Macklemore – Wings parody about crap shoes by Fitzy and Wippa.

Fitzy and Wippa go back into their childhood and remember their crap shoes for this parody of Macklemore’s “Wings”

I was seven years old when I got my first pair
And I stepped outside and I was like, Mum, these KT-26ers right here
They’re gonna make me a target.
I hit the footy field and when I kicked, I kicked, I swear they were so sh**/not very good
I completely slipped, Mom I got dacked, this is the worst day of my life
Dunlop Volleys were next
That simplicity, that grip
The box, the smell, the $8 bucks that Mum spent
In school I’m playing the fool
‘Cause I’m wearing sunglasses at night
‘Cause these basic shoes I’m wearing are fluorescent white
At lunch I wasn’t the best, on the grass I couldn’t maneuver
But give me these shoes when I finish school and I could become a roofer
I need some new shoes, I’m livin’ in hope
And then my friend Gary’s brother got rolled for his Adidas Tennis Champs, whoa

Stop complaining mate and say hello to the local freak show
I was wearing Trax with an X, no laces heaps of velcro
Dead legs, chinese burns, kropeks and camel bights
My injuries became more prolific when my old man went out and bought me a pair British Knights
I wanted to be hip
I want a pair of Nikes, I want to touch the rim
Probably never a chance, with the shape that I was in
I was pretty fat.
Australia, it begins

I want to cry
‘Cause we can’t afford expensive brands
These are just as bad as my two stripe parachute pants
And I wonder why
I wonder why
I get knocked to the ground
And everyone agrees
That Mum brought these off the Balinese
And she bargained them down

We want what we can’t have, it’s the poorer kids motto
I wanted Adidas footy boots but Dad decided Lotto
I remember Pat Cash and in tennis his winning aura
But do you think he won Wimbledon in a pair of Diadoras?
My boobs became acclimatized to constant nipple cripples
That’s because I’m playing 4 square in a pair of black ripples
I wasn’t asking for the best because I knew all the risks
Just a second hand pair of Reebok Pumps or even Puma Disks
Look at what I just got, a dirty pair of Adidas Romes
They’ll go well on my yacht and or even in my French Chateau
Decided to take up b-ball, time to show them on the court
But how am I to dunk it, rocking in these Aerosports
We are what we wear, we wear what we are
But see I look inside the mirror and I look like a Nissan Pulsar
Will I stand for change, or stay in my box
These shoes help me define me, and we are classified pov

Countdown Classics – Split Enz : Dirty Creatures.

Taken from the live show Australian music show “Countdown” in 1982, New Zealand band Splitz Enz performed their hit song, Dirty Creatures which reached the national top ten.  Song writers were Neil and Tim Finn, and Nigel Griggs.  Neil went on to form Crowded house in the late 1980’s.


Dirty creature comin’ my way from the bottom of a big black lake
Shuffles up to my window makin’ sure I’m awake
It’s probably gonna pick my brain, got me in a vice-like grip
He said one slip, you’re dead, ha

Dirty creature of habit, little horror here to stay
Anyone in his right mind would tell it to go away
But the river of dread runs deep, full of unspeakable things
The creature don’t mess around, I don’t wanna mess with him

I don’t wanna sail, I don’t wanna sail
I don’t wanna, I don’t wanna sail tonight
Dirty creatures got me at a disadvantage from the inside

Tentacles on the brain keep me from falling asleep
I’m rooted to the spot, the beast don’t know when to stop
Sneakin’ up from behind, binds and gags my wits
Dirty creature got my head exactly where he wants it

I don’t wanna sail, I don’t wanna sail
I don’t wanna, I don’t wanna sail tonight
Taniwha is waiting for me just below the surface so bright, yeah
Even as we speak the dirty creature springs a nasty surprise

Dirty creature knows my type, found it in a magazine
He’s seen the look of fear before splattered all over the screen
The animal magnet thug draws me out of myself
I need a dragon-slayer who can save me from myself

I don’t wanna sail, I don’t wanna sail
I don’t wanna set sail for the middle of nowhere tonight
Dirty creature’s got me at a disadvantage from the inside
I don’t wanna sail upon the waters of invention tonight


Aussie Cooking – Easy Vegetable and Bacon Slice.

6 eggs
1 large zucchini grated
1 carrot grated
1/2 onion finely diced
1/2 cup grated cheese
300grams thinly sliced bacon
Pinch of nutmeg and baking powder
Salt and pepper to taste

Beat the eggs in a large bowl then add nutmeg, salt, pepper and baking powder. Then softly stir all ingredients together. Place in lined tin and bake for 25mins at 180 degrees.  If – like most I know – you have problems with onions & lactose (FODMAPS) etc. substitute onion with lots of chopped chives. And cheese with grated lactose free cheese !! Yummy 🙂

Things I love – Peanut butter Tim Tams.


