Reminiscing – SS.


Dressing for the Ball of Greed brings about smiles and memories.  Some that the Good Doctor had locked away forever.

Scene setting : Hell’s Kitchen.

Co-written with Temp and Moo.


Temp:  Roxanne hadn’t expected Loc to start spinning her like a toy, but it happened regardless. Her body went spinning around the room wildly until Loc finally stopped her. The fact he started to hold her in a rather loving embrace was interesting to say the least, but it wasn’t something that bothered her. Him staring at her boobs wasn’t surprising considering his previous actions, and if anything it was flattering. “You really like these things don’t you?” Her head tilted forward to look down at her own chest after she spoke. She wasn’t sure what the Doctor and Narcissa were up to, but she was becoming more and more curious.



Hell’s Kitchen – The Guest room

Wilhelm offered a light smile when Narcissa became excited over the offered dresses. It wasn’t easy to find a dress for a girl of such gigantic proportions. Fortunately, the Doctor kept good stock, better than any department store. It didn’t surprise the Doctor in the least that Narcissa would find favor with the black number that featured silver trimming. Dotted with pieces or fragments of metal, it radiated the light like tiny diamonds upon a black velvet night. Holding the dress firmly between his finger tips so that it would not drag on the ground, Wilhelm’s temperament altered slightly. The Frankenstein like creature was bubbling over with excitement as she wriggled out of her lab coat. Her cries of “This one, this one.” Making him chuckle. The creature tore the dress right out from his hold and then slipped it over h er bandage covered body. The dress truly as the perfect fit, even if it did accentuate her bosom a little more than it should. Struggling to reach the zipper, Narcissa looked awkward, like she needed to have double joints to reach. Ever the gentleman, Wilhelm offered to get in behind her and do her zip up for her. His long black nails caught the zipper catch and slowly he brought the zip up till it reached the top. A small clasp needed to be tapped together, and the Doctor made sure it was on firmly. Giving it a light pat when done, he stood back and enthused. “You truly will be the Belle of the Ball.” The Doctor meant every word, before he himself realized it was time to get ready. “Why don’t you go and see how Roxanne is fairing, my dear.” If she took him at his word, he would open the door for her to go and find the odd couple. Once she was gone, the Doctor let out a small sigh. His eyes darted across the room to a picture of a beautiful woman. The one that he had planned to spend the rest of eternity with….the one that he managed to save from death…..just.

Hell’s Kitchen – The Fitting room

“You really like these things don’t you?” Roxanne asked, knowing full well what the answer would be. The Creation was practically hypnotized by the sight of them and the poor girl was going to need a bib to cover them if the soldier kept drooling on them. “Loc…like!” Stating the obvious. Loc managed to tear his gaze away from Roxanne’s bosom to her face. He seemed to realize he had been holding her in the same pose for a while now, and finally decided to put her down. With all the bandages removed, they were on a pile on the floor, and now it was Roxanne’s turn to get dressed up. Loc was all fit and ready to go.



Moo:  Narcissa’s frequent turning slowed to a stop, her head bobbling slightly as though she were dizzy. Luckily enough, the Good Doctor was quite the gentleman, as he stepped behind her to help zip up the fine looking dress. The female monster held up her long, blue locks of hair so none would snag in the meantime. “Thank you, Doctor!” she said lightheartedly. The light patting on her back was pleasant, giving a softness to her smile for a moment. She dropped her arms, hair falling back into place over the back of her dress. She turned to face the man as he complimented her beauty. Narcissa wasn’t quite one piece; not normal by any means…but it was lovely to be seen as such by someone. Her fingers lifted to brush against the long since stitched part of her face, running from her cheek across her nose, and to the bone of the other. Blue eyes lifted to see Wilhelm’s face while he suggested checking on Roxanne. The idea was more than enough to excite the Frankensteinian girl.

“Okay!” she said simply, brightening up. As chipper as ever, she waited for the Doctor to open the door for her, and gave him a wave before running through to look for the couple. He had sent them to the fitting room…she knew where that was! It only took a few minutes before she arrived in the doorway. “Roxanne!” she sang out in the woman’s favorite tune. The song the lab had often played simply for enjoyment. She lifted her arms to show her excitement, a rather wide grin placed over her lips. “We found one that fits!” She danced across the floor, holding onto an invisible partner. She came to a stop in front of Loc and looked him up and down quite obviously with slightly wide eyes and with a mouth gaping open. “You did really good!” Narcissa told the nurse. “He looks good!”

