True Ambition – SS.

Following on from The Death of a Prince.

Scene setting : Greed Castle.

co-written with Dessy.


Razorbackwriter:  Walking up the spiraling staircase that led to the roof tops, Lydia raised her skirts by clutching the fabric with her fingers. Last thing she wanted to do was slip and fall back onto Mariela. Oh what a show they were in for. Lydia had such strong belief that the Prince of Greed would be victorious, and now they could watch the battle unfolding from the safety of the Greed Castle. In the distance, the clouds had changed colour to that of blood red – a sign that the battle was truly under way. The dull roar and ever present sound of repeated explosions of cannon fire could be heard as it could be felt within one’s chest. Standing on the wall of the Castle Greed, Lydia put her hand up to her brow as she could see something approaching from the direction of Wrath.

It was a horse. A riderless horse. Mammon’s.

Lydia gasped as she saw the horse make its return and galloping over the bridge to return to the courtyard. What had happened to Mammon? Surely he would ride the steed back. Had he fallen in battle already? Lydia’s heart was beating near out of her chest. Soon she could hear Warner’s footsteps as he ran up to meet with Mariela and Lydia.

“You saw the horse?” Warner cried out, to which Lydia nodded and you could see the worry in her facial expression. “The battle is not yet over….and his horse returns?” The Demoness of Ambition took up Mariela’s hands in hers as she now feared that the battle was already over for Greed before it had begun.

“What if they come here? Please…is there a spell or an enchantment to protect the castle from Gabriel and her followers?” Her eyes now imploring Mariela’s. “I know I promised to protect you…and I will, but we need a shield…something to blanket the castle. Mammon may be dead!” She cried.

Warner stood there ringing his hands.



Dessy:  Mariela walked up the spiraling stairs, following Lydia up to the rooftops. She admired the sky around the area once they went up, before seeing the red sky. She then squinted her eyes, watching the Wrath kingdom, before she heard the gasp escape from Lydia’s lips. She looked over at Lydia, before looking at the direction she was looking – seeing Mammon’s horse, without Mammon on it. When she heard Warner’s voice, she quickly turned around to face him. “The battle just started. He couldn’t have been killed that quickly.” she spoke, before looking at Lydia when she grabbed her hands, listening to her beg for Mariela to find a way to shield the castle. “I do have something.. I can put a shield over the castle to protect it.” she said, giving a nod of her head and taking her hands out of Lydia’s grasp. “It’s been a while since I’ve done this spell, so I can’t promise it’ll work.. but I’m willing to try.” she spoke, walking to the edge of the castle.

Mariela narrowed her eyes, looking over in the direction of the Wrath kingdom once more in an attempt to see what was going on – but she couldn’t. She took a deep breath – praying that she could perform the spell successfully. She began speaking Latin – the language in which the witches spoke, at least for her family, to perform spells. She then held one hand out over the castle, the other moving in a circular motion around her. A large, dome-like shield went over the castle, and the gates as well. The shield was only visible to Mariela, Lydia and Warner – no one else would have a clue it was there until they tried entering, and getting shot back. Afterwards, she turned her head to Lydia and gave a nod, showing that the spell worked.


Razorbackwriter:  Lydia clasped her hands together expectantly to watch Mariela go to work on securing the Castle Greed in case that the Prince Mammon failed in his quest to destroy Gabriel, and the Wrath armies might try to take revenge by taking over the Greed lands and castle. Hearing the Witch’s words a great dome like shield appeared from one side of the castle, and completely engulfed the entire castle right to the turrets and over. It was like sealing the building within a protective bubble – one that could not be penetrated by outside forces.

The Demoness of Ambition let out a huge sigh of relief as Mariela gave the nod that the spell had worked.

“I feel so much better.” Lydia said with a large exhale of breath. She even patted Warner on the back, but he was too busy staring across the vast expanse of land towards the glowering skies above the Kingdom of Wrath. He was truly worried that the beserker armor that Mammon wore had changed the Prince into such a state that he would no longer be fighting with any sense of reason. Losing himself to the insanity that the suit’s ultimate power was. In a way, Warner thought the Prince bit off more than he could chew this time. Greed would come at a heavy price.

“I wish there was some way we could see what is happening.” Warner lamented, before bowing his head, fearing the worse.



