorant and take care of it when she didn’t have guests.

She would continue reading as Tommy went about showering, mouthing along with him as he sang, a wide smile on her face at just how silly this was. Truth be told, she was right with him on the older tastes in music, though she also enjoyed a lot of modern metal and some of whatever Hans Zimmer’s genre was. Once he came out, she gave him yet another repeated nod, initially not paying much attention and not reacting in the slightest to his effectively nude state. Though, once she did, she did a double-take and her eyes promptly locked on the model’s body, a blush immediately coming to her cheeks. Dayumn! Just… dayumn! He was quite the looker! Heck, she didn’t even notice he was dripping; it just threw her off so much to look up to suddenly behold smoking hot guy in a towel just standing in her kitchen getting coffee like they were common law or some shit. She made no effort to hide that she was looking at first, and even once she recovered she gave him a smug smirk and leaned forward from the little bar on the other side of the kitchen. ~I wasn’t aware I invited a stripper,~ she teased lightly, obviously not upset in the slightest. Hell, if she thought she’d have gotten to see someone like that, she’d have put on something a little more lacy, give him a bit of a show to make it a fair trade. Elissa wasn’t promiscuous or anything, but she kind of had the jock mentality of being more than willing to joke and banter about such things.




“A stripper?” Tommy couldn’t help but laugh about that random comment. He glanced down to see the small puddles of water on the floor, and then he looked up at Elissa with a crooked smirk. “If you wanted a show, all you had to do was ask.” With that he turned around and then dropped his towel on the wet spot, giving a little wiggle of his backside before strutting back to the bathroom to find his change of clothes. Would this have left her with a jaw dropper? Maybe. He had great buns. It was little wonder he was a part time underwear model.

More singing came from the bedroom as he changed into a smart shirt and trousers. His dirty clothes he put back in the bag he brought up from the car. He would need to drop that into Wong’s Dry Cleaners on the way home. Tommy rarely did his own laundry. You could probably pass him for a SNAG (sensitive new age guy), but he had some habits that were a bit strange to say the least – like parading before Elissa in just a towel. The poor girl, what was she thinking?

Re emerging, looking a lot more like the Tommy that Elissa knew, he came back into the kitchen and picked up the wet towel from the floor. Tommy was more of a morning person by all accounts. He had a cheeky way about him once he had had a cup of coffee. Noting that Elissa had cereal for breakfast, Tommy asked. “Got any fruit?” The reporter loved fruit for breakfast. He also liked bacon and eggs, but he didn’t want to put Elissa out.




VunG:  Elissa laughed in turn with Tommy’s response, fully intending for him to just move along or perhaps just tease her a bit about it. Not that she would’ve minded that, in fact she would’ve been more than capable of responding. Instead, though, she wound up with her mouth agape as Tommy dropped his towel and strutted away, her eyes glued firmly on his posterior. She… actually had no response, no witty comeback, all she could think to do was, just as he was about to enter the bathroom, do quick wolf whistle. Of course immediately she regretted that and smacked her face, beet red with embarrassment.

It wasn’t like there was anything wrong with looking at a good looking fellow, because Tommy was DEFINITELY fine, it just felt a little odd having someone parading around like that after only recently meeting them. Heh, at this rate if neither of them asked the other out on a date by the end of this whole mess she’d be shocked; because very honestly she liked his company even excluding the hot buns.

By the time he came out, she had finished and rinsed her cereal and was still beet red, though smiling so at the very least it was obvious she didn’t mind so much. She didn’t really classify as a morning person or a non-morning person, she was mostly just neutral about mornings and woke up at a steady curve. That said, this weirdness had gotten her moving farfaster than any coffee could. At his request for fruit, she looked up cheekily and signed with a wicked grin, ~I’m pretty sure I saw some berries hanging around,~ her eyes pointing low towards his waist before chuckling and shaking her head and walking over to her fridge. Reaching in, she pulled out a pair of braeburn apples and lobbed one over to him, biting into hers with a relaxed smile as she leaned calmly on the counter. She actually wasn’t entirely certain herself if she was really being flirty or just generally coy, but at this point she was just having a lot of fun with Tommy. Chuckling at a thought, she signed with her tongue briefly sticking out playfully, “I hope for our sake you don’t have a girlfriend, otherwise we are both dead.~


