The Lumineers “Ho Hey” parody by Fitzy and Wippa “Push Breathe”

Been a while since I posted a Fitzy and Wippa parody.  But this one, stands alone as one of the best ones yet.  Farrrrr out.  ❤


I’ve been juggling a pregnant wife
She’s been leading a stressful life
Pledged to help her when we wed
It’s pretty hard from the spare bed
Sleeping with the dog again

Now we add to the family
I think of mates that I don’t see
All her questions are booby-trapped
Like ‘Do you think that I look fat?’

Morning sickness due, cramping in her knees and those stretch marks
“Don’t you touch the booze, no cold meats for me, rub my feet”

I’ve drained all our life savings
On a list of weird cravings
Banging my head on the wall
Stuck in a class of pre-natal
And now she’s emotional
Why the hell did we conceive?

Swollen ankles blue, sweating in the heat and a hairy guts
Go and get her food but don’t buy softer cheese, like what the faaaaar out

And aaaah she’s contracting now
Oh noooo her waters broke
Cos ooooh we’re speeding now to the RPA

“It hurts because of you, don’t you dare touch me, pass the gas mask”
Babe you’ve got to push, honey just breathe, here it comes




Macklemore – Wings parody about crap shoes by Fitzy and Wippa.

Fitzy and Wippa go back into their childhood and remember their crap shoes for this parody of Macklemore’s “Wings”

I was seven years old when I got my first pair
And I stepped outside and I was like, Mum, these KT-26ers right here
They’re gonna make me a target.
I hit the footy field and when I kicked, I kicked, I swear they were so sh**/not very good
I completely slipped, Mom I got dacked, this is the worst day of my life
Dunlop Volleys were next
That simplicity, that grip
The box, the smell, the $8 bucks that Mum spent
In school I’m playing the fool
‘Cause I’m wearing sunglasses at night
‘Cause these basic shoes I’m wearing are fluorescent white
At lunch I wasn’t the best, on the grass I couldn’t maneuver
But give me these shoes when I finish school and I could become a roofer
I need some new shoes, I’m livin’ in hope
And then my friend Gary’s brother got rolled for his Adidas Tennis Champs, whoa

Stop complaining mate and say hello to the local freak show
I was wearing Trax with an X, no laces heaps of velcro
Dead legs, chinese burns, kropeks and camel bights
My injuries became more prolific when my old man went out and bought me a pair British Knights
I wanted to be hip
I want a pair of Nikes, I want to touch the rim
Probably never a chance, with the shape that I was in
I was pretty fat.
Australia, it begins

I want to cry
‘Cause we can’t afford expensive brands
These are just as bad as my two stripe parachute pants
And I wonder why
I wonder why
I get knocked to the ground
And everyone agrees
That Mum brought these off the Balinese
And she bargained them down

We want what we can’t have, it’s the poorer kids motto
I wanted Adidas footy boots but Dad decided Lotto
I remember Pat Cash and in tennis his winning aura
But do you think he won Wimbledon in a pair of Diadoras?
My boobs became acclimatized to constant nipple cripples
That’s because I’m playing 4 square in a pair of black ripples
I wasn’t asking for the best because I knew all the risks
Just a second hand pair of Reebok Pumps or even Puma Disks
Look at what I just got, a dirty pair of Adidas Romes
They’ll go well on my yacht and or even in my French Chateau
Decided to take up b-ball, time to show them on the court
But how am I to dunk it, rocking in these Aerosports
We are what we wear, we wear what we are
But see I look inside the mirror and I look like a Nissan Pulsar
Will I stand for change, or stay in my box
These shoes help me define me, and we are classified pov

“Skinny Love” parody – “Skinny Wip” by Fitzy and Wippa.


