The Maze of Greed – Part Seventeen : SS.

Bandit’s life flashes in front of her eyes as she is about to find peace within the arms of a fallen.  Was she accepting her death, or was this last explosion of memories to make her realize the little girl she had forgotten?

Scene setting : The Maze of Greed – Seven Sins series.

Co-written with Dessy, Artie and Phyln.


Dessy:  Mariela shot a look towards Raul, but said nothing else on the matter. “Scar…” she said when he snarled, but said nothing more. She looked up at Habib, giving a nod before being handed Bandit. She actually struggled a little bit to hold her up this time, walking over to a nearby fountain and kneeling down, layign Bandit down in front of it… but it wasn’t as easy as it was before.
She turned around hearing Raul’s begging voice, and cocked her head at the tears in his eyes. “You actually care for her.” she spoke out loud. “You have a funny way of showing it.” she then spoke. “Hurting her to where she’s an inch away from death and placing a collar on her like a dog isn’t a very good way to show you “love her”.” she then snapped, before looking at Bandit.

She moved her hand around, sprouting a few vines to wrap around Bandit’s injured leg. They glowed slightly, healing the leg. “You don’t have to give your life. As much as I’d love to kill you for everything you’ve done, there’s no need.” she spoke. She could hear the gasps come from Tessa and her brothers, but the witch just rolled her eyes. “Come on, Bandit.” she then said, leaving her hand over the vine wrapped around the leg, greatening the healing magic occasionally.

Mariela whipped her head around when Scar snarled again. “Scar! Let him go.” she spoke. “He’s not going to do anything.” she spoke, before turning her gaze towards Raul. “If he does, I’ll be more than happy to take care of him myself.”



. . .


Whispers of many, voices garbled together in a chorus of words that Bandit could not understand. Flashing lights consumed her eyes, scenes that she could not focus on from her memory encasing her, consumed with the unconsciousness of her physicality as her life flashed before her eyes. Bandit’s mind was a chorus of crescendos, an orchestrated chaos. While she would remain limp physically and paled, on the brink of death, life surged within her in a rush of force greater than it ever had before. The lights grew faster in speed, the whispers had begun a hissing and definite roar – so much so that she wished to cover her ears and scream to make it stop, to halt the yells. Pieces of her past conversations of all sorts mentally assaulted her, loud over the whispers.

“Mommy, I’m scared.” A small girl’s voice.
“I know baby.. Be strong, Beatrix. Be strong.” An older and mature woman voice.
“Mama!” The girl was crying now, a shuffle as a chorus of yelling began, men, a gunshot..


“I hate you!” Teenage girl, screaming through tears.
“You should never have been born!” A man, older. Slurred words. Drunk.

Louder, more voices of whispering.

“Don’t touch me, don’t touch- Don’t touch me!

The whispers began to be overpowering.

Sobbing, soft and muffled, as though a young woman was crying herself to sleep..


A single memory found itself to her subconscious. A better time, before she had earned her nickname. Back when her name was not Bandit.. but Beatrix. When she sustained enough innocence to be nothing more than a human, with issues but otherwise unscathed by the future hardships of the world in front of her.. The world that she would know to be cruel and unforgiving, willing to allow a woman to die for its own entertainment. To sit back and watch as a girl who had only tried to live became nothing more than a chew toy for others to tug-o-war with..

“Mama?” Beatrix asked, held in her mother’s loving arms. “Yes, my dear?” The woman had kind eyes and dark hair, but her eyes were a striking blue – cold, if not for the warm smile always planted on her face. Cold, if not for the lovingness that always came from her, the willingness to be there for what was her pride and joy.. The small girl held in her arms. Blue eyes gazed back into the woman’s, but these were duller. They were not striking, but simply calming, as if gazing into an ocean. Her blonde hair was pure and untainted, much like the soul within her. Beatrix could not have been older than six, perhaps maybe four or five..

“Why isn’t Daddy home?” Beatrix’s eyes were merely curious, lacking sadness and not yet understanding the concept…
“Daddy had to go out and see his friends. He’s drinking his medicine, sweetie.” The woman’s face faltered for a split second – one that Beatrix would not note, gazing down at her mother’s beautiful curls and looking back up to the smile that made the young girl smile in return. Oblivious. Ignorance was bliss..

A sudden and loud thud would then make the woman look up, from down the hall.. Something was different. It was not the knocking over of objects.. It was a gunshot. “Honey. Beatrix, baby.” Amoria crouched down to gaze at her daughter. “You need to go to the closet, and I need you to hide. Daddy’s medicine didn’t work today, he’s feeling sick. Okay?”

“Mommy,” Beatrix’s face had fallen. “I’m scared..” She sudden began to gaze around. Another crash further down the hall. Loud footsteps.. Her father’s friends had come along?

“I know, baby. Be strong, Beatrix. Be strong.” With a waving motion, Amoria would then turn to have her back towards Beatrix, standing at full height as though ready to protect her child. Beatrix did not recognize the bruises on her mother’s wrists back then.

Beatrix’s eyes widened as she suddenly was overcome with fear, waddling with her small and inexperienced feet towards her mother, seeking warmth and comfort that she would never again feel – “Mama!”

The door burst open.

. . .

Bandit burst awake, tears in her eyes as she gasped, sitting up. A hand flinged itself over her chest, oxygen coming slowly to her as it was painful to breathe. The flood of emotions drowned her, the waves overtook her body as she was suddenly consumed in painful sobs. It hurt to cry, her chest burned with each breath. Movements sent flames throughout her body.. She was consumed with pain, the intense healing on her already weak human body nearly shattering it. Her blue eyes held even more emotional pain that physical, the emotions perhaps restricting her breaths more than her actual injuries. “Fuck! Fuck!” Each word was breathless, mixed with a choking cough.

