The Investigator – TG.


While Nancy aka Sunny is entertaining Tenkai during the ghoul curfew, an investigator comes knocking.  It’s the last person Sunny expects to see at her door.

Scene setting  – Sunny’s apartment.

Co-written with Moo, Temp and Fu.


Moo:  Curfew…such a bustling time for Investigators. Nikita was not one on patrol, but it seemed like it with the way she bustled up and down the street looking for Nancy White’s apartment. Looking down at her device which she often used solely for work, she had misused it just this once to obtain a civilian’s location. “This should be it, right?…” She was talking to herself, as she had Kato drop her off at her house plenty of time before curfew. She had been idle on gathering information on Nancy until she realized she wasn’t the only one who might take an interest in the nurse. Despite Wolf not being one to kill humans needlessly, she figured it wouldn’t hurt to check. Besides that, Nancy didn’t seem to be the brightest, but god did she seem cheerful. The combination usually made for one hell of a talkative person. She most likely would blab her mouth off to anyone who was willing to listen. So, not being one to waste any time, Nikita quickly found her way to Nancy’s front door and rapped on it quickly and lightly. “Nancy White? Helloooo.” She tried to sound as nonchalant as possible, though her light brown eyes roamed around the street as she waited for someone to answer. If it took a moment, she would simply knock again a little louder.


Razorbackwriter:  Sunny never usually invited people back to her apartment. It was not like a rule as such, but the truth was, Sunny didn’t have any friends. Gloria was her assigned flatmate via orders from the hospital and they were as different as chalk and cheese. It was a miracle that Gloria had not tried to smother the girl in her sleep, for all the incessant chatter and bright enthusiasm which was grating on others. Luckily, Sunny learned how to steer clear of Gloria and her many male callers, often locking herself in her room and turning up Katy Perry instead of having to hear the raucous sounds of Gloria’s head board thudding against the wall, or her screams of passion.

So having Tenkai here was so very new to Sunny. When he wondered if he would be stuck there in her apartment for the night, Sunny giggled and then a loud snort followed.

“You don’t have to worry about me, if you do. I don’t bite.”

So…innocent. She beamed a fifty watt smile as she heard the timer on her kitchen oven. “Oooo those hot pockets are so quick to cook. Scusey me.” Like a flash she was up and off into the kitchen again. More sounds of clinking cutlery and plates. The smell of the hot pockets was now wafting out of the kitchen as Sunny fiddled with an oversized set of furry oven mits. They even had their nails coloured pink. Be scary to see her carrying the tray out wearing those. Sunny set down the tray on the coffee table and wobbled her head back and forth. If you listened hard enough, you’d probably hear her brain slosh about.

Tenkai was being so nice, and seemed to enjoy Sunny’s company. Odd as that sounded. The nurse was just pleased she was not getting yelled at. That was what most people did.

“I can make you more coffee if you want.” Sunny chimed, when Tenkai thanked her for the cup of hot joe.

She was about to take a seat, when suddenly she heard a loud series of knocks at the door. Odd, why would someone be calling at her apartment after curfew. Sunny chewed her lip, since Tenkai had just asked if he would be able to leave without being suspected of anything, considering he was…one..a male, and two alone with a nurse. Now, that Sunny had a person at the door, there would be no easy escape.

“I should get that, shouldn’t I?” Uneasily, Sunny got to her feet, still wearing the large furry animal oven mits and tip toed to the door. She peered through the eye hole and …much to Sunny’s shock it was the investigator that had told her off at the hospital. The nurse gasped loudly and flung her back against the door. She thought she was in trouble.

“I put down your weapon. I left the scene. What do you want from me?” Sunny was too scared to open the door, her big green eyes imploring Tenkai.

“It’s an investigator” She whispered with animated furry mit hand movements.




” What?!”

– He would find out that the person who had interrupted him was a investigator as Sunny had said. It was not long from now that Tenkai would go take the cup of coffee and walk towards the furthest area of the room and proceed to think about how this would go but then again it wouldn’t be any different from the last . Tenkai was smooth with his words , and was ruthless in fights in enclosed spaces due to his speed. However even he didn’t wish for any collateral damage in a place like this as well so he would keep his cool and keep his tongue as sly as a snake in case anything came his way. Tenkai would slowly move over to Sunny after placing his cup of coffee down and said –

” Follow my lead. ”

– Tenkai would wrap a arm around Sunny with one hand and slowly unlocked the locks with his other, which would allow the person to enter her apartment. –


