Predator or Prey?


Continuing on from “Beneath the Silk”, Sophia has created a world within Nick’s mind.  An illusion of a grand estate, with a special surprise behind the red veils.  But is the Vampire knight to be the Predator, or the prey?

Co-written with SA.


SA:  ‘Beautiful.’ Now, that was a word she didn’t hear quite often, especially not when that mask came off. There was beauty in the unknown and yet the unknown usually disturbed many when the secret was revealed – Those never-blinking optics, their  oh, so strange, chromatics and the very fact that they were lacking pupils could disturb and horrify many – And they did. It was the main reason for her to hide them, away from vision of others, the main reason why the black mask never left her features for such a long time; It was only when she realized her preys could not escape her anymore, when she took it off, letting it be the last thing they saw as she basked in their horror, at the sight of those abnormal hues. She was called beautiful before; A woman who resembled a Rusalka, a Predator. A Siren, even, knew how to get around – Seduce, entice, all for it to make sure she’d feed – And yet, she was never called Beautiful when her orbs would’ve been released from their black silk prison. It took her by surprise, even widened those striking azures that if they were to have pupils, they’d be dilating by now. But they didn’t. So, instead, it looked like the azure got even brighter, deeper, like the vast depths of an ocean combined with a bright sky, lacking any cloud to block its beauty. The hand placed over her cheek was only met with one of her gloved limbs, gently slithering over his, letting their digits lace together in a grip, as she held onto him, her gaze drifting to the ground. If she was cold before, there was a hint of warmth, just a little bit over her cheeks, over the alabaster skin. “How so…?” She wanted to know – It wasn’t a test, this time. There was curiosity in her own beauty, beauty never seen before by others in a moment like this.


RB:  -They say that there is beauty in all things.  What people regard as beautiful is a matter of interpretation.  Nick had seen much over his travels, and found that there were women that considered themselves to be attractive, opening flaunting it and using it for a way to gain power and or a love sick puppy.  What Nick saw, when the black bandanna was removed was something that he could even regard as being sacred.  Why she had hidden her eyes from the world, when they were in fact the most spectacular he had ever seen?  Was she ashamed of them?  Is that why she was so quick to cover them up in his presence?  All that the vampire knew was that she wished to share this with him, and whether or not he was truly worthy to bear witness – he did not know.  His reaction and words had been spontaneous as had been his movement of his hand to cup her cheek.  He did not expect her to touch his hand, or ask as to how he found her to beautiful.  “You have eyes that are deeper in shade then the bluest ocean, or the brightest sapphire.  You are unique, truly.”  As she could see inside of him, he was able to see what others did not.   Nick moved his free hand to her chin, so that he might raise her face up so that he may look upon her again.  “Look at me, Sophia.  I know you can see through me.   You can see I speak the truth.”




SA:  Such an odd moment. In a more than romantic scenery, with the moonlight behind them as the scent of rose petals enveloped them both, carried by the soft breeze. An odd moment in which the appeared more like lovers, than Predator and Prey or even two Predators. A moment in which she, herself, almost forgot what she was here for, taking in the man’s words as if those were words she barely heard, ever in her life. New words, like a small child trying to make sense of them, grasp their true meaning. ‘Unique’. She repeated that one, in a whispered, hushed voice, almost to herself, to make sure she understood. Because, just like a small child, it was new to her. Brows furled inwards, as if frustrated to not grasp its meaning yet, interrupted by the wandering limb which soon found its place against her chin, lifting her azure gaze upwards. That’s when it happened. When she remembered why she was here for, and a muffled grown escaped the depths of her throat, like a deep, deep rumble rolling along the column of her neck on the inside, only to finally meet his gaze once more. What was it?


RB:  -Did she not believe what he just said?  Sophia repeated the word ‘unique’ as though she had never heard it before.  Had no one ever payed her a compliment like this?  Nick meant every word.  But if it flattered her, it didn’t.  She made a strange sound as she stared upwards, but not at him.  He could feel the rumble of the release through the skin under her chin.  Perhaps he had overstepped his bounds.  After all, he had touched her, not just on her cheek, but under her chin so that she might raise her gaze.  Was he not meant to see the beauty of her eyes?  Maybe she simply did not expect that from him.  Nick was now in uncharted waters, and…her waters.  He was suddenly reminded that this was all her doing.  The vampire’s lips formed a thin line as he started to draw back his hand.  “If I have offended you, Sophia, I apologize.  I am not normally so…hands on.” –



SA:  It was then when he could finally see why her eyes were hardly considered beautiful – The gaze she had given him at that moment, that very moment when she lifted her head upwards to meet the male’s hues, was a gaze which only emanated coldness. They stared, so deeply that you’d feel them staring right into your soul and so cold that you’d even feel how a tiny shard of ice made its way to your heart. The most disturbing factor of them was that they never blinked, not once – A continuous stare, a gaze into ones soul, as if scattering through it, searching, rummaging only to find what she wanted. What she needed. A hand moved upwards. And then, the other followed as they both found their place on the male’s cheeks, cupping them lightly as fingers trailed upwards to tug against the raven strands. She moved closer, bumping her body against his, pressing them together, silk on silk, cold on cold as she gripped onto him, so tightly and yet so delicately that he wouldn’t even want to escape – not that he even could. It was then, when she leaned in, as her azure optics continued to stare into his, never blinking, lacking pupils and oh, so very deep. The saying of ‘getting lost in ones eyes’ surely attributed to this woman, for they were ocean deep and sky-high blue. The moment which followed could only gain the attributes of stunning, surprising and yet, so very mesmerizing, when her lips parted only barely, enough to cradle the male’s lower lip between them, pressing them together, while her hands continued their grip around his neck, now. This was the oddity of her being – Despite being ice cold, her lips burned. A searing heat, scolding hot to the touch as if they wanted to burn the flesh they made contact with. Longing into the passion.


RB: – Women are such fickle creatures.  One minute they have you thinking you’ve gone and done wrong, and the next, they are kissing you with a burning sensation that is more than just sizzling.  Nick had barely gotten out his apology, when Sophia did the unexpected.  Had Nick misjudged the growl for something entirely different?  All he knew was that she had taken his cheeks in her hands, so that she may bring his face closer to her own.  Her body now pressing up against his, and she actually bumped her frame to his.  The grip she now had was one of strength, like she had no intention of letting him go.  But, did he want to be free from this woman?  Hell no.  He had already been captivated by her eyes, and now she was taking him into an embrace, that had him lose his breath.  Lost in the hypnotic gaze of her azure eyes, Nick seemed to lose all sense of reason and found himself being kissed by her with lips that were in total contradiction to the rest of her.  Burning…like they were on fire.  As if from far away….deep down in the Vampire’s belly, a growl was released that reverberated up through his throat and into her waiting mouth, that had seized him captive.  Nick could feel the tightening grip around his neck from her hands, and this was when he gave in.  Sweet surrender.  The pain and pleasure melded into one powerful force, and the vampire wrapped his own arms around her, so that he could suffer longer.  The predator within him rose up proudly, and he kissed her back savagely…hungrily…as though his unlife depended on it.



SA:  -Naked. It was the only word that could be attributed to how she felt right now, stripped of the concealment over the secret she kept for so long. She didn’t care for clothing, as for here, there were only means of enticing even further, creating and intensifying the façade she donned upon herself – But to have her mask pulled off really meant standing naked in front of the other, a feeling of almost embarrassment, like a virgin revealing herself for the first time, on her wedding night. It felt odd – Odder was the fact that she actually felt that way, the Predator. Chains rattled within her, the Monster longing for release as the kiss lingered, on and on. Hot on Cold, lingering desire as her hands tugged at the back of his coat, gripping tightly into small fists. To hear her growl only made her grin – A wide, Cheshire-like grin without even breaking the kiss as she offered a small nip to the male’s lower lip only to provoke him further. Provoke his own Predator to come loose. And that’s when another dance happened, one she would lead now, while she took a step backwards, towards the room. And another. And another. Tugging him to follow, leaving the balcony and going back within the room in ruins, while their lips still melted against each other.


RB:  -The power of this woman was insane.  The way that she kissed him, and clawed at the back of his jacket, only served to strengthen her hold over him.  Of course his hands had found themselves wandering over and across her back.  Finding their way to the rounded globes of her bottom, that had been so easy to caress through the flimsy fabric of her gown.  The deeper and longer that Nick kissed Sophia and let his tongue snake into her mouth to lick at the insides of her cheek, run across her teeth, did he truly feel that he wanted more than wanton kisses.  The inner growl had been his predator announcing that he was home.  Home – within her eyes.  Those same eyes that did not blink, nor move to follow the light.  But Sophia was ahead of the game, breaking the kiss – only to nip at his lower lip in a bid to bring him out further.  The beauty of his face was now changing to that of his vampiric self.  The sharpness of his features as his bones seemed to lengthen beneath his skin.  Nick’s eyes gave way to a blood red sheen with a small black pupil in its center.  Though she might have been smiling a Cheshire cat like grin at her prize, he wasn’t.  Never more serious had he been before.  She might have been dancing him back into her lair of fine veiled curtains, but he was already eyeing off her neck.  Nick now snorted through his nostrils, as she kept kissing his lips and dragging him back…One step at a time.  As soon as she did stop though, he’d pull away from her plump lips and then start to lick and nip at the base of her neck.  The game was on…





SA:  This was it. When two Predators met and the collision happened – Two different worlds, colliding, shaping as one, gathering their common points and clashing against their differences. A collision that could only be considered deadly, fatal, for at least one of the playing parts. This was the game, the hunting game between two Predators about to snap – Her, with the rattling chains within her soul, right at the core as the Monster wanted, longed for release. Sweet, sweet release.  And him, with the Beast boiling inside, the moment she felt his tongue slither out to play with hers. They danced together while they moved across the room, until she actually ~pinned~ him to the wall – Enough force to impact his back against the concrete surface, her hands now falling around his neck and draping along his chest as the tips of her claws slid along his shirt; They didn’t rip it, yet, but applied enough pressure for him to ~feel~ the small scratched right along his skin beneath the fabric. And when he leaned down, and nipped along her jawline and neck, a growl was released – It almost sounded like a murr; Sensual, soft, erotic, a feline getting what she truly wanted. Finally. When he did, she only arched back to bend backwards, lowering her frame in a small arch as their lower bodies pressed against each other, her chest hovering in the air, for his viewing pleasure. She pulled him in, letting his torso reach hers as some stray strands of her snow-white tresses dangled in the air – An almost similar way of holding the pose she did when they danced.




RB: – Nick’s eyes rolled back as he fell deep within the darkness of his own inner beast.  It was clamouring to be released from within, as much as Sophia’s was.  The wicked licks to her neck had brought him a pleasurable release in the form of the rapid beating of a long dead heart.  All through their meetings he had remained the perfect gentleman, the silver tongue, the Knight.  Now, he had forgotten all that he was – only the base creature wanted to be brought out to Sophia’s light.  Being slammed suddenly against the cold concrete surface, stunned him enough to snap his head up and back from her neck.  From this point, his elongated fangs were on full display while his jaw slackened.  The handsome Nick was gone from view.  He let out a guttural growl, almost animal like when Sophia rand her nails down his chest and scratched through cloth to his skin.  The red of his blood now seeping through his silken shirt.  The pain was delicious and he took one hand to rip his shirt apart so she could smell and feel the richness of his blood.  Red to the point of being black.  Sophia then lent back so she could display her ample bosom for his viewing pleasure.  Her back arching just like before when they danced.  Nick’s mouth opened as he was about to lunge at her throat.  It was irresistible, and just as he was about to bite, he said her name….as if the man within…was fighting back.  The one…that cared for her.  “Sophia…”  His fangs stopping as he panted…the tips so close to breaking the skin, till he dragged them across and rested his forehead to her neck. –



SA:   The game has begun – a game between two Predators, finally being offered release from their cage, the chains which kept them imprisoned rattling loudly, loud enough that one would almost be able to hear them, if they paid close attention to the darkness. Such common features between each other, both sharing a monster which lurked within. It was a serpent’s grip, her arms coiling up around his neck only to secure him in her grasp, pulling and tugging at his form closer and closer to her – His breath, at the base of her neck, rolling along her chest which would’ve sent a shiver through her spine, a quickened pace to her heartbeat – Yet she had none of that. Instead, there was a rumbling sound, like the purr of a satisfied feline, escaping those plump, scarlet lips the moment his would reach her flesh. Feeling just the tip of his fangs trailing, barely hovering above her alabaster skin, hearing her name being called out almost like a whisper, a cry for help, she offered a grin – Sardonic and cruel, the grin of a Cheshire cat as one arm went upwards, tugging at those raven strands of his. Eventually, she’d release him – even ~pushing~ him away from her with enough force to have his body impacting the wall behind him just slightly – as she began walking away. Her head craned to the side, her eyes turned to meet him, offering a gaze over her shoulder, azures burning cold. It was a sensual gaze, one filled with eroticism as her lips slightly parted to allow the sensation to sink in, while she moved forwards, towards the stairs.