This was recorded in October 2012 but is just going up on YouTube. After recording ‘Cookie Jars’ with Lupe Fiasco and Guy Sebastian, Fitzy decided the next song needed to be more encouraging. So he wrote this one…Enjoy.  🙂


Come on Skinny Wip we want you here
Not the bloke who orders chips and beer
Bye bye bye, bye bye bye say goodbye
To the man who Sizzler restaurant owners fear

You want it bad, well I want it more
I see empty cans of Coke and not apple cores
Why why why, why why why please tell me why
Am I knocking at my local kebab owner’s door

We told you to eat cabbage, you were told to cut out wine
After lunch stay off the carbs and go walk a steep incline


For energy have Nutella cos it’s the same as Vegemite
I’ll eat corn but slap on butter and wash it down with Sprite

Come on Skinny Wip what happened here?
Stop adding to your chins and use your ears
Try try try, try try try please big man, try
Don’t go home with your cake on your wedding night

I told you just to back off, I’ve got a pretty busy life
I’ve never seen a kitchen, that’s for my future wife
I’ll have a run tomorrow arvo, I may even look at my bike
I’ll shed off those kilos, how much is lap band surgery by the way

Come on Skinny WIp we know you’re here

“Dacking” – : Fitzy and Wippa’s take on Pharrell William’s “Happy”


Dacking – Aussie slang for pulling down your mate’s pants.

Enough said…..just watch the clip.


In the last 5 weeks we have played a game
Where your private parts could be on display
When theres prime opportune to inflict some pain
Over there, without a care, and its time to shame

Because I’m dacking…
Come along and watch me pull his jeans down to his shoes
Because I’m dacking…
Clap along if I accidentally grab his undies too
Because I’m dacking…
Clap along if I dack him waiting in a que
Because I’m dacking
Clap along if you chuckle at someone partially nude

Here comes my hands and down come his pants
You try to live to live your life, but you just cant relax
You think, tightening your belt, will be just fine
No offense to you, don’t waste your time, here’s why…

Because I’m dacking…
Come along and watch the velocity of his shorts travel to his shoes
Because I’m dacking…
Clap along if the peanut wears his pants real loose
Because I’m dacking…
Clap along if you’ll laugh if I dack him in his suit
Because I’m dacking
Clap along if your keen to witness a full moon

Bring them down… Your running shorts…
Bring them down… your jeans are too high…
Bring me down… ya trackie pants…
Bring me down, at the photocopier
Bring me down…When you order your lunch
Bring me down… your aggots say hi…
Bring me down… can’t nothing…
Bring me down, I said…

Bring me down… can’t nothing…
Bring me down… your love is too high…
Bring me down… can’t nothing…
Bring me down, I said (let me tell you now)

“I don’t care, I’m Aussie” – Fitzy and Wippa’s parody of Icona Pop’s “I love it”

It’s the Australia day long weekend starting tomorrow, and so to celebrate here is another parody by Fitzy and Wippa of Nova FM.  For those that tour my blog, you might be familiar with some of their other great parodies.  This one has a bit of extra Aussie flavor and the big coat hanger in the background.  (That’s the Harbor Bridge…  

I’ll trash the government but then I’ll forget to go and vote
I’ll say “good burley” when my mate is spewing off a boat
Hire a suit and have Khe Sahn as my wedding waltz
There’s cold pizza in my fridge

I don’t care, I’m Aussie! I don’t care

I’ll wave to Aussies as if I know them when I’m in Phuket
Bury my money declare I’m bankrupt just to avoid my debt
I’ll say that’s Warney’s changed since he has proposed to Liz
I hope someone tweets him this

I don’t care, I’m Aussie! I don’t care

Tattoos of our postcodes, in school we make ashtrays
We mosh at a concert, rack up our phones prepaid
We always lose our keys, 5 blokes to dig a ditch
Mow our lawns really short, so there’s a cricket pitch

I’m Aussie! I’m Aussie!

I’ll rack up fly buys for a family trip to Broken Hill
Waste just as much on Powerball just to win the mill
I’ll order waygu steak but cover it in tomato sauce
I miss Video Hits

I don’t care!

I’ll smoke durrys but then I’ll tell my kids they’re not to swear
I’ll get my boobs enhanced and try and claim it on Medicare
I’ll carry slabs of beer on my shoulder with my top off
It is my right to have a whinge

I don’t care!

