The Maze of Greed – Part Eleven : SS.


Danger is lurking around every corner of the maze.  Lydia and her warlock, Raul are going to be reunited in the hunt for Mariela and Bandit.  Scar, is still trapped in the hat, but he has sent the young witch’s family to her rescue.  While all this goes on, a dark figure watches over all.  Death…is coming.

Scene setting : The Maze of Greed – Seven Sins series.

Co-written with Dessy, Phyln, and Artie.



Artie:  Bandit helped to keep herself up in Mariela’s arms, her lips pursing slightly at the sounds of hellhounds. Amazing how Lydia got some at her disposal, Lucifer kept them to himself most days. Though, with her obtaining of them Bandit could only assume that they weren’t really the top-notch of his elite squad. “Listen, man, I don’t really know you but those things are literally impossible to kill. You can knock them out but that’s next to impossible. I think our best bet here is to make a run for it, or we’re all going to be fucked.” She looked at Douglas, not quite taking in the irony of her words in that she couldn’t run, much less move her legs at all. She leaned into Mariela yet still felt guilty for having the other person carry her – clearly, Bandit didn’t like relying on others. “And if you even want to see Quinn again, I’m sure you don’t want it to be when she sees your soul thrashing about in the river. That place ain’t for the faint of hearted.


Razorbackwriter:  Screaming protests coming from behind him went virtually unheard as the Giant started to run into the direction of where the hell hound roars were coming from. When the chips were down, Duggie was a man of action, not words. This would leave Mariela left behind holding onto Bandit. She’d been given the order to run by the Giant, as he tried to stave off the oncoming attack forces of Lydia. Pounding footfalls raged along the inside of the maze, while a few turns away, the hell-hounds of Greed were getting closer. Their craving for blood so great, having been near starved by the evil Demoness of Greed and Ambition.

As Lydia strolled along behind her trusted dogs of war, there came a spluttering from a nearby hedge wall. It was enough to have the Demoness stop in her tracks. A cloud of leaves spewed out of the hedge covered in spittle, followed by the angry snarl of one very annoyed warlock. Lydia of course, recognized the voice and then stuck her hand into the hedge, only to drag Raul out by his collar. When his head appeared, Lydia leaned down and stared him in the eyes.

“You let yourself get caught in the bushes?!”

“When were you going to tell me that a giant lurked in this maze?” He replied just as angrily. A huge egg like bump on his head. It still smarted. “Giant? What giant?” This was certainly news to her. Lydia brought the maze over from the Fallen mansion. She had no idea that someone was in it. Growling, she gave a good hearty tug of Raul’s collar and the rest of him fell free of the hedge’s grasp. He lay on the ground at her feet, panting heavily, but not before looking up at her. She was wearing a dress and tight pants that were more for hunting. So…she decided to come down off her pedestal and join into the game. The warlock pushed himself up to standing, brushing the leaves off his coat, when Lydia grabbed a fist full of his shirt and snarled at him.

“Don’t EVER disappear on me for the sake of another woman…again!…Do I make myself perfectly clear?” Lydia had a powerful grip, that was easy to see, and though the Warlock tried to pull back he found that she was a lot stronger than she looked.

He was about to answer, when he heard the barking and snarling of the hell hounds that Lydia had released into the maze. “There’s hell hounds in this thing?!” It was the one beast of hell he particularly didn’t care for. They were unpredictable, and savage in their attacks. Rarely paying any attention to their masters, or Mistresses as the case may be. Lydia gave a little shrug, not really caring for his opinion on her actions.

All Raul knew was that his Bandit was in the maze with these hell dogs, and in her state from his recollection, she was not going to possibly outrun the Hell hounds. For once in the evil Warlock’s life, he didn’t want Lydia to win.

“Come along then, my pet and see the end of that cheeky little witch and her babbling alp now!” Skirts swishing as she headed off after her hell hounds, Raul marched along silently behind her. Lydia didn’t know that Scar was no longer in the maze.

Far off in the maze, the first of the hell hounds rounded the corner and leapt up at the Giant, who swung his battle axe with a marksman’s like precision. ~WHACK!~

“Cop that ya stinkin’ mongrel!”



