“Pinch me please” – GS.


Standing outside Jax’s Coffee house, Frank and Isolde come face to face with a real live alien, called Princess Xillia.  It takes an accident for the reality to hit home.

Scene setting : Jax’s Coffee House – Gantz Series

Co-written with Temp and Chor.


Temp:  Princess Xillia was in the presence of not only a detective, but also a scientist! Oh how fortune had blessed her! She had watched plenty of different detective and scientific shows that the humans broadcast. These two looked rather normal in comparison to what she had seen on the television, but she had no reason to doubt them. Having her tail very carefully pet by the man, whom was named Frank, was rather nice despite it being embarrassing. The woman, named Isolde, didn’t seem interested in it. She did seem kind of interested in Xillia as a being though. Reading their minds wouldn’t be very difficult, but she had decided she wouldn’t do that unless necessary. Regardless, she was curious as to what they thought about her. Whatever thoughts she had about these two humans was cast aside as a vehicle turned the nearby corner extremely fast and actually plowed right into Xillia. Instead of making contact with Xillia’s body, the car simply crumpled entirely in it’s front against an invisible force around her. The human inside was protected from any harm thanks to her actions. Her head slowly turned to examine the wreck and the man within the vehicle. “Please be more careful, you could have hurt someone.” Everyone around her was shocked to say the least. Announcing that she was an alien hadn’t exactly convinced a lot of people, but watching this twelve foot tall fuzzy lady be completely unaffected by a car crash would change that. As far as anyone could tell, the car literally stopped from crashing into her by apparently nothing, and was bound to change some peoples minds. Regardless, her attention turned back to Frank and Isolde. “Mr. Detective, I believe that man should be disciplined…though, please don’t be too hard on him.” How would these two humans react to this?


Razorbackwriter:  Frank guffawed at the manner in which Isolde introduced herself. “you haven’t tried to kill me so I’ll be civil”. The was the most unlikely thing he ever thought he would hear coming out of the girl’s mouth. Frank’s face was beet red and he slapped his cheek; once he had let go of the strange and ridiculously tall cat girl’s tail. For some reason, the song “Getting to know you” was tra la la-ing through his head and the comedy of it all just made him smile like a loon. Maybe Frank needed to laugh more often, since his days of depression meant he found very little to laugh about. The detective was about to give her a playful nudge, when the sudden sound of squealing tires and screaming had him pull his hand away and jump backwards, as a car which turned the corner at high speed, ploughed into Xillia.

Now, the first thing Frank did was wince and close his eyes. His body contorting as though bracing for the impact. But….there was no impact. Only the sound of the whole front of the car disintegrating, as though it had hit an invisible force field. The windscreen shattered – air bags inflated with a massive ~BANG BANG BANG~ The air was charged with the hiss of water pipes bursting, and in the midst of this, the overly tall cat girl was calmly telling the shocked driver that he should have been more careful.

“I err…what….the…fuck….just happened?!” Frank exclaimed loudly, as he came out of the crash position and stood tall once more. The detective’s gums were flapping as he struggled to get the next few words out. He kept looking at the car….then the driver, then back at Xillia, who was now giving some advice.

“Mr. Detective, I believe that man should be disciplined…though, please don’t be too hard on him.”

“Er….uhm….how did you? Wait. You said you were an alien. You did.” Frank was at a total loss. His hands gesturing to the car, then her. The driver looked to stunned to move. Maybe it was the fact he was hit so hard in the face by the air bag.“Isa, pinch me please.”

Poor Frank thought he was still asleep. This all had to be a dream. A car just doesn’t hit invisible force fields. Not in New York.



Chor:  Isolde’s mind running in nearly a million different directions. What could this mean for today’s world? The news of extraterrestrial life would shatter nations; this was war-causing information. People think nonchalantly about alien life forms, but never imagine the idea of its effects on the Earth as they know it. Suddenly, a car hydroplaned or something, because the sound of squaling tired reached Isa’s ears painfully just as she rejoined the group conversation. The car, which had to be doing at least forty-five miles per hour in a twenty, was plummeting straight towards the small group. There were screams as people moved away, but Isolde could only stare. Could she have gone through all this now to be killed by the city’s worst driver? Her eyes instinctively closed as a flinch forced her body rigid, but to her surprise, she felt nothing. No weight, no pain; not a single thing. Was she dead then? Only after openign her eyes did she realize that the car had not even reached her. It was stopped dead in its tracks…and definitely totaled, by this…woman. What a feat; and she wasn’t even fazed.

When she certainly isn’t human. It’s genetically and now…absolutely not possible. No human could take that much force at that speed and still be alive to talk about it,” Isolde stated bluntly. This truly was an alien; and the poor thing was oncerned about the man in the car’s well-being and what might happen to him. How funny the term “We come in peace” is when watching this play out. She clearly could obliterate any one of them easily, yet chooses to protect, like she has some sort of affection or connection toward them. It’s childish, almost. Isolde turned to Frank with a grin, like a little girl on Christmas.

Trust me, you’re awake.


