Show me your truth! – The Kingdom of Wrath – PD.

Katrina’s cheeky ways may land her in hot water with the Princess of Wrath; Sayaka.  One hell of a cat fight is about to commence. – Princess Diaries RP.



Of course, she wasn’t asleep, she was too disciplined to let her guard down like that. Especially with the issues of what was troubling her. No. She was merely in thought, as she always was when she was alone; resting and thinking. The two things she prefered over anything. Even with the fact she was Wrath Incarnate, she loved to rest and think, simply being calm and relaxed above tense and angry. After all, it did give one wrinkles to worry too much about things, especially about things that you couldn’t control in the slightest.

Sayaka’s fiery golden eyes, once a burning crimson that they had been before the . . . well, that wasn’t important, all that was important was a simple fact: she hadn’t been expecting someone to be in the throne room. Till, of course, she saw who it was exactly. Normal indeed, a look which held a burning icy sense to it stared down at the cat, someone infamous for mischief; and some stranger things to be found in Hell. Sayaka rose an eyebrow at the woman, simply watching her with a calm gaze, but one that also seemed to burn and freeze at the same time. It was unnerving for most, but for this one Sayaka knew her normal attitude didn’t faze a creature like this.

Her eyes closed for a mere moment, and what could have been a tiny smile of sorts crossed over her face, as she listened to the being. Sure, her sentence had a double meaning of sorts to it, however the secondary sentence cleared everything for the Princess. Despite her cold demeanor, she could have her moments of softness, who didn’t in all honesty though? You’d have to be a Sociopath of sorts in order to not. That or just plain depressed. There was a slight rustle, but even with that it was difficult to tell she was moving until her hand, covered in a elbow length, crimson and black colored glove which was skin-tight on purpose, set itself on the cat’s head, rubbing her head softly.

“You are a greedy one, but then again, it’s better than being prideful..”

The truth that, Sayaka had a genuine and complete dislike for those who couldn’t swallow their pride for anything. And that happened to be ALL of the Kingdom of Pride, recipe for disaster right? Well, only time could tell with Sayaka. She had other things to worry about. 



Kingdom of Wrath – Castle

Oh, there was nothing that Kat loved more than to have her head stroked. That little pink tongue stayed stuck between her teeth and her eyes gave off a far away look as she instinctively started to purr. Dropping to her knees and letting her slink black tail curl happily around her. Talk about hitting the spot. Not a G spot, but a Kat spot. Normally when she waltzed into kingdoms, the Princes set the dogs on her. She tended to say and do things that would have others set on the edge of their seats. Untrusting of the feline minx. Then again, they didn’t realize that Kat could also offer the one thing that many prize….comfort. To stroke a pussy cat often brought down the heart rate…though for some it sped up.

“Hehe, greedy for affection? I’ll bite that.” The tongue slid into Kat’s mouth and she chewed her bottom lip playfully. “A girl has to work for her cream sometime.” Everything that Kat said had a sinful double meaning. No wonder she belonged in Hell. If Sayaka had bothered to notice, the cat had yet to be collared. Owned by no one, more of a stray if anything. She simply wandered from place to place, her reasons were her own. Honestly, who questions a cat?

Kat moved her head beneath Sayaka’s getting the most she could out of this show of affection from what was a most dangerous demon. The Demon of Wrath. “I bet I could make you purr too.” Naughty, naughty Kat.

“Have you guessed what I am yet?” Kat figured that the Princess of Wrath would have figured it out. With a powerful aura about her, she was bound to know much about what came through her doors. Though at the moment, most of her staff seemed to be leaving her to her devices. Like they knew when it was the right time to let her dwell on things, to think.



“Hmph, a sight to see that. But, first you should remember a few manners yes? What is it that you want?”

Sayaka knew demons, and knew them well. Though this one definitely wasn’t a demon more than likely, just considering everything in all honesty. But then again, she could be at the same time. Sayaka’s voice was calm and clear, icy in tone and obviously disciplined. Of course she was, she was in charge of one of the most volatile Kingdoms in hell, she had to be disciplined. And being a Princess of Wrath didn’t always mean one had to stay angry, no.. in fact one who led Wrath could be calm as they come and still represent Wrath in essence with their power. That’s what Sayaka’s flames did, but no one had ever seen those flames, she’d never used them before in front of anyone, not since the day her training ended.

In any case, Sayaka had to raise an eyebrow at the woman silently, eyeing her with cold, but blazing, golden eyes. She obviously wasn’t one to joke, but that’s why she simply answered the girl with a calm disposition. The only Wrath who was actually able to be calm, it was a surprise to be honest for those who did not know her ahead of time.

“Either a cat-type demon or a Witch. Though either are possible.”

Perhaps the Princess did have something locked away with the new color of her eyes, that flaming gold was strange and abnormal even for a demon like her, almost as though it wasn’t hers at all. It was there in plain sight, but only for those with the eyes to see.



Kingdom of Wrath – Castle

Kat slid out from beneath Sayaka’s hand and purred as she crept up and then went to standing. She had asked a question, but like everything that Katrina did, it had a double meaning. Not so much asking if the Demon Princess knew what Kat was, but what she REALLY was.

“Close. I am…more what you need if anything.” What could the Princess of Wrath need, you might ask. Taking one step away, then another, she walked with one foot crossing the other as she showed a sleek form that was dressed in a skin tight black fit, bold and figure hugging. Her tail whipped about her form in a sensual manner as a dark aura radiated about her form. The cat creature was a sinister bitch after all.

Turning slowly, she started to chant.

I only speak the truth
I only speak the truth
I only speak the truth
I only speak the truth

She brought her arms together straight out in front of her as her two fingers met and pointed straight at the Demon of Wrath.

“I’m a challenge!” Her form was enveloped in a green blaze of swirling light and power, crackles of lightning erupted from the green haze as she spun hard and fast in the center of the vortex she was creating. Her golden curls lengthened as she started to cackle loudly.

“Chamma chamma re chamma chamma
Chamma chamma baaje re meri paejaniyaan
Re chamma chamma baaje re meri paejaniyaan
Tere paas aaun teri, saanson mein samaun…

Chamma chamma re chamma chamma
Chamma chamma baaje re meri paejaniyaan re
Chamma chamma baaje re meri paejaniyaan
(chamma chamma)
Baaje re meri paejaniyaan…
Re meri paejaniyaan (eh, chamma chamma)

(Eh, chamma chamma)
(Chamma chamma baaje re meri chamma)
Oh, yeah yeah… oh uo uo…
(Baaje re meri paejaniyaan)
(Baaje re meri paejaniyaan)

Tere paas aaun teri
Saanson mein samaun teri
Tere paas aaun teri
Saanson mein samaun raja!”

Kat had come to Wrath to see for herself if the calm visage of Sayaka was nothing more than a veil of deceit. She withdrew her wand and made a circle with it as the chanting filled the room.

“Show me your truth!”



RPC – Shamus Gold aka The Dark One.

Name: Shamus Gold – The Dark One.

Quote : “Let’s make a deal, shall we?”

Age: 1307 years

Race: Demonic wizard

Alliance: Only makes deals with who he chooses.

Status/Job: Collector of antiquities and deal broker.

Personality: Wicked, evil, scheming, manipulative, conniving, dangerous,

Relationship Status: Happily single

Orientation: Straight

Likes: Deals, fools, Sins, Knowledge, Power, Trinkets and Anarchy

Dislikes: Contemptuous idiots

Powers: Ability to grant wishes with powers once a deal has been signed. Forged upon a special parchment – that cannot be destroyed once it is signed. The Dark one uses his magical powers though they always come at a price to those that seek his services. He is also able to use powers such as shifting, spell casting, summoning, teleportation, realms walking, and weapon crafting. Can spin gold from straw when stressed – it helps relieve his ills.

Weapons: He is the Weapon.

Strengths: Ability to see opportunity and moves to strike when his target is in their greatest hour of need. Sensing emotional turbulence and then addressing it with a deal that is hard to refuse. Though he might explain the dangers in his deals, he works on the fact that when a person wants something bad enough, they will do anything to get it.

Limitations/Weaknesses: A dagger that bears his name, said to be hidden in the dark glade in an unmarked plot. Only the bearer of the dagger can control the Dark one from using his powers against others. The Dark one can be killed, but only with that same dagger. The name of the killer is then etched into the blade and thus they become the dark one as the powers are then transferred.

Background: ~Sitting on a tree stump, the creature known as the Dark One notices that he is being watched.

”Ah, there you are, children. Well, I’ve been waiting for you all to gather, and now that you have it is time to tell a story. In a land far far away, there were seven Princes of Hell. Each of them were ruled by their creed, being the Seven sins. Course, each had their fair share of problems. War..lost love…loss of a cock…loss of a face, and would you believe the loss of a hand. But in their strife’s and misfortunes, there comes a time when fate needs a little push. They don’t all know it yet, but I have been watching since the very beginning. Oh yes…comical as it has been up till now. But, my children, the gloves are off. I’ve been to see the Doctor, and before you ask why….I have my reasons. He has something that soon, many will want.”


”Are you ready to make a deal?”

The Maze of Greed – Part Fourteen : SS


It is now shaping up to be the finale for the Maze of Greed.  Who will win?

Scene setting – The Maze of Greed : Seven sins series.

Co-written with Dessy.



The Maze of Greed

The shield like barrier that the twins constructed around Mariela was enough to stop the first green blasts of energy from reaching their target. Crackling and then exploding into nothing but green puffs of smoke, it was enough to create a diversion from the efforts to get Bandit well clear of the Princess of Greed’s wrath. Raul however WAS paying attention and went to move forward in a bid to go after the crippled girl, but Lydia put her arm up to stop him.

“Did you so easily forget what I said…Warlock?” There was a terrible menace to Lydia’s tone, as she again rounded on her true target, Mariela. The young witch was now facing her nemesis – the woman she once trusted with everything. Now it was truly a showdown worthy of the book of Shadows. Lydia’s face was one of annoyance, but it soon turned to a sadistic smirk. She didn’t remember ever having young men in the maze. And how was it possible that they were able to create a magical shield, like Mariela could. Lydia’s green eyes sparkled as she stared the trio down.

“My my my…what have we here? Tweedle dee and Tweedle dum?” She was actually quoting names from Alice in Wonderland, which was interesting considering that the doorway or rather looking glass to Wonderland was right behind them. “I don’t remember the two of you, from the Fallen Mansion.” Lydia said with a ripe curl to her lips. She ran her tongue along her top row of teeth as she mentally calculated what it would take to bring down the shield. On another note, Lydia had seen the girl run off with Bandit. The smell of that girl was distinctly human. Lydia’s eyes flashed towards Scar, who was standing just shy of the shield.

“You little bastard. Use your hat to get reinforcements against me?”

“Wasn’t that hard, Lydia, since tall dark and stupid over there – sent me to get them Oh, by the way…is that a new face? Rip it off some poor innocent that was fucking your latest flavour of the month?” Talk about being accurate. Raul shot the Alp a nasty look, while Lydia reached up to touch the stretched new skin over her deformed face beneath. The alp was triumphant in hitting a raw nerve. “You could steal the pink ass of a baboon and try to cover your narky features, and it still wouldn’t be something I’d want to touch.” The alp was now dancing around as he could practically see steam coming out of Lydia’s ears. Raul had to suppress a laugh, since he himself thought that it was funny. Lydia snapped her head around and growled at Raul.

“Do you want your little cripple to suffer my wrath when I am done with little Miss Perfect and her boys?”

“She’s mine to deal with, Lydia.” Raul growled, now feeling that she was walking on dangerous ground.

“Well, laugh it up cause the curtain is about to come down on this performance.”

While the pair were busy arguing, Scar whispered out of the side of his mouth to the twin holding the collar.

“Use your powers, to throw it at her neck. It should lock on. That will bind her use of magic and you can finish this.”



Dessy:  As the green blasts of light hit the field, they exploded into nothing but puffs of smoke. Mariela tilted her head as Raul attempted to follow Tessa and Bandit. Lydia put her arm in front of him to stop her, before speaking to him in a menacing tone. “What’s wrong, Lydia?” Mariela spoke in a sympathizing tone. “Don’t want your little lapdog going after another female?” she spoke, giving him a sarcastic smile afterwards.

