The Maze of Greed – Part Five : SS.


The Witch and the Alp were not the only ones in the Maze of Greed.  Another had been placed there against their will, but would she trust Mariela and Scar?

Scene setting : The Maze of Greed. – Seven Sins Series.

Co-written with Dessy and Artie.


Razorbackwriter:  “Ever heard the phrase “Curiosity killed the cat?” Scar said off the cuff, while Mariela was going on and on about how she didn’t understand Lydia’s plans, not that Scar was all that clued in. He was just told to keep Mariela busy and out of the way, which he had done a bloody good job of – till he fell in love with her. What Mariela didn’t understand was that Scar was facing a death sentence. Help the witch or not, Lydia’s anger was going to be extreme. Course, Scar didn’t want to fret the young witch was such things. She was having a hard time enough coping with being lost in Lydia’s maze.

“Yeah… “Hate” is starting to lead me down the path where I’m going to destroy the next living creature that appears in this damn maze.”

“Can I watch?” Scar was now keen to see if Mariela really had it in her to kill someone, or a beastie. The thought of it, kind of got him excited. He showed off that cheeky Cheshire smile of his, which was disarming when done at the wrong times. Clearly she had forgotten that there was a high chance that there was another unfortunate soul lost in this maze. Mariela, suddenly remembered and that was when the true goodness of her nature came to the fore. She got on her little soap box and went on about how they had to do the right thing and help whoever was caught up in this nightmare. Scar blew a raspberry, his lips flapping. Fun times were over.

Also, Mariela did not want to use his hat as a way to escape after all. Her magic was a part of her she simply could not let go of. She rather stay in Hell than venture to any other dimension where she would be a simple human. Who could blame her? It wasn’t Scar’s first option either, but he was willing to do it for her. Again she looked at him with mistrust in her eyes. After everything, she still didn’t trust him.

Scar pouted, and looked up at her with sad eyes.

“It doesn’t matter now.” He simply didn’t want to discuss it.


The Alp’s ears pricked at the sound of a feminine voice.

“You hear that?”

Could it be another one of Lydia’s creatures that roamed the maze?

“I think its killy killy time.” He wiggled his brows at Mariela and then bowed before her. “After you.”



Dessy:  “Of course I’ve heard of that phrase.” Mariela said, her arms still crossed. “I don’t like to think of it has “curiosity”. I prefer to call it “investigating”.” she said, sticking her tongue out at him in a childish fashion. She had turned her head to look around her, before looking at Scar when he asked if he could watch, and he gave a grin. “Sure. Why not?” she said with a shrug. Mariela may be all “good-natured” and everything, but when she was pushed or angry – such as this – she could kill someone if she really wanted to. Especially if it was to save someone’s life. After all, that’s why she was sent to hell. For murder. It was for good reason and it was to protect herself and her brothers. She’d do it again if pushed that far, or if she needed to protect someone. The girl was innocent and kind-hearted, but she was no weakling. Underestimating her was a bad decision – the man she killed learned that the hard way.

Mariela narrowed her eyes when he blew a raspberry. “What? We can’t leave them here to die!” she exclaimed. Scar then appeared sad, and it caused her to frown. But she had also heard the noise that Scar did. “Wait, it might not be one of Lydia’s creatures. It could be the person that was left here.” Mariela said, looking down at Scar. “So no killing until we know for sure, and until I say so. Got it?” she spoke sternly. When he bowed and told her to go first, Mariela rolled her eyes and walked ahead of him. “Such a gentleman you are…” she spoke in sarcasm, but couldn’t help a smile that formed on her face.

“Hello? If you’re not a scary creature of this maze trying to kill us and you’re trapped here like us, then we want to help you. Give us some sign as to where you are.” Mariela spoke out, but not too loud. Judging by how they heard the noise, even at how weak it was, the girl couldn’t be too far. “We won’t hurt you.” she then said again. She turned around to look at Scar, before looking back in front of her.


Artie:  Bandit’s hearing was downgraded, from some sort of blow from her ear. The world was underwater, her own breathing resonating through her own head. It sounded labored and hard, her eyes squinting open as she heard someone speak.. “Who are you?” Though once more, it was no more than a croak that pained her on its way up. It was heard as, “Ooh err oo?” Soft, tentative. Though, her hand would still reach to be near her boot, grabbing the handle of her dagger as she pulled it free with tremendous effort.. Jesus.. Had someone added 70 pounds to her blade? Bandit held it out in front of her with a sort of last-survival effort, glaring towards the sound of voices..