Razorbackwriter:  Tommy heard that wolf whistle. So, she did appreciate a nice butt. This made Tommy’s ego inflate slightly as he yelled out “I heard that’ When Tommy had come back into the kitchen, Elissa had already cleaned up her cereal bowl and was all too happy to tell him that she had seen some berries hanging about. “Oh ha ha.” Tommy picked up on the innuendo real quick, and the idea that she would call them berries made him step up to the plate. “More like kiwi fruit.” Yup, slightly rounded and hairy, but a lot larger than berries. This was said with a firm nod, like he knew his anatomy far better than she did.“Should have given you a frontal view, but that costs extra.” Elissa would be able to see the twinkle in his eyes as he was getting a good amount of amusement from their playful banter.

Catching the braeburn apply on the fly, Tommy took a big bite out of his apple – chewing noisily as he waited for a comeback that he was sure to be solid gold. The girl was as quick as they came and there was nothing he admired more than a girl with a sharp mind and sense of fun. A little bit of apple juice was running down his chin as he took another bite and mused over her comment about hoping he didn’t have a girlfriend. Their playing around, though not yet physical was bordering on getting sexual. Seeing the poking of her tongue following the signing, Tommy moved closer towards Elissa. He had a flirtatious look about his features, and being so close she was sure to smell the musk of his scent mixed with his after shave. “No one’s about to die. I don’t have a girlfriend, well nothing serious. One girl likes to cook for me.” He said with a shrug. So….he was available. Then he went for the kill. “You’re blushing.” His eyes focused directly on hers.“..it’s kinda sexy.”



Someone to watch over me – GS.

Scene setting : Elissa’s apartment.

co-written with VunG.


Razorbackwriter:  When last Tommy had seen Frank and Elissa, it was when he had dropped them both off at Elissa’s apartment. Frank, being the man that he was offered to look after Elissa at her place since she had just been released from hospital and was still in a bad way. Parking his car, Tommy looked across the seat to the package that he had been given by Madame Rose Li. He shuddered as he remembered the sickening pictures of the Commander inside. He hadn’t even gone as far as to watch the DVD, but if the pictures were anything to go by, it certainly wouldn’t be suitable for viewing. As far as Tommy was concerned this was pure blackmail material. How long Rose had been sitting on it was unclear, but one thing was clear and that was that there was more to this than met the eye. A shift in power in the underworld perhaps. Tommy really didn’t know for sure, but if the Commander was working for one crime boss rather than a syndicate, than it would make perfect sense to tear him down and expose the Mister Big behind Joey’s murder. Armed with this knowledge, Tommy believed that this could only serve to help Frank and even make it onto the papers. Probably social media too.

Taking up the package, Tommy got out of his car and headed into the apartment complex. Taking the lift up to the third floor, when he got out he headed down to Elissa’s apartment. It was getting late now, and both Elissa and Frank might be sleeping. Tommy wasn’t to know, as he hadn’t bothered to call them. He was kinda in a rush to tell them what he had been given, even though part of him hated using anything brought up by Rose. There was definitely no good blood between them.

Tommy stood at the door and knocked three times, waiting for someone to answer.



VunG:  Knock, knock, knock. Elissa jolted awake from her slumber, her good hand reaching for the knife she kept under her pillow just out of pure reflex. Eyes darting around, it took her a solid five seconds before she realized that she was just overreacting, as tended to be the case with these things. Shaking her head, she looked up towards the door to her bedroom and realized that someone must’ve been at the door. Jeeze… she must’ve been really tired, she didn’t even have any dreams while she was asleep. Frowning, she looked to the clock, and realized that it had only been maybe an hour or two since before… no wonder she didn’t feel refreshed.