As she spoke about her brothers, Mariela turned to look at them. At this point, the force field was off, leaving her vulnerable – not that Mariela was worried. “They’re my brothers. Remember, the one’s I told you about? They’re witches just like I am.” she spoke, turning to look back at Lydia as she spoke about her brothers. Her head turned to Scar when Lydia spoke to him, and she nodded. “Your little “boy toy” sent him away to there. And he brought my brothers with him.”she said. She turned to speak to Scar, and Mariela turned her head to look over at Scar when he started talking.
Mariela crossed her arms as Scar spoke, before turning to look at Lydia. “That is a new face, isn’t it? It doesn’t help anything… you still look like a traitorous bitch.” she spoke with a serious expression, shrugging her shoulders afterwards. She had to bite her bottom lip to stop from laughing as Scar commented on her face. But when she growled and turned to Raul, Mariela raised her eyebrows in a fake shocked expression.
Hearing the threat, and then Raul’s threat back, caused Mariela to laugh. “Careful Lydia… You wouldn’t want him to leave you for another woman again, now would you?” she spoke, tilting her head as she spoke to her, before turning to look at Raul. “And you have nothing to worry about – she’s perfectly safe. But she is not yours to deal with.” she then spoke.

Meanwhile, Scar was whispering to Sean about putting the collar around Lydia’s neck. He nodded, before looking at his brother and also nodding. Mariela just needed to keep distracting her with talk while they did this. Sean began moving to stand next to Mariela, Sam standing on the other side. They did this while Lydia and Raul were talking. Now, to wait for just the right moment… they only had one shot.



The Maze of Greed

Seeing Mariela with this new and bold attitude did not sit at all well with the Princess of Greed. Lydia had thought that butter would not melt in the girl’s mouth before, and yet the girl was now a kitten that was baring her claws. Such a change, that the Princess had to wonder just how that happened to be possible. Was it due to the fact that she now had her brothers here to back her up? Would she react any differently without the help of the hapless Scar?

Lydia lowered her arms as the girl was now giving her a good mouthful about how Raul could possibly leave her for another woman, namely the one that had just been taken to safety by the human Tessa. Raul still had his eyes on the direction that the pair went and he was practically twitching to leave Lydia to her own mess, and go seek out Bandit for himself.

Lydia’s eyes glowered when Mariela said her new face still made her look like a traitorous bitch. Her eyes flickered over to Scar, who could be seen whispering into one of the brother’s ears. If anyone was a traitor, it was Scar. How the Princess bristled with anger to watch the demon that she herself brought out of the book of shadows, turn and support the likes of Mariela. What none of the small group realized was that the Queen of Hearts was watching all this in the mirror and was making gestures that suggested she had plans of her own for the Alp. She had brought alongside her a few of her card guards, and one…executioner. They assembled quietly behind the mirror, while in the maze, the Princess and Mariela were facing off.

“I think a tea party is in order….Hatter.”

Hearing the Queen of Hearts speak, the Alp turned his head, but this meant he did not see Lydia raise her arms and fire a massive green bolt of energy that sent him spiriting backwards….right into the mirror. Scar appeared on the other side of the mirror, and was grabbed forcibly by two of the Queen’s guards. The alp kicked and screamed, thrashing about wildly as he was now caught in the one place he dreaded most – Wonderland.

“Now, he is out of the way. Time to make you pay, Mariela.”

In the mirror, the two guards held Scar down as the executioner brought up his axe. One of the crimes for disobeying the Queen was to lose one’s head – even if he hadn’t really done anything to the Queen, this time. Scar screamed and pleaded, as the Queen laughed at the hat wearing alp. The Queen of Hearts raised her head in triumph as she knew that Princess Lydia would get her revenge and then some.


There was an almighty scream as the axe whistled through the air….when….

~CRASH!~ The mirror was shattered into a million pieces….by the axe wielding giant. Duggie had come out of nowhere and for reasons that could not ever be explained in his fury at being struck out of the maze by the Princess he was now on a rampage.


He didn’t know, but he had just sealed Scar’s fate. Without the mirror…there was no way to save the alp. Headless or not.

“My mirror?!” Raul cried and slapped his palm to his forehead. “You giant idiot.”

“I’ll deal with you later, ya big jessie. Where is Bandit? She will lead me to Quinn.”

It was now or never for Mariela and her brothers. The final chance to take down Lydia in the middle of the confusion. Raul blurred from the spot where he was standing, and then went on the hunt for Bandit himself, leaving a screaming Lydia in his wake.

“GET BACK HERE, YOU FOOL!” Her cries were sure to bring back nothing but silence from Raul, who was now searching another part of the maze for Bandit and Tessa. Rounding on the Witch and her brothers, Lydia growled.

“You are nothing without Scar and your human friend to help you against me. I AM…THE PRINCESS OF GREED!” She was charging up and growling fiercely as she began to warp and twist into a massive green coloured dragon. Snapping at the sky as she went to blow a huge green fire ball at the trio below.




Dessy:  Mariela was showing a different side that wasn’t seen before. She was baring her claws. Lydia completely underestimated the witch. She was a lot more than Lydia thought she was. A lot more than what Lydia saw of the young witch. And, honestly, she was tired of whatever game it was that Lydia was playing. Lydia lowered her arms when Mariela spoke about how Raul would leave her for Bandit. She seemed to hit the right nerve – that was always a good thing.

Mariela’s eyes shot towards the mirror when the Queen of Hearts spoke. She looked up just in time to see Lydia shoot a green bolt of energy at Scar. “No!” she called, but the Alp already ended up in the mirror. Mariela watched as Scar kicked and screamed, turning back towards Lydia when she spoke.


She heard the Queen of Hearts scream, and she turned her head to see the axe in the air… and then the mirror shattered into a million pieces, by none other than Duggie. “No!!” Mariela screamed, turning her head towards the Giant. “What are you doing?! There’s no way to get him back!!” she screamed at the giant.

Her gaze shot back when Raul spoke, before he disappeared in search for Bandit. Lydia began screaming for him, but he never answered, and this caused Mariela to smirk. She held her hand out, removing the vines that covered the pathways.“Follow him. Now.” she spoke, turning her head towards her brothers. Sean, still holding the collar, threw it to Mariela before they both ran off to try and find Bandit and Tessa before Raul could.
Her gaze went to Lydia, her eyes staring her down in anger. Lydia spoke about her being nothing, and Mariela laughed.“That’s where you’re wrong, Lydia.” she started. “I am a lot more than you think I am.” she spoke. The instant Lydia turned into a dragon, the collar flew to snap around her neck, not giving her a chance to shoot anything at Mariela. Mariela was… angered. She wanted nothing more than to kill Lydia, once and for all. This was a new side to Mariela that no one has ever seen before.

She looked down to the shattered pieces of mirror. She then kneeled down, grabbing the sharpest piece she saw and picked it up. She held it up and ran a finger down the sharp end. “We’re going to end this… Once and for all.” she spoke, before she turned and began marching in Lydia’s direction.

She was not happy… and it was time she finally ended Lydia.



The Maze of Greed

The Dragon was blasting fiery green flame balls at anything that moved in her path. Duggie, who was in her line of fire held up his battle axe and tried to deflect the powerful balls, only to find that his shaggy eyebrows and red beard caught fire. The poor giant let out a wild cry and dropped his axe, trying to distinguish the flames that were threatening to engulf his face. Seeing the giant having such trouble the dragon Lydia let out a loud and sinister laugh, with green smoke pouring out of her nostrils. There was nothing quite like seeing a giant Irishman on fire. Oh the colourful words he was shouting, it was enough to make a sailor blush.

With the boys now having taken off after Raul, it was down to the plucky young witch and the monstrous dragon Lydia. The dragon raised it’s head and roared loudly as it brought up a massive clawed foot to stomp down on the young Mariela. But just as she was about to crush the girl, the fabled collar that Scar had been forced to wear along with Bandit – whizzed through the air and grew large enough to snap around the dragon’s neck. The instant that the collar locked into place, the dragon screamed and thrashed about as the magic that had made Lydia turn into the beast was now being extinguished. Clawing at the air and stomping, its tail whipping out and thrashing the very walls of the maze, the dragon started to turn back into the sinister Princess of Greed. A great cloud of green mist seemed to absorb all of Lydia’s powers and flew into the very witch that had thrown the collar at her. It seemed that the collar had taken Mariela for it’s Mistress, and now Lydia was enslaved. Clutching madly at the collar, Lydia screeched and screamed in horror.

“YOU BITCH! YOU CAN’T DO THIS TO ME!….I GAVE YOU EVERYTHING…AND THIS IS HOW YOU REPAY ME!” Violent protests spewing from her mouth, as Lydia failed to see that it was she that had been the traitor to their friendship. Staggering back she raised her arms to blast Mariela to kingdom come, but as she aimed her fingers at the girl, nothing happened. Again and again she tried to charge power, that simply wasn’t there. At the same time, the beautiful face of the girl that she had stolen was beginning to melt off in horrid gloops that stained her beautiful dress. It was the most horrific thing that anyone could ever see. The true Demon that lay behind the fake mask, was a grotesque and ugly demon. Screaming even more in horror as she felt her face slide off, she started to cry.

“I’m melting…I’m melting..”

Duggie, who had managed to put out his smoldering beard, but now had no eyebrows, took one look at Lydia and then started to gag.

“Ohhhh that’s ugly…”

“My face!…My beautiful face..!”

Growling the demon turned on Mariela and with her clawed hands outstretched, she staggered at the girl, ready to choke the living daylights out of her.




Dessy:  Duggie held his axe up in an attempt to block Lydia’s flames – but it didn’t work. His beard and eyebrows had caught on fire, and while he ran off to distinguish the flames, it left Lydia and Mariela face to face. Lydia the Dragon lifted up a foot to crush Mariela – but Mariela had the collar around her neck before she had a chance to do so. Mariela watched as she screamed and thrashed about, her body slowly turning back into her human form instead of the dragon.

All of Lydia’s powers flew through Mariela’s body. She could feel it. By this point, Mariela had reached to grab a shard of glass from the broken mirror off the ground, all the while leaving Lydia to scream and yell. Lydia screamed about how she gave her everything. She didn’t. She didn’t give Mariela anything.
“You gave me nothing.” she spoke, continuing to walk towards Lydia. Sure, she could easily kill her with her magic… but Mariela would get more pleasure doing it without. She watched Lydia’s face melt, and heard Duggie mention from behind her about how… ugly it was. Lydia reached her claws out towards Mariela as Mariela drew closer, but it did nothing as the young witch stood in front of her. She then took that piece of glass, and shoved it straight through Lydia’s chest.

She held it there, feeling nothing but satisfaction at this current moment. She then pulled that shard of glass out of Lydia’s chest, at the same time as Lydia dropped to the maze ground. “You are no Princess of Greed.” she spoke, staring down at Lydia as she held the shard of glass in her hand by her side, dripping with blood.
She turned around then, facing the Giant. “Now… let’s go find that warlock…” she spoke, walking past him and in the direction Raul and her brothers ran off to. And she expected the giant to follow…



The Maze of Greed

The Death of Lydia.

One thing that had been consistent with the Rulers of Greed was the fact that their end came sooner than it did to most other royals of Hell. Was this due to the fact that the very land itself is cursed by the insane need to have it all? The moment that Lydia had become the Princess of Greed, she was on the path to self destruction, just like her predecessor; Mammon. Now, she was facing down without her powers against the plucky little witch who had grown into a very powerful woman in her own right. It seemed that the Devil was spot on in his remarks of her, that she was perfect. Perfect to be the next ruler of Greed and all it’s lands. If only Lydia had not been so blinded by her ambition, her other fatal flaw, that she could see what was going to come.

Now with the Demoness charging at the witch, she was so blinded by rage, that she failed to see the flicker of light that reflected off the glass mirror shard that the witch was armed with. With cruel precision, Mariela rammed the glass shard deep into Lydia’s chest. The impact made a horrid squealching sound as it drove right into the demon’s heart. The disfigured face of the Princess contorted even more of one of shock. The glass tore a massive hole into Lydia’s heart, and blood poured outward, spewing from the wound where the glass went. Mariela pulled the shard out of Lydia’s chest, leaving the demon to stagger back – holding her chest as she stared at the witch with a wide eyed expression.

“What have…you done?” Her cry was almost breathless, as blood started to pour out of her mouth. Lydia dropped to her knees as the young witch stood over her in triumph.

