The Investigator – TG.


While Nancy aka Sunny is entertaining Tenkai during the ghoul curfew, an investigator comes knocking.  It’s the last person Sunny expects to see at her door.

Scene setting  – Sunny’s apartment.

Co-written with Moo, Temp and Fu.


Moo:  Curfew…such a bustling time for Investigators. Nikita was not one on patrol, but it seemed like it with the way she bustled up and down the street looking for Nancy White’s apartment. Looking down at her device which she often used solely for work, she had misused it just this once to obtain a civilian’s location. “This should be it, right?…” She was talking to herself, as she had Kato drop her off at her house plenty of time before curfew. She had been idle on gathering information on Nancy until she realized she wasn’t the only one who might take an interest in the nurse. Despite Wolf not being one to kill humans needlessly, she figured it wouldn’t hurt to check. Besides that, Nancy didn’t seem to be the brightest, but god did she seem cheerful. The combination usually made for one hell of a talkative person. She most likely would blab her mouth off to anyone who was willing to listen. So, not being one to waste any time, Nikita quickly found her way to Nancy’s front door and rapped on it quickly and lightly. “Nancy White? Helloooo.” She tried to sound as nonchalant as possible, though her light brown eyes roamed around the street as she waited for someone to answer. If it took a moment, she would simply knock again a little louder.


Razorbackwriter:  Sunny never usually invited people back to her apartment. It was not like a rule as such, but the truth was, Sunny didn’t have any friends. Gloria was her assigned flatmate via orders from the hospital and they were as different as chalk and cheese. It was a miracle that Gloria had not tried to smother the girl in her sleep, for all the incessant chatter and bright enthusiasm which was grating on others. Luckily, Sunny learned how to steer clear of Gloria and her many male callers, often locking herself in her room and turning up Katy Perry instead of having to hear the raucous sounds of Gloria’s head board thudding against the wall, or her screams of passion.

So having Tenkai here was so very new to Sunny. When he wondered if he would be stuck there in her apartment for the night, Sunny giggled and then a loud snort followed.

“You don’t have to worry about me, if you do. I don’t bite.”

So…innocent. She beamed a fifty watt smile as she heard the timer on her kitchen oven. “Oooo those hot pockets are so quick to cook. Scusey me.” Like a flash she was up and off into the kitchen again. More sounds of clinking cutlery and plates. The smell of the hot pockets was now wafting out of the kitchen as Sunny fiddled with an oversized set of furry oven mits. They even had their nails coloured pink. Be scary to see her carrying the tray out wearing those. Sunny set down the tray on the coffee table and wobbled her head back and forth. If you listened hard enough, you’d probably hear her brain slosh about.

Tenkai was being so nice, and seemed to enjoy Sunny’s company. Odd as that sounded. The nurse was just pleased she was not getting yelled at. That was what most people did.

“I can make you more coffee if you want.” Sunny chimed, when Tenkai thanked her for the cup of hot joe.

She was about to take a seat, when suddenly she heard a loud series of knocks at the door. Odd, why would someone be calling at her apartment after curfew. Sunny chewed her lip, since Tenkai had just asked if he would be able to leave without being suspected of anything, considering he was…one..a male, and two alone with a nurse. Now, that Sunny had a person at the door, there would be no easy escape.

“I should get that, shouldn’t I?” Uneasily, Sunny got to her feet, still wearing the large furry animal oven mits and tip toed to the door. She peered through the eye hole and …much to Sunny’s shock it was the investigator that had told her off at the hospital. The nurse gasped loudly and flung her back against the door. She thought she was in trouble.

“I put down your weapon. I left the scene. What do you want from me?” Sunny was too scared to open the door, her big green eyes imploring Tenkai.

“It’s an investigator” She whispered with animated furry mit hand movements.




” What?!”

– He would find out that the person who had interrupted him was a investigator as Sunny had said. It was not long from now that Tenkai would go take the cup of coffee and walk towards the furthest area of the room and proceed to think about how this would go but then again it wouldn’t be any different from the last . Tenkai was smooth with his words , and was ruthless in fights in enclosed spaces due to his speed. However even he didn’t wish for any collateral damage in a place like this as well so he would keep his cool and keep his tongue as sly as a snake in case anything came his way. Tenkai would slowly move over to Sunny after placing his cup of coffee down and said –

” Follow my lead. ”

– Tenkai would wrap a arm around Sunny with one hand and slowly unlocked the locks with his other, which would allow the person to enter her apartment. –


Moo:  Nikita stuffed away her device she had been carrying while she waited at the door. It had taken several moments, so as she was about to knock again, she finally heard the familiar voice. Sighing to herself softly, the investigator placed her hand against the door. “What are you going on about? You’re not in trouble, I just want to speak with you about–“ To her surprise, the door began to open. She blinked, seeing Nancy with a boy. “Ah…” She was sure Nancy had already opened her trap about the event at the hospital. That would mean talking with both people. “May I come in? I’m just here to talk.” Her brown eyes roamed over their faces, looking for anything out of place. As far as she knew, Nancy was single. It was never wrong to be wary, but she would go with it. Besides, maybe the intel she gathered on the woman wasn’t one hundred percent accurate. Regardless, she would start to move in, her right foot planting itself on the floor of her apartment, pressing to pass the male. Nikita didn’t have any regard for manners while she was doing a job.


Wolf had remained perched up against a window of the apartment, listening in on the conversation between the nurse and the ghoul. So far there wasn’t any valuable information to be gained, but she did find it interesting that the ghoul mentioned something about her. He knew that she was of some significance, but that wasn’t that uncommon among ghouls. She was just about to leave when she recognized the scent of the Investigator she had encountered earlier at the hospital. All three of them had been reunited, though not all of them were aware of this. Still, there was no need to intervene in this situation, so she would remain neutral for now. After a short period of waiting, she figured that the addition of the investigator would get the ghoul to think twice about killing the nurse, so she decided to leave the area.

Razorbackwriter:  Of all the crazy and fucked up situations. The last person that Sunny ever thought would come pounding on her door was that lady investigator from the Hospital. Why on earth she picked Sunny to now interogate was beyond her. The nurse wasn’t a ghoul and she sure as hell didn’t do a thing wrong, except maybe cheer for her at the battle site. Now she was at her door, but much to her shock and surprise, Tenkai had a plan. This was totally out of the blue and unexpected. He ever so casually placed his arm around the jittery Sunny and opened the door.


The investigator…well, she looked surprised to see that Sunny had company. There was a reason for that, but of course to Sunny, the nurse would have no idea that the investigator had done a back ground check on her. Having listened to Tenkai say that she was to follow his lead, Sunny went on instant game show like happiness. Beaming and tilting her head so that it was on Tenkai’s shoulder.

“May I come in? I’m just here to talk.”

“Ssssure. We were just having coffee.” Ever so smooth. “I have some extra hot pockets if you’re hungry.” Sunny stared up at Tenkai like he was the bees knees, then back at the investigator who was now barging her way in like she owned the place. Why on earth she wanted to interrupt a nice quiet evening during curfew was beyond her. Didn’t these investigators have lives?

“Hehe….uhm. What did you want to speak to me about?”




” It seems the nighttime is coming to an end also. I guess we got no sleep tonight huh dear haha ? ”

– He’d stare at Sunny for a brief moment without offering a wink as those were too clear and too overused that it wouldn’t work effectively anymore and would keep staring until she got what he meant and he would continue watching the CCG investigator while keeping at Sunny’s side at this point for reasons that were clear to only him. He would allow Sunny to think as she would but also give the implication of him posing as her boyfriend right now to provide cover for him seemed like the best and most logical thing to do . Tenkai would move back towards Sunny as they were briefly pushed apart by the CCG Female and would lace his hands with hers to further impose the disguise he’d give himself at this moment and time. –


Moo:  “Why do you suppose that is?” Nikita cut in, looking around the home. “Just staying the night?”From what she could tell, this guy didn’t live here. Not that she really needed the observation skills.“Taking advantage of the roommate’s absence. Clever.” She clucked her tongue lightly, turning to offer the two a wink while she lifted her index finger. Simply playing the part. “I’m not hungry and I already had plenty of coffee for the evening. Thanks.” Sighing lightly, Nikita ran her fingers through her hair absently and crossed her arms under her chest. “Sorry to be abrupt with this, but I couldn’t find you in time at the hospital. So I had to find you myself…as inconvenient as that is.” Her light brown eyes rested over Nancy’s face before the male’s. “Care to introduce me to your friend? Does he know what happened today at work?”


Razorbackwriter:  It was unusual for Sunny to be nervous, but this whole situation did put her on edge. Seeing as she was still wearing the large furry oven mits, she whipped them off quickly, and then tried to regain her composure. That of course was thwarted by Tenkai’s innuendo filled statement. He more or less said that they had got no sleep that night, with a playful ‘haha, dear.’

