Fitzy and Wippa’s – Taylor Swift ‘Shake It Off’ PARODY Kings Cross


If you know Kings Cross in Sydney, then this parody by Fitzy and Wippa is on the money.  Using Taylor Swift’s “Shake it off”, it’s a great take on what its like to spend a night at the Cross.


It’s the black sheep of the state
It is the seedy gateway
We only see it late (Doof Doof)Never through the day (Can I borrow a dollar mate)
Taxis stay away
Red lights on display
And there’s coppers on the chase, (Police siren)For people off their face, ooht, ooht
Bouncers they keep booting
And steroid freaks keep losing
And young blokes keep pursuing
For a chick
Saying, “this is gonna be my night”
Cause the ravers gonna rave, rave, rave, rave
Politicians gonna play, play, play, play, play
I just lost my mates, mates, mates, mates, mates
In the Cross, In the Cross
And the boobs well they’re all fake, fake, fake, fake, fake
Every townie is so vain, vain, vain, vain, vain
Every bloke thinks they’re Drake, Drake, Drake, Drake
In the Cross, In the Cross
Bada Bing grab a seat
Dim Sim King go and eat
Ju Ju’s Karaoke, (Get off)
And Hugos to be seen, (Members only mate)
I’m dancing on my own (dancing on my own)
Until a drag queen has a go (moves up as I go
)He/she doesn’t take a no, mmm-mmm
And we end up heading home, mmm-mmm
And the bikies they’ll keep cruising
And Jarrad Hayne well they’ll keep shooting
And the footy clubs keep abusing
All the boys
Saying, “Please not in the Cross tonight”
Cause the girls are gonna wave, wave, wave, wave, wave
And the sailors are gonna pay, pay, pay, pay
Time to stay away, way, way, way, way
In the Cross, In the Cross
And the cops are gonna raid, raid, raid, raid
Binge Drinkers gonna stray, stray, stray, stray
St. Vincents well they pray, pray, pray, pray
In the Cross, In the cross

Fitzy and Wippa’s parody “We never ever ever get accurate weather”


I simply can’t stop laughing.  This is so damn true.  A wonderful parody of Taylor Swift’s “We are never ever getting back together”, Fitzy and Wippa have penned what it’s really like here in Australia, trying to get an accurate weather report.

When I wake I want to be informed (tell me)
Sun or rain or shall I brace for storms (it’s easy)
Then I try deciphering the code
Dew points, tide heights, UV, what?
In Australia then it’s time to pick (decisions)
Trust a bloke or credence from a chick? (division)
I change my mind every single day (it’s so cray)
Forecasts, rainfall, wind speed, hectopascals

Yoo-oo-oo-o-ou we copped 20mls of rain last night
But yoo-oo-oo-o-ou you to me to dry my clothes, dry my clothes

We never ever ever get accurate weather
We never ever ever get accurate weather
You talk to locals, talk to sponsors, just talk to me
‘Cos we never ever ever get accurate weather

Grant Denyer’s cracking jokes on Sunrise (Just Cuts)
Natalie Gruzlewski, Channel 9 (she’s alright)
Stevie Jacobs always doing stunts (daily)
But no-one has the passion of Timmy Bailey

Ooo-oo-oo-o-o the bloke gets excited with a temperature rise
And ooo-oo-oo-o-o Bailey, he’s telling it, he’s yelling it

We love Tim Bailey ‘cos he lives the weather, weather
And because his skin is made of leather, leather