We think we own the road, Mars Bars and Milky Ways
We’re all wine connoisseurs, we all love Andrew Gaze
We cant remember last night, and that girl you kissed
We love our in-laws, but we can’t co-exist

I don’t care, I’m Aussie
I don’t care, I’m Aussie, I’m Aussie
I don’t care, I’m Aussie
I don’t care, I’m Aussie, I’m Aussie

Fitzy and Wippa’s – Taylor Swift ‘Shake It Off’ PARODY Kings Cross


If you know Kings Cross in Sydney, then this parody by Fitzy and Wippa is on the money.  Using Taylor Swift’s “Shake it off”, it’s a great take on what its like to spend a night at the Cross.


It’s the black sheep of the state
It is the seedy gateway
We only see it late (Doof Doof)Never through the day (Can I borrow a dollar mate)
Taxis stay away
Red lights on display
And there’s coppers on the chase, (Police siren)For people off their face, ooht, ooht
Bouncers they keep booting
And steroid freaks keep losing
And young blokes keep pursuing
For a chick
Saying, “this is gonna be my night”
Cause the ravers gonna rave, rave, rave, rave
Politicians gonna play, play, play, play, play
I just lost my mates, mates, mates, mates, mates
In the Cross, In the Cross
And the boobs well they’re all fake, fake, fake, fake, fake
Every townie is so vain, vain, vain, vain, vain
Every bloke thinks they’re Drake, Drake, Drake, Drake
In the Cross, In the Cross
Bada Bing grab a seat
Dim Sim King go and eat
Ju Ju’s Karaoke, (Get off)
And Hugos to be seen, (Members only mate)
I’m dancing on my own (dancing on my own)
Until a drag queen has a go (moves up as I go
)He/she doesn’t take a no, mmm-mmm
And we end up heading home, mmm-mmm
And the bikies they’ll keep cruising
And Jarrad Hayne well they’ll keep shooting
And the footy clubs keep abusing
All the boys
Saying, “Please not in the Cross tonight”
Cause the girls are gonna wave, wave, wave, wave, wave
And the sailors are gonna pay, pay, pay, pay
Time to stay away, way, way, way, way
In the Cross, In the Cross
And the cops are gonna raid, raid, raid, raid
Binge Drinkers gonna stray, stray, stray, stray
St. Vincents well they pray, pray, pray, pray
In the Cross, In the cross

Fitzy and Wippa’s Nickelback ‘Photograph’ PARODY


Fitzy & Wippa are back with a new parody. The death of the signature for credit card purchases was hard on everybody so the boys have expressed their heartbreak Nickelback style.

This is my autograph
I always use it when I’m buying stuff
When my mate is sleeping on his bed
Ill leave my signature on his head

And this is my office mug
And I’ve signed it so you know wassssup
My boss has nearly given me the flick
I sent him a signed copy of my Richard Wilkins

And this is where I went to school
I signed “I woz ere” under this stool
This is my teacher Mr. Stefanack
He used to sign my name on my back

And this is my first license
I show my signature with every offence
When I’m in jail I give Dad a shout
He has to sign just to bail me out

Oh, oh, oh
Oh, god, I

When your signing for a parcel at your front door
Or the time you forged your mates so you could buy more porn
It’s hard to say it, time to say it
Goodbye signature goodbye.
When you brought a brand a new car you couldn’t afford Or that time you signed some boobs on your local dance floor
It’s hard to say it, time to say it
Goodbye signature goodbye.

Remember your wedding day
When you had to sign your life away
And when the divorce proceedings began
Cause she ran away with your best man

This is my bisexuality
That you signed in my confidentiality
You better ring your lawyer really fast
Cause Fitzy now I’m gonna sue your arse

This is my first business
That you signed over as my witness
And this is old woman named Joan
That you dance for just to pay off the loan

Oh, oh, oh
Oh, god, I

Every bond you sign away with a land lord
All that crap you don’t need from a Bunnings store
It’s hard to say it, time to say it
Goodbye signature goodbye.
Every autograph you ever got from Shane Warne
All those dodgy bank accounts that you’ve got offshore It’s hard to say it, time to say it
Goodbye signature goodbye.