Temp:  Roxanne was actually starting to find the attention Loc gave her…desirable. Feeling desired and being fawned over felt very nice, even from someone like Loc. She knew he was attracted to her, and was even more so attracted to her boobs. It wasn’t like she never got compliments or looks before, but this was different. Something felt wrong, or missing from her life. She had always found herself to be happy and cheerful regardless of what was going on, but maybe that was a bad thing. There was never anything she did for herself. She was a creation of sorts, and she had an owner, so such a thing wasn’t something that was normally considered. For the first time she could remember, she was starting to feel…depressed.

Narcissa joining her and Loc went unnoticed for a fair bit of time. Roxanne stood completely still and simply stared at the floor with her head tilted down. Why hadn’t the Doctor picked out a dress for her? Why did he want her to go with someone else? Why was she even feeling this way? Her thoughts were all over the place, but she would eventually snap out of it thanks to Narcissa’s constant enthusiasm.“You can pick out a dress for me if you’d like, Narcissa.” Maybe that would help make Narcissa more excited and happy. She knew that her being made use of was thrilling to her, and she loved the silly girl, so why not make her happy? If the Doctor wanted to go with her then so be it. Narcissa was a lovely creature. She deserved it.



Hell’s Kitchen – The Doctor’s chambers

~I sold my soul for one last dance……….~

The doctor had purposely sent Narcissa to check on Roxanne and Loc. He wanted time alone and wandered down the hall to his own chambers – the one place where he had absolute solitude. The doctor never allowed his creatures or creations to enter this place. Even Igor had not been beyond the door. Why, you might wonder?

Undoing the lock, the doctor turned the handle and then entered his suite. A black velvet curtain covered the entrance to the inner domain to block out the light from the hall. To also stop peering eyes. What the creations didn’t know of the Doctor was a dark secret. Sure, he showed his best side when in their company. The Doctor was the Creator, a man of great talent and skill that was unsurpassed by many in his field. His contemporaries in the ‘other’ world all thought he was a crazed lunatic. The idea of reanimation of dead tissue to be science fiction. His theories mocked and his ideas laughed at. Oh, but how wrong they were.

The room was unlike anything else in Hell’s kitchen. A large four poster bed was at one end, that looked like it had not been slept in. A tall floor mirror stood to one side with a woman’s dressing table with three mirrors and a black satin covered stool. On the dresser were a brush set with ivory handles all laid out neatly, a silver jewel box that when you opened had a ballerina that twirled around to a delightful tune. The doctor walked over to stand before the mirror, not bothering to look up – but instead he was staring at the jewel box. He lifted the lid as the ballerina started to dance. Slowly twirling in time to the tune. The doctor closed his eyes tight, as though the song brought back memories…of when she used to dance. Of when….they used to dance.


~Haunting voice~ “You have two left feet, Wil.”

A tear ran down the Doctor’s face as he started to dance with his lover in his mind.







Suspicious – SS.


Scene setting: Greed Castle.

co-written with Dessy.


Dessy:  Mariela admired the little cottage they passed by, before entering the doors. There, she saw a gorgeous white haired witch brushing her hair. When she turned around, Mariela gave Tussa a warm smile, before glancing over at Scar at his reaction. “No, I think it’s just you, Scar.” she said with a little grin. Tussa seemed to be looking her over, causing Mariela to purse her lips. Mariela’s blonde hair was in it’s naturally curly state, and her light green eyes were as bright as ever. When Tussa motioned for her to walk over, she walked towards her, looking at Scar when she told the Alp to wait in the waiting room, who seemed really disappointed at not being able to enter the room with them. At the mention of “Hell’s Angels and She Devils”, Scar immediately ran out of the room, causing Mariela to shake her head. “That Alp is something, I swear..”

She then turned to look at Tussa when she spoke. “Well, I’m more of a.. sophisticated person, myself. That’s how I was raised.” she spoke, brushing away a blonde curl. “But Scar seems to want me in something that will make “all the boys jealous”. Or so he says.” she said, giving a shrug. She asked about the “pumpkin carriage deal”, causing her to narrow her eyes in confusion. “No, thank you.” she then said kindly.


Razorbackwriter:  Scar’s reputation preceded him as the white witch knew of his fetishes. In fact, she was kind of surprised that he took the bait of the magazines so easily and managed to keep himself under control. Mariela’s mention that Scar was something, had the white witch simply nod in agreement. “Still trying to figure out what that something is.” Her voice having a richness to it, as she showed Mariela through to the fitting room. In the middle of the room was a small round standing spot, so that the white witch could work around Mariela with ease. The Duchess had knocked back Tussa’s offer about the Cinderella package. In a way, the white witch was kinda happy about that.