“You are no Princess of Greed.”

Lydia’s head drooped, but not before haunting words would leave her mouth.

“You….deserve to be in ….hell. You….you…are a murderer…damned…for eternity…” The now dying Princess’s head shook as she lifted her head one last time.

“You….may…be…the new….Princess…..but you….will die…..alone…”

The Princess then exploded in a foul gloopy green mess that covered all the maze walls. Sickening sounds of the gloop hitting the ground was the only sound that remained.

The Princess of Greed was gone.

Douglas wiped some of the foul slime off his face and then turned to follow the new Princess of Greed; Mariela. He marched over the broken shards of the mirror without looking down at it, but if he had…..he would have seen Scar’s face in every piece.


“Somebody To Love”

Can anybody find me somebody to love?
Each morning I get up I die a little
Can barely stand on my feet
Take a look in the mirror and cry
Lord what you’re doing to me
I have spent all my years in believing you
But I just can’t get no relief,
Somebody, somebody
Can anybody find me somebody to love?

I work hard every day of my life
I work till I ache my bones
At the end I take home my hard earned pay all on my own –
I get down on my knees
And I start to pray
Till the tears run down from my eyes
Lord – somebody – somebody
Can anybody find me – somebody to love?

(He works hard)

Everyday – I try and I try and I try –
But everybody wants to put me down
They say I’m goin’ crazy
They say I got a lot of water in my brain
Got no common sense
I got nobody left to believe
Yeah – yeah yeah yeah

Oh Lord
Somebody – somebody
Can anybody find me somebody to love?

Got no feel, I got no rhythm
I just keep losing my beat
I’m ok, I’m alright
Ain’t gonna face no defeat
I just gotta get out of this prison cell
Someday I’m gonna be free, Lord!

Find me somebody to love
Can anybody find me somebody to love?



The World inside Scar’s hat – Part Five : SS.

Scar is shocked at how those with magic in this world are treated.  He knows true evil and Mariela; along with her family were far from that.  Getting his bearings it is now up to the Alp to find the magic within himself to help the boys save their sister….

Scene setting – The World inside Scar’s hat – Seven sins series.

Co-written with Dessy.

Dessy:  “You keep it all hidden away?”

At this question, the boys looked at each other, then Sean turned to Scar. “Yes. Magic isn’t exactly… praised here. We’ve always had to keep it hidden. Magic is considered nothing but pure evil – even if used for good, like Mariela’s was.” Sean spoke, looking at his brother, who nodded in agreement. “We started putting more effort into hiding it after Mariela’s death. The town found out we were witches and burned the house to try and kill all of us. Calling us “evil”, and “monsters”, and “wanting nothing more than to kill them all”.” Sam spoke, anger slightly in his voice by all of this. “You’ve met our sister… tell us. Do you honestly think Mariela would use her powers for any sort of evil?” Sam asked, before turning back around and walking to the chest.

Sean grabbed something off of the wall as they passed by, heading to the end of the room where the chest was located. It was an amulet – Mariela’s amulet that she wore at all times. The amulet helped her have full control of her powers, and it was also used to unlock various things of hers – such as the chest. The boys knelt down in front of the chest, and Sean held the amulet in front of it – then the chest popped open. Sam looked up at Scar, noticing he was looking at everything on the wall. “Look around, if you want. We’ll need to flip through the journals to find what we’re looking for.” he said, before both boys started digging through the chest.

They pulled out journals, most of them singed or with the cover almost completely burned off. A few other things were in the chest, like artifacts, for example – whatever were most valuable. There were a few video tapes lying around that, once again, given to them by Tessa. The boys didn’t know what exactly they were looking for – but they would look through everything.

As Scar looked around at the pictures, Mariela was seen through different ages of life. Most of them had Tessa in it, but they were there. Down to when she was a young child, up until her nineteenth birthday when she died. A few pictures were of Tessa and Mariela as young children. Some had them smiling, some had funny faces, in most of the younger one’s Mariela would stick her tongue out in a childish manner. The last picture that was taken was on her nineteenth birthday, three days before her death, as was obvious with a banner in the background that said “Happy 19th Birthday, Mariela!” and party decorations. Mariela was standing next to Tessa, one arm wrapped around her with a big, bright smile on her face, green eyes full of life and happy, and her blonde curls were like they always were. Tessa was kissing her cheek in a friendly gesture, holding a cup of punch in her other hand that wasn’t wrapped around Mariela. Mariela’s personality and life when she was here could be seen shining through the pictures… the life before she died.

The brothers didn’t hear what Scar had said, but Sean looked over hearing Scar speak to them, a bit startled by the sudden flair Scar seemed to have. “Alright. Come help us.” Sean said, handing a few journals to him. “If you see something that looks like a teleportation spell, or something dealing with this collar, let us know.” when he mentioned the collar, Sean picked it up, examining it closely now. Maybe there was some sort of writing on it… or some sort of symbols that could help them out here. Anything.

Razorbackwriter:  How odd this world was? Seeing magic as all evil and then murdering those that practice it? If humans went to Hell, the place where Mariela was now, they would see true evil in its most horrid forms. What Mariela and her brothers practiced was light magic, the kind that was good. Scar could see that, yet humans couldn’t. What a foul lot they were. Not appreciating what should be a blessing and not a curse. Scar knew all about curses. He knew what dark powers could do and what fueled them. Take Lydia for example. The Demon of Ambition. Oh, she appeared sweet and gentile on the surface, but she was darker than most of the other heads of hell. She was cruel, and one that thought of no one but herself. She fitted into the new role of Greed with such ease it was hardly surprising. The more that Scar thought of it, the more he realized that Mariela did not truly belong in Hell. She was in a way an Angel. Least in his mind. Perhaps that was part of the attraction. Loving something he could never have, or hope to be.

“You’ve met our sister… tell us. Do you honestly think Mariela would use her powers for any sort of evil?”

Scar shook his head. He didn’t think that Mariela had a bad bone in her body. In fact, she seemed almost reluctant to use her powers. She was so shy about them. Was it an insecurity, or was it the fact that her power was what led her to end up being in Hell?

“No, I don’t think she ever would. If anything she would use them to save another, given the chance.”

This was as honest as you would ever get the Alp to be. Having him open up…oh if only Mariela could see this. See the human version of the alp. it would be an eye opener. Watching the boys recover an amulet that Mariela used to wear, and then using it to open a chest, Scar was told to look around, while the boys rummaged through her chest. Scar gave a curt nod as he was more than happy to peruse through all of Mariela’s pictures and treasures.

One picture he simply couldn’t take his eyes off was the one of her celebrating her 19th birthday, with her friend Tessa. The young witch was so vital looking. Happy, so very happy. The world at her feet, and there for the taking. Yet it was not to be. Scar tipped his head to the side as he saw how the camera had captured that radiant beauty that he had come to love.

“So beautiful.” Scar uttered as he passed his hand over the picture. Only thing was as he turned away from it, the images in the photograph started to move. The girls becoming animated. The photo had come to life, and Scar didn’t know that it was he that had caused it. Again, he was unaware of the true power of the hat.

“Alright. Come help us.” Sean was now ready to have Scar help them in finding a spell. He handed the alp some journals and Scar took them, before finding a small chair to sit on. One by one, he started to flip through the pages. His eyes scanning back and forth across the text. One book, that sat beside him and was next on the pile to be read, had a symbol on the front. Aged and tattered yellow stained pages poked out haphazardly, while the symbol glowed with a sudden brightness, as Scar muttered some words, that he read on another page. Mariela’s magic was able to be reached, via the true connection that he had with her.

Turning his head slowly, he could see the glowing symbol and then whispered.

“I think I’ve found something.”



Dessy:  Honestly, it was hard to live in a world where “magic” was seen as evil. There was magic much more evil then what the brothers and their sister practiced… but people believed all magic was evil. Except for Tessa. Tessa had found out on accident what the family were, but she saw the good they done with it and knew the goodness that Mariela had in her would cause her to use the magic for good only. Sure, Mariela was capable of doing dark magic with ease if she wanted to, but that’s the thing: Mariela didn’t want to. She wanted to use light magic. She wanted to use her powers for good… not evil, whether she was capable of doing it or not.

Tessa was the one who was always with Mariela when she practiced her magic. Watching, observing – she found it interesting that her best friend was so powerful, while she was just an ordinary human. She also found it interesting that a girl who could use both good and bad magic chose to only use the good magic and had no interest in practicing the dark. Tessa has seen what Mariela can do, when her brothers haven’t. Tessa was there for all of it. Every time Mariela wanted to try out a new spell – Tessa was called to be with her. Sort of just as comfort. She also documented things in some of the journals of what she observed and what Mariela explained. Mariela trusted Tessa with her life – which is why Tessa was the only one in town not involved in the fire, and the only person who ran back to the burned house after to comfort her family. Even now, she kept in touch with the family frequently – she was always treated like one, after all. Mariela and Tessa were like sisters.

Hearing Scar speak about their sister, the boys nodded in agreement. “Exactly.” Sam spoke, looking up momentarily. “I can’t recall a single incident where Marie used her powers for evil. She always used them to save someone else. She always put her life in danger to keep someone else from getting harmed – like what she did with us in the fire. She was always willing to risk her life, and sacrifice herself for others.” Sam said. He then looked back to the books, rapidly flipping through pages in an attempt to find something. A lot of this stuff was foreign to them – the boys never learning it, and Mariela never having the chance to teach it to them.

After Scar ran his hand over the picture, it came to life. The girls moving inside the picture – retelling what had happened on that day after the picture was taken. As the picture moved, Tessa could be seen wrapping her arms around Mariela in a hug, before her parents, brothers and other people there joined in for a group hug. They congratulated, and Mariela was laughing and smiling the entire time. The brothers never noticed the picture coming to life – they were too busy searching the journals.

“I think I’ve found something.”

Scar called, and the boys looked up at him. Scar was eager to help when asked for it, and he had grabbed a stack of books and sat in a chair. They turned their heads to follow Scar’s gaze, and Sean got up and walked to the now glowing book with the symbol on it. “How did you do that?” Sean asked, looking up and staring at Scar. “Actually, never mind… Hopefully this has what we need.” he spoke, and he reached over to pick up the book. He blew dust off the cover, and then opened the book to the first page. But he stopped as the pages of the book turned on their own, flipping through pages before carefully landing on a page that had just what they needed. Sam had gotten up by this point, walking over and standing next to his brother. Mariela’s magic could now be felt throughout the room… for reasons unknown. “Looks like Marie is still with us… and she already knows what we are looking for.”

Razorbackwriter:  Scar wasn’t entirely convinced that he had magic in this world. As far as he knew he was a normal human being, but the truth was that the magic resided within him, due to the Mariela. It was this connection that they had, that crossed beyond realms and reality. The awakening of those that were in the picture he touched was just the start. The boys were eager to see the book that Scar had been holding, and as the pages flipped through to the right place, it was clear that from the inscriptions, that they were going to need help on this. Not only that, because as Scar read the text he started to feel a pressing in his forehead. Little by little. His skin was stretching and the alp cried out as the emergence of a third eye appeared on his head. It was the most unnatural thing you had ever seen. A beautiful green coloured eye that was slightly larger than his other two. It may well have given the two boys a scare to see. Scar’s sudden cries might also have had them shocked.

Scar got up from his seat as the eye rolled around and around before finally settling. The eyelid opened and closed as though testing and the Alp was taking short sharp breathes. He reached up and waved his right hand in front of the eye, and it blinked a few times.

“I didn’t think I could do it.” It really was a shock. He still had some magic. Maybe not the hat, but something far more useful. The third eye. With shaking hands he picked up the book and then he started to go into like trembling fit as the eye flew wide open and projected a scene out into the room much like a hologram. What the boys would see, was the one thing that they would never wish to witness again.

The blazing fire that killed their beloved Mariela.

In a strange voice, Scar spoke. “This is the door way from this world to Hell. It is the way she traveled there. Take the collar, her handkerchief and her friend Tessa to the spot where the house stood.” Scar continued to tremble as the eye was now in control. “The power of three are needed to be united to fight the Demon of Ambition and Greed. The book will guide you.”

The holographic image soon faded out to nothing, and the eye closed – before sinking back into Scar’s skin. The alp then dropped Mariela’s book and passed out on the floor in a heap.



