Inferno Kingdom | Element: Fire (2) •- The Enchanted Wars.




Inferno Kingdom | Element: Fire •

There were few things that Nagos and Dracus ever agreed on. Both adversaries due to their distinct natures, it was actually very rare to see them both smiling about the same thing. Nagos acceptance brought Dracus to walk across the room and offer his clawed hand to shake – sealing the deal between the two. The King for once was actually happy for once, and on breaking the hand shake he sung out for his adviser.


Standing just shy of the entrance, since she had taken care to be one step behind Rina; she entered the throne room and bowed before both of the great dragons.

“You summoned me, my Lord Inferno?”

“Yes…where is Rina? I told you to send her to the throne room when she returned from wherever the bloody hell she has been spending her day.” Dracus’s dark mood was going to return if he was not appeased. Mora noted this immediately, her eyes shifting from Nagos, whom she nodded in acknowledgement to, before looking back at her King.

“I have not seen her as yet, my Lord. I was on her way to her chambers when you called for me.” This was not far from the truth, but it would do for now. She needed to grant Rina more time to gather her things and read the note. The King snarled, marching over to the diminutive red head and staring down at her darkly.

“Then….go….get….her.” Each word said slowly and in a precise fashion. So he was clear on what he now wanted. Mora quickly bowed and spun on her heel, hurrying out of the room leaving the two dragons alone once more.

“So hard to get good help these days, Nagos. Course…you know that already.”

Mora hurried down the corridor, her skirts whipping up behind her as she hoped that when she reached Rina’s room, that she would have read the note and already fled.

If she had read the note in her pocket, this is what it said:

Dear Rina,

I can no longer protect you from your uncle’s wrath. I have received word that he plans to send you with Nagos off to the dark lands, a place where many go to die. It is ruled by Ethel, a black dragon and one you never want to meet. Gather your belongings, and take flight now. I hate to see you go, but it is for the best. There is a contact at the entrance to the Portal. His name is Wren. An old friend of mine. He will grant you papers to help you shield your identity on the other side and make it harder for Dracus’s spies to find you.

I am so sorry that I cannot come with you. My place is here, to keep Dracus distracted as long as I can.

Forever your friend,





Dear Rina,

I can no longer protect you from your uncle’s wrath. I have received word that he plans to send you with Nagos off to the dark lands, a place where many go to die. It is ruled by Ethel, a black dragon and one you never want to meet. Gather your belongings, and take flight now. I hate to see you go, but it is for the best. There is a contact at the entrance to the Portal. His name is Wren. An old friend of mine. He will grant you papers to help you shield your identity on the other side and make it harder for Dracus’s spies to find you.

I am so sorry that I cannot come with you. My place is here, to keep Dracus distracted as long as I can.

Forever your friend,


Rina read the letter silently, her crimson eyes slowly having lost their glow as she did so, her anger subsiding and her effects on the surrounding environment finally beginning to fade with her anger; but that anger soon rekindled as she read yet again. Rina was slowly growing angrier and angrier with her uncle for putting More and her into this kind of situation like it was of no consequence, his damned tricks and antics were finally grinding on Rina’s nerves to the point that she wanted him dead. Dead and gone; but, the problem was, Rina didn’t have the strength to do it.

Rina let out a growl as she crumpled the paper in her hands and tossed it straight into the fireplace, taking a quick breath
before blasting a stream of flame into the fireplace through her mouth. After setting the note on fire, and making sure it was turned to ashes entirely, Rina immediately turned straight to getting her things together; considering making a small pocket of space in her Esoteric Flames in order to store them better and not weigh her down. Esoteric Flames are flames that are magical in concept, allowing the user to do more than just ‘burn’ things; which is what allowed her to create a single flame and set it on her bed, tossing clothes into it as fast as she could. She could always just remake the flame later, pulling things out as needed unharmed, which meant it was time to get serious about everything else.

Rina planned to change everything the moment she had the chance, and just as she reached the window, about to jump out with her wings spreading out behind her; she caught a glimpse of something left to her by her father before he’d died by “unfortunate circumstances.” The ring made of gold infused with flames underneath the surface, he’d given it to her mother before she died; perhaps not the most romantic of gifts, but the ring burned a brilliant shade of red underneath the gold, never burning anything but instead simply being the way it was. It was precious to Rina, and she couldn’t leave without it.

