The Kingdom of Pride – A Royal Pain : PD

Kingdom – Pride Castle


The Castle of Pride is situated on its own island in the middle of a vast lake in Hell.

Kingdom – Pride Castle

Pride castle throne room

Astaroth was bored. In fact, he was extremely bored. But despite that, he was anxious as well. The pain in his stomach still hadn’t left and was slowly spreading up to his chest. He didn’t consider it a good sign. Chest pains were usually never good.
But the boredom, there was nothing to do. He’d already ordered his legions to prepare and informed the serpents in his waters about the possible invasion that might be coming sometime soon or later or whenever. All he could do was let them know that they should expect it. He could give little else. He’d already made sure that his subjects wouldn’t visit with their small scale problems of land or fish or marriage or cheating. He was regretting that decision. He definitely wouldn’t be this bored if he hadn’t. He might’ve even had fun and forgot the pain in his stomach a little.
The pain. It had started a few days ago and Astaroth had no idea why. All he knew he was hit in the head with the memory of that one rather annoying and painful vision at the same time it started. He suspected it was more than a happy coincidence.
At the moment, he was sitting in his throne. A lavish chair on a small pedestal framed with curtains that Astaroth could fell every time he closed his castle for commoners. He was a nice prince, so he didn’t do it very often. He knew he needed to socialise with his people to have them like him to follow him.
The throne room itself wasn’t all that big. It was really just a small part of the castle. Astaroth liked sitting in his throne simply because of the chair’s comfortableness, so he’d made sure the throne room wouldn’t be too large so that sitting alone in there wouldn’t be weird. The size of the room also kept the echoes to a minimum. There was nothing more awkward than the clanking of shoe or boot soles against the tiled floor while a person walked a long way in silence towards a seat with everyone else’s eyes on them. Astaroth had had a bigger throne room before. It was a big mistake. He’d changed rooms pretty quickly. Now the old throne room was a ball room and he had a new, much more comfortable, one.
He was lying in his throne. Sort of. His cape and his stomach were crinkled and Astaroth was making funny faces to pass the time. Funny faces could only keep him occupied for so long though and soon he was covering his face with his hands and complaining loudly.
“There’s nothing to do~!” usually there weren’t echoes, but Astaroth had moved the curtains so that they didn’t prevent the echo like they normally did when they were down around the sides. He’d done that for the complaining. Since he was alone in the room, he could laugh about the echoes as a child would. Boredom brought his humour down a few levels.
He giggled like a school girl when the sounds bounced of the walls and back to him. One might think he was far beyond normal drunkenness by now. But he had had nothing to drink.

Kingdom – Pride Castle
It was a good day for Salem, in fact it was a great day for the genie as he was inside his little pocket dimension, a little world within this one. He basicly finished his duties for the day last night, setting his a few defenses, changing a few things from the castle, a few from the island, so right now he was in his little island. Call him weird for basicly turning his own pocket dimension into an small tropical island in the middle of the sea with a house right in the middle, but honestly, why would he care? He was a genie, this was his world, and if you said something bad he could turn you into a toilet and leave you in the beach until you left…in fact he did it to someone once…

Hmph…there is nothing interesting today…

He basicly sat on a chair in his own private beach, enjoying how the sun didn’t burned his skin and just kept things at the right temperature as Salem was reading a newspaper written in some weird and strange lenguage. Quite honestly if he actually resorted to reading a newspaper from his own realm to relax, one could tell how restless he felt. He needed to kill time, but quite honestly doing it alone proved to be boring…and trust me…he tried everything by this point, a few things that made him want to bury his head in the sand by remembering them. Funny enough his salvation came in the shape of a mirror that floated next to him, showing him the events at the castle

…if he having some sort of seizure?…

It’s all he could say as he stared a what Pride was doing as he groaned and shook his head, quite honestly, from all the masters he had this one was a rival for the title of most random and childish…but, he figured that this was better than him freaking out. Ever since he had that vision things got weird in the castle so…this was bound to happend. But he figured the little girl giggling would happend after he won the battle…but, at least he wasn’t mad or yelling around, that was good. Still, he figured he might want to drop by and stop him before somebody sees what he is doing

