Are you a good witch, or a bad witch? – SS.

Scene setting : Greed Castle.

co-written with Temp, Moo & Dessy.


Moo:  So it had worked. The pair were escorted directly to the throne room. Though they would not find who they had anticipated. Upon entering the room, they would see an almost average looking woman, save her beauty. Confusion set over both Serin’s and Oroan’s faces as they came to a stop in the entrance of the room. Oroan was nudged forward at that point, and he took a step forward before pausing. The guards wouldn’t be leaving, then.
“Where is Mammon?” his gruff voice asked. Where his eyebrows should have been, furrowed down in more confusion. Had he retired to his chambers? No–that didn’t matter. He mentally shrugged it off. If Mammon wasn’t here, it would be easier to collect the troublesome imp, who was standing feet away from the woman. Great. His eyes trailed over to her for a moment.

Serin remained silent, her expression unreadable. Though she would also gaze at her friend, longing to reach out for her. Nami! Her thoughts would reach the imp due to the close quarters.Disappear…we’ll be your distraction. Serin’s gaze would return to the woman as well, tilting her head slightly while the pair awaited an answer.


Temp:  Nami knew that there had to be some way out of this, and was determined to figure it out on her own. However, her thoughts completely trailed off as one of the people actually seemed to ‘stand up’ for her. Having her hands spared in exchange for a prison sentence was definitely an upgrade. She would definitely take one or the other, though being let off with a warning was definitely the best option. For a moment it sounded like the other woman, the one in charge, was going to reject the idea. This made her nervous…but then the woman went ahead and agreed. Well, this situation was turning out better than she thought it would. Her eyes had trailed around the room, and eventually back to the kinder of the two women. She was just about to ask for forgiveness, only to be completely thrown off by Serin and Oroan. This complicated things…sort of. Serin’s thoughts quickly flowed through Nami’s mind, which were about a distraction of sorts. Without giving it another thought, she once more turned invisible. She wasn’t about to leave empty handed though. Now invisible, she hopped back to the Chalice that she had originally gone for. It was quickly snatched by her, followed by her running towards the same place she entered the room from. Just like she had entered, she poofed out of the room and sprouted her wings. She would then descend to the ground below and find a place to hide while she waited for Serin and Oroan.


Dessy:  “I understand she is a thief, but I still find the punishment cruel.” Mariela said to Lydia again. She frowned as it seemed like Lydia was going to protest, but gave a smile when she agreed. “Alright. I’ll deal with her.” she said, watching Lydia walk off as she turned to look back at Nami. She looked at the girl, pursing her lips as she thought things through. She opened her mouth to speak, but the guards came in with a woman and a man, saying they were here about Gluttony. She turned to face them, putting her hands behind her back as the man was nudged forward.

She raised an eyebrow when he asked where Mammon was. “Mammon is dead. He died in the war at Wrath. Lydia is the new Princess of Greed, and she’s occupied at the moment.” she spoke with a soft and gentle tone in her voice. “May I ask who you are?” she then asked gently, She turned her head just in time to see Nami disappear, and the chalice leaving the throne room, and she jumped and took a step back from shock. “Guards. See if you can find her and the chalice, and bring her back here. Unharmed, please. I’ll be okay here.” she said, but wasn’t strict or mean while doing it. She gave them a light smile and nod, before they ran off. “Were you two with her?” she then asked, only out of curiosity. She had no plans of harming or hurting anyone. Actually, she wanted anything but that.


Razorbackwriter:  Scar shuffled along behind Lydia, sniffing as he did so. He thought it was strange how Lydia left Mariela to deal with the thief, especially since she appeared to be a tricky little thing. Lydia kept up her pace before turning into the grand study where Mammon spent much of his time. Old books, a large oak desk with comfortable leather chair in behind. It had a certain old world charm, and Lydia adapted to it quickly. She waltzed around the desk and sat herself down, fanning out her large skirt.

