Morning Sickness – The Embassy : PD


Nicholas’s sudden illness takes everyone by surprise.

The Embassy RP – Yaoi romance.






In a room up in the farther part of the castle laid a person, one who groaned as the sunlight shined in through the window. Sighing a bit he would let go of the pillow and sit up, looking out the window. It was a nice day by the looks of it, his arm going up to his forehead and covering his face. A small yawn escaped his lips as long white hair flowed down to his back, the person half naked. Nicholas removed the sheets from his legs and swung them to the side to sit on the edge. It had been a while since that moment long ago; where Valmont purposed to Nicholas. It was still a shock to him at some points, he wasn’t sure what it meant at first. But once the realization came to him he was shocked and gladly accepted it. He had loved Valmont and he had did all that, it was something special. Standing Nicholas would remove the boxers he had on, standing nude there for a moment. Walking to the window he would shut the curtain and the room would be dark again, little light shining in. A knock had been heard and he picked up a towel, wrapping it around his waist.

” Coming! ” Nicolas said, walking and opening the door. A servant had been there with a tray of food. What was this?

” Valmont had requested you be served breakfast in the morning.” She said and handed the tray walking away.

Nicholas took the tray and shut the door setting it on the table. Breakfast? He hoped he wasn’t going to be treated like some royal but know him he probably was. With a small sigh he walked into the bathroom, dropping the towel and starting the shower. The windows fogged up moments later and he stepped in, the warm water hitting his back. It had felt nice to be cleaned in the morning, slowly he’d go to washing his body. Thoughts of Valmont entered his mind and he simply giggled a bit, continuing to wash. After twenty minutes of washing and cleaning the shower would turn off and he’d step out of shower. Nicholas would pick up a towel and wrapped it around himself, standing in the mirror. He really did look like a girl like this, soaking wet hair down, the girl features and his body. His eyes went to the small marks to his neck from the other previous night. You could say his sexual relationship in life had changed drastically, he was more open and willing to go such long lengths with him. He was use to being nude in front of the man, they were husband and wife after all.

After drying his hair he’d slide a silk robe on and tied it around the waist. It was slightly big but, still fit so the shoulders of the gown would hang down revealing his shoulders. Walking out of the bathroom he’d go to sit down on the bed near the tray, taking the tray its self he’d place it on the bed. Nicholas would go to eating the food away, you could say he was hungry and that was something new, but it didn’t bother him. After another 20 minutes of eating he’d put the tray on the table and laid on the bed. He had felt good right now and the cold air hitting his bare skin made it much more better. Roughly 10 minutes later a feeling would come to his stomach, one of feeling very sick and nauseous. What was it? With his body reaction he was up off the bed in seconds and into the bathroom on the ground, his head over the toilet. Moments later he had started throwing up a bunch and red liquid came after. What was that? Once more it came up with more crimson liquid, it was blood. Why was he throwing up and blood with it?

After the situation in the bathroom he’d shut the toilet and flushed it, washing his face and walking out. A couple of times earlier he had, had similar situations but, not blood. Was he coming down with something of the flu? It was unknown to him, sitting on the bed he put a hand to his stomach. This had worried him now and he’d make sure he’d go to a doctor soon if it continued on. Laying back on the bed the robe would slide up, showing his thin legs and he shut his eyes. Valmont and the others would probably wonder why Nicholas hadn’t come down but, he didn’t care at the moment. He wanted to relax, it had been a sick morning. 




Embassy of Hell

Valmont had been waiting for some time for Nicholas to make an appearance in his office. The Ambassador had long since finished his coffee, and Jensen had cleared away the tray leaving Valmont to his thoughts. Naturally, they were filled with nothing but Nicholas, and that look on his face when he had accepted the Ambassador’s proposal. Standing by his desk, Valmont let his fingers run along the edge of the oak, being deep in thought and feeling chuff about the whole thing. Sure, he had a lot to do that day but part of him just wanted to hole Nicholas up in his room and make love to him till the sun set once more. A light chuckle left his lips, his hand leaving the timber of the desk and falling to his side. Valmont took out his pocket watch and noted the time. A crease formed on his brow as he saw it was a lot later than he had imagined. ~Where can he be?~ he thought to himself.