Dessy:  Sean scanned over the page, moving his eyes across the words… only to end up shaking his head. “I don’t understand any of this. This is a lot more advanced than the stuff we can do. The inscriptions, the writing… I don’t understand it.” he spoke, handing the book over to his brother. Sam ran his fingers along the page as he read each word.”Marie never taught us this… Either she never got around to it, or she knew we wouldn’t be strong enough to do it.”

Both boys dropped the book and jumped when Scar started screaming. They watched with wide eyes as what appeared to be another eye appeared on Scar’s forehead. At the sight of the big green eye, the boys took a couple of steps back, their faces holding shocked expressions on them. They simply watched Scar, the eye blinking a few times and Scar waving his hand in front of it. They were discovering a lot of new things today.

“This is just as shocking for us as it was for you…” Sam said, but grew quiet when the eye opened up a hologram. What they saw, was not something they expected to see… and the one thing they never wanted to see again. The fire popped up – the same blazing fire that killed their sister. A gasp came out of Sean’s mouth, and he stumbled backwards, getting caught by his brother who had wide eyes and a horrified expression on his face. After standing his brother up, the boys listened to the words Scar said, but flashes of the fire just kept appearing back in their thoughts.

They needed to go back. Back? To the one place that they tried to run away from? From the town they never wanted to see again? They had no choice. They’d have to deal through the painful memory… to save their sister. “Back? We have to go back?” Sean called, dread clear in his voice. Scar passed out on the floor, and Sam ran to catch the book. “Yes, we have to go back.” Sam said, tossing the book to his brother. “I’ll go call Tessa and let her know. Grab the collar and the handkerchief, as well as the book, and see if you can try to wake him up.” Sam pointed to Scar, and Sean nodded. Sam left the room, pulling out his phone in the process.

Sean immediately turned around, facing Scar. He held out his hand and sent a burst of light towards Scar, in an attempt to jolt him awake. He then turned around, grabbing the handkerchief and then grabbing hold of the collar, placing them on top of the book, which he held tightly in his hand. He then waited to hear back from his brother after his phone call with Tessa. This was going to be hard… but they had to do it. They had no choice.


Darkness. Scar was out cold. Whatever it was that was so powerful to awaken his third eye must have still been present in that room. It was a pretty good guess, that Mariela’s magic was strong within her personal effects, and having touched and handle these items allowed for Scar’s own magic to begin to shine through. The third eye was able to see not only Mariela’s end, but the best and only way to reach her from this world. It was pretty simple really. The last known place of the witch before her terrible death was the house of her birth. The house that had been consumed by the devastating fire. Of course, it is the last place on earth that the brothers would ever wish to be, and being reminded of it was enough to startle and shock both boys. This was going to be a great test of not only their courage, but also acceptance. Going back to the root of your fear and facing it takes a lot of guts. But the reason to go back was to be able and find a way to reach their sister and save her from the evil within the maze. Did the boys understand what Scar was really asking them to do? By bringing Tessa into this, the three of them – all the closest people to Mariela; would need to unite and hold the collar as they stand over the very ground on where she took her last breaths.

As Scar lay on the stone cold floor, his body would be hit by a burst of light. A jarring sensation like an electrical charge would travel through him and the alp would awaken with a fright. His hair smoking slightly, Scar sat up looking dazed. His third eye had disappeared from his forehead, having gone back under his skin. Now he just looked human again.

“My magic worked!” The alp explained, a smile starting to form upon his lips. He had been so sure that he had no magical powers in this world without his hat, but little did he realize that it was Mariela’s power that rubbed off on him and helped him to assist her brothers. Bless her.

Scar looked around for Sam, who was no longer in the room.

“Where is the other one?”

The alp didn’t know he was off trying to get Tessa. Seeing that Sean had all the things they needed to go and rescue Mariela, Scar was quick to get to his feet. Patting himself down, the alp did have one thing to say about being zapped awake.

“Next time, you could just slap my face to wake me up.” He did smell a bit like cooked bacon.



The Maze of Greed – Part Eight : SS.

Breaking the curse brought about anger from beyond the Maze.  The trapped trio were not ready for this turn of events.

Scene setting : The Maze of Greed, Seven Sins.

Co-written with Dessy, Artie and Phyln.


Razorbackwriter:  Scar stood in behind Mariela, twisting his bottom lip with two fingers as he hoped that Mariela would find her true power deep within and be able to undo the Warlock’s magic. It was all about the jewels. Break the jewels, break the collar. The Alp truly believed in her greatness, and had seen it well before Lydia had even bothered to notice. When she did however, Lydia wanted Scar to keep tabs on her, in her every movements. This was an unknown blessing, since the more time he spent with her, the more he fell in love with the pretty and innocent young witch. The wait seemed to be ages, and Scar had to hold himself back from over reacting when finally there was a cracking sound. The smile grew on his face as the human let out a joyous sound and it was true. Mariela had done what was deemed impossible.

“Hey… Hey! You.. You did it! Shit! That’s awesome!”

The collar was thrown into a nearby hedge, and while Mariela was probably checking the girl’s neck out, Scar went over and picked it up off the ground. He was curious to see if the jewels had indeed cracked. One had a definite crack in it. The collar was now faulty. Scar twirled it around his finger and let out a laugh.

“Now this is what I call…a souvenir.” He pretended to chew on it to see if it was real gold. Sure enough it was. The Alp could no longer hold himself back, and ran to hug Mariela. So thrilled that she did something good. But as he went to embrace her, there was a swirling of black smoke that built up to form the image of a man. That man. Raul.

“So….you are the one that broke the collar. My….little witch.” His eyes glaring at Mariela with a sickening menace. He pulled on his gloves as he shot a look at Bandit on the ground, covered in cuts and bruises. ‘“I’ll deal with you…soon enough, my sweet Bandit.” He rounded on Scar and Mariela and then snarled. “But….no one…touches my things!!!” He raised a hand towards Scar and blasted him back with a powerful surge of energy. Scar hit one of the hedge walls, while the collar spun around and around in the air. It was being controlled by Raul, as he started to grin and bare his teeth.“You’re the Witch’s toy boy, hmm? Well, how about I collar you!”

Scar tried to stand up, but the collar whizzed at him at speed and then locked onto his neck. The Alp struggled and tried to prize it off as his eyes pleaded with Mariela. “Get the human away…..quickly!” He didn’t want the witch to suffer, and thought he could fight the Warlock on his own. Raul raised his hand and then drew back sharply, with the hat flying off Scar’s head. It landed on the ground and then started spinning. Scar looked on horrified as he started to levitate. Gasses going into his nostril from the collar. He was fighting with everything he had in him. “Not the hat……Not the hat!” he screamed. The Warlock was now feeling a rising sense of triumph as he knew much of magic and the best way to get rid of Scar. In the hat. Scar started spinning round into a purple vortex, much like a portal opening from the hat. He was screaming out Mariela’s name as he started to get smaller and smaller and then with a loud bang….Scar vanished into the hat.



Phyln:  Boots clicking against the ground as Solomon approached the entranceway of the maze, bringing himself to a halt a couple steps from entering the maze. he tilted his head back as he admired the design work, Reaching out he placed a hand on the stone. “Well this is the place.” then looking forward again his eyes began to take in what was visible of the interior. He let out a small sigh of displeasure as finding his way through a maze was not exactly on his list of things he enjoyed. Reluctantly he stepped forward into the maze running his hand along the wall hoping that he would continue to feel the force he was drawn too and it would aid his path through the maze.

He continued on to a point where the way he had entered from was no longer visible. The deeper in he got the more vivid the sounds from within became. The maze and its contents were new to him he didn’t know if there were others further in or if creatures inhabited this place. His concern growing he reached his free hand into his jacket and pulled his cane a quick flick and the segments popped out and snapped back together with a click. Continuing deeper into the maze one had on the wall following the draw the other continuing the monotone click of his cane on the floor of the maze.


Dessy:  Mariela kept her focus on the collar – nothing else. As she ran her hand over each jewel, she heard a cracking sound. The collar then broke open, and Mariela let out a shocked gasp as it did so, before hearing Bandit’s happy words. “I did it…” she spoke, a bit shocked with herself, standing up. “I actually did it.” she said, giving a smile to Bandit and a nod. “You’re welcome.” she said, before she turned to face Scar.

She laughed as Scar twirled the collar around his fingers, then chewing on the collar. But Mariela was a bit shocked when Scar ran up to embrace her, but was more than happy to return his hug. Unfortunately, the happiness didn’t last as she saw the swirling of black smoke then the formation of a man. She narrowed her eyes, automatically assuming the guy was Raul.

“I am. And you must the one that made the collar… Raul.” Mariela spoke back. When Raul spoke the words “my little witch”, Mariela narrowed her eyes. “I’m not “your little witch”. You don’t own me.” she snapped back. She turned her eyes to look down at Bandit when he spoke to her, moving her self to be standing in front of Bandit as she turned her gaze back to him.

“Scar!” Mariela shouted when Scar was shot back, the collar locking around his neck. Scar shouted for her to get the human away, and Mariela opened her mouth to speak… but then Scar’s hat flew off and the Alp was being sucked in. “No!!!” Mariela screamed, but saw nothing left but the hat as Scar vanished. “Bastard!” Mariela shouted in anger. She then looked down at Bandit, and back up at Raul. The question was: fight or flight? She needed to get Bandit out of here… but now Mariela was nothing but angry, and the guy deserved whatever was coming for him.


Artie:  Bandit’s eyes hadn’t looked at Scar, instead they were closed as she focused on finally getting the damn collar off of her neck.. Finally.. But she knew this relief would be short-lived, as a terrible noise of Raul’s voice was heard. “I’m not something to be dealt with, you son of a bit-..” But Mariela had already begun to talk, Bandit’s eyes widening as Scar screamed and suddenly was thrown into the hat, only to vanish. “Fuck!” The blonde haired girl would look up at Mariela, already feeling defeat as her gaze would then turn to meet Raul’s, hardening.. With the last amount of energy she had, she would pick up the dagger that had previously fallen and held it up, sharp point towards Raul.. though, it required an immense amount of effort, her hand shaking as she began to sweat, mixing with the dirt and blood on her body. Worse come to worse, Bandit would take the blade and run it through her own heart rather than go back with Raul.


Razorbackwriter:  The Alp’s hat spun around and around as the cries of Scar faded into nothingness. Scar was gone. The Warlock raised his head in triumph. The pair were foolish to even think that they would dare be a match for him. Women were weak, in his eyes. All of them, even Lydia. She had her weakness. That was ambition itself. The very thing that gave her great power, was also the one thing that could bring her down. Even if she was the Princess of Greed as well. The two fused together could only spell disaster….eventually.

Mariela’s cries for her little Alp were falling on deaf ears. The Warlock acted out of revenge. For breaking Bandit’s collar, the pair would pay the price. Now that the Alp was in the hat….he was no longer a threat. Grinning, the Warlock mocked Mariela with an imitation of her voice.

“Scar!…Scar!…Ahahaha. Cry all you want, little witch, but your play boy is now lost to Hell…Forever.”

He watched how the witch kept looking between Bandit and him, as though trying to decide to fight or flee. Oh, that was right, the Alp told her to run. It was almost comical to think that Bandit could run….considering. Thinking he had it all under control, he simply folded his arms, instead of raising them and attacking the pair at the same time. That was, until he saw Bandit reach for her dagger. Oh yes, her favorite weapon – beside her mouth.

Bandit’s hand quivered and shook as she pointed the dagger at her Master. Raul didn’t seem phased. Again brushing off any fears that she could do him in. Not thinking for a moment she would use it on herself.

“Right….time to end this.”

Just as Raul lowered his arms, and started to march for Bandit, there came a massive roar from behind him. A loud…yodel that…had a Scottish edge to it.

“I don’t think so ….LADDY!”


A massive axe was swung with the blunt end towards the Warlock’s head, knocking him clear off his feet and into the bushes, where the Giant then gave him a right hefty kick up the arse.

The ginger haired giant with the speckled beard then looked down at the two tiny women that were there.

“Okeee…then. Can anyone tell me…where the bloody hell I am? Do either of you know a Quinn?”

It was Douglas…the Giant.




An Excellent Opportunity – SS

Scene setting : Pride castle.

co-written with Temp, Moo, and Nhal.


