The Maze of Greed – Part Four : SS.

Hate and revenge can lead you down a very dark path.  This is what Scar and Mariela are about to find out.  What if they are not the only ones that are lost in the Maze of Greed?

Scene setting : Maze of Greed – Seven Sins series.

Co-written with Dessy and Artie.


Razorbackwriter:  “I was speaking all la de da. You know, fancy talk. I didn’t mean that you were mywitch…I…I…oh forget it.” Trying to explain his faux pas was just making him seem a bit silly. He didn’t mean to upset her, but by her body language the damage was done. When a woman folds her arms and gives you the look, its best to settle your bets and pay your dues. Even if you meant no harm by it. The alp much rather find a way to help the witch get far as he could from Lydia’s clutches, but now that they were in the maze, it was going to be easier said than done. Course, she interrupted his chain of thought when she mentioned that Lydia was far more evil than she first thought. Lydia had gone out of her way to earn the young witch’s trust. Becoming a woman who was nothing more than a fraud. Oh she seemed lovely, alright, but the clues were there. Like when she killed Warner, and used his blood as a sacrifice for the Devil. Did the Devil himself not say that she was an ambitious little bitch? This was of course all well before Scar arrived on the scene. And he was summoned from the book of shadows. Lydia’s grand plans for him were to keep Mariela out of harms way as she plotted the ball, and then what was to happen afterwards, when everything fell into place. Again, Scar knew that Mariela was the key to Gabriel’s curse or the removal of it. But Scar had taken Mariela into the maze first and well before Lydia was ready. That was why she appeared in the hand mirror held by the raven man.

“You…remember the hand mirror, don’t you?” Scar started, his face now perfectly serious. There was no joy or mischief in his voice. “There….is another one. Here….somewhere in the labyrinth. A bigger mirror…a looking glass.” It appeared the Alp knew a whole lot more about Lydia’s schemes than first imagined. “It’s not hers. It belongs to a Warlock. I think his name was…Raul, or something. Anyways, it is enchanted just like the one I broke.”

Scar fidgeted with his hat nervously as he bowed his head. “My understanding is that the Lydia in the mirror is in another dimension. It was why I thought….that it was safer out here, than in that hall.” Was the Alp starting to regret bringing the witch out into the maze? “As for….the price of using my hat as a way to escape, the price could be a greater one than you are prepared to pay. As I said before, magic always comes at a price.”



Dessy:  Mariela stared at him, raising an eyebrow as the alp tried to explain himself… but miserably failed. “‘Fancy talk?’ That’s what it is?” she said, before she just ended up grinning when he told her to forget it. She didn’t know what had happened for Scar to start calling her “my witch” when she wasn’t his property. But if he was trying to earn brownie points, it wasn’t working. Not right now. Mariela was still a little unhappy that Scar never gave her an explanation. She also didn’t like whatever was going on in the maze. She was a little angry about that.

Mariela nodded her head when the hand mirror was mentioned. Her face turned into a frown when Scar grew serious. Most of the time he was always happy and playful, so seeing him so serious was weird. “What does the mirror have to do with anything?” she asked, putting her arms by her side. “And why did a warlock give it to her?” she then asked afterwards. She was so full of questions, and so curious.

Mariela watched him fidget with his hat, her green eyes watching him as he talked. “So, there are two Lydia’s? Why and how? And what does this “other Lydia”,” she made air quotes with her fingers. “…want to do with me?” she then pointed to herself. She listened to him again, and she thought that Scar was regretting taking her out to the maze. That’s what it sounded like, at least. “What do you mean “a greater one than I won’t be prepared to pay”? Scar, I have no idea what you are talking about…” she sighed, and gave a roll of her eyes. “I know magic always comes with a price! Everything comes with a price!” she said, annoyed, and moving her arms around the air dramatically.


Razorbackwriter:  Scar grimaced as Mariela’s anger started to get the better of her. Here she was, stuck in a horrid maze with the Alp, when she could be back in the ball room. Though little did they realize just what had gone down within those walls. Scar certainly didn’t know….not yet. All he knew was that when he took Mariela from the ball room, he genuinely feared for her life. Some of Hell’s most powerful beings were in that room, and with murder taking place, unruly fights…well, Scar figured some of them might succumb to the blood lust and attack a pretty thing like Mariela. She totally took his words the wrong way, and he felt like she was scolding him for it. It really was just an honest mistake, and yet he could feel the rise of her anger. She was becoming more and more animated. Flailing her arms about her wildly. His answers had only made her want to ask more questions. For example, what did the mirror have to do with anything? Why would a Warlock give it to her?

The alp was starting to feel drained. He had no idea that Mariela would be so damn curious about…well everything. His job was to keep her in the dark. That was what Lydia had set for him. But after the wonderful times he spent with the witch, he had lost sight of what was required.

“Why would a Warlock do a deal with the Demon of Ambition….and Greed? Why do you think?” Now he had an exasperated tone. Scar had only overheard the pair plotting, but not actually met the Warlock properly. “He obviously thought there was something to be gained. I don’t know….maybe…maybe…” the Alp stuttered. Racking his brain of possible conclusions. “There must be…a damn good reason. Maybe they had a common enemy. You know, revenge and hate can lead you down a very dark path.” He glanced around him and then he suddenly had a clue. “What if….there is someone in this maze, beside us? What if, she let him use the maze…for a purpose other than her own?’

Perhaps the Alp was on to something, but the train of thought left his mind when Mariela again quizzed the hat and the price that would be paid for using the magic within. The colour drained from his face, as he stepped right up to her and went to grab her shoulders. Staring at her he said softly.

“Imagine a place where you had no power, no magic. The hat is a portal in a way. You could use it and save yourself.”Scar turned his head away from her as he closed his eyes. Was his love for her so much that he was willing to make the ultimate sacrifice?



Dessy;  Mariela took a deep breath and put her arms by her side. She was getting angry. This entire thing was just frustrating her in many ways. From being dragged out of the ballroom, to being in a terrifying maze, to this whole confusing mess with the two Lydia’s and the two mirrors. It was frustrating the young witch. All she wanted was for the entire mess to be over, and that’s it. She rested her arms at her sides, watching Scar as he spoke.

“Why would a Warlock do a deal with the Demon of Ambition….and Greed? Why do you think?”

This caused Mariela to give a shrug of her shoulders. She didn’t know. It could be anything. But Lydia and this warlock were obviously working together for something. For what, Mariela didn’t know. “I know there must be a “damn good reason”, but what is that reason?” she asked. The witch was too curious for her own good – asked so many questions. “Yeah… “Hate” is starting to lead me down the path where I’m going to destroy the next living creature that appears in this damn maze.” she grumbled, putting her hands on her hips. At Scar’s next words, Mariela’s eyes widened. “What purpose would that be? And if there is someone else in this maze, then we have to find them, Scar. We can’t leave them in the dangers of the maze.” she spoke, now determined to save whoever this person was from the terror of the maze. She wasn’t going to just leave them here.

All of a sudden, the color drained from Scar’s face when she mentioned the hat again. He grabbed her shoulders, staring at her as he spoke, and Mariela’s green eyes stared into his red one’s. “If losing my magic is the price I have to pay, then I’m not doing it.” she spoke, but watched turn away from her and close his eyes. “My magic is the only part of my family I have left, and I fully intend on keeping it.” she spoke, crossing her arms now. “And I never said I wanted to go to another dimension. Because I don’t.” she said, but her face softened. “There’s something you’re not telling me about this, Scar. I can see it in your face.” she said. She took one of her hands and placed it on the Alp’s shoulder. “What is it?” she then asked, tilting her head to the side as her other hand lay by her side.


Artie:  Blackness, then slight light. More blackness, then light again.. Bandit’s eyes would flutter open slowly, laboriously, her head pounding as though she’d been knocked out. What a hell of a dream.. Though, she would soon find it wasn’t much of a dream. Her wrists felt sore underneath her, her whole body aching with a dull and burning pain. She would push herself off of the grass, attempting to take in her surroundings through a fog of pain in her head. Her eyes blinked again, lids heavy and yet not fully opened yet. A light groan escaped her lips, a tired look on her face that had a prominent bruise on her cheek, in the midst of a healed but dirty cut. How it had gotten there, she couldn’t tell. Blonde hair that was stained brown fell into her face, furthering to cloud her vision. With a light huff the female would manage to sit herself up, reaching to her neck to find no collar… a clear ploy of some sort. She was sure it had merely moved itself to be around an ankle, but she wasn’t sure. At the moment, all of her limbs felt painfully dead and dull.