It was then that Valmont decided to go and check on Nicholas. Maybe he had gone to his own office first and got caught up in talks with some of the more nosy of the staff. Talk of engagements and weddings were always enough to stop staff from doing their duties fully. Straightening his jacket, Valmont strolled out of his office and went down the hall – nodding politely at all that passed him till he rounded into Nicholas’s office only to find that he wasn’t there.

“Strange…” Valmont said aloud. The ambassador stopped a passing maid, who curtseyed at him. “Yes, Sir?”

“Have you seen Nicholas yet?” He now had a frown, as he was starting to worry about his lover. This was most unlike him. The maid shook her head. “No one has seen him since he had his breakfast tray taken in, Sir.”

‘Hmmm….alright, carry on.”

The girl bobbed and continued on her way, leaving Valmont standing there rubbing his temple. He was going to have to go and check in Nicholas’s bedroom and make sure he was alright. Arriving a few minutes later, Valmont knocked twice, before entering. it was then he could see Nicholas laying down with his robe having slid up so his legs were fully exposed. The breakfast tray had been finished, and it showed he had eaten. Was he unwell?

Walking up to the bed, Valmont sat down on the edge, and then gently caressed Nicholas’s cheek tenderly.

“Love, are you awake?” Concern written all over his face.








By this time Nicholas had been somewhat sleeping but not fully. Hearing the knocking didn’t register to Nic’s ears as his eyes stayed shut. It had been a bit of a surprise to feel a caress of his cheek but, he knew who it was. Opening his eyes he looked up at his lover. A soft smile came to his lips as he sat up now, next to Valmont. He had been a bit asleep but, not that much. The feeling from earlier still lingered a bit in his stomach but, not as much. His hair sprawled down his shoulder and back, the robe hanging a bit as he set his hand on his lap.

” I’m wide awake, just feeling a little sick. Nothing out of the usual, so I ended up slightly falling back to sleep.” He said and slowly he fell right back onto his bed, on his back.

What was it? He just didn’t feel like moving much or getting up but, maybe that was just cause of how he felt. Maybe something was horribly wrong with his body but, what could it possibly be? Softly breathing he moved his head to look over at Valmont and simply admired him, it was nice to see him again since he hadn’t seen him since the previous night. A soft smile fell onto his lips again. 




Embassy of Hell

Naturally, Valmont’s thoughts turned to the worst when Nicholas had said that he was feeling a little sick. Was it from the breakfast tray that had been provided? A bad egg, or some suspect bacon? It explained a lot about why Nicholas had been missing that morning. The Ambassador reached for Nicholas’s hand and held it between his. Worried that it might be a case of food poisoning, due to Nicholas wanting to lay back down again, instead of getting up – had Valmont ready to call for the Embassy physician. Nicholas had never had a sick day in all the years that he worked at the Embassy so this was most unusual.

“Perhaps a day in bed wouldn’t hurt. i can fetch the Doctor for you, if you would like.”This was more to allay the Ambassador’s own concerns as he really wanted to know the nature of Nicholas’s illness. They had so much to talk about and plan, since Valmont was hoping to discuss about their future. Everything about a proper engagement, and of course later a grand wedding in the Embassy grounds.

Though now didn’t seem to be the right time at all. Nicholas was breathing so softly and appeared fragile if anything. It was the feminine side that Valmont was loving more and more each day. His thoughts quickly changed for a moment, as he found himself staring at Nicholas, letting his eyes wander down his supple neck.

“Do you know how hard it is to be near you…..and not be able to have my way?” There was a tease in his words, cause he knew it was the wrong thing to say with Nicholas being sick. Valmont leaned forward to steal a kiss, before getting ready to get up and fetch the Doctor.

“Can I get you anything to make you more comfortable?’ he asked.








A doctor? That was what Nicholas was going to do himself but, he guessed Valmont could do it too. A day in bed sounded good but, he had work too. Though that feeling was coming on strong again, he was wondering if he’d have to run to the bathroom again. There was a lot to talk about and he could tell Valmont wanted to talk but, he wouldn’t since he’s sick at the moment.

