The Port – Blood City.

Location is displayed by the symbol:

There are a few jobs at the port, but one might be able to get apprenticeship here. The port is the main form of import and export, especially to other Cities across the world. Also, it is perhaps the easiest way to enter or leave the City.


Levis: A young man with a eyepatch on his right eye sat at the docks. His white jacket over him as he stared into the sea. He let out a sigh and pondered a idea and how would to go about it. How would he get rid of other hunters he was a one man army. He would need the help of someone strong, but how would he go about it.

“Hmmmmmmmmmm, bloody hell fucking hate hunters.”



Razorbackwriter:  The number 29 bus pulled up just shy of one of the fish and chippery shops that was located near the warehouses at the top of the docks. The driver pulled the lever across for the passengers to disembark, but today there was only one. A dark haired girl, wearing a grunge fit. Black shirt with some random band name on it, black jeans and boots. Her hair was tied up haphazardly into a loose ponytail and it bounced behind her as she took off down the two steps and landed on the pavement. She gave the driver a half hearted wave, before taking out her ear phones and inserting them into her ears. A quick tweak on her cell phone and soon music was streaming loudly through her ears, enough to block out the surrounding loud noises of industry and boats horns blaring on the harbor.

The girl had a pronounced swagger as she walked along, her hands stuffed into pockets. She hunched her shoulders over slightly and kept her head down so as not to give rise to anyone thinking she would be looking at them. The smell of the port was distinct. Diesel fumes and dead fish. Odd how she actually enjoyed the scents.

Vyvyan continued her walk up the dock, where many a trawler was tied up and the voices of the crews unloading their catch of the day would be sprinkled with obscenities and good banter. No one seemed to notice Vyv. That was the way she liked it.

Only when she found a couple of disused bait boxes, did she take a seat. Her head rising enough to for her to cast her gaze out to the water. A million thoughts and feelings rippling through her, as she tried to find calm. Her mother’s latest boyfriend had beaten Celia the night before and Vyvyan had just come from the hospital. Her mother was going to be in ICU for about a week. That is if she survives. A swelling of hatred filled the void that was her heart and she grit her teeth angrily, as she let the sounds of Marilyn Manson take her away from it all.


Levis:  Creed sighed and pulled out his phone he had got a job as a sub teacher for a school. He would know which one soon and just yawned. Pulling up his eye patch his gold color eye showed off. As he wondered more and more. Pulling out his caster gun he decided to look through it. It was a work of art, but how it would work is unknown. He couldnt figure how he could cast magic with it. Since well magic wasn’t in his blood and he was only a hunter.


Razorbackwriter:  The light breeze that came in off the water teased Vyvyan’s hair gently and the setting seemed peaceful. But if you could hear the screaming and the lyrics of the song blasting in her ears, looks were truly deceiving. Vyvyan gripped the edge of the bait box on which she sat as she shut her eyes so tight as though to block out the view. In her mind was violence, blood, revenge, hatred and murder. Murdering her mum’s latest boyfriend in a wild frenzy, where she grinned mercilessly, whilst wielding an ice pick into his chest. Blood spurting all over her face, dribbling down her cheeks to fuse with the hot tears that sprang from her eyes.

The song soon came to an end, and it was only then that Vyvyan opened her eyes and saw where she was. She’d done it again. Letting her emotions fuse with her darkest desires. It was always the same. Playing over and over again. But did she have the guts to kill the monster of a man that called Celia his woman? No…not yet. But the time would come….and he would pay.

Another ten minutes passed as Vyvyan surveyed the ships on the water, and then she brought her attention back to the jetty. It was only then she noticed a man with an eye patch, not far from where she was sitting. Vyvyan hadn’t noticed him before, but now that she had seen him, the young witch noticed something that he was waving about. It looked like a type of gun. Was he going to kill seagulls with it? Take pot shots at the fish? Intrigued, she pushed herself off the stack of bait boxes, and strolled on over, a cheeky smirk playing on her lips.

“What’s with the eye patch? Are you a pirate?”

Vyvyan was never one for subtlety. “Where’s your parrot?” She added. Now enjoying this game of questions. Her eyes danced lightly, till settling back on the caster gun in his hands. She wondered what it was. Vyvyan was half tempted to steal it from him.



Levis:  Creed heard what seemed to be a girl who spoke to him. He turned his head his lifted eyepatch showwing off his amazing colored eye. His experssion not cold, but kinda of annoyed at some degree. He study which was the black hair female who he would learn soon whos name. He put his gun up knowing full well what she would do.