RB:  -Finger tips slowly dragging at first.  Cold steel to touch, yet their strength was undeniable.  Like quicksilver she was able to wind her way around him.  Serpent like movements and deadly to any who was weak to her charms.  Yes, it was a game of two predators, very much so.  In the depths of her eyes, Nick found himself staring into those mirrors that showed only what she wanted him to see.  Her body writhed as the temptress within her led him into the very center of her web.  An insatiable need by the wraith – to tangle the vampire up into her invisible silken strands of malice.  Sound bubbled up from within the exotic white haired maiden.   Whatever it was that stopped Nick from making an attack upon her had only staved off the inevitable.  The drag of his canines across her flesh caused her to react harshly.  Forcefully pushing him away and into a marble pillar, that shook violently.  Dust lightly falling and speckling the only offered candle light.  Had he just displeased her?  It was so hard to tell, for now she was looking back at him with eyes that burned ice cold – the wicked smile on her face making him want her all the more.  Nick’s reaction was to follow her.  Almost blindly, he walked towards the stairs.  Everything about her was sinful and delicious.  From her scent to her skin, her bewitching eyes, and those hips…God those hips.  Lust rose sharply from within a darkened place.  She had lit the flame and it was going to be hard to extinguish. –




SA:  How was it possible for something which functioned so much like a machine to have such a sway in her movement, almost intoxicant to his view? How was it that a woman which was far from a woman have such femininity and sensuality in her movements, as each step up the stairs was performed with such grace, such flow that each step seemed like a dance in which the hem of her long white dress participated, combined with the soft clicking of her heels, only to enhance the sensation – Like a clock ticking, those heels beat along the floor on her way up, a clock, ticking, for him. Tick-tock, click-click-click all the way up. She never looked back at him again, after that one simple, subtle gaze, allowing him to drown in her movements. The swaying of her hips, the curve her body created when each leg lifted up against the stair. Only to enhance his lust. Lust – One of the many things she fed on, the Wraith, hungry for Sins – So hungry that he could feel her, so close and yet so far from his body and soul – So close to devouring both. There was a sudden click, before the male could have realized what happened, as the door behind them snapped shut, sending them both upstairs, as vision would be graced with the sight of a king sized bed, under a canopy. Scarlet red, silken sheets with crimson reflections. Now, she was pinned – Her back rested neatly against the door, as if letting him ~know~ he had no escape anymore, blocking his only way out. Her eyes burned, sending cold shivers along the male’s already tensed muscles, as those lips remained perpetually parted, only slightly, barely creating a small gap between them. Waiting.  Anticipating. Provoking.  Longing.


RB: -The trap had been set long before Nick had set foot upon the stairs.  It had all begun the moment that Sophia had entered the Kingdom of the Blood Rose.  From the beginning, the white haired wraith had one objective, and that was to feed.  The Queen, in her fear had left the Knight to entertain the guest, and he had obliged in the game of cards.  The reading.  He had shown to have strength, and even had been given the card as a reminder of that event.  Now however, was that same strength going to save him, and did he even want to be saved?  The mesmerizing way in which Sophia’s hips swayed, back and forth like a pendulum, or hypnotist’s fob watch – had the Vampire all but lost to the world outside of Sophia’s making.  Nick followed until it was too late to turn back.  Once we accept our fate, we are at the mercy of what lay behind the magician’s curtain.  What awaited Nick however was a room that could best be described as a bedroom.  If he was expecting a dining hall, he was mistaken, but really…he was the main course.  The stage was set.  The players took their positions upon the floor.  The click of the lock turned and with her back resting to that same door, there would be no escape.  But really, did he want to be set free?  A wry smile formed to his lips, through the haze of anticipation and lust.  He tore off his coat and simply let it fall to the floor.  Bold steps cut across the floor back to where she stood.  In this room, of decadence and red satin, blood would be spilt, and it was probably going to be his.  Nick started to undo the buttons of his shirt, as she may well watch him in silence.  “This is what you wanted all along.  There was no dinner…you wanted to feed upon me.”  Nick opened his shirt, and she could see his abs and hairless chest.  “How hungry are you, Sophia?”  His voice hoarse, but riddled with lust.  The very thing she wanted most of all. –



SA:   “Starving.” It all started with that ~word~. And then, everything would follow in a sudden collision, as everything truly came to be after that one singular, whispered out word was spoken. She always played her Game right – The Blind Reader, this woman with such an abnormal visage, abnormal characteristics and odd behaviour, this puzzle unable to be solved. She always played her Game just like it was supposed to be played, despite the vast majority of her victims never truly reaching this point of it – Truth be told, there were very few she actually fed off from their Lust, very few to invite over Dinner instead of devouring them right at the Tarot table. Very few who actually, truly impressed her? An arm extended upwards, satin gloved long digits playing with the pins which held white tresses in place only to remove them, letting those strands of pure snow cascade over her shoulders like an avalanche, waves and waves crashing against her shoulder blades and over her back, throwing the pins aside. Her azures made sure to burn and roam over each inch of his body, each small movement he made, each button he unhooked from his shirt. Sophia didn’t move from her spot, nor uttered another word. There was nothing else to be said, like a Tarot reading itself, when all the cards are flipped over, facing them. All the cards showing, finally, clear on the table for them to see. The Cards never lie and now, they were telling this man’s Faith, in the hands of the Reader, so skilfully crafting and shaping the thread of his Destiny. But this was a hunt, between two Predators, and she wouldn’t have it any other way – A fair fight, Predator to Predator, a War that was on the verge on starting right there, in the bedroom.


RB:  -The truth.  One word answered everything that Nick now believed.  This game she had played so well, was reaching the spectacular conclusion.  One that would see her reap the rewards for her efforts.  For a man that was facing his greatest threat, he showed a face that was actually happy.  There was no more need for words.  No more questions to be answered.  Her movements, like that of a skilled dancer, started them off.  All by the simple letting down of her hair.  A torrent of white tresses that tumbled down her back – the pins only scattering to the floor discarded.  In matching with her movements, he too began to peel away – at first with his shirt that simply fell to the floor, once he had withdrawn his arms from them one at a time.  The silk like black material abandoned.  As her eyes traversed his body, so too did Nick’s on hers.  The vampire reached out and pinched at the white fabric of her dress, the straps on her shoulders – and slowly he slid them down over the roundness of her shoulders….down her arms so that her beautiful breasts would be exposed to the chill of the night’s air.  His fingertips were rough against the soft silkiness of her skin.  Sheer, just as he had imagined it to be.  Nick was still the hunter, but he knew that there was always that one creature that could never be tamed.  His pants now sat low on his hips, the vampire exposed to Sophia’s hunger.   He was so close now, that she could feel his breath upon her skin.  His lips parted enough for her to see those dog teeth of his.  The suffering would end on his call.  “Feast…upon me.”


SA:  His shirt, fully removed, allowing his pale skin to be for her viewing pleasure only as one arm reached for him, slender digits trailing lightly along his chest. Those satin white gloved fingertips only moved to caress along each line of perfectly defined muscles of his chest as if tracing the lines of a sculpted masterpiece, creating small patterns along his skin. She felt his wandering him as it slid under the straps of her dress, slowly letting them fall over her shoulders, feeling the softness of her skin – velvet to the touch, feather-like. Head craned to the side only to take notice of this motion before both her hands moved to search for his, lacing digits together as she moved his hands at the back of her dress, up to the top, where the zipper started – It was then when he could actually feel the structure of her body, that almost anorexic physique of this woman as the zipper was strategically placed right in the middle of her body, following the line of her spine. It was straight down, allowing the dress to completely fall, sliding off her body once it would’ve been lowered. She maintained his hands there while hers moved upwards, back along his chest before removing her gloves, having those neatly done nails drag along his flesh. Gentle caress of a feather-like skin combined with sharp, short lived scratches, not enough pressure to draw blood yet enough to leave a small sting. Her lips, perpetually parted only slightly as her body moved almost by instinct against his, leaning in for a kiss, whether or not he would go for unzipping the white fabric which imprisoned her curves. ‘Feast?’ The words echoed through her mind allowing a Cheshire grin to spread over her alabaster features, right in that brief moment, before the kiss. Before the beginning of the end.


RB:  -It was truly a dance between two devils.  Each had their own desires and reasons for their behavior, and like a skilled chess player, Nick was not showing his true potential just yet.  Like a fool he could have rushed in madly, and given into her much sooner than he had, but he gave off the illusion that he was completely smitten by her attentions.  It was only when Nick had removed her white dress, and felt the edges of her spine jutting out of her lily white skin, did he truly realize that she was in fact wasting away before him.  Bones sticking out so far as to stretch the skin for all they were worth.  Nick’s fingers curled inwards after the touch as though seizing a small bird in the palm of his hand.  But those same fingers would be prized open by Sophia’s fingers, when brought back around. Interlocked them with her own.  Her free hand was now naked of the white satin glove, and so she started off, by scratching down Nick’s torso – not enough to draw blood, but more so to  arouse the Vampire into a state of being.  The vampire released a pent up growl, that had been building ever since their bodies came together.  Pressed flesh to flesh, and now she went in for the kill, but this was when the game turned slightly.  A twist that was to be unexpected.  As she leaned in for the kiss, his fingers ripped the zipper downward in such a fashion that it may well tear the fabric.  His dog teeth fully extended went to not just nip her bottom lip, but pull it back far enough that it may well cause a tear.  Nick snorted as the male started to show a sign of true dominance.  A fist full of the white fabric caught between his fingers, as he drew her even closer. –



SA:  Withering away’ was perhaps, indeed, the best term to describe the physical condition of this abnormal woman who truly fell in the cliché category of ‘flesh and bone’ and yet, something already dead cannot still be withering away – She believed that by now he had a couple of hints scattered here and there along their time together to understand the anomaly of her, he reasons why pieces of the puzzle refused to click together – But if he didn’t, she wouldn’t complain much. A meal was a meal, despite having a small disappointment in the outcome of it. For once, though, she was caught off-guard, so sure of her movement to go for the kiss that she did not notice when his hands moved back around her frame. Her body once pressed against the wooden door was now ever so roughly pulled towards his until there was no more room between their chest, torsos rubbing together. No room to breathe – not that she needed to – no room to actually create a distance between them anymore, neither physical nor mental. The board was set and the pawns each had their place on it. There was even a soft sound which escaped her, a sound he wouldn’t have heard before, to actually hear her surprised: A gasp into the rough tug of her form towards his only to feel and hear that zipper being pulled down, sliding along her frame – The dress parting in the middle behind her to reveal skin of alabaster so easily once camouflaged with the fabric of seminal chromatics; The prominent shoulder blades and spine and the natural curve of her body, as white fabric eventually slid all the way down to the floor with a small, barely audible dropping noise, rustling the air around them. It was then, when her bottom lip was tugged into the grasp of his sharp canines, that she reacted with a stifled growl of her own – a longing growl, a hungry growl as her arms went under his shoulders and at his back, pulling ~his~ form to ~hers~ while taking a step backwards to impact her own back against the door, once more, with quite the loud bang to it. Then and there, it happened for a similar motion to be performed, apparently coincidental – But he should know better than to consider this woman’s actions as mere coincidences by now – Meant to install a déjà-vu feeling into the man’s mind; One of her long, slender and now fully bare, beautiful legs came to coil around one of his, trailing the fabric of his trousers against her perfect flesh only to gently loop it around his hips. Provoking, yet inviting him more towards her. The Lion, letting its prey approach willingly.



RB: –  A meal is a meal that is true.  But who was to dine first?  It was that sound, the shock of surprise by the vampire’s boldness, that caught Sophia off guard and it was at this moment, that the Vampire completely turned the game on its head.  Oh she was quick to use her slender limbs to wrap around his leg to bring him in even closer, but this just served to make it all the more easier for him to do what he was about to.  Wraith or not, she was a woman.  A woman that hungered for the same nocturnal desires that all others did.  Hungry as she may be, there would be a part of her that wanted to be fed upon.  To be tasted, savored…and enjoyed.  When her body slammed hard against the door, with no room to move away, Nick started to slink down.  His nose prodding and his head flicking against her bare skin as he went down on one knee.  A hand moved her leg so that it was now draped over his shoulder.  Oh…she could still do that, it only made it easier for him.  Nick tore the rest of her dress away with his teeth, causing it to rip down the front as well as the back – exposing the sweetness that he searched for.  Her musk was intoxicating, and with one leg up, she was well and truly exposed to his ministrations.  At first, he ran his nose up between her swollen lips, before letting his long snake like tongue delve between her sensitive folds. Already her nectar could be tasted upon his waiting tongue, and he angled his head in a fashion that allowed him to open mouth kiss those same lower lips. His right hand snaked around to capture the ripe bare ass cheek that awaited him, and so this meant she would find it difficult to move without a lot of effort on her part.  If the lip nipping had been shocking, this was bound to bring out a cry of unadulterated pleasure from those sweet lips of hers.  The vampire’s head was now buried between her thighs, his tongue flicking in and out as he lapped at her richness of taste.  A rumble of dark pleasure was felt from his heaving chest. The feeding had begun.-



SA:  The feeding had begun indeed, seemingly for both of them – different styles, different methods and even completely antithetic connotations for the action or object of feeding. With the last bits of white fabric torn from her figure, Sophia was left completely naked, in front of him, showing yet another almost disturbing abnormality – There was Perfection. The notion which is considered impossible to reach was, at least at first glance, reached by her features – Her breasts, the perfect tear-drop shape, round and perky with a pair of pale pink nipples, erect in the cold air of the room in ruins; her abdomen, completely flat, having those prominent hipbones protruding against a thin layer of flesh; Her legs, long, slender, that small mound of flesh above her flesh neatly bald, smooth skin to the touch. The oddity which made her disturbing was that there was no blemish, no birthmark, nothing but a vast field of perfect alabaster flesh, as if she wasn’t born, bur created. As if her body was a living – but not quite – , breathing – but not really – sculpture or marble. There was one singular sign of a blemish, one that was almost impossible not to notice as it consisted in a scar, right in the middle of her chest, merely a couple of inches below the in-between of her breasts. A perfect, vertical scar which showed the precision of it doing and yet, a scar with a slight blackened edge to it. He didn’t seem to give it much importance, despite it being the only ‘normal’ thing in the perfect anomaly that she was – She felt him, lowering himself only to bring one of her legs upwards as it instinctually draped along his back, his breath trailing over her most sacred area, her very intimate sex and his tongue spreading those soft, smooth folds only to reach the fruit it was after. Another growl, rumbled along her throat as those azures came to jolt to the back of her head instantly while her neck snapped back. There was pleasure. But to her, it had a meaning beyond the Carnal itself – The Lust was what she fed on, the mere feeling of it rushing through your body – it fueled and made her chest heave in anticipation, longing for more. More and more until she would have been ready to ‘Feast’.