Rina darted over to the stand she kept it on, looking at it quietly before slipping it onto the ring finger of her right hand, taking a deep breath to prepare herself just before she heard footsteps. Not wanting to risk who it might be, the Draconian girl shot for the window, stopping in front of it just before jumping out, her wings flashing out behind her with a rush of wind; flames began to burn along her wings as she flew, using them to propel her at a higher speed with every flap, causing her to be gone in minutes. However, she really didn’t understand that whoever had come to her room as she jumped out…..

They would have seen her.



Inferno Kingdom | Element: Fire •

There was a bright flash. Oranges, reds, yellows. Marvelous to those that had not ever seen the draconian girl in full flight, but Mora had – and she knew by the unmistakable burst of light that the girl had read her message and taken heed of her words of warning. The royal adviser had missed the girl all by as little as thirty seconds, but it was enough. Mora entered the abandoned room. A slow smile creeping upon her face, but it was also marred by a certain sadness. Why should the poor girl have to flee the home of her father? It was all so wrong. Dracus who was blinded for his hatred of all things human, or even remotely related to them, could never see the beauty of the girl, nor the wondrous powers that she had inherited from her father.

Slowly, Mora crossed the floor of the room and stepped up to the window ledge where Rina had taken off from. Now her fate lay in the hands of others. Her friend Wren was waiting for the girl at the portal between worlds. Her only true hope was to leave this land forever. As much as Mora wished she could see the girl again, she knew in her heart that she must let her go. Her job was to keep Dracus from finding her. His wishes were for her to spend a lifetime of misery serving others, so he didn’t have to be reminded of what she was. The royal adviser placed a hand on the window ledge, still feeling the heat trail the girl had left behind.

“May you find happiness in the other world.” She thought to herself, as the booming sound of Dracus finally reached her ears.


The King had grown impatient, not to mention that he wasn’t actually all that keen on Nagos’s company. He came thundering down the hall. The footfalls so loud that they were making the very walls quake and the windows shake. He turned into Rina’s room and stood there with hands on his hips.


“My…Lord. Rina…she…uhm…’

“SHE WHAT?” His eyes darted around the room, but he couldn’t tell that her things were missing. He was just incensed to be kept waiting.

“WELL?” His eyes falling back to the red headed adviser, who suddenly brightened.

“She went…shopping.”

“SHOPPING?” The King repeated the word as though Mora had lost her mind. Mora on the other hand was quick thinking. It was one of her strengths. “Yes. You see, there is this ball and well none of her gowns were suitable…so she went shopping to buy a new one. Wanted to impress you, my Lord.” Mora held one hand behind her back with her fingers crossing over, silently saying her prayers. The King stood there almost dumbfounded. Since when was Rina every trying to impress him. “I hate Balls. Bloody tossers dressed up in cheap rags like bloody harlots and sly skanks. Only men that go to those HAVE no balls. Poncy gits! Why would she want to go to one, hmm?’

“Maybe…to find a suitable male to marry and…then be off your hands or…help form an alliance.” Now this was really clever thinking on her part. She watched the King for his reaction. It was important to buy the girl as much time as she could, and also get Nagos off her back. The seconds ticked by as Dracos mused over this.

“An alliance by marriage, huh?” Dracos started to stroke his chin as he considered this. In the wake of the current situation with Endora, it wasn’t such a bad idea.

“Right. When that girl gets back from frock shopping, I want her presented to me. I might go to this blasted ball after all.” He went to turn as Mora breathed a sigh of relief, only to see him face palm at the thought he had to deal with Nagos.“Well bollocks. Now I gotta find some poor strumpet to go and keep care of Ethel’s kids.” He shot a look at Mora, who nearly died at the thought of being sent to the dark lands to work for Ethel.

“Nah…I need you here. You’re the only one that has any real brains in my staff. Ugh….carry on.” he waved his hand dismissively,. as he went back to the Throne room to get deal with Nagos.

As soon as Dracus was out of earshot, Mora fell back and sat on the bed. That…was close.




RPC : Dracus – Lord of Inferno : The Enchanted Wars.


RPC : Dracus – Lord of Inferno : The Enchanted Wars.