“Tee hee. No rest for the wicked.” Two could play this game, and the investigator, she was dancing along to the same tune. Winking and going as far to say that Sunny had taken advantage of her roomie being at work during curfew. Now, that alone suggested that the investigator had done her homework, or she had assumed by the two very different room accessories, that two people lived here, and not Tenkai.

With the investigator now taking up space in the centre of the room, Tenkai moved back to Sunny, after being pushed back, and made a bold move to show that they were more than just friends, by taking her hand. Poor Sunny. Her cheeks went the colour of fresh spun cotton candy. This was the first time a guy…a good looking guy had gone to be affectionate, other than the old farts at the hospital that tried to swat her ass as she did her duties.

Sunny stared up at Tenkai like a star struck K pop fan. You could see her eyes sparkle at all this sudden attention. Gosh, it was so nice. Course the magic was broken yet again, by the all too nosy investigator.

“Care to introduce me to your friend? Does he know what happened today at work?”

“This….this is Tenkai…and…well, I did mention that we had an incident up on the top floor, come to think of it.” She was being coy, and the normally chatty Sunny was struggling from blurting out everything. From when she ran into Tenkai on the street, the egg disaster, and of course mentioning about the wolf masked little ghoul thingy.

“I told him that a wolf looking masked….thingy was fighting an agent.” Sunny moved her free hand towards Nikita and then drew it back again. “Course, this happens all the time, right? I mean…its why there is a curfew and we are all prisoners in our homes….well, yeah, it has its benefits.” Again she gave Tenkai a loving look before remembering the time. “Gosh, will curfew be over soon? I’m going to need more milk.”




– Tenkai would wave towards the female as Sunny mentioned his name and he had done so with a smile on his face and when she said she mentioned the incident he would nod and kept quiet from that point on until something said he relevance to him. Once she had mentioned benefits he would too chuckle –

” Indeed it does. ”

– Tenkai listened to her speak once more about the curfew in which he would give his reply to her and await any further conversation to be had from that point on –

” Yeah it’s not long from now. ”


Moo:  Nikita felt a minor relief in hearing Nancy’s needless blabber. It was definitely notable she wasn’t as talkative as she had been at work, but it was also possible the investigator had struck a chord with her. She was rude in telling her to leave, but it had been for good reason. Would this answer she received be enough to tell what the nurse knew? She had heard the beginnings of their conversation, after all. For an investigator working alongside a ghoul as notorious as Wolf…it was dangerous letting other people know, for both party’s sake. Brushing everything Nikita considered to be nonsense, she waved her hand dismissively and took on a more vigilant look. “Listen, Nancy. I just didn’t want you being left with a bad taste in your mouth. It was obvious you were enjoying yourself, but to the risk of your own health. I would advise you to stay away from dangerous situations like that in the future. But…I do apologize for sending you away without thanking you for your generous attempts to help me.” She took a breath, shoulders relaxing slightly. “I would like to request that you don’t speak of what you saw again, or you might become valuable to someone. Or, your life could be put in danger needlessly.” Nikita’s gaze narrowed slightly while she lifted her finger, as though she was showing her seriousness in this warning. Fixing her suit jacket, she proceeded toward the pair and reached in her pocket, pulling out a card with two numbers scrawled on it. “The first number is my cell. The second is for the CCG; ask for me and you will be put through immediately… I’ll be leaving you with that, and another apology.” With a small bow of her head, the investigator’s gaze moved between the male and female briefly. “Seeing as I’ve used the rest of your valuable time… Please, let me see myself out, and have a good day.” She began moving past them toward the door. If they had anything to say, now was the time to say it.

Razorbackwriter:  Sunny was gobsmacked that the investigator was apologizing about the incident in the hospital. The plucky nurse was nearly always in some sort of trouble, even when she didn’t mean to be. She stood there, not even blinking. Her mouth open slightly as she just listened to what the investigator had to say.

“I would advise you to stay away from dangerous situations like that in the future.”

“Oh oh oh. Yes, I swear I won’t get in on one of your battles again, Miss.” Sunny even made the finger sign of scouts to show she was honest with her words. “I’ll leave all the choppy choppy to you, Miss.” The nurse showed a huge smile, while bobbing her head slightly. She was eager to have the whole thing just go away, now that it had come to roost at her home. Having Tenkai so close was making her feel extra giddy. Like a girl on a first date. He was actuallyholding her hand. It was clear that the whole situation was overwhelming.

What Sunny didn’t expect was when Nikita handed the pair a card that had two numbers on it. One was for her cell, so she could speak to Nikita directly, and the other was for the Headquarters of the CCG. The nurse took the card graciously, but was slightly bewildered as to why the agent felt the need to go that far.

“Oh you don’t have to apologize. I know you have a job to do. I do some pretty nasty things myself. Like changing bed pans in the dementia ward. No one else will do it, and the Matron INSISTS I do. You would not believe the number of times I have come out of there and needed to be hosed down.” Course, this was probably too much information for either Tenkai or the agent to handle, but our little ray of Sunshine never left out details, no matter how nasty they were.

“Seeing as I’ve used the rest of your valuable time… Please, let me see myself out, and have a good day.”

Sunny waved at Nikita as she went for the door and then handed the card that she was given to Tenkai, for him to look at. Sunny didn’t believe she was ever going to need to call.

“Bye bye.”

As soon as the door closed, Sunny erupted into a fit of giggles and snorts..

“Oh….that was too much. Did you see how she thought we were a thing?” Again with more laughter and thigh slapping.




”Yeah I did haha. And it was also the reason why I did it. Most people get odd assumptions unless you place the right one in their mind , therefore I chose that one was my go to. We are close enough in age after all. ”

– Tenkai would chuckle and slowly loosen the grip he had upon her and looked at the time. Boy had it been a whole day since . What would they do now that they’ve been placed alone once more. But this time around however Tenkai had figured it was time for her to get to work soon and Tenkai himself would’ve had matters to attend to. Sunny gave Tenkai the card and he would look at it for a second and laughed from the irony, someone like him did not need this for any specific reason. He would return it to Sunny and laugh just a bit more –

” I do not need this Sunny. Believe me it has more of a use to you haha . ”

– He was able to see now that this girl was pretty lucky to have seen Alpha up close , and wasn’t even a CCG investigator but simply a person caught in the middle. Tenkai would take out his phone and looked at her –

” I think we should exchange numbers ”


Moo:  Nikita stood at the door, having nearly completely closed it already. She closed her eyes as she listened to the beginnings of their conversation, closing the door after Tenkai’s refusal to take the card with the numbers on it. Needless to say, she had a ghoul on her radar. Finding out if he was really friendly to humans was her next priority. Exiting the porch, she turned and began walking down the street. She had used some time needlessly on Nancy, but had gained something in return. And she was able to keep this from Kato, hopefully. As a sense of security. If Wolf was in fact following the nurse, Nikita also had less to worry about in regards to her health. Wolf would more than likely take out Tenkai if he crossed a boundary. Or so she would count on. Perhaps putting a little too much faith in her new acquaintance. Pulling out her device, she entered Tenkai’s name. It would be some time before she found out any other information on him, but it was something. One less ghoul off the streets…or…one more ghoul on her and Wolf’s side. Only time would tell.

Razorbackwriter:  Sunny was surprised that Tenkai thought that she might need the card more than he did. The little nurse gave a slight shoulder shrug and took the card back. But instead of placing it somewhere important, she just tossed it onto the coffee table without a second thought. Sunny simply didn’t think she would ever need it. Considering who was standing right in front of her, that was kind of funny. Thankfully, Sunny had no clue. She thought that Tenkai was just some nice guy that happened to run into her on the street.

The nurse tittered when Tenkai asked that they traded numbers. “Really? YOU want my number?” The rose shade darkened on her cheeks, and Sunny was all too happy to oblige. She took off into her bedroom and then came back with a My little pony notepad. Feathered pen in hand, she scribbled down her number on a scented pink page and then handed it to Tenkai with a gracious smile.

“Here you go. Feel free to text me if you ever want to have coffee again.” Course, Sunny meant coffee and not what Gloria usually meant by it. Glancing up at the clock, the nurse realized that curfew was over…..and she was going to be due at work in another two hours.

“I should let you go now. Kept you here prisoner long enough.”

Sunny unlocked her front door and opened it for Tenkai. She leaned on it and said. “Don’t be a stranger.”

The nurse had no idea how lucky she had been.




” Thanks for the number I’ll be sure to drop by soon ”

– Tenkai would smile softly at her after she had finished what she had said and he’d slowly walk out the front door of her apartment. His smile would stay persistent until he had left her personal area. He just barely got out of a room with one. Oddly enough he’d keep to himself and not bother anyone else with his business. But the time he had for the following day was limited as it is. What would Tenkai do now. He figured he’d find somewhere to go or something to do in the meantime , didn’t seem like his organization was calling or asking of him at this point in time. So this time was truly his own. He walked out of the building and decided to go find somewhere to go. Whatever fit the bill that is –



Unicorns and Ghouls – TG.