Yawning massively, she got up, still dressed in her pants and tank top, and stumbled over to the door. She had to admit, she felt a little out of it; perhaps the painkillers were affecting her slightly, or just the blood-loss. Still, her shoulder didn’t hurt for the time being. Or maybe she still had a bone to pick with Frank…

Shaking off that thought, she went ahead and opened the door. Tommy would of course notice that Elissa wasn’t in any great shape at the moment; her hair was splayed every which way, she had full blown grocery bags under red-riddled eyes. However, she visibly perked up a little at seeing him, even if she was slightly surprised to see the reporter here after his rather hurried departure. Not really waiting for an explanation, she went ahead and ushered him in, figuring that it could perhaps wait until he was settled in.


Razorbackwriter:  Tommy’s hand was still in the air as he was about to knock again when the door opened suddenly and Elissa appeared – looking like she had just rolled out of bed. Tommy made a slight face to see her like this. It was not like he was being rude, just shocked by her appearance. Hair wild. Wind swept and interesting. Her eyes had massive bags beneath them with red veins streaking across the white. She…was a sight. Tommy almost forgot what he was there for. At first he stuttered as he tried to find his voice. “God, did I wake you up?” This was said as he leaned forward a little. The parcel in his left hand making a slight crackling sound as he waited to be invited in. Course, she ushered him in kindly and he sort of hopped through the door. He looked awkward, like he was trespassing. Wasn’t Frank still here?

“I know I should have called first but….I’m still kind of in shock by what is in this package.” Finding the nearest table he placed it down, before turning and looking about the room for Frank.

“Where’s Frank?” Tommy again assumed he was there somewhere.

Not seeing him off the bat, Tommy then thought he might have been in the bathroom….or the bedroom.

While waiting for Elissa to close the door, Tommy started to explain more in depth why he was there.

“I’ve just come from my office. Had a run in with my editor WHO happened to have been chewed out by one fat prick at the NYPD top office.” Elissa would be able to guess just who he meant by that. “Then….a blast from the past.” A delicate way of saying Rose. “…was waiting for me in my office. With this.”

He spilled out the photographs and the DVD on the coffee table. The images were shocking to say the least.

“I…bet you can guess who the guy with the goat is.” Tommy said. He then waited for her reaction.



VunG:  Elissa didn’t truly realize what sort of condition she seemed to be in, though if she looked half as bad as she felt she was probably a bit of a mess. Still, it wasn’t like Tommy was doing anything wrong. She shrugged lightly at his question, admitting that he did, but she didn’t even have the energy to be angry at him even if she wanted to be. As she closed the door behind him, she raised an eyebrow at the comment about the package, but she figured it was probably something either to do with the creature from the alleyway or something else of a useful nature. When the question of Frank came up, she sighed with frustration, shaking her head, fully intending to sign an explanation. She was still royally mad at the guy, mostly because she was worried about him… and also because she was angry at herself. However, before she could explain the situation to Tommy, he went ahead and began explaining that he’d already been head off at the pass by the commander.

She went ahead and knelt down by the coffee table at his explanation. And then it all came out onto the table… and leaned over to look at one of the pictures thoughtlessly, letting out a tired yawn, smacking her lips as she tried to focus on it. Okay… so someone was caught in a compromising picture with… wait that was the Commander with a… was that a… goat? Immediately she shook her head with shock, smacking herself in the cheek as if she was imagining things. “Wht?!” she whispered aloud, spreading out the pictures before sputtering into a fit of coughing that didn’t know if it was laughter. It was kind of like a train-wreck, disturbing in a way that you wanted to look away, but you couldn’t.

Eventually she pulled away from it and looked at Tommy with a strange expression, half-way between horrified and amused. He’d probably just given them a hell of a lot of ammunition to use, and there were so many ways that they could use it. Sighing softly, she said to him with a light smirk, ~You’re so bad for even considering these helpful.~ At which point she leaned forward towards him, folding her hands over each other and looked up at him with a tired but wicked smile, ~So how are we going to use them?~


Razorbackwriter:  ~You’re so bad for even considering these helpful.~

“Hey, I’m not the one having sex with the goat!”

Tommy had a smug expression as he stood with his arms folded before Elissa. “I mean, I have heard of loving animals, but that’s ridiculous.” Pointing at one picture in particular. It was disgusting. The reporter would not ever normally consider using such images on social media or print media, but Frank’s career and the lives of those he cared about were being affected by the crooked Commander. Elissa’s reaction was not totally unexpected. A sort of horrified giggle in seeing the shocking images came from her though silently as she had no voice. ~So how are we going to use them?~ That was Elissa’s next question and an important one.

