Stevie Nicks – Edge of Seventeen.

This is my song pick of the week from my car.  I sing this loud and proud with the window down.  Enjoy.

Just like the white winged dove
Sings a song
Sounds like she’s singin’
Just like the white winged dove
Sings a song
Sounds like she’s singin’
Whoo, baby, whoo
Said, whoo

And the days go by
Like a strand in the wind
In the web that is my own
I begin again
Said to my friend, baby
Nothin’ else mattered

He was no more
(He was no more)
Than a baby then
Well, he seemed broken hearted
Somethin’ within him
But the moment
That I first laid
Eyes on him
All alone on the edge of seventeen


Well, I went today
Maybe I will go again
Tomorrow, yeah, yeah
Well, the music there
Well it was hauntingly familiar
When I see you doin’
What I try to do for me
With their words of a poet
And a voice from a choir
And a melody
Nothin’ else mattered

The clouds never expect it
When it rains
But the sea changes colours
But the sea
Does not change
So with the slow graceful flow
Of age
I went forth with an age old
Desire to please
On the edge of seventeen


Well then suddenly
There was no one left standing
In the hall, yeah, yeah
In a flood of tears
That no one really ever heard fall at all
When I went searchin’ for an answer
Up the stairs and down the hall
Not to find an answer
Just to hear the call
Of a nightbird singin’
(Come away)
(Come away)

Well, I hear you (well, I hear you)
In the morning (in the morning)
And I hear you (and I hear you)
At nightfall (at nightfall)
Sometime to be near you
Is to be unable to hear you
My love
I’m a few years older than you
(I’m a few years older than you)