Sunny the Nurse takes her new found friend home for tea, unaware that he is actually one of the city’s most feared Ghouls.  He is a killer…a cannibal.  Will he want more than just Sunny’s hot pockets?  Read on….

Scene setting – Sunny’s apartment – Tokyo Ghoul

Written with Fu.



” Wolf huh? . . . I see. Alpha’s been spotted. ”

– Tenkai would say to himself in a quite tone as he followed her towards her building. They kept moving along the pathway towards the residential district and hopefully closer to her building , she was lucky to have given him information , he didn’t seem to have any need to make her into food so he instead kept his silence until she gave him a question in which needed a response. Sunny would eventually react to the curfew in a hasty motion showing it was time for her to go home but Tenkai didn’t react, he just thought of it as game time. Tonight however it seems like he’ll be taking it easy and so he would find himself asked about hot pockets while being tugged –

” Sure I suppose I like hot pockets ”

– Only if they were filled with human organs that is. –


Razorbackwriter:  Thankfully, Sunny’s apartment block was not very far when the sirens started to sound. It only took two minutes to find themselves in the foyer and then another three flights of stairs to reach her little abode. Gloria, her roomie thankfully was already on her shift at the hospital, so it would just be Tenkai and Sunny sharing a meal.

Entering the small apartment, it was quite clear to see that it was decorated mainly by Sunny. The walls were adorned with cutsie pictures of rainbows and unicorns. She had a stuffed animal collection that covered two walls and it was going to be hard just to find a seat. In one corner however you could see Gloria’s part. It had pictures of almost naked men, and a few nasty toys on display. Talk about complete opposites.

Sunny skipped into the kitchen and started to rummage through the freezer for some tasty hot pockets. Always so easy as a meal when you had little else. No one was going to be delivering take out when the curfew was on – this was why Sunny was picking up the ingredients, to try and beat the curfew. But, the plucky little nurse always kept emergency rations on hand, aka hot pockets.

Turning on the oven and setting the boxes to one side, she poked her head out of the kitchen and asked.


“Would you like some lemon pop?”

Ever the hostess.



Temp:  Wolf continued to follow the nurse and the ghoul as they moved through the city. The curfew going into effect of course made no difference to her at all. Investigators knew better than to attack her. Being a one-eyed ghoul made her scent very peculiar to other ghouls, which typically made them avoid or otherwise ignore her. The night was a perfect place for her to observe and even intervene when it came to unique situations. This was one such situation. She easily scaled the outside of the building, and followed the scent of the two until she found a similar scent within the building. This girls room was very high up, but heights rarely meant much to a ghoul, especially one with a kagune like hers. For now she perched on the building near a window where she would be sure to listen in on what was happening within the room.



– Tenkai followed her into her building and found it to clash with the personalities of the two occupants who lived with one another and he would stare at the entire apartment in awe before returning his attention to the female and contemplate his being here. He knew at some point he’d slowly try to dig out more information. but while he kept thinking to himself , he would hear Sunny ask him if he wanted some lemon pop. Tenkai would reply to her with his answer –

”Mind if I get coffee instead if you have it ? I’m a tad tired and I need to be alil bit more awake. ”


‘Mind if I get coffee instead if you have it ? I’m a tad tired and I need to be alil bit more awake. ”

At the request of coffee, mad giggles erupted from the kitchen. They had coffee…boy did they have coffee. Gloria was one for always bringing men back to the apartment forcoffee, and often it had the young nurse, Sunny in hysterics. You could hear the sound of bottles tinkling in the kitchen cupboard, as Sunny brought out about eight different types of coffee jars. Many of them had never been opened.

“I don’t usually drink coffee, but Gloria always keeps it on hand.” Sunny sung out cheerfully.

Pouring water into the kettle, she then set it on the stove and flicked on the gas. Striking a match she soon had the blue flame going and the water was able to boil. Thankfully, she had some long life milk in the pantry, and sugar. This would make for Tenkai’s order of coffee.

Sunny chose the exotic brand of coffee and undid the cap, breaking the seal with a spoon. She took out a good spoon full and placed it in a large coffee mug, that was more like a bowl, than a real mug. The cheery nurse danced around the kitchen, opening cupboards and slamming doors. In her own little world till the kettle started to whistle. She took it off the heat and then poured the boiling hot water into the waiting cup.

The kitchen now had the smell of fresh coffee, and Sunny swanned out of the kitchen and offered Tenkai the cup.

“Might want to blow, or it will burn your tongue.” Sunny always made coffee too hot.

“Find a seat. Just knock off a few plushies. It’s quite comfortable here.” Sunny was just so nice…and happy. It was bizarre to say the least. She didn’t even think of how the young man would be able to leave and go about his business, now that the curfew was enforced.




– He allowed Sunny to go and do what she had to as he continued to look around the area some more , it didn’t take him long to decide he wanted to see the conditions for tonight’s curfew. He felt as if he wasn’t going to be able to go home at this rate but it’s common for him to be outside at this time of night but the hardest things to do is leaving or being in residential area’s and expect to retreat or move about. Clearly the CCG are keeping their eyes about and observing. So it seems like he’d be stuck here , for how long he didn’t know. He would overhear Sunny speaking about a woman named Gloria as his own thoughts ended up coming out of him around the time she had began to finish brewing the coffee and coming to give it to him –

” I wonder if I’ll be stuck here tonight.”

– Tenkai was cunning he knew that much when it came to his movements around others. But he knew all too well that he’d be walking into a confrontation if he was to leave her place . As Sunny came to give him his cup of coffee ; Tenkai would take the cup as she gave him the warning about the heat and the offer to take a seat as well –

” Thank you for the cup of coffee. ”

– He moved some things around to get a place to rest his rear and enjoy the cup. However he seemed to realize it was most likely beyond midnight by now and it wouldn’t really be long before it would be considered the next day and such so he pretty much would stare at the time on his phone and then her . He didn’t waste time sipping from the cup however. He enjoyed it warm. –

” I wonder how I’ll be able to leave without being suspected of anything or being placed back inside here due to the security they wish to keep over the civilians of the town.”

– As he took another sip ; Tenkai thought about his situation and was unsure as to why he felt so calm and easy around this woman. It was clear she was human by her appearance and personality as well as her smell. Perhaps she was too accepting. Tenkai normally would take advantage of that , in either form it could be seen as depending on his mood/tastes. But however today he just felt too passive to do anything. And he realized she’d be someone that could help him out in various pursuits. It’d be a shame to see her go. –





Bright as the Sun – TG.

We now follow Nurse Nancy White; aka Sunny to the inner city, where curfew is about to begin.

Co-written with Fu & Temp.

This is the heart of the City of Ota, which is located inside the 11th Ward of Tokyo. There are many shops, clubs and services to be found here. Police and the CCG patrol the area, maintaining order to the best of their ability. The City is less busy than normal cities, due to the 11th Ward’s Ghoul problem. Keep in mind that it is illegal to be outside past 8pm.

The Inner City

Razorbackwriter: A city of color. A city that was also fraught with danger. A curfew. All these things seemed to be lost to Nurse Nancy White, who had just finished her long shift at the Ota General Hospital. With her small red cardigan and carrying her purse, Sunny had a small list of groceries that she had promised Gloria, her flatmate – that she would pick up. Passing bars and restaurants, it would be another two blocks before she came to stand in front of a small grocery store. One of those family businesses, with boxes of fresh fruit and produce outside, and windows crammed with brightly coloured boxes of everything from cereals, to noodles, and of course magazines.

Taking out her list, Sunny stepped inside the supermarket and grabbed a small basket in which to collect the items. She passed an old lady seated behind a counter, who was watching a beat up black and white television set. Did they even make those any more? The woman bowed towards Sunny, and she reciprocated, before continuing to get everything she needed. Milk, bread, crisps…noodles, and some eggs. Everything was a bit pricey, but that was the market of the day.

Taking her basket of goods back up to the counter, an elderly gentleman stepped out at the sight of the bodacious nurse. One thing about Sunny, she attracted the opposite sex like bees to flowers.

“Need a bag, Miss?” He asked, as he scanned each item and set them to the side. “Yes please.” Sunny had forgotten her shopping bag in the excitement that followed her shift at work. The fight on the top floor very fresh in her mind. The shop keeper cheerfully gave Sunny a store bag for free, much to the annoyance of his wife. She started to berate him in a different dialect to the one Sunny knew. Smacking him with her hand as the game show on the TV set made a great deal of noise. Cheering in fact. The shop keeper was quick to finish serving Sunny, before turning to his wife and starting a ding dong of an argument. No harm in looking. This is what he protested to his enraged wife.


“Thank you.” Sunny chimed, as she left the store.

Bag in hand, she headed towards her apartment building.