“Hello?” The word formed on her lips, but her throat was so dry all that came out was a soft croak, more along the lines of ‘grnoa?’ She herself could only barely hear the noise come from herself – it was so painfully quiet of a noise. This was the effect of little water, the burning that steadily rose a direct symptom of this dry throat. She would lick her lips, but unsuccessfully, as her tongue had little moisture to begin with. As she began to somewhat focus, yet still weakened, Bandit would gaze down at herself. She was fortunate to be back into clothes, her prior clothing.. It was in the same dirty condition, with a minor tear on the hem of her shirt or pants leg, but otherwise they seemed to be unaffected. Where am I? Pure willpower would force her to crawl to a hedge of the maze across from her, sitting up but un-moving as she appeared almost dead, eyes barely open from the energy crawling here had required. Her head slumped a bit as her eyes closed, the sounds of something in the distance.. voices, maybe? She couldn’t be sure if they were friend or foe, but she would try to not make herself known, knowing an enemy wouldn’t be fended off if she was found..

Suspicious – SS.


Scene setting: Greed Castle.

co-written with Dessy.


Dessy:  Mariela admired the little cottage they passed by, before entering the doors. There, she saw a gorgeous white haired witch brushing her hair. When she turned around, Mariela gave Tussa a warm smile, before glancing over at Scar at his reaction. “No, I think it’s just you, Scar.” she said with a little grin. Tussa seemed to be looking her over, causing Mariela to purse her lips. Mariela’s blonde hair was in it’s naturally curly state, and her light green eyes were as bright as ever. When Tussa motioned for her to walk over, she walked towards her, looking at Scar when she told the Alp to wait in the waiting room, who seemed really disappointed at not being able to enter the room with them. At the mention of “Hell’s Angels and She Devils”, Scar immediately ran out of the room, causing Mariela to shake her head. “That Alp is something, I swear..”

She then turned to look at Tussa when she spoke. “Well, I’m more of a.. sophisticated person, myself. That’s how I was raised.” she spoke, brushing away a blonde curl. “But Scar seems to want me in something that will make “all the boys jealous”. Or so he says.” she said, giving a shrug. She asked about the “pumpkin carriage deal”, causing her to narrow her eyes in confusion. “No, thank you.” she then said kindly.


Razorbackwriter:  Scar’s reputation preceded him as the white witch knew of his fetishes. In fact, she was kind of surprised that he took the bait of the magazines so easily and managed to keep himself under control. Mariela’s mention that Scar was something, had the white witch simply nod in agreement. “Still trying to figure out what that something is.” Her voice having a richness to it, as she showed Mariela through to the fitting room. In the middle of the room was a small round standing spot, so that the white witch could work around Mariela with ease. The Duchess had knocked back Tussa’s offer about the Cinderella package. In a way, the white witch was kinda happy about that.

“No one knows the end to that fairy tale. Cinders ends up a drunk, who is addicted to online shopping whilst her handsome prince had a shoe fetish. I also think he was a touch gay. Anyways, enough about fractured fairy tales. Let’s make yours a reality.” Tussa said with a firm nod of the head. She spun around and threw open two doors, that revealed an entire warehouse styled chamber of a thousand dresses. There was also an elf sweat shop in back. Not everything Tussa made by the flick of her wrist. She borrowed the idea from Santa. Walking through a few racks, she poked her head out from behind one, and said.“So…sophisticated…and one to make the boys jealous? What are we? The Kingdom of Envy? Eww. Heard about that crowd. “ Turns out Tussa was up on Hell kingdoms gossip. She let out a little tut of the tongue before letting her fingers do the walking between gowns. She needed something that would match Mariela’s golden curls and….light green eyes.

Snapping her fingers, an off the shoulder gown of a delightful shade of jade appeared on a model, who happened to be the same height and colourings as Mariela.

“How’s this?” The white witch asked. 



Dessy:  Mariela followed the witch into the fitting room, turning to look at the rows and rows of dresses she had. When she rambled about the Cinderella fairytale, it caused Mariela to look at her and shake her head. Everyone in this kingdom were interesting. “I haven’t actually heard much about the kingdom of Envy, or seen them, for that matter. And I really don’t want to.” she said with a shrug. She watched a model appear, wearing a beautiful off the shoulder, jade colored gown. Mariela walked towards the model to take a look at the dress, giving a light smile. “It’s gorgeous.” she said, continuing to look at the gown. “But, do you think it’s… me?” she then asked out of curiosity.


Razorbackwriter:  The Dress maker sized up the gown that showed an awful lot of leg and then glanced back at Mariela. The young witch questioned if Tussa really thought it suited the girl.“It’s sophisticated…but I don’t think it’s really you. Perhaps I am thinking inside the box. You’re a Duchess, so you should be more regal I suppose.” Tapping her lip, the white haired witch delved further into the racks. You could hear her talking to herself as she moved from rack to rack – picking a dress than disregarding it till finally she found one that she thought was definitely a winner. The white witch then brought out a full gown that had great black feathers that came from one shoulder and also from the waist, with a garland of flowers that made up beautiful design running down one side of the gown. it was simply exquisite and then she spoke a quick incantation that made the dress magically appear on Mariela.

The white witch walked around the small stand that Mariela would have been standing on, and she helped to level out the dress so there were no creases. Tussa then asked Mariela to look in the mirror, to see what she thought.

“Well….is this more you?” She asked.




Dessy:  Mariela watched Tussa look over the dress, glancing over at her every once in a while. “It’s sophisticated…but I don’t think it’s really you. Perhaps I am thinking inside the box. You’re a Duchess, so you should be more regal I suppose.” Tussa spoke, disappearing further into the racks. Yes, a Duchess. Mariela had to remember that that’s what she was now. Not just a simple witch, or a healer – no, she was greater than that. And she needed to remember that. She could hear Tussa talking to herself, and picking up racks then putting them down. While she did this, Mariela took time to look around, messing with a few objects here and there.

Tussa eventually walked back out, holding a gorgeous gown that had feathers on the shoulder and the waist. It also had flowers going down the side, and it was truly a grand dress. Suddenly, the dress magically appeared on her, causing Mariela to give a gasp in shock. She walked onto the small standing, helping Tussa level the dress out. She then turned to the mirror, turning from side to side to get a look. “It’s gorgeous.” she started, before looking at Tussa and giving a nod. “I love it.”


“And so do I.” It was Scar, who was standing in the doorway of the fitting room. He was leaning against the door frame and admiring Mariela in her stunning jade green ball gown. How fitting it was for her, as though the gown was made especially for her diminutive frame. The white witch let out a small laugh at Scar’s boldness. “I thought I told you to stay out.” Tussa said with a small shake of her head. The magazines obviously weren’t enough to keep him occupied. At this, the alp wandered in and gave the white witch a sly wink. “Least I didn’t spy on her while she changed.” Truth was the dressmaker made sure that the younger witch was at no stage in a state of undress.

As Mariela admired herself in the stunning gown, the white witch started to make a list of all the other things that Mariela would need. “Mask….gloves…shoes…purse.” This was written by a floating quill onto a white sheet of parchment as the white witch walked around the girl. “I will make sure that you have all the accessories you need and will have them delivered along with the gown the day of the ball.”

That said, the dress would vanish from Mariela and appear once again on a rack. A couple of Tussa’s staff then wheeled the rack away leaving the trio alone. If Mariela wondered who was paying for this, she never would have imagined. The alp handed Tussa a small bag of coins, which the white witch shook and then pocketed. “I believe we have concluded business today.” Madame Tussa then vanished from the room, leaving Scar alone with Mariela. He turned to her and offered his arm. Again…very out of character.

“Would you allow me to escort you back to your room, Duchess?”