Might aswell embarrass him a little…heh…

Salem stood up from his chair, stretching a bit as he snapped his fingers and some strings of magic sand going across his body later he went from just sitting there on his boxers to be wearing his usual attire. The next thing to do was clean up, again he was a genie and in his own world he was king so…an snap of his fingers fixed this. With that done he stretched again, placing his usual poker face as he just vanished from here. As for where he would appeard, he decided to do it next to Astaroth throne, basicly his form appearing from air as a few grains of golden sand floated around him only to vanish later. And as it was usual for him he kept an straight face accompanied with a polite tone…holding himself back from laughing at this little display

Master…what might you be doing if you don’t mind me asking?

Aside from laughing like an overexcited school girl that is…heh…

The last part, a through that he forced to the back of his head only to don’t laugh, as he watched Astaroth, hoping the prince wouldn’t do anything even weirder that would cause the genie to break the mask and just laugh. He had a bet with another servant that he could spend at least the next hundred years without a single solitary giggle coming out from him and he damn well expected to win it!

Razorbackwriter:Kingdom – Pride Castle

Another part of the castle that was shielded by giant trees, was a sacred place where Alaric came to meditate and reflect. It also gave him the solitude he needed to think. Deep beneath the forest green foliage there was various statues, that were in a circular formation, the center of which had a large symbol that was made out of stone, but the spaces between were covered in a fine moss. In the midst of this setting, Alaric was seated. However only part of him was in a human form, the rest was that of a large coiled snake. The size of the coils was colossal, and so richly coloured he was truly a magnificent sight. He wore on his torso nothing but a silken vest that was adorned with metallic designs that ran along the edges. Most notable was the large jewel centerpiece that was embedded in his forehead.

With his elbows pointed outwards, his palms touching together – fingertips in perfect alignment, he was the embodiment of spiritual energy and reflection. Alaric chanted in a whispered hush with his eyelids closed. The edges of his eyelids eyes were painted with a black dye, that set off his dark skin. It was more than just sun kissed. Alaric enjoyed receiving the filtered rays of light that came down through the gaps in the trees and illuminated his entire being.

There was nothing Alaric liked more than this moments of seclusion, where nothing or no one could disturb his peaceful state of mind. Nagas were usually solitary creatures, so it was unusual for him to serve a Master. But then again, there was no other Prince of Hell quite like Astaroth. Alaric had been in the Princes service for as long as he could remember. His right hand man, one could say as the Prince of Pride had a soft spot for serpents and creatures of his nature.

A day like any other. That is how it started and the religious practice of meditation was going as per normal. That was until the sounds filtered through from the palace that someone was up.

“There’s nothing to do~!”

Slowly, one eyelid opened and the eye darted to the direction to which the sound came from. Alaric stopped his chant and lowered his hands to his sides, while he turned his torso towards the palace proper. The owner of that voice was well known to the nagas, and he knew now that his morning ritual was over. Only a fool would keep the Prince waiting, when he had obviously opened his curtains in the main throne room to alert all of his boredom.

“No ressst for the wicked.” Alaric thought as he raised up like a king cobra and then began to slither from his sacred site to make his way towards the palace as quickly as he could.

On arrival, it seemed someone else had beaten the nagas to the punch. he could hear his questioning tone as he slid in through the doors. Oh….it was the Genie. Trust him to be at the Prince’s side so soon.

Master…what might you be doing if you don’t mind me asking?

“I was about to asssk the sssame thing, Sssalem.” Alaric’s tongue slithered out each time he said ‘s’, his eyes narrowing to slits as he stared at the all too stony faced Genie. He often thought there was a lot more to that creature and would be wise not to take him at face value. Truth was, the nagas didn’t trust him one bit. Then again, he didn’t trust many at all. Trust, like respect had to be earnt.

The Nagas bowed ever so politely, as its long tail took its good time in entering the room completely.

“Your Highnesssss.” Alaric was always one for being direct. “Found a sssmall lump in the cussshion of your comfy throne?’ ~RB~

Bad habits – SS.

Scene setting : Greed Castle

co-written with Moo, Temp and Dessy.


