“Skinny Love” parody – “Skinny Wip” by Fitzy and Wippa.


This was recorded in October 2012 but is just going up on YouTube. After recording ‘Cookie Jars’ with Lupe Fiasco and Guy Sebastian, Fitzy decided the next song needed to be more encouraging. So he wrote this one…Enjoy.  🙂


Come on Skinny Wip we want you here
Not the bloke who orders chips and beer
Bye bye bye, bye bye bye say goodbye
To the man who Sizzler restaurant owners fear

You want it bad, well I want it more
I see empty cans of Coke and not apple cores
Why why why, why why why please tell me why
Am I knocking at my local kebab owner’s door

We told you to eat cabbage, you were told to cut out wine
After lunch stay off the carbs and go walk a steep incline


For energy have Nutella cos it’s the same as Vegemite
I’ll eat corn but slap on butter and wash it down with Sprite

Come on Skinny Wip what happened here?
Stop adding to your chins and use your ears
Try try try, try try try please big man, try
Don’t go home with your cake on your wedding night

I told you just to back off, I’ve got a pretty busy life
I’ve never seen a kitchen, that’s for my future wife
I’ll have a run tomorrow arvo, I may even look at my bike
I’ll shed off those kilos, how much is lap band surgery by the way

Come on Skinny WIp we know you’re here

“I don’t care, I’m Aussie” – Fitzy and Wippa’s parody of Icona Pop’s “I love it”

It’s the Australia day long weekend starting tomorrow, and so to celebrate here is another parody by Fitzy and Wippa of Nova FM.  For those that tour my blog, you might be familiar with some of their other great parodies.  This one has a bit of extra Aussie flavor and the big coat hanger in the background.  (That’s the Harbor Bridge…..lol)  

I’ll trash the government but then I’ll forget to go and vote
I’ll say “good burley” when my mate is spewing off a boat
Hire a suit and have Khe Sahn as my wedding waltz
There’s cold pizza in my fridge

I don’t care, I’m Aussie! I don’t care

I’ll wave to Aussies as if I know them when I’m in Phuket
Bury my money declare I’m bankrupt just to avoid my debt
I’ll say that’s Warney’s changed since he has proposed to Liz
I hope someone tweets him this

I don’t care, I’m Aussie! I don’t care

Tattoos of our postcodes, in school we make ashtrays
We mosh at a concert, rack up our phones prepaid
We always lose our keys, 5 blokes to dig a ditch
Mow our lawns really short, so there’s a cricket pitch

I’m Aussie! I’m Aussie!

I’ll rack up fly buys for a family trip to Broken Hill
Waste just as much on Powerball just to win the mill
I’ll order waygu steak but cover it in tomato sauce
I miss Video Hits

I don’t care!

I’ll smoke durrys but then I’ll tell my kids they’re not to swear
I’ll get my boobs enhanced and try and claim it on Medicare
I’ll carry slabs of beer on my shoulder with my top off
It is my right to have a whinge

I don’t care!

We think we own the road, Mars Bars and Milky Ways
We’re all wine connoisseurs, we all love Andrew Gaze
We cant remember last night, and that girl you kissed
We love our in-laws, but we can’t co-exist

I don’t care, I’m Aussie
I don’t care, I’m Aussie, I’m Aussie
I don’t care, I’m Aussie
I don’t care, I’m Aussie, I’m Aussie

Fitzy and Wippa’s parody “We never ever ever get accurate weather”


I simply can’t stop laughing.  This is so damn true.  A wonderful parody of Taylor Swift’s “We are never ever getting back together”, Fitzy and Wippa have penned what it’s really like here in Australia, trying to get an accurate weather report.

When I wake I want to be informed (tell me)
Sun or rain or shall I brace for storms (it’s easy)
Then I try deciphering the code
Dew points, tide heights, UV, what?
In Australia then it’s time to pick (decisions)
Trust a bloke or credence from a chick? (division)
I change my mind every single day (it’s so cray)
Forecasts, rainfall, wind speed, hectopascals

Yoo-oo-oo-o-ou we copped 20mls of rain last night
But yoo-oo-oo-o-ou you to me to dry my clothes, dry my clothes

We never ever ever get accurate weather
We never ever ever get accurate weather
You talk to locals, talk to sponsors, just talk to me
‘Cos we never ever ever get accurate weather

Grant Denyer’s cracking jokes on Sunrise (Just Cuts)
Natalie Gruzlewski, Channel 9 (she’s alright)
Stevie Jacobs always doing stunts (daily)
But no-one has the passion of Timmy Bailey

Ooo-oo-oo-o-o the bloke gets excited with a temperature rise
And ooo-oo-oo-o-o Bailey, he’s telling it, he’s yelling it

We love Tim Bailey ‘cos he lives the weather, weather
And because his skin is made of leather, leather

Fitzy and Wippa – Wrecking Ball parody “She’s got me by the balls”

Yes, both Fitzy and Wippa tell it like it is.  Married life.  In a fantastic parody of Miley Cyrus’s Wrecking ball, this is a humorous look at what its like when a man discovers……she’s got him by the balls.

We met, we kissed I was quite pi/drunk
Our love was destined to survive
Her smell, chanel, I’m giving Brut a whirl
This girl I cant stop looking in her eyes
We went out on dates
She hung out with mates
This is too good to be true
The day she made me cry accepting to be my wife
And that is when they tell you

That now she’s got me by the balls
She Wears me closer than a glove
She questions everyone I call
And no one ever informed me
Yeah you, you tricked me

You read last rites no poker nights
And take all of my band posters down
Joint bank accounts
My cheques now bounce
And wow, this wasn’t written in the vows
She makes me wear new clothes
Boat shoes and beige Chinos
I look like Roger David for you
And now you have imbed this thumbprint on my head
Why don’t people warn you

That now shes got me by the balls
Your looking for the nearest gun
Say goodbye to all your pub crawls
Cause all you do now is renovating
And spending, at Bunnings

I came in like a wrecking ball
Yeah, I just closed my eyes and swung
Left me crunch it in a blaze and fall
All you ever did was break me
Yeah you, you wreck me

I’m looking for the nearest door
My hair is starting to recede
I should be winning on a horse
But im at a Tupperware party
I should be drinking on a golf course
But I’m drinking bloody reisling
I’ve lost all credibilty

On your special day the two words that you say
What comes after “I do”

That’s when she’s got ya by the balls
She doesn’t even have remorse
You live your life in shopping malls
She has got, spilt personalities
Someone please get back my balls
Yeah I’m learning about Vera Wang
I Don’t even know the footy scores
Please help, whats happened to me
Yes I’m, I’m married
Yeah you, you married me