She looked somewhat humorous, with an inner ferocity and a battered outside body. It was likely that she couldn’t walk, and truthfully she felt reality fading with each second. She was sure that she had a black eye, from how swollen and tender it felt. Maybe from her fall.. Somehow, she’d gotten a rather large cut on her leg. It was healing, but dirty and still dried blood clumped around it and on her clothing. Her hands themselves were dirty, and her hair was in the same state. Was her throat bleeding from the sheer dryness of it..? It sure tasted like it.. But, Bandit figured.. if she was going to die, she would go with a fight, no matter how feeble.. Her hand would tighten its grip on the blade’s handle.


Razorbackwriter:  Scar raised himself up slowly from bowing before the young Witch. She was such a funny girl at times. Angry, yet curious. Good natured yet with a mean streak when crossed. Threatening death one minute, then being a saint the next. It was enough to confuse the poor Alp, who had the weight of much on his mind now. They really had to tread carefully, and what lay up ahead could well be one of Lydia’s creatures. The Alp had come up with the idea that there was a slight possibility of another person or enemy in the maze, but if that was true they still needed to be on their guard. Scar crept along after Mariela, once he had firmly placed his hat back on his head.

“Hello? If you’re not a scary creature of this maze trying to kill us and you’re trapped here like us, then we want to help you. “

“If you are scary, the Duchess is going to rip your heart up out your nostril and chew on it.” Scar added, only to see her stern look, when she cast her gaze back at him when she had said that they wouldn’t hurt them.

“…much.” Poor Scar, his nature was always getting the better of him. “Oh come on. It could be anything.”

Sure enough when they made the next turn, there was a girl laying in the path of the maze. Covered in bruises, cuts and blood – she looked to have been through the ringer. Her voice was quite strange and she stunk. “Ooh err oo?” the girl whispered, looking to be in so much pain.

“It’s…it’s a girl. I think it’s human.” Scar said with a look of surprise. The Alp had not come across humans before and had only heard about them. What he had heard was not good. This one was wearing a jeweled collar and then she brandished a knife. Holding it out in front of her like she was ready to defend herself. This was not good as far as he was concerned. “A feisty human.”

Scar waited to see what Mariela would do next. Would she dare try to save a girl that looked ready to attack them?

“What if she wants to hurt us? Hmm?”



Dessy:  Mariela kept walking through the maze, Scar following close beside her. Her eyes and ears were focused on finding out where the voice came from. But at Scar’s comment, she snapped her head towards him and looked at him sternly. She then reached over and slapped him. “And if it’s one of the creatures, then I’ll take care of it. Now shut it.” she spoke. Soon they turned the corner, and that’s when they saw her.

She was bruised up, with cuts and blood. She looked like she was in a lot of pain. “She is human.” Mariela gave a nod of her head. She took a step forward, but stopped when she pulled out a dagger. She turned her head to glare at Scar. “Shut up and let me take care of it.” she spoke, before looking to the girl again. “If she tries to harm us, we will be able to defend ourselves. She’s too weak to do much.”

She took another step forward. “We’re not gonna hurt you.” she spoke softly, gently. “I’m Mariela, a witch. This is Scar.” she gestured her hand over to Scar. “We’re trapped here just like you. We have no intention of hurting you. We want to help you.” she took another step forward. “Put down the dagger. Please. And let us help you.” she still spoke in that calm, and gentle manner. “I promise no harm will come to you. If you let us help you, we will protect you. You have my word.” she spoke once more, her green eyes showing worry for the girl’s health. The girl wouldn’t survive if she wouldn’t let the two help her.


Artie:  Everything in Bandit’s core screamed at her to deny their help, to fend for herself and figure her life out on her own.. But she knew this would not be wise, and she would be very unlikely to survive a night in this state.. How could she trust two strangers? Yet, she would be dead either way.. It was simply a death of waiting in this god forsaken maze or one at the hand of these two strangers. With a shaking hand she would drop the blade, the metal making a dull thud but also a clang as it fell to the ground, her fingers held tensely in the air as she felt an immense amount of pain, blood coming from her fingertips in slight cuts and scratches – the grip of her dagger had bloody fingerprints on it, the stinging lingering through her bones. She would grit her teeth, glaring at her fingers as she began to curl them in, as though going to clench her fists but instead finding herself stopped by the pain. Her hand would shake in the air from the stinging pain, her fingernails caked with blood – what had happened to her in her moments of unconsciousness?

“Day.. What day is it?” Her lips attempted to form the words, clearing her throat weakly. “Dai.. Wha dai.. s’it?” She turned her head, spitting out a clump of blood.. Her throat was so dry that the blood itself was little in liquid, no saliva to coat it so it instead was just spat out in a thick mass of dark red. She let out a puff of air, labored, then gazed at Mariela. “Names?” “” Her eyes focused on Mariela’s as hard as she could, yet still appeared glazed when she was gazed at. Her eyes closed slightly in her struggle, though then reopened.. Bandit would not allow herself to look weaker than she already did. Couldn’t.