Dessy:  Lydia seemed to sense Mariela’s concern about there being fighting at the ball, and seemed to understand her fears. “You’re right. We can’t be held responsible, but I wasn’t talking about us. I was talking about every other kingdom fighting one or another.” she said, looking at the floor before looking up at Lydia. She did give a smile when Lydia assured her everything would be fine, but she still couldn’t help to be concerned. “So, where’s this seamstress we’re supposed to be seeing?” she said, letting out a breath. She didn’t notice Scar missing, and was oblivious to the fact that there were people outside. The shield that was once over the castle would have disappeared by now, allowing anyone to get in at anytime. It never lasted long unless Mariela willed it to. She didn’t because it was only for the war. Both girls being oblivious to this fact, they just continued on their way.


Moo:  The pair hadn’t been standing idle for very long before Oroan cleared his throat. It was gruff sounding, pulling Serin’s attention away from the area she’d last seen Nami. As she looked at him, he would lean back against the pillar. “So why didn’t you use it last night?” Serin’s brow popped up and he snorted, turning his head away momentarily before reconnecting his gaze. “You know what I mean.” His expression said it all. Don’t play dumb with me. “He was using black elements.”

Serin turned awkwardly against the pillar she leaned on, her shoulder brushing against it as her feet slid out just a few inches. Her arms crossed over her chest. “I didn’t see any means to…”

“Bullshit,” Oroan cut in.

“Oroan!” she hissed. The demon master looked uncharacteristically timid as she lowered her eyes, head tilting slightly. “The last time I used black earth, I nearly killed you.” Her eyes would lift to meet his as they stood there silently for several moments. “…Anyway, keep watch for Nami.”

Oroan watched as his master’s fierce exterior masked the irrational fear once more. This was what made her special, and gave a demon such as himself feelings. She would be special to him, in a non-romantic way. He returned his gaze past the gates of Greed, same as her.


Temp:  Nami had continued to go higher and higher, heading towards a particular room, with an ambitious goal in mind. The throne room. She knew that there would be all kinds of valuables in that room, as part of being Greedy was being able to see the things you possessed. Surely a Prince of Greed would have trinkets and shiny objects near the Throne, last time she checked he did. This wouldn’t be the first time she had stolen from the Throne room, and it wasn’t going to be the last. Eventually she reached her objective, landing on a balcony that was connected to the Throne room. Instead of doing something silly like opening the door or a window, she poofed directly in. She was still completely invisible, and making next to no sound. Her eyes began to examine the room, taking in all the things that she could steal. There were plenty of objects that looked valuable, but she wanted to get something…special. Her gaze would eventually lock onto a chalice that sat on a table right next to the Throne. It looked absolutely perfect. It was over sized, clearly made of gold, covered in jewels, hell…it even had the Greed insignia on it…perfect. Nami quickly hopped up onto one of the nearby pillars and began to climb towards the ceiling, wanting to get a better view of the entire room before she tried anything else. From the ceiling she could see that she was alone, except for one thing…a cat? It didn’t look like any cat she had ever seen, and she had seen quite a few! She could morph into one after all. Something didn’t quite feel right about it…but the Chalice was right there…The urge to hop down there and grab the chalice was very much present. This was the first time she had ever hesitated in stealing something so close and valuable…why was that?


Razorbackwriter:  Lydia would rise from her place at the dining table, patting her lips with the napkin before asking Mariela to join her as they went off to the seamstress’s house. It was a dwelling within the castle grounds and they would need to take the main corridor in order to reach the inner courtyard. This would lead them past the main hall on their way. Lydia seemed to have forgotten about the force field that she’s asked Marila to construct during the war, since now that it was over, she saw no real need for it. Feeling a touch more relaxed after breakfast, the new Princess of Greed’s mood improved greatly. The thoughts of a masked ball, and entertaining the other royals of the Hell gave her a right tingle deep down inside. Ever ambitious she wanted to put her best foot forward and show all of them just what she was capable of. All in good time.

“The Seamstress’s name is Frau Voulen. Worked for the Prince of Greed and his…lovelies for as long as I can remember. Now…she can serve us.” Walking arm in arm with Mariela again, Lydia was being at her brightest. “I hear she does the most exquisite hats. Ever thought about going to the races?” she asked. Lydia being a bit of a gambler on the horses. It would be another outing….a fun one that was for certain.