Yes, you can fetch the doctor. I was going to get one later.” He had said.

Nicholas watched Valmont roam with his eyes and he couldn’t help but snicker a bit at it. Hearing his words a small shiver went through his body. Maybe Nicholas was the same but, he wouldn’t let that be known at the moment. Feeling the kiss he smiled and watched him start getting up. No, he didn’t want him to go just yet, sitting up Nicholas was quick to throw his arms around Valmont’s shoulder, pulling him back down sitting on the bed. A soft smile came to his lips as he leaned his chest on his back and leaned in to nibble at his ear.

” I know it’s hard, I sometimes do it intentionally, to see your reaction.” He said teasingly.

Nicholas hand hand been wondering down Val’s chest now, going lower and lower onto his lap. His head moved down to let his lips plant upon his neck, giving a soft kiss and suck. The hand that was trailing down now pushed into his inner thigh, against his crotch. Slightly finding his soft member and rubbing from the outside of his pants, squeezing once in a while. This would of been the moment Nicholas would of done more but, something came undone. That feeling hit him strongly and as quick as he had been grabbing Valmont, that same pace was now him letting go and crawling off the bed. Sprinting almost towards the bathroom door and it shutting behind him. Again he was once again over the toilet letting out what he had earlier. It had gone on for just a couple of minutes, after it he’d sink down to the floor and groaned a bit. What was happening to him? 




– The faint smell of smoke slithered into the room where Nicholas took residence in , the Housekeep had been looking for quite some time now for Valmont and having checked all of the other rooms in the area he was certain that this must’ve been the place where he was . A soft double knock on the door to allow those inside to know he was outside as well as asking for permission to enter . He awaited for a reply from within , and would not move from the spot he was in in front of the door without waiting a good 5 minutes just in case. He had to ask Valmont whether or not he wanted his routine room cleaning just like the others of the Embassy members. – 

” Anyone inside ? ”




Embassy of Hell

It was strange. One minute Nicholas seemed completely fine and then he was even going as far as trying to awaken the Ambassador’s lust with his subtle hand movements towards Valmont’s crotch. The idea that the young man was still sick completely left Valmont’s head, as he let out a slight moan at Nicholas’s attention. Should he really be trying to start something now, he should know that it was hard for Valmont to stop. But…just as things were getting interesting, Nicholas looked green. A shocked expression and before you knew it he was off the bed and sprinting for the bathroom. The door slammed and there was the dreadful sound of dry reaching followed by a nasty coughing sound. Nicholas was being sick…right then and there. Valmont sat up straight as a board on the bed, not knowing if he should go in and hold Nic’s hair for him. This was most unusual. There was no doubt about it now, he would have to send for the Doctor.

When Nicholas returned and crawled back into bed, Valmont had lost any urge to play the lover, instead he wanted to make sure that Nicholas was alright.

“That’s it. I’m getting the Doctor.” He wasn’t going to dilly dally or go through another ten questions to figure out just what was wrong with Nic. It was pretty clear that it was serious.

It was then that there was a faint smell of smoke, that had come from somewhere, and had Valmont sniffing, to see if there was something in the room that had caught fire. Looking around, he then heard a subtle knock on the door followed by a polite voice.

” Anyone inside ? ”

“Yes, do come in, Hiei.” Talk about good timing. Valmont went to standing, but made sure to cover Nicholas with a blanket before allowing the House manager to see him in this state.

Once the manager was in, Valmont would ask. “Hiei, Nicholas has taken ill, and we need the Doctor right away….as well as a maid to clean and sanitize the bathroom.” Looking to the manager, it would be clear as day to see the worry on the Ambassador’s face. Something was terribly wrong, but Valmont had no clue as to what it was.