Moo:  Nikita stuffed away her device she had been carrying while she waited at the door. It had taken several moments, so as she was about to knock again, she finally heard the familiar voice. Sighing to herself softly, the investigator placed her hand against the door. “What are you going on about? You’re not in trouble, I just want to speak with you about–“ To her surprise, the door began to open. She blinked, seeing Nancy with a boy. “Ah…” She was sure Nancy had already opened her trap about the event at the hospital. That would mean talking with both people. “May I come in? I’m just here to talk.” Her brown eyes roamed over their faces, looking for anything out of place. As far as she knew, Nancy was single. It was never wrong to be wary, but she would go with it. Besides, maybe the intel she gathered on the woman wasn’t one hundred percent accurate. Regardless, she would start to move in, her right foot planting itself on the floor of her apartment, pressing to pass the male. Nikita didn’t have any regard for manners while she was doing a job.


Wolf had remained perched up against a window of the apartment, listening in on the conversation between the nurse and the ghoul. So far there wasn’t any valuable information to be gained, but she did find it interesting that the ghoul mentioned something about her. He knew that she was of some significance, but that wasn’t that uncommon among ghouls. She was just about to leave when she recognized the scent of the Investigator she had encountered earlier at the hospital. All three of them had been reunited, though not all of them were aware of this. Still, there was no need to intervene in this situation, so she would remain neutral for now. After a short period of waiting, she figured that the addition of the investigator would get the ghoul to think twice about killing the nurse, so she decided to leave the area.

Razorbackwriter:  Of all the crazy and fucked up situations. The last person that Sunny ever thought would come pounding on her door was that lady investigator from the Hospital. Why on earth she picked Sunny to now interogate was beyond her. The nurse wasn’t a ghoul and she sure as hell didn’t do a thing wrong, except maybe cheer for her at the battle site. Now she was at her door, but much to her shock and surprise, Tenkai had a plan. This was totally out of the blue and unexpected. He ever so casually placed his arm around the jittery Sunny and opened the door.


The investigator…well, she looked surprised to see that Sunny had company. There was a reason for that, but of course to Sunny, the nurse would have no idea that the investigator had done a back ground check on her. Having listened to Tenkai say that she was to follow his lead, Sunny went on instant game show like happiness. Beaming and tilting her head so that it was on Tenkai’s shoulder.

“May I come in? I’m just here to talk.”

“Ssssure. We were just having coffee.” Ever so smooth. “I have some extra hot pockets if you’re hungry.” Sunny stared up at Tenkai like he was the bees knees, then back at the investigator who was now barging her way in like she owned the place. Why on earth she wanted to interrupt a nice quiet evening during curfew was beyond her. Didn’t these investigators have lives?

“Hehe….uhm. What did you want to speak to me about?”




” It seems the nighttime is coming to an end also. I guess we got no sleep tonight huh dear haha ? ”

– He’d stare at Sunny for a brief moment without offering a wink as those were too clear and too overused that it wouldn’t work effectively anymore and would keep staring until she got what he meant and he would continue watching the CCG investigator while keeping at Sunny’s side at this point for reasons that were clear to only him. He would allow Sunny to think as she would but also give the implication of him posing as her boyfriend right now to provide cover for him seemed like the best and most logical thing to do . Tenkai would move back towards Sunny as they were briefly pushed apart by the CCG Female and would lace his hands with hers to further impose the disguise he’d give himself at this moment and time. –


Moo:  “Why do you suppose that is?” Nikita cut in, looking around the home. “Just staying the night?”From what she could tell, this guy didn’t live here. Not that she really needed the observation skills.“Taking advantage of the roommate’s absence. Clever.” She clucked her tongue lightly, turning to offer the two a wink while she lifted her index finger. Simply playing the part. “I’m not hungry and I already had plenty of coffee for the evening. Thanks.” Sighing lightly, Nikita ran her fingers through her hair absently and crossed her arms under her chest. “Sorry to be abrupt with this, but I couldn’t find you in time at the hospital. So I had to find you myself…as inconvenient as that is.” Her light brown eyes rested over Nancy’s face before the male’s. “Care to introduce me to your friend? Does he know what happened today at work?”


Razorbackwriter:  It was unusual for Sunny to be nervous, but this whole situation did put her on edge. Seeing as she was still wearing the large furry oven mits, she whipped them off quickly, and then tried to regain her composure. That of course was thwarted by Tenkai’s innuendo filled statement. He more or less said that they had got no sleep that night, with a playful ‘haha, dear.’