“No one knows the end to that fairy tale. Cinders ends up a drunk, who is addicted to online shopping whilst her handsome prince had a shoe fetish. I also think he was a touch gay. Anyways, enough about fractured fairy tales. Let’s make yours a reality.” Tussa said with a firm nod of the head. She spun around and threw open two doors, that revealed an entire warehouse styled chamber of a thousand dresses. There was also an elf sweat shop in back. Not everything Tussa made by the flick of her wrist. She borrowed the idea from Santa. Walking through a few racks, she poked her head out from behind one, and said.“So…sophisticated…and one to make the boys jealous? What are we? The Kingdom of Envy? Eww. Heard about that crowd. “ Turns out Tussa was up on Hell kingdoms gossip. She let out a little tut of the tongue before letting her fingers do the walking between gowns. She needed something that would match Mariela’s golden curls and….light green eyes.

Snapping her fingers, an off the shoulder gown of a delightful shade of jade appeared on a model, who happened to be the same height and colourings as Mariela.

“How’s this?” The white witch asked. 



Dessy:  Mariela followed the witch into the fitting room, turning to look at the rows and rows of dresses she had. When she rambled about the Cinderella fairytale, it caused Mariela to look at her and shake her head. Everyone in this kingdom were interesting. “I haven’t actually heard much about the kingdom of Envy, or seen them, for that matter. And I really don’t want to.” she said with a shrug. She watched a model appear, wearing a beautiful off the shoulder, jade colored gown. Mariela walked towards the model to take a look at the dress, giving a light smile. “It’s gorgeous.” she said, continuing to look at the gown. “But, do you think it’s… me?” she then asked out of curiosity.


Razorbackwriter:  The Dress maker sized up the gown that showed an awful lot of leg and then glanced back at Mariela. The young witch questioned if Tussa really thought it suited the girl.“It’s sophisticated…but I don’t think it’s really you. Perhaps I am thinking inside the box. You’re a Duchess, so you should be more regal I suppose.” Tapping her lip, the white haired witch delved further into the racks. You could hear her talking to herself as she moved from rack to rack – picking a dress than disregarding it till finally she found one that she thought was definitely a winner. The white witch then brought out a full gown that had great black feathers that came from one shoulder and also from the waist, with a garland of flowers that made up beautiful design running down one side of the gown. it was simply exquisite and then she spoke a quick incantation that made the dress magically appear on Mariela.

The white witch walked around the small stand that Mariela would have been standing on, and she helped to level out the dress so there were no creases. Tussa then asked Mariela to look in the mirror, to see what she thought.

“Well….is this more you?” She asked.




Dessy:  Mariela watched Tussa look over the dress, glancing over at her every once in a while. “It’s sophisticated…but I don’t think it’s really you. Perhaps I am thinking inside the box. You’re a Duchess, so you should be more regal I suppose.” Tussa spoke, disappearing further into the racks. Yes, a Duchess. Mariela had to remember that that’s what she was now. Not just a simple witch, or a healer – no, she was greater than that. And she needed to remember that. She could hear Tussa talking to herself, and picking up racks then putting them down. While she did this, Mariela took time to look around, messing with a few objects here and there.

Tussa eventually walked back out, holding a gorgeous gown that had feathers on the shoulder and the waist. It also had flowers going down the side, and it was truly a grand dress. Suddenly, the dress magically appeared on her, causing Mariela to give a gasp in shock. She walked onto the small standing, helping Tussa level the dress out. She then turned to the mirror, turning from side to side to get a look. “It’s gorgeous.” she started, before looking at Tussa and giving a nod. “I love it.”


“And so do I.” It was Scar, who was standing in the doorway of the fitting room. He was leaning against the door frame and admiring Mariela in her stunning jade green ball gown. How fitting it was for her, as though the gown was made especially for her diminutive frame. The white witch let out a small laugh at Scar’s boldness. “I thought I told you to stay out.” Tussa said with a small shake of her head. The magazines obviously weren’t enough to keep him occupied. At this, the alp wandered in and gave the white witch a sly wink. “Least I didn’t spy on her while she changed.” Truth was the dressmaker made sure that the younger witch was at no stage in a state of undress.

As Mariela admired herself in the stunning gown, the white witch started to make a list of all the other things that Mariela would need. “Mask….gloves…shoes…purse.” This was written by a floating quill onto a white sheet of parchment as the white witch walked around the girl. “I will make sure that you have all the accessories you need and will have them delivered along with the gown the day of the ball.”