Any die hard Australian knows the joy of eating a Tim Tam biscuit.  One of the few pleasures in life, if you ask me.  But of late, Arnotts has come out with some new flavours to our old favorite, and I can’t tell you how much I love the Peanut butter flavored ones.  I happened to be buying petrol at Caltex, when I was going up to pay for my fuel, and saw this packet of Peanut butter Tim tams for only 50 cents.  Normally they are up to $4.00 a packet.  I’d not tried them before, but as a fan of PB, I thought I could spend the 50 cents and find out.


YUM!  That fine layer of peanut butter sauce mixed with filling in the middle made them sweet and reminded me of my mother’s chocolate peanut spider clusters.  (Something I miss terribly.)   I’ve since bought more with my weekly shopping – on special of course, and enjoyed them with my coffee.  One thing that we Aussies love to do is the Tim tam bomb.  To give you a good idea of how we eat them for extra oomph, check out the video below.


Prejudice by Tim Minchin.

Tim Minchin is a genius.  Enjoy “Prejudice”.  It will make you smile.

This is a song about prejudice
And the language of prejudice
And the power of the language of prejudice
It’s called: Prejudice

In our modern free-spoken society
There is a word that we still hold taboo
A word with a terrible history
Of being used to abuse, oppress and subdue
Just six seemingly harmless letters
Arranged in a way that will form a word
With more power than the pieces of metal
That are forged to make swords

A couple of Gs, an R and an E, an I and an N
Just six little letters all jumbled together
Have caused damage that we may never mend

And it’s important that we all respect
That if these people should happen to choose
To reclaim the word as their own
It doesn’t mean the rest of you have a right to its use

So never under estimate
The power that language imparts
Sticks and stones may break your bones
But words can break hearts

A couple of Gs – jeez, unless you’ve had to live it
An R and an E – even I am careful with it
An I and an N – and in the end it will only offend
Don’t want to have to spell it out again…


Only a ginger can call another ginger Ginger
Only a ginger can call another ginger Ginger
So listen to me if you care for your health
You won’t call me Ginger ‘less you’re ginger yourself
Only a ginger can call another ginger Ginger

When you are a ginger life is pretty hard
Years of ritual bullying in the school yard
Kids calling you Orangu and Fanta Pants
No invitation to the high school dance
But you get up and learn to hold your head up
You try to keep your cool and not get het up
But until the feeling of ill is truly let up
Then the word is ours and ours alone

Don’t you know that…
Only a ginger can call another ginger Ginger
Only a ginger can call another ginger Ginger
So if you call us Ginge
we just might come unhinged
If you don’t have a fringe
with at least a tinge
of the ginge in it
Only a ginger can call another ginger Ginger

Now listen to me
We’re not looking for sympathy
Just because we’re sensitive to UV
Just ’cause we’re pathetically pale
We do alright with the females

Yeah I like to ask the ladies round for ginger beer
And soon they’re running their fingers through my ginger beard
And dunking my ginger nuts into their ginger tea
And asking if they can call me Ginger
And I say:
“I don’t think that’s appropriate!”

‘Cause only a ginger can call another ginger Ginger
And all the ladies they agree it’s a fact
Once you’ve gone ginge, you can’t go back
Only a ginger can call another ginger Ginger

Yeah go ginge, go you funky mother fucker ginge

Yeah, you can call us Bozo or Fire Truck
You can even call us Carrot Top of Blood Nut
Yeah, you can call us Match Stick or Tampon
But fucking with the G-word is just not on

If you’re a ginger-phobe and you don’t like us
We will stand up to the fight if you want to fight us
But if you cut yourself you might catch gingivitis
So maybe you should shut your funky mouth

Only a ginger can call another ginger Ginger
Only a ginger can call another ginger Ginger

So if you call us Ginge
You can’t whinge If your injured
If you don’t have a tinge
of the ginge
in your minge

Only a ginger can call another ginger Ginger
And you know my kids will always be clothed and fed
‘Cause Papa’s gonna be bringing home the gingerbread
And they’ll be pretty smart because they’ll be well-read
And by “read” I mean “red” and the other kind of “red”
It’s a homophone

Only a ginger can call another ginger Ginger
Only a ginga can call another ginga Ginga
Just like only a ninja can sneak up on another ninja

Yeah, only a ginger
Only a ginger
Only a ginger, yeah
Are you listening-er?
I’m not pointing the finger
I’m just having a sing-er
I’m just remindin’ yer

That only a ginger can call another ginger…Ginger