– The Ghoul would walk silently in the streets once more headed towards the HQ on this dawning day , but clearly he wasn’t in a good mood nor was his attentiveness was up to par for reasons unknown. He hadn’t gotten a cup of coffee or anything of the sort to keep him awake . His eyes were barely open and he walked down the street , He pulled out his phone to look at any new messages but it had seemed there was none , that was fine with him he supposed. Nothing important that he had missed, or at least that’s what he thought. Tenkai kept his eyes on the phone and bumped a certain woman holding a bag –
Temp:  Wolf had returned to the inner city after the incident at Ota General Hospital. The female nurse that had involved herself in a matter of ghouls and investigators was her current target. She didn’t plan on killing the nurse though, but instead simply wanted to observe her. The behavior that she displayed back in the hospital was beyond abnormal. Normally any human that saw a ghoul knew to run away, but this one simply stood and watched. Was there something more to this girl or was she simply missing a large amount of brain cells? She did not yet have an answer, but was actively seeking one. Following the nurse was extremely simple of course, even more so when you could simply travel by rooftop. Her eyes remained focused on the girl and stopped her movement as soon as someone bumped into her. The scent the male gave off was a clear indication of what he was, but for now she would remain a spectator. Was this ghoul unstable and murderous? Night was approaching, which meant the CCG would start heavy patrols. This situation could prove interesting, or just be a waste of time. Which would it be?


Razorbackwriter:  Sunny was not really paying attention to those on the path before her. Always dazzled by the large animated signs that told you to buy this sort of soda, or that type of new shiny car. The nurse was one for loving bright shiny things, and these signs could light up the night, they were that bold and pretty. That was the whole idea of course, to attract attention of passing consumers. It would be this lack of keeping aware of her surroundings that found her crashing right into a young man who was looking into his phone. The bag that Sunny was carrying fell from her grasp and landed with a horrible spat and tinkle on the ground. Milk…eggs…what a mess, as it seeped through the hessian cloth of the bag.

“Oh whoopsie me.” The nurse chimed as she tried to pick up the bag and then watched as a stream of egg and milk ran out from the edge of the bag. “And there goes dinner…” she said with a small sigh. Glancing up at the young man she bumped into, Sunny started to apologize.

“I’m such a klutz. sorry. Did I get egg on your phone?’ The nurse’s large green eyes looking at the man’s phone and hoping it wasn’t damaged. “I’ve had one of those days.” If you could count seeing a ghoul and investigator going at it, being told off by them….having a weapon thrown at her, and being berated by both the Matron and the head cleaner – it rated as a bad day.

With her bag of groceries ruined she dumped it in a nearby trash can and then wiped the edges of her nurse apron, that were now smeared with the gooey mess.

“Ah well. Take out tonight.” Another wipe of her hand on her apron and she offered it to the young man before her.

“I’m Nancy. Nurse Nancy, but people call me Sunny.” Again the bright smile of Sunny shone out as the whole incident was like water off a duck’s back. She really was very odd.




– A cracked egg and it’s yolk would run down the surface of his phone as he stared into it with dead eyes , rising up those eyes to look into the females face to see she was apologetic and was upset as well for having lost her paid items which’d now be spoiled for any possible use. Tenkai normally would lash out at the person but this time he didn’t do anything further then idly reply to her when she asked about the egg on his phone. He wasn’t able to sniff a thing or sense anyone as his nose was clogged with tidbits of yolk as well and he couldn’t tell someone was nearby.-

” It’s fine. I wasn’t looking myself.”

– He listened to her speak about how it was one of those days, he personally didn’t know what she meant or what possibly could’ve happened in her day to make her feel the way she was at this point in time. Tenkai reached into his pocket and gave her a 20 when she had mentioned changing her course of action for food for the evening.-

” Least I can do. Take it and get yourself something nice. ”

– He would finally hear her introduce herself as well as her occupation . After a brief pause for himself Tenkai would introduce himself as well-

” You can call me Tenkai. Tenkai Yakunan. Not really working at this point in time. I suppose I’m just a mere student for now.”

– He knew he couldn’t just tell a person he just met his actual occupation , it would be obvious that he’d be thrown under the bus with all of the CCG cracking down. He knew how to goof around but he also knew when to trick others with misleading statements and false claims. He of course did not really bother with education either, the most he had done was lounge around in the perimeter of the college for a certain duo of individuals but that was about it. Of course when she had offered the napkin he would take it and clean himself off properly. He didn’t like messes …… unless he was the one who made them of course.-

Razorbackwriter:  Talk about having egg on your face. Tenkai had egg on his…and shell…and it was running down his nose. It was also on his phone. Sunny was almost beside herself. She had really made a mess of things, and poor Tenkai. Taking out yet another hanky, she tried to dab the egg off her new found friend – who had offered her a 20 for losing what was to be her dinner. All over him, that is.

“Oh, but this is too much. Tell you what, why don’t you come back to my place. My room mate Gloria is on call, so she won’t be there and…we could order in something for both of us.”

There she went, good old Sunny being….sunny. She really liked this lad in front of her. He had a really nice name too. “Tenkai Yakunan. It’s a pleasure, I mean, if I hadn’t gotten egg all over you.” Nurse Nancy twirled her left ankle and waved her shoulders from side to side. Her cheeks rising to a new shade of red as she got a little blush.


“You know, the curfews are soon. Let’s go this way. It’s quicker.” Would the young man follow her home? Truth be told, Sunny was incredibly naive and a bit clueless on social etiquette, but she simply couldn’t use all that money for just herself. If he followed along beside her, Sunny would keep up with the chatter. “I was a student for 5 years, but now I am a fully trained nurse. I work up at Ota General Hospital. Do you know that the CCG was there? Mhm….fighting on the top floor. I mean, sure, its a great place if you want to bring in someone injured. Do it in the hospital. But Matron will be pissed. She’s not very nice. She also doesn’t like me.”

And so Nancy would continue to chatter as they walked along. Tenkai might be thinking, ~Get me the hell away from this blonde fruit loop~ or…he might be intrigued. Only time would tell.




” Sure I suppose. I suppose my /duties/ can be put off for awhile and no worries my clothing is fine. ”

– Tenkai was awestruck at the female but tried to laugh nervously about going to her place. Was she really inviting him to her personal residence ? This was like an invitation to die for her case. But Tenkai wasn’t really in the mindset to kill anyone without reason right now so he was able to get his mind off of it but that could change at any given time , however she had mentioned eating food. He didn’t have to trick people for a very long time , now he’s hoping that he remembered how to do it. He blanked out for a bit but his mind picked up hospital and CCG and Tenkai’s attention was brought right back and as he walked with her , a small grin grew on his face. She knew alittle something something.-

” Oh ? CCG ? They were battling someone hm ? I see. ”

– Tenkai rubbed his chin a bit before going to ask one last question while they continued to make their way towards her apartment. –

” Do you know the identity of the one who was attacked ? ”

– Tenkai was quite reluctant to go at first to her place. But she had some information that seemed to be useful. Information that could not be left alone. Information he would get his hands on of course. Slowly but surely his grin sharpened while he slowed his pace and allowed her to take the lead .-


Razorbackwriter:  Sunny didn’t pick up on the boy’s sudden interest in her when she happened to mention the CCG fight off the cuff. The Nurse was rabbiting on at one hundred miles per hour, as she so often did. Spilling out information that her new friend no doubt found very interesting. As he had agreed to come back to her place, Sunny walked along briskly and became quite animated after throwing her soggy shopping bag in the nearest trash bin. She nodded profusely when asked that the CCG were battling someone at the hospital.

“Mhm. Top floor. The lift I was travelling in from the cleaning station went all silly, and when the doors opened, there they were….this investigator…and…and this..”Sunny then scrunched her face up as she tried to remember what it was about the ghoul (or what she thought was one) that threw the weapon at her. “A….wolf thing. Short…little actually, but boy did she have a good right arm.” It was funny how as Sunny went on explaining about the fight, just how much she actually enjoyed it. The girl had put herself in terrible danger, only she was too stupid to realize it. “I just get the feeling they don’t like others getting in on their fights. I mean, I tried to cheer for the investigator, and she told me to get lost.”

It was at this time that sirens started to wail, to signal that the curfew was coming into affect. Sunny stared up at the blinking signs, and all the traffic lights flashed amber. This meant they had to get off the streets. Sunny reached for Tenkai’s hand and with a sharp tug she tried to pull him along faster.

“Come on….we need to get out of here.”

Little did she know just who she was now friends with.

“Do you like hot pockets?”




Ota General Hospital – Part Three : TG.

Sunny’s attempts to help the investigator fall on deaf ears and the young nurse is sent packing.  However, we learn more about the one known as “Wolf”.

Scene setting : Ota General Hospital – Tokyo Ghoul.

Co-written with Temp and Moo.