“Tee hee. No rest for the wicked.” Two could play this game, and the investigator, she was dancing along to the same tune. Winking and going as far to say that Sunny had taken advantage of her roomie being at work during curfew. Now, that alone suggested that the investigator had done her homework, or she had assumed by the two very different room accessories, that two people lived here, and not Tenkai.

With the investigator now taking up space in the centre of the room, Tenkai moved back to Sunny, after being pushed back, and made a bold move to show that they were more than just friends, by taking her hand. Poor Sunny. Her cheeks went the colour of fresh spun cotton candy. This was the first time a guy…a good looking guy had gone to be affectionate, other than the old farts at the hospital that tried to swat her ass as she did her duties.

Sunny stared up at Tenkai like a star struck K pop fan. You could see her eyes sparkle at all this sudden attention. Gosh, it was so nice. Course the magic was broken yet again, by the all too nosy investigator.

“Care to introduce me to your friend? Does he know what happened today at work?”

“This….this is Tenkai…and…well, I did mention that we had an incident up on the top floor, come to think of it.” She was being coy, and the normally chatty Sunny was struggling from blurting out everything. From when she ran into Tenkai on the street, the egg disaster, and of course mentioning about the wolf masked little ghoul thingy.

“I told him that a wolf looking masked….thingy was fighting an agent.” Sunny moved her free hand towards Nikita and then drew it back again. “Course, this happens all the time, right? I mean…its why there is a curfew and we are all prisoners in our homes….well, yeah, it has its benefits.” Again she gave Tenkai a loving look before remembering the time. “Gosh, will curfew be over soon? I’m going to need more milk.”




– Tenkai would wave towards the female as Sunny mentioned his name and he had done so with a smile on his face and when she said she mentioned the incident he would nod and kept quiet from that point on until something said he relevance to him. Once she had mentioned benefits he would too chuckle –

” Indeed it does. ”

– Tenkai listened to her speak once more about the curfew in which he would give his reply to her and await any further conversation to be had from that point on –

” Yeah it’s not long from now. ”


Moo:  Nikita felt a minor relief in hearing Nancy’s needless blabber. It was definitely notable she wasn’t as talkative as she had been at work, but it was also possible the investigator had struck a chord with her. She was rude in telling her to leave, but it had been for good reason. Would this answer she received be enough to tell what the nurse knew? She had heard the beginnings of their conversation, after all. For an investigator working alongside a ghoul as notorious as Wolf…it was dangerous letting other people know, for both party’s sake. Brushing everything Nikita considered to be nonsense, she waved her hand dismissively and took on a more vigilant look. “Listen, Nancy. I just didn’t want you being left with a bad taste in your mouth. It was obvious you were enjoying yourself, but to the risk of your own health. I would advise you to stay away from dangerous situations like that in the future. But…I do apologize for sending you away without thanking you for your generous attempts to help me.” She took a breath, shoulders relaxing slightly. “I would like to request that you don’t speak of what you saw again, or you might become valuable to someone. Or, your life could be put in danger needlessly.” Nikita’s gaze narrowed slightly while she lifted her finger, as though she was showing her seriousness in this warning. Fixing her suit jacket, she proceeded toward the pair and reached in her pocket, pulling out a card with two numbers scrawled on it. “The first number is my cell. The second is for the CCG; ask for me and you will be put through immediately… I’ll be leaving you with that, and another apology.” With a small bow of her head, the investigator’s gaze moved between the male and female briefly. “Seeing as I’ve used the rest of your valuable time… Please, let me see myself out, and have a good day.” She began moving past them toward the door. If they had anything to say, now was the time to say it.

Razorbackwriter:  Sunny was gobsmacked that the investigator was apologizing about the incident in the hospital. The plucky nurse was nearly always in some sort of trouble, even when she didn’t mean to be. She stood there, not even blinking. Her mouth open slightly as she just listened to what the investigator had to say.

“I would advise you to stay away from dangerous situations like that in the future.”

“Oh oh oh. Yes, I swear I won’t get in on one of your battles again, Miss.” Sunny even made the finger sign of scouts to show she was honest with her words. “I’ll leave all the choppy choppy to you, Miss.” The nurse showed a huge smile, while bobbing her head slightly. She was eager to have the whole thing just go away, now that it had come to roost at her home. Having Tenkai so close was making her feel extra giddy. Like a girl on a first date. He was actuallyholding her hand. It was clear that the whole situation was overwhelming.

What Sunny didn’t expect was when Nikita handed the pair a card that had two numbers on it. One was for her cell, so she could speak to Nikita directly, and the other was for the Headquarters of the CCG. The nurse took the card graciously, but was slightly bewildered as to why the agent felt the need to go that far.