RB : -Our bodies speak in volumes that cannot be heard by the naked ear.  The slightest tremor from a quivering thigh, the sharp jerk of realization that one was being explored and tasted by a skilled lover.  Nick was not only paying attention to the sounds she uttered, but the way she moved.  And it was at this point, that Nick began to realize something.  While most women became a quaking mess at this sort of attention, Sophia was holding back.  Yes, she let the leg stay upon his shoulder, but there was no hand to guide his head further into what would be her sacred jewel.  With his mouth still wet from the lacquer she provided, the Vampire pushed her leg off his shoulder and started to rise slowly as though slinking up her form.  He had caught sight of her almost unnatural beauty on his travels down and up.  He did come to notice the vertical scar that was between those all too perfect breasts.  The only imperfection upon what was a clean slate. As they came face to face once more, she would be able to smell herself upon his nose and those same grey lips.  She was holding back, though reeling him in at the same time.  It was not her own pleasure that she sought.  It was his.  Her body was bait; the whole thing was a trap.  He stared her down as the jigsaw pieces all fell into place.  Nick’s eyes widened at the reality of this moment.  Always the predator, but this wicked girl had stacked the deck long before he sat down at her table.  “You don’t want an easy meal, do you?”  He’d been manipulated beautifully.  Without so much as a word from her.  How incredibly clever of her.  She may be standing before him naked, but she was dressed to kill.  He stared at those lips.  Should he kiss her one last time?  The silence was now deafening.-



SA:  There was no such thing as an ‘easy meal’ to her – To even utter those 2 words was offensive for her – She never wanted something easy. So, to see the man stop and, moreover, tell her that managed to irritate her yet not enough to move away. Her arms did remove themselves from the grip they had over his form, hands coming to place palms flat on the wooden surface behind her as they stood there, face to face. Her game; unmasked by him.  Her reward; recognized by him. “Of course not.” She mused out lightly, as those azure orbs burned deep within him with such coldness. Never blinking, always staring. “…But you knew that, the moment you stepped in.” And there it was, the Monster revealing itself to the man as a sardonic grin allowed those scarlet lips to curl upwards by their corners. Slowly, she moved her back away from the door, steps followed by that soft clicking of her heels against the floor motioning her across the upstairs, all the way to the edge of the bed. “And you don’t seek an easy meal, either – It’s why you’ve accepted my Dinner invitation which, mind you, was just that – an invitation left to your free will to accept or decline.” With that, her body propped up to sit by the edge of the bed, hands holding onto the sheets as her legs crossed, left over right, offering a gaze his way. “You knew what you were getting to, the moment you asked your question at the table… And furthermore, it’s what ~you~ want. You don’t want an easy task – You seek the thrill. The suspense and the climax. You seek what lies beyond a mortal’s capacity of grasping meaning to certain things. Which is what I am able to offer you.” Pause. One of her hands patting the spot next to her onto the bed. “…you see, Nick. I didn’t seek you out, no – You’ve sought me, from the beginning.”

Beneath the silk.


Continuing on from “The Cards Never Lie”, Nick is now requested to have dinner with the Fortune Teller as payment for her services.  But is he to be the main course?  Read on and see.

Scene setting – Nick’s chambers

Written with SA.


RB:  -They say the eyes are the windows to our soul.  But with the Fortune teller’s eyes being masked by the black bandanna and her in her own words being told that she was without sight, it was hard to read what the woman was thinking as she lifted the last card.  The card for the reader only; not the Vampire.  For a moment, the woman sat motionless.  If she could stare at the card, she would.  In her mind’s eye she was.  Nick was oblivious to what the importance of this last card was, but for a woman who had been all too eager to explain each card in turn, her body language projected that this card was not one that she wished to divulge about.  The silence between the two became almost deafening.   Nick’s brow creased and he tilted his head slightly as though being on the edge of his seat for what she was about to say.  Then…it happened.  The woman simply snapped out of whatever hold the card had over her and she resumed speaking as though nothing had happened.  Changes occurred to the table however.  The black symbol that had been crafted from what must have been her own blood simply faded away, the timber looking as though it had before.  Nick was unaware of the importance of what this meant.  She had withdrawn the pact.  Again, she reminded Nick that the cards never lie.  “So you keep saying, Ma’am.”  Now, it was time for the price.  Nick had willingly agreed to pay the price that the woman asked, and so he waited in readiness for her word.  He would of course oblige her.  He was a man of honour, regardless of what others thought of him.  His word was his bond.  “Dinner..”  Did he hear her correctly?  “Dinner?” he repeated what she had said, questioningly.  It was unexpected, to say the least.  Pausing for a moment, Nick nodded.  “I can’t imagine what a woman of your standing would have a taste for, but if the price is dinner, than that is what you shall have.”  Nick pushed himself up and swung his leg off the chair, turning it around so that he may place it back normally.  –



SA:   It was as if it never happened, the entire Reading she previously performed, as each trace of it vanished: The timber regained its natural carvings in the wood, with no trace of black lines from the little droplet of blood as even her palm seemed to be missing the scar created only minutes ago. The cards turned back to being blank as she one-handedly shuffled them once more, in quite the bored manner, the Reader herself taking a more casual stature upon her seating, leaning back in her chair. Though the deck was back to normal, whatever she used as vision kept darting to one card only, each time it popped up from the deck in its shuffle. “You can keep that.” She pointed lightly to the card that was still on his side of the table. Strength, the card which assumingly represented him. “It’s yours. Keep it, even if just as a reminder of this encounter. Or just as a reflection – This card is your mirror, after all.” As she explained, her attention darted once more to her own card, one which she did not reveal to others, before eventually placing it back with the rest. His confusion only brought a bit of her own, snow white brow quirking lightly. “What? I told you my price is something idealistic… There is a lot more you can gain from a dinner invitation than a simple material prize. What did you think it was? Souls?” To that, she couldn’t help but grin – a Cheshire-like spread grin across alabaster features which only created such a heavy contrast, between the delicate features of the femme and the brutality of the sardonic grin. Souls were… a different story for her.


RB:  -Nick wasn’t expecting to be given the card that she had dealt him.  The first card in fact; the one of strength.  The vampire reached across and prized it off the desk with a flick of his fingers – holding it and turning it to see that the imagery was still there.  Nick graciously nodded and placed the card safely into his jacket pocket, patting the flap down to seal it in.  “Thank you…uhm, I don’t believe I caught your name, Miss.”  Nick felt that since he had agreed to her terms of payment, that it would be fitting if he knew just how to address her.  Nick had showed intrigue in his expression, rather than some sort of amusement.  He did tend to take things seriously, when it came to payment of a deal.  Nick rested his hands on the back of the chair in which he sat, his fingers strumming the wood almost as though he was placing his fingers on the keyboard of a piano.  Sharp black fingernails, if one was to notice.  Hearing the fortune teller say that there was more to be gained from a simple dinner invitation than an item of value or net worth.  The mention of souls had Nick actually scoff.  Was that a little premature on his part?  Probably.  But with her Cheshire cat like grin, he began to wonder if she was being half serious.  Glancing about, Nick then said. “I don’t think the kitchens in the castle would be operating at this hour.  Did you have a certain place in mind?”  Nick was not actually knowledgeable of the area, and perhaps the Fortune teller had her own secret place to dine. –





SA:   “Sophia” She muttered that one single word out, with her own uncertainty, as if it was unclear to her whether or not it was her name. The creature did not remember her real name, amnesia taking its toll upon the femme’s former life as most of it stood under the sigil of memory loss, a perpetual fog dwelling in the depths of her mind. She’d only remember her given name, the one ~he~ gave her, the moment she was reborn, although still unsure if she should consider it a Rebirth. “My name is Sophia.” It had to be repeated, for her own sake, really, to make sure she, herself, grasped it entirely. “I don’t believe I got yours, either.” – Not that she’d really care for one, usually names only overly complicated her doings and yet, he got this far as to gain a Dinner invitation from the Blind Fortune Teller to which, in her mind amounted for the worth of knowing his name. Eventually, she’d rise from her seat making sure there was no fickle of dust on her attire, walking only to circle the table (and him) like the little Predator she was, always playing. She reached up, placing her hands on the back of ~his~ chair, leaning her body in to hover her head just merely an inch from his shoulder. “I have a place… Wear something nice.” In a teasing tone, she whispered out before each trace of ~her~ as well as her doings simply vanished in thin air, like it all would’ve been characteristically to a simple dream. Or, a nightmare, depending how he’d see it.


RB: -The fortune teller gave up her name, though for some reason she felt the need to say it twice.  “Sophia…the perfect name for you, it seems.”  Nick knew that the Greek meaning of the name was Wisdom.  The vampire was now ready to formally introduce himself.  “Savage, Nick Savage.”  His name rolled off the tongue, and as he said it, he did a little bow from the waist.  So now they were on a first name basis, and about to embark on a dinner date of sorts.  Though he was unsure of just when or where that would take place.  The woman rounded the table after standing, only to come around behind him.  His head followed her movement till he watched her place her hands on the back of the chair that he had been sitting in.  She had a place all worked out, but she stipulated that he had to wear something nice.  “I think I have something that would fit the bill, Sophia.”  There, he actually used her name.  But as he was about to turn and face her, the woman simply vanished into thin air.  Nick froze and then glanced about him, searching the room for her.  She was gone.  “Right…guess she didn’t need to use the door.”  The vampire shrugged his shoulders lightly, and straightened his stance, before leaving the Queen’s royal court room.  He had a chamber that was down in the bowels of the castle where few dared enter.  Striding down the long hallway, he stopped and pressed his hand to the door to open it, before waltzing in – the door closing behind him by itself  ~What to wear?~ the vampire asked of himself in his mind.  Going to a large chest that was covered in dust and cobwebs, he kicked it open and started to rummage through the clothing he had acquired over the centuries.  He went with something nostalgic.  A Black suit with black shirt, matching tie and scarf.  He already had boots, so why change those.  When he had dressed into the suit for dinner, used his fingers to rake his hair back.  It fell forward again, rebelling against his attempts for it to be what would be called neat.  Now, all he had to do was wait….-



SA:  And there, there was Darkness. A perpetual state of darkness, where nothing else but it lingered, like somebody instantly flicking the switch over to let all the lights turn off as illusions took the place of everything surrounding him – Molded the earth itself to their own will as if warping his surroundings. A force that was namely otherwordly, one that could almost be able to cast shadows where there were none, but Darkness. And from the Void, everything created itself, like a Big Bang, in which illusions eventually settled into material grasp, tangible once more for the man and yet so, so very intangible. It would’ve been hard to distinguish illusion from reality at this point, a point where there were both existing at the same time and yet, none at all. One could almost call it a dream, a place where nothing was at it seemed to be and yet it created a visage of nature, the miasma of sweet red roses lingering in the air, a place surrounded by water. The Reader’s special hiding spot actually looked like something pulled out from a gothic fairytale, the romantic touch lingering softly around his surroundings; a small breeze carried the echoing words which escaped the woman, soon finding her place behind him, waiting until he’d turn back. “Welcome.” And when he’d turn? He’d be welcomed with a completely new sight, a new glance of the woman he previously encountered. There was white. A contrast between what she wore when they met and what she had on now – A long white dress, fitted to envelop her curves beautifully and to let the prominent bones even stick out a little. She was no beauty by society standards – A tall woman, almost grotesquely anorexic in built, as those snow white tresses were pulled back in a simple bun, away from alabaster features. Skin stark white pale, completing the visage, letting a reverse snake necklace dangle at her back, to complete the look. There was a simple detail, still present. The mask, always hiding her optics from vision of others, as if protecting them from view. There was no smile, but a simple small smirk, awaiting his turn.