“Now…who to invite?” Lydia mused, taking out the quill from the ink well and brushing the feather end to her right cheek. Scar came to a stop, then had to ask; “Why did you leave the witch to deal the punishment, Mistress?”

Lydia stared at the alp blankly, then said with a dead pan voice. “Cause she has to learn. Not everyone is as good as she is, and I bet your bottom dollar that the thief has already made a run for it.” In fact, Lydia was almost certain of it. “If Mariela is to be Duchess of Greed, she needs to pick up a few skills. Think of this as a test.”

Only thing was it was a test that Mariela knew nothing about.

Lydia then took out a large pile of pretty papers, and started to write out invitations to the masked ball she had planned.



Moo:  “Dead..?” Oroan asked an open ended question, as if prompting the witch to explain it further. “War?” He shook his head slowly, confused. There had been a war in wrath, and they didn’t know about it? More so…they had found Belial’s corpse only yesterday. It had been ignorant of the two not to investigate it further. It seemed a ruckus was occurring between princes. “Who killed Belial?” he asked. “We found his corpse last night in the town square…only to be attacked by someone I’ve never seen before.” Normally the brute wouldn’t speak so much is so little time. He was known to be silent unless addressed, and even then, he was reserved. Information like this, however, would bring a more social side to him out.

Serin let out the softest breath possible, like a hidden sigh of relief. Nami had escaped. Although Serin hadn’t expected her to take the chalice along with her. Good girl, Nami… Golden hues turned back in time to notice the female before them had noticed, though a little too late. Nami would be safe before any guard reached the end of that hall. Hellhounds, though…that might have been different. Hopefully the imp had made it past the gates by the time they brought those out.
“We’re not with her,” Serin said easily. Her posture was relaxed as her gaze fixed on the woman’s eyes. “I’m Serin, and this is my friend…Oroan.” Her hand swept to the side of her to turn her palm over, gesturing to the brute. “Gluttony sent us with a message regarding the discovery of Belial’s corpse. But…it seems Greed knew much, much more than we had.” It was an easy lie, given the conversation Oroan had cooked up with his curiosity.
Indeed, her own curiosity was now peaked. Mostly in regards to who Lydia was and how she’d come into possession of the throne. But it was better left unanswered, she felt. Meeting the new princess…well…who knew what she was like. “We were sent with this message yesterday, but thanks to our attacker, we were forced to seek shelter for the night and make our way here as quickly as we could thereafter.”

Dessy:  “You didn’t know there was a war at Wrath?” Mariela asked with a confused expression. She was sure everyone knew about it, so hearing that someone didn’t shocked her. “You were attacked in the town square?” Mariela then asked. “What did this attacker look like?” she asked afterwards, turning her head to listen to Serin speak. She gave a nod of her head when she was done speaking, before turning to one of the guards that were left in the throne room. “Go get Lydia, please.” she asked, turning to look at Serin. “Princess Lydia would want to hear this news herself, especially about this “attacker” you are speaking about. She’d also do a much better job of informing you about the war than I would.”

The guard headed up to the study, knocking on the door until he was called in. “Your Highness, a man and a woman are in the throne room that showed up soon after that thief girl was caught. As soon as they entered the throne room, the thief disappeared, and they claim they have news from Gluttony. They also known nothing about the war. Mariela is with them now and sent me up here to inform you, thinking you’d want to talk with them yourselves.” he then spoke to the Princess, awaiting her answer.


Razorbackwriter:  The guards report had stopped Lydia dead in her tracks. The quill being placed firmly back into the ink well as she placed her hands on the desk and pushed herself to standing. Each sentence was making her look more and more like a volcano that was about to explode. First two strangers appeared with new of Guttony that knew nothing of the war, and the thief that Lydia had left in Mariela’s capable hands had done a vanishing act. Probably with the chalice as well.

“So….she sent you up here to fetch me to deal with the guests AND the runaway thief. Uh huh.”