Dessy:  Mariela continued holding Bandit with ease, only adjusting slightly so she could switch the hat to her other hand. She looked down as Bandit spoke, giving a nod of agreement.“I agree with Bandit. I don’t know much about Hellhounds, but I know Lydia. And if Hellhounds are as bad as described, and Lydia has them – we need to run.” she spoke. Bandit mentioned something about his soul thrashing in a river, but the Giant wasn’t listening. Next thing the girls knew, the giant was running towards the Hellhounds, and he was screaming for them to run. “Well… Looks like it’s just us.”Mariela said simply.

But she didn’t argue. “Hold on tight.” she said, then turned around and began running for it. As they ran, they could hear the Giant and his giant axe being smashed on the Hellhounds. But Mariela didn’t turn around – she had a feeling Lydia was searching for her specifically, since the Hellhounds showed up, but no Lydia. She kind of already figured she’d have to fght Lydia, but at the moment her main priority was getting Bandit to safety.

They made it far enough to where the Giant and the Hellhounds could no longer be heard. Mariela slowed down to a walk, walking over and placing Bandit on the ground somewhere, before catching her breathe. “We’re safe, for now. Just give me a second.” she said, looking down at Bandit. She then paused to look around the maze, and narrowed her eyes as if in thought. “I wonder if…” she started, but trailed off. “Here, watch this.” she told Bandit, placing Scar’s hat beside her. She then walked over to a hedge that was covered in vines, tilting her head. She held out one hand, before picking her other one up slowly and beginning to move it. She moved it forward then moved it back, as if she was pulling the vine. The vine moved off of the wall, following the movement of her hand. She moved her hand to the right, and the vine followed. Mariela then moved her hand over her head, moving it in a circle. The vine began to wrap it’s self around a nearby statue.

“It works!” Mariela said with a smile, stopping the hand above her head, causing the vine to stop moving. She then closed her held out hand, before moving both hands down. “That makes things easier.” she said with a nod, turning around to Bandit. She could control Earth and nature – and being in a maze that was full of plants, vines and nature – she had benefits. She smiled as she walked towards Bandit, kneeling down to pick her up again. But then she felt a strange, yet somewhat familiar energy from behind her. “Shit…” she mumbled, standing up and turning around. She suspected it to be Lydia – so she prepared herself. But that’s not who it was.

There was a light, and then a “pop” as three figures stood in front of Mariela and Bandit. “Marie, stop! It’s me. It’s Tessa.”the female of the group spoke, letting go of the collar they were holding and stepping forward. “I’m here with your brothers… Sam and Sean.” she gestured to them, both stepping forward. Sean held the collar, but they all stared at Mariela.

“What?” Mariela asked, blinking in a bit of confusion. But when they stepped forward and she saw their faces, she widened her eyes before running toward them and getting welcomed in a group hug. “Oh my god!” she said when she pulled away. “Wow! Tessa, you’re as beautiful as ever. And Sam and Sean… you two have grown so much!” she spoke to each of them. “What are you doing here?”

“Scar sent us here. His hat sent him down to Earth, and thanks to the help of a spell in one of your journals we were able to save, he managed to send us back.” Sam spoke, nodding to his brother. “He said you needed help with someone named Lydia after we talked to him in the forest. We didn’t believe him for a second.” Sean spoke. “So Scar is alive…” she spoke, turning around to look at Bandit. “That’s why he wanted us to jump into the hat! It’d send us back to Earth where he knew we’d be safe.” she spoke, before turning back around. “Where is Scar?”

“He couldn’t come with us. But he said if you still have his hat, just call his name into it to summon him.” Tessa said, and Mariela turned around and gestured to the hat. “I do have that hat.” she said. “Good… but we don’t have time for that right now. We have to move.” she said, but paused. “Wait…” she said, taking the amulet off and handing it to Mariela. “That survived the fire. I had to wear it to be brought here… plus, I figured you’d need it to have full control of your powers.” Tessa spoke, and Mariela took the amulet. She looked it over, before slipping it around her neck. The red amulet glowed for a second after she put it on, as did Mariela’s green eyes. She nodded her head, before turning around to Bandit. “I know you’re confused… but I’ll explain later. It’s a long story.” she said, kneeling down and picking Bandit up.

