“Thou hast mine gramercy” – BC.

Scene setting:  The Peach Cafe – Blood City.

co-written with Gene and Temp.

Temp:  What reason was there for all this hostility and confusion? Selina was very confused as to why her presence was causing such a disturbance. Nothing really made any sense until she heard how the other people around her were speaking. They all sounded so much more…simple, in comparison. Her eyes once more drooped down towards Tallulah as a frown developed on her face. “Has’t thee anything to sayeth?” Of course, not a single sound was heard from the cat plushy. Selina knew why her Grimoire wasn’t talking, or at least she thought she did, but she didn’t quite understand it. The one thing that stood out the most was that there was very little magic to be sensed around her. Perhaps her Grimoire thought that magic was frowned upon in this city. Whatever the reason may be, she figured it had to be serious. A small sigh escaped from her lips as she noticed that her desire for sustenance was not being fulfilled. Thankfully, she managed to acquire the attention of a nearby man who repeated her demands to the nearby servants. Much to her surprise, the workers seemed to reply immediately towards the man and quickly went about retrieving her desired items. Within a short period of time her request was granted, and placed in front of her by one of the women. Selina looked up at the server and smiled while giving her a light bow of her head. “Thou hast mine gramercy.” As soon as she had thanked the woman she went ahead and examined the tray that was in front of her. Everything looked wonderful and delicious, but she still had to thank the man before she got to her treat. “Gramercy also be to thou Sir, thy kindness is quite refreshing.” Much like she did towards the woman that served her, she once more bowed her head, but this time towards him. The girl near him received a very light wave, which was simply because she seemed to be a friend of the gentlemen who had assisted her. The girl had said something about her earlier, but she hadn’t understood the words at all. ‘Cosplaying’ didn’t make a single bit of sense to her, but she assumed it wasn’t some kind of horrible insult. It did bring about a fair bit of confusion though. Perhaps asking these people why they were treating her so strangely would be the best approach? Perhaps not. Instead, she decided to put her attention into the treats in front of her. Finally, something to eat and drink.



The clothing of Selina’s was interesting. Ava knew Joel was right; if this was merely an act, the girl had indeed put a lot of effort into it. Yes, her attire was odd, but the tailor – in this day and age – would have put time and effort into creating such a design. Her attention settled on the waitresses. Anyone not conforming to the social norm was always treated in such a way. This was more pronounced in the Vestro District, which gave way to gossip; then again, anything in the District sparked gossip. If it hadn’t been for Joel, perhaps the waitresses wouldn’t have served her. Temporarily, Ava turned to look at Joel, scanning for any sign of expression which would reveal his intentions for helping her out. There seemed to be none other than kindness, in Ava’s eyes. However, it was when Joel paid which struck Ava. The cost wasn’t much, but still such a thing was never common: another paying the bill for someone, especially if they didn’t know one another. She opened her mouth to say something, but quickly closed it. Ava returned to observe Selina. She wasn’t being subtle at all – just like she wasn’t being subtle when she had been observing Joel, prior to their conversation – but that could be because of her positioning in the café. Listening to the girl speak to the Waitresses, Ava couldn’t be sure what she was saying. Gramercy? The word caused one of Ava’s brows to rise. She had no clue what the word meant, let alone what was going on. After a few moments, Ava decided to go with the conclusion that Selina was thanking the waitresses. When Selina had waved to her, Ava recoiled, becoming aware others may notice her studying Selina. She looked behind her then back to Selina, placed a hand on her chest and furrowed her brow. The girl had waved at her. What might have been a bit too late, Ava returned the wave. “You were saying?” Remembering that she was sitting with Joel, Ava quickly recovered and returned to the conversation. She muttered a few apologies, shaking her head and regaining her composure. Ava fell silent, mulling over the fact he had paid for her. Even though the act might have seen simple to some, Ava wasn’t accustomed to seeing such a thing. “Why did you do that? Help her out?” Ava asked in a hush tone, not wishing for Selina to overhear. The only clue that Ava might be speaking to her were the occasional tilting of her head to view Selina, from the corner of her eye.



The language used by the strange looking girl in the next booth left the waitress muted in surprise. The fact of the matter was, she simply didn’t understand what the girl said. It was of course repeated to Joel, who did understand. The word; gramercy for example was middle English broken down from old french if he wasn’t mistaken. It actually made the young teacher smile lightly to hear her use it – not just to the waitress, but also to Joel himself since he was the one who aided her in her plight. “Gramercy also be to thou Sir, thy kindness is quite refreshing.” “Think nothing of it, Miss. Your smile is thanks enough.” If that didn’t make Ava’s jaw drop, then nothing would. One minute, Joel could give a look that could chill a girl to the bone and then on the other hand he can be an absolute gentleman. It was odd to say the least. Joel chuckled when the young girl waved towards Ava, while still clutching her cat plushie tightly. Perhaps it was a source of comfort, as Joel noted that she had spoken to the soft toy twice since entering the cafe. The girl seemed harmless enough, even though she obviously was not from the city – or the surrounding districts for that matter. A light whisper from the other side of the table brought Joel’s head back around, and he listened to Ava ask just why he helped the girl out. Making sure she got her order, and paying for it as well. It was really second nature for Joel and he couldn’t see anything unusual in his actions. “People are often frightened of what they cannot understand. You saw how everyone gawked at the poor thing when she entered, yet she was no harm to anyone. The girl appeared lost and hungry. It was the least I could do. And look, now she is settled and thankful.” Joel was right about that. Naturally, he was still curious about why a girl was dressed so and speaking in an old tongue. But he also wanted to enjoy his coffee peacefully, so you could say he had an ulterior motive. Taking up the last part of his muffin and then popping it into his mouth, before chewing thoughtfully – Joel swallowed and added. “If you were lost and hungry in a strange place, would you not wish for a helping hand?” Joel was a strong believer in giving to those less fortunate, even though he himself did not have a lot to give. This came from his upbringing, when his Teacher told him that those with nothing often give what they can to others. Would Ava appreciate this for what it was? Or was she too high in the heel to even understand.   ~RB~  

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