Dessy:  Mariela gave a nod and walked back over to the two. She looked back over to the red sky, putting a hand over her face and squinting her eyes to try and look. “It’s impossible to see what is happening from up here, and we don’t want to take any chances by leaving the castle.” she said, dropping her hand and turning back around to face the two. Mariela wasn’t sure if she could perform a spell that let them see what was happening – there might be, in the thousands of books here in the castle, but she honestly had no idea. At least, she didn’t know how to perform such a spell. They might just be out of luck and might have to wait it out.


Razorbackwriter:  Mariela had a point. It was not exactly a good time to be leaving Greed castle, especially with the bulk of Mammon’s army off fighting for him in Wrath. In a way, Lydia didn’t want to see what was happening. All that blood, and disemboweling. Limbs everywhere, heads on spikes. Sure, it might excite Gabriel to see all that, but seriously it made Lydia nauseous. With Mammon’s horse having returned riderless, and the sound of the battle becoming ferocious from across the land, Lydia….had a lot to think about.

The Demon of Ambition turned away from the spectacle, and clasped her hands together.


Warner heard her murmur and then followed her to see what it was she was thinking.


“If….Mammon should die…Not saying I want that. Cause like…he never treated me bad, but…say he did.”

Warner raised a brow and stared at Lydia.

“If he did then the throne of Greed would be empty.”

Suddenly, a wicked smile crept across Lydia’s face. If Mammon was not to return, there was someone to take his place. And all done without even having to have killed a soul. Not a drop of blood spilt….no heads on spikes.

“Not for long. Mariela…Warner. Follow me.”

Picking up the edges of her gown, she started for the stairs that lead back down to the main hall. Lydia didn’t get her title for nothing. She was as ambitious as Gabriel was warlike.




Dessy:  Mariela was never a fan of violence or fighting. She didn’t think you needed all of that to settle an issue, or disagreement. She was more of a “talking” person, or trying to keep peace between everyone. But, of course, it didn’t work. Some people immediately went to violence without thinking of any other options, and it just made Mariela shake her head and walk the other way as she let them fight it out. She always tried to keep the peace, but some people were just too stubborn to listen. When Lydia spoke, Mariela exited her thoughts and looked up at her. She raised an eyebrow along with Warner when she mentioned “if Mammon died”. “What do you mean “not for long”?” Mariela questioned, but Lydia was already walking down the stairs. She looked back at the fighting one more time, before she walked down the staircase behind Lydia and Warner, running her hand along the railing. “What are you planning, Lydia?” she asked once they reached the bottom of the stairs.


Razorbackwriter:  Sweeping into the main hall of Greed, Lydia was now on a mission. Already, she could see Mammon’s war horse outside the stained glass window being held by one of Mammon’s stable hands and was now being led back into the stables – a clear sign that the Prince of Greed would not be returning. Faster Lydia’s steps rang out across the hall until she reached a special mark on the floor. It was in the shape of a pentagram and had symbolic letters and symbols dotted around it. Silently she walked around the outside of the symbol, before then looking up at Warner, who was scratching his head.

“Lydia…what are you doing?” Warner asked. Curious with her intent. She seemed to have resided herself to the fact that Mammon would not live this night and that being the case, she wanted to assure herself ascension. Breathing harder than before, Lydia’s hands curled into fists as she stared at the symbol on the ground. Her chin quivered slightly – almost like she could not believe what she was about to do. “I must summon….Him.”Lydia’s eyes flickered as she turned her head slowly to Warner. The servant and adviser to Mammon took a step back for he knew who she was referring too. “YOU WOULDN’T!?” Clearly he was panicked by the very idea, especially with there being no real evidence that Mammon had died in battle. Lydia swallowed deeply as her body started to tremble.

“I cannot deny my true nature, Warner. I am…..Ambition.”

Dark green hands started to seep out from the very stone tiles that made up the cold floor on which they stood. Each one reached to grab onto Warner as he started to scream loudly. “LYDIA…DON’T DO THIS!”

Slowly Lydia raised her hand and then swept it across her throat in a slicing action, as a green blade formed from one of the hands and it tore through Warner’s throat – spilling his blood into the pentagon markings on the stone floor. Warner gargled and screamed till his eyes rolled back into his head. The green mist hands holding him rigid as his blood filled the symbol upon the floor. For Mariela, this would be hard to watch but could she have ever really trusted a demon to be good? Underneath all, Lydia was…a demoness of Hell. When the blood had fully drained from Warner and filled the symbol, Lydia began to chant the summons of the Devil himself. Lucifer.