Temp:  The card quickly made its way into Astaroth’s hand as a guard took it to him. Apparently there was a way to get his hands on a secondary source of warriors. Normally he would only allow warriors that impress him join his forces, which was the reason behind his army being so powerful. There wasn’t a single member of his army that he couldn’t be proud of. However, hiring an outside source meant that this process would be overlooked. It seemed there was little choice in the matter, if he wanted to increase his forces that is. “Go there, tell the Doctor he works for me now…I will supply him with corpses of a quality he’s never before seen. I’ll expand his workplace. Whatever it takes. I will of course compensate you for this…Oh and one last thing…make sure he knows this isn’t a request.” He would supply the Doctor with ‘unique’ bodies as well as bolster his working environment, so long as the Doctor responded correctly. If his order was denied he would…pay him a visit.


Razorbackwriter:  No sooner had Astaroth taken the card, the Prince of Prides mind was made up. Not only would he supply the Doctor with a never ending source of quality corpses, but the Lab would now work solely for him and Pride Kingdom. No ifs no buts. This was to be relayed by the Ambassador and at haste. Valmont took the Prince seriously and bowed in a sign of respect that he understood the directives. He would receive payment for this messenger service, but it was all part and parcel of keeping in well with the Prince of Pride.

“I shall be certain to relay your orders to the letter, and that the good Doctor is well aware that he is to accept or lose an exceptional opportunity.” It was one thing for certain, that the Ambassador had ways of being not only discreet, but also clever in enforcing the wishes of others.

Knowing that the Prince of Pride did not like to be bothered about other trivial matters, the Ambassador bade his farewells.

“When the Doctor accepts, I shall send a raven to inform you of such good news, My Lord Pride. Till then…” The Ambassador snapped his heels together, then spun around and marched smartly out of the throne room. His next port of call would not be a Prince or Princess of Hell, but to find the Doctor and tell him of his good fortune.




Temp:  Astaroth watched as the Ambassador departed his Kingdom, fully confident in this new development. His army was already a thing of perfection, but adding creatures that were hand crafted for battle would further bolster his forces. Based on the unknown factors of who else Gabriel could be allied with, the possibility of a march into her Kingdom was very small. Mammon had made that mistake already, and he definitely didn’t plan on ending up like him. Instead of doing anything aggressive he would simply recover and bolster his defenses. It wouldn’t take all that long for his power to fully replenish, and when that time finally came he would immediately begin training. Just like in the past, he would spend every waking moment growing his power and his Kingdom, his pride. No matter what Gabriel or anybody else did, they could never take his pride.


Moo:  Ysera moved through the kingdom via the air…a better transport than any other. Her full dragon size began to shrink while she neared the castle, morphing to her humanoid form while she began to lower to the ground. With her wings being the last to go, she dropped onto the ground with a soft thud, and moved forward toward her Lord’s throne room without a moment’s hesitation. She had been hibernating underground for quite some time…and within hearing of the mayhem, she had been awoken quite unpleasantly. Needless to say, the informant laid in a heap of bones, the rest having been devoured. Ysera didn’t take well to being woken prematurely, as spoiled as she was.

The female walked through the doors as they were opened by guards. The kingdom’s uproar seemed to have quieted during her Lord’s time of healing. That much was good news. Strutting along the corridor, she finally came to a stop several feet from the throne, falling to her knee with her hand over her chest before the one and only Astaroth; the only person she would consider to be above herself. Peculiar pink hues lifted to take in the sight of the regal prince. “You look well,” she remarked. “My Lord.”


Temp:  Astaroth had been recovering for a decent amount of time thus far, but was still not up to 100% strength. The majority of his generals had already been addressed and ordered to do various things. The top priority was bolstering their defenses in preparation for any sort of attack. As powerful as the other Kingdoms were, there was no way one could just punch through Prides front lines of defense. Now that he had a contract with Hell’s Kitchen, as well as a possible ally in Lust, his position of power was nothing but furthered. It had taken quite a bit to push Astaroth back in that battlefield alone. The addition of his army would bring about mass destruction to anyone that opposed him. For now though, he would regain his strength and keep a watch on the happenings in the rest of Hell. The masquerade ball was something he was well aware of, but attending such an event in his condition would be foolish. Eventually he was greeted by Ysera, who showed her respect as usual, and as expected. “Hilarious as always Ysera, but I feel far from well…this will change in time, as you know…and then we will train until I become stronger.”His demon dragon form needed to become something he used only if he had to. His normal form was still formidable, but nowhere near the power of his demonic form.


Moo:  Ysera gave her Lord a meek smile, slowly standing once again. “You’re nearly well,” she remarked. As consoling as the words could have been, her tone was lacking…but that was normal for the woman. Her hands clasped behind her back in a formal manner. “I will be grateful to train with you.” She nodded as she spoke, her gaze set over Astaroth. “It would do me well… I’ve been sleeping far too long.” Normally, it would have been longer. But nobody was as talented as Ysera when it came to battle. She instructed Pride’s forces to do nothing more than obtain victory, while taking minimal losses. Of course, there were months at a time when another general took over her position. This one had failed, and would receive a pleasant visit from the draconian female. Order was a necessity in this kingdom, and she would not fail to deliver it. “That fool, Mammon…” She scoffed, closing her eyes as she turned her head. The woman’s arms crossed under her chest. “Had he not rushed into battle in a single day, he may have been able to overpower Gabriel.” Her pink hues slid over to gaze at her Lord when she finally opened her eyes, looking displeased. “If I may, my Lord… Why did you rush in with him?”


Nhal:  I would hope that you aren’t getting soft Astaroth… I hate that shitty movie cliche of some weak kneed politician hiring someone to do his dirty work for him.” A thick string of black smoke whisped into the room as the voice echoed softly, making a dark black cloud in the room. The cloud lingering, Anarchy stepped out from its blackness, causing the thick cloud to immediately disperse and disappear. The heavy metal boots of Anarchy thumped against the floor as he proceeded, walking closer to the pair. Anarchy’s face was hidden behind his white mask, his armored left hand holding a burlap sack, and his hair neatly tied back while his cloak fluttered softly at his pace.


Temp:  Astaroth remained relatively still and calm as Ysera spoke to him. He wasn’t surprised that she was curious about his reasons for joining Mammon in battle, in fact he had expected it. Going in without your army was never a widely accepted strategy, but he had multiple reasons for doing so. “I mostly wanted to find out who Gabriels allies were, and was rather surprised by how many she had…Lucifer himself spared my life.” Not that he was proud of that fact. Regardless, he had discovered quite a of information. He honestly hadn’t expected Anarchy to show up anytime soon, nor was he expecting him to speak in such a disrespectful way. His eyes narrowed as he glared at the being, clearly not pleased by his words. There was no reason to cause an issue right now, considering his condition, but Ysera could handle things. “Handle this Ysera, I’m in no mood for this.” Keeping calm furthered his healing process considerably.




Wicked – SS.

Scene setting : Greed Castle.

co-written with Moo.


Moo:  The question the woman asked left both Oroan and Serin a little dumbfounded. When they had just explained themselves, this woman still expected them to know? What the hell did they look like? “We just told you–” Serin began, a little irritated. A quick thought directed from Oroan had her close her lips together in a line.

“Yes, we were attacked… it was dusk, so the man’s features were hidden for the most part.” Oroan continued the conversation easily, obviously relaxed. Years of dealing torture to pry a person’s mouth open definitely had its perks–aside from causing pain. Although her cutting in to request the princess wasn’t making this any better for the pair.
“From what I could gather, he had long, long black hair…he was unnaturally tall–taller than me.” The brute’s meaty hand rose well above his head. “At least by a foot or so. But he was smaller.” Some description that was. Oroan couldn’t have guessed the man’s hair color or eye color. “But I can tell you he dealt in magic and he was obnoxiously strong.”

“Black Elemental magic,” Serin cut in. “He manipulated the wind, lightning, and fire.” She paused for a moment, hearing the ruffling of heavy skirts accompanied by clacking of heels against the floor down the hall. “I don’t know if he was watching us the entire time we were in the square, or if he had arrived while we were tending to business.”
By the time she’d finished her sentence, Lydia entered the room. Or she assumed this was the princess, as she looked royal enough for the part. Serin had to take a breath to compose herself, being in the presence of the princess. The shit- storm was most definitely growing.

“We know nothing of the war because we were no where near wrath at the time,” Oroan replied. “Milady.” He was sure to add the last bit not to seem rude. Gluttony didn’t call for such formalities, but this was entirely different. And with a female, no doubt. There was a slight bow of his head in respect, in which Serin mimicked. “I’m not sure if your guard understood what was being said, but we are here on behalf of Gluttony.”

“Or were,” Serin added with a shrug of her shoulders. “Yesterday, that is. We just finished explaining it to…” She looked to the woman before her. “I’m sorry…I never caught your name, ma’am.”


Razorbackwriter:  “Her name…is Mariela, Duchess of Greed.” Lydia said, jumping into the conversation as though she was in control of it. Mariela was keeping her lips closed, probably cause she had lost the little thief. Waltzing past the trio, with Scar dancing along behind his Mistress, she took her place upon the throne, and settled down – fanning out her skirts. With the pair explaining that they WERE from Gluttony, the Princess took that as being former employees of Gluttony. They claimed to be nowhere near the war at the time. The guard apparently mistook what the pair had said in his message from Mariela about them.

Drumming her nails lightly upon the arm rests of the throne, it wasn’t hard to see that Lydia was formulating a new and cunning plan.

“I was unaware that Baal allowed his staff to wander the kingdoms at their will. What a chap.” Lydia beamed a bright smile as she eased back, almost like a cat in how she presented herself. If she was any more feline, she would purr. “I am sure that Mariela has explained that we are in a transitional stage here. Mammon…the late…great…Prince of Greed fell to Gabriel at the battle of Wrath. Like you both, I was nowhere near the battle. But from our towers we could see….and hear it. Such a shame.” At this Lydia pursed her lips and then the smile formed once again.

“Naturally a new heir had to be chosen and of course with Mammon having no children, it was I that was made the new monarch of Greed. I am Princess Lydia Dominatus, also known as the Demon of Ambition.”

Scar leaned against the throne and tipped the front edge of his hat, as his Mistress introduced herself formally. Seeing her acting so grand was enough to make him chuckle, but he had to admire her style.

“Since you have both come so far, and it is such a long walk back to Gluttony, why don’t you both…stay for the night. Maybe….a bite. I am planning on a grand masquerade ball in the coming days. One to be attended by all the Princes and Princesses of Hell. The event of a lifetime.”

Lydia batted her eyelashes as she took out her fan and struck it open. “Also….there is a little thief loose in my grounds, and I would give a bag of gold to the first person to catch her. She has a chalice that belongs to me, and I want it back.”

The Princess shot Mariela a look, which would be hard to read. “No hands off this time, I swear it.”




Moo:  The pair’s eyes followed Lydia to her throne. As the demon sat, they both bowed in respect, having turned to give her their full attention. “A pleasure to meet you,” Serin directed to Mariela with a turn of her head. A brief smile passed over her lips, faked.

The princess’ prodding didn’t require any answer as she continued to speak. A small relief to Oroan as he couldn’t explain his situation completely. It would give them away if he didn’t word it correctly. While she spoke, he would think of ways to twist his story until it was satisfactory–until he heard the familiar name of Gabriel. “…Gabriel, as in Belial’s lover?” There was emphasis on the last word. Everyone knew she hated the man, as she often made her want to kill the man very clear. And rumors about the two spread constantly around the kingdoms. “I don’t suppose she went to war to avenge him.”

“So she finally killed Belial,” Serin cut in, voicing her thoughts under her breath. Her gaze moved from the floor in front of her to Lydia. The demon of ambition. It made sense for her to take over the throne, given her status. However, it was abnormal for Hell to let women take a seat in the throne. Serin had to avert her gaze to hide the narrowing of golden hues. Interesting that two women would take thrones in such a short time.

Serin and Oroan exchanged glances. Something about staying the night, much less eating the food in this place, was unsettling. However, there was something in the tone of the princess’ voice that made Serin feel like no was not an answer. The demon master straightened in order to look less casual. The mention of Nami gave her a tinge of worry. They were being offered gold to find the imp and return the chalice. To turn down this deal was also suspicious for a pair like them. An idea formed in her head slowly as the princess swore hands wouldn’t be taken. Of course, what punishment was left if not that?
“That is very kind of you, milady,” she answered with a smile. “The generosity is almost overwhelming. We could use a good rest and meal after last night’s events.” Of course Oroan would normally grumble at this point, knowing flesh and blood would not be part of the meal. However, he kept quiet. “A bag of gold is hard to pass up as well. We can start searching for her immediately if you would allow us.” She bent slightly before tilting her head to look up at Lydia, awaiting her response. Oroan had of course mimicked her movement.