Nicholas had finished and finally gotten up, turning the sink on. Slowly he’d splash water onto his face and groaned a little. This was beyond annoying, why of all times was he doing this now. Walking out of the bathroom he’d crawl into bed and ignored everything. He heard Valmont rumbling about a Doctor, that sounded really good right now. Who was the other person that came in, Hiei? He must of been on duty, he had seen him around and socialized a bit. Crawling a bit more Nicholas laid his head into the pillow, pulling the blanket up more. His body felt sick and weak, it also felt like something was splitting, he wasn’t sure what it was. Letting out a small sigh he peaked his head out and looked over at the other two men.

” Good day Hiei.” Nicholas said faintly.

Shutting his eyes he’d wonder off, his hand sliding to his belly and rubbing it. Never once had Nicholas been sick and he was getting sick now, was this karma? No, it couldn’t be, they had done their deeds and accepted it. Things were going good but, this had to happen. Another soft sigh escaped his lips as he simply laid there, under the sheet with his eyes closed. He wasn’t sleeping but, simply resting for the time being. 




– Hiei entered the room upon hearing the notice that people were inside ; the voice belonging to Valmont and hearing the context of the message he could infer that Nicholas was with him and when he had entered he would see for himself that they were both here with one in a bad condition . – 

” Hello and Good Day to you both . Roger that I’ll get those coming as soon as I possibly can . ” 

– Hiei whistled as loud as he could ; hoping that it attracted some of the maids to his location via audio. Upon hearing some faint steps of proper services in the distance he would now try to address the other request. He wasn’t sure if he knew precisely if he meant a regular medic or a special one in particular. He would say it in a inquisitive manner so he would know what was meant by it and hopefully he’d know . He’d take a puff and straightened his tie before doing so.- 

” The Doctor was it ? ”




Embassy of Hell

It was good to see that Hiei was so prompt to rise to the challenge and arrange for someone to come and deal with the mess in the bathroom quickly. If it was one thing he could count on, it was Hiei’s house management skills. The loud whistle resonated throughout the room and sure enough you could hear that the sound of light footsteps coming towards Nicholas’s room was the maid. That was one thing out of the way, but what was important now was that Nicholas was seen too. The nature of his illness was still unclear. Valmont suspected possible food poisoning, but oddly enough they had both eaten the same thing, and as of yet no one else in the Embassy was feeling poorly – at least it had not been reported.

With Hiei now asking about which Doctor to call for, Valmont pulled out a card from his coat pocket and handed it to Hiei. It was the business card for Hell’s Kitchen. One of hell’s best physicians worked there and was well known for his dedication to his patients as well as his good bedside manner. He was probably one of the most trusted men in hell, considering he was actually human.

“Go and fetch Doctor Schwartz from his office at Hell’s Kitchen. I want the uppermost discretion for Nicholas, and of course the very best medical care.”

Valmont’s mind was made up, and now he turned back to his lover and fiance’ who was now looking very pale indeed. The repeated vomiting was taking it out of him, that was clear.

“I’ll cancel all my appointments today, Nicholas, and stay by your side.”

The Ambassador pulled up a chair near the bed and reached for Nicholas’s hand, stroking it gently.


Wrong Impressions – GS.

Scene setting: Elissa’s Apartment – GS.

co-written with VunG.


VunG:  Oh, the precious feelings of the after-glow. For the first time in what felt like ages Elissa could feel her barriers lowering; here the real world couldn’t touch them… they were away from it all. It had been far too long since she experienced a moment like this, where she could just take to someone like this and embrace. As they continued to kiss, her hands roamed a bit, straying down to his backside, lightly feeling and testing his wonderful body. Even if this wasn’t love, she felt absolutely enraptured by this wonderful intimacy.

As he took her cheek, she gladly looked back into his eyes, relaxing and searching him, trying to figure out what thoughts were going through his head. She, for her part, didn’t think that this was love… yet. She had felt this sensation before, her husband and another man on the force before him. The latter never progressed beyond a physical relationship, but she always cared about him as a friend, even now that he had left the city she kept in contact with him. This was something that could become love, and she had no issue with that, but at the same time it could just be the warmth of intimacy.