“Use them as leverage. Send him one and say there is more and that unless he met our demands then his goat love affair will be plastered over ever possible social media service on earth.” At the end of saying this, Tommy flashed a grin. He was feeling a bit cocky for even going this far.

“I can’t wait for Frank to see these.”

Still Tommy had not cottoned on that Frank was not in Elissa’s apartment. He was so caught up in his plans with the dirty pictures that his rush to tell Elissa had him missing the clues that Frank had left.

The reporter let out a loud yawn as he had still not been to bed for two days. Patting his hand over his mouth, he asked.“Can I bum a coffee from you?”




VunG:  Elissa snickered a bit at the man’s protests; she’d largely been joking with him. It was disgusting, yes, but she had to admit that this sort of thing was solid gold as far as what they needed in this situation. She wasn’t the sort of person to do these shadowy backstabbing skulduggery things, but desperate times called for desperate measures… and there were some enemies that were just worth the pleasure of watching them squirm. It would be a shame that she’d never get the chance to see the looks on the commander’s face. She returned his grin tiredly, eager to follow through on this plan of his… though she almost wanted to get some electronic copies. Shame that that sort of stuff would be easily traced if she wasn’t careful.

And then he mentioned Frank. Immediately she winced, guilt crashing over her like a tsunami wave. She’d been forced to abandon the man by her damn injuries, but she’d taken her sweet time in letting Tom know. Not that they could probably do anything… it sounded like the pizza place was just a stopping point, wherever Frank was headed after that was anyone’s guess. Sighing, she nodded to his request, gesturing to the coffee machine on her desk, a bright red Folger’s can next to it. However, before he could get away, she grabbed his hand to get his attention and explained. ~Frank flew the coop,~ she told him, concern apparent in her eyes, ~He received a call from someone, Isolde I think, and left without explaining. But… I don’t know… he looked like he was going to his own execution.” Sighing she shook her head and bit her lip, continuing to sign, “I don’t know if he’s planning on doing something drastic or just needed to get away, but… I should’ve gone after him, injuries be damned.”


Razorbackwriter:  Tommy was about to help himself to a hot cup of joe, when Elissa grabbed his hand in order to get his attention. The reporter had been yapping so much that the poor girl could barely get across the fact that Frank…had flown the coop. Watching her hand signing, he realized that Frank must have just came up for a moment or two with Elissa and then taken off again after a call from Isa. The last part of her signing had Tommy start to have a fit.

“He was SUPPOSED to be taking care of you!” Oh Tommy was angry. He threw his head back and let out a strangled sort of noise. If that son of a bitch was going to go do something drastic rather than stand and fight, Tommy would never forgive him. Or himself. It was not like Tommy could baby sit Frank 24/7, but some days that was what he felt he needed to do. Ever since Rory’s death, Frank’s life had crumbled into the pathetic existence he now suffered. Tommy instantly forgot all about coffee. Turning to Elissa he went to reach for her shoulders, then realized that he would do her an injury. Tommy stopped himself in time and seemed to just have his hands hanging in the air…..like he wanted to throttle something. He had the goods on the Commander, to make the Boss back the hell off Frank. It would give them breathing space till the real shooter was caught. The reporter was starting to wonder if he was in the right job.

“You are injured, Elissa. No way should you have followed him. Damn, you look like you could use another eight hours of sleep.”

Taking out his cellphone, he tried to ring Frank. All he got, was his message bank.

“It’s Tommy! You call and let us know where you are. I swear to hell and back if you do something stupid, I’ll kill you myself!”

Tommy ended the message and stared at Elissa with a grumpy look.

“Too harsh?”



VunG:  Perhaps she should’ve just kept her mouth shut. Elissa knew damn well that Tommy had every right to be angry, and she was right there with him, but by the same token she didn’t want these two friends getting into yet another fight on her behalf. And damn it all, she was too tired to deal with any more drama. For a moment when Tommy raised his hands she thought that he had lost it and was about to shake her, but apparently he caught himself before he followed through with whatever it was. His words cut a bit, though she knew he meant nothing by it. She shook her head insistently declaring defiantly, ~I’ll live,~ not truly realizing the irony of the statement.