“Who’s she?” Sean asked. “This is Bandit. We’re running from the same person. Me and Scar found her in the maze bruised and bleeding, and I tried to heal her. Unfortunately, something went wrong with my magic and she became paralyzed. So she can’t feel her legs.” Mariela said, receiving a nod from them. “There’s one other in the maze – a giant named Douglas. He was holding back the Hellhounds so we could run off. No idea how he got here.” she said.

“Enough talk. Let’s move!” Tessa said, running over to grab Scar’s hat. She then began running forwards, leading the way. Mariela was next to her with Bandit with her two brothers running behind – it was as if they were guarding her.


Phyln:  The group parted ways in front of him the giant dashing right past blinded by his own agenda heading back the way Solomon had come. his head turned slowly as he kept his eyes on the giant until he was out of sight and the sound of combat echoed back. his head snapped back towards the two girls as the quickly headed off the other direction, this made his decision easier pivoting on his heel he followed the direction of the giant. the other two don’t seem to be in any immediate danger my best bet is to head to the area of conflict the clacking of his boots and the methodic tick of his cane on the ground was only overshadowed by the sound of battle gradually growing louder as he approached. With a swift movement he changed his grasp on his cane now holding it like a sword as he covered the last few meters and the giant came into view. the sight ahead of him caught him off guard while the giant alone was quiet a surprising sight the hellhounds were an unwelcome one. such rapid feral beast he could easily get dragged into this. With a sigh he finished his approach and remained a small distance away not close enough for the giant to consider him hostile but still maintaining a good view and with any luck staying out of the way of the hounds. unsure of how they would fair against each other he decided that regardless of the victor of the battle he watched he would either have a giants soul or that of a few hounds.


Artie:  Bandit held onto the running Mariela, wincing with each bumpy step. She knew that Mariela was trying to be careful, but it wasn’t pleasant. Walking, she had been able to deal with. Running.. each step of the little witch sent Bandit’s wounds to be on fire, the injuries fixed externally but merely patched together hastily internally. As she was set down, the thief breathed relief and focused on Mariela’s powers. Had she been unaccustomed to such shows, perhaps she would have gazed in wonder, let out a “wow” or “whoa.” Alas, Raul’s more intensive magics only made Bandit gaze with apprehension, her brow raising. “You’re stuck inside a giant maze and you only remember now that you have powers over plants?”

A sigh made her tilt her head back and close her eyes, hand resting limply on the ground. As Mariela finished and leaned over her, Bandit would suddenly open her eyes and blink in surprise. “Shit..

Imagine an invitation to a family reunion of a roommate, but it wasn’t your family to begin with and your roommate who you’d just met invited you to come. Well, you may possibly be involved with your roommate in the future, so you don’t want to get off on the wrong foot and just say ‘no,’ do you? Yet at the same time as they exchange in their ‘hello’s you feel an profound urge to simply run away, but alas you cannot, because you’ve been forced into this situation to begin with. This was exactly the feeling that Bandit had, intensifying the curses in her head that she held for Raul. Blast him! Blast him to bits! Though, this Mariela character had a good heart, and Bandit suddenly found herself wishing to be more like her. Though, in her core Bandit was, it had just not been realized. Care for someone such as Riley did not come from a thief like Bandit, yet it was there. Somehow, she could be turned into the caring individual that, perhaps, living a normal life would have made her be.

“Can’t you just call the guy while we walk? You can call someone and run at the same time, can’t you?” Bandit wasn’t trying to be sarcastic, just bring light on the situation. She figured that right now, it would be best to have all the people on their side as necessary… especially with hellhounds on the loose. “Why don’t you use your powers and just part all the hedges? There’s got to be an exit, or you can make one, can’t you?” She grunted as Mariela ran, taking the brunt of the movements.

The little thief could only feel pain, but boy, at least it was something.



Douglas the Giant was fighting valiantly up ahead in the maze. One…two…three hell hounds were attacking one after the other, as the might giant swung his battle axe at them much like a cricketer swings a bat. For each hell hound he hit, another seemed to take his place. One lunged at the giant’s left arm and the Giant twisted his waist and swung the bastard hound off and into the waiting bushes. The hell hound landed a good ten feet away, before coming to its senses and rising once more. These dogs seemed to be unstoppable, and as much as Douglas tried to keep them at bay, it was soon going to be a lost battle. He was trying to give the witch and her disabled companion time in which to make a getaway, or at least find the center of the labyrinth and end their nightmare.

