Mad Lib Madness.

Joe Santagato and his friend put a whole new spin on fun with Mad Lib as a party game.  I laughed at this till I cried.  So much so, I had to find the follow up.  You can find the app for this game on iTunes.  What was once a game in English class, can now make your next party a lot of fun.

The object of the game: Fill out a Mad Libs game with your friend, put water in your mouth, and then try not to laugh when it’s read back to you.








Fingers stretch

And the ache returns

Dull at first….then a burst

Eyes brighten at your name

My thoughts are never the same

The anticipation, I shiver

Your tongue, a sliver


Skin soft, so moist

I want to touch

I want to feel

Deep inside me

So surreal

I can hardly wait

Lips parted

I salivate

Come find me again

Your collaborator

Your friend