“Bagabi laca bachabe
Lamc cahi achababe
Lamac lamec Bachalyas
Cabahagy sabalyos
Lagoz atha cabyolas
Samahac et famyolas
Harrahya “

The blooded floor symbol began to glow fiercely as the air around Lydia was charged with a hellish fire. Her head turned slowly to Mariela and in a dark voice that was totally unnatural she said:

“Welcome my true Lord….my Father….my Leader….Lucifer.”

Warner’s body was still suspended by the green hands that Lydia had made, his body now turning white and still.

A dark low growl and the shape of something large was forming over the pentagram symbol. Angered to have been summoned on such a night, when Hell was already on fire from the betrayal of the cousins – the Princes. His face formed in the mist and he stared down at Lydia.

“You ambitious little bitch. AHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHA! Mammon is not yet dead!”

Lydia bowed before her creator and smiled. “But he will be….my Lord, and Greed will need a new Heir.”



Calm before the storm – SS.


Scene setting – Greed Castle

co-written with Dessy.


Razorbackwriter:  The blossoming friendship between Lydia and Mariela only grew as they shared their thoughts on human kind and how it was possible to be a family even without blood ties. Rising from her chair, Lydia extended her hand to show the girl through the library. So many books, and all the histories of all the Princes of hell. ever recorded word was in thickly bound books that adorned the many shelves. There was no librarian, for the staff at this part of the castle were scarce. Mammon had people WHEN he needed them, and if he didn’t….they would be paid up and sent on their way. There were pleasant reading areas, and large comfortable chairs to sit in, to lose yourself in one of the many romantic tales and stories. Funny, for a man who hated romance to keep romantic novels. There was a reason for this…but the only one who would tell that tale would be Mammon himself.

Lydia glided along effortlessly on the carpeted floor as she escorted Mariela out the door when she was finished the tour.

“Fancy something to eat?” Lydia asked. She had full intentions of taking her to the dining room, to enjoy a wondrous feast.




Dessy:  Mariela and Lydia were bonding, and Mariela hoped they would be good friends for a long while. Mariela liked Lydia. She was.. interesting, to say the least. Mariela stood up and took Lydia’s hand when she offered it, before Lydia showed her around the library. It was grand – it had every book Mariela could imagine. She ran her hand over the top of the sitting chairs when she passed them by, feeling the softness. The Prince had all of these stuff and he probably didn’t use half of it. But that was okay, because Mariela would certainly use it. Mariela exited the library with Lydia, turning to look at her when she asked if Mariela wanted something to eat. “I am quite hungry.” she said, thinking a bit before she nodded her head.


Razorbackwriter:  Warner had decided to seek out Lydia and Marie, mainly because he was concerned. The Prince had not only taken his armor, sword and horse with him to Wrath. He took the bulk of his army. Which meant that the number of guards left to protect the Kingdom of Greed was way less than normal. Sure, the Prince had counter measures in place should someone decide to take matters into their hands and try to seize Greed Castle while the Prince was off fighting, but still it was a concern to Warner.

Seeing the women up ahead, he jogged along with his belly bouncing about till he arrived near the door way to the Dining hall.

“I trust you are both okay. I know the Prince would dine with you if he was here….but…he does get carried away when it is time to lop off someone’s head at another kingdom. So…how about some dinner, hmm?”

He showed with his hand where he thought they should sit, and Lydia shrugged her shoulders lightly. “One step ahead of you, Warner. Tell me, why aren’t you off on the front line with Mammon? She was curious, but always thought that beneath that fat exterior lay the heart of a true coward.

“Someone has to keep the home fires burning. Heh.” It was a weak response, but he knew he wouldn’t last five minutes on the battle field, what with his lack of skills.

Lydia took a seat at the nearest table and showed Marie where to sit. One by one, servants came out with many dishes to place on the table before them. From roast pheasant to baked vegetables, hot bread and wine. It was quite the feast. Taking a napkin, Lydia draped it across her lap.

“Bon appetite.”




