Is the only alternative to vote Green?

Australian politics has been pretty pathetic in the past couple of weeks.  With both parties losing support over a range of issues, you reach a point where you start to wonder, just who the hell do you vote for in the next election.  

While the Libs really are getting my goat with their censorship of the front bench, the delaying of a same sex marriage referendum, and the woeful carbon emission target projections, their attempts to change laws that prohibit environmental protection groups from taking corporations to court over damage to our environment; labor just don’t seem to be giving any reason to vote for them, since they are so caught up in the whole Trade unions royal commission hearings.

There really is only two alternatives if you are thinking of voting for someone other than the two main parties.  An independent….or…the Greens.  Sad to say, I don’t fancy the Greens either.  

This video sums up how a few might be voting, come the elections next year.

Gun control laws do work.

I don’t normally speak out about my views on gun control, but the most recent shooting in the US just has me wondering why the US government can’t enforce tougher gun laws.  Surely, the public has the right to be able to go and enjoy a simple outing like a trip to the movies without the threat of being shot and killed.  Gun control laws work.  They have worked here in Australia since the Port Arthur massacre; a tragedy that rocked the nation to its core, and led to the changing of laws in gun ownership and the gun buy back scheme.  In this video, by John Oliver, who investigates the reason for the lack of better governing of the laws in owning and storing of guns as well as why there aren’t enough stringent back ground checks on those that wish to purchase them.  It shows quite clearly just how crazy the situation is.  People should not have to arm themselves just to go out and spend the day with family and friends.    ~RB~

Equality for all.

As the ruling in the US was handed down allowing for same sex marriages, here in Australia our opposition government has attempted to introduce a private member’s bill that will also allow for same sex marriages to occur here.  Simply changing the term that marriage is between a man and a woman, but to two people.  That alone would open the doorway for those that wish to marry to be able too.  The current Prime Minister however is doing his best to block such a move, saying that he would rather have his government work on introducing reforms to the small business sector.

Even with all the support that the Australian public has for equal rights for same sex couples, it appears that there needs to be a change in government, or at the very least; a total back flip from the PM.  Using his own views as a reason not to support the change shows that he is truly out of touch with the electorate.   The time for change…is now.



Looking at the world a little differently.


With all the horror that fills our screens with news around the world of the terror being inflicted on average people, I want to remind you all that its what we don’t see – the good things people do that should be promoted.  There is more good in the world, if only we embraced it.  This ad by Coca cola pretty much sums up how I feel.  Shine a light on the good things in the world.  Unite against fear and extremism.


We are one, but we are many.


Sadness.  That is what many Australians are feeling right now, after the terrible end to the Siege in Sydney.  Two innocent and brave people lost their lives, as well as the gunman.  It has left many shocked and deeply saddened, and I will admit that the images on television of the many floral tributes that are in Martin Place had me moved to tears.  The outcome was tragic, but it could have been much worse had it not been for the heroic actions of Tori Johnson.  The Lindt Cafe manager risked his life twice to save others, and the second time it ended in tragedy.  The other to lose their life was Katrina Dawson; Mother of three and a promising Lawyer with a bright future.  She shielded her pregnant friend, and sadly had a heart attack at the moment the police entered the cafe.


This is a trying time for many right across the community.  There are fears of reprisals or revenge attacks, though the mood of many is to seek unity and understanding.  Tolerance is important.  What we have to remember is that there are many in our community that are unbalanced and could do the unthinkable.  Take the Port Arthur Massacre.  One lone gunman killed 35 people and wounded another 23 in 1996.  There was no real reason for the attack, and people were going about their daily lives when it happened.  The same happened at the Lindt Cafe.  A lone gunman with a history of violence and mental instability took people hostage to get attention.  The news stations in conjunction with the Police agreed to block all information going to social media and the news reports, so as not to give into the gunman’s demands.


Religion is not to blame and no one group should be targeted in a backlash.  The whole community is grieving what happened, and I truly believe that we as Australians will be united in saying no to extremism.  The vile act of one person does not reflect on others, nor should it.


Australia is a multicultural nation, built upon a foundation of freedom and equality.  We are a virtual punch bowl of nationalities and religions.  It is what makes us who we are.  And no one….is going to change that.