However, she definitely had no complaints about what he said to Frank, and while it was perhaps a bit harsh, the man needed something harsh to wake him up. When the man hung up the phone, she responded to his comment with a shrug then reached for his hand, holding it calmly between both of hers. Then she did a rather dramatic inhale, her entire body puffing up before she let out a noisy exhale. She repeated this once or twice, then released his hand and gestured for him to copy her. Right now getting worked into a frenzy wasn’t helping anyone. However, she didn’t go anywhere; right now coffee, sleep, and all that nonsense took second place to simply dealing with the interpersonal nonsense that needed addressing in the here and now.


Razorbackwriter:  Elissa was being so strong and making out how she’d live, even though it was pretty clear that she needed rest to help her get better. How were the painkillers to do their job if she didn’t get some sleep? Feeling Elissa take his hand and try to hold it between the two of hers, Tommy stared at her oddly; still annoyed with Frank. She started doing this dramatic and bizarre inhaling and exhaling. You know the kind you do when you are in a pregnancy class. It looked odd, but she must have had a reason for it. “Ohhhh you want me to ….oh right.” Hearing the noisy exhale, Tommy puffed up his chest – inflating his lungs to the max and then let out a really loud long sigh. Did it help? Hard to say, but it took his mind off Frank. He did another one and you could see his body was starting to relax. His shoulders dropped slightly and the furrowing of his brows stopped. A last sigh, and Tommy made up his mind what needed to happen now. No more chasing, no more running after leads. Elissa’s health came first. Tommy resigned himself to now being Elissa’s babysitter. Not Frank’s. Frank had yet to return his call, so he tossed his cell on the coffee table that was covered in the dirty photos.

“Right little lady. Bed…and I won’t have a word of argument. Not one. And no wicked hand signing either.”

There, he had given the order. No sooner said, he took off his jacket and tossed it over a chair, before kicking off his shoes. He threw himself on the couch and rummaged for the TV remote.

“I wonder if Dancing with the stars is on.” He was speaking now to himself, thinking she would be a good girl and just go to bed, like he had told her too.




VunG:  To Elissa’s relief, Tommy caught onto what she was trying to do, and she watched as he very visibly calmed down a bit. Granted, she doubted that such things would be enough to completely calm him down, but it was a place to start. As he released his own sigh, she eased off and released his hands. With that done though, she realized that he was probably going to wind up babysitting her, and as humiliating as that was, she was admittedly a grateful that he cared that much. Finally letting her barriers drop as he somewhat bossily told her to go to bed, she responded with a sleepy but bratty looking, ~Yes dad.~ However, as she was turning to go to her bedroom and take another shot at getting the rest she so desperately needed, she paused and turned back around. She caught his comment, but it wasn’t of much consequence to her at the moment.

As she looked back to Tommy, she couldn’t help but feel a slight warmth in her cheeks. He was acting so selflessly on her behalf, and when they had only just met too. Biting her lip thoughtfully, she re-entered the room and went over behind him on the couch. The man would find her arms lightly wrapping around his chest as she leaned behind him, then, leaning up to his ear, whispered a raspy, “Thanks.” Giving him a light peck on the cheek, she then went ahead and returned to her room, giving one last look towards him with a thin smile before ducking inside and finally trying to get some sleep again.


Razorbackwriter:  Feeling the warm arms wrap around his chest caught the reporter by surprise, but he quickly accepted it when he felt her breath upon his ear. That deep raspy wisp of a voice offering thanks made him chuckle. If only everyone knew the delight of a breathless thank you. Frank patted her arm on feeling the light peck of her lips to his cheek.“You’re welcome, hun.”

Watching Elissa finally make the trek into her bedroom and closing her door, Tommy put his feet up on the coffee table and started to flick through the channels. Infomercials, old soaps, gory news bulletins from around the globe and finally a repeat of Dancing with the stars. Oh this was candy floss for the brain and after about two minutes the remote slid from Tommy’s hand as his head lolled back and a loud snore erupted.