RB:  You could never say that the following turn of events were expected.  One moment, Nick was standing alone in his chambers – messing about with his wayward hair, the next he was in a place that could be best described as a gothic romantic setting.  Water that was the colour of the night sky, sparkling with the reflection of the stars.  The hint of crushed rose petals – their scent enveloping him as the breezed picked up and made the leaves at his feet dance all about him.  He would need to smack himself twice to see if he was actually awake or not.  So fanciful, that it had to be a dream surely.  For a minute, he believed it was caused by a bad blood batch.  Nick reached for his sleeve cuffs and gave them both a pull slowly, as though he couldn’t simply stand still.  Was he uncomfortable about how this visage came to be?  All he knew was that he didn’t cause it.  Also, this is the last place he could ever dream up in his imagination.  No, this had a woman’s touch.  And that woman welcomed him with just one word.  Nick turned around to find that his hostess had also arrived, or she had been waiting for him.  Dressed in all white, which matched her long tresses, she was a vision to behold.  The dress doing well to embrace her figure – hugging so close that bone were clearly visible.  Her face was adorned with the black bandanna, just as it had been before.  It was more than just a fashion accessory, for he had never seen her without it.  Nick stepped off to walk towards her, only stopping just shy so that he may bow politely.  Forever the gentleman; regardless of the circumstances.  “Sophia.”  Nick straightened to full height, before adding.  “You look radiant this eve.  White is your colour.” –





SA:  She bowed, in return. It was elegant, one hand reaching for her dress to lift it up by the hem only to gracefully bend at the waist, following his. It was then, when she bowed, that a glimpse of blue could be caught beneath the black mask, as it slipped just half an inch along her face before a gloved limb came up to fix it back in place, making sure the accident would not happen again. It was almost paranoia, which guided those long, slender digits to the mask, as one could even take her to be surprised, almost angry at the little slip. “Quite the Silver tongue, you are…” She remarked, up to his flattery of her, a grin playing on her lips, those scarlet red petals curling upwards gently. “I am sorry for kidnapping you on such a short notice… I believed you would’ve been done preparing by the time I was..” It would’ve taken him by surprise, then, when she soon turned around, her back coming to face him as the Mandalla tattoo was placed between her shoulder blades, at the top of her back. The ironic symbolization of the Flower of Life. “Could you help me, please…?” She murmured out as both her hands held onto the ends of her mask, which seemed to be unknotted, asking his help to tie it back over her optics. A test of trust – For he could choose to remove it altogether and leave her without it… or choose to help her tie it back. When he’d approach, he’d take in her scent, even more than their previous encounter. An almost intoxicant sweet scent, so very hypnotic, used to mask what lied beyond it. And when he’d touch her? The flesh on flesh contact would’ve been met with cold, like touching dry ice in the middle of winter, despite that alabaster skin being feather soft, velvet to the touch, and the color of marble glowing in the moonlight-


RB:  In a world far away from this one and in another time, there was a man known as Nick Savage.  He was always known to be a gentleman, well before he fell to the charms of a woman that saw to end his human existence.  But one thing about him, he never changed the way in which he would treat a woman.  That was very much a part of his makeup, something that you simply could not erase.  Though there would be those that tried his patience, he managed to contain any negative feelings deep down were none could see.  Sophia had his full attention now, and this was when she had a minor mishap with the black bandanna that covered her eyes.  The fabric slipped just slightly, but it was enough to reveal what was the very hint of blue.  Naturally, Nick tried not to show an abject curiosity, but he was more concerned about her by the way her hand was quick to move to put the fabric back to shield her eyes.  The Vampire then beamed when Sophia called him a silver tongue for his compliment about her beauty.  “You should know by now that I speak from the heart.” If there was one thing about her, he admired the way she recovered and held her own.  It was admirable in his eyes.  A chuckle escaped his lips when she apologized for kidnapping him.  “Oh I wouldn’t call it kidnapping, Sophia.  You can’t really say that if it was consensual. “  He wanted to be her guest, actually.  It had given him something to look forward too.  “Not every day I get to bring out the old tux.”  He pulled on the lapels of his coat in a haughty gesture.  His head tipping side to side, with his hair flopping about.  It really was unruly at the worst of times.  You could say it gave him a roguish air.  When Sophia turned and asked if he could help her with the bandanna ties that had become unknotted, Nick stepped up and then reached out to take the ends as they were offered. Indeed it was loose, probably from when she made her bow.  Delicately, with hands moving like he was conducting surgery, he carefully retied the fabric ties into a firm bow, that could still be pulled apart with some effort.  It was however standing this close to her, that he was able to drink in her scent.  Alluring as it was unusual.  Nick could even say it was intoxicating.  His fingers strayed to her hair, and as he lowered his hands, he couldn’t help but let the tips brush gently over her locks, before finally letting his arms fall to his sides.  He whispered in a coarse voice – almost in husky.  “That won’t come off again anytime soon, Sophia.”





SA: “You seem to enjoy saying my name now.” It was almost a mockery, a teasing whisper which escaped her lips as she turned around only to let his hands wander and touch the mask which held one of the secrets she kept most greatly hidden. It even brought a small flinch of her form, one nobody could actually predict from a woman like her, when they gripped both ends of the mask, allowing her own paranoia to seep in – In all honesty, she felt like running away, deep within; A weak spot of the woman, one of the many she rarely displayed. Lips parted to allow a small gasp to slither between them as they half opened, almost anticipating the moment he’d grip the mask off her optics – Because if you were confronted with a mystery, your first instinct would be trying to uncover it, no? And yet, it came as a surprise to feel the mask even tightening more against her scalp, secured over her optics as it should have been in the first place. He spoke from the heart… It was the reason why he was still here, indubitably so. Sophia’s outcome for the Readings was only suggested by the three questions she asked, ever changing for each customer, allowing them to make the final decision over their… Fate, one would call it. Destiny. Or maybe Chance. Whatever it was, those three questions brought him here, still breathing. When his fingers trailed through those snow-white tresses, gently caressing some stray hairs which escaped the neatly secured bun on the top of her head, her mind flooded with memories long forgotten – Blind people see beyond sight, their senses deeply provoked to their full potential, bringing a true synesthesia over this being, despite no longer having a living breath: The simple touch brought a wave of memories through her mind, ambushing her like waves crashing against rocks on the shore, nevertheless without considering that his wandering digits reached a sensitive spot on her body – A weak spot, one so powerful that it brought another gasp from her, this time more audible, like a faint echo carried by the wind: The nape of her neck. She didn’t turn to face him, yet – She only allowed her head to slowly rotate along her neck, offering a gaze beyond that black mask his way. “Thank you.”


RB:  When you are standing before a woman who is as much a mystery as is what lays beneath the black bandanna, you tend to forget yourself.  This is what happened to Nick as he tightened the binding of her bandanna and reassuring her that it would not come undone again.  He did however let his fingers stray far longer than what was considered polite, but in doing so, Sophia reacted in a way that was unexpected.  He was sure he heard it – that audible gasp.  When was the last time a man had been so close to her and allowed the opportunity to touch her?  Nick’s face showed a mixture of concern, and also a hint of satisfaction that he could even make a woman sound that way.  It had been so long.  He blinked away the thought from his mind when he captured sight of her head turning – just enough that he could see her cheek.  She thanked him.  The vampire’s eyes lowered till he saw the nape of her neck.  As though sculptured by the very gods themselves.  Delicate…and beautifully curved till it met her shoulder.  Nick’s lips parted just slightly, and then remembering himself he closed it again and took a step back to allow her space to turn to face him.  “It was nothing, Sophia.”  There it was again.  He had repeated her name.  “Your name does so easily roll off the tongue.”  Perhaps she would believe that this was all in his plans, to be gracious to a fault – but he knew no other way.  “Should we have a stroll before dinner?  Or would you rather gaze at the stars afterwards?” –



SA:   “Whatever you prefer.” A blunt statement rolled along her own tongue now, coming as a response to his question, before fully turning to face him. Face to face, as that mask hugged and entrapped her mystery optics fully in black, allowing it to create such a contrast between it and the alabaster skin of those delicate, feminine features. Plump red lips plucking upwards at their corners to offer a small smirk, as if teasing, provoking him to make a decision. She held her ground – After all, if Nick would’ve realized it by now, he was on her territory, a territory created by her own powers, engulfed into a perpetual illusion of being, the mere existence of this place trapped in a lock of dimension. Reality, he never left his chambers and yet he could feel everything – Each small breeze through his raven colored strands, each rose petal falling on his shoulders, each scent carried by the wind, the miasma of the roses mixed with her intoxicant sweet scent, only to intensify the hypnosis. “I’ve invited you to Dinner, no? It’s your choice how you wish to start off… The night is ours.” She punctuated those last 4 words, so beautifully that her words would’ve created a hypnotic trance on their own, almost inquired of seduction. Soon, her body twisted around to walk by his side only to pass him by with a single small signal, letting the tips of her gloved digits slowly caress over the back of his hand as she turned, walking within the ruins of this room, passing the scarlet curtains. As she walked, she almost seemed to be floating, if not for the barely audible clicking of her heels against the concrete floor, her hips swaying in their own little dance with each step she took as her shoulder blades rolled slightly in her motion. He could see it, now – Her spine, somewhat protruding as each vertebra danced along the middle of her back, curving her shape into a flexible S-shape, rolling each time she turned her body to look back and see him – Hopefully following.


RB:  Interesting as to the tone of her voice, for it did not match that beautifully yet disarming smile.  Face to face, he was again caught off guard by the way that the mask only accentuated the subtle alabaster sheen of her skin.  No other woman had skin like it, and the fact her lips were so full, so ripe as though they had been stung.  Nick wondered what they would feel like if he were to nip at them – tug that bottom lip enough till he could release it and let it spring back.  Oh she was a wicked one.  The hint of that smile; only drawing him in further into what must be her web.  Though he himself was a hunter of sorts, he had no doubt in his mind that she was an even greater predator.  But who wants to live in the shadows and hide from the delights of what it was like to dance on the edge of sanity.  Nick had no idea that this was all being projected by Sophia, controlled.  From the very air, the rose petals, and the gentle curtains that swayed softly to the breeze that now lifted his own locks and teased them like invisible fingers.  When Sophia finally answered his question, he hung on her every word.  She had invited him to dinner, and it was now his choice as to how they may start this night off.  ~The night is ours.~  Indeed it was.  Nick exhaled a simple breath and watched as she turned to lead him away to another part of the floor that was concealed by sheer red curtains.  As she passed he felt the touch of her fingers dance across the back of his hand.  It was fleeting, but enough to get his attention to move along after her.  But not before he watched her walk.  It was not walking.  She was gliding, though the sounds of her shoes did reach his ears.  Nick started to follow, rolling his own shoulders back and walking with purpose – boldness in his stride and he was quick to catch her up.  He was hungry….very hungry, but he wanted something more than just a meal.  “As we have all night, I would like to ask you for a dance first.”  This might have seemed out of the ordinary, but Nick was from another time.  He held out his hand as though he wished to lead her out to an open space on the balcony.-



SA:   A Predator. It was probably the most suitable word for her and yet she was after so much more. Spirits were vengeful on their own and her vengeance ran deep within – Boiled deep inside of her, so intense that it would make blood rush through her veins with the power of a tornado, twisting and twirling the depths of her soul until there was nothing left to bend, but the Void. There mere mention of Void, Darkness which enveloped her being over time, clouding whatever reason left and only letting the burning, searing desire of Vengeance seep in like a savage beast rattling its chains, wanting freedom. There were many names for what she was, many mentions of her: The Doll, the Rusalka, the Black Widow, the Siren, all of them correct and all of them wrong – She was more than met the eye, despite being Blind, in the first place. The Monster, disguised into the shape of primordial Sin. She didn’t have to turn to feel him following her and yet the invitation to a dance only made her body gently roll to offer a gaze over her shoulder, a small, seductive grin playing on her lips as she stepped forward to the other side of the room, on the balcony. And there, the beauty of this room actually came to stand tall: The Moonlight, shining over them, offering her alabaster skin a certain radiant glow. Her body leaned against the concrete balcony, bending gently at the waist just a little to let her arms support against the hard surface.



RB:  There were no words spoken, not a yes or a no.  Instead, Sophia merely glanced back at him over her shoulder as she continued out towards the balcony.  Nick nodded with a hidden smile as he continued on after her, his hands now stuffing into his coat pockets, his shoulders hunching slightly.  Almost like stalking her.  Chasing beauty to the moon and back.  As he made his way upward, only then did the moon’s rays truly illuminate Sophia’s skin.  It was like she was herself a star.  Bright and glowing in wake of the moon.  The waters that were below shimmered in the offered light, and this only added to the magic of the setting that she had created.  Nick was still lost as to what Sophia truly was, but it really didn’t matter to him.  She had invited him to dinner, and though they had yet to feast on sweet morsels, he had already been privy to touch her tresses, granted permission to even tie her bandanna and smell her glorious scent.  Was he now the fly caught in her gossamer threads?  Maybe.  But in a dance, it is the man that always leads.   Nick approached her and with the roll of his wrist, he reached for her, encircling his right arm around her waist, in order to draw her body away from the balcony and up against him.  His left hand moving to capture her left hand –interlocking his fingers within hers.  “Shall we?”  He asked, gazing down at the face that was now tattooed into his mind…-



SA: The tug on her form was a pleasant surprise, but a surprise, nonetheless, even for her seemingly lost in her own territory, gazing up at the moonlight. Soon, she found her back gently pressed against his chest, dragged away from the cold concrete only to have one of her hands gripped into his, the petite white limb ever so perfectly cradled by his larger one, almost completing each other. Her body turned so elegantly, reaching to face him one more while her right hand moved upwards. Tips of her soft, feather-like fingers trailed and caressed along his arm, before it locked around her waist, feeling his palm settling at her middle back, right where her spine curved so beautifully into that S-shape. Such a perfect fit to welcome his hand in that small little gap of her slender physique. Her digits kept trailing along his arm, from his wrist up to his elbow and his upper arm only to then slowly trace the line of his shoulder blade, dancing digits on their own before settling gracefully on his shoulder. A dance they will start, as the music began to play seemingly out of nowhere only anticipating for his first step, as their bodies barely brushed against each other once in awhile, making brief contact. Her, the woman in white, so cold to the touch that her skin could freeze anything it came in contact with, absorbing the heat from her surroundings, and him, the gentleman, ever so elegantly about to guide her in his dance. It was his turn, to play the Predator. It was his turn, to lead the stage as she positioned herself just right to easily be manoeuvred by him.


RB:  Sophia gave no resistance towards the vampire’s attempt to bring her into hold.  In fact, he could tell that she had danced before.  His fingers curled around to lock in place with hers, and he marvelled in the fact her hand was so much smaller than his own.  Delicate.  His right hand now firmly placed to the base of her back, and he stood very much proud  – like a peacock.  His chin rising as the music began on the very first step taken.  A waltz.  A traditional dance that had been taught to him by his mother.  Sophia was so incredibly light, that when the young Vampire spun her around in the dance, it was practically effortless.  Her dress was sweeping the floor as they moved in perfect precision and in harmony with the music.  Nick did feel however, the chill of coldness from the touch of his hands upon her, and though this sent a shiver through him, he carried on as though it didn’t bother him at all.  They glided around the stone floor of the balcony, the backdrop now a blur in behind them as Nick kept up the pace.  Only when the dance was coming to its end, did Nick look down at his dancing partner.  The music slowing to a point, where Nick dipped Sophia back.  In this hold he was hovering over her, and she was in the vulnerable position.  On her back foot, you could say.  Nick brought her up very slowly, and held her still as the music faded to nothing, and the night’s own chorus began again.  The vampire’s breathing had quickened, and his eyes had changed to a very deep red.