Temp:  Wolf remained still during the Investigators speech, though she did eventually retract her kagune. “I am the gardener among a bed of flowers…plagued with weeds.” She turned her head to look over at the nurse, and then glanced towards the unconscious Investigator. “The weeds need to be exterminated in order for the flowers to fully bloom.” Speaking in metaphors was something she enjoyed doing, regardless of how irritating it might be to others. “I am the gardener, neither weed nor flower…feared by both.” Wolf slowly started to walk towards the Investigator, and didn’t bother with the nurse messing with the woman’s weapon. There was clearly a screw or two loose in the brain of the nurse, and she didn’t want to deal with it. Wolf came to a stop only a few feet from the Investigator, and pulled the hood of her outfit back. She always wore a long black hood trench coat, which hid any defining features of her other than her height and mask. Now that her hood was back, her white hair was released and rested upon her shoulders. “I am not a human, and I am not a ghoul.”Her hands moved to her mask, which she actually pulled off. Her single kakugen and her normal eye were now completely visible, as were her facial features. The Investigator would probably understand her words a bit better now that she could see what she truly was.“One-eyed ghouls are rejected by both ghoul and human…I have no place in this world.” Both of her eyes were locked onto the Investigators as she spoke, and her expression was rather blank.


Moo:  The irritation was plain on her face while she stared at the giddy girl. The time it had taken her to retrieve the weapon was at least good for their conversation. Though it was hard to be completely serious with the noisiness of her actions. Gritting her teeth to endure Ms. Sunshine over there, Nikita turned her gaze back to Wolf once again. She had apparently said something right, considering Wolf’s kagune was no longer exposed. She felt only slightly less threatened though… Gardner, huh? she thought as she listened to the ghoul speak. With the first two metaphors, Nikita understood what Wolf’s point was, but she didn’t understand fully how she was different than both races. Until it hit her like a sack of bricks. Who else wouldn’t belong on either side? Only someone who knew the pain of being cast out from both humans and ghouls. Nikita’s head snapped up, eyes widening slightly as her realization timed correctly with the girl’s removal of her hood. I am not human, and I am not ghoul.

Nikita stared, her lips parted slightly as if to question Wolf again. But there was nothing she could bring herself to say for a moment. Instead, she listened to Wolf’s closing on her speech, staring into her eyes–one of which was blackened with a red iris. She was definitely not lying. “…You say that, but…” She was obviously someone with a big role in this play. Did she really take up that logic…killing both kinds would make equality? Was everything still right–was Nikita doing the right thing working with the CCG? “You removed your mask and showed me your face. Do you really believe I’m on your side?” It was definitely true that she was. But for Wolf to have acted like this–did it mean that she was putting trust in Nikita blindly, or was Nikita even going to live through this ordeal? “Wha–“ The woman’s words were cut off as she noticed for the first time that the joyous nurse was swinging around Rupture. It was surprising she was able to lift it like that, considering the quinque’s weight. “Are you a lunatic?” Nikita’s gaze shot back to the nurse briefly. “Put my quinque down and evacuate this floor.” Who could act so silly while they were in front of a ghoul? Especially while investigators were on the scene.


Razorbackwriter:  Though Sunny’s intentions were admirable, they were not at all welcomed by the investigator – who not only ordered that the nurse put the weapon down but also to evacuate the floor. Sunny pouted sadly and lowered the weapon when the investigator asked if she was a lunatic.

“I’m just a nurse.” Sunny answered with a hint of sadness. Unusual for Sunny, since she was always so cheery. The nurse set the weapon down on the floor at her feet and then gripped the edges of her uniform before teetering back and forth, her eyes lolling from one side of her head to the other.

The fight had now broken down into more of a verbal stoush, none of which was as exciting as before. One thing was clear though, the nurse was not at all welcomed. It was her right to be on that floor, or any floor for that matter, since she worked in the hospital. Besides, there was an officer down. Shouldn’t someone be checking on the individual? They could be dead.

It took all of Sunny’s fight to remain there. She had an obligation to help those in need, but when the fighters either dissed her, or threw a weapon at her head, they were just as bad as the Matron. Shrugging her shoulders, Nancy headed over to the lift and pressed the down button. Every so often she looked at the pair longingly, then finally the doors opened and she stepped inside, but not without one last peek at what was going on.



Temp:  Wolf sighed as the Investigator tried to keep up her hostile act, and mentioned the possibility of not being on her side. Based on the way the Investigator carried herself and her weapon, she decided to trust that she was different. “We are similar in our objective, but our methods are different. If you choose to work against me I won’t hesitate to kill you.” It should be perfectly clear by now that Wolf wouldn’t have trouble finishing the woman off. She turned her head to look at the Nurse who seemed to finally realize she was out of place, but turned her attention back to the Investigator. “We don’t have to be enemies, I’m certain you realize that.” This woman would either find a common ground to stand on with Wolf, or she would meet her end. The outcome of all this was fairly clear to her, but there was always room for error and change.


Moo:  Seeing as the nurse seemed to comply–despite the time it actually took for her to put the weapon down and start walking away, Nikita let out a small exhale and palmed her face. Any normal civilian would have turned and ran after seeing a ghoul such as Wolf. This woman though…she was weird. After a small shake of her head, Nikita finally dropped her hand and watched as the nurse kept looking back at them. So long as she was safe, it was okay. Although her gaze was brought back to the one-eyed ghoul in front of her while she was addressed again. “In that case, I suppose I ought to make myself clear. I want equality, if not peace, to be obtained between ghouls and humans. In your case, I will turn a blind eye to your work. Never once have I seen you change pattern; so you’ve never killed without a just cause.” At least one that Wolf felt was right. “So yes… I realize we don’t have to be enemies.” Now was the time where she could move slowly, careful not to give Wolf the wrong idea, until she was standing completely upright. “If you don’t mind, I have to take Spider with me.” The woman brushed some dirt from her nurse getup, pulling the skirt down as it had ridden up. She brushed her ponytail back and met Wolf’s gaze again, something shy of a smirk crossing her lips.“My name is Nikita. If you would like to contact me, here’s my cell phone number.” She reached between her breasts with two fingers, pulling out what looked like a business card. Considering she didn’t have her usual clothing on and this damn outfit didn’t have any pockets to make use of, she figured that would be the next best place to store something as useful as that.


Temp:  Wolf watched the Investigator as she slowly stood back up, taking note of her careful movements. She moved slowly to prevent a misunderstanding of hostility. Wolf felt no fear for this woman though, so it was unnecessary. Overall, she was pleased that the Investigator wanted peace between humans and ghouls. It surprised her to hear the woman speak of her former kills as just, considering some of them were humans. She must have realized in her time with the CCG that something was ‘off’ with the organization, as well as with some of it’s Investigators. Her requiring Spider made no difference to her, so she nodded in return. The body meant nothing to her after all. Her days of cannibalizing wildly were behind her, now she only did so if it was necessary. She was about to turn and walk away when the woman revealed her name, and even gave her some contact information. Nikita. An interesting human to say the least. She reached out and plucked the card from her fingers, stuffing it into her coat as she continued to stare at her. “My name…” She spoke lightly while returning her mask to her face, and then pulled the hood back up to cover her head. “…is Mina.” It had been a long time since she actually spoke to anyone like this, and not to mention using her real name. “If you ever need me…howl.” Those were her last words before she walked away and jumped through a window, making her way back out into the city.

Moo:  With the nurse safe and knowing she could have Spider for the CCG, Nikita felt pretty relieved. And despite everything not going according to plan, she was able to leave this place without being injured–or killed, for that matter. Kato would also be okay, more than likely. Having had the card taken from her, Nikita gazed at Wolf, who actually ended up calling herself Mina as her face was once again taken up by that infamous mask. If you ever need me…howl. It was noted as the woman watched her new acquaintance walk away, jumping through a window. Standing there for a few moments, Nikita gazed after her, though she was more or less just looking out to the skyline. Shaking her head briefly, she sighed and walked to pick Rupture up off the floor. It would be placed back in her suitcase before she walked back toward Kato’s still body. It would be convenient if he woke up at this time. If not, Nikita would have to bring the gurney over and lift him onto it. As for Spider…

Taking her cellphone from between her breasts–her current storage–Nikita flipped it open and clicked for a speed dial. Upon someone answering rather formally, she replied. “Spider has been dealt with.” A brief pause before adding, “Ota General Hospital, top floor, east wing. Collateral damage minimum.” Closing her phone and tucking it away again, she knelt down next to Kato, pressing her fingers to his throat. As she suspected, he was alive. Very much so. Her hand slid to his shoulder where she would give him a gentle shake. “Kato. Wake up, Kato.” Pulling her hand away, she gazed down at his face. Was it going to be okay to keep this a secret from him? She could trust Kato, but she didn’t need him involved in some way that would complicate things. It would be some time before she decided. In the meantime, she would develop a story based on how much detail he remembered.


Temp:  Kato had been unconscious for several minutes, and had subconsciously heard some strange things. These things were pulsing through his mind and forming into a strange sort of dream. He heard someone state their name, speak about flowers, some sort of giddy sounding chick, concrete crunching and grinding together…none of it really made any sense. It was all incoherent and jumbled together, and was then coated in a constant static. There was no way he would be able to piece it together. Perhaps the dream would come back to him in the future.