She too was aware of the day beginning, but she was in no hurry to let get the day get going. There was nothing she knew of that they really needed to do, unless Tommy had work, and while she definitely needed to get clean, she couldn’t shower proper for a few hours yet so it was something she wanted to put off as long as possible. She was perfectly fine just staying here with him, perhaps just snuggling, perhaps going out on a proper date, perhaps showering together, perhaps watching movies, perhaps making more bed music. To her the outside world wasn’t so much tearing away at their little world; it was laying siege, but she had more than enough food to last for a while yet.

And then suddenly Tommy said something that completely threw her off-guard. He was falling for her. She blinked with surprise, looking down and to the side in thought, trying to figure out her own thoughts. She… wasn’t quite there for him… she definitely cared for him, she wanted to find out if she would fall for him… but she wasn’t there. Still, she supposed they’d find out what this was in time. She didn’t talk in response, but she returned her gaze to him, a soft smile appearing on her face as she shrugged lightly. She didn’t want to crush his spirits, hurting him was so far out of her desires it may as well have been in China, but lying to him was something she also didn’t want to do. Regardless, she intended to try. Slowly she leaned back in and kissed him, softer this time, but still with a great deal of passion.


Razorbackwriter:  Tommy had said what he felt in his heart, the problem was he also wasn’t thinking. The words blurted out like he was a love struck teenager. But that is not who Tommy really was. Was it? It didn’t take much to see that Elissa was totally caught off guard by Tommy’s surprise admission. The truth of her feelings came not from the soft smile, but that gentle shrug of her shoulders. To Tommy that was a sign that she didn’t know how she felt…..but she didn’t feel the same. That single moment was like time had slowed and Tommy found himself now in uncharted waters. He closed his eyes as she moved in to kiss him again – still with that hunger. The passion was there, yes.


But it was just sex……..

Tommy reciprocated and kissed her back as he tried to put douse the feelings. He was a fool for thinking that this was love. He was a man for god’s sake. If Tommy could have slapped his forehead and cursed he would have, but instead he just held her. The wandering of his fingers came to a slow stop. Tommy drew back and then shrugged his shoulders too, before placing a finger tip on her nose and pressing it lightly. Rolling back he pulled his hands so that they would be resting behind his head – staring at the ceiling. No amount of words was going to fix what he had said.  If only the world could swallow him up.



Be careful what you wish for – SS.

Scene setting : Greed Castle.

co-written with Dessy.


Dessy:  Lydia would be new Princess of Greed, and Mariela would be Duchess of Greed. It was.. weird. She had originally only agreed to be a healer for Greed, but now things were changing completely. She wasn’t just a healer anymore. it was a big change, if you asked Mariela. Mariela was clueless if Lydia was hiding something from her – then again, she wouldn’t be surprised. Lydia was a demon, after all. Mariela gasped as she saw what would be her room, looking over when she heard Lydia squeal. “It’s wonderful.” she said, moving out of Lydia’s arms to run her hand across the fabric over the bed. “I’m not used to anything like this. Before I ended up here, I never had a bedroom as fancy and royal as this.” she spoke in awe, turning her head to look at the walls of the room. She turned to see Lydia motion to the walk in closet, before she walked over herself and opened it. “This is amazing!” she then said excitedly, shutting the closet to turn and look at Lydia.

She gave a nod when Lydia said she’d see her in the morning, gaining a kiss on her cheek. “Goodnight, Lydia.” she said, shutting the door behind her as she walked out. She then looked around the room again, giving a nod as if she was satisfied. She took a few minutes to change into some sleepwear, sitting on the edge of the bed and continuing to look around. Her cloak was laid out over a chair, and Mariela glanced at it, before climbing into the bed and laying down. She closed her eyes and gave a satisfied sigh, before she quickly drifted off to sleep. It was an interesting.. and terrifying day, and Mariela was exhausted. Sleep sounded really good right now.