“Oh you don’t have to apologize. I know you have a job to do. I do some pretty nasty things myself. Like changing bed pans in the dementia ward. No one else will do it, and the Matron INSISTS I do. You would not believe the number of times I have come out of there and needed to be hosed down.” Course, this was probably too much information for either Tenkai or the agent to handle, but our little ray of Sunshine never left out details, no matter how nasty they were.

“Seeing as I’ve used the rest of your valuable time… Please, let me see myself out, and have a good day.”

Sunny waved at Nikita as she went for the door and then handed the card that she was given to Tenkai, for him to look at. Sunny didn’t believe she was ever going to need to call.

“Bye bye.”

As soon as the door closed, Sunny erupted into a fit of giggles and snorts..

“Oh….that was too much. Did you see how she thought we were a thing?” Again with more laughter and thigh slapping.




”Yeah I did haha. And it was also the reason why I did it. Most people get odd assumptions unless you place the right one in their mind , therefore I chose that one was my go to. We are close enough in age after all. ”

– Tenkai would chuckle and slowly loosen the grip he had upon her and looked at the time. Boy had it been a whole day since . What would they do now that they’ve been placed alone once more. But this time around however Tenkai had figured it was time for her to get to work soon and Tenkai himself would’ve had matters to attend to. Sunny gave Tenkai the card and he would look at it for a second and laughed from the irony, someone like him did not need this for any specific reason. He would return it to Sunny and laugh just a bit more –

” I do not need this Sunny. Believe me it has more of a use to you haha . ”

– He was able to see now that this girl was pretty lucky to have seen Alpha up close , and wasn’t even a CCG investigator but simply a person caught in the middle. Tenkai would take out his phone and looked at her –

” I think we should exchange numbers ”


Moo:  Nikita stood at the door, having nearly completely closed it already. She closed her eyes as she listened to the beginnings of their conversation, closing the door after Tenkai’s refusal to take the card with the numbers on it. Needless to say, she had a ghoul on her radar. Finding out if he was really friendly to humans was her next priority. Exiting the porch, she turned and began walking down the street. She had used some time needlessly on Nancy, but had gained something in return. And she was able to keep this from Kato, hopefully. As a sense of security. If Wolf was in fact following the nurse, Nikita also had less to worry about in regards to her health. Wolf would more than likely take out Tenkai if he crossed a boundary. Or so she would count on. Perhaps putting a little too much faith in her new acquaintance. Pulling out her device, she entered Tenkai’s name. It would be some time before she found out any other information on him, but it was something. One less ghoul off the streets…or…one more ghoul on her and Wolf’s side. Only time would tell.

Razorbackwriter:  Sunny was surprised that Tenkai thought that she might need the card more than he did. The little nurse gave a slight shoulder shrug and took the card back. But instead of placing it somewhere important, she just tossed it onto the coffee table without a second thought. Sunny simply didn’t think she would ever need it. Considering who was standing right in front of her, that was kind of funny. Thankfully, Sunny had no clue. She thought that Tenkai was just some nice guy that happened to run into her on the street.

The nurse tittered when Tenkai asked that they traded numbers. “Really? YOU want my number?” The rose shade darkened on her cheeks, and Sunny was all too happy to oblige. She took off into her bedroom and then came back with a My little pony notepad. Feathered pen in hand, she scribbled down her number on a scented pink page and then handed it to Tenkai with a gracious smile.

“Here you go. Feel free to text me if you ever want to have coffee again.” Course, Sunny meant coffee and not what Gloria usually meant by it. Glancing up at the clock, the nurse realized that curfew was over…..and she was going to be due at work in another two hours.

“I should let you go now. Kept you here prisoner long enough.”

Sunny unlocked her front door and opened it for Tenkai. She leaned on it and said. “Don’t be a stranger.”

The nurse had no idea how lucky she had been.




” Thanks for the number I’ll be sure to drop by soon ”

– Tenkai would smile softly at her after she had finished what she had said and he’d slowly walk out the front door of her apartment. His smile would stay persistent until he had left her personal area. He just barely got out of a room with one. Oddly enough he’d keep to himself and not bother anyone else with his business. But the time he had for the following day was limited as it is. What would Tenkai do now. He figured he’d find somewhere to go or something to do in the meantime , didn’t seem like his organization was calling or asking of him at this point in time. So this time was truly his own. He walked out of the building and decided to go find somewhere to go. Whatever fit the bill that is –



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