The sounds around him were fuzzy as his eyes opened and wandered about the hallway, but eventually locked onto Nikita. “Wha…what…happened?” The last thing he remembered he was in the hall and saw Spider and something else. Everything after that was black. Did he get knocked out or something? He slowly sat up and looked around him for any clues as to what happened, but ultimately didn’t find much. Eventually he stood up and rubbed the back of his head. “Don’t tell me I missed the fight.” His words were pretty much met with an answer as he looked to the side and noticed Spider, who was very very dead. “Shit.” So he had fucked up, right? Hopefully Nikita wouldn’t lecture him into the next century.


Moo: Apparently Kato was going to be easy to wake up. Nikita found herself feeling a little more at ease as her shoulders relaxed and she gave a soft exhale. It seemed as though he didn’t remember much, with the way he was tossing questions. He apparently came to somewhat of an assumption–probably one that involved her strict lecturing. She smiled a little gently instead, standing with him now. “You worried me there for a second, Kato.” Could she pull it off… that only a few minutes had gone by?“Apparently Spider was prepared for a few extra guests. There was a nurse here with him, but I had her evacuate the floor.” This would work, right? Hopefully. “He was about to feed from her when he noticed us. You probably saw him leap at you from that girl. It had us both surprised… I was able to throw him back with Rupture before he harmed you, fortunately.” She lifted her hand and placed it firmly on his shoulder, giving it a slight squeeze. “Be on guard next time. We can’t afford you passing out again.” Now hopefully Kato would assume the rest. She had implanted enough of a story that he could piece the rest together; logically, he would assume she had taken Spider down on her own, and it would be left up to his imagination as to how fast the ghoul had actually been dealt with. Lifting her hand to fix some of her bangs, Nikita smirked a little then, looking satisfied. Of course it was a front. “The mess will be dealt with… But more importantly, do you feel alright? It looked as though you hit your head pretty hard.”

Kato rolled his shoulders a bit to try and relieve the stiffness of his muscles, and shook his head rapidly to try and wake up. “Sorry Ma’am, I’ve still got a lot to learn it seems.”How the hell did Spider manage to knock him out so quickly? Spider was a dangerous ghoul, but he was in no way a quick or tactical combatant. It was completely out of character for him to subdue a target. As odd as it was there was no reason for him to doubt his superior. “Thanks for handling it, you weren’t hurt right?” He hoped that she had taken care of Spider without issue, and not been wounded. There were no clear wounds on her that he could see, but he needed to be sure. His vision soon drifted to Spider’s body. It didn’t really look like a typical kill from a quinque at all. Still, doubting Nikita’s explanation was silly. He turned back to look at her as she asked him how he felt, giving her a quick nod. “I’m fine, surprisingly.” There was something strange about all this, but he couldn’t quite figure out what it could be.





Ota General Hospital : Part Two – TG.

Sunny the nurse has walked in on a fight between an investigator and a suspected ghoul, right on the top floor of the Ota General Hospital.  Will the nurse flee, or stay for the show?

Scene setting : Ota General Hospital – Tokyo Ghoul.

Written with Temp and Moo.


Temp:  The Investigators jump had saved her from any sort of damage or disable, but that wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. Once she had slid past her she came to a stop, and then stood back up. Her single red eyes immediately locked onto the woman across from her, and was followed by a small giggle. “If I was really resisting, you and your partner would be very dead.” Wolf stepped forward as she released her Kagune, which shot out from her upper back. The very strange and metallic white Ukaku almost seemed to shine in the dark of the room. Due to this being a close quarters combat situation, her Ukaku projectiles would make quick work of this woman. “Are you sure you want to fight me? I mean…really…fight me?” She’d not even used her Kagune yet, and had only shown it. Not to mention she still had her trump card, her Kakuja. Killing this Investigator wasn’t something she wanted to do, but beating the shit out of her was a completely different story.


Moo:  Landing back on her feet to whip around, Nikita let out a breath, inhaling again through her nose to keep it even. It was strange to hear Wolf giggle; it caused Nikita to blink, looking slightly surprised. Her grip tightened on her quinque, however, when she spoke. As light as her tone was, her words were heavy. Needless to say, she felt threatened hearing the ghoul ask about fighting. The sight of her kagune was strange, but nothing could come as a surprise to Nikita when she knew Wolf cannibalized.“….” Silence would greet Wolf for a few moments, until the woman felt like being ballsy again and simply rushed to swing her sword again. Unfortunately Rupture was good for damaging attacks, due to its size. Kato’s quinque–Viper as he called it–was much faster and would more than likely fair better against Wolf. Nikita’s size and build would have to make up for what her weapon lacked. Now wasn’t the time to question if it was worth the effort. Both of them were holding back for obvious reasons, and they needed to be discussed. “…You’re the most peculiar ghoul I’ve ever laid eyes on,” she confided. “What are your motives?” If she couldn’t neutralize Wolf before questioning her, Nikita would simply do it in the midst of battle, should it continue.

Razorbackwriter:  Sunny was thrown back as the lift came to life again, only this time the lights on the floor panel all lit up and the lift roared upward. It was like the lift had a mind of it’s own and wasn’t stopping at her designated floor. The nurse’s bright jade coloured eyes burst open as she was overcome by a sense of fright. Unusual for the plucky nurse, but when unexplained events like this occur, the nurse was human just like everyone else and feared something was not quite right. With a loud bang the lift finally stopped at one of the upper floors. Sunny placed a hand to her rounded bosom and let out a sigh of relief as the doors slowly slid open. The only problem was the lights outside the lift were flickering, and not only that; there was a strange smell. Like…gunpowder and…blood. Blinking, Sunny took a few steps forward before her head could be seen as she surveyed the hall outside the lift.

“H..Hello?” She whispered out. The floor was not at all crowded like the other ones. This one was practically deserted. It was most unusual. Treading carefully, the nurse stepped out of the lift and she could just hear a voice that was coming from the eastern part of the floor.

“…You’re the most peculiar ghoul I’ve ever laid eyes on.”

Sunny gasped. A ghoul was on this floor? Sunny didn’t know what to do. Should she get back into the lift or should she investigate? Plucking up her courage, Sunny tip toed along the corridor towards where the voices were coming from.



Temp:  Wolf wasn’t very impressed by the Investigators movements or fighting style, but that was due to her clearly not fighting like her life was on the line. Then again, Wolf wasn’t fighting like that either. This Investigator likely knew more about Wolf than most, which could mean she was a high ranking member of the CCG. The silence that she was met with from the woman was somewhat expected, and so was her second attempt at attacking her. Most Ukaku users were very mobile and relied on their projectile weaponry, so if you were to close the distance you’d have an advantage, but Wolf was different. When the sword came down towards her she used her kagune to slam into the sides of the blade, effectively holding it in position and keeping it from hitting her.“Motives? I seek justice.” She would then raise one of her legs and attempt to slam it into the woman’s chest. The kick would obviously be much stronger than any humans kick, and would likely disarm the Investigator when combined with her holding her weapon in place. The presence of another within the area was something she had picked up on, but it would go ignored unless the human came into sight.


Moo:  Nikita’s arm jerked to the side as her weapon was held in place. The first half of it retracted back to its normal shape, but from the point of contact with Wolf’s kagune up to where the woman stood, the weapon would still be broken apart. Nikita glared at Wolf the moment she opened her mouth to speak, Justice? The slamming of the ghoul’s foot to her chest sent her reeling back, letting go of her quinque to fall back on her ass. The air left her lungs for a moment and she gasped to get it back, sweating lightly as she grimaced. But she wouldn’t let up; she looked up toward the petite ghoul and finally found enough air to speak again as she held her chest tightly. “You don’t kill investigators. You cannibalize ghouls who kill needlessly. What are you? A vigilante? GIVE ME A BREAK.” She panted from using little breath for a lot of words. “You have too much attention on you from the CCG. Why don’t you hate us yet?” Nikita was of course unaware of the innocent nurse nearing the scene, as delicate as her footsteps were. The action dragged her attention away from noises such as a whispered hello. “… You want equality. We’re not so different, you and I.”


Razorbackwriter:  The bright eyes of our innocent little nurse were now wide as ever as she chanced upon a battle that was going on right on one of the higher floors of the hospital. It was almost unreal to think that the CCG would dare take on a ghoul or…whatever it was in such a place. From what Sunny could see, there was a little wolf masked ghoulie thingy fighting against what had to be an investigator. One thing was for certain, the investigator was taking a right beating, being kicked in the stomach and sent flying onto her ass.

Sunny’s head bobbed about as she clasped her hands together. “Oooo that looks like it hurt.” The nurse now giving her own little commentary on the action. If she had a flag and a bleacher it would be sport. Keeping in behind one of the laundry hamper trolleys, the nurse kept bobbing up and down like she was afraid of a projectile or body coming her way.