Dessy:  Mariela was startled when she heard Scar’s voice, turning around to see him standing at the doorway. She then shook her head and gave an eye roll. Of course Scar would find a way to enter the room to see her… that was just Scar. She didn’t expect the Alp to stay out when Tussa told him to. Actually, Mariela would been shocked if he had actually stayed out. Hearing that he didn’t spy on her while she was changing caused Mariela to laugh. “I’m glad you like it, Scar.” she then finally said, shaking her head as she turned to look back in the mirror. The dress really was gorgeous. It looked great on Mariela, too. Maybe this masked ball wouldn’t be as bad as Mariela thought. Maybe she was worrying for nothing. She was eventually pulled out of her thoughts by Tussa making a list of the other things she’d need. She gave her a nod, before the dress vanished away from Mariela, Mariela stepping down and turning.

Mariela wondered who was paying for everything. Lydia? No, she didn’t think Lydia even knew she was here with Scar. Herself? That would be more probable than Lydia doing it. Mariela would have never guessed it was Scar. She was going through, naming each person she could think of, until Scar handed Tussa a bag of gold. This caused Mariela to raise her eyebrows in surprise. The Alp sure was being very generous today. Not to mention very kind and gentlemanly… so very out of character, as Mariela gently took his arm. She then began wondering what the Alp could be planning to be so out of character. “You’re being very generous and gentlemanly today, Scar. What are you planning?” she then asked, suspicion clear in her voice as they walked out of the small cottage.


Razorbackwriter:  “Planning? Me? Who do you think I am, Duchess? Lydia?” This was the startled reply that Scar offered, he even put his hand to his chest as though offended. Truth was, he wasn’t really. The Alp gave a little shoulder shrug before blurting. “Not all demons are evil 24/7.” Scar said, continuing to walk along with Mariela. “Half of Hell would kill for a chance to take someone as GORGEOUS as you to the ball. Me? I was the lucky dog that you said yes too. So…I’m kinda happy about that.” So there it was. Scar was being a flattering gentleman……for once.

He had to admit, he did enjoy taking Mariela to the dressmakers and seeing her all frocked up for the ball. Tussa did amazing work when it came to gowns of that nature, her skill being second to none. Now however it was time to escort the young witch back to her chambers so that she could get some decent rest before the ball. There was so much to do and prepare for, but at least her gown and accessories were all taken care of. One thing did run past Scar’s mind, and that was what Lydia was up to. He’s also thought that the Princess would have taken personal care of Mariela, but the woman must have had something big come up.

Running a kingdom was nothing like going about the different parts of hell in her carriage and getting interesting tit bits from strangers and the like. Lydia was now a Princess….and there may well be a high price for that in the end. Karma…had a funny way of dealing with the underhanded. But this was not Scar’s problem. He planned to stick close to Mariela. There was something in the air. A sense of foreboding…Danger. The Alp wouldn’t let on of course, but it made the back of his neck’s hair stand on end. As they reached the Duchess’s apartment, the alp stopped and then bade the girl a good night.

“We should go for walks more often, Mariela. But I bid you…a good night.”

With that he spun on his heel and took off down the hallway to his own place of rest……



Dessy:  Mariela watched Scar as he seemed offended and asked if she thought he was Lydia. This caused her to laugh. “I know not all of them are evil, this just seems very unlike you.” she said, continuing to watch him as they walked to her room. She couldn’t help but give a smile when he mentioned about ‘half of hell would kill to go with someone as gorgeous as her”, and that he was the lucky one she said yes too. “I’m glad you’re happy, then.” she said, facing forward again as they walked. Lydia must be really busy to not have taken Mariela to the dressmaker like she said. Then again, she was the Princess now. So she will probably be pretty busy a lot.

They got to her room, and Mariela turned around to face Scar. “Goodnight, Scar.” she said lightly, watching him walk away before entering her own room. She shut the door behind her, and then proceeded to get ready for bed. She then climbed into the large bed, shutting off the light and then laying down. She needed rest for tomorrow. She wasn’t sure what else to expect, but she needed to be prepared either way. She quickly drifted off to sleep.





What will a Witch wear? – SS


Scene setting : Castle Greed.

co-written with Dessy.


Dessy:  Mariela was quiet the entire time. She knew Lydia would be angry with her for losing the thief, that kindness she has too much of. So she just chose not to speak. Instead, she listened to the talking, nodding her head every once in awhile when Lydia mentioned something or was speaking to her. If she was going to be Duchess of Greed, she needed to be a little more harsher – maybe not as cruel as Lydia or everyone else, but harsher than she is now. But, that would take a lot of practice and getting used to. “Good night.” she said to Lydia, turning her head to the man and woman that was in front of her.

When Serin handed the gold back, Mariela raised an eyebrow. “Sounds fair enough.” she said with a nod, looking at the bag of gold before holding it. She’d need to hand it back to Lydia. “Make sure you keep your promise and find the thief, and the chalice. You don’t want to anger Princess Lydia anymore than she already is.” she said, giving a smile as they exited the castle. She then looked back down at the bag of gold, before turning and walking out of the throne room, heading down the nearest hallway. She didn’t seem to notice Scar, as a butterfly, heading towards her.


Razorbackwriter:  The little butterfly with the strange hat flittered around the head of the young witch as she carried the small sack of gold with her. No sign on the pair that were going to search for the thief, and the thief having legged it, the alp was sure that Lydia would have a pink fit when she found things had not gone to plan. Chuckling like a tiny tinkerbell, Alp then changed back to his usual self. The wicked looking imp tipping his hat to Mariela, then making a sweeping bow.

“How clever of you. Here you are with the reward for the capture of the chalice stealing thief….and yet you are empty handed.” Scar snickered as he got in front of Mariela and winked. “Lydia’s going to be pissed.” He teased in that naughty voice. “But don’t fret, I promise not to tell.”

The alp walked to the Witch’s side and then gave her a playful nudge. “So….got a date for the ball?” the Alp asked, suddenly appearing very sweet. Odd that he would even consider asking the girl, but with this being a big deal in hell with all the royals and their partners coming, it might be a good idea to have someone on her arm.

“You know, I look pretty dapper in a tux and top hat. Ahaha. Well a tux, since you know I already have the top hat.” That said, the alp did a light shoe shuffle and then danced over to a spot in the hallway where a spot light suddenly shone upon him. The alp let out a whoop and spun around fast like lightning before changing into a full black tux with white gloves and a illuminating cane. The Alp started to dance towards the young witch and burst into song. Mists formed into female dancers in matching white tuxedos with high heels. They danced in behind him as he tried to get Mariela to agree to go to the ball as his date. 

If you’re blue and you don’t know
Where to go to, why don’t you go
Where fashion sits?
Puttin’ on the Ritz
Different types who wear a day coat,
Pants with stripes and cutaway coat,
perfect fits.
Puttin’ on the Ritz

Dressed up like a million-dollar trooper,
Tryin’ hard to look like Gary Cooper (super duper)
Come let’s mix where Rockefellers
Walk with sticks or umbrellas
In their mitts
Puttin’ on the Ritz
Puttin’ on the Ritz

If you’re blue and you don’t know
Where to go to, why don’t you go
Where fashion sits?
Puttin’ on the Ritz
Different types who wear a day coat,
Pants with stripes and cutaway coat,
perfect fits.
Puttin’ on the Ritz

Dressed up like a million-dollar trooper,
Tryin’ hard to look like Gary Cooper (super duper)
Come let’s mix where Rockefellers
Walk with sticks or umbrellas
In their mitts
Puttin’ on the Ritz

Have you seen the well-to-do,
up and down Park Avenue
On that famous thoroughfare
with their noses in the air
High hats and Arrowed collars,
white spats and lots of dollars
Spending every dime
for a wonderful time

If you’re blue and you don’t know
Where to go to, why don’t you go
Where fashion sits?
Puttin’ on the Ritz
Different types who wear a day coat,
Pants with stripes and cutaway coat,
perfect fits.
Puttin’ on the Ritz

Dressed up like a million-dollar trooper,
Tryin’ hard to look like Gary Cooper (super duper)
Come let’s mix where Rockefellers
Walk with sticks or umbrellas
In their mitts
Puttin’ on the Ritz
Puttin’ on the Ritz

When the song finished, he held out his hand to Mariela and whispered;

“You know you want too.”