Razorbackwriter:  The night was a long one. Lydia was simply too excited to sleep, and with Suda having left her to return to his black smith shop within the castle, the Demoness of Ambition was left to her own devices. Flanked by guards, just in case – she wandered back down the spiral stair case of the tower to head for the Library. Now, Lydia was not a book worm. In fact, the library was the last place you would probably find her. There was a reason for her sudden urge to read and that came in the form of a special book that Mammon kept. One that was normally under lock and key. With Mammon away however, Lydia decided it was time for a peek. Known simply as the book of Shadows, Mammon had bought it at an auction and paid a dear price for it. His reason for buying it was because it was one of a kind and worth far more to a great many people. Thus his greediness kicked in. Lydia had heard tales about the book. How it had within its pages how to summon and even destroy a great many demons and spirits. This was what Lydia almost giddy. To her, knowledge was power and also if she could summon whoever she felt like just by reading a spell or incantation, all the more kudos to her.

Lydia had passed Mariela’s chambers and for a split second she thought of knocking on the door and getting her to come along too, but she remembered the girl had been through enough for one day, and might not be too pleased about being dragged out of bed to look at a book.

The last corridor and she turned into the fantastic library once more. It really smelt like an old man’s den. Lydia wrinkled up her nose and tiptoed into the library, past the staff librarian who had fallen asleep at her desk. Snoring soundly, Lydia raised a finger to her own lips and went “Shhh.” causing the librarian to snort in protest. Taking the key off the ring on the librarian’s belt, Lydia then headed down to the VIP section, or the place where Mammon kept his porn and special books.

“Hentai…hentai…Hentai…..and…ah here we are.” Lydia whispered to herself as she came across a large covered stand that had under it the book of Shadows. There was a brass lock on the bottom of the glass cover, and Lydia looked around, before undoing the lock with a loud click. Far on the other side of the library, the librarian snorted and then started to snore again, as Lydia raised the glass cover. The book was resting on a bed of fine black velvet and Lydia carefully took it out from its resting place to head to a small corner of the library where she would be undisturbed.

Setting the book down on a reading podium, she flipped the book open and started to let her fingers do the walking.

“Now….who shall I summon?”




Dessy:  Mariela, for some reason, had woken up. Maybe some noise woke her up, as she was a light sleeper, but she wasn’t sure. Trying to fall back asleep, she found that she couldn’t, and so with a sigh she sat up, before throwing her legs across the bed and jumping off. She had slept for a good few hours before getting woken up – guess that was a good thing. She picked up her purple cloak, tying it around her and throwing the hood up. She then opened her bedroom door, closing it behind her to make it look like someone was still there. Walking around the castle barefoot, she stopped by the door of her lab debating if she should go in and work until she grew tired, but she decided not to. She walked down the hallways, in the direction of the library. Reading would be good to do until she grew tired again. She walked towards the library entrance, peeking her head in to see if anyone was there. The librarian was asleep, and she saw Lydia sitting in the corner. With a tilt of her head, she wondered why Lydia was still up and what she was doing in a library. Her curiosity got the best of her, so with a yawn, she walked in Lydia’s direction, making sure not to make much noise so she wouldn’t wake up the librarian. “Lydia? What are you doing in here? I never took you as the reading type.”


Razorbackwriter: Lydia was somewhat surprised that Mariela had actually wandered down from her room and come to find her in the library. One thing about Mariela she was always spot on with her instincts as her observation that the Demon of Ambition was not exactly a book worm being accurate. Lydia gestured for Mariela to pull up a chair beside her, whilst keeping her voice low so as not to wake up the Librarian. Lydia was not yet the Princess of Greed, so for her to be sneaking around and poking into Mammon’s prized books was a no no. But, you could never keep a wicked Demon like Lydia away from something as wonderful as the book of Shadows.

“I couldn’t sleep. What with the constant sounds of explosions and deathly screams coming from Wrath. So…thought I would do a spot of light reading.”

The book of Shadow was not exactly light reading. Mariela, being a witch might be tuned into the book that Lydia had on the podium and might even question why Lydia was reading it.

Lydia turned the pages slowly as each page contained the details of many a demon, dark spirit and ghoul. The more Lydia turned the pages, the more her fingers danced across the inscriptions. Each one being more deadly than the next. The Demoness of Ambition cocked her head to the side and then mused out loud. “How about we summon a sexy little man to play with? One that will do what we want, and seek out our enemies while they sleep.”