As he swung at yet another barking hound, he could hear the dark cackle of the arrival of the Mistress of the Hounds of Greed. The Princess bitch herself, Lydia – now rounded the corner, and when the Giant clapped eyes on her, he snorted through his huge nostrils and gave her dog one extra powerful whack. This was enough to send the hell hound flying over the nearest hedge wall – yelping as it did so.

“NO!” Lydia roared, raising up her hand as the dark green energy within her was starting to build out of her fury. Raul came around the corner shortly there after and saw the battered giant facing off against Lydia.

“That’s him! The one that knocked me into the bushes.”


The giant gripped his battle axe with a white knuckled intensity as he stared the two down. “I’m not afraid of you two. Yer the bitch that put this maze here. Bet ya didn’t think I was here, did ya?” Douglas spat down at the ground at her feet, and sneered. “I seen better heads on a mug of beer, Ya ugly trollop!”

~gasp!~ Did the Giant really say that? Lydia brought her free hand up to her face, absolutely horrified that he would make a crack about her new face. Raul, who was standing in behind tried very hard to suppress a chuckle, since the idea of having a crack at Lydia’s appearance was kinda funny.

“You might want to keep that trap of yours shut, unless you want the Princess here to do something nasty.”


Douglas roared again as he swatted away yet another hell hound that lunged at him, this time hitting so hard that all you could see was the hell hounds arse sticking out of the hedge.

“This the best you got, bitch! I lived with a freakin’ hell hound. One a darn sight better than your show dogs.”

Raul brought his hands up, as though he had seen enough as the hair on the back of Lydia’s neck bristled. The powerful green ball was glowering in her hand, and it matched the fury with the one on her face. Her hell hounds were coming off second best to the Giant’s fury and powerful swings. But what he didn’t count on, was the Princess’s power. Gritting her teeth in anger, she released the massive green ball of energy at the Giant, which hit him hard in the chest. Douglas staggered backwards as he jerked and spasmed violently. She continued to warp and bend the energy till it wound its’ way all around Douglas, who now had one band of green light wrapped tight around his neck. It was slowly lifting him off the ground.

Watching from in behind, Raul tuttered and folded his arms.

“I did try to warn you, mate.”

The Giant dropped his battle axe and was clutching at the green energy ringlet around his neck, gasping and spluttering violently, as his legs kicked out in desperation. His eyes were bulging practically out of his head, it was a poor way to see the giant fare against the might of Lydia. Lydia threw her hand far right and this sent Douglas spinning up and well over the hedge wall….far out of sight. Only after a good ten seconds did you hear the earth shuddering crash of his body hitting the earth. The tremor was enough to be felt at least a kilometer away. Reigning in her power, Lydia snarled and pushed up her sleeves.

“One down…..two to go!”

The Princess started to march onward, stepping over the bodies of her fallen hell hounds. Raul let out a sigh and followed along behind. Lydia had no idea that there were more in the maze, than just the alp and the witch. She didn’t count Bandit, as she knew nothing of her.




South Beach – Paradise.


A 747 Boeing jumbo has crashed off a small deserted island, somewhere between Australia and Asia.  Survivors are spread across the island terrain and the search for others begins.


Scene setting : South Beach.

Co-written with Chris and Para.

Chris:  Isabell was just coming to, her left cheek was pressed against the sand and her hair was more than a mess. No doubt, she probably just looked like a corpse from far away to anyone who was out there. Slowly though, she began to lift her head and glanced around, squinting as she did so. She did hear faint voices, but they were blurred by her panicked thoughts. Mom, where are you? Mom! She had the intentions to scream, but nothing came out, she just forced herself to get up, stumbling all the while.