Dessy:  Mariela gave a gentle smile as Warner ran up to them to see if they were both okay. She raised an eyebrow at his response when Lydia asked why she wasn’t with Mammon, but followed where he had gestured and sat down at the table where Lydia showed her. She watched servants run up and down placing food on the table, and she widened her eyes. “Wow..” she said, taking the napkin and draping it over her lap as well. “He really does have everything.” she said out loud, looking over the many dishes. She decided to start small, so started by adding some baked vegetables and other small foods to her plate. She’d rather fix extra than place a bunch on her plate and waste it because she couldn’t finish all of the food. “So, who is the Prince trying to kill and why? If I may ask, of course..” she said lightly, looking up at Warner and then over at Lydia. There she went with the questions, her curiosity taking over. She swore that one day she would get in trouble because of it.


Razorbackwriter:  Warner and Lydia both stopped eating and placed down their cutlery when Mariela asked as to who the Prince was planning to kill and why. It was obvious that the girl had a curious nature, and with all that had gone on at her arrival, it was little wonder her interest was piqued. Lydia ran her tongue over her bottom lip as she toyed with how to explain the situation, while Warner dabbed his brow with a napkin. Lydia, being the most open of the pair decided to divulge.

“The Prince seeks to correct an..injustice. I am not sure if you are aware, but the Prince of Wrath was murdered by….his lover Gabriel. She has since taken over the throne of Wrath, and with this in mind, the Prince wished to avenge the death of Belial, and remove the woman from the throne she stole.”

Warner stared at Lydia, as she recounted what she believed to be the circumstances behind the Prince’s reason to attack the Castle Wrath.

“That and he feared that if he did not strike first, that she may well seek to end all the Princes and take over Hell itself.”

What would the young witch think of the Prince of Greed now?




Dessy:  Mariela looked at them both as they both had stopped what they were doing to answer her question. She had so many questions, and not enough time to ask them. Mariela raised her eyebrows, then had a shocked expression as Lydia explained. “Why would this.. Gabriel.. kill her lover? And is being a woman and ruler of a kingdom such a bad thing?” she asked. “Or.. is she a lot more evil than I think she is?” she asked. She couldn’t say she was surprised. Seven different rulers in Hell, it would only be obvious that they would want to fight each other. Of course, there’s not much she could say about Mammon – she only met and talked to him for a few minutes, but although since she lived here and worked for him she suspected she would eventually know more. But Mariela was a bit too nice for her own good – so it didn’t really matter how cruel Mammon is,or anyone for that matter, because she’d still be just as nice to him as everyone else. Cautious, and maybe a bit frightened – but nice.


Razorbackwriter:  Lydia pouted as she contemplated Mariela’s question. Why would Gabriel kill her lover – the Prince of Greed? It was almost like she was musing on the idea herself. Warner popped a potato into his mouth and chewed as they spoke. He then answered with a mouthful of food. “Maybe it was that time of the month.” Lydia burst out laughing at the very idea of that. “Oh..sure, blame it on PMS. If that were the case and women did that every month….there would not be a man left in Hell…or earth for that matter. Hah!”Warner shrugged his shoulders and added. “You can be pretty mean around that time.” Lydia smacked him with a napkin, before rolling her eyes and returning her gaze to Mariela.

“Personally, I see nothing wrong with a woman leading things. I mean….look at Earth…see what the men have done to that place, it’s a right mess. I guess, it would be fair to say that Mammon can be a bit…sexist in his views. Also a traditionalist. Seven Princes of Hell…all that.” Lydia said with a wave of her hand.

As to whether Gabriel was more evil than one might think, Lydia shrugged. “Never met her. And…with the way things are going, I may never get the chance. Mammon has taken his army over to Wrath. You can expect a lot of heads on pikes.”

Finishing their meals, the servants came out to take away the empty plates and cups, allowing the trio to retire for the night. Lydia again reached for Mariela’s hand.

“Let us walk to the roof tops, we might be able to see the fighting from there.” It was no surprising that Lydia was curious as to how the battle was going. Would Mammon be defeated? Would he ever return?




Dessy:  Mariela ate as they talked, and she couldn’t help but laugh when Warner made the comment about it being “that time of the month”. “Of course. PMS is blamed for everything.” she with a grin. She laughed when Warner told Lydia she was always mean around that time. She then gave a shrug as Lydia spoke. “I guess you’re right. I’ve never been a fan for fighting, myself. I’m more of a “peace” person.” she gave another shrug. She grabbed Lydia’s hand and stood up, giving a nod of her head.“Watching the fight sounds good.” she said, giving a smile. She wanted to see what was so big about this Gabriel person being a ruler. But, she didn’t actually want to meet the girl… Actually, she wanted to avoid that…


A Bruised Ego – SS

A Bruised Ego.