Lydia practically flew around the desk, nearly knocking over Scar in her wake – what with her large dress and skirt taking up a lot of room. “Do I have to do everything myself?” She uttered as she left the study and raced down the corridor, then the winding stair case towards the throne room. As she passed her servants, they bowed and acknowledged her but with the speed she was going, you would think her ass was on fire.

Turning the last corner, she appeared in the doorway of the throne room and spotted the pair. A male of considerable size, and a slightly smaller female. There was no sign of the thief, but there was a very flustered looking Mariela. Lydia raised her chin as she entered the room, and made sure her voice was heard when she approached the trio.

“I have been informed that you both seek a word over Gluttony. Interesting. You know nothing of the war of Wrath,?”Lydia thought the war would be the talk of all the Kingdoms in hell. Taking out a fan and snapping it open, the Demon of Ambition fanned herself, while Scar snuck back into the room, sniffing around for the thief. She was nowhere to be found. Poor Mariela. So much for her good intent.

Lydia quirked a brow and then uttered; “Well…what do you both have to say for yourselves? Just what is it that you know of Gluttony?”



A Trio of Thieves – SS

Scene setting : Greed Castle.

co-written with Dessy, Temp & Moo.


Dessy:  Mariela watched Lydia, giving a concerned look when she turned to look at her. She opened her mouth to question about the war being over, but then quickly closed it. She gave a nod and bowed her head in remembrance of Mammon, glancing up to see Lydia wiping her eyes. Her face then quickly went from a pout, to a wide grin, causing Mariela to just raise an eyebrow. She stared at Lydia as Lydia grabbed her hand, giving it a pat.“Right. And what are we going to explain to them when they come?” she asked. Mariela as officially a Duchess, the hand of the Princess of Greed. She would still continue to be a healer.. but now, she was much more than just a healer, and had other important things to do.

“Breakfast sounds nice.” Mariela then said after a few minutes of silence, giving a smile and a nod of her head. She could still hear the fighting coming from the Wrath kingdom, so she knew for a fact that the war was not over.


Razorbackwriter:  Being ever a woman with a business mind, Lydia had the perfect answer to Mariela’s question as to what they should say to explain how they were now the rulers of Greed after the fall of Mammon. The cogs in Lydia’s mind turned as she could only imagine the looks on the faces of the Princes of Hell, to welcome it’s second Princess in as many days. Walking Mariela down towards the dining room, she went straight into top gear with her plans.

“Considering how I just got the fire blessing, there is no need for a coronation….crowning, you know. So, we simply send out the invites to a weekend of celebration with the pinnacle being the masked ball. And of course, your debut as the Duchess of Greed.” You would think that in a past life that Lydia had been a wedding – slash – party planner, or even organizer. The castle was going to need to be cleaned from top to bottom and of course have nothing but the very best food and drink on offer, along with as much glitz as possible. Lydia would spare no expense in her endeavor to host the party to end them all.

Turning into the dining hall, Lydia then had a wonderful idea.

“Since I know you are keen on the whole…masked ball thing. Why don’t you borrow my coach and personally go and deliver invitations to each of the seven kingdoms. Think of it as a way of….getting known.”

Would Mariela take the bait?



Dessy:  Mariela followed Lydia, listening to her speak. Hearing Lydia talk, it reminded her of a party planner, or wedding planner. Maybe she was one in a past life. Mariela couldn’t know for sure, though. “My.. debut?” she then asked with a raise of her eyebrow, tilting her head over to the side. They walked into the dining hall, and Mariela took a look around. When Lydia asked her to deliver the invitations, Mariela turned to look at her.“Don’t you think that’s a little.. dangerous? With this Gabriel person and a war that is still currently going on, I don’t think it’s very safe.” she said with concern, shaking her head in response. Mariela didn’t like the thought of going out there to all of the kingdoms to give them invitations. Actually, she didn’t like the thought of stepping foot outside of the castle.