Dessy:  Mariela continued to walk, thinking over how pissed she knew Lydia was going to be. It wasn’t her fault. Mariela was raised to be kind and nice to everybody. Being mean just wasn’t in her blood. She turned her head when she thought she heard some laughter, but she shook her head as she thought it was nothing. She jumped when Scar suddenly appeared, dropping the gold and putting a hand to her chest. “Don’t do that, Scar!” she spoke, leaning over to the pick the gold back up. Not finding Lydia anywhere, she just gave the gold to the nearest guard, and told him everything. He’d either know what to do with it, or know where to find her. She then listened to Scar speak about her being empty handed, and she rolled her eyes. “They didn’t want to take the money until they found her first. I was respecting their wishes.” she said, looking at Scar as she kept walking. She stopped when Scar stood in front of her, narrowing her eyes at him. “I know Lydia will be pissed. No need to remind me.” she spoke, side-stepping him and continuing to walk.

A few minutes later, Scar nudged her and asked if she had a date to the ball. She raised an eyebrow and looked at him. “No, I do not. I’ve never been much for dates.” she spoke. “Why do you want to know?” she then asked, tilting her head curiously. She listened to him talk about looking good in a tux and she laughed. “I bet you do.” she said sarcastically, shaking her head. She stopped walking again when the Alp ran off to stand in some light, then changed into a suit and tux. He then began dancing and singing towards her, causing Mariela to just cross her arms as she watched with an amused expression.

He eventually finished and held out his hand. Mariela pursed her lips, as if she was thinking. She decided to humor the little Alp, for now. Plus, she could possibly keep him out of trouble that way. She gave a sigh, and took his hand with her free one. “Why not? It can’t hurt anything. Might as well.” she said. “It would certainly be easy to make sure you stay out of trouble.” she then made sure to add.


Razorbackwriter:  If anything, Scar was a showman. Not only the Demon of your worst nightmares, he could be a real man about town when he put the effort in. The alp didn’t have a date for the ball that was for sure and with Lydia – well, she was probably going to stag it since she didn’t have a love in her life. Always too ambitious for her own good, she used men and then dropped them like hot rocks the moment she got what she wanted. The end of Mammon was testimony to that fact. But here was Scar, asking the young witch if she would be his date for the grand Masked ball. Oh it was going to be an affair to remember, that was for sure. When the witch took his outstretched hand, Scar let out a little whoop of excitement, leaping up and clicking his heels together. The Alp brought her delicate hand to his lips, kissing them softly.

With a cheeky grin, he looked up at her adoringly. “Me? Trouble? Psh. You must have me confused with another alp. Ahaha. Now this is exciting. So much to plan…so much to prepare! Of course we need you to get a nice dress….something beautiful, yet….hmm….” He looked her up and down and then made a cat like meow. “Something to make the boys all….oh so jealous. I want you to be fab-u-lous!” It was funny to see Scar so excited about the prospect of getting Mariela all dolled up.

“Tell you what. How about you …and me wander down to the royal Greed seamstress and get you fitted up. “ He suggested, trying to link his arm in hers much the way that Lydia did. It wasn’t like he was trying to be overly romantic, but more like he wanted to see she actually got the right dress for the ball.

“Shall we?”



Dessy:  Mariela watched how excited the Alp seemed to be, causing her to laugh. She was sure Lydia wouldn’t mind. Lydia wouldn’t be going with him, and it would be nice to have someone to go with. It might not be all bad. “Yes. You can be quite troublesome, Scar.” she then said, after giving a smile when he kissed her hand. She raised an eyebrow when he rambled about the dress, laughing once more. “Why would they be jealous?’ she then asked, amused at how excited Scar seemed to be.

Mariela gave a nod at his suggestion. “Me and Lydia were supposed to see the seamstress.. but other things happened.” she spoke, letting Scar link his arm with hers. She appreciated the fact that Scar wanted her to have the right dress and to look good. It was a nice gesture, really. She gave a nod to Scar and a smile. “Let’s go.”



Greed : The Dress maker

Arriving at the quaint little cottage within the grounds of Greed castle stood Madame Tussa Mon Valet’, a witch of note and also a whiz when it came to whipping up clothes for nobles and the elite. Standing by one of her many mirrors, the white haired witch was slowly brushing her hair, whilst wearing a dour expression. She had heard all about the Princess’s plan for a masked ball and knew she would soon be under siege by many wanting the hottest dresses for the night. Sure enough, her thoughts would turn into reality. A knock at the door would have Tussa wave her hand and make the door to her cottage open on its own. Slowly the timber door fell back to reveal Mariela and a snappy looking Scar.

“Ah….Madame Mon Valet’. We need your assistance. The Duchess of Greed needs a dress. She’s my date for the ball.” At this, the Alp straightened his bow tie with a pronounced wiggle of his head. Madame Tussa turned to face the pair, and that was when Scar spotted her ample bosom. Oh yes, it was practically oozing out of her white lace bustier. What a sight.

“I….oh. Uhm. Gosh! Is it hot in here?” Scar flustered as beautiful boobs were his….passion. The alp could feel his tongue hanging out and his fingers twitched nervously as he wanted to run over a give her bosom a good squeeze. Perhaps a motorboat. But it was then he remembered who he was with….and why. Sucking in his tongue, he let out a little meep, before regaining composure.

With the Alp under control, the white witch sauntered over and looked at the Duchess with a tilt to her head. The girl was of good stature…pretty face. Eyes..yes there were two. Perfect. With a roll of her fingers gesturing the young witch to follow her to the fitting room, the pair of witches would leave Scar behind. “Go wait in the reception, Scar. Let me do my magic.”Scar pouted as he had hoped to be able to watch Mariela get undressed, but Tussa cut him off at the pass. She knew how devilish the alp could be. “There are some copies of Hell’s angels and she devils on the coffee table.” Word of that had Scar squeal with delight and skitter out of the room leaving Mariela with Tussa.

“Right…what style were you looking for, my dear? Also, did you wish to have the pumpkin carriage deal? if so, you need 6 white mice and a dog …..possibly two frogs. Not to mention…a pumpkin.”






Revenge is best served cold – SS.

Scene setting : Anarchy Division HQ.

co-written with Temp.


Razorbackwriter:  After having left Bandit lying in her own excretions and languishing in a dream that was bound to turn into something a little nasty, Raul was on a mission. He had not come to Hell to be nice to anyone. In fact he wanted the type of revenge that was best served in the most diabolical fashion imaginable. The Warlock had marked the poor girl named Bandit while she was in her drunken stupor in a dirty alley, then taken her to the local brothel house where he tricked her into believing that he was Riley – mixing her dream with his own disguise of Riley in real. He’d tossed a bag of coins at her feet and treated her exactly how he had planned to. As the little whore he always called her. Now, she may well believe that Riley – her true love thought the same. How wonderful.

Never one to be without a plan, the lanky Warlock wandered the roads of hell before coming upon the building to which he knew he would find the one that could bring even more heartache and pain to Bandit.

Anarchy Division HQ. Oh yes, these people would do the most evil of jobs for the right amount of cash. And cash was something Raul had a lot of. He was wealthy beyond the wildest dreams of most. Heading up to the front entrance, he used his Staff to rap upon the door of the castle like structure. Raul awaited a guard or someone inside to answer.



Temp:  One of the main guards that managed the main entrance of the building would eventually take a look at the newest visitor. After a brief moment of observation, the door would open to Raul. A single soldier was standing nearby, and waved for him to enter the building.

“You don’t look like the type to fool around, so simply put…the boss is in the room at the end of the hall, if you’ve got a job for the Division or are looking for work she’s the one you wanna see…I’ll notify her of your presence.”

The soldier would then press a series of buttons on an out of view panel, which was him signaling Eva of a possible client. Raul was now completely free to enter the building and speak to the boss of Anarchy Divison, who was now waiting in the room at the end of the hall.


Razorbackwriter:  Listening intently to the words spoken by the first guard to approach him, Raul gave a simple nod and strode along past him as he made his way down to see the “Boss”. The fact that the boss was a woman, was somewhat surprising, but as Raul had come to discover over many a century that women were far more cunning and calculating than most men. The soft sound of Raul’s sandals slapping the floor as he walked would probably be heard as he approached the office.

