National Anthem of STRAYA (to the tune of Hey Ya)


My country don’t share no borders
‘Cos of all the waters that surround our land
Thank god for our resources
‘Cos they are the sources of our wealthy land
Don’t try to find the capital
Or fight the animals
You’re on your own
Just drive from town to paradise
And you’ll see why we call Australia home


You think you’ve got it
Oh you think you’ve got it
But have you got a rock where there is nothing at all
We get together
Oh we get together
The weather’s always better when there’s cricket involved
And we believe that mateship is forever
We’re all mates, we’re all mates, we’re all mates
We’re all mates, we’re all mates
And we’re multicultural
So why ya why ya
Why ya why ya why ya
Not living in Australia when you know we are so happy here


Alright now fellas
Now what’s cooler than a big cold beer?
Ice cold!

Shake it [x9]
Shake it like a polaroid picture
Shake it [x9]
Shake it like a polaroid picture


Men in slow motion – A classical piece.

This clever ad for Carlton Draught was produced to be aired for a football Grand final, which they do every year.  The song is taken from “Nessun dorma” by Paola Roncolato, though the lyrics are a little different.

Slow motion

Slow motion.

At normal speed, men look really ugly.

They look much better in slow motion.

It makes me want to sing quite loud.

Now, now, I want a Carlton Draught, chips and lasagne.

Who wants my salad?

I feel I need to take another drink and then a lie down.

Where is my choir?

~Choir sings~

I need to sing

because I love Slow mo

Slow mo….SLOW MOTION!!!!!