Razorbackwriter:  There was a bowl of fruit beside Lydia’s throne, and she reached out to pick up a bunch of grapes, while speaking. Rather than be overly formal, Lydia started to pick off a grape at a time and popped one in her mouth – chewing thoughtfully as the pair spoke about what they knew of Gabriel. “…Gabriel, as in Belial’s lover?” The male asked and much to her pleasure in this, Lydia answered simply. “Yep.” The Demon of Ambition had heard the report first hand from another pair that she had given a ride to in the park, thus then forwarding this information on to Mammon – who reacted just as she had imagined. “I don’t suppose she went to war to avenge him.” He continued. Lydia smirked and then waved her gloved hand dismissively. “Oh no. Mammon was furious at the idea of a woman being on the throne of Wrath….and how the poor Prince Belial had been betrayed by his lover. He found women to be untrustworthy.” Now, if you were to hear Lydia say this, and then of course put all the pieces together about the fact SHE was now the Princess of Greed, you would have to wonder. “Mammon was the one that started the war.” Course, Lydia didn’t let on that he was given a little push, but in a very cunning way. “I dare say he would roll in his grave if he knew….heh.” Lydia didn’t finish her sentence but if you could see her eyes they were positively glistening. Be it from the fact she had used her very nature to secure the ultimate prize. His own kingdom.

Taking another grape and popping it into her mouth, Lydia was pleased to hear that the pair would seek out the cheeky little brat that had stolen the chalice. Snapping her fingers, a servant appeared and then handed the bag of gold to the pair. “Now. I am trusting you both to return that girl and of course the royal chalice she stole from me.” The gold coins jingled in the pouch and it was safe to say it was a considerable sum.

Business having been concluded, Lydia rose from her throne and then decided now was the time to write up those invitations. Devil knows they weren’t going to write themselves. “Good day.” Lydia said, taking her leave and with Scar following along behind her like a shadow, they departed from the room.

Going out into the corridor, Scar asked about Mariela. “Little witch seems to be a bit quiet. You really think she is up to the task of being Duchess of Greed? She couldn’t even use her powers to catch a thief.” The Demon of ambition just tutted as she walked along. Her thoughts were on other matters. The ball was to be a significant event in the history of Hell’s royals, and nothing was going to stop her from planning it. “She’ll find her feet. Eventually.” Lydia said dryly, before turning back into her study. Reaching the desk, she took out a large wad of parchment and started to write out invitations to each of the Prince’s of Hell….and of course, one Princess. Each invitation was to the reigning Monarch and a partner of their choice. Other nobles invited included the Warlock Raul – owner of the Red velvet, and the famous Doctor – Doctor Wilhelm of Hell’s Kitchen. There were bound to be other nobles and all would get an invitation.

One after the other the invites were written out, and rolled up by none other than Scar, who wanted to be helpful. As each rolled parchment was tied off and sealed with a wax seal from Lydia’s ring of Greed, a black raven would be perched on her window sill and for each invitation another would come and fly off in the direction of the kingdom or business that the invitation was destined to go. Once all the invites had been sent, Lydia eased back in her chair and drummed her clawed fingers together. Her eyes danced as she thought about the ball and just who would attend. Each would have a reason to come. But Lydia had plans…..oh…grand plans. It would be a night that no one would ever forget.




Moo:  Serin felt wary of Lydia, due to the irony of her position and timing of Mammon’s death. She would not give this away as she nodded, smiling gratefully. The pouch of gold was jingled before being dropped in her hand, as a sign that there was plenty within it. The woman pursed her lips before glancing up at the princess, who was already rising from her throne. Her lips parted, wanting to protest being paid before the deed was done. Now the trio couldn’t wouldn’t get away as easily.

“Maybe we should leave it here,” Oroan muttered after Lydia’s exit. It was quiet enough so that Mariela might not hear. “Taking it would only put a target on us as well.” He stared at her from the side, having to lower his head to make eye contact.

Serin nodded her head after a moment. She turned to Mariela and set the pouch in her hand before taking a step back. “We wouldn’t feel right in taking the gold without catching the thief first.” A brief pause while she smiled reassuringly. “I got a good look at her, but it might be a little tricky. We’ll look for the chalice at any nearby shops as well.”
With that being said, the two were on their way, being led from the throne room back out to the front gate. And from there, they would wander into the courtyard to look for Nami. They did not plan on coming back.


Razorbackwriter:  The last of the Ravens had been given the invites to the Masquerade ball much to Lydia’s delight. Seeing them fly off into the skies of hell, the Demoness of Ambition wrapped her arms around herself and smirked a child like grin. Oh, she was always up to something. Plotting and scheming, but she never let anyone on to it. Scar set down the royal seal and then asked of his Mistress; “So…going off to bed then?” That alp didn’t miss a trick. He was hoping she was going to lay down and sleep for that was the time when he could invade her dreams. Not to mention sit upon those ripe breasts of hers. Oh how he loved them. Often when she wasn’t paying attention he was admiring her rounded and ample bosoms that always peeked out of the top of her gowns. She flaunted sexuality and well, if Scar had anything to say about it. Lydia, on the other hand was wise up to Scar’s devilish tricks and rounded on him. “I’m not even tired. Might have an all nighter.” At the mention of this, she stuck out her tongue playfully at the alp, before taking her leave from the room. “Go bother Mariela. See if you can’t get a cuddle with her.” Lydia’s words floated back, and the cheeky Alp grinned, before turning himself into a tiny butterfly – with that odd hat still on it’s head, and went fluttering off after the unsuspecting witch.

Greed : Blacksmith shop

Down the winding stone stair case Lydia went with a light click clack of her shoes. Her gown making a delightful hush like sound against the stone stairs, till at last she came upon the Blacksmith shop. Thankfully, that annoying dwarf was off on an errand, and that left Lydia to her devices. With a cat like walk she entered the room that was to the ceilings high with all manner of weapons, swords, shields, axes and of course one particular suit of armor. Beserker.

Slowly Lydia approached it – walking around the perimeter as her slender digits caressed the outside of the metal suit. The eyes of the skull helm started to flare up to a sight of burning coals. The helm itself following the Demoness’s movements as she was almost being affectionate to it.

“You never did tell me just how Mammon fell.” Lydia purred as she came around to stand before the suit of armor, that tilted its helm down towards his Mistress. A long and slow sound emitted from its mouth grill.

“Swy xdoky ab Qlosw heylpyk tu xaku, uail Werwfyzz.”

(translation : “The blade of Wrath pierced my body, your Highness.”)

“Oh yes…Gabriel’s blade. Poor Mammon. I dare say he was too far gone by then.” Lydia added, her hand reaching up towards the skull helm and then caressing its cheek. At this the suit started to chuckle and loudly.

“Wy kekf’s dyojy qeswais o holsefr zwas. Zofy yfairw sa rejy swy Hlefpyzz o holsefr…rebs.”

(translation : “He didn’t leave without a parting shot. Sane enough to give the Princess a parting…gift.”)

Lydia’s eyes lit up and she even chewed her lip. Her head turned slightly as though eager to hear more about this gift.

“Gift? He hated the woman. Why would he give her something as he was dying?” She asked, now that curiousity had gotten the better of her. Much to her delight, the armor would answer.

“Ef talfefrz derws, swyly qaidk xy o zerws – bal afpy o qatof, o tof qaidk xy ef hdopy.”

(translation : “In mornings light, there would be a sight – for once a woman, a man would be in place.”)

“WHAT? He turned her into a man? A curse? Ahahahaha….really?” Lydia drew back her hand and placed it over her chest as she was in shock by what the armor had just revealed. It was scandalous…and almost too funny to be true. Lydia’s laughter would be infectious and even the armor could not resist as he chuckled along with her – though his voice much deeper.

“Mammon was really keen to see men retain the thrones of Hell, but this…..this is insane. OH…OH..imagine waking up to see a dick when you got to pee. AHAHAHAHAAHA!” Lydia was nearly doubling over in laughter but then she started to right herself as the cogs and wheels started to turn in her mind. If Gabriel had been turned into a man, then surely she would want a quick fix. A way to break the curse. Lydia’s face became almost gleeful at the prospect of being able to right the wrong. But would the price be too high? Again Lydia smiled at the armor and blew a kiss.

“This ball….is going to be more exciting than even I had dreamed it would be. Ahaha……AHAHAHAHAHAHA!”

Fade to black……..








“Let’s play a game” – SS

Scene setting : Greed Castle

co-written with Moo, Temp & Dessy.


Temp:  Nami looked at the three people in front of her, clueless as to who they were. None of them seemed ordinary, that much was clear. The first one to talk to her quickly got on her nerves, due to her criticizing her methods. She was rather bold in her attempt, but she was still quite sneaky to be able to get where she was so easily. Nami was about the send a middle finger the woman’s way, until the cat creature went and patted her head. She grumbled at the action, wanting nothing more than to punch the guy in the face. Violence wasn’t going to get her anywhere though, so she stood still and chose not to make a damn move. “Serin…” The word was spoken very lightly, but she knew that it would be audible to one person in particular. She hadn’t wanted to cause any problems for Serin and Oroan, but it seemed she had no choice. For now she would stay still, refusing to say another word. Once Serin and Oroan showed up…she’d make a move.


Moo:  “She’s taking too long,” Serin muttered to herself. Currently, she had her back against the pillar, staring down at the cobblestone at the tips of her shoes while her thumb and index finger met her lips. She seemed to be biting her fingertip with anticipation and nervousness.

Oroan made low noise, though she hadn’t heard any word in particular being muttered. “Inconvenient little–”

The demon master suddenly stepped forward, spinning to face the castle. “She’s in trouble.”

“Get back,” Oroan hissed. “Guards are everywhere!” A grumble followed as he peered around the stones he leaned against.

“I heard her! She’s in trouble!” The contract made between demon and master allowed for a variety of little tricks and connections. Telepathy was included, or better known as mind-link. Something the pair shared during their battles. It explained how fluently they moved with one another, and how they seemed to come to the same conclusions while working in defensive modes. It happened that Nami also allowed the ability in her contract, though it was much, much more limited.
But how would the pair get to her? Running for the door certainly wasn’t going to be the answer, as guards marched in front of it every few minutes, and it was likely more were waiting on the other side. Serin pursed her lips, thinking as quickly as she could. Any forced entry would result in the trio being put in danger. So why not walk in as guests? She fingered a small buzzer that happened to be on the pillar she’d been leaning against. Oops.

“What are you-?” Oroan’s question was cut off with a sharp shh! and he growled under his breath. “Who knows how many of those shit-heads Nami has gathered. And we’re just going to waltz right in…” Another sound was made to silence him. This time she waved her hand in front of her quickly, as if zipping his lips for him. Then she would wait for a reply.
Either this would serve as a distraction for Nami, or the two would be escorted inside, only to be added to Mammon’s shit list.


Razorbackwriter:  “What did she say?” Lydia asked, when she barely could make out the name that the small thief had just given up. The Demoness of Ambition looked back at Mariela and asked. “Well?” Scar was still admiring the little thief, sniffing her like she was on the night’s menu. The alp had a thing for feisty little creatures such as this one. She may not have had the biggest tits he had ever seen, but she was gutsy in how she stood there before Lydia and Mariela. Lydia reached for the jeweled chalice and turned it around with a light spin of her wrist. It was one of Mammon’s favorite possessions and had been in the family for years. Even Lydia knew that this was the chalice he had drank from each and every night. That was until his untimely demise. She tapped the side of the chalice, then lowered her gaze to the creature before her.

“How bold you are, to think you can steal from the Castle Greed? I mean, it shows you know so little about how things work here.” Lydia said, now starting to pace back and forth as she considered just how to deal with the thief who had been caught red handed. Handing the chalice to Scar, Lydia then came up with a cunning way on how to deal with the thief.

“Tell you what. I propose a little game. If you win, you go free. if you lose….I cut off your hands, so that you will never steal again.”

