Sneak peek – Molly : A TV Event.


The greatest superstars of a generation. You know them because of one man. Molly! The drama event of a lifetime is coming to Seven… The Australian Rock Pop show Countdown featured a man that would go on to become one of Australia’s most well known record producers and an icon.  He helped launch the careers of many of Australia’s most famous bands.  Molly, is more than just a rock guru…he brought the  rock world’s elite to Australia.

Coming to Seven in 2016.   I can hardly wait!

Sardine and banana sandwiches!


I grew up with Crikey the Clown and Agro.  One of the best segments was when kids got to post in recipes for Crikey to try.  This clip features Crikey dared to taste a Sardine and Banana sandwich with tomato sauce and strawberry jam.  The laughs really happen when they go back to the studio.