SA:   She did dance before, although the memory was mostly a blur, just like the vast majority of her former life, only being able to grasp some fickle visions of it. She did remember dancing, under the moonlight like she was now – And what a beautiful dance they carried, right now, one she allowed him to lead. Each step of hers was carefully calculated, though, even if he indeed was leading, her movements were only meant to entrance, engrasp her partner into a constant hypnosis. Her scent carried by the wind with each twirl and spin, the hem of her dress so gently swaying against the concrete as they moved with each other in perfect unison, harmony. There was a point, where she did something on her own, only to let him know it was still her territory to begin with – Removing her form from his grasp, she only came to spin, moving her body into a pirouette as her slender physique twirled in the air, like the start of a tornado, only to let her scent be carried by a sudden breeze, his way. She came back, soon after. In a way that was so sensual, erotic and yet only meant to entice and provoke him even further. She back into his grasp, in reverse, letting her back bump against his chest as her arms reached up, coiled around his neck into a nice soft grip, running fingers through the raven strands only to look up at him, parting her lips in anticipation until he’d twirl her back to face him. As the dance was ending, she allowed herself to move and lower down as he carried her, keeping her inches hovering above the ground as one of her legs came to arch upwards, loop around one of his, for apparent support. Moments passed like that – just a few moments which seemed like an eternity, staring into each other. Not into their eyes, but into each other, until he brought her up. She noticed his panting. The change of chromatics in his hues, which only brought her body to press against his, chest on chest as one hand curled to trail fingertips along that dress shirt of his. Not saying a word, letting the silence fall over them, as the only audible sound was the wind rustling through the rose bushes.


RB:  Sophia knew how to dance, and well.  In fact she mastered it in such a way, that before he knew what was happening, he found her spinning back so that she would come to be with her back to his chest, and her arm like that of a serpent – winding its way up his neck to only tussle with his wayward locks.  His head motioned to move to the side, allowing her fingers better access.  Oh he liked this.  Though up till now he led the dance, Sophia had changed the pace and he was now finding himself moving to suit her.  The ending would have her coil her leg around him as he supported her frame and back.  This closeness only served to want more.  It was why his breathing quickened, as the predator within him was now fully awake.  The eyes were the tell tale sign, that she had stirred much more in him, and she had done it almost effortlessly.  Only when the dance was truly at its end, did the pair stand so close that their chests were touching.  Nick’s head bowed down, just inches from the top of hers.  Sophia didn’t speak.  She didn’t have too.  The vampire could feel it…deep down.  The lure was slowly dragging him in.  Whether she meant to do it; or not.  For the first time in a long time, he was lost for words.  Muted by her beauty.  The time for being a silver tongue was passed.  He could write her a thousand sonatas and yet it would not be enough.  She could see through false platitudes.  All he had to offer her…was his smile.  A genuine one.



SA:  The dance was all it took – A dance where both body and spirit would come together, lacing with each other to create it, to create this perfect unison between them. A perfect collision of thought and feeling, giving emotion where there was none. And when it came to a halt, all that was left was the silence, as they stood there, facing each other. Her hand, still trailing along his chest as hers pressed against his, feeling how it heaved with every quickened breath he took, while, oddly enough, hers did not – For her, there was no breath to take, but only the cold marble pressed against his own flesh, yet delicate and soft, velvet to the touch. Eventually, her arm went around his neck again, as she leaned in – Tall, yet not as tall as him, having to lift her frame up for their cheeks to meet and the very tip of her lips to brush against his earlobe, to create a small whispered breath. “Take off my mask.” She said that, without departing from him, even resting her head so gently onto his shoulder, to the side, as her arms looped around his form, in a true serpent’s grip, waiting for him to undo his own bindings on the black fabric.


RB:  There was no heat to Nick’s frame, but there was one thing to be said.  Sophia was far colder than he was.  As though she had taken all the heat out of her surroundings and chilled it within her form.  Nick didn’t know what to do next.  He just stood there, until that moment her hand began to move and press to his chest.  He glanced downward and was almost about to bring his hand up to cover it, when she draped an arm around his neck and leaned in enough to have her head come to his shoulder – cheek to cheek.  The gentle yet seductive whisper of her voice that met his ear.  She wanted him to remove her mask.  Now, Nick had seen the way her hand had moved so quick to move the bandanna back in place when it became loose earlier.  She was bothered by it and she had asked him to tighten it again – which he did.  Now, she wanted him to take it off.   At first Nick’s brow creased as he tried to digest what she had asked.  But something inside him, pushed him forwards.  If this was what she wanted, then so be it.  Regardless of what lay beneath.  She had hidden it from view for a reason.  That to which he did not know.  Almost as though in a trance, he reached up behind her head, and felt for the loose tie that if pulled, would bring the bandanna undone.  The vampire closed his eyes, and pulled the tie slowly till the fabric loosened enough to fall free from her face.  All the while, he was caught in her hold.  If this was all part of her plan for ‘dinner’ then there would be no escape.






SA:  It felt like an eternity. The moment when her arms were around his form, tugging at the back of his coat as if tightly gripping onto it, to hold onto him for what was to come. The moment when his fingers gently slipped the bandana off her features, only to keep it settled in his hand as the fabric touched his digits – Soft, yet oddly constricting, like the mask itself was a living creature. An eternity, which only amounted for less than a couple of minutes, until she was bare, stripped of her mask and yet she didn’t move. As if hesitantly moving from his shoulder to face him once more, eyes closed, as lids slowly began to part, like awoken from a deep sleep. And there it was – Her eyes. The abnormal optics she hid so much, the optics which were not staring up into his crimsons. And they were brilliant. Bright azure, such an odd chromatic. Deep, like the vast waters which surrounded them and yet, the anomaly was that they lacked pupils, giving them such a full, strikingly blue shade, like crystal glass. She didn’t blink – He’d find that soon. Her eyes never blinked as though they weren’t normal eyes to begin with. The eyes of a Blind woman, so strikingly, brilliant blue now stared up at him.



RB : What was Nick expecting to be behind the black bandanna?  He had earlier seen the odd sliver of blue, but nothing could prepare him for what she was about to reveal.  Nick felt the fabric give way and slide down.  He never let go of the end of the tie, but slowly drew it back so now her eyes and that part of her face would become exposed to the night…and him.  He even held his breath as he felt her beginning to move back from him and this was when he saw what was Sophia’s true beauty.  Hidden away from all, Sophia had just revealed the most brilliant azure eyes he had ever seen.  These were striking, a shade of blue that was more dazzling than sapphires.  The vampire simply couldn’t look away.  “Sophia…” her name whispered as though he feared others might hear.  Not that there was anyone else there.  Nick reached up to cradle her cheek with his right hand, as though he didn’t want her to move.  Why had she been hiding her eyes from the world?  He could see that she didn’t blink and that the optics didn’t move.  Sophia was blind, but she could see him.  She could see inside of him.  “You’re beautiful.”






Never knew love could be like this – GS.

Dinner is a huge success, not only because of its good taste, but because it has brought our couple; Tommy and Elissa closer together….

Scene setting – Tommy’s apartment – Gantz series.

Co-written with VunG.


VunG:  Elissa snickered a little at his response, wiggling her nose to his poke and shrugging a little conceding the point. Really, she was thinking more about his tastes when she said ‘fancy,’ but he had a point; he was about as elegant as a demolition derby. Still as entertaining as one though. Regardless, she went ahead and took a seat, flashing him a grin while she got herself situated, leaning back with a relaxed grin while she watched him work within the kitchen. There was a strange peaceful joy in watching him go about such work–she didn’t know why but there was just some tame part of her that enjoyed watching her man do something simple like this. The food smelled absolutely tantalizing even from here–she couldn’t remember the last time she had Thai food, if at all, but it seemed absolutely awesome even from a distance. At one point she would notice the chocolates and roses and promptly smiled at the gesture, assuming that he had meant to give them to her (or share in the chocolates’ case) and had simply forgotten. She’d comment later… right now she didn’t want to interrupt him.

When he finally got over, the candles all set up, the rather nice-looking wine set up, the food before them, the lovely soft glow. Wow… he’d really gone all the way with this private setting. It really was quite romantic, and she found herself blushing at the fact that he’d gone through all this effort for her.

When he raised his glass, she gladly acted in kind, a charming smile on her face as she looked back at him then took a sip of the wine. It was quite good actually, she generally preferred the sweeter wines to dry ones, and this was a wonderful example. High quality, relatively speaking, assuming her taste hadn’t gone stale. It would be clear from the look on her face she was pleased with the wine, but then when she took her first bite of the curry, she would positively light up. It was AMAZINGLY DELICIOUS! She loved spicy food, but with that in mind she needed something to have flavor as well as spice rather than just be burning hot–Tabasco sauce, I’m looking at you. This stuff was perfect! It may have been a rush job, but she couldn’t tell–he might as well have spent the entire time since leaving her house making it, for all she knew. After she finished two or three bites she would happily tell him, ~Amazing job, darling! That shouty British asshole would be green with envy.~


Razorbackwriter:  Tommy had been watching for Elissa’s reaction to his cooking. Would it be to her palate? He himself had taken two bites, and managed to get the taste just right in his mind. His mother would be proud. The corners of Tommy’s mouth crept upward when he watched Elissa sign that she felt he had done an amazing job in cooking. That the shouty British asshole would be green with envy. It was a green Thai curry that they were enjoying, and the puns were not lost on the cheeky reporter. As he swallowed another mouthful, he chuckled to himself.

“Well love, I don’t swear as much as that bloke in the kitchen. Also…I’m better looking.” Tommy gave Elissa wink before taking another forkful of curry and rice. He was hungry, and had a real appetite for this kind of food. So much like his Mother’s style. She loved everything with spice and chili. “Would you believe I did this in half an hour….AND had a shower.” If Tommy was showing off, he was being a bit of a wag about it.

In between bites, Tommy offered Elissa the condiments and then topped up her wine. He was trying to keep the dinner conversation light and free from the stress and dramas that they had been through up to this point. Last thing that Elissa needed was a recap on the Fluffy princess, or the dramas surrounding Frank and those pictures. In the back of his mind, he still had the worry of Madame Rose Li and what she had done in relation to the Commander and his schemes. Truth was, Tommy didn’t know who was worse, but he did know that Madame Rose rarely let go of something that she wanted. She acted selfishly, always. Regardless of who would pay the price. As for Tamika, well….Tommy didn’t think it was wise to bring her up. He’d arrange to go and get his key back off her probably in a few days, rather than add acid to an open wound.

By the end of his meal, Tommy was lapping up the sauce with a piece of naan bread and popping it into his mouth. He was stuffed. Eating way too much and pushed himself back in his chair and patted his stomach.

“See, the good thing about dining here is….there are no interruptions, and if you wanted to….hmm, enjoy some more nocturnal pursuits, the bed is not far away.” Tommy leaned back and stretched his arms back over his head and inhaled deeply. You could see his shirt tighten over his athletic frame, and as the bottom of his shirt rose up at the front, there was a hint of hair that was just peeking out shy of his jeans.



VunG:  Elissa snickered at his assurance that he was, if nothing else, better looking than Ramses, and would grin and nod her agreement there. Tom was better than most models she’d seen, much less that old fart. In all seriousness though, this food was delicious, and she was pretty darn hungry, especially for something more filling than this. When he said this had only taken a half hour, she would quite nearly choke on her wine and look at him with shock, then down to the food, then back at him. ~Bullshit,~she declared with a smile. She didn’t actually think he was lying, but she really didn’t think that something this nice would take so short a time.

As they ate, she would of course happily chat with him about minor, unimportant things, gladly taking the offered wine; actually, she probably drank a little more than he did, even if it wasn’t all that much. It was nice to just be able to enjoy each other’s company in a private setting like this. No drama, no worries, no work, just them chatting about the nicer things in life. Forget about that pig-headed goat-loving piece of shit, forget about aliens and such stupidity, just Elissa and the man that she was beginning to suspect she was falling for.

Elissa, like Tommy, overate a bit, though she ate less than him–proportions are an important detail. Letting out a content sigh, she slouched a little in her seat, one hand resting on her belly while the other lifted her wine up to her lips happily. She would bring her gaze down to Tommy at his comment, an amused grin on her face in regards to his desire to get dirty again, though nodding her agreement to all of his words. Actually, she had been kind of thinking about letting their food settle, but now that her eyes traced over his body, the way that the shirt hugged his body, the way that his jeans were sitting so low on him… hrmm… it definitely made her feel a little hot. She was actually in a similar situation; her dress wasn’t exactly loose-fitting and now that she was slightly plumped with food it certainly was showing her off a fair bit too. Still… she liked the atmosphere… hrmm… ~’Twould be a shame to waste the atmosphere though…~ she commented thoughtfully, looking at the candles before leaning towards him, a slight sparkle in her eyes, ~Perhaps we should take them with us.~


Razorbackwriter:  Elissa’s face flushed ever slightly, and she too had that post dinner belly. The kind you get when you really enjoy a meal. To rush off and try anything bedroom related was a bit premature especially on Tommy’s part. He had set the atmosphere to be one that was romantic yet casual, and Elissa was drinking this in. She was enjoying it, and wasn’t that reward enough? Tommy smiled at her when she shared that she would hate to see it all be wasted.

“Of course, Bad Tommy just thinking naughty things again.” The Reporter kept up his smile as he shared his joke. He agreed they could take it with them, but he knew it would be better if they let their food settle.