The poor guy finally gave up fighting the need for sleep and succumbed like a baby.

On the idiot box, the dancers were doing a slow tango. Brightly coloured garb swirled on the dance floor; with judges to the side looking bored shit less.




I’ll take the fall – GS.


Scene setting : Elissa’s apartment.

co-written with VunG and Chor.


VunG:  Even as she finally got the darn bottle open and got a couple aspirins in her, Elissa couldn’t help but feel like she was about to just die of exhaustion. How often was she going to have to deal with these sorts of injuries? It was like she was doomed to hospital bills that looked like the Magna Carta. Sighing softly to herself, she looked up at the sound of Frank saying he was taking off. Suppose that was natural, and she was definitely grateful for all he’d already done for her; she had to admit that she almost wanted him to stay, but she wasn’t about to force him or even attempt to convince him.

She exited the bathroom and headed straight over to him, and was about to shake his hand, maybe give him a hug before he left, when he received a phone call. Immediately, just from the expression on Frank’s face she could tell that something was amiss. Wincing and groaning, she walked over to the fridge, resigning herself to what was likely going to be an even longer day. She didn’t know why, but she had a feeling that things weren’t over just yet… so much for rest. Reaching in, she was about to grab a bottle of Dogfish Head ale… but stopped remembering all the medication that was probably in her and just grabbed some water. Why did she feel like she was about to get dragged into more of this madness?


Chor:  “I’ve got the report. Bracks is less than pleased and I have no doubt he’ll soon attempt to wipe the whole department of its existence. Or mine…” The last notes of her phrase she spoke a slight but quieter. The metal bit in her hand dug into her skin as her body used her fingers to shield and protect this item of extreme importance. She ducked out of the view of many passersby and let her gaze pass through the alley before she continued speaking.
“Is there a way we might meet? I need this information to reach you and I have trust in the notion that my computer has already been cleaned.” Her voice was calm, but serious nearly to the point of fright.


Razorbackwriter:  “I’ve got the report. Bracks is less than pleased and I have no doubt he’ll soon attempt to wipe the whole department of its existence. Or mine…” Isa said as Frank’s face grew grim. He should have known that the Commander was truly against him and that he would do whatever he could to make the real evidence of his innocence vanish. As Frank held the phone to his ear, he watched Elissa wincing and making painful sounds as she went to get a drink from her fridge. The poor girl. Frank had put her through enough and she needed rest. That was painfully obvious. As much as Frank wanted to stay with her, he knew that his own carrer and that of Isa’s was now on the line. Possibly their lives.
“Is there a way we might meet? I need this information to reach you and I have trust in the notion that my computer has already been cleaned.” Her voice was calm, but serious nearly to the point of fright. Frank heard the fear in her voice and knew that she was in way over her head on this one. He already had the guilt of Elissa being hurt from his actions, and now another woman was in trouble. He refused to let another take the fall for him. Raising his head slightly, Frank knew what he had to do.

“Meet me at Big Joe’s Pizzeria in an hour. I need to run home and change. You give me what you have, and I will let you know what I plan to do with it.” There was an air of finality in his voice….like he had just made up his mind on how to end this nightmare. Once and for all. Closing the call, he looked back at Elissa. It was like seeing a man walking the green mile.

“I wish I had more time to explain, but….I just want to say….it was nice knowing you.” Frank didn’t move to embrace her or touch her in anyway. He grabbed his coat and headed for the door. Pausing a moment before opening it, then walking out to the hall, closing the door behind him.



VunG:  Elissa watched the man as he talked with the woman on the other end, and immediately her eyebrows were furrowed as she tried to figure out what was going on. She strained to hear the words on the other end, but to no avail. However, when she heard the directions, she also heard the doom in Frank’s voice, and all sleepiness was gone from her eyes as she realized that he was planning something. Of course, her first thought was that he would at least try to include her in at least explaining, some way for her to help him even if she was stuck here. But then… she saw the look in his eyes… the same one that had been in her mirror the morning she returned to work for the last time.