Without bothering to even knock again, he simply entered the room and cast his gaze across at the fair haired woman at the desk. This would be Eva. The owner of the Anarchy Division. With one hand firmly clasping his staff, he stood regally and announced himself.

“I am Raul, High Priest of the Seven Kings. I have come far to seek your services.” His tone was very deep, almost like a rumble from deep within his chest. He wore a long skirt that sat just upon his hips, with a large strip of black cloth that was thrown over his left shoulder. His right arm featured a large tattoo of a Pharaoh and some other hieroglyphics. He was of Egyptian origin, and a strange one to find in the pits of Hell. Black eyes gazed down at Eva as he produced a bag of gold and tossed it upon her desk.

“There is more of this….if you accept my request.” Raul said this all with a dead panned expression. What was he after…and who?



Temp:  Eva sighed upon getting the alert from the main entrance guard, knowing that her time to relax was now up. She took another long drag of her cigar as she heard footsteps approaching her office. Back to work she would go. The door opened and revealed a relatively tall, rather good looking man. He didn’t look like any of her normal clients, but that really didn’t matter. What mattered was the reason he was here, which he was quick to reveal to her…at least partially. The bag of gold that followed his introduction was of a clear interest to her. She pulled her legs off of the desk and moved herself closer to the desk, pulling the bag along the way. After examining it’s contents she tapped some ashes free from her cigar, and looked up at Raul with a curious look. “I’m listening, please…have a seat.” She motioned towards the chair that was in front of her desk, and then put out her cigar. Her hands would come to a rest under her chin as she leaned forward, showing that she was now ready to get down to business.


Razorbackwriter:  Raul looked down upon the chair that Eva pointed to but instead of sitting, he said. “I prefer to stand.” Again his face showed no emotion. Raul would be a hard one to read. The Warlock noted that Eva checked the bag of gold that he had tossed on the table, and then went about smoking her cigar. For a woman, she acted more like a man – but that was none of Raul’s concern. He decided to go straight to the heart of the matter. The reason for his visit. He took out a small card, and then set it upon the table. It spun its way over to the woman behind the desk. On the very edge tip of the card till finally falling flat on the surface. The image on the card was….Bandit. The card also was animated so Eve could see clearly just what Bandit looked like. It was like playing various recordings of all the times that the Warlock had encountered Bandit over time.

Following the card, the Warlock spun his finger in the air counter clock wise as a dark collar came into being and then landed on the table with a thud beside the card of Bandit.

“I wish for your organisation to track down….or hunt this girl. When she is caught, you or your men are to place this collar around her neck.” The collar was made of a black leather with various precious gems fashioned into it. It also had hieroglyphic images on it. A curse…if you will.

“Once the collar is placed upon her and locked, I want her delivered back here. You are then to summon me….for collection.”



Temp:  Eva didn’t show much of a reaction to the denial of a seat, clearly not caring whether or not he chose to sit or stand. He was here to give her organization a job, and he had money, that was all that mattered. As Raul stood in front of the desk, objects began to appear on the desk in front of her. A nice animated image of the target, as well as a device to use against said target. “Quite specific…I like that.” She examined the card and the images it depicted, taking in the girls appearance bit by bit. She didn’t look all that special, so this was likely personal. “Sumka i zakhvatit’ rabota, da…interesno .”(A bag and grab job, yes…interesting) The job was straight forward and there was a decent bit of information already available, but more importantly the money was good.“My best soldier is on babysitting duty, so I’ll take care of this…personally.” Although she was happy with relaxing, this job had a pretty big payout, and she was actually kind of eager to get out and do a job herself. “So…grab the girl, put the collar on her, bring her back, and give you a call? Consider it done.” She couldn’t help but smirk in anticipation of her latest mission. Eva extended an arm and held out her hand for him to shake, which was more or less an agreement. Whether or not he shook it didn’t matter, although disrespecting her was not a wise move…no matter who you were.


Razorbackwriter:  One might wonder why a powerful Warlock like Raul would need the assistance in simply putting a collar on Bandit. After just having practically taken favors without consent, then leaving her a sopping mess at the brothel he had ample opportunity to place a collar on her. But….where was the fun in that? Revenge is best served cold. That was his new motto. Eva was impressed by Raul’s no nonsense approach and how he was direct in what he expected to be done for the price. Bandit wasn’t much to look at, this was true. Certainly not in the way she had been in the days when she toured the bizarre with Hajib.

Listening once again without speaking or showing emotion, Raul was intrigued that the owner of the Anarchy Division was going to do the job personally. She recanted the details of the kidnapping, collaring and returning of the girl to the letter, and Raul gave a curt nod in reply. Eva actually smirked when extending her arm out and offered her hand to shake. Raul took the woman’s hand and instead of shaking, he brought it to his lips, where he pressed his lips to it softly before lowering the hand and giving a shake.

If anything, Raul could be a gentleman……when it suited him.



Temp:  Eva was slightly surprised by the courtly agreement, which consisted of a kiss upon her hand as well as a normal handshake. “My my…a gentlemen.” Now that was a lovely way to sign a contract, and treat a woman. She smiled as she shook his hand, and upon releasing it took hold of the card and placed it between her breasts. She then took the collar and gave it a bit of a closer inspection, curious as to what sort of properties it had hidden within it. “Anything else? Roughing her up okay? Or would you prefer I did this with a more stealthy touch?” She would have no problem with it either way. Beating her target into submission was a simpler method, but stealth was also an option available to her.


Razorbackwriter:  Eva reacted well to the attentions of Raul. The way he approached her to kiss her hand before shaking showed he was not a total deviant. He showed the very barest hints of what was a smile upon the corners of his lips, before standing upright once more. Strange under certain lighting, his skin appeared to be darker, with the tattoos and markings almost radiant beneath a sheer glistening of fine beads of sweat. Raul’s eyes lowered slightly to the place where Eva stashed the picture of the target within her bosom. They lingered for but a second before he raised his gaze back to meet Eva’s eyes.

She asked if it was preferred if Bandit was rough housed on capturing to which the Warlock stated firmly.

“She is known to be a handful, Madame. I would strongly suggest that you be prepared for a fight. In fact….the rougher the better. The girl makes the most delicious sounds when being beaten into submission. I think she likes it.”

So, it would be not a matter of stealth in her capture. Brute force was the key to her capture.

“I trust you to meet with my requirements to the letter. Your establishment is well respected.”



Temp:  So it would be a matter of beating her target into submission, which was actually what she preferred. From what she saw from on the card just moments ago, it would appear her target was much like Eva…human. However, she didn’t quite look like she had anywhere near the amount of experience in combat Eva had. She was never one to underestimate a target though, and she certainly wouldn’t start now. “I’ve been craving a brawl quite honestly, so hopefully she puts up a decent fight.” Eva wasn’t going to use any of the artifacts she had at her disposal, and instead would deal with this naturally. It was a sign of respect, from one human to another. “I’ll begin immediately, and notify you as soon as she is captured…hell, I’ll even gift wrap her for you.” Eva took a great deal of joy in her job, whether it be her commanding her soldiers or her dealing with something personally.


Razorbackwriter:  Raul found Eva’s enthusiasm to dish out a beating to Bandit to be refreshing. In fact, he liked her style and eagerness. Most leaders shied away from getting their hands dirty, whereas Eva relished in it. It was far more than Raul had expected, and while he was not as showy in his emotions, he respectfully showed his pleasure in her words by another slight bow from his upper waist, and then taking a step back on rising, so that Eva might attend to the matter forthwith.

It was also pleasing to hear that Eva would gift wrap Bandit for him. Now there was an offer he could hardly refuse. How would he liked her wrapped? This would take a bit of thinking on his part. A low chuckle came from his lips as he had an idea that would be sure to have Hell talking for days.

“What about…I hold a banquet where you and your organisation do attend. Bringing the target of course. Presenting her on an open buffet table…covered in fruit.”

How Eva would respond to this sort of request…was going to be interesting.