Temp:  These humans certainly did have some interesting reactions, especially to things they didn’t quite understand. It was becoming more and more clear that the concept of alien life, despite being popular in human culture, was something that not many took seriously. Both Frank and Isolde seemed to be shocked, but it wasn’t until she did something outside of human capability. It seemed that seeing was believing was the best way to approach the human race. Still, the shocked reactions were rather nice to see. “If you would like further proof, you may…examine me.” If for whatever reason they thought she was some kind of actor, they would be surprised even further should they choose to examine her. Her long gown covered her feet entirely, but if they decided to lift it and look, they’d find her feet to have patches of silver scales, as well as see that her legs were very real. She felt determined to prove to them that she was not from this world. While she waited for their words, her tail wiggled and bounced about behind her, catching the attention of some children from the nearby crowd. She honestly didn’t even notice them playing with it, as her attention was focused on Frank and Isolde.


Razorbackwriter:  So, this wasn’t a dream. The big..fluffy tailed girl just stopped the car with her alien force field. Had it not been for her, they would all be dead. Nothing but chalk lines on the pavement. Isa’s pinch hurt. Yes, he felt it. But now the realization of what stood before them brought about a wave of unease. Not because of what the girl had done, but how the authorities and the media would react. Frank already knew what it was like to be scrutinized over what was a bizarre and deadly attack against Rory, his partner. How on earth would the department react to this….let alone the Commander.

The Detective felt a sick feeling in the pit of his stomach. Movies like ET and Close encounters of the third kind, came to mind. The government would whisk this very friendly cat girl off to some secret base in the desert and do horrible tests on her. Frank chewed on his lip for a moment as he considered what they needed to do to protect this girl…not only from the authorities, but also from herself. He held up his finger to the girl as if to interrupt her after she had offered to be examined.

“Oh…no no. Don’t need anymore of that. Would you mind if I just conferred with my colleague for a moment please?”Frank showed a polite smile, as he took Isa’s arm and tried to turn her away from the cat girl for just a minute to let her know how he felt.

In a quiet voice he said. “Okay…you and I both know what happens to aliens in this country. Real…or not. We can’t let that happen to her. She might have answers about the thing that took Rory.” He leaned in close, but not before looking back at cat girl and showing a smile. “Heh, be right with you.”

“Should we take her to Elissa’s and then get their take on it, before finding a safe house?”

It was the best he could come up with.




Despite the scientific personality happily taking over Isa, Frank looked sick. Her compulsion to agree with the extraterrestrial shorted, which was something that has not happened in years, and she looked at her companion with concern. He completely pushed off the suggestion for an examination, much to Isolde’s extreme disappointment. What? It’s not like she was going to dissect her! Isolde became aware of the hand on her arm and then looked up at Frank. What came out of his mouth sounded a little bit…frantic and crazy to her, but it had a sense of truth in it. Frank might have seen a but too much televised alien encounter stories, but for certain were this being found, she may not see day again. It would be a pity for such a creature to disappear, considering her royal status. This alone could start an intergalactic war, one which the Earth could not possibly fight with the limited to nonexistent knowledge of life in space.

I do suppose that’s a viable solution for the moment,” Isolde agreed, biting her lip gently. The look on her face was evidence to the cogs trning in her head. She looked over to the being and then back at Frank.

Do you imagine she’ll fit in my car?” she questioned him, not sure if it would be the case. The car wasn’t tiny, just your standardfront wheel drive V6, but this creature was exceptionally tall, and the comfortably level concerning her tail in the backseat was also a problem. They could certainly try, though the car being at the police stations parking garage was another problem. Downtown people sort of overlook silly things like this, save maybe the car crash. Press, however, grows hungrily in the cracks in the sidewalk otuside the station. They take notice to jsut about anything.  


Temp:  Xillia was actually very confused as to what Joel and Isolde were talking about. There were talks of her being taken away and finding a place for her to hide, none of which made sense to her. “There is no need to worry about me.” If Xillia felt for a moment that coming to Earth would put her in any danger, she wouldn’t have arrived in such a flashy way. If these two humans insisted that she come with them, then she would agree to go with them. Still, she didn’t feel that she was in any immediate danger.“Would you like me to take us all somewhere? There’s no need for a vehicle.”Teleportation was something she was able to do, so long as she had an image of the desired location. Tapping into either Isolde or Franks mind to get the image of said location was also something she could do, thankfully.



One drink too many – GS


Scene setting – Big Joe’s Pizzeria

co-written with VunG


VunG: God, it was rough seeing poor Frank in this state. He was a good man, and while she didn’t have feelings for him or anything, she definitely wasn’t without compassion and wished that things hadn’t gone the way they had for him. However, aside from looking towards him and making brief eye contact with him, she let it go and returned to her beer, just quietly sipping away at it, trying not to think about her own issues. Those still hurt something fierce.

However, she would be surprised that not only would the men give her direct attention, but they wound up joining her at her table. Of course it wasn’t completely unprecedented and she would gesture for the two of them to go ahead and have a seat even as Frank was asking the question. It was kind of strange to see how the man was walking though, poor fellow looked like a zombie; was probably occupying the same mental level as one at the very least. Oh, Frankie, how far you’ve fallen. You were once the pride of the whole NYPD, now he was drinking so much you could call him a fish.