Quote: “Meddle not in the affairs of dragons, for thou art crunchy and good with ketchup”

Name: Dracus, Lord of Inferno
Age: 2,690 years

Dragon Form
Height: 28′ Length: 43′ Wing Span: 149′ Weight: 40 Tons

Human Form
Height: 6′ 4″ Weight: 246 lbs Eye Color: Red Hair Color: Black

Race: Dragon
Ruler Status : King
Land/World: Inferno
Element: Fire

Abilities: Ability to draw heat and fire from the surrounding elements. Able to utilize lava from beneath the ground as well as create fire ball blasts from its gaping maw when being attacked.
Its scaled body of armour like plating makes Dracus difficult to attack with weapons fashioned from common metals.
Size is an important factor in the defence of the Fire dragon. Weighing well over 40 tonnes at adulthood, it can easily crush the unsuspecting under foot, or take out a whole section of an army with its powerful tail.

Limitations: Cannot bring heat from a land of ice and snow, or where the temperature drops below 10 degrees below zero. Gets sleepy and is easier to attack in colder climates.
Weapon(s): Claws, flame breath, Dracus’s size, a long sword when in human form.
Side: Evil
Personality Traits: Hot tempered, moody, brooding, difficult.
Biography: WIP

Sexual Orientation : Hetro
Romantic Interest : None
Prized Possession : His Golden Throne.
Obsessions : Killing off humans that have demonized Dragons for centuries.
Pet(s) etc. : None.

Story to come in

“I can’t go to jail again!” – GS.

Scene setting – Fifth and Maple street

co-written with VunG.


VunG:  Once they knew the actual apartment number, Elissa took up a nice place on the edge of an alleyway and leaned onto the wall. She knew full well what they were doing was illegal, or at least it was walking a tightrope, but she didn’t mind really in this specific case. There were some situations where dancing the line were appropriate, usually when the system was doing everything in its power to sabotage the pursuit of justice. Sighing, she took another swig of whiskey and looked over at Frankie, trying to figure out what was going through his head. He was so close to getting some answers, so close, she couldn’t imagine what it would be like to be teased in such a way. She felt for the man, as a brother in arms, and she really hoped that this would help him.

However, right now she was more concerned with Tommy. While his reassurance that he would be alright was appreciated, she wasn’t certain. She hated this idea of sending a civilian to the wolves, and just didn’t have the heart to tell him off or the mind to come up with a better plan. Granted, he wasn’t some helpless lamb, but it still worried her, and in some small way, when she saw the window open she felt kind of relieved. Putting away her flask, she gestured to Frankie and headed her way up. As they went, she definitely sent a concerned look Frank’s way, but she wasn’t certain she’d show that she wasn’t so much afraid for her own safety. She could handle herself just fine.

Once up to the apartment, she’d wait for Frank and make an ‘after you’ gesture to the door, considering that it would probably be a more impressive entrance if he went in. Of course, if he didn’t take her up, she’d take the initiative. Either way, she’d walk in calmly and authoritatively, straightening her scarf as she joined the congregation and very calmly looking at Joey, all emotion gone from her face and replaced with an expression made of pure ice. Even when looking at Tommy, checking to see that he was okay, she was completely emotionless, just a simple blink to confirm that he was alright before gazing straight at their quarry.


Razorbackwriter:  Down by the car, Frank was feeling a little apprehensive. Joey was known to be irrational when disturbed, and knowing Tommy as he did, all it would take was one slip up. This was going against normal police procedure, and if it went belly up, he could see himself being demoted or worse. He hated the idea of getting Elissa into trouble, but this guy may well hold the clues aside from the few photographs that he had sent Frank in the mail. Staring up at the window for signs from Tommy, Frank then noticed that Elissa was offering a swig of whiskey from her small hip flask. The detective paused for a moment, and then realizing the drink could only help cut back the nerves he was feeling. Taking the flask, he took a sip before letting out a gasp. It really hit the spot. Handing it back, he uttered a word of thanks before watching her gesture that they were going to head up. It was now or never. Patting his jacket which concealed his fire arm, he followed Elissa into the building. Tommy had opened the window as a sign for the two to come up. The tension was growing.

Reaching the door, Frank tensed when Elissa made an after you gesture. Frank gave a small shrug and then with one bold kick from his boot, he punched the door open, much to the surprise of Tommy…and Joey.

“FUCK IT’S THE COPS!” Joey blurted, realizing he had a bag of hash in plain sight. He was not expecting this, and much to his shock he threw up his arms and went as white as a ghost. Frank had his gun drawn, and this may well have impressed Elissa, who followed in walking calmly whilst straightening her scarf. She looked over everything as Frank aimed his gun at Joey’s head. “AGAINST THE WALL….SPREAD EM, YOU SON OF A BITCH!”