Looking at the remaining curry and plates, Tommy slowly pushed himself to standing and started to clear away the table. He’d make a few trips, but each time being sure to brush his hand along her shoulder each time he passed, be it to get the crockery, or the dishes. Elissa looked so beautiful by the lights of the candles, and the soft sultry music kept giving him ideas again, which he was quick to quash. From the kitchen he started to speak more freely, with the sounds of scraping plates, and then him opening up the dishwasher.

“Been a crazy week for us, hasn’t it?”

He was referring to the whole incident with Fluffy Princess, and of course the fact that they had enjoyed each other’s company. Tommy never usually spent the night with anyone. A one night stand and he was gone before morning. That was the usual thing. Tamika pushed for more with Tommy, but he always kept her at arms length. She’d continue to think that if she did things for him…anything that he would relent.

With the leftovers in the fridge, and the dishwasher humming softly, Tommy came out and turned off the kitchen light. As he came past Elissa he reached for her hand. “Care to join me on the couch?’ It was not that far across the room, and if she accepted, he would lead her across, so that they could sit in the corner together. He noticed that the dress she was wearing was pulling a little, and he chuckled to himself.

“Someone was hungry.” A boyish tone to his voice. “You know…I wanted to talk to you about…us.” He had told the others that he considered them to be a proper couple, but he hadn’t given her the chance to express if that is what she truly wanted. “I know you’d rather take things slow, and if that’s the case…then I would be more than happy to go along with that. So long as I have you in my life.”

He brushed her hair back away from her face as he stared into her eyes.



VunG:  Elissa smiled at his sort-of apology, rolling her eyes at the fact that he hadn’t entirely picked up on the hint she was dropping. That said, it was probably smart to at least wait for their food to disappear–no swimming for thirty minutes, and a little time before sex she supposed. Still she would reassure him with a smirk, ~Not bad, just hasty.~ Truth be told, as she heard more and more of the music, she too couldn’t help but feel herself getting thoughts as well, and honestly she wasn’t certain if she should cling to them or just let them slide away. As he went about getting the food picked up, she’d at least help hand them over, and every time his hand touched her she had to admit that she felt a bit of a blush coming to her cheeks.

The crazy week comment would make her cough a little, looking to him with a smirk, knowing just what he meant. ~That’s putting it mildly.~ she responded with a smirk. She… wasn’t the sort of person who just let anyone get in bed with her most of the time. Granted, she wasn’t a prude, but she was generally just not the sort of person to form attachments, but at the same time she liked to at least know the person she went to bed with. This thing with Tommy was… strange… she didn’t know what to do with it. Oh, and there was also aliens of at least two different types, collapsing schools, getting shot, and goat-fucking. But who wanted to think about those?

As he came over after handling dishes, she would already be scooting herself out in anticipation for his next question, and would gladly take his hand as they walked over. She would gladly sit with him in the corner, leaning into him with a content smile as they settled in together. His prod at her belly got her to roll her eyes and jab him lightly in the ribs with her elbow, but otherwise she’d let it go. She’d already discovered that, of Tommy’s big draws, tact wasn’t really one of them. However… then he stepped into a subject which was a bit more important… their relationship. As he spoke she bit her lip a little in thought, trying to figure out what she wanted out of this. He said she wanted to go slow, but really she wasn’t certain if that was the case–it was certainly what she had been suggesting and even stating, but…

No… as she stared back at him, the soft romantic light illuminating his beautiful face as they gazed at each other she knew that any hope of this going slow would be stifling rather than what it was meant to be. Smiling softly, she brought her hand up to his, leaning her head into it for a moment. Then, she brought her hands back together to sign with a tender expression, ~The more I think about it, the more I think I was probably too quick on the trigger before. I don’t want it to go slow, nor do I want it fast or medium.~ She paused and briefly tried to lean in as if she would whisper before frowning at her own muteness and just saying with a smile to him, ~I just want us to be together.~ Well, she’d said it, she’d agreed with him, she’d confessed something that was clearly feelings to him–well, no going back now. Banzai! Forward Christian soldiers! For Narnia! Et cetera. And, assuming he had no complaints about that, she would then lean in towards him and plant a kiss on his lips. It was passionate, but she wasn’t forceful or even all that lustful… she was just kissing him softly, as someone that she was beginning to realize that she cared deeply about.


Razorbackwriter:  Nothing was more sexually appealing to Tommy then when he watched Elissa bite that bottom lip of hers. It made him want to bite it..chew it. Just plain enjoy it between his teeth. Tommy found himself staring at her, almost breathless when she placed her hand over his own. The night that they had spent together, and that moment when he blurted out that he was falling for her, left them both with mixed ideas of what each other wanted. Now it was time to clear the air, and get down to how they truly felt about each other. With a soft smile, Elissa explained that she may have been too quick to be dismissive of Tommy’s feelings. But what got him confused, was when she said that she didn’t want to go slow…or fast or medium for that matter.

“Then what speed?” Tommy was getting all these signals, and they were ones that she did want him, or at least that is what her body language was saying. It was due to her muteness that she was trying to convey her real feelings and this made it a bit awkward as he stared at her questioningly. Then at last….she said it.

~I just want us to be together~

To Tommy it was like the fourth of July. The feeling of euphoria that built up within him and now exploded as she admitted that she did want to be with him. Romantically…or however he wanted. Before Tommy could speak, or utter a word, though his face was one of pride and love for her now, Elissa kissed him. Bringing home everything…all at once. It was there. Not lust, not need….just love. Tommy put his hands to her cheeks, and kissed her back in the most gentle way he could. The bond between them solidifying right there, as the pair were both on the same page.

Tommy only broke the kiss, so that he could say what his heart was already telling him.


“You’ve just made me the happiest man alive.” His fingers caressing her cheeks, as he locked eyes with her. The music continued to play in the background, and with the candle light and the faded memories of the delicious meal, this was the perfect evening. No interruptions, no craziness. Just two people sitting on a couch, sharing their love for the other.



VunG:  Elissa may have been a touch nervous about saying what she did out loud… well… in broad sight. But seeing the look on Tommy’s face when she told him how she felt… oh that was all the answer she needed. Seeing him so happy, so thrilled by their mutual feelings, it made her feel like she could fly. And as she kissed, she felt an old, long forgotten, shriveled up feeling beginning to blossom once again, her hands going behind his neck and resting there while she relished in this beautiful. tender moment between them. It was unquestionable now; they were a couple, and something inside her told her that it was a relationship to last for a long, long time.

When he broke the kiss to tell her his thoughts, she immediately blushed like a young school girl, smiling softly as she returned his gaze. This was a perfect moment; the music, the soft ambient glow, the tender touching… this was all she could ever want right now. Her own fingers slightly squeezed in something resembling a hug, trying to return the sentiment without breaking this embrace. Slowly she brought her legs to lay across his and scooted closer to him, not really trying to do anything sensual, just trying to get closer to this wonderful man. Right now, she just wanted the time to be about them, and nobody else. She didn’t care if they just laid there together, if they decided to watch a movie, or if they wound up in bed once more… but she didn’t want this feeling to leave. If they laid here, she wanted the companionship, if they watched a movie it damn well better be a romance, if they wound up in bed she didn’t want a wild romp this time… she wanted something tender and real.




Dinner for Two – GS.


With Elissa coming over for dinner, Tommy needs to get his act together after the run in with Tamika and Madame Rose Li.  Will he let those events spoil his night?  Read on and see.

Scene setting : Tommy’s apartment – Gantz Series.

Written with VunG.



Tommy’s apartment


The basket that had been left at his front door was now sitting on a lounge room chair, while Tommy was busy in the kitchen. He had made a promise to Elissa that he would cook for her that eve, and it was a promise that he had no intention of breaking. Tommy had decided on a family favorite. Thai green prawn curry with jasmine rice and condiments. One thing about Tommy was, he did keep a lot of fresh food on hand, being that his diet required it – that and he was passionate about cooking; something that had been passed down from his own Mother.

The kitchen now gave off a heavenly smell, and with the curry simmering nicely, Tommy took the chance to go and grab a quick shower and freshen up before his dinner date. Passing the large mirror just above a book case, he glanced at it. It was easy to see the worry lines now on his forehead. Frank still hadn’t called and the weight of guilt was starting to fall heavily on his shoulders. That….and the incident with Tamika out in the hall. Was he wrong to tell her the truth about his relationship with Elissa? Tommy had always been so non committal when it came to relationships, though Tamika had a way of worming into his life and his apartment at times. He knew he was going to have to try and get his key back off her at some point. Sooner, rather than later.

Before getting in the shower, Tommy did try Frank’s phone again. It simply rang out. Tommy let out an exasperated sigh. With what Madame Rose said, still fresh in his mind, he knew that something was definitely up. But what could he do? Everything had pretty much centered around Frank for the past week or so. Was Tommy being selfish, to just want to have one night not having to worry about the detective? Tossing the phone on the bed, Tommy headed into the bathroom, slowly stripping off as he did so. He left a trail of clothes that led up to the shower cubicle, where he could now be seen behind the opaque glass pane. The hot jets soothed his body, and soon he was busy scrubbing himself down, and then washing his hair. Elissa would be arriving at any moment, and he wanted everything to be just perfect.

Once out of the shower and patted down, he dressed in a simple grey t shirt and jeans. All formality and the usual suits going out the window. He even was padding around barefoot. This was his way of relaxing. Passing the red basket one more time, Tommy rolled his eyes, before picking out the bottle of champagne and taking it to the fridge. Might as well chill it. What could it hurt?



VunG:  Elissa kept forgetting that Tommy had a bit of money on him–of course he would, he was a reporter. He might not be a business tycoon, but he was probably doing better than some, and this was a nice apartment complex. Taking a deep breath as she drove up to one of the parking spots, she made sure to give herself a nice look in the mirror, making sure she looked alright. Besides putting on the dress and some simple flip flops to go with them, she hadn’t done a whole heck of a lot. She’d brushed her hair and made sure everything was neat, had used a little make up to touch up blemishes but nothing that anyone would ever notice. She wasn’t a girly girl that really made herself up, as it was this probably a bit more than usual, but she wanted to look good for him, especially since he was going through all this effort. It wasn’t like she was uncomfortable in this either–while it may have looked nice, really it was just as comfortable as anything else she owned, perhaps more so in some regards. If he just wanted to relax and have a nice casual date, she was more than happy with that… again, she just wanted to make their first proper date a good one and look at least a little more proper than ‘I was just shot, can you tell?’

A check at the front desk for room number and an elevator ride later and she was at Tommy’s door, checking herself and making sure that she was all set. Satisfied, she gave a ‘shave and a haircut’ knock and waited for him at the front, hand on her hip just for the sake of theatrics. Oh shoot… had she put on deodorant? Bugger…


Razorbackwriter:  Tommy was just about to enter the kitchen to give the curry sauce a stir, when he heard the knocking at the door. A quick check of the time, and sure enough, Elissa was right on time. Tommy wondered if she had managed to come along by herself, and not had to bring the fluffy Princess. Striding over to the front door, he undid the two locks and swung it open, only to see his girl standing there with her hand on her hip – a real sexy pose. Tommy’s eye cast up and down to take in what she was wearing. She looked fantastic, but then again she looked just as good without clothes. Tommy found himself smiling freely, and took a step back to allow her to come in.

“Hope you’re hungry.” His voice had a richness to it. Standing there in his simple t shirt and jeans, it looked a bit strange compared to the backdrop of his apartment, which was almost clinical. It was a large open space, vast windows that showed the city skyline, and modern furnishings that would have cost a bundle. There was expensive art pieces on the walls, but in one corner, there were a series of black and white photographs of Tommy and his brother. They were taken by one of the paper’s top photographers on top of one of the city’s buildings. You could see the likeness and playful attitude between the two young men. Both athletic looking. Model material with natural features that just caught your eyes and you couldn’t look away.

When Elissa passed through the door, Tommy would close it, being careful to lock it. He gave the door a pat and turned on his heel as he knew that Elissa would probably be checking out his place.

After the rotten day he had had, and of course the drama when he entered his building, Tommy wanted to relax and just enjoy being with Elissa. To have her to himself again.

“Would you like a tour?”



VunG:  Elissa was more than happy to see the look on Tommy’s face as he caught how she looked, smiling back just as freely as she looked him over. Apparently he was in a less formal mindset, but that said he still looked great in that shirt… not that he needed clothing to look good, but hey. As he stepped back, she would gladly follow him in, responding to his comment with a grin and a nod. Almost immediately she was struck by the smell of what he was cooking. She couldn’t pick up what everything was, she could cook but she wasn’t a mistress of the trade, but she knew the scents of shrimp and curry when she caught them. Good choices, though she hadn’t had the two combined. Would be interesting.

Of course, that took second place to his room. As she walked in she couldn’t help but marvel at just how nice the place looked. She had been expecting this to be a nice place, but dang! This was a lovely home, from the furnishings to the paintings. She especially liked the view–she was so used to being stuck way down low; it was rare that she got the chance to look out onto the skyline like this. Eventually she would catch the romantic place-setting for their dinner, and she’d smirk at the sight… he really was pulling out all the stops for her wasn’t he? It would be nice to be able to relax again. To get away from the madness of work, to forget about this idiocy with the ‘alien’, to forget that they had been in a firefight just yesterday… just to have some nice time between the two of them. Was that so much to ask? Was that too selfish?

Letting out a soft, content sigh, she would soon hear his question and happily turn to him and nod emphatically to him, before pausing, putting her finger up, going to the front and kicking her ‘shoes’ off and setting her purse down. ~Now, I would,~ she said, blushing a little.