Temp:  Eva took the second bow as a sign of respect, and couldn’t help but smile upon hearing him chuckle. Raul truly was an interesting character, to say the least. His clear enjoyment over her gift wrap suggestion was a refreshing change of pace over the boring and stingy clients she normally dealt with. His new request was even more grand than a standard gift wrapping, and sounded more like something you’d see in weird movie. As cheesy as it sounded, she couldn’t help but find it amusing.“Fantasticheskaya!” (Fantastic) It was definitely one of, if not the most strange request she had ever been given. That meant that it was new and interesting, which gave her new found motivation. Eva stood up and stepped over to the front of the desk, taking the collar into her hands along the way. “I can’t say no to such a unique request…I imagine my boys would find it delightful.” Her boys was a reference to the members of the Division, her soldiers. She knew that something like that would be entertaining and enjoyable, and would likely help lighten their moods. Stress relief was an important factor of maintaining an army, and it was rather tricky to successfully pull off.


Razorbackwriter:  If it was stress relief that Eva’s men needed from time to time, the boss of Anarchy Division was about to find out that the Warlock could offer her and her men so much more than just payment in cash and jewels. You see, he ran a very exclusive house within the walls of the Kingdom of Lust. Called the House of Red Velvet, it was a den of debauchery and sin. All your earthly and other dark pleasures and desires could be fulfilled from any of his slaves or concubines.

As Eva was about to pass the Warlock, he produced another card that happened to be a deep blood red colour. The card floated down and into Eva’s hand. Another one of the Warlock’s tricks. “My card. You will find the address of my House on the back. If this job goes well, we can have you all attend the banquet and your men are free to use…whatever takes their fancy. On the house, of course.”

It seemed that Raul was very generous to those that were able to serve his needs. What with being part of the Lust kingdom, there may even be the chance of new jobs at Raul’s referencing. This was sure to be a very strong business partnership.

“Forgive me, but…I still don’t know your name, Madame.”

The Warlock stood regally, again showing respect towards the owner of the organisation. He felt parting without addressing her properly to be insensitive.



Temp:  Eva was always thinking of what might do her soldiers good, as the morale of the members of the Division was extremely important. It was a simple fact that the more mentally stable you were, the better you performed. Brothels usually did the trick, as well as catering special food and drinks. When the card was produced and she was given the rather generous offer, she smiled once again. The pay for the job was impressive, and on top of that her soldiers would be treated? She wasn’t going to complain, that much was certain. Eva had begun to step towards the exit of the room, clearly eager to get started on her job. She would come to a stop however, when Raul mentioned not being given her name. Her body turned back towards him as she placed the card with the one from earlier. She twirled the collar around one of her fingers, placing a hand on her hip while she gave him a confident look. “Eva Leskov…I have many nicknames, but only a select few of my soldiers use them.” She really didn’t care what people called her, whether it was something like Big Boss or even something like Fry Face. There was little need for her to be concerned over such trivial things, although…nobody that had called her Fry Face was ever heard from again.

Razorbackwriter:  “An enchanting name for a beautiful woman.” Raul said politely. The way in which he spoke had a dark almost alluring way about it. The kind of voice that you just want to sit and listen to. “I thank you for your time.” This was the moment that Raul would take his leave, turning to get the door for Eva so that she might leave first. “After you, Eva.”

Watching her, he stood without moving till she had made her way through then he intended to follow her out and head for the exit. His work here was done, and now he intended to head back to the House of Red Velvet to make way for his….newest attraction. No doubt Eva would be swift in her endeavors, and he had no reason to doubt her talents.

His sandled feet made barely a sound as he walked out the door and off into the night.



Temp:  Eva went ahead and took the compliment without complaint, finding no reason to object to what he had said. After the incident that left a great deal of her body scarred, she grew to hate people speaking about her appearance. Of course, it was only a phase and quickly passed. There was never a moment since then that she felt insecure about her looks, in fact she grew to like her scars. It made one stand out in a crowd, and could be used in intimidation. Regardless of all that, she smiled at Raul as she walked away from him. He had handled their discussion with good manners and respect, not to mention money and incentive. She had told him she would start immediately, and she had meant it. Eva gathered a few things that she figured she may need, and then made her way towards the exit. Before she left she informed one of her highest ranks what she would be doing, as well as the benefits it came with. He was then told to spread the word among the other members. Eva then left the building, now in search of her target.





RPC – Doctor Wilhelm Schwartz for the Seven Sins series.

Name: Doctor Wilhelm Schwartz.

Age: 28

Race: Human

Job: Scientist/Grave Robber/Healer

Personality: Insane, crazed, wicked, mysterious, brooding, evil.

Relationship Status: Single – hasn’t made the right girl yet.

Orientation: Straight, we think.

Likes: Necrophilia, body parts, amputations, Science fairs, comic cons, puzzles, chemistry and biology, dead bodies, zombies

Dislikes: Lively people, sunny days, happy music, Justin Bieber, mid morning television.

Powers: His mind. Able to reanimate dead tissue using his specially designed lab equipment, and experimenting on the unwilling, or the dead.

Weapons: Scalpel.

Strengths: High IQ, being a talented physician, healer, cybernetics scientist.

Limitations/Weaknesses: Being human, he has mortal like weaknesses typical for such. He can die, basically.

Background: Doctor Wilhelm Schwartz was one of the most reclusive and talked about scientists of the age, when ideas of bringing the dead back to life was nothing more than a work of fiction. Noted for his extreme theories, and sickening tests on the young and the disabled; he soon found himself on the wrong side of the law, when caught trying to steal body parts from the New York city morgue for his grisly science experiments. After a serious bout of depression, he would commit suicide in the oddest way, but his body was never found. Having made a deal to sell his soul he wound up in all places…..Hell. Now he is free to work on the many bodies that keep getting churned up from the wars of the Princes. There are simply not enough graves or mass burial pits, so he and his assistant scour the landscape for the fallen, to take back to the Lab. Why not come see….what’s on the slab?

Theme : Repo the Opera – 21st Century Cure.


Two Princes – SS



Scene setting : Gluttony Castle

co-written with Candle.


Candle:  With a scalpel between on the rim of his right ear, Baal stared at the doorway with a enclosed fist resting on his chin. He’d actually wanted some random lost soul to appear so he’d be able to dissect them and harvest there organs. His throne made out of bones was his crowned achievement throughout his royal status, the hollowed skulls were placed at the top of his throne making the throne seem more dark.
Tapping his finger against the arm rest of his throne, the hall echoed of a tapping noise against a poor souls leg bone. “Someone come here and bring me my chalice.” Baal said loudly as a servant rushed down the hall too his aid, knowing that if he wasn’t fast enough he’d be used as a painting frame. His interior was made out off people who weren’t up too the stress of working for him.
Therefore if they failed they were turned into various things, for instance one cook who made a horrendous meal was used to fix a broken leg on one of his chairs. Baal had such a sadistic streak for bone collecting that he even made his own crown of ribcages and hints of muscles. With chalice in hand, Baal held it out as his servant poured some wine from a vase into it. “Now make sure you clean off the guillotine, i’ll be using it later.” Stating in a obvious truth of him decapitating someone later.



Razorbackwriter:  “Baal…I just love what you have done with the place. The bones…the skulls. It’s so you.”

Yes, the voice that came from the darkened part of the throne room was none other than the Prince of Greed. He entered carrying a large bag and then unceremoniously up ended it, with bones and skulls toppling out and scattering upon the floor with a delightful clink and tink. Mammon shook the bag till the last small bone fell out, before neatly folding the bag back up again and then tossing it over his shoulder.

He watched a servant pouring the Prince of Gluttony a chalice of wine, with a delightful chuckle. “Drinking so early? No one told me it was happy hour.” The Prince of Greed found a chair close to the King’s throne and rapped his knuckles on a table. “I’ll have what he’s having.” Mammon ordered, hoping that the servants realized who he was. Picking up a nearby challice he waved it around – tapping the side and grinning. “I like how you live Baal. Take what you want and give nothing back!”

The Prince of Greed thanked the servant who came close and poured wine in his chalice with a silently mouthed saying of“Thank you” before raising his chalice to Baal. “To death…and all who stand in the way of the Princes of Hell…except Envy…he’s a dick” Mammon drank down and let out a loud belch before getting right down to business.