Greed : Front entrance

The buzzing sound alerted the guards who had been patrolling the front gates since Castle Greed was still on high alert after the fall of Mammon. There was much that could be gained from a raiding party, if they chose to attack. Though Mammon did put measures in place to assure that if anyone tried to mount an offensive, that they were in for a really bad time. Hell hounds were known to be all over the castle ground. A treasured animal and servant of the Prince of Greed. But even with his passing, the power of Greed had been consumed by Lydia, and so the hell hounds would serve her just as faithfully.

Two large guards, in full suits or armor and carrying large battle axes approached the main gate and thick columns where Oroan and Serin were.

“What do you two want?” The first guard asked gruffly, while the other one simply drooled through the mouth grill of his helm.



Nami was getting annoyed with these people more and more as time went on. At the rate this was going she was going to have to do something drastic to escape. Serin and Oroan were not able to help her as quickly as she needed, which meant she would have to do something about this herself. Before she was able to try anything, she was presented with ‘a game’. “Fine.” What else could she really say? ‘Fine, you ugly old hag.’ That came to mind, but that probably wouldn’t have a positive effect.


Dessy:  Mariela watched Lydia, noticing how angry she was. Mariela knew this was the time she should keep her mouth shut. Mariela titled her head again at the small girl. “She is not a thing, Scar. She is a person. A very mischievous person, at that..” she said, putting her hands behind her. “She’s cute, yes, but the cute one’s are the one’s you always watch out for.” she said, looking at Scar and motioning for him to step away from her. “Leave her alone, Scar.” she then said. Mariela looked over at Lydia then and shrugged. “I couldn’t understand her, Lydia.” she said. She stayed silent as Lydia spoke and paced and forth. Mariela had to admit, she was a bit scared of Lydia when she was angry – which is why she stayed so quiet this entire time. But when Lydia mentioned a “game”, and cutting off her hands, then Mariela spoke. “Don’t you think that’s a little harsh, Lydia? I don’t think cutting off her hands will help anything. Can’t we just simply lock her away or give her a warning, instead of doing something extreme like cutting off her hands?” she stated her opinion. Poor Mariela, much too good-natured and nice to be in a place like Hell. That niceness would surely get her killed.


Moo:  Both bodies had straightened after Serin’s finger made contact with the buzzer. It lingered there only for a moment until two guards appeared. Serin ignored the drooling, keeping a steady gaze on the more intelligent of the two. “I have urgent news… I must report it to Mammon.” Hopefully this would be enough to get through the gates. She would stare intently at the first guard without so much as a bat of the eye.
Oroan simply stood there with his arms crossed, only a foot behind her. Just in case things turned ugly quickly. Because Nami was Serin’s first priority, it would most likely cause recklessness from his demon master. “It’s about Gluttony,” he added in a gruff voice. Because he had worked under the prince, he knew the relationship between Baal and Mammon. Sharing information with each other was natural, so the gates were expected to open in the next moment.


Razorbackwriter:  Lydia had her mind made up, or so she thought. To make the thief pay for her attempt to steal the prized jeweled chalice of Mammon. However, she wasn’t counting on Mariela’s protest. Saying that it was an extreme punishment to cut the girl’s hands off for her crime. Lydia was about to come up with the game, but on looking back at Mariela and seeing the look on her face – the disappointment, Lydia then pouted. It was like…Mariela’s goodness had an affect upon the Demon of Ambition.

“She is a thief. There are laws against such things, even in Hell.” This was Lydia’s argument for her case, but the more she spoke, the more upset Mariela looked. Scar was peering from behind the thief and wondering just why Lydia was having to defend her actions. It was odd to see her like this. Truth be told, Lydia already had a lot on her mind…and her plate. Dealing with the little thief was on the bottom of her list of priorities.

“Alright…alright. Maybe..the whole cutting off her hands thing was extreme. Fine. YOU deal with the thief. I have invitations to write out. Come on Scar.” At that, Lydia left the thief in the capable hands of Mariela, as she headed up to her chambers to start writing out the invitations to the masked ball she had planned. Scar looked back at Mariela and smirked, before sneering at the little thief.

Front Gate

“I have urgent news… I must report it to Mammon.” One of the pair said to the guard, only to have the guards look at each other and both shrug. They knew Mammon was dead, but it was obvious that this pair didn’t. “It’s about Gluttony,” At the word of Gluttony, the guards then thought this must be important news for the Princess, Lydia. They were probably going to regret this, but then decided to lead the pair into the main throne room, where they would only find Mariela and the little thief.

“People here about Gluttony.” The first guard said to Mariela, nudging Oroan forward.




A Trio of Thieves – SS

Scene setting : Greed Castle.

co-written with Dessy, Temp & Moo.


Dessy:  Mariela watched Lydia, giving a concerned look when she turned to look at her. She opened her mouth to question about the war being over, but then quickly closed it. She gave a nod and bowed her head in remembrance of Mammon, glancing up to see Lydia wiping her eyes. Her face then quickly went from a pout, to a wide grin, causing Mariela to just raise an eyebrow. She stared at Lydia as Lydia grabbed her hand, giving it a pat.“Right. And what are we going to explain to them when they come?” she asked. Mariela as officially a Duchess, the hand of the Princess of Greed. She would still continue to be a healer.. but now, she was much more than just a healer, and had other important things to do.

“Breakfast sounds nice.” Mariela then said after a few minutes of silence, giving a smile and a nod of her head. She could still hear the fighting coming from the Wrath kingdom, so she knew for a fact that the war was not over.


Razorbackwriter:  Being ever a woman with a business mind, Lydia had the perfect answer to Mariela’s question as to what they should say to explain how they were now the rulers of Greed after the fall of Mammon. The cogs in Lydia’s mind turned as she could only imagine the looks on the faces of the Princes of Hell, to welcome it’s second Princess in as many days. Walking Mariela down towards the dining room, she went straight into top gear with her plans.

“Considering how I just got the fire blessing, there is no need for a coronation….crowning, you know. So, we simply send out the invites to a weekend of celebration with the pinnacle being the masked ball. And of course, your debut as the Duchess of Greed.” You would think that in a past life that Lydia had been a wedding – slash – party planner, or even organizer. The castle was going to need to be cleaned from top to bottom and of course have nothing but the very best food and drink on offer, along with as much glitz as possible. Lydia would spare no expense in her endeavor to host the party to end them all.

Turning into the dining hall, Lydia then had a wonderful idea.

“Since I know you are keen on the whole…masked ball thing. Why don’t you borrow my coach and personally go and deliver invitations to each of the seven kingdoms. Think of it as a way of….getting known.”

Would Mariela take the bait?



Dessy:  Mariela followed Lydia, listening to her speak. Hearing Lydia talk, it reminded her of a party planner, or wedding planner. Maybe she was one in a past life. Mariela couldn’t know for sure, though. “My.. debut?” she then asked with a raise of her eyebrow, tilting her head over to the side. They walked into the dining hall, and Mariela took a look around. When Lydia asked her to deliver the invitations, Mariela turned to look at her.“Don’t you think that’s a little.. dangerous? With this Gabriel person and a war that is still currently going on, I don’t think it’s very safe.” she said with concern, shaking her head in response. Mariela didn’t like the thought of going out there to all of the kingdoms to give them invitations. Actually, she didn’t like the thought of stepping foot outside of the castle.


Razorbackwriter:  Mariela had a point. Things would be a touch dangerous outside the walls of Greed, especially with Greed having lost. Lydia was thinking that this was a good outing for her witch friend, but in hindsight, it was probably not the best idea. Lydia cocked her head to the side and then mused on how to get the invitations out.

“Ravens. We will use Ravens.” The new Princess of Greed said with a firm nod of the head. There was no way people would shoot them down since they were a main way of communicating between great distances. Now that that was settled, thoughts turned back to the ball, and of course Mariela’s debut.

“I was just saying that you could make your introduction to society. You know, as a Duchess. It’s a formal thing to do.” Lydia said, turning into the dining hall and heading for their favorite table. Taking a seat she sat herself down and hoped Mariela would do the same.

“After breakfast I think dress fittings are in order. I wonder what colour to wear. Red….or red?”

She broke a croissant in half and then smeared on some jam, while a servant brought her a cup of coffee. Having it place down in front of her, Lydia looked to be more relaxed, especially after the eventful night they had had. The explosions and sounds of war however had stopped. No doubt Mariela would have noticed.

“Told you it was over.” Lydia said with a smile, as she bit into her croissant.



Dessy:  Mariela looked over and gave Lydia a nod and a smile when she mentioned ravens.“Ravens sounds a lot better.” she said, strolling into the dining hall. She smoothed out her gown, before taking a seat in a chair next to Lydia. “So, I have to have some kind of ceremony to introduce me as being Duchess of Greed?” Lydia asked, moving a single strand of a blonde curl out of her face, giving a smile as she was handed coffee as well. She put the cup to her lips and took a sip, before looking at Lydia when she talked about dress fittings. “I think you should wear red.” she said jokingly, knowing that Lydia’s choice was obviously going to be red because of the fact she said it twice. She then set her cup on the table, hands still on it, pursing her lips as she thought.“Hmm.. What color do I want?” she asked out loud. “Well, now it’s over.” Mariela stated at the comment Lydia made about the war being over, moving her hands off of the cup to begin eating her food.


Razorbackwriter:  Lydia chewed her croissant thoughtfully, as she mused on Mariela’s question about the ceremony to be a Duchess. It was always a good way to enter society by having the title announced formally, and in front of the other royals. Another part of it also was that Mariela would make a good consort to one of Hell’s remaining Princes. A nice way to create alliances since things might be a little tense after the war. No doubt there would be questions raised about who was in charge of Greed. Lydia planned to take all that in her stride. The Princess had a very silver tongue and could talk her way out of just about anything. It was important to get as much background information on the other royals so as to make light conversation without offending.

“We will get the Lord Chamberlain to make the announcement when all are assembled at the ball.” Lydia said, holding her cup delicately before taking a sip and then letting out a sigh. So much planning to do, and she did wonder just who would accept an invitation. Lydia tried to be upbeat.

“Going to have to build up new ranks for the army. I suppose. That is going to bite into the budget.” Lydia started to think towards the future for both of them.

Together the two women sat and continued to eat their breakfast. Afterwards, they would head down to the seamstress, and start trying on dresses and working out if they need their outfits specially made.




Moo:  [Main Gate]

The trio came to an easy stop in front of some massive gates to the kingdom. Their bodies would be hidden from sight as they stood behind the solid pillars keeping the gates upright. “Okay, Nami…” Serin began. She was trying her best to maintain confidence in her friend. “Here’s the game plan…–”

“You go in, grab shit, and come out,” Oroan cut in, voice gruff.

Serin glared at the brute for a moment, though it was shrugged off. “If you’re in trouble…You have to teleport as close to me as possible. I will protect you.” She set the imp down on the ground, having to bend to do so. A small sigh escaped. She was hoping it would go smoothly. “Don’t get reckless,” she added sternly, lifting her index finger.

Oroan snorted. Reckless was what he called the previous night, when she’d decided to stay in the town square and fight. Nami had been doing this for years…and years… He was confident in the imp, even if it was uncharacteristic. “Just let the kid go.” He assumed she would remind him she was an adult. There were very few ways to get on Nami’s nerves, and he knew what they were naturally, as the two seemed to be opposites. The corner of his lips twitched upward.


Dessy:  Mariela ate a bit of her breakfast, as there was silence for a long time. Because of how silent it was, Mariela assumed that Lydia was thinking of something – she seemed to do that a lot. She looked up when Lydia finally spoke, pursing her lips and then giving a nod of head. “I think most of our army were off to war with Mammon. If they haven’t come back, that means that they are most likely dead.” she said with a nod of her head. They then continued eating their breakfast in silence, before both women had gotten up to head over to the seamstress. “I really hope no drama or fights start at this masked ball. I’d hate to have to break them up to stop from causing a mess.”she then spoke. “Being how all of these kingdoms are, I’m a little afraid of that.”