“Haha, and what are you miss queen of the dark lands of hell which all flirts go to. also no you are not going to touch this gun I can see it in your eyes.”

Creed was smarter then this girl would give him credit for, he couldnt tell if she was a witch yet, but with enough time he might be able to if she did anything out of the strange. He kept his duel colored eyes on her the gold and brown. With his golden eye with a bright gleam to it.


Razorbackwriter:  Vyvyan’s wit looked to have gotten her in trouble off the bat with this eye patch wearing dude. He didn’t look to happy when she made fun of his eye patch, and lifted it so that she could see the golden eye that sparkled beneath it. Normally when a person wears an eye patch, they do so cause their eye is either injured, or they simply don’t have one. Instead of putting the gun that he was toying with away, he raised it up to her level and called her out. it was what he called her that made her raise a brow, but the fact the gun was pointed at her, she didn’t like. You really shouldn’t point a gun at someone, unless you are prepared to use it. This was not the time for wise cracks, though she could feel the anger from earlier when she was sitting on the bait boxes, come back to the fore. Her breathing became ragged as her lips parted slightly. There was a trigger of fear that caused her to do what came next. She didn’t want the gun, but she also didn’t like it being pointed at her. Her hand raised up from her side, fingers extending as though she was charging up a ball of energy that made her fingers tingle and spark.

With one sweeping move of her hand, she used an untapped power to attempt and knock the gun clear from the man’s hand. A loud grunt accompanied the move while she grit her teeth, her lips parting so he could see the determination to stop him from using it against her.

If this worked, he might think twice about trying to hurt her.



Levis:  Creed watch her and glared at her, this witch didnt know he was a hunter. A person bred for this kind of thing to stop witches and even the smallst hint of power would be a dead give away. Creed’s eyes watch her and without a second more he saw what was a ball of mana. A attack maybe, but it seemed to small for that. Instand it was aim for his gun without a second thought. He quickly put his in his holster making her miss the target. He got up fast and pulled out a real gun and pointed right to her forhead.

“So, your a witch huh, well I am a hunter any sudden move a bullet will go through your head.”

Creed look down at her keeping his gun to her head. He wasnt bluffing his eyes had that killing intent like hers. Something almost the same. Creed moved his gun from her head which was odd. He was a hunter shouldnt he just shoot her and get it over with. He place it back in its holster.

“Next time don’t do something so god damn reckless if it wasn’t me you would of been shot down.”


Razorbackwriter:  The charge of power that Vyvyan tried to use simply bypassed the target, since he was fast to sheath it in it’s holster and then bring out a real gun. Not that Vyvyan knew the difference right away. He moved with a speed that was unnatural, and this made the hair on the back of her neck stand on end. For a moment she held her breath as he pointed the gun at her forehead. The events of earlier paled in significance to what was happening now. Events of her life seemed to go on a high speed flashback as though this….was it. But surprisingly, the girl didn’t flinch. In fact, she almost welcomed it. Having spent hours at her mother’s bedside, and knowing that she would be returning to the squalid and cramped apartment alone, the chance of having her head blown off would end the sad and sorry existence that she had had up until now. This man had no idea why she was even at the port in the first place. Could he read her mind? All he knew was that she was a witch – something no one had ever publicly called her. There was the crease of a smile forming when he said he was a hunter. She’d heard of them in passing, through books, but never come across one before. Vyvyan wasn’t exactly the kind of girl that traveled with a group. She was a loner. A rogue.

Vyvyan closed her eyes and waited for it. The loud bang that would finally end her nightmare, but instead, all she heard was the sound of the gun being put back in it’s holster. It was then he spoke, as Vyvyan slowly opened her eyes, almost incredulous.

“Next time don’t do something so god damn reckless if it wasn’t me you would of been shot down.”

“Why didn’t you kill me?” It was almost said as a demand. Vyvyan had never looked more serious in her life.



Levis:  Creed turned around and when he heard her say the words why didnt he kill her and spun back to her and slap her on the face. Not as a beating, but for saying those kinds of words. Creed’s eyes looking at her that one amazing gold eye cold like ice now. He couldn’t believe that she would just say it in a demanding way.

“Shut up, dont demand your death if you want to die so badly just off yourself and dont get me bloody my hands for a pointless pity death. I might be a hunter, but i am nothing like the others all they are, are foolish packs of trash.”

Creeds words rang true, he sounded quite serious what he thought of others he works with. Placing his hands in his pockets. He stayed standing up and look to the sea. He wondered wondered to himself about how to get to his goal.