“I can’t.. breathe!” She was breathing, but it didn’t feel like air was going through to her. For the first time in her short life, Bandit had broken down. Even Raul’s mind games had not broken her. Her first love leaving had not broken her. The death of her mother had not broken her. The abandonment of her father had not broken her. But now, with all of it coming back at once, she broke into a million pieces. A million small fragments of the girl she had been. Tender, stripped of emotions and guards that years had prepared her for putting up.. And now they had been stripped down, leaving her defenseless in front of so many people.

Her legs had ceased to bleed and now she could feel them, the dull and numb feeling that coursed from him into her core. She was a mess of tears and blood, her hair dirty in contrast to the innocent blonde it had once been in her memory. The dull blue and clueless eyes in her past were now bright and shining from the tears once within them. They had become striking, they were striking. She did not have the same warmth as her mother. The cold had consumed her – she had not consumed it…

For once, in her life, Bandit felt a need for warmth. A need..
“Someone hold me!” The words were gasped, her body shaking as she was continuously healed – it was a necessary evil for her to live, but in her conscious state it only brought her pain..

Phyln: His grasp was final he was not the reaper but he entertained the idea that he was the janitor of the dead, he did not farry souls over the river or collect them from the world of the living. No his was a much simpler task more often than not when the ever flowing tides of chaos removed another damned being from its eternal or rather not so eternal existence in hell he would sweep away the remnants of the power it had once possessed. grabbing a hold of the soul he began the process of adding it to his collection, dragging the spirit towards him it struggled clearly still clinging to the life it once had. However it was too late it had no where to go, even if he released it where would it run to. it was not hard to hold onto a soul when it has no where to go slowly he dragged it across the ethereal plain into the bag. as it entered the strings on the bag drew them selves closed over what to the mortal eye would appear to be nothing. opening his eyes with his task finished he fastened the bag to his belt and raised one hand in prayer. “May your eternal rest be peaceful for you have served your damnation”. his prayers were little more than ceremony at this point offering nothing than words to the dead. He turned and began his treck out of the maze at his usual brisk pace.



Greed: The Masquerade Ball : Maze

The passing of Lydia’s soul over into the bag after putting up such a struggle meant the end of the reign of the Princess of Greed. All her magical power was now within the young witch, whether she realized this or not. Would the witch end up being cursed just as the other heads of Greed had been, or will this be the dawning of a new era? Anything was possible, least that is how things were happening up further in the now beautiful maze.

A woman who had been beaten within an inch of her life, and forced to wear a collar that’s magic drained the wearer was so close to death that nothing that the Warlock or even the fallen could do to stop the inevitable. However, it was within this moment, when life is slipping away that we look back one last time at all that has happened to us over the course of our lives. With the group watching on – fearful that Bandit would die, they were unaware that she was experiencing this near death slide show of her life, from child hood till the bitter end. It is interesting that it is not one single event in our lives that makes us who we are, but rather it is like an enormous patch work quilt. Each piece sewn together with an array of emotions and feelings that either create something beautiful and a treasure or something akin to a nightmare visage.

Stripped away of everything and all the fail safes that had been set into place to create a fierce wall in which to protect her from further harm had now crashed down into a pile of rubble, leaving Bandit exposed to everything….and all at once.

Yes, the witch was able to somehow stop the bleeding and heal the physical, but what she couldn’t do was heal the heart….the mind. Behind those terrified eyes lay a broken soul. A timid child. Cold…and frightened. Her heart eclipsed for so so long.

Scar growled as he slowly released his grip on Raul’s throat and fell back, only to watch on as Mariela did her best to heal the young girl. He crouched down beside Mariela, his eyes riddled with concern. The alp was the demon of nightmares who had been called on especially by Lydia for his talents, and he whispered to Mariela.

“I can see….what she is seeing.” The more the alp witnessed the more shocked he was. The poor girl had been through so much, and it only made him hate the Warlock with a renewed passion. Scar grit his teeth and snorted through his nostril as he waited to see if the girl would make it through.

Thankfully, Bandit’s spirit was a strong one. A fighter to the very core. Her first words as she started to come around showed that same spunk. “Fuck! Fuck!” This brought something of a relieved collective sigh, but it was what she said following, that made all realize she was not out of the woods.

“I can’t.. breathe!”

Scar threw up his hands and sat back. “I’m not doing it.” One of the things that an alp does to a victim is sit upon their chest so they feel that they can’t breathe. It had to be something else causing it. With dark marks upon his throat, Raul again stepped forward, wanting so much now to help Bandit. The only problem was, someone stood in his way.

“Turn around…and walk away.” The fallen’s wings opened out in the full to protect Bandit who was still on the ground, now shivering. Habib would simply not have Raul hurt her again. “It’s over. Return to Lust where you belong.” The two men faced off, Habib’s face was like stone as he refused to give quarter. He had seen Raul hurt Bandit over and over again. For the first time in centuries, the Warlock lowered his head. He had lost. The worst part was that it was in losing her that he truly realized what his real feelings were. This was the price he would pay for the rest of his days in Hell.

The sounds of Bandit crying out for someone to hold her brought out a pained look from Raul. Oh how much he wanted to hold her, to cherish her now and tell her that he loved her. Sadly, it would not be him. Sighing, he turned away from the scene, his hands clenched into fists and he strode away – vanishing from the Maze of Greed.

With the Warlock gone, Habib returned to Bandit’s side and attempted to lift her up into his powerful arms. He hoped to give her the warmth and comfort she needed. Especially now.