Temp:  Nami had been thinking about where she should steal from during the trip into the Kingdom of Greed. There were tons and tons of places to choose from, some better than others. The absolute best place was Royal Palace, at least in terms of value. It was also the most dangerous. This wasn’t the first time she had stolen from this Kingdom though, and it certainly wouldn’t be the last.
As soon as she was placed on the ground by Serin she began to hop up and down, getting herself ready for her ‘mission’. Oroan had been pretty confident in her, while Serin was more worried than anything. She nodded her head at Serin’s instructions, knowing it was a bad idea to ignore them. Nami started walking forward towards her target, the Royal Palace, but stopped as soon as she heard Oroan speak. “Oye! I’m not a kid you jerk!” He knew how to get on her nerves, much like she knew how to get on his. She raised an arm and flipped him off, sticking her tongue out as she turned invisible. Now that she was out of sight she sprouted her wings and began to ascend towards the Palace. She was going to find something really good and impress Serin and Oroan, no matter what!


Razorbackwriter:  Little did Lydia and Mariela know that outside the main gates, they had company and not the friendly kind. The girls were finishing their breakfast and made light conversation about the fact they were low on a decent army, what with the losses at Wrath and they had a ball to plan. Mariela expressed how she was concerned of trouble starting over the fallout from the war. It wasn’t unreasonable to think this way, and Lydia tried to allay her fears the best she could.

“We can’t be held responsible for the Prince’s actions.” It was hard to believe that Lydia of all people would say such a thing, for the truth was far more diabolical. But Lydia being…Lydia she tried to remain upbeat. “Everything will be fine.”

Down in the main hall however, Scar was checking out the beserker armor, which had gone silent and was standing still, just like you would see a suit of armor in any castle. Scar sniffed at it, picking up the scent of death – especially Mammon’s. Peeking his head around, wearing that rather large comical hat, Scar beamed at the armor.

“So you’re Beserker. Hehe. Oh what it must have been like to have that poncy prince die within you. Lydia owns you too. How about that? She owns me too!” The Alp folded his arms and leaned on the armor, whose skull helm slowly turned and then a hollowed voice called out from within.

“HAee-see teae ah-fe, oh-fe-kuk EAY qeay-de-de zwahq ooahee qwoh-see EAY peoh-fe kukah, Z-peoh-lu.”

(translation: “Put me on, and I will show you what I can do, Scar.”)

The alp’s ears pricked and he then stepped back from the towering armored suit.

“Oh no no no no. I ain’t that stupid. I’m not Mister Greedy pants.”

The suit of armor shrugged and then chuckled long and loud, enough to make the alp step back further.

“I don’t think I like you.”


That said, the Alp shape shifted into a large Cheshire cat with the silly hat still on and went strolling up to the throne room. In the middle of the throne room, was the most grand chair you ever did see. It was finished with velvet cushions. Beautiful and ornate. The perfect place for a cat nap. Leaping up onto the throne, the cat pawed and poked at the seat, till turning around enough to then sit down and sleep.






Be careful what you wish for – SS.

Scene setting : Greed Castle.

co-written with Dessy.


Dessy:  Lydia would be new Princess of Greed, and Mariela would be Duchess of Greed. It was.. weird. She had originally only agreed to be a healer for Greed, but now things were changing completely. She wasn’t just a healer anymore. it was a big change, if you asked Mariela. Mariela was clueless if Lydia was hiding something from her – then again, she wouldn’t be surprised. Lydia was a demon, after all. Mariela gasped as she saw what would be her room, looking over when she heard Lydia squeal. “It’s wonderful.” she said, moving out of Lydia’s arms to run her hand across the fabric over the bed. “I’m not used to anything like this. Before I ended up here, I never had a bedroom as fancy and royal as this.” she spoke in awe, turning her head to look at the walls of the room. She turned to see Lydia motion to the walk in closet, before she walked over herself and opened it. “This is amazing!” she then said excitedly, shutting the closet to turn and look at Lydia.

She gave a nod when Lydia said she’d see her in the morning, gaining a kiss on her cheek. “Goodnight, Lydia.” she said, shutting the door behind her as she walked out. She then looked around the room again, giving a nod as if she was satisfied. She took a few minutes to change into some sleepwear, sitting on the edge of the bed and continuing to look around. Her cloak was laid out over a chair, and Mariela glanced at it, before climbing into the bed and laying down. She closed her eyes and gave a satisfied sigh, before she quickly drifted off to sleep. It was an interesting.. and terrifying day, and Mariela was exhausted. Sleep sounded really good right now.


Razorbackwriter:  The night was a long one. Lydia was simply too excited to sleep, and with Suda having left her to return to his black smith shop within the castle, the Demoness of Ambition was left to her own devices. Flanked by guards, just in case – she wandered back down the spiral stair case of the tower to head for the Library. Now, Lydia was not a book worm. In fact, the library was the last place you would probably find her. There was a reason for her sudden urge to read and that came in the form of a special book that Mammon kept. One that was normally under lock and key. With Mammon away however, Lydia decided it was time for a peek. Known simply as the book of Shadows, Mammon had bought it at an auction and paid a dear price for it. His reason for buying it was because it was one of a kind and worth far more to a great many people. Thus his greediness kicked in. Lydia had heard tales about the book. How it had within its pages how to summon and even destroy a great many demons and spirits. This was what Lydia almost giddy. To her, knowledge was power and also if she could summon whoever she felt like just by reading a spell or incantation, all the more kudos to her.

Lydia had passed Mariela’s chambers and for a split second she thought of knocking on the door and getting her to come along too, but she remembered the girl had been through enough for one day, and might not be too pleased about being dragged out of bed to look at a book.

The last corridor and she turned into the fantastic library once more. It really smelt like an old man’s den. Lydia wrinkled up her nose and tiptoed into the library, past the staff librarian who had fallen asleep at her desk. Snoring soundly, Lydia raised a finger to her own lips and went “Shhh.” causing the librarian to snort in protest. Taking the key off the ring on the librarian’s belt, Lydia then headed down to the VIP section, or the place where Mammon kept his porn and special books.

“Hentai…hentai…Hentai…..and…ah here we are.” Lydia whispered to herself as she came across a large covered stand that had under it the book of Shadows. There was a brass lock on the bottom of the glass cover, and Lydia looked around, before undoing the lock with a loud click. Far on the other side of the library, the librarian snorted and then started to snore again, as Lydia raised the glass cover. The book was resting on a bed of fine black velvet and Lydia carefully took it out from its resting place to head to a small corner of the library where she would be undisturbed.

Setting the book down on a reading podium, she flipped the book open and started to let her fingers do the walking.

“Now….who shall I summon?”




Dessy:  Mariela, for some reason, had woken up. Maybe some noise woke her up, as she was a light sleeper, but she wasn’t sure. Trying to fall back asleep, she found that she couldn’t, and so with a sigh she sat up, before throwing her legs across the bed and jumping off. She had slept for a good few hours before getting woken up – guess that was a good thing. She picked up her purple cloak, tying it around her and throwing the hood up. She then opened her bedroom door, closing it behind her to make it look like someone was still there. Walking around the castle barefoot, she stopped by the door of her lab debating if she should go in and work until she grew tired, but she decided not to. She walked down the hallways, in the direction of the library. Reading would be good to do until she grew tired again. She walked towards the library entrance, peeking her head in to see if anyone was there. The librarian was asleep, and she saw Lydia sitting in the corner. With a tilt of her head, she wondered why Lydia was still up and what she was doing in a library. Her curiosity got the best of her, so with a yawn, she walked in Lydia’s direction, making sure not to make much noise so she wouldn’t wake up the librarian. “Lydia? What are you doing in here? I never took you as the reading type.”


Razorbackwriter: Lydia was somewhat surprised that Mariela had actually wandered down from her room and come to find her in the library. One thing about Mariela she was always spot on with her instincts as her observation that the Demon of Ambition was not exactly a book worm being accurate. Lydia gestured for Mariela to pull up a chair beside her, whilst keeping her voice low so as not to wake up the Librarian. Lydia was not yet the Princess of Greed, so for her to be sneaking around and poking into Mammon’s prized books was a no no. But, you could never keep a wicked Demon like Lydia away from something as wonderful as the book of Shadows.

“I couldn’t sleep. What with the constant sounds of explosions and deathly screams coming from Wrath. So…thought I would do a spot of light reading.”

The book of Shadow was not exactly light reading. Mariela, being a witch might be tuned into the book that Lydia had on the podium and might even question why Lydia was reading it.

Lydia turned the pages slowly as each page contained the details of many a demon, dark spirit and ghoul. The more Lydia turned the pages, the more her fingers danced across the inscriptions. Each one being more deadly than the next. The Demoness of Ambition cocked her head to the side and then mused out loud. “How about we summon a sexy little man to play with? One that will do what we want, and seek out our enemies while they sleep.”

She had come to the page of a creature known as an Alp. A nasty little thing that wore the strangest looking hat, but had such a wicked smile that Lydia could hardly resist. “He looks so cute. Whatchya think?” Lydia said with a giggle, as she looked at the incantation that would summon the Alp known as Scar into being.



Dessy:  Mariela gave a nod as she took a seat next to Lydia, turning to look at the book. “Book of Shadow? I wouldn’t call that light reading..” she whispered, but didn’t question why Lydia had it. Her question was answered soon enough. Mariela’s eyes scanned over each page as she flipped through them, reading the name’s of each creature. She looked up when Lydia spoke about wanting a “sexy little man” to play with, raising an eyebrow, and then turning her attention back to the books. She sat up to look at the picture of the Alp, making a face. “‘Cute’ isn’t exactly how I’d describe him. More like creepy. But sure. Whatever works.” she said with a shrug of her shoulders. After seeing the sight from earlier, she was sure this couldn’t possibly be as bad as that. But then again, she wasn’t quite sure of anything.. But she didn’t think summoning this creature would be that bad.


Razorbackwriter:  Mariela seemed to have no issues with Lydia’s intent to summon a demon to her cause. The young witch pointed out that Scar appeared to be creepy, but not so foul that she would put up an argument against. Lydia squealed and then took out a small box of matches from her gown, and lit the nearest candle to her, as she took in a deep breath. Her eyes widened as she let her finger follow along the text in the book. The spell to bring Scar before the pair. It was actually nice to have a co conspirator to her wicked schemes – even if she hadn’t been totally upfront with Mariela on everything.

Hear these words, hear my cry,
Spirit from the other side.
Come to me, I summon thee,
Cross now the great divide.
Beloved demon spirit; Scar,
We seek your guidance
Commune with us
And move amongst us.”

The candle light flickered, as did all the other lights in the library. Lydia gripped Mariela’s hand and again let out an excited giggle, as the pages of the Book of Shadows fluttered and then with a loud pop sound there appeared in the center of the library, a cheeky looking chap in a tall black hat. He tugged on the lapel of his coat, as he surveyed his surrounds.


“Castle Greed? The hell?” Scar was somewhat surprised to see where he had been summoned too, but then when his eyes clapped on Lydia’s ripe bosom, he licked his lips and then ran at her with grabby hands.

“Mummy! Oh yes, I am home!”

Lydia’s eyebrows shot up as the smaller demon ran at her, his head just coming up to the top of her chest. In a blink, he was trying to nurse on her breast, pawing at her dress like a fiend. “Such BIG BOOBS!” He cried with a muffled voice as he had his face buried in her dress. At once, Lydia started swatting at his hat. “STOP THAT!…OI…I’M NOT YOUR MOTHER”

What would Mariela say?




Dessy:  Mariela wasn’t going to argue. If Lydia wanted to summon something to help her fight against the other kingdoms, then so be it. Mariela looked over at Lydia, quite amused with how excited she’d get over the littlest things. As she listened to Lydia recite the spell, she had to admit the demon was fun to be around. She may not agree to everything Lydia was doing, or all of her plans, but Lydia was a nice person – at least, to her she was – and entertaining to be around. Plus, being a witch, summoning and other things Lydia did, or wanted her to do, wasn’t much of an issue to her. So, she really just went along with whatever Lydia wanted to do. If Mariela felt it really wasn’t necessary, or too dangerous, or uncalled for or something like that, then she might say on it. But right now.. no.

Mariela squeezed Lydia’s hand when she grabbed it, watching the lights flicker and the pages of the book turn. She then turned her attention to the man who appeared, wearing a tall hat. When he spoke, Mariela opened her mouth to speak, before jumping and removing her hand from Lydia’s when he had run up to her and put his face in her chest. This is the demon you summoned to help us?” she asked with a very amused expression as she watched the demon try to, what looked like, nurse from Lydia’s breast. Watching Lydia try to swat him away, Mariela had to cover her mouth to stop from laughing so she wouldn’t wake the librarian up.