Scene setting : Greed Castle

Razorbackwriter:  The fine scribbling of a quill upon parchment was the sound that came from a small desk that was covered in sacks of gold coins and jewels of the Prince’s adviser – Warner. A short statured man with a delicate comb over and wearing three pairs of spectacles; two on the top of his head and one perched at the end of his nose. He had been up half the night counting the latest repayment of a loan from one of the Prince’s more recent victims. Mammon could be very convincing about how to create more wealth, but it always ends up costing his victims way more than they had ever imagined. Warner muttered as he placed the quill back in the ink pot and started to stretch since he had been bent over and working tirelessly for hours on end. He was about to go and fetch a maid to bring him a pot of coffee, when the large double doors to the Main hall burst open and there was the Prince of Greed – looking as though he had gone ten rounds with a prize fighter. His glorious purple cape was missing and he had tears and burn marks upon his specially made Italian suit. Mammon’s hair which was normally quite wild was standing on end like he had stuck his finger in a light socket. His right shoulder hung lower than he left and he walked with a slight limp.

Warner slowly took off his glasses and squinted as he observed his Highness’s entrance into the room.

“Your Highness….what in the world happened to you?” the Adviser asked, almost afraid of the answer for he knew the Prince had a dreadful temper. The small man got up from his seat and came around the desk, looking the Prince up and down with a nervous expression. “Not like you to get into a fight at the bar.” Warner assumed that the Prince had bitten off more than he could chew as he knew the Prince enjoyed a drink at the town bar now and again.

The Prince’s face was fearsome to say the least. He held up one finger as though to silence Warner as he approached a large cabinet, stopping a metre or two from it. Mammon then roared and charged the cabinet with force with a loud popping sound being heard as he snapped his shoulder back into place. It was such a sickening sound that Warner flailed slightly. “Err…oh that’s bad.”

Mammon grit his teeth and then straightened up to full height, cracking his neck back into place and then trying to appear calm once more. After taking a long deep breath, the Prince began to explain exactly what happened.

“I never thought that the bookstore could be the newest fight club in town.”

“The bookstore? Sir, are you feeling okay?” Warner could not understand how the humble town’s book store could have the Prince coming home to his castle looking like he did. Mammon started to peel off his ruined jacket and tossed it upon one of the nearest velvet chairs. “I’ve had better days, Warner. First some skank at the bar refuses to serve me, calling it the end of her shift and walks out. THEN I happen to go into the bookstore, since I was bored out of my mind and I meet the most intriguing looking girl.”

Warner was now keenly interested in the Prince’s tale, and since he heard that the Prince still had yet to have a drink, he went to the drink’s cabinet and poured the Prince a glass of whiskey, which he brought back and handed to him, eager to hear more. Mammon took the crystal glass and took a sip, before continuing. “So, I just happen to introduce myself, and….then all of a sudden this…brick…shit house comes in and tries to blow the girl up. I mean….in a book store.”

The adviser took up a small chair and then continued to listen while the Prince was staring into space, remembering the incident as it played out in his head. “Then what happened, M’lord?” Warner asked, perched on the end of the chair and staring up at the Prince with great expectation.

“Well, normally I’d just let the girl get blow to smithereens. I mean, I didn’t know her from jack shit; but…I..STUPIDLY tried to tackle the freak and…he near rubbed my face into the floor. ME?! The Prince of Greed. Damn well busted my shoulder too.”

Warner gasped at the idea of the Prince being laid out by some behemoth. “Did you save the girl, M’lord?” The adviser now keen to know if the Prince’s gallant actions saved the day. This made the Prince angrier than Warner had ever seen him.

“NO! She…stopped the fight. Threw me across the room on my arse!”

At this, Warner burst out laughing. “She saved you?”


“SHUT UP!…JUST SHUT UP!” The Prince roared, as he felt a terrible twinge in his shoulder again. “Oww. Mark my words, Warner. She…and that baboon bottomed freak….are going to regret humiliating me!”

“How Sir?”

At this, the Prince grinned. It was a wicked and most mischievous looking expression you ever saw.

“Let’s just say….I have a lot that owe me a favor or two. Bahahahahaha!”