“I’m here for you, Bandit.”

Scar rose to his feet, and gestured with his hand for Mariela’s. It was now a time to breathe, and let Mariela have a chance to speak with her family – her brothers and her friend Tessa. The Alp knew that they had a lot to catch up on.

“Why don’t we get out of this maze and head up to your castle, my Lady?” He smiled brightly at the new Princess of Greed, and waited to see her reaction. After all, he said ‘my’ again.




Dessy:  Mariela watched Bandit, occasionally her eyes moving to the leg that she was trying to heal. Scar came beside her, and when he whispered about being able to see everything, she turned her head to him. “What do you see?” she then whispered back, but Bandit popped up a few minutes later. With a wave of her hand, the vines disappeared and Mariela stayed on her knees, her hands holding onto Bandit’s shoulders. “Bandit, it’s okay.” she said, her face growing to concern when she said she couldn’t breathe.

Mariela grabbed and pulled Bandit into a hug, holding her as her eyes stared at Habib and Raul, her eyes shooting daggers into Raul. “Bandit, it’s okay. You’re safe.” she spoke, her voice calm and soothing as she held Bandit in a hug. When Raul turned around and walked away, Mariela’s eyes followed him until he had disappeared. She then pulled away from Bandit so Habid could pick her up. “Take care of her, and whatever you do, don’t let Raul touch her again.” she spoke.
She looked up when Scar held his hand, giving him a smile before she put her hand in his and stood up. When Scar spoke, she gave another smile and nodded her head, before turning to look at Habib. “If you need anything, or she needs help or anything, you can come see me anytime you want. But, please, keep her away from Raul.” she spoke, before turning back to Scar.
She gave him a smile, nodding her head. “Let’s go… my Scar.” she said, fully aware she used the word “my” to describe him, and she just ended up grinning. She turned to motion to Tessa and her brothers, telling them to follow, and after the trio all looked at each other with raised eyebrows at the way they called each other “my”, they shrugged before following behind the two.



The Maze of Greed – Part Seven : SS.


In order to help the human called Bandit, a curse would need to be broken.  Mariela has the strength to do it, but at what price?

Scene setting : The Maze of Greed – Seven Sins series.

Co-written with Dessy and Artie.


Dessy:  “My bad. Lydia is the cause of everything.” Mariela mumbled under her breath. She looked down at Bandit again, nodding her head in agreement. “Hm. I think “manipulative” fits him well.” she said, but looked up at Scar when she asked the questions. She kept silent, watching Scar as she let him answer the question about why they couldn’t use the hat. She still didn’t say anything, instead just frowning at Scar’s words. “You would think that every maze would have an exit. But, being how Lydia is pure evil, it wouldn’t surprise me if she didn’t make an exit.” she said, but gave the girl a small smile. “But don’t worry. We’ll find a way out of this maze.” she spoke determinedly.

Her gaze turned to Scar when he spoke about there being an exit. She raised an eyebrow, before pushing herself to stand up. “And that exit is…?” she started, narrowing her eyes as an eerie smile played on his lips. Then, he spoke again.

“You’d have to defeat Lydia.”

Mariela flinched at those words. “Should’ve seen that coming…” she gave a nervous laughter. Sure, she was a bit pissed at Lydia, but Mariela honestly doubted that she’d be strong enough to defeat Lydia. Lydia was clever, and evil. Powerful, even. Mariela was not. “Of course. In order to get out of this Danger Zone, we have to destroy whatever created it.” she spoke. “Which is Lydia.” she said. “Yeah, uh, is there another way out?” she spoke. “I mean, I wanna get out of this place, and I’m not the happiest with Lydia right now, but…” she trailed off. “Fighting Lydia? The Queen of all evil? I doubt there’sany chance in defeating her.” she spoke, now biting the corner of her mouth. She should have expected that defeating Lydia would stop this mess. She looked down towards Bandit again, continuing to bit her lip. She seemed to do that when she was nervous or scared. Bandit still needed help… but they had to get out of the maze.


Artie:  “Lydia.. Lydia..” Bandit searched for the name to put to a face, but could find nothing. She hadn’t yet heard of the new management in Greed, and to be frank, she didn’t care much for any of the royals. “I’d help, but if she’s some ‘Queen of Evil,’ I don’t think even at full strength I’d be able to help you much. I mean, I can’t help at all, now. I can’t feel my legs.” Bandit seemed bitter at her lack of abilities in general. It figured that she was the most under-powered in this realm, and without legs, she was an ant to others. Though she couldn’t feel her legs, the slight dampness that continued to creep showed they were still bleeding. Maybe not gushing, but the wounds had yet to fully close. Her breathing had remained hard and rough as she remained calm, keeping herself from screaming. This, at least, showed her stubbornness and willpower. If she’d had some sort of powers, she’d be a worthy adversary, indeed.

Her eyes stared into Scar’s without break, matching his own seriousness. This only furthered her show of will. “I’m assuming that this is the only way, aside from that hat, because life has to always be difficult, doesn’t it? Things can’t just be simple in Hell?” Bandit perked a brow, slight sarcasm and more bitter feelings creeping into her tone. It was more how ridiculous this all felt – what, was she in some sort of novel or something? Of course there had to be an ultimatum, and neither choice favorable.. Though, she barely knew Scar, and she was one for her own survival. Bandit wouldn’t have hesitated to take the hat, as she felt nothing to Scar… nor Mariela.