Razorbackwriter:  The crashing of the waves against the sandy shore was the first sounds to filter through Doug’s mind. His body rolled helplessly through the water till finally coming to rest on the shore line – the water receding away from his blooded and saturated body. At first he lay still, then a sudden gasp came from his mouth as water tore up and out from his lungs. The vile taste of salt stinging his throat and tongue. Rolling slowly, Doug moved slightly, but a sharp pain triggered yet another cry from the young Australian. His eyes opened to what was the blinding light of the sun and he reached up to shield his eyes from the brightness. “Where am I?’ his voice hoarse and croaky. Another loud cough and he brought up the rest of the sea water from his lungs. The spot where he lay was now stained with his blood, but as another wave rolled up the beach, it would be washed back, spreading the discoloration further.

Squinting, Douglas tried to push himself up to sitting. He was completely disoriented, and confused. Last thing he remembers was texting his girl who was waiting for him back home.

..I have something to tell you, but I want to see the look on your face… Those were the last words she wrote. The stark realization hit him. Douglas had been on a plane. Breathing rapidly, he started to panic as he came to the conclusion that he had somehow managed to survive a plane crash. Was he the only survivor? Scanning the area around him, was washed up pieces of luggage and small parts from the inside of the plane. A doll was floating in the water. ~Oh God.~

Slowly, Douglas pushed himself to his feet unsteadily. He couldn’t be the only one.



Para: Cris walked around the beach it felt like he was had been walking for years but it had only really been 15 minutes. ”Where is she” he mumbled to himself. His main priority was finding his younger sister he would do anything possible to find her. Seeing other people he didnt even bother to stop since he didnt have a reason to. ”I have to find her” he said before he walked over to the beach water to drink some. Even if it wasn’t good to drink the ocean water he needed something to keep his mouth hydrated.


Chris:  Isabell was finally standing upright, no longer stumbling around as she glanced around the beach, trying to find a figure that would resemble her mother. She was breathing heavily, panicking. She let herself fall back down to the sand, raising her knees to rest her elbows on. Stifling a sob, she put her face in her hands, letting her dark brown hair fall around her as she cried. She didn’t know what to do and she didn’t have hope.


Razorbackwriter:  It wasn’t long before other survivors were either wandering aimlessly up and down the beach or just huddling on the sand bawling their eyes out. So there were other survivors. That was a blessing. At least Douglas wasn’t all alone. Finding his balance, the first thing he wanted to do was check on the others. One guy walked straight passed him, muttering about how he had to find her? Had he lost his companion, his loved one? Douglas’s face creased in concern and tried to catch up to the guy to help him look. Jogging up towards him, he saw the guy actually walk into the sea to get a drink?

“Dude! That sea water is bad for you. I know, I just coughed up a lungful.”

Placing his hand up to his brow, to act like a shade shield from the sun; Douglas then pointed out the girl up the beach further that was crying on the sand. Douglas instantly put two and two together. “Hey, is that the girl you’re looking for?”Douglas was hopeful that she might be the one and the same.



Para:  Before he even drank it Cris spit it out of his mouth when he heard the male. Looking up at him he smiled lightly ”Yeah Thanks. Sorry that you coughed up water I know that was horrible” he said as he ran his hand through his hair standing up against the shore. ”I hate that we cant drink sea water , I dont want to die from dehydration” he said as he folded his arms then looked at the male who was standing there. Looking in the direction he pointed he was hoping it was his sister but it wasnt. ”No” he said in a low tone as he sighed although she did kind resemble his sister because of the dark hair color. ”Maybe we should go help her though , it seems as if she does need some” Cristopher said before he dusted off his pants and headed over in the females direction. ”Im Cristopher by the way.”


Razorbackwriter:  Horrible was a pretty good word to describe what it was like to cough up a lung full of sea water, although Doug could probably come up with a few more, since he still had a sore throat. Douglas immediately acknowledged the guy with a half smile, though in the back of his mind he was still wanting to know what happened. Truth was he couldn’t remember. As he patted down his sodden clothing for his phone; which sadly he couldn’t find, Cris was dissapointed that there was nothing to drink. The coast line looked like there wasn’t any evidence of civilization aside from the wreckage from the plane. If the island was uninhabited, then they would need to start thinking quick on finding fresh water, and a source of food.

“Drinking the sea water just makes your body crave more water, since your kidneys can’t cope with that amount of salt. You end up getting dehydrated a lot faster.” Here was his boy scout training days coming back to his mind. Having lived near the coast of Australia for much of his life, he was very familiar with the ocean, and just how deadly it can be.