Razorbackwriter:  Mariela had a point. Things would be a touch dangerous outside the walls of Greed, especially with Greed having lost. Lydia was thinking that this was a good outing for her witch friend, but in hindsight, it was probably not the best idea. Lydia cocked her head to the side and then mused on how to get the invitations out.

“Ravens. We will use Ravens.” The new Princess of Greed said with a firm nod of the head. There was no way people would shoot them down since they were a main way of communicating between great distances. Now that that was settled, thoughts turned back to the ball, and of course Mariela’s debut.

“I was just saying that you could make your introduction to society. You know, as a Duchess. It’s a formal thing to do.” Lydia said, turning into the dining hall and heading for their favorite table. Taking a seat she sat herself down and hoped Mariela would do the same.

“After breakfast I think dress fittings are in order. I wonder what colour to wear. Red….or red?”

She broke a croissant in half and then smeared on some jam, while a servant brought her a cup of coffee. Having it place down in front of her, Lydia looked to be more relaxed, especially after the eventful night they had had. The explosions and sounds of war however had stopped. No doubt Mariela would have noticed.

“Told you it was over.” Lydia said with a smile, as she bit into her croissant.



Dessy:  Mariela looked over and gave Lydia a nod and a smile when she mentioned ravens.“Ravens sounds a lot better.” she said, strolling into the dining hall. She smoothed out her gown, before taking a seat in a chair next to Lydia. “So, I have to have some kind of ceremony to introduce me as being Duchess of Greed?” Lydia asked, moving a single strand of a blonde curl out of her face, giving a smile as she was handed coffee as well. She put the cup to her lips and took a sip, before looking at Lydia when she talked about dress fittings. “I think you should wear red.” she said jokingly, knowing that Lydia’s choice was obviously going to be red because of the fact she said it twice. She then set her cup on the table, hands still on it, pursing her lips as she thought.“Hmm.. What color do I want?” she asked out loud. “Well, now it’s over.” Mariela stated at the comment Lydia made about the war being over, moving her hands off of the cup to begin eating her food.


Razorbackwriter:  Lydia chewed her croissant thoughtfully, as she mused on Mariela’s question about the ceremony to be a Duchess. It was always a good way to enter society by having the title announced formally, and in front of the other royals. Another part of it also was that Mariela would make a good consort to one of Hell’s remaining Princes. A nice way to create alliances since things might be a little tense after the war. No doubt there would be questions raised about who was in charge of Greed. Lydia planned to take all that in her stride. The Princess had a very silver tongue and could talk her way out of just about anything. It was important to get as much background information on the other royals so as to make light conversation without offending.

“We will get the Lord Chamberlain to make the announcement when all are assembled at the ball.” Lydia said, holding her cup delicately before taking a sip and then letting out a sigh. So much planning to do, and she did wonder just who would accept an invitation. Lydia tried to be upbeat.

“Going to have to build up new ranks for the army. I suppose. That is going to bite into the budget.” Lydia started to think towards the future for both of them.

Together the two women sat and continued to eat their breakfast. Afterwards, they would head down to the seamstress, and start trying on dresses and working out if they need their outfits specially made.




Moo:  [Main Gate]

The trio came to an easy stop in front of some massive gates to the kingdom. Their bodies would be hidden from sight as they stood behind the solid pillars keeping the gates upright. “Okay, Nami…” Serin began. She was trying her best to maintain confidence in her friend. “Here’s the game plan…–”

“You go in, grab shit, and come out,” Oroan cut in, voice gruff.

Serin glared at the brute for a moment, though it was shrugged off. “If you’re in trouble…You have to teleport as close to me as possible. I will protect you.” She set the imp down on the ground, having to bend to do so. A small sigh escaped. She was hoping it would go smoothly. “Don’t get reckless,” she added sternly, lifting her index finger.