Razorbackwriter:  ~WHACK~ The sound was enough to startle Vyvyan, but it was the sting of the open palmed slap that truly woke the young witch up. Did he just slap her? Oh, that wasn’t all, he then went on a rage about how if she wanted to off herself, that he would not waste his time on a pity death. It was enough to make Vyvyan want to laugh out loud at the absurdity of the situation. Here he was….a hunter. One that hated what she was and his mission was supposed to be ending the lives of witches. Yet, he didn’t follow through. He didn’t shoot her or wish her death. This went against everything she knew about hunters – which really wasn’t a hell of a lot. This being the first one that she had come across.

Now left with a red welt on the side of her face, she rubbed it gingerly. The pain was actually exquisite. Hard to believe but true. Maybe she got off on that, or perhaps it was the shock of still being alive.

“I might be a hunter, but i am nothing like the others all they are, are foolish packs of trash.”

“Really?’ Vyvyan lowered her guard slightly as the hunter turned to look out to the sea. Vyvyan thought for a moment about just legging it. Surely staying around this guy would only piss him off even more. He didn’t know her from the next girl, but there was something intriguing about him.

Sidling up to him, she stood there and said simply. “I don’t usually have guys pull a gun at me over a wise crack.” Her explanation for using her powers as she did. She glanced at Creed out of the corner of her eye, wondering what he was thinking.

“So…you have a name, Hunter?”







“I can’t go to jail again!” – GS.

Scene setting – Fifth and Maple street

co-written with VunG.


VunG:  Once they knew the actual apartment number, Elissa took up a nice place on the edge of an alleyway and leaned onto the wall. She knew full well what they were doing was illegal, or at least it was walking a tightrope, but she didn’t mind really in this specific case. There were some situations where dancing the line were appropriate, usually when the system was doing everything in its power to sabotage the pursuit of justice. Sighing, she took another swig of whiskey and looked over at Frankie, trying to figure out what was going through his head. He was so close to getting some answers, so close, she couldn’t imagine what it would be like to be teased in such a way. She felt for the man, as a brother in arms, and she really hoped that this would help him.

However, right now she was more concerned with Tommy. While his reassurance that he would be alright was appreciated, she wasn’t certain. She hated this idea of sending a civilian to the wolves, and just didn’t have the heart to tell him off or the mind to come up with a better plan. Granted, he wasn’t some helpless lamb, but it still worried her, and in some small way, when she saw the window open she felt kind of relieved. Putting away her flask, she gestured to Frankie and headed her way up. As they went, she definitely sent a concerned look Frank’s way, but she wasn’t certain she’d show that she wasn’t so much afraid for her own safety. She could handle herself just fine.

Once up to the apartment, she’d wait for Frank and make an ‘after you’ gesture to the door, considering that it would probably be a more impressive entrance if he went in. Of course, if he didn’t take her up, she’d take the initiative. Either way, she’d walk in calmly and authoritatively, straightening her scarf as she joined the congregation and very calmly looking at Joey, all emotion gone from her face and replaced with an expression made of pure ice. Even when looking at Tommy, checking to see that he was okay, she was completely emotionless, just a simple blink to confirm that he was alright before gazing straight at their quarry.


Razorbackwriter:  Down by the car, Frank was feeling a little apprehensive. Joey was known to be irrational when disturbed, and knowing Tommy as he did, all it would take was one slip up. This was going against normal police procedure, and if it went belly up, he could see himself being demoted or worse. He hated the idea of getting Elissa into trouble, but this guy may well hold the clues aside from the few photographs that he had sent Frank in the mail. Staring up at the window for signs from Tommy, Frank then noticed that Elissa was offering a swig of whiskey from her small hip flask. The detective paused for a moment, and then realizing the drink could only help cut back the nerves he was feeling. Taking the flask, he took a sip before letting out a gasp. It really hit the spot. Handing it back, he uttered a word of thanks before watching her gesture that they were going to head up. It was now or never. Patting his jacket which concealed his fire arm, he followed Elissa into the building. Tommy had opened the window as a sign for the two to come up. The tension was growing.

Reaching the door, Frank tensed when Elissa made an after you gesture. Frank gave a small shrug and then with one bold kick from his boot, he punched the door open, much to the surprise of Tommy…and Joey.