Even as he began moving to leave she tried to scramble after him, but found her sleepiness and blood loss taking its toll on her, and she had to stop. His words taunted her, and as his back turned she glared burning arrows in his head, frantically hoping that her thoughts made it to him: Don’t do it. Don’t go throwing your life away! She knew what it was like! She regretted her decision! She should’ve just quit from the force the day of her husband’s death, it would’ve served everyone better! If chasing Rory’s shadow was going to get him killed, THEN STOP CHASING! “STOP!” she hissed furiously as he closed the door. Running forward, she reached for the door handle only to have her vision begin to double up and she fell against it with a heavy thud. She slowly slid down the front of the door to her knees, giving it a good punch with her good hand before finally admitting defeat.

She wanted to scream! She needed to scream! She refused to let someone else die because of her failure! Part of her wanted tears to at least give voice, but not even those would come forward, she was just left silently fuming at Frank for his bull-headedness. She had no idea what he was planning, but… but she could tell from the look in his eyes it wasn’t anything good. She had to stop him, or at least help him and think it through with him! But… she couldn’t… because she’d failed. She was useless.

Slowly she walked over to her bed, and flopped down onto it, admitting defeat, her thoughts continuing to scream at her until she finally went to sleep.

Elissa’s place – GS.


Scene setting: Elissa’s Apartment

co-written with VunG.


Razorbackwriter: By now, all three would be feeling drained after being up all night, having been shot at, hospitalized and interrogated for being at Joey Patone’s apartment. But it was late in the afternoon, and Tommy had yet to even call in to his office about his whereabouts and the photographs he still had thanks to Frank. Driving Elissa to her apartment, Tommy knew he was going to have to show his face at the office of the New York Times sooner or later. As much as he wanted to see Elissa settle in at home, he knew he would have to keep moving. Frank; who was sitting in the back seat with Elissa had no intention of going into the Police station till he had heard from Isa. Without his service revolver he felt practically naked.

The traffic was building up as many workers would start to head out of the city, and Frank stared out the window at the procession of cars, trucks and taxis. In the back of his mind he was worried about what the Commander was going to do. Everything hinged on Isa’s report that he was not the shooter. Taking out his cell he quickly checked for messages and there were none, not even from his partner; Detective John Moss. Frank wouldn’t be surprised if John asked for a transfer. John had a wife and a life outside of the force, unlike Frank and John’s wife was sick of the long hours John put in babysitting Frank.

Soon, Tommy’s car pulled up outside Elissa’s apartment building but he kept the car running. Turning in his seat, with his arm draped over the passenger seat, he looked guilty about having to leave the pair.

“I’d come up, but I want to go to see my Editor about the pictures. The story has to be told, or at least investigated further. I want to reach my editor before your fat ass Commander does.”

Frank gave a sigh and nodded as he handed over the crumpled envelope that contained the only pictures of the beast that took Rory. The cops had the others thanks to the Commander, and Frank genuinely believed that those photos would never see the light of day. Swallowed by the same means of all the other evidence that seemed to vanish into thin air.

“I’ll take Elissa up.” Frank said, before getting out of Tommy’s car and going around to open Elissa’s door. He offered his hand to her to help her out of the car and onto the pavement.

When the door closed, Tommy indicated and then pulled out onto the street to head to his office, leaving Frank standing there with Elissa. He glanced up at the apartment building and uttered. “Nice place…..”




VunG:  Elissa felt like she was about to pass out at this point. She hadn’t slept well even before this whole mess had started, and between two sleepless nights, getting shot at, getting into two separate verbal fights with the damn Commander, and now busting out of the hospital she was utterly and completely beat. She was grateful that she was self-employed, because she didn’t envy anyone that had to go to an office tomorrow. Actually, she was fairly certain she may have blacked out for the entire drive over, because it almost looked like the clock was skipping a few times. As much as she wanted to deny it to herself, Elissa wasn’t in any condition to help the guys.

Once they arrived at the apartments, she’d turn and nod to Tommy at his comments, knowing full well that he probably had more than his share of work to do, even after all this. If the commander decided to head off the news on this, then they would be shut down pretty damn quickly. Smiling feebly to him, she attempted to sign ~Thank you,~ though it was pretty ‘slurred,’ if you want to use that term. Besides, he probably had his own life to live besides baby-sitting her, same went for Frank, regardless of what he said. Sighing softly, she took Frank’s offer of helping her out, still feeling a bit woozy but refusing to let it show any more than it needed to.