Razorbackwriter:  The smell of blood was wafting up from the ground where Bandit lay. Mariela’s attempt to heal the girl fell short of actually closing her wounds. Not to mention that the girl was now paralyzed from the waist down. If she couldn’t move off the ground, then what chance did she have to escape the maze. Scar’s smile remained fixed as he tilted his head downward and looked at that jeweled collar once more. The girl claimed that it caused hallucinations, but at the moment, the girl was speaking perfectly normal and not showing a touch of madness. Maybe the charm had worn off, or the Master of the collar was pre-occupied. Perhaps he was up in the castle Greed right now, banging Lydia. Who was to say? It was no secret that she took lovers now and again. Scar though, wasn’t her cup of tea. But back to the girl on the ground. She was showing her sarcastic edge, when lamenting that the only way out, aside from the hat would be difficult.

“Life wasn’t meant to be a picnic, girly.” The Alp was already feeling that standing around in this part of the maze was using up valuable time. Scar reached up and straightened the hat on his head to a more fitted position. Rounding on Mariela, he went to take her hands, and then whispered.

“Try to remove the collar. Focus…on the jewels. It was made by a Warlock, and I think you are strong enough to break it.” Scar stared at Mariela without looking down at the girl again.

“Free her from the link with Raul. It may be her only chance out of here. After that, she’s on her own.”



Dessy:  Mariela turned her head to look at Bandit and gave an apologetic smile. “Once again, I’m sorry for that…” she apologized for Bandit’s lack of feeling in her legs. “And Lydia is a powerful individual. I, myself, probably couldn’t beat her.” she said. Mariela couldn’t help but laugh at Bandit’s next words. “I’ll be the first to tell you that Hell is far from simple.” she said, before turning to look at Scar when he spoke. She simply nodded her head in agreement, before Scar walked towards her and took her hands in his. He then told her to try removing the collar. “What makes you so sure I’m strong enough to break it, Scar? What if I can’t?”

Oh Mariela, self-doubting herself and her strength. The girl was much stronger than she thought or claimed she was – and it was obvious Scar could see that while she couldn’t. Lydia clearly had saw it, as well. But Mariela didn’t believe it. “I’ll try…” she said, removing her hands from Scar’s grasp and walking towards Bandit. She sat on her knees to the girl’s right, narrowing her eyes and looking down at the collar. “I’m gonna try to get this off… Don’t move…” she said. She took her hand and ran it over the jewels on the collar, staring at them. Scar told her to focus on the jewels. That meant it was something with the jewels that could break the collar off.


Artie:  The blonde would furrow her brows as Mariela moved closer, placing her hand on the collar and the jewels inscribed within it. Almost instantly, Bandit had winced away from her hand, further opening the door for Mariela to see her hard background… but at the moment, more things were important. Bandit bit her bottom lip, waiting, pondering… Her eyes closed as Mariela thought and pondered, an almost impatient feeling spreading through Bandit if she had not been so anxious herself. And then… A crack, the collar beginning to break itself open — air. Cold air pressed against her neck where it’d once been covered by the collar, a laugh of relief coming from Bandit’s lips as excitement filled her despite her disabled form. “Hey… Hey! You.. You did it! Shit! That’s awesome!” Her hands would move as she gripped the collar, tossing it away and then raising her hands to rub her neck, feeling at the skin that could now breathe..




The Maze of Greed – Part Five : SS.


The Witch and the Alp were not the only ones in the Maze of Greed.  Another had been placed there against their will, but would she trust Mariela and Scar?

Scene setting : The Maze of Greed. – Seven Sins Series.

Co-written with Dessy and Artie.


Razorbackwriter:  “Ever heard the phrase “Curiosity killed the cat?” Scar said off the cuff, while Mariela was going on and on about how she didn’t understand Lydia’s plans, not that Scar was all that clued in. He was just told to keep Mariela busy and out of the way, which he had done a bloody good job of – till he fell in love with her. What Mariela didn’t understand was that Scar was facing a death sentence. Help the witch or not, Lydia’s anger was going to be extreme. Course, Scar didn’t want to fret the young witch was such things. She was having a hard time enough coping with being lost in Lydia’s maze.

“Yeah… “Hate” is starting to lead me down the path where I’m going to destroy the next living creature that appears in this damn maze.”

“Can I watch?” Scar was now keen to see if Mariela really had it in her to kill someone, or a beastie. The thought of it, kind of got him excited. He showed off that cheeky Cheshire smile of his, which was disarming when done at the wrong times. Clearly she had forgotten that there was a high chance that there was another unfortunate soul lost in this maze. Mariela, suddenly remembered and that was when the true goodness of her nature came to the fore. She got on her little soap box and went on about how they had to do the right thing and help whoever was caught up in this nightmare. Scar blew a raspberry, his lips flapping. Fun times were over.

Also, Mariela did not want to use his hat as a way to escape after all. Her magic was a part of her she simply could not let go of. She rather stay in Hell than venture to any other dimension where she would be a simple human. Who could blame her? It wasn’t Scar’s first option either, but he was willing to do it for her. Again she looked at him with mistrust in her eyes. After everything, she still didn’t trust him.

Scar pouted, and looked up at her with sad eyes.

“It doesn’t matter now.” He simply didn’t want to discuss it.


The Alp’s ears pricked at the sound of a feminine voice.

“You hear that?”

Could it be another one of Lydia’s creatures that roamed the maze?

“I think its killy killy time.” He wiggled his brows at Mariela and then bowed before her. “After you.”



