The Angels – Am I ever going to see your face again?

Probably one of the most popular of all pub songs in the late 70s and early 80s, this track by the Angels,  “Am I ever going to see your face again?”   🙂   After Doc Neeson sang the main line “Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again” the crowd would scream back: No Way! Get F**ked! F**k Off! It got to the point where he would pause and point the mike to the audience for them to scream and go wild. –  Enjoy this live performance by the Angels, fronted by the late great Doc Neeson.

Went down to Santa Fe, where Renoir paints the walls,
Described you clearly, but the sky began to fall

Am I ever gonna see your face again?

Trams cars and taxis, like a wax-works on the move
Carrying young girls past me, but none of them are you

Am I ever gonna see your face again?

Without you near me I got no place to go
Wait at the bar, maybe you might show

Am I ever gonna see your face again?

I got to stop these tears that’s falling from my eye
Go walk out in the rain, so no one sees me cry

Am I ever gonna see your face again?

Can’t stop the memory that goes climbing through my brain
I get no answer so the question still remains

Am I ever gonna see your face again?


Men in slow motion – A classical piece.

This clever ad for Carlton Draught was produced to be aired for a football Grand final, which they do every year.  The song is taken from “Nessun dorma” by Paola Roncolato, though the lyrics are a little different.

Slow motion

Slow motion.

At normal speed, men look really ugly.

They look much better in slow motion.

It makes me want to sing quite loud.

Now, now, I want a Carlton Draught, chips and lasagne.

Who wants my salad?

I feel I need to take another drink and then a lie down.

Where is my choir?

~Choir sings~

I need to sing

because I love Slow mo

Slow mo….SLOW MOTION!!!!!