Joey didn’t wait to be asked twice, doing exactly as Frank ordered, shaking in his boots. “Don’t you have a warrant?” He squeaked, knowing this was out of the ordinary. Frank simply scanned the room and then saw the bag of drugs.“You….Bozo.” He referred to Tommy. “You his dealer?” Yep, Frank was playing it like he didn’t know Tommy at all, and Tommy quickly bought onto the act they were going to play out. “No….Officer…I swear. I’m innocent.” Smirking, he then shouted at Tommy. “Hands behind your head, and on your knees.” Tommy shot a look at Elissa, like he wondered what Frank had been sniffing…or drinking. But Frank had it worked out. As he started to frisk Joey, he turned his head to Elissa and said. “Check the rooms, before we call this in.”

If she went into the spare bedroom, she would discover it was a dark room. The walls plastered with pictures, but most importantly, a whole heap on the large beast, just like the ones that he had sent Frank. In Joey’s terror, he didn’t recognize Frank at first, mainly since the death of Rory had aged him.



VunG:  It was a damn good thing that Elissa couldn’t laugh, because honestly she would’ve done just that as they stormed into the room, the sight of Joey’s reaction making a smile tug at the corners of her lips. Still, she too pulled her gun out as they came in, if for nothing other than show. Still, she remained nice and calm; she knew what Frank was thinking, and hopefully he was right that Joey wouldn’t be smart enough to think that Tommy was actually part of their little cadre. When she caught Tommy’s eye, she just smirked and gestured with her gun (though pointing to the side rather than at him) to get down. Then, at Frank’s order, she quickly began making her way through the rooms.

She made a lot of noise, slamming each and every door open as she went and acting like it was a full-blown drug bust or whatever it was that Frankie was claiming it was. However, besides the place looking and smelling like Satan’s ass hole, she didn’t find anything of any real note… until she came upon the dark room. Oh, this place was a goldmine of what they needed, but while the NYPD would, in general, have a field day with this stuff, her eyes were immediately dragged to those of the thing that they were hunting.

Immediately she came back into the room with the other three, and snapped her fingers to get Frank’s attention before gesturing in the direction of the spare bedroom/dark room, nodding confidently to confirm they had exactly what they needed. If he wanted to take a look and not take Joey with him, she’d gladly take control of him, making sure she had him by the wrists and keeping her gun at the ready, even if she didn’t expect to have to use it. Regardless of whether that happened, she’d make gestures like she was making sure to sweep Tommy to keep him down, but really it went nowhere near him, and she’d give him wink and a smile to tell him ‘well done.’


Razorbackwriter:  The slamming of cupboard doors would have Joey wincing, since he had drugs stashed all over the apartment. He wasn’t a user, he was a dealer and his main source was from the East side Mob – The Monaros. A bust like this was going to send him down, and as he kept his place against the wall, he tried to plead with Frank. “I can’t go to prison again. Look….I’ll make a deal with you, coppa.” He had his face to the wall, so he couldn’t see Frank’s face, but the detective was already getting the feeling by the way Joey was acting that they had stumbled onto something big, not just the evidence in what killed Rory.

Hearing the snapping of fingers, Frank and Tommy both looked up to see Elissa come back out from one of the rooms she had searched. Her face said it all. Frank raised an eyebrow and then said. “You keep your gun on the suspect, while I check the back room.” He went past Tommy and shouted at him “WHAT YOU LOOKING AT, ASSHOLE?” Yeah, Frank was getting some mileage out of paying out on Tommy. He had to sound convincing. Walking into the hall way, he let out a nervous sigh, before walking into the dark room. JACKPOT! The room was filled with photographs and there on the string that ran across the room were the same pictures as the ones that had been sent to him. He pulled one off the string and stared at it. He wasn’t the only one that saw it. He had an eyewitness……

Back out in the lounge, Joey was getting anxious. You could say he was worried about something more than the cops. He slowly turned, hands in the air to face Elissa. “I can’t go to jail again.”


Shots were fired through the window, that Tommy had opened earlier and hit Joey. Two in the head, one in the chest. His body jerked and spasmed, as his brain was splattered against the nearest wall. Joey teetered on his feet, before dropping like a sack of potatoes on the floor. Tommy screamed at Elissa. “GET DOWN!”