This is my autograph
I used to use it to buy all my stuff
I used to use it just to buy me


Gangnam Style parody “Aussie Battler Style” by Fitzy and Wippa.

Time for another Fitzy and Wippa parody.  This one has been out a while, but I still love it.  Heeeeeeeeeey Chips and Gravy…Oi Oi Oi Oi Oi…..Aussie Battler style.

Aussie Battler Style
Battler Style

I don’t earn a crust but I have me own chair at me local
I like to flick the bird and at the footy I’m very vocal
My girlfriend drinks and smokes but she also part time models
I drive a Ford Falcon XR6

I’ve been known to swear
I wear apparel from Fox Racing
I say ‘Nah but yeah’
If there’s a wall I’ll go deface it
Love the Bundy Bear
But not a drop bear when I’m camping
I’ve got manky hair
I don’t wash my hair


I roll my own smokes
My mates are all blokes
But we’re not queer
Cause we drink beer
We steal from cray pots
We try to rig the trots
We need the dough
No-one will know
All you need is some deep heat and watch them go


Aussie Battler Style
Battler Style
Oi Oi Oi Oi Oi
Aussie Battler Style
Battler Style
Oi Oi Oi Oi Oi
Aussie Battler Style


Heeeyyyy Chips and Gravy
Oz-Oz-Oz-Oz Aussie Battler Style
Heeeeyyyyy AC/DC
Oz-Oz-Oz-Oz Aussie Battler Style

Jetstar flights to Bali, barbed wire inked in Henna
Fat back tellys with coat hangers as antennas
Ripped stone washed jeans with a knitted woollen sweater
Dunlop KT 26ers


I like Nike Air
But more a fan of Fubu tracksuits
Think outside the square
I don’t grow plants in my attic
Don’t need child care
Cause I’ve never had employment
Have the odd affair
My three wives don’t care


I’m a hard nut
I’ve got a beer gut
I never save
I hardly shave
Live down at the tavern
With best mate Gavin
Drink VB
Now its full strength
And if I’ve got a spare buck I’ll play the pokies


Aussie Battler Style
Battler Style
Oi Oi Oi Oi Oi
Aussie Battler Style
Battler Style
Oi Oi Oi Oi Oi

Heeeyyyy we love Lowndesy
Oz-Oz-Oz-Oz Aussie Battler Style

Heeeeyyyyy we shop at Aldi
Oz-Oz-Oz-Oz Aussie Battler Style



Psy’s reaction.

Fitzy and Wippa’s parody “We never ever ever get accurate weather”


I simply can’t stop laughing.  This is so damn true.  A wonderful parody of Taylor Swift’s “We are never ever getting back together”, Fitzy and Wippa have penned what it’s really like here in Australia, trying to get an accurate weather report.

When I wake I want to be informed (tell me)
Sun or rain or shall I brace for storms (it’s easy)
Then I try deciphering the code
Dew points, tide heights, UV, what?
In Australia then it’s time to pick (decisions)
Trust a bloke or credence from a chick? (division)
I change my mind every single day (it’s so cray)
Forecasts, rainfall, wind speed, hectopascals

Yoo-oo-oo-o-ou we copped 20mls of rain last night
But yoo-oo-oo-o-ou you to me to dry my clothes, dry my clothes

We never ever ever get accurate weather
We never ever ever get accurate weather
You talk to locals, talk to sponsors, just talk to me
‘Cos we never ever ever get accurate weather

Grant Denyer’s cracking jokes on Sunrise (Just Cuts)
Natalie Gruzlewski, Channel 9 (she’s alright)
Stevie Jacobs always doing stunts (daily)
But no-one has the passion of Timmy Bailey

Ooo-oo-oo-o-o the bloke gets excited with a temperature rise
And ooo-oo-oo-o-o Bailey, he’s telling it, he’s yelling it

We love Tim Bailey ‘cos he lives the weather, weather
And because his skin is made of leather, leather