“So…it has come to pass that the Prince of Wrath has been murdered by none other than the slag known as Gabriel. Cheeky bitch cut off his head. SO..that tells me she is going to be wanting to shed more blood…probably one of us…if not ALL the Princes of Hell to reign it for herself.”

Mammon drank down the rest of the wine in a hurry and slammed down the goblet.


“But don’t worry…I have a plan. How do you feel about…a war? But…instead of just say one of us going in to teach the bitch a lesson…we…tag team it?” What ya say? Her skull would be pretty on that throne of yours.” Mammon wiggled his brow and waited to see what Baal would say.




Candle:  Baal looked at Mammon with a eyebrow cocked. Sure war would be pretty interesting but if this woman killed Gabriel then she’d be able to kill them both. “I’m very intrigued by your proposition dear friend, but if you can assure me her own head then I’ll join you. Baal said honestly while tipping the chalice down slightly and let the aged wine flow down into lips.
Sure he was surprisingly good friends with Mammon but when it came to him, there was always type of reward he wanted. Getting someone out of the way to take over Satan’s place did seem intriguing to him. Except it would be absolutely impossible to get that far. “What’s in it for you? Spit it out, you’re already ordering my servants around and dropping bones all over the place.” He said while rubbing the temple of his head slightly and staring down Mammon.
The least he expected from Mammon is his stereotypical lets go collect loot speech. Not the whole speech about warring against someone. Baal actually hadn’t been in a war in a while, and the last person he’d tag teamed with was Belial.


Razorbackwriter:  “Baal….really? You want me to take all the glory and spoils of war AND her head before you will consider joining?” Mammon mocked that he was somewhat hurt by Baal’s reaction. Surely, if he was the Prince of Gluttony, he would be jumping at the chance to kill and to kill many. “Imagine the head count…..All those…bones for your collection. I mean, you can never have enough heads on pikes.”

Mammon rose to his feet and kicked back the chair. With a showman like flair he approached Baal’s throne, mounting the dias with a dance like stride.

“Oh…my dear friend. For starters I rather get to her before she gets to me. I kinda thought that was obvious. She’s the Princess of Wrath for fucks sake. One head won’t be enough. She’d gasm at the sight of our deaths.” Mammon strode around and behind Baal’s throne before popping his head around the other side. “Gabriel jizz on your throne….icky.” He pretended to shudder, before walking back down the dias and spinning around.

“As to what is in it for me…Is…everybody paying attention? I get all her gold and jewels…and treasures. While you…YOU get to kill as many of her followers as you want. Hell, I’ll even sharpen your guillotine for you.”




Candle:  Once Mammon offered to sharpen his guillotine, Baal stood up straight and stared him dead in the eyes. “Deal.” He said and held out his hand to show they had some sort of hellacious deal. As many followers of Gabriel he’d be able to kill without anyone bothering him seemed good to him.
This always seemed to happened to him, Mammon was a good convincer of things like this. Plus his bloodlust made him override the thought of something bad happening because of a thing he did. Tapping his chalice against Mammon’s, Baal chugged down the wine and whipped the liquid from his lips. Blood and wine was his favorite things, now both combined would make his day even better.
“Do you ever stop and think that there are some words you shouldn’t say? Because I’m holding you to every word you say, otherwise your head will be the reason my unused water torture room finally gets some use.” He said with a deathly stare and meant every single word of it.


Razorbackwriter:  The grin on Mammon’s face only grew to the point it was so fiendish that it was unnatural. He had managed to do the deal with Baal by making the simple offer to sharpen his guillotine. Bit of oil and polish and it would be good as new. An hour out of his time tops. Mammon shook Baal’s outstretched hand and winked. “Oh…Baal, I think carefully before I say anything. As for your water torture room…it will be jam packed with Gabriel’s minions…so much so you will think it is a water theme park.”

The Prince of Greed burst out laughing at his own joke, before smacking his lips and getting ready to depart. One thing he knew better than to do with Baal was overstay his welcome. A last tap of their chalices, and Mammon handed his empty one to a nearby servant. Mammon started to put on his gloves, before he remembered one last detail.

“Oh…before I go. Have a guess who is hanging out and licking Gabriel’s tit at Wrath castle?”

Mammon wobbled his head and headed for the door, his voice carrying after him as he was leaving.

“Leviathan….the Prince of Envy. Laters, Baal. Bahahhahaha!” Mammon slammed the door as he waltzed out to the courtyard and his horse. Oh, he knew that parting shot would be a bulls eye as far as building up Gluttony’s want to be involved. It was no secret that Baal hated Leviathan with a passion. Mounting his horse, the Prince of Greed chuckled again, before making a start for Wrath castle.





Hearing that Leviathan was at Gabriel’s newly inherited throne, he dropped his chalice and then his muscles tensed. He slammed his fist on one of the stands he used to place his books and broke it immediately. Being able to kill Leviathan would be more satisfactory then actually killing Gabriel.
“Get me my cigar.” Baal shouted out loudly to whatever servant was listening and got up from his Throne of Bones. Cracking his neck and grinding his teeth together, Baal walked towards his armory and slammed it opened. The only weapon he frequently used was his axe. He even named his axe, it was something along the lines of Grinder or Meat hook.
Either way it was one of the most intimidating weapons in Hell due to its appearance and massive blade. Its wielded bone handle and long ivory shaft that lead up to the blade was made by the beast blacksmith. He turned around to see a servant have a light cigar and he even got it put into his mouth. Patting the servant on the head, Baal grabbed the axe and walked down the main hall as his open coat showed his chiseled body.
“Oh this will be fun.” Baal said to himself as his face shifted down into a look of pure hatred.

Cast your spell on me – SS


Scene setting – Greed Castle.

co-written with Dessy.


Dessy:  Mariela really didn’t know how she ended up here. She’s only been in Hell for a few days now – and was still confused about everything. She took up a job as a healer, but that’s about it. She was just walking around, coming back from the garden where she collected some plants and herbs for potions and medicine that she needed, and then had kept walking. There wasn’t much plant life down here. It was upsetting, really. She wasn’t really paying attention to where she was going, and then ended up here. She had walked around quite a while before finding a large mansion like castle with a large gate. She knew there was a lot of royalty, and there were kingdoms based off of the sins – but that’s about it. She wore a long, dark blue gown and she had her maroon colored cloak draped over her, covering up her face. She looked at the gate, and then back over at the castle. She didn’t want to barge in, and was debating on just leaving and continuing finding her own way.


Razorbackwriter:  The Castle of Greed was unique in its construction, much unlike Mammon’s brothers estates. When a Prince like Mammon wants the very best of everything, he totally went overboard in its look and the materials used with which to build it. While it was still dark and imposing as you would expect a Hell demon’s castle to be, it was also a glimmering example of what wealth looked like on a grand scale. Under the right light you could see the sparkle of jewels and trims decked with gold and silver. No expense was spared by the Prince and it showed. To a traveler it would have captured both their imagination and attention; just as it had Mariela’s.

The young witch had only been in hell a few days and had wandered about searching from herbs and plants for her potions. The Prince’s castle had extensive gardens that held nearly every kind of exotic plant and flower imaginable. Not that the Prince was a keen horticulturist; to him it was all for show. This may have been what had attracted Mariela, but that would be unknown until asked. The one to ask…was on her way however. Having dropped off Maya and Allister at their humble cave abode, Lydia was now spiriting her way towards the Greed castle with the most glorious news of the murder of the Prince of Wrath – Belial.

Along the rocky road the carriage went at speeds that were break neck. There was an urgency by the Demoness of Ambition to make her report before the morning sun. But as the carriage made the last turn and came roaring down the drive towards the gate, the young witch was right in it’s path. The driver pulled up hard on the reigns, which caused the horse to bray angrily and even kick up till finally coming to a stop mere inches from the girl. Within the carriage, Lydia had been thrown about unceremoniously in the sudden stop and the door flew open with a few choice expletives being yelled at the driver.

“Where on earth or hell did you get your license, Jenkins? Out of a cereal box?”

Stepping out of the carriage, Lydia was quick to pat down her hair and adjust her dress, which had fallen down low in the front and was being rather revealing. It was only after Lydia had caught her breath, that she spotted the girl whom the driver had pulled up the carriage to avoid hitting.