Dessy:  “Of course I’ve heard of that phrase.” Mariela said, her arms still crossed. “I don’t like to think of it has “curiosity”. I prefer to call it “investigating”.” she said, sticking her tongue out at him in a childish fashion. She had turned her head to look around her, before looking at Scar when he asked if he could watch, and he gave a grin. “Sure. Why not?” she said with a shrug. Mariela may be all “good-natured” and everything, but when she was pushed or angry – such as this – she could kill someone if she really wanted to. Especially if it was to save someone’s life. After all, that’s why she was sent to hell. For murder. It was for good reason and it was to protect herself and her brothers. She’d do it again if pushed that far, or if she needed to protect someone. The girl was innocent and kind-hearted, but she was no weakling. Underestimating her was a bad decision – the man she killed learned that the hard way.

Mariela narrowed her eyes when he blew a raspberry. “What? We can’t leave them here to die!” she exclaimed. Scar then appeared sad, and it caused her to frown. But she had also heard the noise that Scar did. “Wait, it might not be one of Lydia’s creatures. It could be the person that was left here.” Mariela said, looking down at Scar. “So no killing until we know for sure, and until I say so. Got it?” she spoke sternly. When he bowed and told her to go first, Mariela rolled her eyes and walked ahead of him. “Such a gentleman you are…” she spoke in sarcasm, but couldn’t help a smile that formed on her face.

“Hello? If you’re not a scary creature of this maze trying to kill us and you’re trapped here like us, then we want to help you. Give us some sign as to where you are.” Mariela spoke out, but not too loud. Judging by how they heard the noise, even at how weak it was, the girl couldn’t be too far. “We won’t hurt you.” she then said again. She turned around to look at Scar, before looking back in front of her.


Artie:  Bandit’s hearing was downgraded, from some sort of blow from her ear. The world was underwater, her own breathing resonating through her own head. It sounded labored and hard, her eyes squinting open as she heard someone speak.. “Who are you?” Though once more, it was no more than a croak that pained her on its way up. It was heard as, “Ooh err oo?” Soft, tentative. Though, her hand would still reach to be near her boot, grabbing the handle of her dagger as she pulled it free with tremendous effort.. Jesus.. Had someone added 70 pounds to her blade? Bandit held it out in front of her with a sort of last-survival effort, glaring towards the sound of voices..

She looked somewhat humorous, with an inner ferocity and a battered outside body. It was likely that she couldn’t walk, and truthfully she felt reality fading with each second. She was sure that she had a black eye, from how swollen and tender it felt. Maybe from her fall.. Somehow, she’d gotten a rather large cut on her leg. It was healing, but dirty and still dried blood clumped around it and on her clothing. Her hands themselves were dirty, and her hair was in the same state. Was her throat bleeding from the sheer dryness of it..? It sure tasted like it.. But, Bandit figured.. if she was going to die, she would go with a fight, no matter how feeble.. Her hand would tighten its grip on the blade’s handle.


Razorbackwriter:  Scar raised himself up slowly from bowing before the young Witch. She was such a funny girl at times. Angry, yet curious. Good natured yet with a mean streak when crossed. Threatening death one minute, then being a saint the next. It was enough to confuse the poor Alp, who had the weight of much on his mind now. They really had to tread carefully, and what lay up ahead could well be one of Lydia’s creatures. The Alp had come up with the idea that there was a slight possibility of another person or enemy in the maze, but if that was true they still needed to be on their guard. Scar crept along after Mariela, once he had firmly placed his hat back on his head.

“Hello? If you’re not a scary creature of this maze trying to kill us and you’re trapped here like us, then we want to help you. “

“If you are scary, the Duchess is going to rip your heart up out your nostril and chew on it.” Scar added, only to see her stern look, when she cast her gaze back at him when she had said that they wouldn’t hurt them.

“…much.” Poor Scar, his nature was always getting the better of him. “Oh come on. It could be anything.”

Sure enough when they made the next turn, there was a girl laying in the path of the maze. Covered in bruises, cuts and blood – she looked to have been through the ringer. Her voice was quite strange and she stunk. “Ooh err oo?” the girl whispered, looking to be in so much pain.

“It’s…it’s a girl. I think it’s human.” Scar said with a look of surprise. The Alp had not come across humans before and had only heard about them. What he had heard was not good. This one was wearing a jeweled collar and then she brandished a knife. Holding it out in front of her like she was ready to defend herself. This was not good as far as he was concerned. “A feisty human.”

Scar waited to see what Mariela would do next. Would she dare try to save a girl that looked ready to attack them?

“What if she wants to hurt us? Hmm?”



Dessy:  Mariela kept walking through the maze, Scar following close beside her. Her eyes and ears were focused on finding out where the voice came from. But at Scar’s comment, she snapped her head towards him and looked at him sternly. She then reached over and slapped him. “And if it’s one of the creatures, then I’ll take care of it. Now shut it.” she spoke. Soon they turned the corner, and that’s when they saw her.

She was bruised up, with cuts and blood. She looked like she was in a lot of pain. “She is human.” Mariela gave a nod of her head. She took a step forward, but stopped when she pulled out a dagger. She turned her head to glare at Scar. “Shut up and let me take care of it.” she spoke, before looking to the girl again. “If she tries to harm us, we will be able to defend ourselves. She’s too weak to do much.”

She took another step forward. “We’re not gonna hurt you.” she spoke softly, gently. “I’m Mariela, a witch. This is Scar.” she gestured her hand over to Scar. “We’re trapped here just like you. We have no intention of hurting you. We want to help you.” she took another step forward. “Put down the dagger. Please. And let us help you.” she still spoke in that calm, and gentle manner. “I promise no harm will come to you. If you let us help you, we will protect you. You have my word.” she spoke once more, her green eyes showing worry for the girl’s health. The girl wouldn’t survive if she wouldn’t let the two help her.