And then, just like that, Tommy was gone, the two of them left alone. Strange… she didn’t really feel like she was coming home. Then again, how much time had she actually spent here? Upon hearing Frank’s words, she scoffed lightly and shrugged with her good shoulder, conceding that it probably was. She just never felt really all that at home here. Slowly she began moving her way into the building, using the railing but refusing any offered help, firmly deciding that she needed to handle herself. That said, she wasn’t too proud to use the escalator up to the third floor. Assuming Frank followed her on up, she’d be pretty much dead on her feet the whole time, though just as they exited the elevator he’d hear her hiss as she felt the first hints of the anesthetic wearing off.

Once to room 302, she pulled out her keys and opened the door, gesturing for Frank to follow her, if for no other reason than getting him something to drink. She wouldn’t bother with the door herself, at the moment she only had eyes for the restroom; specifically a bottle of painkillers. Though, before she went there, she stopped herself and gestured to the main room and to him in a way that kind of suggested she was trying to tell him to make himself at home. With that, she was away, leaving him alone for a little bit.

The room was probably higher-quality than the actual furniture and appliances she’d brought into it. The refrigerator and such things that came with it were all quite nice, upper-middle-class things, but she seemed to be a bit of a budget shopper as most of it was nice but far from fancy. All around the room there were various pictures, some of them simple landmarks from everywhere from Paris to Tokyo to Las Vegas, others of people and events in her life, and they varied wildly in size too. Her mother was a bit of a shutterbug and had sent a lot of the pictures to her, though if Frank was paying attention he’d notice that in none of her pictures she had a scarf, even when it was snowing. The most common figures in the pictures were either her parents from when she was young or her husband, a man of Native American heritage, about her height and about the same weight, both of them displaying their bands in the pictures. However, the pictures were all pre-pregnancy; she had no interest in haunting herself like that. Besides that, the only thing of note was a cork board near her desk with various pins and yarn set next to it, suggesting a similar set up to his own at home, just not one that was in use at the moment.


Razorbackwriter:  Frank trudged along silently behind Elissa. He had to hand it to her. The way she was keeping up appearances after the last two days was remarkable. A lesser man would have crashed out in the car. Following her into the escalator, Frank stood with folded arms as the lift rode up to the third floor, where he got out after her and continued to stay in behind her till she reached her door. He paused for a moment at the door, till she gestured him to follow. “Thank you.” he said simply, entering after her and letting her close the door. For a single girl in this town, she had a pretty spacious apartment. Tastefully decorated and neat. Elissa showed him with the wave of her hand what part was the main room and to more or less make himself at home. The detective offered a light smile, but knew when she headed into her bathroom that she was probably going to be getting some aspirin or painkillers. The drugs from the hospital must be wearing off by now, and the light hissing sound that she made indicated to Frank at least that she was in pain. Slowly, Frank removed his jacket; all the while checking out the array of photographs on the wall. They say that family photos are a way of looking into your past, your family..those you love. Being a detective Frank had a good eye and was able to spot right away that most, if not all these photos were taken before she had her accident. He noted that she didn’t wear a scarf in any of the photo, and time and again there were pictures of her with another man – presumably her husband. Frank walked right up to the wall, that was covered in photos from all over the globe. What a life Elissa must have led.

Elissa, like Frank had tragedy strike them both. Each had a story. They were more alike than one would dare say. Frank suddenly felt very uncomfortable, like he had stumbled across something that was private. Elissa wasn’t a case, and he shouldn’t be trying to deduct from the pictures just what happened to her husband. Frank wiped the underside of his nostrils and shaking his head slightly.

“You should be okay now. I know you don’t need a dead beat cop on your couch.”

Frank was about to head for the door, when suddenly his cell phone went off in his pocket. Fidgeting to get it out, he answered “Detective Malone.”


It was Isa. Frank stopped dead in his tracks and noted that she was whispering. “Isa…what’s wrong? Where are you?”