I am Australian.

It’s Australia day!  

Already had a great breakfast up at the racecourse, where there is Aussie celebrations and a whole lot of face painting and flag waving (as well as waving away the flies).   What was great to see, was all the different cultures and faces enjoying the sunshine and music.

Australia day means different things to different people.   So no matter what part of the world you are from, today is a day to celebrate the Aussie way of life.

Happy Australia Day.



Happy Austalia Day!


It is after Midnight writing this, but it is now Australia day.  In about five or so hours I am going to go and help one of our local community groups to serve an Aussie day breakfast.  I’ll be hitting the hay soon enough though to get a few hours sleep before hand.  So to all my fellow Australians….Have a good one!  Enjoy it with your friends and family and celebrate our nation’s birthday!