Artie:  Everything in Bandit’s core screamed at her to deny their help, to fend for herself and figure her life out on her own.. But she knew this would not be wise, and she would be very unlikely to survive a night in this state.. How could she trust two strangers? Yet, she would be dead either way.. It was simply a death of waiting in this god forsaken maze or one at the hand of these two strangers. With a shaking hand she would drop the blade, the metal making a dull thud but also a clang as it fell to the ground, her fingers held tensely in the air as she felt an immense amount of pain, blood coming from her fingertips in slight cuts and scratches – the grip of her dagger had bloody fingerprints on it, the stinging lingering through her bones. She would grit her teeth, glaring at her fingers as she began to curl them in, as though going to clench her fists but instead finding herself stopped by the pain. Her hand would shake in the air from the stinging pain, her fingernails caked with blood – what had happened to her in her moments of unconsciousness?

“Day.. What day is it?” Her lips attempted to form the words, clearing her throat weakly. “Dai.. Wha dai.. s’it?” She turned her head, spitting out a clump of blood.. Her throat was so dry that the blood itself was little in liquid, no saliva to coat it so it instead was just spat out in a thick mass of dark red. She let out a puff of air, labored, then gazed at Mariela. “Names?” “” Her eyes focused on Mariela’s as hard as she could, yet still appeared glazed when she was gazed at. Her eyes closed slightly in her struggle, though then reopened.. Bandit would not allow herself to look weaker than she already did. Couldn’t.




The Maze of Greed – Part Three : SS.

There are many untold dangers lurking in the Maze of Greed.  Mariela, the witch has escaped one, thanks to the magic of Scar’s hat.

Scene setting – The Maze of Greed.  Seven Sins Series.

Co-written with Dessy.


Razorbackwriter:  Scar felt a tingling sensation just after he had shouted for Mariela to put the hat on if she could. He knew what the hat could do, but did Mariela? Hearing her voice, the desperation in the tone made Scar all the more determined to find her in this hellish maze. Scar had a renewed sense of urgency as he raced down yet another path that was lined with hedge walls so high that you couldn’t see over them. The alp was panting, much like a canine – rounding another bend and yet seeing no sign of his beloved Mariela.

The snake woman statue lurched forward with the intent to grab at the witch. This statue that had come to life was one of the charmed attractions of the maze. A deadly creature that if she had gotten her hooks into the young witch, she would have set her venomous snakes upon her. Her yellowing eyes glistened with hatred as she swung out, only to have the witch vanish before her eyes. All because she put on the magical hat. The snakes drew back their heads sharply – then started a slow dance like motion, using their senses to try and feel a change in the air flow to find the wily witch.

The charms clinked and rattled all around the snake woman statue, who was now hissing violently in her desperation to snatch at the witch. Her head snapped towards the sound of Mariela’s foot falls as she fled from the scene. Her nose crinkled up in disgust, since she could not capture the girl, but just as the statue started to stiffen, Scar turned the corner – almost running smack bang into it.

“GAK!” The alp explained. He looked up slowly to see the menacing eyes of the statue once again brighten. “Oh……shit.”Yes, the Alp was frightened, but then he used his agility in speed to zip around the statue. Making faces, and blowing raspberries at it. The snakes flew out, snapping at him wildly but the alp was simply too fast. He was like a blur of black and white, being the tuxedo that he wore. This was turning into a bit of a game but one where he was trying to get the snakes all tangled up and cause the statue to become trapped within her own creatures.


Scar was such an odd one at times.



Dessy:  Mariela had eventually stopped running – mainly so she could catch her breath. She turned around to look in the direction she was just running from. She hadn’t heard anything else from Scar after last time, and she was beginning to worry. The maze was huge, and she didn’t want to know what else was in this maze, or get lost in it. She was walking backwards, watching the statue as it appeared angry that it couldn’t catch her. This caused a grin to appear on Mariela’s face.

She then squinted her eyes at a blur of black and white – before hearing familiar laughter. Scar. Mariela had ran towards it a few feet, before stopping and watching Scar make faces at the statue. “What the hell is he doing?” she mumbled. Mariela had a very amused expression on her face, and it took every urge to not burst into laughter. He was acting like a five year old, and the entire scene was quite amusing. He was… an odd one, that much was for sure.

She waited for Scar to run towards her, but the Alp seemed too busy. Mariela gave a groan and a roll of her eyes, before running in his direction. She took Scar’s hat off to make her visible, before quickly grabbing his hand. She spun around afterwards and began running again, pulling Scar along with her. She stopped after they had ran several feet and handed his hat to him. “I believe you might need this back.” she spoke, although she was also trying to catch her breathe. “And what took you so long?”


Razorbackwriter:  It was a strange, yet comical sight to see the snakes slither around and around the statue maiden daring to try and attack the wicked alp who was simply way too fast for them. Within no time at all, the snakes were all knotted and tied up, causing the statue to be unable to lift her arms. Scar continued with the childish taunting, the poking out of his tongue and the cross eyed expression that would have any child in fits of laughter. He would have continued, had it not been for the sudden sound of Mariela’s voice – a light mumble asking him what on earth he was doing.

Scar finally stopped to catch his breath, tossing a glance back at the statue and then smiling proudly at Marelia.

“Snake charming.”

It was said so off the cuff, that it was simply ridiculous. Before Scar could say how pleased he was to see her, Mariela snatched at his hand and spun on her heel to drag the wicked Alp along with her. Scar almost got pulled off his feet and it took him a bit of effort to keep up with the witch. Only when she stopped a few feet away from the now incensed statue that she spoke to him. It was hard to tell what she was saying, cause she was visibly out of breath.

“I believe you might need this back.”