She was surprised to hear Tommy’s comment about her beer, but she took it in stride, giving him a thin smile and a nod in return… and of course shaking his hand at the introduction. Of course, that left her without an introduction to him, and was just about to pull out her notepad to respond when poor Frank went to take some coffee, and wound up just making a mess, and making her jump like she’d been hit by a cattle prod. Her knee hit the table with a bang and she winced with pain but otherwise made no noise or movement to cradle herself. Sighing and shaking her head at herself, she went ahead and wrote her name down for Tom while Frank inquired about the late hour for her. She sighed and shrugged while she waited for Tom to finish reading, leaning back with her beer in her hand. Once she had the notepad she would write down calmly, “[Let’s just say it’s slow enough that I’m looking into matters for a friend in blue.]” and pass the notepad off to him with thin smile and wink.

What she hadn’t been expecting though was for Tommy to come up and outright state something that had been bothering her for some time. She too had been hearing the stories, and she even went out of her way to look at the locations cited in such manners. Aaaaand… well she didn’t know what to think. Wincing at that, she rubbed the back of her neck while she took a drink, waiting for her notepad to come back. When she did, it was obvious that she was hesitant about whatever she was saying… even if it didn’t come through specifically in her writing. “[Well, I don’t know about invisible forces, but I’d believe the being thrown part. Only things I know of that can do that are pneumatic pistons or animals from Africa. And I wasn’t seeing any thirty pound piles of shit around.]”

While that message was being read, she leaned back with her beer again, closing her eyes thoughtfully as she debated how to go about this. She wanted to offer help to them, but she didn’t know how much use a mute SWAT officer would be to them; heck she wasn’t even that great of a detective (in her mind). She wasn’t terrible, mind, but there were definitely better ones out there, Frank for example (prior to his fall). Wincing, she realized that she could probably have skipped the writing, and signed to them, ~Do either of you understand this?~


Razorbackwriter:  Tommy read Elissa’s introductory note that said her name and he mouthed “Oh”, while Frank was trying to take another sip of his black coffee with a slightly shaky hand. As he brought the cup to his lips, he took a small sip and then scanned down with his blood shot eyes at the next note that Elissa had written. Saying how she was looking into matters for a friend in blue. Now that, could mean only one thing and when you married that up with the way she offered Frank a smile followed by a wink he knew that her work was about him and his case. Frank didn’t mean to feel embarrassed by this. Why he did appreciate the fact that she believed in him when so many in his own department didn’t. Side ways glances and whispers followed him wherever he went. It took a lot not to let fly and meet their looks and accusations head on, but that would only see him given a further warning and possibly have him clean out his desk.

Frank’s cheeks darkened to match the color of his nose which was now a slight shade off cherry red. “You should be working paying cases…Elissa.” His voice having a slightly gravely tone to it as though he needed to cough. Truth was, he could feel a ball coming up his throat and his eyes were getting watery. Men don’t cry as a rule, right? Well, Frank was fighting all his being not too. Elissa obviously cared. A lot like Tommy too. The detective reached a point where he needed a moment, and set down his cup before pushing his chair out.

“Need…..to go …shake the weasel.” Frank uttered, before staggering off to the men’s room. Big Joe couldn’t help but watch him go and was about to go and get the mop and bucket ready. He hoped that Frank would be able to hold his stomach till at least by the time he got home, and didn’t take to re decorating one of the stalls. With Frank out of the room, it left Tommy alone with Elissa. Her facial reaction to the mention of flying cars said it all. She was thinking about the same things and this was where the pair would click. Tommy had figured that Elissa didn’t have the power of speech, but when she started to sign, Tommy was quick to come back at her and replied USING sign language. ~My grandmother is deaf and I learnt this at a young age. Mind you some of the ways I sign are a little different since my grandmother is Japanese.~ Tommy was fast with his hands and then paused a moment, now to look over at the men’s room and then back at Elissa. ~Frank is a good man. Whatever it was that killed Rory….was not human, and if you ask me not of this world. Be it a poltergeist or…..something that doesn’t leave twenty pounds of shit behind.~

Tommy continued to sign. ~ I’m a reporter with the New York times, but…I been investigating this case since it happened. I have some people down on the bad end of town seeing what they can come up with, but so far….just a lot of weird bursts of activity. Like where things are being blown up, but not leaving any residue. Whole walls. Gone.~

Big Joe brought over Frank’s tab and tapped Tommy on the shoulder. Taking the paper, he took out his wallet from his coat and then offered Big Joe his credit card. “I got this.” Big Joe was grateful, since Frank usually always paid his tab, but he must have been having a rough week. With the bill paid and the card returned, Tommy pocketed both, as Frank emerged from the men’s room. Thankfully, he didn’t have vomit on his clothes. Big Joe was getting ready to close the Pizza shop for the night, and Frank joined the pair at the table. “Guess this is last drinks?’ he asked uncertainly.

Tommy shook his head. “No…time for you to go home. Need a ride?” He asked, before signing to Elissa. ~ I can give you a lift if you like.~