“FUCK IT’S THE COPS!” Joey blurted, realizing he had a bag of hash in plain sight. He was not expecting this, and much to his shock he threw up his arms and went as white as a ghost. Frank had his gun drawn, and this may well have impressed Elissa, who followed in walking calmly whilst straightening her scarf. She looked over everything as Frank aimed his gun at Joey’s head. “AGAINST THE WALL….SPREAD EM, YOU SON OF A BITCH!”

Joey didn’t wait to be asked twice, doing exactly as Frank ordered, shaking in his boots. “Don’t you have a warrant?” He squeaked, knowing this was out of the ordinary. Frank simply scanned the room and then saw the bag of drugs.“You….Bozo.” He referred to Tommy. “You his dealer?” Yep, Frank was playing it like he didn’t know Tommy at all, and Tommy quickly bought onto the act they were going to play out. “No….Officer…I swear. I’m innocent.” Smirking, he then shouted at Tommy. “Hands behind your head, and on your knees.” Tommy shot a look at Elissa, like he wondered what Frank had been sniffing…or drinking. But Frank had it worked out. As he started to frisk Joey, he turned his head to Elissa and said. “Check the rooms, before we call this in.”

If she went into the spare bedroom, she would discover it was a dark room. The walls plastered with pictures, but most importantly, a whole heap on the large beast, just like the ones that he had sent Frank. In Joey’s terror, he didn’t recognize Frank at first, mainly since the death of Rory had aged him.



VunG:  It was a damn good thing that Elissa couldn’t laugh, because honestly she would’ve done just that as they stormed into the room, the sight of Joey’s reaction making a smile tug at the corners of her lips. Still, she too pulled her gun out as they came in, if for nothing other than show. Still, she remained nice and calm; she knew what Frank was thinking, and hopefully he was right that Joey wouldn’t be smart enough to think that Tommy was actually part of their little cadre. When she caught Tommy’s eye, she just smirked and gestured with her gun (though pointing to the side rather than at him) to get down. Then, at Frank’s order, she quickly began making her way through the rooms.

She made a lot of noise, slamming each and every door open as she went and acting like it was a full-blown drug bust or whatever it was that Frankie was claiming it was. However, besides the place looking and smelling like Satan’s ass hole, she didn’t find anything of any real note… until she came upon the dark room. Oh, this place was a goldmine of what they needed, but while the NYPD would, in general, have a field day with this stuff, her eyes were immediately dragged to those of the thing that they were hunting.

Immediately she came back into the room with the other three, and snapped her fingers to get Frank’s attention before gesturing in the direction of the spare bedroom/dark room, nodding confidently to confirm they had exactly what they needed. If he wanted to take a look and not take Joey with him, she’d gladly take control of him, making sure she had him by the wrists and keeping her gun at the ready, even if she didn’t expect to have to use it. Regardless of whether that happened, she’d make gestures like she was making sure to sweep Tommy to keep him down, but really it went nowhere near him, and she’d give him wink and a smile to tell him ‘well done.’


Razorbackwriter:  The slamming of cupboard doors would have Joey wincing, since he had drugs stashed all over the apartment. He wasn’t a user, he was a dealer and his main source was from the East side Mob – The Monaros. A bust like this was going to send him down, and as he kept his place against the wall, he tried to plead with Frank. “I can’t go to prison again. Look….I’ll make a deal with you, coppa.” He had his face to the wall, so he couldn’t see Frank’s face, but the detective was already getting the feeling by the way Joey was acting that they had stumbled onto something big, not just the evidence in what killed Rory.

Hearing the snapping of fingers, Frank and Tommy both looked up to see Elissa come back out from one of the rooms she had searched. Her face said it all. Frank raised an eyebrow and then said. “You keep your gun on the suspect, while I check the back room.” He went past Tommy and shouted at him “WHAT YOU LOOKING AT, ASSHOLE?” Yeah, Frank was getting some mileage out of paying out on Tommy. He had to sound convincing. Walking into the hall way, he let out a nervous sigh, before walking into the dark room. JACKPOT! The room was filled with photographs and there on the string that ran across the room were the same pictures as the ones that had been sent to him. He pulled one off the string and stared at it. He wasn’t the only one that saw it. He had an eyewitness……

Back out in the lounge, Joey was getting anxious. You could say he was worried about something more than the cops. He slowly turned, hands in the air to face Elissa. “I can’t go to jail again.”


Shots were fired through the window, that Tommy had opened earlier and hit Joey. Two in the head, one in the chest. His body jerked and spasmed, as his brain was splattered against the nearest wall. Joey teetered on his feet, before dropping like a sack of potatoes on the floor. Tommy screamed at Elissa. “GET DOWN!”