The Throne room.

Scar was a very light sleeper. Strange you might think for a demon of Nightmares, but he enjoyed the odd forty winks; especially somewhere comfortable. The Prince’s throne was indeed, very comfy. The alp in the shape of a Cheshire cat was making a light purring sound. It’s tail sweeping about behind it slowly, like a snake that was in a trance. Looks, could indeed be deceiving. For as the Alp slept the hair on its forehead parted to reveal….a third eye.

And this eye suddenly opened. The pupil darted from left to right menacingly. Even turning to a slit as though it was aware of something. All Alps have a third eye and if one was to get too close to the eye’s range of sight, well….let’s just say it wouldn’t be pretty.




Temp:  What was with this apprehension? Nami would normally have already been done by now, but she just couldn’t bring herself to grab the chalice. Setting a trap before grabbing it crossed her mind, but that would likely make too much noise. Using her poof ability could work, but it could be unpredictable, especially if she was stressed. There had to be a safe way to get her hands on it. Perhaps she could ‘fish’ for it. Imp’s always had a ‘bag of tricks’ available to them, hopefully it would solve this little problem. With a puff of purple smoke, a tiny fishing rod appeared and was now being held by her tail. Having access to a ‘third limb’ like her tail was very handy. Hopefully this would work. Nami crawled along the ceiling until she was directly above the Chalice, though was rather high up in the air. The hook and near invisible string would then start to descend towards the Chalice. As soon as it was in range it was hooked and tugged at gently, just to make sure that it was secure. Before she would actually start to reel it in she decided to wait, just in case someone walked into the room.


Dessy:  Mariela had waited until Lydia finished, before taking a step back when Lydia stood. Lydia linking her arm with hers again, they started leaving the dining room and down the hall. “Races? What “races” are you talking about?” she asked curiously with a tilt of her head. Mariela has never really went to anything because she had always stayed home. Her family had lived in a small three bedroom cottage in the middle of the woods away from isolation and the rest of the village. After all, they didn’t want to be exposed as being witches. People usually went to the house if they needed help, especially with healing. Mariela’s mother was a great healer, and that’s where Mariela got most of her healing skills from. So, Mariela didn’t know what “races” were, or much of anything, really.


Razorbackwriter:  “You mean, you have never been to the races?” Lydia asked with a surprised expression. The Demoness of Ambition thought that everyone had. Now, she needed to explain to Mariela what races actually were. “It’s a track where horses run around it ridden by very short men. The first horse past the post wins. You bet…on the horse of your favor and if it wins…you make a lot of money.” This was where Lydia’s love of gambling came to the fore. She absolutely loved games of chance like poker and 21, black jack and the roulette wheel, but nothing thrilled her more than getting all dressed up and going down to the track. “I’ll take you to the next event.” Lydia promised as they were about to walk past the throne room. It was then she turned her head, expecting to see an empty room, when she spotted the Cheshire cat on the throne. A cat wearing the Alp’s hat.

“SCAR?! What the devil are you doing on my throne?!” Lydia roared, suddenly releasing her arm from Mariela and marching off into the throne room like her ass was on fire. In a blink the Demoness of Ambition was half way down the long red carpet, while on the throne, Alp woke up with a start. Hearing Lydia shriek was not exactly music to his ears.

“Ah…shit.” The cat formerly known as Scar uttered as he tried to stretch; his tail fluffing up instantly. Neither Scar nor Lydia had noticed the facet that someone was trying to steal a jeweled chalice beside the throne.

“I leave you alone for five minutes and you are trying to take my THRONE?!”

Again her voice was raised as she got ready to reach out and throttle Scar with her right hand. The cat was quick to reply.“I was just sleeping….Mistress!” Trying to defend himself before the Demoness released an angry retort. Oh he knew she had a dark side and it was rising. “Please…please…the throne was comfy…that’s all.”

At that, Lydia picked up the cat around the throat and gave him a good throttle, before dropping him back again. the cat’s eyes were rolling about in it’s head comically.