Razorbackwriter:  “My mother always said that girls love a guy that can cook. So, I took my lessons from her.” Tommy was now feeling much more relaxed that Elissa was here. He enjoyed watching her walk into the apartment, and then stop to take it all in. It was much bigger than her place of course, and he hoped that it didn’t overwhelm her. Tommy didn’t exactly go into detail how much he was worth, but it was safe to say that he could afford the nicer things in life. Watching Elissa turn and show that radiant smile of hers was reward enough. He glanced down as she kicked off her shoes and set down her purse. She was more than ready for the tour.

Moving to her side, he took her hand in his and led her slowly through the spacious lounge area and to the right where his room was just off the side. They walked through the open doorway to view a large king size bed, adorned in a silver grey and black doona with matching cushions and pillow rolls. The room looked like it had been in Vogue, everything was immaculate, which didn’t match the way Tommy had been at her place. He must have a house keeper. In fact, he did. She also took care of the shopping, though Tamika had been keen to cook for Tommy on many occasions using her own supplies. A large walk in robe, that any New York girl would die for was to the right of the bed, then that went through to his ensuite. A shower cubicle large enough for four people, with a marble and white vanity and loo. Mirrors were everywhere and Hollywood lighting was around the mirrors over the vanity. It was glamorous….for a guy.

“The bed is not normally so neat.” Tommy squeezed Elissa’s hand as he said this. Well, he hadn’t been in his own bed for a few nights now. Thanks to…Frank and of course Elissa. That part he didn’t mind at all. Tommy then said off the cuff “It would look a lot better with you in it.” There was that cheeky Tommy resurfacing.

Bringing Elissa back out to the main open area, he pointed out his office, and to the right of that was the guest room. He had it set up for when his Mother came to the city so it had a woman’t touch. Not at all masculine. The office walls were lined with all sorts of sporting memorabilia, and there was a treadmill with large flat screen tv on the wall. A set of weights, and rolled up yoga mat was leaning against the wall. Seeing this side of Tommy, and how he lived might intrigue Elissa, or she could understand him a little more.

The lounge area showed an eight seater leather lounge that was in an L shape, and faced a monstrous entertainment system with a large wall mounted TV. A great place to catch those late night movies. It was all very inviting.



VunG:  Well, Tommy’s mom wasn’t wrong about the cooking thing, at least for Elissa. It was always a wonderful treat when one came home to find a wonderful meal waiting for them–granted that she also did the same, but she always preferred relationships that were a give and take. As for the home, she wasn’t quite what one would call overwhelmed–she’d been in nice places like this, though not as a date or guest or anything like that. That said, it was still impressive, and it informed her that, besides being a wonderful guy who was quirky, intelligent, great looking, and amazing in bed, he clearly had a bank account to lean on. Why not tell her he was the heir to a throne while you were at it.

When they got to the bedroom, she was mostly just surprised by how large it was; the details were impressive, but getting this much space in New York was like trying to get the golden egg laying goose to lay again after you’d dissected it and stitched it back together with googly eyes. The walk in robe probably didn’t impress Elissa as much as it would have most New York women, but she was still surprised by it–again, thanks to the size. And then there was the bathroom, and in her head she was already promising herself that they would go in there sometime soon. Honestly, she didn’t even question if it was femmy or not; she was a woman who shot bank robbers for a living, she was pretty certain that a guy who liked feeling nice wasn’t going to get any stranger looks.

As he first introduced the bed properly, she would roll her eyes at the ‘not so neat’ comment, assuming that the reason for that was that he was usually a bit of a lazy slob. A place this large, you NEEDED a house maid to look after it–either that or spend a LOT of time yourself. Then, just as she was running her hand over the fabric, wondering what it was like (quite nice, as the case might be), she would look up at his comment, immediately returning his cheeky grin and cocking her hips. ~You better believe it.~

The rest of the place was also pretty interesting, though not quite as much of a shock to the system that the other bits had been. The guest room for his mother was rather sweet, and something that she could definitely appreciate–it was nice when a man was close to his family. Actually, she needed to send another email to her folks, now that she thought about it. The sports memorabilia got a smirk out of her–suppose it was inevitable that every guy would like some sport or another. The treadmill was an interesting touch as well as all the other work-out equipment; she had a little herself, but she kept it tucked away under beds and in closets and such… then again she didn’t have the space to spare to keep it out in the open. It was good that he took such pride in looking after himself, not that she’d doubted it from the previous time.~A yoga man, huh?~ she commented as her gaze passed over the mat, ~I would’ve thought you more of a tai chi person.~

As for the lounger area, well it was about what she would expect from the sort of money on display–it was impressive and expensive. With the tour done, she would turn to him with a grin, ~You, my dear, are one fancy son of a bitch.~


Razorbackwriter:  Watching Elissa sign that she thought Tommy was more of a tai chi person, made Tommy chuckle. The idea of practicing Tai chi in those satin pajama like suits just wasn’t his thing. Besides, yoga kept him very fit and it was something he could do either with a class or at home – which was more the case. The reporter winked at Elissa.“Each to their own.”

Wandering back out into the main lounge area, the tour was over and dinner was about ready to be served, until Elissa turned around in front of him and showed that wicked grin that he loved so much.

~You, my dear, are one fancy son of a bitch.~

“Looks are deceiving. I’m just a regular guy. You should already know that by now.” Tommy poked her nose gently with the tip of his finger, before gesturing for her to take a seat at the dinner table. “I’ll be serving up dinner, why not grab a seat?”

The table was already set, but Tommy had to get things prepared in the kitchen so he could bring it out to be served properly. He padded back into the kitchen, which had a large opening view space so Elissa would be able to see him as he worked. By the way he moved about, Elissa would be able to see that he knew his way around a kitchen, and the steam rose off the curry as he lifted the lid and gave it another stir. Tommy started with placing a special cup mold of rice on each plate, then ladled out the shrimp, followed by a good coverage of the green thai sauce. He used garnish and had poppadoms ready in a small basket, along with yogurt and chutney. Tommy would need to make a few trips back and forth, but not before placing down the dinner plates. One before Elissa and another where Tommy was to sit.

Tommy selected the Champagne that had come out of the gift basket from the fridge, and brought that out last. The candles were lit and Tommy clicked the remote to have soft music playing in the background.

It was all very romantic.

Tommy took his seat, which was just adjacent Elissa and smirked at her. He was curious to see if she liked his cooking. He had done a lot in the small time he had before she arrived, so it was a bit of a rush job.

Off to the side on a chair was the basket of roses and chocolates from Madame Rose Li. Tommy had forgotten to dispose of it.

“Bon appetite, El.”

Tommy raised a glass to her and waited for her to reciprocate.




A quiet night in – GS


Scene setting : Frank Malone’s apartment – Gantz Series.

co-written with Chor.


Razorbackwriter:  The ride over in the taxi had Frank feeling a little heady. Was it the music or the scent of exotic spices? This cab driver’s wife must have been a good cook. Trying not to burst out laughing when the cabbie started to sing a long with one of the tracks playing on his radio, he instead placed his arm around Isa and whispered in her ear. “Only in New York.” You had to admit the whole thing was comical. The smell, the music, the cabbie’s lack of musical training. Least now Frank had an idea as to why the guy was driving cabs and not appearing in an off broad way musical. Finally, the ride was at an end as the cab pulled up in front of Frank’s apartment building. The guy did understand English after all. Paying the cab driver, Frank was handed a pamphlet for the cab driver’s wife’s restaurant. No wonder the cab smelt the way it did. He was carting spices in the boot.

“Ah…the Sitar Restaurant. Might have to try that. Thanks.” Frank got out of the cab on his side, only to race around and get Isa’s door. He offered his hand to help her out which he hoped she would take.

Any nervousness that Frank might have felt about bringing Isa up to his apartment was quickly quashed, since he couldn’t get over her smile and the way she handled the cab ride over like a pro. It was often cheaper to use the cabs than trying to find a parking space, which is why Frank favored them as much as he did.

Taking Isa up the three flights of stairs, they finally came to the front door of Frank’s apartment. He rummaged for his keys, before opening the door. The tell tale creak of the hinges showed that it could do well with a bit of oil. Frank dashed in and immediately started a vain effort to tidy a little. Picking up old pizza boxes and Chinese take out containers – hurrying to the bin. He was like a fiend in racing about. Clearly he wanted to impress Isa if he could. Soon, he came to a stop and then clapped his hands together. It was almost like he didn’t know what to offer her first. When she had been left at the door, she may well have seen his study that was where the [i]”wall of mystery”[/b] was. All the cases, Rory…pictures and reports all tacked up on a massive board that covered half the room.

No doubt she would have questions.



Chor:  While Isa’s family was still adjusting to American life, her father began work in the city. The money he sent the girls from his job paid for the small three-year stint they spent in upstate New York. The place was lovely, quiet, and Isa’s mother often marveled that it was so alike Germany. Isa was too young to even remember, but she knew in her heart that – from the few visits she’d been granted to see her father in the city- that downstate is where she wanted to be. Upstate was nice, but the city was beautiful. It had colour, originality, and brought so much more brightness to Isa’s life. This cabbie was what brought Isa to this place, it was the reason she resigned herself to the city and sold her soul to the idea that she could make it better one body at a time.

“Indeed,” she agreed. Only in New York.

The restaurant’s pamphlet, printed on bright orange paper, make Isa’s stomach growl furiously. Grateful of the loud, overwhelming music, Isa waited as Frank rushed to the other side and allowed him to help her from the automobile. He was acting very strange, which made Isa’s brow raise at the behaviour. As they entered his apartment, nothing really caught her attention as being overly filthy or too out of order. It was the home of someone who didn’t have the time for the little things. Sweeping, dusting…eating, sleeping, you know? She shook her head as he moved around like a whirlwind. He didn’t have to, she was not judging him.

Something her eyes gazed upon removed her attention from all else. It was the study, where it was clear Frank was attempting to solve the very case that destroyed his life so wholly. She was unable to keep herself from it, as if it had reached its saddening tendrils out to her and pulled her in. When Frank would clap his hands at the end of his cleaning spree, she’d already be gone, poring over the files and pictures like it was her own place. She pulled herself away, then, thinking the situation a bit inappropriate. Shutting the door as she exited, Isa went to look for Frank.


Razorbackwriter:  Frank had stuck the Indian restaurant’s pamphlet to his fridge while Isa had been drawn into his study. It was only natural for her to take a peek, since everything that was pinned to the wall was to do with the case that had consumed Frank’s life. Quietly, Frank came up behind Isa as she was shutting the door to his study. She would find herself facing him as she turned to look for him.

“Probably best to let that all be tonight.” He referred to the wall of investigations. For a moment there was an awkward pause, as though Frank really wasn’t sure what to do next. But his body had a funny way of showing just what he needed. A pained growl was audible and he rubbed his stomach with a rising blush to his face. “I can’t remember the last time I ate. Can you?” Frank had probably consumed a couple of gallons of coffee to keep himself alert, but as for food, he couldn’t even think of what he had last. Remembering the pamphlet on the fridge, he made a gesture towards the kitchen. “I’ve got nothing in the fridge except for some frozen dinners and that shit isn’t fit for consumption. Say, how about I order some Indian from the restaurant the cabby recommended.” Frank dashed back into the kitchen and took the pamphlet off the fridge door.

“Couple of curries…a few naan. I’ve got beer.” His face now hopeful that Isa would take Frank up on the idea. “Got a few movies we could watch while we eat.” Frank clearly had not dined with a lady in a long time. He was as easy going as they came.




Chor:  Isolde felt embarrassment crawl about her skin as she turned right into Frank, nearly walking straight into him. She found herself nodding in agreement; they’d had about enough of that for the day. At the mere mention of food, Isa’s stomach replied for her, louder this time than in the cab, and she gave an almost guilty look.

“I can’t even count on my fingers the amount of days since the last time I really ate, ” she said shyly, feeling foolish about it. She could only imagine what he thought of her now as he truly realized the extent to which she was allowing herself to rot away. Isa always fed her cat, she always made sure everything was finished with bodies, always did her job to the fullest, but never found it of great import to nourish herself. Her bottom lip found itself between her right lateral incisors, biting gently.

Anything sounds good, really,” Isolde told him, not wanting him to worry about any special kind of food. She’s never been picky. At the mention of beer, Isa was the slightest bit conflicted. She wasn’t a drinker, for reasons she didn’t like to think about, but she felt safe with Frank. One wouldn’t hurt?

“Movies? Sounds good.

Truthfully, Isa has seen very few movies in her short life. As a child her family owned one movie which they watched repeatedly and in school she didn’t have time for the cinema. Now? Well, she has even less time.


Razorbackwriter:  Then it was settled. A curry night with a movie or two. Both would probably fall asleep on the couch, but Frank really didn’t mind. This was the closest he had come to actually relaxing. What he didn’t realize was that he had turned off his phone, so Tommy’s message had gone to message bank. It would be some time before Frank bothered to check it. Taking the pamphlet down, he used his landline to call the number on the back, and leaned against the doorway to his kitchen as a lady with a strong Indian accent answered on the other end of the line.

“Could I order a number 4 mild, with extra cream and a number 16 medium. Oh and a couple of naan breads.” Frank gave the lady his address and was told the meal would be there within the hour. They must have been having a busy run. That was good enough for Frank, who didn’t mind waiting. He keenly wanted to change out of his suit into just jeans and a t’shirt so that he could truly relax. Hanging up the phone, Frank explained how long dinner would be. “We have an hour or so before the take out gets here. Why don’t you rummage through my movie collection, while I go get changed.” Offering a light smile, he strolled into his bedroom, leaving the door open slightly as he took off his shirt and tie, dumping them both in a hamper. On his back you could see a tattoo on his right shoulder of an eagle. It was well detailed and had been there for sometime. It must have had some meaning to him, and that in itself was another story. He was well built and you could see that he did work out, from the tone of his muscles. Frank then went into his closet and dug out some jeans and a black t’shirt, before getting changed, while Isa amused herself. By the time he was done, he came out looking like a completely different man. He even ran a comb through his hair. He was still a tad rough looking, but in a handsome way.