“Why thank you. Did the trick, didn’t it?’ Scar took the hat graciously and placed it back on his head, giving it a firm pat and then tilting it to the side. You had to admit, it looked better on Scar than it did on Mariela.

“And what took you so long?”

“Ah…yes. Well. Remember birdy?” Scar said with a slight tilt of the head. He wasn’t sure how the witch would take this news. “Let’s just say he would make wonderful pillow stuffing.” In other words, he was dead. Scar shrugged his shoulders. “Oops. My temper got the bad of me.”

Pouting he approached Mariela and uttered softly. “I am sorry. Old habits…and all that.”



Dessy:  Snake charming.”

This caused Mariela to roll her eyes. “That’s just…” she started, before sighing. “You know what? Nevermind.” she then said with a shake of her head. She looked over towards the statue and gave a grin. “Well, at least you’ve managed to get snake lady over there distracted for a while. That’s a good thing.” she said with a nod of her head. She then turned her gaze back to Scar. By this time, she had caught her breath back – at least for now.

“Mm… yes, it did. The hat isn’t just a simple accessory after all.” Mariela commented, grinning. The hat looked far better on Scar than it did on her. That was for sure. Mariela narrowed her eyes and titled her head at the mention of Birdy. “The one you got in a fight with? Yes, of course I remember him.” she spoke. At his comment, she widened her eyes. “You… killed him?” she then spoke in a shocked tone. “I can clearly see that.” she said when he mentioned his temper. She then shook her head. “One less person we have to worry about.”

Mariela gave Scar a pat on his arm when he apologized. “No need. Old habits die hard. I get it.” she gave a smile, before growing serious and putting her hands on her hips. “Now, I don’t suppose you have a trick in that fancy hat of yours to get us out of this death trap of a maze, huh?”


Razorbackwriter:  Rows of glistening razor sharp teeth were on show as Scar cracked a huge smile at Mariela’s words. According to her, he had done a good thing by trapping the snake woman statue in her own snakes. It was rare for anyone to pay he a compliment, let alone say he did something good, considering what he had just done to Birdy. Course, what he did do to Birdy was the next source of conversation and her reaction left him feeling a tad nervous. Scar succumbed to temptation to eliminate the raven man as he believed that Mariela’s life was in danger at his hands.

“One less creature, my young witch. I dare say that Lydia has many more lurking amongst the hedge walls.” His eyes taking in their current surrounds before settling his gaze back upon the beautiful Mariela. For a young innocent she was handling the maze rather well….considering. “This maze is no simple parlor game. It was designed with a sole purpose in mind.”Again that would take thoughts back to Lydia’s evil schemes. One thing he did know was that Lydia did not do this on her own.

“There is…one more thing I didn’t tell you.” Scar started, only stopping when Mariela asked if there was another fancy trick in that hat of his. Scar pinched the edge of his hat with his thumb and index finger – dragging the pair along the brim with a quick flick. The alp’s mind racing as he teetered on whether to tell Mariela or not.

He lowered his hand uneasily and stepped back from the witch.

“It….could. But I must warn you, there is always a price to pay.”

What he meant by that was something he was not quite ready to divulge.



Dessy:  Mariela watched him as he smiled after she commented on him trapping the statue with her own snakes. She gave a smile as well, but the smile then went way and ended up with an eyebrow raise. “Your witch? I don’t recall ever being “yours”…” she spoke, narrowing her eyes and crossing her arms. HIS witch? She wasn’t property. Scar didn’t own her – nobody did. “Yeah… I really don’t wanna stick around to to find out what those other creatures are.” she said nervously, this causing her to shiver because she could only imagine. And she didn’t want to.

“Really? I could have never guessed considering I got got attacked by a statue and her snakes.” Mariela said with an eye roll. “That “sole purpose” is obviously death. Lydia is much more evil than I originally thought.” she stated. Mariela’s face grew serious at Scar’s next words.

“There is…one more thing I didn’t tell you.”

“Oh, boy.” Mariela sighed. “And what would that be?” she asked, mentally preparing for whatever came out of the Alp’s mouth. She was not having fun right now. Not at all. Mariela eyed him the entire time, and wehen he took a step back, Mariela tilted her blonde head. “I don’t like the way you said that.” she spoke with a frown. “What “price”? Why does everything come with a price?”




The Maze of Greed – SS.


Scar drags Mariela away from the Masquerade Ball and into the Maze of Greed.

Scene setting : The Maze of Greed.

Co-written with Dessy.

The great maze of the Kingdom of Greed.


Dessy:  Mariela didn’t get much of a chance to see what was going on before she was dragged away – quite forcibly – by Scar. Mariela looked at him as he spoke, his eyes pleading. She just nodded her head and followed him as he pulled her out of the ballroom, using her free hand to lift up her dress so it would easier to run. She certainly didn’t want to trip on it – that wouldn’t be very good. As Scar pulled away from the ballroom, she could hear Lydia screaming his name from behind them. Soon, they were heading towards the maze.


They made it down the stairs, and passed by the hedge walls and by the stone statues. Scar was still pulling her along, and finally Mariela stopped and pulled her gloved hand away from Scar. “Scar!” she started, dropping the bottom of her dress. “What is going on? Why didn’t we stop and go help Lydia?” she asked the questions, crossing her arms under her chest as she did so. “And why did you drag me all the right here?” she asked, looking at him from behind her mask.


Razorbackwriter:  The high pitched screech from Lydia did not deter Scar from his mission, to get Mariela as far away from the ball room as he possibly could. The leaf litter spun and twirled as he dragged Mariela through the entrance of the maze, but he came to an abrupt halt, when Mariela pulled her gloved hand out from his grasp. “Scar!! With panicked eyes, he turned his head – his body twisting to look back at the Duchess, who was now deeply upset to be taken from the ball room.