“You don’t kill investigators. You cannibalize ghouls who kill needlessly. What are you? A vigilante? GIVE ME A BREAK.”

Sunny did a little fist pump and then rolled her hand like she was barracking. “You tell em!” Talk about going from shit scared to suddenly enthusiastic. To be honest, this was the most exciting thing to happen during her shift. Again she ducked up and down, offering a thumbs up when she could.



Temp:  Wolf smirked as the Investigator was flung back by her attack, and was now in possession of her quinque. The presence of the other human was made quite clear to the both of them when she decided to speak. Was she out of her mind? Wolf tilted her head to the side curiously as the Investigator continued to lecture her, but she only let out another giggle in response. Using her kagune she flung the Investigators weapon back towards the human that had been commenting on their fight. The weapon would wizz just past the girls head and smash into the wall behind her, causing half the weapon to be lodged in the wall. “I only kill those that deserve it.” Her form of justice was deep within ‘evil’ territory, but her cause was just. The fact this human wanted equality was also something she found very interesting, but just how true was it? The fact the woman didn’t go all out on her certainly supported her claim. “Equality can only be gained through blood, and both Ghoul and Humans must die to obtain it.” In order for there to be peace, the instigators of war needed to be silenced, which is what Wolf was aiming to do.


Moo:  Nikita stared at Wolf while she giggled before her attention was grabbed by a rather loud nurse. Blinking, the investigator stared at the woman, her mouth forming the words what the… How could someone cheer her on so loudly and carelessly? Did that nurse not value her own life? She flinched while she watched the weapon fly toward her cheer leader’s head, though it would miss quite luckily. And another problem within itself…Nikita no longer had a quinque she could reach easily in case she needed to. Then again, Nikita realized that this ghoul was not like others as she began explaining it.“That’s a vague generalization,” she muttered, sitting up fully with her hands on the floor. Her eyes had wandered from the nurse back to Wolf, narrowed completely. Hearing equality being obtained through blood, she suddenly found herself remembering what Ruvik and Kato had been debating about in the cafe. “… As long as there’s bloodshed, I doubt either side is going to seek peace. Regardless who’s doing the killing, there will always be a scapegoat. And it will always be the opposing side.” Somehow, this chain of events was slowly changing Nikita’s mind. “I want the same thing, but how easy is it to accomplish?” It was very scarce to find ghouls and humans with mindsets similar to theirs, after all.


Razorbackwriter:  Sunny was in the worst possible place to suddenly think it was alright to cheer on as a spectator to what was a life and death fight between an instigator and a ghoul. It brought the attention of both combatants squarely in her direction. The wolf like ghoul being so annoyed that she hurled a weapon straight for Sunny’s head – barely missing it by inches and cutting straight into the wall behind her.

“Not..good….Not…good.” The Nurse squeaked as the weapon was wobbling back and forth from the force of the impact. This was serious, and not to mention, it was the investigator’s weapon that was stuck. The poor girl! Sunny, had to help. She plucked up the courage, shouting out. “I got it!” literally grabbing onto the end of it and trying to pull it free from the wall. She dangled and swang back and forth – grunting and pulling with all her might. Truth was, Sunny was good at helping patients get in and out of bed, getting a weapon that was stuck in a wall out….that was another story. Every so often you could see her swinging back and forth, crying out hopefully that she would have it out of the wall real soon…..any moment. Yes, the clock is ticking.

Finally a crack appeared and with the weight of the nurse on the one end, the wall gave way….as did Sunny and both she and the weapon crashed to the floor behind the laundry trolley.

“I got it!”

Sunny held it up triumphantly with a look of pure satisfaction that her valiant efforts paid off.

Gingerly, the nurse stepped out from behind the trolley and swung the weapon before giggling. ‘Who want’s a piece of me?”

Was she high?





Ota General Hospital – Tokyo Ghoul.

Ota General Hospital is the primary hospital within the 11th Ward. Due to the nature of the 11th ward the hospitals staff is double that of normal hospitals. The CCG is especially active within this general area.


Razorbackwriter:  A new day dawned on Ota General Hospital and we see our favorite bubbly little nurse, “Sunny” wearing her sunshine badge proudly and pushing a cart along filled with bedpans. The dinner ladies were also in the halls bringing breakfast trays to the many sick and elderly that had filled the wards to capacity. Such was life at the Hospital. A tight ship run by a head strong administrator and a team of crack doctors – some of the finest in all the city.

Turning her little trolley into a men’s ward filled with old timers that had little time left, Nurse Nancy White was a welcome sight to these men. At the sight of her voluptuous figure with a uniform that clung to each shapely curve, the men often forgot all about breakfast…and anything else as they sat up happily in their beds. Ready for some TLC, Sunny style.

“Morning Gentlemen!” Sunny chorused as she passed each bed with a wide smile and flashing green eyes. “Bed pan change time!” One thing about Sunny, was she wasn’t quiet. She tended to practically sing out, not that the patients minded any. It wasn’t the nicest job in the world to collect bedpans, but Sunny made it so. Her overseeing Matron found Nurse Nancy to be a little bit too cheerful and always assigned her the worst tasks. But no matter what she was asked to do, Sunny would take to it like a duck to water and do so with a smile – like today.

“Anyone need a pee bottle?”

All the hands in the ward rose sharply into the air.

“Tee Hee….so eager. I like that.”



Temp:  Kato and Nikita had made their way to Ota General Hospital, having just come from Mimi’s Cafe. Kato was the one driving as usual, and so far everything seemed to be rather normal outside. It wasn’t a long trip from the cafe to the hospital, so there really wasn’t all that much time to talk. Soon enough they arrived at the hospital, and Kato parked within the emergency vehicle zone, which was in the back part of the building.“We’re here.” He was short with her, but what more could you expect from someone so focused on serious work. The doors were unlocked and he stepped out of vehicle, quickly grabbing his suitcase as he did so. “Right, we should get inside quickly.” His plan was simple. Acquire hospital outfits as well as a gurney, which would be used to place their quinque’s on. The gurney would of course be covered, and Spider would likely assume that he had a three person meal on his plate.


Moo:  Nikita was relatively quiet during their time in the car, as she knew he was no longer in the mood for making conversation. Kato was very serious in his work, as was she. So this was a mutual thing, and she came to like it rather quickly after meeting her subordinate. Having finally reached their destination, the woman stepped out of the car as soon as the doors were heard unlocking. The two would make their way inside and proceed with the plan she had been told. “In we go, then,” Nikita said as the doors slid open. If they were questioned, it was as easy as flashing their badges, though Nikita was pretty famous on her own. With ease, the two would be dressed up in their attire rather quickly, Nikita sporting a rather form-fitting nurse’s outfit. “God, the sexism here,” she muttered to herself as she slapped her case down on the gurney. Once his was placed there too, she would situate them and toss a blanket over them. This was pretty easy so far. She just had to put back her hair and put on a pair of glasses and nurse’s cap. She felt she might be recognized too easily otherwise.“Location?” The woman gazed at Kato expectantly. It would be important which floor they would be on and how much clearance they would have for the fight, if one occurred.


Temp:  Kato and Nikita had successfully made their way into the hospital without issue, and quickly got their hands on the necessary items. The outfits were pretty form fitting, and were especially so for the females. He looked over at Nikita as she spoke of sexism, and chuckled lightly at it. “At least you look good in it.” Kato looked down at himself and just shook his head. The scrubs were very bland, and totally not within his sense of style, but it wasn’t a really big deal. “The top floor has the least amount of patients and staff, which makes it a prime hunting zone for Spider. That’s where we’re headed.”Now that he’d shared their destination with her, he started to push the gurney with her and they eventually went into the elevator. After a short ascension the doors opened and revealed your typical hospital hallway, but there was clearly something ‘off’. The lights were completely out. “Nikita…I think we should get out our quinque’s.” Was Spider waiting or expecting this? Maybe this was how he picked off easy targets. Within the confined space of this elevator there would be little room to use a quinque. Deciding not to wait for Nikita’s opinion he flung the sheet off of the gurney and immediately opened his suitcase. He was quick to pull out his quinque, which he often referred to as viper, and stepped out of the elevator and into the hallway.


Moo: Nikita couldn’t help but smirk while Kato gave her an indirect compliment. She nearly chuckled as she watched him look down at his outfit in obvious distaste. Though the moment passed rather quickly before he was business again. Nikita nodded as he explained the top floor would be the best bet, and mentally gave him an A+ for thinking ahead. This was why Kato was impressive, among other things.“On our way then,” she replied smoothly, grabbing the gurney as he did. Pushing it to the elevator was easy, and the wait until they reached the top floor was rather short. Though upon the doors sliding open with that familiar ding, they found themselves staring out into a dimmed hallway. It was at this point that Kato would hump ahead to grab his quinque. Silently, she watched him step out into the hallway and grabbed her own suitcase. Instead of opening it right away, she stepped out into the hallway with it simply, taking her glasses off. “And I was enjoying playing dress up,” she muttered lightly to herself, though there was no doubt he heard it as well. But now was a time for seriousness, so she was silent again while she set her suitcase down and walked a few feet ahead. Her subordinate was in charge here, and she had faith in him. He could guess she was going to act as the bait for a moment, just to test a theory. It would be unlikely that Spider had found out about their plans when they had just discussed them an hour or so ago. So this was his method of catching his prey.