His DVD collection had everything from thrillers, detective stories, supernatural and of course a stack on the Marvel comic superheroes. There was three book cases filled, and a great choice for Isa to choose from. Wandering into the kitchen, Frank took two beers out of the fridge, then walked back into the lounge, offering one to Isa.

“Found something you like?”




Chor:  This very situation was odd. Isa had never really stayed the night at a man’s house, save it be for overnight cram sessions with her laboratory partners in med school. Now, she’d just met this man and she was wholeheartedly ready to stay the night; no questions asked. It was definitely a change in character for Isolde, who mostly kept to herself lest she be interacted with. As Frank talked over the phone to the take-out place, Isa watched him secretly. His entire demeanor had changed from the first time she’d seen him. She could not imagine them having this same conversation and this same situation happening several hours earlier.

“Uh, sure,” Isa replied to his suggestion before he mosied off to change. Oh god, how was she going to find a movie? Isa’s television experiences consisted mostly of documentaries or interesting lectures and she didn’t want to bore him straight to death. He had a serious collection going, which made things infinitely more difficult. What if she chose the movie he didn’t like? Or one he just watched? With a sigh, she settled on two that sounded pretty interesting. As she turned, her eye caught the open door, just glimpsing the tattoo resting on his toned scapula. With that image in her head, she spun herself around, wide-eyed like a scared doe, and returned to reading the back covers of the films.

As Frank emerged, Isa peeked around once more, now glad to see him clothed. She looked at his casual wear and felt undoubtedly over-dressed for the occasion. She hadn’t planned for this…impromptu hang-out session when she’d scoured her closet for the day. Her hand reached for the two wedding rings on a chain around her neck, as it was a nervous tick, only to find them blocked by her button up. Oh well.

“Ehm, I’ve got World War Z or Shutter Island?” she said, holding the two up to either sides of her clavicle and looking forward to him. It was his choice now, because she figured the odds were better in pleasing him if she picked two. After his choice, she took the beer with a light thanks and opened it, the top digging happily into her finger as she twisted it off.


Razorbackwriter:  “Shutter island it is then.” Frank made the choice fairly quickly, as he had watched World War Z too many times to even count. Taking the DVD box, he went about removing the disc from the case and then walked over to the entertainment system, where he inserted the disc into the machine. At this point, he looked back at Isa and asked. “You sure you’re okay being here? I don’t want you to think I am like…trying to make moves or..” There it was. Frank was about as out of practice of how to act around a lady as she was about staying over at a man’s apartment. It was the first time Frank had spoken about just the moment, rather than the case, or Rory’s death. He stood awkwardly for a moment – pausing to let her say something. In behind him on the wall, was a picture of Frank with his small son on his shoulders. Happier times obviously. There was no pictures of a woman in Frank’s life. He had removed those when she walked out on him after Rory had died and their marriage fell apart.

Frank toyed with his beer can, having not even opened it yet. His mind was now going over everything and now he wanted to do the right thing by Isa. “If you wanna change, or freshen up, feel free to use my bathroom.” Was he falling over himself? He meant well, but you could tell now he was nervous. Dinner was yet to arrive. Maybe they needed an ice breaker.



Chor:  Isa was a little glad that Frank chose the psychological thriller. She really would have picked the medical inconsistencies and pseudo-science in the other film to shreds. She was that kind, yes…

Frank’s question really caught her by surprise. She nodded almost fervently.

It’s fine, really. I think it’s better even,” she said, then thinking that too eager, added “…I mean if I go home I’ll just work.

An awkward silence. A sip of beer. Yes; good. At the mention of changing, Isa wished she had something. She resorted to just pulling off her jacket, which was a huge deal considering she would probably die in that lab coat. After doing so, she noticed her skirt had come up a bit to reveal one of the many symbols that ran all the way up her side from the outside of both thighs to just under where her armpit began. The skirt was swiftly pulled down to cover her and she made herself comfortable on the couch.

“I’m quite alright thanks.”   she said with a reassuring smile. He really needn’t fuss.


Razorbackwriter:  Frank may not have said anything, but his eyes, oh they could talk as they followed her skirt up her thigh when she had taken off her coat. Were they symbols on her legs. He even moved his head slightly to the right as though that might help him see better, but no sooner had her skirt risen up, Isa had caught onto the fact and then quickly smoothed it down into place. As she wriggled to get comfortable on the couch, she said she was alright with hanging out at his place after all. There was a tension there between them. Like two high school kids on a date, not knowing what to say or how to move forward. But just when Frank was going to say something about the markings on Isa’s legs, there was a knock at the door. That had to be dinner. “Just a sec.” Frank said; making his way to the door and opening it to see a young fresh faced Indian boy carrying a large bag. “You Malone?” Yeah, he had the right place. Frank took out a wad of notes and pressed them into the boy’s hand as he took the take out dinner bag from him. “Keep the change.” There was at least a ten dollar tip, and the young boy grinned. “Thanks, man.” Frank gave a little shrug before closing the door. It was the least he could do, since his apartment wasn’t exactly in the best neighborhood.

Walking back into the room, Frank got an idea. He motioned with his hand for Isa to get up and come to the kitchen. “Get it while it’s hot.” he called, as he placed the bag down on the bench and started to take out the curry box containers. The smell was a lot like the cab that they had ridden over in, but better. In his own element, Frank went to take out plates and cutlery, handing a plate to Isa as she came in. “There is enough for four people at least. You won’t go hungry.” This was said with a smile, as he opted for the Lamb korma with some jasmine rice. The other container had Butter chicken in a mild coconut and tomato sauce. In a paper bag was some garlic naan, that was easy to tear off and use for dipping.

Once Frank had helped himself, he headed back to the lounge room, where he cleared off magazines and his ashtray on the coffee table. It was casual dining at its best and Frank reached for the remote to start the movie. Isa would be able to hear the pre movie trailers starting on Frank’s sound system, which was fairly loud for the size of his apartment.

Frank picked up his beer and offered a toast, when Isa sat down.

“To Rory…” he paused so that Isa could add the name of someone she loved that had passed away.





Calm before the storm – SS.


Scene setting – Greed Castle

co-written with Dessy.


Razorbackwriter:  The blossoming friendship between Lydia and Mariela only grew as they shared their thoughts on human kind and how it was possible to be a family even without blood ties. Rising from her chair, Lydia extended her hand to show the girl through the library. So many books, and all the histories of all the Princes of hell. ever recorded word was in thickly bound books that adorned the many shelves. There was no librarian, for the staff at this part of the castle were scarce. Mammon had people WHEN he needed them, and if he didn’t….they would be paid up and sent on their way. There were pleasant reading areas, and large comfortable chairs to sit in, to lose yourself in one of the many romantic tales and stories. Funny, for a man who hated romance to keep romantic novels. There was a reason for this…but the only one who would tell that tale would be Mammon himself.

Lydia glided along effortlessly on the carpeted floor as she escorted Mariela out the door when she was finished the tour.

“Fancy something to eat?” Lydia asked. She had full intentions of taking her to the dining room, to enjoy a wondrous feast.




Dessy:  Mariela and Lydia were bonding, and Mariela hoped they would be good friends for a long while. Mariela liked Lydia. She was.. interesting, to say the least. Mariela stood up and took Lydia’s hand when she offered it, before Lydia showed her around the library. It was grand – it had every book Mariela could imagine. She ran her hand over the top of the sitting chairs when she passed them by, feeling the softness. The Prince had all of these stuff and he probably didn’t use half of it. But that was okay, because Mariela would certainly use it. Mariela exited the library with Lydia, turning to look at her when she asked if Mariela wanted something to eat. “I am quite hungry.” she said, thinking a bit before she nodded her head.


Razorbackwriter:  Warner had decided to seek out Lydia and Marie, mainly because he was concerned. The Prince had not only taken his armor, sword and horse with him to Wrath. He took the bulk of his army. Which meant that the number of guards left to protect the Kingdom of Greed was way less than normal. Sure, the Prince had counter measures in place should someone decide to take matters into their hands and try to seize Greed Castle while the Prince was off fighting, but still it was a concern to Warner.

Seeing the women up ahead, he jogged along with his belly bouncing about till he arrived near the door way to the Dining hall.

“I trust you are both okay. I know the Prince would dine with you if he was here….but…he does get carried away when it is time to lop off someone’s head at another kingdom. So…how about some dinner, hmm?”

He showed with his hand where he thought they should sit, and Lydia shrugged her shoulders lightly. “One step ahead of you, Warner. Tell me, why aren’t you off on the front line with Mammon? She was curious, but always thought that beneath that fat exterior lay the heart of a true coward.

“Someone has to keep the home fires burning. Heh.” It was a weak response, but he knew he wouldn’t last five minutes on the battle field, what with his lack of skills.

Lydia took a seat at the nearest table and showed Marie where to sit. One by one, servants came out with many dishes to place on the table before them. From roast pheasant to baked vegetables, hot bread and wine. It was quite the feast. Taking a napkin, Lydia draped it across her lap.

“Bon appetite.”




Dessy:  Mariela gave a gentle smile as Warner ran up to them to see if they were both okay. She raised an eyebrow at his response when Lydia asked why she wasn’t with Mammon, but followed where he had gestured and sat down at the table where Lydia showed her. She watched servants run up and down placing food on the table, and she widened her eyes. “Wow..” she said, taking the napkin and draping it over her lap as well. “He really does have everything.” she said out loud, looking over the many dishes. She decided to start small, so started by adding some baked vegetables and other small foods to her plate. She’d rather fix extra than place a bunch on her plate and waste it because she couldn’t finish all of the food. “So, who is the Prince trying to kill and why? If I may ask, of course..” she said lightly, looking up at Warner and then over at Lydia. There she went with the questions, her curiosity taking over. She swore that one day she would get in trouble because of it.


Razorbackwriter:  Warner and Lydia both stopped eating and placed down their cutlery when Mariela asked as to who the Prince was planning to kill and why. It was obvious that the girl had a curious nature, and with all that had gone on at her arrival, it was little wonder her interest was piqued. Lydia ran her tongue over her bottom lip as she toyed with how to explain the situation, while Warner dabbed his brow with a napkin. Lydia, being the most open of the pair decided to divulge.

“The Prince seeks to correct an..injustice. I am not sure if you are aware, but the Prince of Wrath was murdered by….his lover Gabriel. She has since taken over the throne of Wrath, and with this in mind, the Prince wished to avenge the death of Belial, and remove the woman from the throne she stole.”

Warner stared at Lydia, as she recounted what she believed to be the circumstances behind the Prince’s reason to attack the Castle Wrath.

“That and he feared that if he did not strike first, that she may well seek to end all the Princes and take over Hell itself.”

What would the young witch think of the Prince of Greed now?




Dessy:  Mariela looked at them both as they both had stopped what they were doing to answer her question. She had so many questions, and not enough time to ask them. Mariela raised her eyebrows, then had a shocked expression as Lydia explained. “Why would this.. Gabriel.. kill her lover? And is being a woman and ruler of a kingdom such a bad thing?” she asked. “Or.. is she a lot more evil than I think she is?” she asked. She couldn’t say she was surprised. Seven different rulers in Hell, it would only be obvious that they would want to fight each other. Of course, there’s not much she could say about Mammon – she only met and talked to him for a few minutes, but although since she lived here and worked for him she suspected she would eventually know more. But Mariela was a bit too nice for her own good – so it didn’t really matter how cruel Mammon is,or anyone for that matter, because she’d still be just as nice to him as everyone else. Cautious, and maybe a bit frightened – but nice.


Razorbackwriter:  Lydia pouted as she contemplated Mariela’s question. Why would Gabriel kill her lover – the Prince of Greed? It was almost like she was musing on the idea herself. Warner popped a potato into his mouth and chewed as they spoke. He then answered with a mouthful of food. “Maybe it was that time of the month.” Lydia burst out laughing at the very idea of that. “Oh..sure, blame it on PMS. If that were the case and women did that every month….there would not be a man left in Hell…or earth for that matter. Hah!”Warner shrugged his shoulders and added. “You can be pretty mean around that time.” Lydia smacked him with a napkin, before rolling her eyes and returning her gaze to Mariela.

“Personally, I see nothing wrong with a woman leading things. I mean….look at Earth…see what the men have done to that place, it’s a right mess. I guess, it would be fair to say that Mammon can be a bit…sexist in his views. Also a traditionalist. Seven Princes of Hell…all that.” Lydia said with a wave of her hand.

As to whether Gabriel was more evil than one might think, Lydia shrugged. “Never met her. And…with the way things are going, I may never get the chance. Mammon has taken his army over to Wrath. You can expect a lot of heads on pikes.”

Finishing their meals, the servants came out to take away the empty plates and cups, allowing the trio to retire for the night. Lydia again reached for Mariela’s hand.

“Let us walk to the roof tops, we might be able to see the fighting from there.” It was no surprising that Lydia was curious as to how the battle was going. Would Mammon be defeated? Would he ever return?




Dessy:  Mariela ate as they talked, and she couldn’t help but laugh when Warner made the comment about it being “that time of the month”. “Of course. PMS is blamed for everything.” she with a grin. She laughed when Warner told Lydia she was always mean around that time. She then gave a shrug as Lydia spoke. “I guess you’re right. I’ve never been a fan for fighting, myself. I’m more of a “peace” person.” she gave another shrug. She grabbed Lydia’s hand and stood up, giving a nod of her head.“Watching the fight sounds good.” she said, giving a smile. She wanted to see what was so big about this Gabriel person being a ruler. But, she didn’t actually want to meet the girl… Actually, she wanted to avoid that…