“What is going on? Why didn’t we stop and go help Lydia?”

The young innocent witch was more than just upset. She folded her arms indignantly and stared down Scar – her beautiful eyes glinting from behind the mask. A raven that was sitting on top of the tall hedge wall cawed at the pair, and Scar shot a glance back at the castle, before turning to face Mariela. He took two steps towards her as Mariela continued to question his actions.

“And why did you drag me all the right here?”

Scar’s heart was beating wildly, and he reached up and actually removed his infamous black hat. Beneath it, a shock of jet black hair fell down, partially covering his reddening eyes. The Alp was aghast that the girl simply didn’t understand the dangers that faced her within that ball room.

“You ….You don’t get it do you? This….ALL THIS! Why do you think Lydia planned this ball? Why do you think that every noble and Prince of Hell is in that very room?!” Scar’s chest was rising and falling fast and you could see the absolute fear in his eyes. “You…..Mariela. You are the key to Lydia’s plans against Gabriel.”

For once, the truth was finally been said by the most unlikely of creatures. The alp was meant to serve Lydia, but in the days leading up to the ball, he had fallen for the innocent young witch. Every word he had said to her….was true. Beneath the blanket of the dark night, the Alp would say the words that could make Mariela finally understand why Scar had stayed so close.

Pointing back up at the castle, the Alp uttered. “The party is already a setting for murder. The attacks have begun.”Course he spoke of the fighting that had led him to drag her from the party. Little did he know what was now going on inside. Though he could make a pretty good guess.

“A deal will be struck and when two forces of evil go head to head…..someone always pays the price.”


By now the Alp was right in Mariela’s face. His breath could easily be felt upon her skin.

“She sensed your greatness. She knew it all along. The book of Shadows. Don’t you get it?

Suddenly, there was a loud crack behind them and a sing song voice.

“……I trusted you.”

It was a woman’s voice.



Dessy:  Scar had this panicked look in his eyes – for reasons Mariela didn’t know why. She tilted her head to the side, perfect blonde curls falling off of her shoulder as she did so, her green eyes having a questioning look to them. She stood there, waiting for an answer – anything, really. They should have stopped and helped Lydia, but instead they ran. Why? What for? Scar took steps toward her, and Mariela just narrowed her eyes, waiting for an answer. He removed his hat, and Mariela widened her eyes for a second before focusing back on Scar and her questions.

He started speaking, and Mariela saw the fear in his red eyes, and this caused her to frown. “Me?” she asked in shock. “What do I have to do with all of this? What plans against Gabriel? I don’t understand!” she spoke, her hands falling back to her sides. He continued talking, and Mariela furrowed her eyebrows in frustration. She still didn’t understand. Scar was, now, right in Mariela’s face, and she could feel his breath on her face. “What price? Scar, this isn’t making any sense…” she spoke.

What did all of this have to do with her? As far as she knew, she was just the Dutchess of Greed, and Lydia had taken a liking to her when they first met. Now, Lydia was using her against Gabriel? She didn’t understand. “Greatness? I’m just a witch! There’s nothing great about me!” she spoke in a confused tone. Greatness? What greatness? All she knew was that she came from a long line of witches – but there was nothing great about them, or her. “No. I don’t get it, Scar.” Then a voice came from behind her.

Mariela stopped and turned her body around slowly to take a look at who was behind her.


Razorbackwriter:  Scar’s eyes slowly started to close as he recognized the voice coming from behind them. It had an almost sickening tone to it, dripping with loathing and hate. There was a sharp fluttering sound, as the black raven descended from the tall hedge wall and turned back into the same tall man that had accompanied Lydia down the stairs in the ball room. He was dressed the same, and he held in his hand a simple silver mirror. The mirror was held with a tight grip around it’s handle, and within the glass was a very familiar face.

“I must say….I am so disappointed in you, Scar.” The Princess of Greed was directing all her focus towards the Alp, who now had turned around, but in doing so was keeping Mariela safely tucked behind him. For once, the cheeky Alp had lost all his sense of fun and wit, taking the Princess….his Mistress head on. Scar had his hat held in behind him, and he gave the hat a slight flick as he went to engage the Princess. His hope was that Mariela could see the shake of his hat, as he silently tried to urge her to take it.

“What can I say? I never was that great at taking orders. Not from the likes with someone as black of heart as you.”

Lydia let out a loud laugh, tilting her head back as she found Scar’s words to be pathetic. “Since when did you ever care about a woman’s heart? I always thought you were too wrapped up in a set of tits to even bother to care for a woman truly.” The Princess was playing on the Alp’s unnatural obsession with breasts, but little did she know that the Alp had been bewitched by the young Mariela the moment he laid eyes on her.

Again the Alp gave the hat behind his back a flick. Silently hoping Mariela would snatch it from him. The hat…was his true power and he was willing to surrender it to the Witch, in order to save her.

“I won’t let you harm her, Lydia. You so much as lay a finger on her, I will become your worst nightmare!” At this precise moment, the Alp tossed the hat with a sharp flick to Mariela, as he made a run at the raven man, holding the mirror. Scar’s fist hurtling towards the gilded hand mirror, smashing it on impact. As the glass fell to the ground, you could hear Lydia scream. The raven man tossed the remaining mirror into the nearest hedge and started to fight with the Alp, as he yelled back at Mariela.


The Alp started to smash his fist into the face of the raven man, who was staggering back bleeding. Scar could definitely hold his own….but for how long?