Oroan snorted. Reckless was what he called the previous night, when she’d decided to stay in the town square and fight. Nami had been doing this for years…and years… He was confident in the imp, even if it was uncharacteristic. “Just let the kid go.” He assumed she would remind him she was an adult. There were very few ways to get on Nami’s nerves, and he knew what they were naturally, as the two seemed to be opposites. The corner of his lips twitched upward.


Dessy:  Mariela ate a bit of her breakfast, as there was silence for a long time. Because of how silent it was, Mariela assumed that Lydia was thinking of something – she seemed to do that a lot. She looked up when Lydia finally spoke, pursing her lips and then giving a nod of head. “I think most of our army were off to war with Mammon. If they haven’t come back, that means that they are most likely dead.” she said with a nod of her head. They then continued eating their breakfast in silence, before both women had gotten up to head over to the seamstress. “I really hope no drama or fights start at this masked ball. I’d hate to have to break them up to stop from causing a mess.”she then spoke. “Being how all of these kingdoms are, I’m a little afraid of that.”


Temp:  Nami had been thinking about where she should steal from during the trip into the Kingdom of Greed. There were tons and tons of places to choose from, some better than others. The absolute best place was Royal Palace, at least in terms of value. It was also the most dangerous. This wasn’t the first time she had stolen from this Kingdom though, and it certainly wouldn’t be the last.
As soon as she was placed on the ground by Serin she began to hop up and down, getting herself ready for her ‘mission’. Oroan had been pretty confident in her, while Serin was more worried than anything. She nodded her head at Serin’s instructions, knowing it was a bad idea to ignore them. Nami started walking forward towards her target, the Royal Palace, but stopped as soon as she heard Oroan speak. “Oye! I’m not a kid you jerk!” He knew how to get on her nerves, much like she knew how to get on his. She raised an arm and flipped him off, sticking her tongue out as she turned invisible. Now that she was out of sight she sprouted her wings and began to ascend towards the Palace. She was going to find something really good and impress Serin and Oroan, no matter what!


Razorbackwriter:  Little did Lydia and Mariela know that outside the main gates, they had company and not the friendly kind. The girls were finishing their breakfast and made light conversation about the fact they were low on a decent army, what with the losses at Wrath and they had a ball to plan. Mariela expressed how she was concerned of trouble starting over the fallout from the war. It wasn’t unreasonable to think this way, and Lydia tried to allay her fears the best she could.

“We can’t be held responsible for the Prince’s actions.” It was hard to believe that Lydia of all people would say such a thing, for the truth was far more diabolical. But Lydia being…Lydia she tried to remain upbeat. “Everything will be fine.”

Down in the main hall however, Scar was checking out the beserker armor, which had gone silent and was standing still, just like you would see a suit of armor in any castle. Scar sniffed at it, picking up the scent of death – especially Mammon’s. Peeking his head around, wearing that rather large comical hat, Scar beamed at the armor.

“So you’re Beserker. Hehe. Oh what it must have been like to have that poncy prince die within you. Lydia owns you too. How about that? She owns me too!” The Alp folded his arms and leaned on the armor, whose skull helm slowly turned and then a hollowed voice called out from within.

“HAee-see teae ah-fe, oh-fe-kuk EAY qeay-de-de zwahq ooahee qwoh-see EAY peoh-fe kukah, Z-peoh-lu.”

(translation: “Put me on, and I will show you what I can do, Scar.”)

The alp’s ears pricked and he then stepped back from the towering armored suit.

“Oh no no no no. I ain’t that stupid. I’m not Mister Greedy pants.”

The suit of armor shrugged and then chuckled long and loud, enough to make the alp step back further.

“I don’t think I like you.”


That said, the Alp shape shifted into a large Cheshire cat with the silly hat still on and went strolling up to the throne room. In the middle of the throne room, was the most grand chair you ever did see. It was finished with velvet cushions. Beautiful and ornate. The perfect place for a cat nap. Leaping up onto the throne, the cat pawed and poked at the seat, till turning around enough to then sit down and sleep.