The girl that Douglas had pointed out to Cris, sadly was not the one he was looking for. But still, she looked like she could use some help. “Sure thing, mate. Oh and the name’s Doug…” He offered his hand to shake, before setting off with Cris to check on the girl.

It wasn’t far to walk and they were soon upon her. “G’day.” A typical Aussie greeting said with a light smile. “Looks like we are all in the same boat. Just washed up myself.” He crouched down and looked at the girl a bit closer. “Are you hurt?”



Chris:  Isabell was slightly startled at the sound of a man’s voice, with a gasp, she’d looked up at him. “I need to find my mother.” She managed, tears still making their way freshly down her face. She glanced up and saw the other man, he one with the blond hair and glanced back at the man crouched before her. She was just scared. She didn’t know if she was hurt because she didn’t really care if she was.


Para:  Cris looked at Doug and nodded ”Its nice to meet you , well under the circumstances” he said the last part under his breath. The crash was a mystery how did they crash ? Was the pilot still alive ? Did everyone make it out ? Cristopher had so many unanswered questions to ask which will probably never be answered since no one knows that. Sighing all he wanted to do was find his little sister then he could go around helping people. Walking up to the girl he stood up in front of her and let Doug do all the talking unless he felt the need to ask questions. ”What does your mother look like ” he asked her since it was a relevant question when finding someone. Watching as the tears flowed he didnt have anything to stop them so he just stood by and looked out at the ocean. He hated to see girls cry he just didnt think that they should ever feel pain and when they cried it meant that they did most of the time.


Chris:  Isabell looked up at the man who had asked about what her mother looked like and frowned slightly to see that he wasn’t even looking at her. She knew she probably looked pathetic, covered in tears and sand, but it did bother her slightly. Again, she looked at the kneeling man and then she began to glance around again. “She looks kinda like me,” she stopped and sniffled before continuing, “but her hair is short and lighter and she’s tanner than I am. .” She frowned, knowing that her description probably didn’t help at all. If she were to be completely honest, she seriously doubted her mother was still alive, but she still hoped more than anything that she would see her wondering along the shore trying to find her daughter.

Razorbackwriter:  Hearing Cris ask the obvious question about what this girl’s mother looked like, he turned his head back to the girl and waited for an answer. Short hair, looked a bit like herself. Tanned. It wasn’t much of a description but it was better than nothing at all. The big question however was, did she survive the crash? With Cris already searching for his little sister, and now they had this poor girl who was doing the same thing. Doug offered his hand to the girl to assist her to get to her feet. She didn’t know him from before now, and he hoped that she would accept his offer to help her. “Cris here is looking for his sister.” Douglas said, with a slight nod. “If there are more survivors, than the best thing to do is keep looking up the beach, or further in. People could have washed up anywhere. Or even come down in the trees over there.” At this, he pointed towards what was the inland, which was surrounded by large palms and coconut trees, along with brush.

“Maybe we should stick together. Look as a group. You know?” He knew Cris would want to find his sister right away, but Douglas wanted to ensure that all three of them kept together. Safety in numbers.




RPC : Douglas “Webby” Webster – Paradise series.

Name : Douglas Webster.
Age : 25 years.
Eyes : Blue.
Nickname : “Webby”
Occupation : Wild life Officer & Vet.
Nationality : Australian.
Home town : Caloundra, Sunshine Coast – Queensland.
Orientation : Straight/ Heterosexual.


A knock about bleach blonde young Australian, Douglas was on his way back to Australia with some very precious cargo in the hold, when disaster struck. Son of a well known Australian Wild life park owner, Douglas often toured the world to help promote conservation and also his favorite charity WWF. Though on camera, Douglas is a jovial and easy going guy, behind the scenes he is quite shy and one could say introverted, preferring the company of animals to humans any day.

Douglas had planned to change planes at Sydney International, and head back to his father’s Wild life park, after his three month stint overseas. His girlfriend Becky had been texting him daily, hoping he would be coming back sooner, as she had something important to tell him. What was her news? Will he ever make it home?

Series : Paradise – 

“What are we? Humans? Or animals? Or savages?”

In the aftermath of a plan crash, a group of survirors come together on a deserted tropical island. How will a group of strangers learn to survive together without technology or resources?