She had come to the page of a creature known as an Alp. A nasty little thing that wore the strangest looking hat, but had such a wicked smile that Lydia could hardly resist. “He looks so cute. Whatchya think?” Lydia said with a giggle, as she looked at the incantation that would summon the Alp known as Scar into being.



Dessy:  Mariela gave a nod as she took a seat next to Lydia, turning to look at the book. “Book of Shadow? I wouldn’t call that light reading..” she whispered, but didn’t question why Lydia had it. Her question was answered soon enough. Mariela’s eyes scanned over each page as she flipped through them, reading the name’s of each creature. She looked up when Lydia spoke about wanting a “sexy little man” to play with, raising an eyebrow, and then turning her attention back to the books. She sat up to look at the picture of the Alp, making a face. “‘Cute’ isn’t exactly how I’d describe him. More like creepy. But sure. Whatever works.” she said with a shrug of her shoulders. After seeing the sight from earlier, she was sure this couldn’t possibly be as bad as that. But then again, she wasn’t quite sure of anything.. But she didn’t think summoning this creature would be that bad.


Razorbackwriter:  Mariela seemed to have no issues with Lydia’s intent to summon a demon to her cause. The young witch pointed out that Scar appeared to be creepy, but not so foul that she would put up an argument against. Lydia squealed and then took out a small box of matches from her gown, and lit the nearest candle to her, as she took in a deep breath. Her eyes widened as she let her finger follow along the text in the book. The spell to bring Scar before the pair. It was actually nice to have a co conspirator to her wicked schemes – even if she hadn’t been totally upfront with Mariela on everything.

Hear these words, hear my cry,
Spirit from the other side.
Come to me, I summon thee,
Cross now the great divide.
Beloved demon spirit; Scar,
We seek your guidance
Commune with us
And move amongst us.”

The candle light flickered, as did all the other lights in the library. Lydia gripped Mariela’s hand and again let out an excited giggle, as the pages of the Book of Shadows fluttered and then with a loud pop sound there appeared in the center of the library, a cheeky looking chap in a tall black hat. He tugged on the lapel of his coat, as he surveyed his surrounds.


“Castle Greed? The hell?” Scar was somewhat surprised to see where he had been summoned too, but then when his eyes clapped on Lydia’s ripe bosom, he licked his lips and then ran at her with grabby hands.

“Mummy! Oh yes, I am home!”

Lydia’s eyebrows shot up as the smaller demon ran at her, his head just coming up to the top of her chest. In a blink, he was trying to nurse on her breast, pawing at her dress like a fiend. “Such BIG BOOBS!” He cried with a muffled voice as he had his face buried in her dress. At once, Lydia started swatting at his hat. “STOP THAT!…OI…I’M NOT YOUR MOTHER”

What would Mariela say?




Dessy:  Mariela wasn’t going to argue. If Lydia wanted to summon something to help her fight against the other kingdoms, then so be it. Mariela looked over at Lydia, quite amused with how excited she’d get over the littlest things. As she listened to Lydia recite the spell, she had to admit the demon was fun to be around. She may not agree to everything Lydia was doing, or all of her plans, but Lydia was a nice person – at least, to her she was – and entertaining to be around. Plus, being a witch, summoning and other things Lydia did, or wanted her to do, wasn’t much of an issue to her. So, she really just went along with whatever Lydia wanted to do. If Mariela felt it really wasn’t necessary, or too dangerous, or uncalled for or something like that, then she might say on it. But right now.. no.

Mariela squeezed Lydia’s hand when she grabbed it, watching the lights flicker and the pages of the book turn. She then turned her attention to the man who appeared, wearing a tall hat. When he spoke, Mariela opened her mouth to speak, before jumping and removing her hand from Lydia’s when he had run up to her and put his face in her chest. This is the demon you summoned to help us?” she asked with a very amused expression as she watched the demon try to, what looked like, nurse from Lydia’s breast. Watching Lydia try to swat him away, Mariela had to cover her mouth to stop from laughing so she wouldn’t wake the librarian up.