Razorbackwriter:   With full bottles of pee, covered bed pans and relieved patients, Nurse Nancy washed her hands and said her farewell to the now happy male patients of ward 5B. She trundled the cart out into the main corridor which was packed with patients, Doctors and other nurses. Why was there such a rush? Sunny wondered. The pretty young nurse now had to take the bed pans and the bottles to be cleaned and then changed ready for the next nurse or orderly to take over in the shift rotation. As she passed by the nurses station, Matron Imma Evell was staring at her computer screen; transfixed by something. Sunny sung out happily. “Done ward 5B, Matron. Did you want me to do rounds of my patients in 4A before I go home?” Her voice was soft and light as she spoke, much to the Matron’s annoyance. The turtle horned glass wearing Matron grunted as she looked up from her screen.
“Done the bedpans, Nurse?”

“Yes, Matron.”

“That the trolley with them on, Nurse?”

“Yes, Matron.”


“Yes, Matron.”

Thankfully the Matron’s foul temper didn’t rub off on our Sunny. She just beamed her ninety watt smile and continued on her way, while the Matron growled under her breath and secretly shot the girl daggered looks. The other nurses in behind the counter giggled at how Sunny just let it wash over her like water off a duck’s back.

Nancy headed for the nearest service lift, to take her trolley down to the cleaning bay.




Temp:  Kato glanced back for a moment to see if Nikita brought out her quinque, and was pleased to see that she had done so. There was no telling when Spider might try and attack them. Now that they were here, and were as ready as they could be, he started to walk forward. He was sure to move his eyes actively and scan his environment for signs of movement. There was no telling when or how an attack would occur, but it was highly unlikely that one wouldn’t happen. Some movement was heard within the hall, but it wasn’t normal in any way. It sounded like gurgling and grunting, as if from something that was wounded. “Niki-“ He had turned to look back at her for just a second when a body flung into him at high speed, which knocked him through a door. There was just way too much force behind the blow for him to remain conscious, and as such he had passed out. The body that had hit him rested on the ground in front of the door, and it would be completely clear that it was a Ghoul, a dead Ghoul. The Ghouls kagune was out and was in the shape of several thin limbs. It was spider. Just what had happened here? If Nikita were to proceed further and take a look down the hall the body came from, she’d be able to make out a small figure sporting a white mask. The mask was in the shape of a wolf’s head.


Moo:  Nikita had just set down her case when something–or someone–came crashing through the place and hit Kato. He went flying and she immediately got her weapon out. He was usually much more graceful than this, so what was going on? She rushed to the door, staring after him as he laid unconscious. And Spider was dead on top of him. Now she understood someone else had come here to hunt the Ghoul. Rupture, as she liked to call her quinque, was out in a cinch. She allowed it to extend and cut through some of the small tendrils on Spider’s back just in case, allowing the edge of the last section of her sword to catch the body before she swung her arm, effectively smashing the body against a wall well away from Kato.

That being taken care of, the woman brought her sword back to its usual size and turned her attention to the corner where strange noises had been coming from. Not so carelessly, however– she set herself against the corner of the wall and peered out to find a small figure. Her eyes widened immediately at the sight. “…Wolf…” she murmured. It was nearly a whisper as her light brown eyes narrowed. Without jumping to the middle of the hallway, she simply turned and swung her arm around, Rupture breaking apart easily to attempt catching Wolf in a similar manner to Spider’s corpse. If successful, it would slam the infamous ghoul into the wall. Nikita’s goal was to neutralize this one, not kill her–and so she used the flat side of her quinque’s blade. It would hurt, but not sever.

Razorbackwriter:  The service elevator was nothing like the one that patients and staff used. It was like the inside of an old truck, with doodles and other pictures drawn on the inside walls. Graffiti of sorts and not the nice kind. This wasn’t exactly the nicest mode of transport, but with what Nurse Nancy was pushing in that trolley, you couldn’t expect her to use the normal elevators. The door finally slid open to the waste dispatch area and there were a few souls that were on this shift. One was Chapman, an old fellow in a grimy grey coat and matching boots. His mousy brown hair was unkempt and he could really use a shave. He happened to hear the trolley trundle out of the lift as the wheels bounced over the door grid. Seeing the bright and cheerful Sunny made him want to hurl. He, like Matron despised the girl, but more because she was so damn friendly, and Chapman hated people. He liked his little part of the hospital. A loner at the best of times and he wiped his nose with the back of his hand as Sunny passed him to start processing the trays. It was a nasty job. She snapped on a pair of rubber gloves and started singing to herself, but not before wishing Chapman a good day.

“What’s so damn good about it. girly? Ugh…must I have to put up with that infernal noise you call singing?” He really was a grouch. It didn’t bother Sunny at all, and she happily set about her task, as Chapman fumed in the background. He then got a really nasty idea. “You know, you’d make a nice meal for a Ghoul. Bet your bones would be ever so nice to suck on.” If Chapman was trying to unsettle Sunny….it wasn’t working.

“That’s nice.” She sung out before emptying another tray out and then putting the metal dish in the cleaning unit. Chapman pulled a face in behind her. “Women….bah.”

He turned on his heel and went back to his chemicals, as Sunny whistled and sung as she worked.



Temp:  Wolf had showed up at the hospital a bit before the two doves had, but she hadn’t expected them to be here at all. Spider was obviously on their to-kill list, and he was also on hers. Preying on sickly humans and kind human workers, how pathetic. When she learned of his existence she was quick to learn more about him. The Ghoul was an opportunist in every way. There was no real pattern to his attacks other than them taking place within the hospital. His attacks were sloppy and careless. He was a monster and nothing more. Wolf exterminated monsters, and as such she came to the hospital herself. When she did confront Spider he tried to attack her, most likely due to him wanting to cannibalize her. He proved to be a Ghoul fitting of his nickname. An insect. An insect that was quickly smashed beneath her boot.

The body of Spider was used as a soft projectile to immobilize one of the doves that showed up, but there was still another that she had to deal with. Her single kakugen showed itself as the woman muttered her name, and then followed it up with an attack. Her movements made it clear that she was experienced, but her attack was lacking in something. The intent to kill. Did this dove not desire to kill her even though she was a Ghoul? A Ghoul that had just attacked her partner? Interesting. Her weapon was interesting in that it could change shape and be used for utility instead of damage. She was very quick to react, and immediately bolted forward towards the woman. As the weapon approached her she dropped to the floor and slid against it, aiming her legs forward and at the woman’s shins. This was meant to disable the human, and nothing more.


Moo:  Immediately seeing as Wolf was intent on dodging her attack, Nikita began to retract her blade, sweeping it down toward the floor with the blunt end once again. “Stop resisting!” She was able to jump high enough to avoid her shins being hit, spreading her legs slightly while the force of Rupture hitting the ground helped push her upward. Hopefully the people on the floor below would have common sense to avoid coming up here, as the impact sent a rattle through the floor that no undoubtedly echoed below. And honestly, it was amazing that Nikita was lasting this long in a battle against Wolf; this ghoul was formidable and notorious for taking down investigators quite easily. Already, Nikita found herself panting with the amount of force she was applying to her blows, which weren’t making the contact with Wolf that she needed. Anyone else might have already been downed by this one.


Razorbackwriter:  With her work completed in the cleaning bay, Nurse Nancy again went to wash and scrub her hands clean before leaving. Chapman had more or less left her to her own devices, which wasn’t such a bad thing. He wasn’t exactly the most charming man to be around. Wiping her hands with a cleansing cloth, which she disposed of thoughtfully in the nearest bin, Sunny made her way back to the service lift. She now had two more wards to check on before signing off and heading home to the Nurses apartment block. Sunny shared a room with Gloria Foreman, a five year nurse who specialized in theater work. Their odd rosters often meant that when Sunny came off a shift that Gloria was on her way to work. So, they didn’t exactly work the same floors or the same times. Very much passing like ships in the night.

Getting back into the service lift, she pressed the button for one of the higher floors, and hummed happily to herself as the doors eased to closing and the lift shunted into movement.

It was while the lift was rising up through the building, that a sudden quake seemed to make the whole lift shake and grind against the side walls. The light at the top of the lift flickered on and off, as though something big had happened. An earth quake? An explosion? Sunny’s mouth fell open as all the lights on the panel display were lighting up and then blinking on and off.

“Oh myyy.” The nurse cried as it suddenly fell into darkness.