The girl was dressed in a long dark blue gown with a maroon coloured cloak with her head shielded by her hood. Strange, that a girl would just be hanging around outside the gate of the Prince’s estate. Intrigued, the Demoness shut the door to the carriage and sashayed up to her to see if she had an appointment.

“Were you summoned by Mammon?” Lydia asked, assuming the girl was expected within.

Suddenly, the gates started to open all by themselves, whilst the driver drove the carriage around the back to the stables. This left Lydia alone with the unknown female. With the gate opened, Lydia continued. “I take that as a yes.” Assuming that the Prince knew of their arrival. “He doesn’t normally come out to the gate. Come along. He hates to be kept waiting.” Without asking, Lydia threaded her arm through the girl’s and led her inside the front entrance to the Main hall. As Lydia’s heels click clacked along the cobble stone path, she whispered. “I’m Lydia…but you can call me Domi.”


A quiet ride through the park – SS.

Scene setting – The Park

co-written with Krystal


Razorbackwriter: The pleasant sound of bells ringing merged delightful clip clop of a pony’s hooves as a small horse and buggy came into sight. The driver was well dressed in a black top hat and flowing cape, who sat at the top of the driver’s seat, whilst in behind sat a well dressed young lady with a wide brimmed hat and her hands hidden within a small fur roll. One would think this young lass was simply enjoying a delightful ride in the park, as that is what appearances would suggest, however the young demon did not simply venture out on little rides like this without purpose behind it. Words and whispers had called in the wind that there was a change happening in Hell, and Lydia had already been listening into the minds of the weak to hear of the fall of a great one.

The driver cracked the whip and the pony brayed as it quickened its pace. The sharp clip clop of hooves getting closer to a target, but just who could it be. A gloved hand tugged on a small red ribbon which alerted the driver that the passenger had spotted her target.

“Right here will do, Jenkins.” A dark yet feminine voice called, as the buggy stopped just shy of Allister and Maya – who happened to be standing in amongst some dead trees and arguing by the looks of things. The driver stayed silent as Lydia opened the door to her buggy and gingerly stepped out. Dressed in a rather revealing red dress with a plunging neckline and long skirt, she gripped the edges of her dress and then trotted towards the pair. Noticing the male seemed to have trouble on his feet, Lydia asked.

“I just happened to be riding by and see you both. Poor chap looks unwell. Need a lift?” Lydia offered, gesturing for her buggy.



Krystal: Both Maya and Allister turned their eyes up to the woman who stopped. Maya looked at the woman, and then at the buggy. She pondered the ride for a moment, and then looked at Allister. “Do you need the ride?” she asked him. If he said yes, she’d go.

Allister was staring at the woman. He bit his lips and nodded quickly. “I think so, yyeah,” and with that, he hopped into the carriage. He wasn’t usually this fond of women; only when he’s drunk does he develop an eye for lovely curves. He sat down in the carriage, leaning back improperly, slouching. “So comfy, it’s pretty nice in heere,”he complimented the woman.

Maya wasn’t far after him. As she passed the woman, she nodded her head and quietly said “thank you for your kindness,” and sat down beside Allister, promptly straightening him up. She really, really hated taking him out drinking… He was always such a pain in the ass. She looked around the carriage, admiring it’s decoration and space. She adjusted her cloak to cover her legs, and took off her hood to reveal her face. She had short black hair, some of it falling in her face, and for once, her eyes were a soft shade of blue instead of a glowing red. One might almost mistake her for a human.


Razorbackwriter: Just like that, the couple happily accepted Lydia’s offer for a ride in her carriage. The demon of ambition wiggled her nose and did a little shoulder shake as she turned around to watch Allister enter the carriage first. Clear as day, Lydia could see that the poor chap was under the weather. Too much booze for one night. The carriage creaked and groaned slightly as Allister made himself at home inside the plush velvet surrounds – easing back ungraciously. Gosh, what a sight. Next was the female, who was quiet demure. Soft, perhaps. Or was that an act? All in good time everything would be revealed. Once the pair were safely inside and sitting together, Lydia climbed aboard and took her seat opposite the pair. She sat right smack bang in the middle of her seat and the door to the carriage snapped shut all of its own accord. Lydia reached back and rapped her knuckles on the wooden partition to alert the driver they were ready and with a crack of the whip, the carriage started off again.

Lydia preened at her skirt to let it fan out in full, then took a deep breath before saying in a saucy voice. “Now this, is how to travel. Ooh, how rude of me. Allow me to do introductions. I’m Lydia Dominatus, but you can call me Domi.” Lydia pressed her gloved hand to her rounded bosom that was practically busting out of her blood coloured dress. The Demoness noted that Maya had taken an interest in the interior of the spacious carriage and she winked at the girl as though trying to make her her new best friend. “Nice innit? It was a gift from a rather wealthy gentleman for my services.” The interior of the carriage was detailed with golden trim and blood red tassles on the curtains that were on the doors and back window. It was in stark contrast to the black exterior which was much more solemn.

Lydia’s attention in Maya grew when the girl let her hood fall back to reveal her short black hair and gorgeous blue eyes. So very attractive. The Demon now pulled out all the stops to make the pair comfortable. She reached into a basket that sat to her right and pulled out a small crushed velvet box and handed it to Maya.

“Turkish delight. Do try some. They are breath taking and so exotic.” If Maya opened the box, there would be twelve inside, all dusted with icing. Lydia didn’t forget Allister, she had something for him as well. A small silver flask of whiskey with the initial “M” on the side. She handed it to Allister with another wink. “I won’t tell if you won’t.” Lydia giggled.

Happy in herself, she then went for the kill.

“So…seen anything unusual this eve. A death perhaps?”


RPC – The Demon of Ambition, Lydia Dominatus.

Lydia Dominatus from the Seven Sins RP.


Alias: Demon of Ambition

Species: Demon

Gender: Female

Age: 222 short years

Quote : “Ah, Love! Could Thou and I with Fate conspire
To grasp this sorry Scheme of Things entire,
Would we not shatter it to bits—and then
Re-mold it nearer to the Heart’s Desire!”
—The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam.

Appearance: Voluptuous yet diminutive woman of about 5 foot 6 inches, with flowing black hair which is usually styled up with braids and curls that tumble down her back. Lydia has black eyes, alabaster coloured skin, when in a more human like state and loves to wear fine gowns that are Victorian in design. She loves dresses that set off her hourglass figure with plunging necklines.
Demon fit : Large black leathery wings, sharpened tail, red skin, red eyes and is usually nude in this guise.
Likes : Gambling, horse racing, card games, gossip, stealing, spying, girls, nice clothes, lace and jewels, sweets.
Dislikes : Boring conversation, idiots, snooty men.
Personality : Chatty, witty, diabolical, sweet, disarming, loyal to Mariela, cheeky, devious, wicked.
Abilities :Infernal beam: Lydia aims with one outstretched finger, and shoots a concentrated beam of bronze colored energy at the target.

Yoke of the damned: Lydia is able to lift one hand, palm up into the air and nearly immediately, green spectral hands shoot out of the ground, pulling the target into this mass of arms, holding them in place. Can be broken with effort, and hands cannot catch targets in the air.

Flight: Uses ki to fly as well as wings.

Telepathy: The ability to speak to somebody in their mind, and their ability to reply.
Mind Barrier he has a mind barrier or after-image technique that lets her avoid an attack if her pl is high enough.
Weapons : Currently in play she has found the book of Shadows, and intends to use it to help her summon demons and other spirits to do her dirty work.
Transport : Black carriage – horse drawn.
Allies : Currently Mariela and Suda, the Dwarf Blacksmith.
Resides : Greed Kingdom.

History : Lydia Dominatus was for as long as anyone could remember, the Demon of Ambition. The kind of girl that had fierce intentions and though while she acted as though she was supremely loyal to Mammon the Prince of Greed, she was actually plotting to have him get himself in such trouble that it may well cost him his life. She loves a game of chance, and favours gambling dens as a place to relax, or the local seamstress to have her latest gowns made. One that is not afraid to use her sexual prowess to get what she wants, Lydia is a formidable force and will stop at nothing to get what she wants.

Theme song : I want it all by Queen.