That said, the dress would vanish from Mariela and appear once again on a rack. A couple of Tussa’s staff then wheeled the rack away leaving the trio alone. If Mariela wondered who was paying for this, she never would have imagined. The alp handed Tussa a small bag of coins, which the white witch shook and then pocketed. “I believe we have concluded business today.” Madame Tussa then vanished from the room, leaving Scar alone with Mariela. He turned to her and offered his arm. Again…very out of character.

“Would you allow me to escort you back to your room, Duchess?”



Dessy:  Mariela was startled when she heard Scar’s voice, turning around to see him standing at the doorway. She then shook her head and gave an eye roll. Of course Scar would find a way to enter the room to see her… that was just Scar. She didn’t expect the Alp to stay out when Tussa told him to. Actually, Mariela would been shocked if he had actually stayed out. Hearing that he didn’t spy on her while she was changing caused Mariela to laugh. “I’m glad you like it, Scar.” she then finally said, shaking her head as she turned to look back in the mirror. The dress really was gorgeous. It looked great on Mariela, too. Maybe this masked ball wouldn’t be as bad as Mariela thought. Maybe she was worrying for nothing. She was eventually pulled out of her thoughts by Tussa making a list of the other things she’d need. She gave her a nod, before the dress vanished away from Mariela, Mariela stepping down and turning.

Mariela wondered who was paying for everything. Lydia? No, she didn’t think Lydia even knew she was here with Scar. Herself? That would be more probable than Lydia doing it. Mariela would have never guessed it was Scar. She was going through, naming each person she could think of, until Scar handed Tussa a bag of gold. This caused Mariela to raise her eyebrows in surprise. The Alp sure was being very generous today. Not to mention very kind and gentlemanly… so very out of character, as Mariela gently took his arm. She then began wondering what the Alp could be planning to be so out of character. “You’re being very generous and gentlemanly today, Scar. What are you planning?” she then asked, suspicion clear in her voice as they walked out of the small cottage.


Razorbackwriter:  “Planning? Me? Who do you think I am, Duchess? Lydia?” This was the startled reply that Scar offered, he even put his hand to his chest as though offended. Truth was, he wasn’t really. The Alp gave a little shoulder shrug before blurting. “Not all demons are evil 24/7.” Scar said, continuing to walk along with Mariela. “Half of Hell would kill for a chance to take someone as GORGEOUS as you to the ball. Me? I was the lucky dog that you said yes too. So…I’m kinda happy about that.” So there it was. Scar was being a flattering gentleman……for once.

He had to admit, he did enjoy taking Mariela to the dressmakers and seeing her all frocked up for the ball. Tussa did amazing work when it came to gowns of that nature, her skill being second to none. Now however it was time to escort the young witch back to her chambers so that she could get some decent rest before the ball. There was so much to do and prepare for, but at least her gown and accessories were all taken care of. One thing did run past Scar’s mind, and that was what Lydia was up to. He’s also thought that the Princess would have taken personal care of Mariela, but the woman must have had something big come up.

Running a kingdom was nothing like going about the different parts of hell in her carriage and getting interesting tit bits from strangers and the like. Lydia was now a Princess….and there may well be a high price for that in the end. Karma…had a funny way of dealing with the underhanded. But this was not Scar’s problem. He planned to stick close to Mariela. There was something in the air. A sense of foreboding…Danger. The Alp wouldn’t let on of course, but it made the back of his neck’s hair stand on end. As they reached the Duchess’s apartment, the alp stopped and then bade the girl a good night.

“We should go for walks more often, Mariela. But I bid you…a good night.”

With that he spun on his heel and took off down the hallway to his own place of rest……



Dessy:  Mariela watched Scar as he seemed offended and asked if she thought he was Lydia. This caused her to laugh. “I know not all of them are evil, this just seems very unlike you.” she said, continuing to watch him as they walked to her room. She couldn’t help but give a smile when he mentioned about ‘half of hell would kill to go with someone as gorgeous as her”, and that he was the lucky one she said yes too. “I’m glad you’re happy, then.” she said, facing forward again as they walked. Lydia must be really busy to not have taken Mariela to the dressmaker like she said. Then again, she was the Princess now. So she will probably be pretty busy a lot.

They got to her room, and Mariela turned around to face Scar. “Goodnight, Scar.” she said lightly, watching him walk away before entering her own room. She shut the door behind her, and then proceeded to get ready for bed. She then climbed into the large bed, shutting off the light and then laying down. She needed rest for tomorrow. She wasn’t sure what else to expect, but she needed to be prepared either way. She quickly drifted off to sleep.