Calm before the storm – SS.


Scene setting – Greed Castle

co-written with Dessy.


Razorbackwriter:  The blossoming friendship between Lydia and Mariela only grew as they shared their thoughts on human kind and how it was possible to be a family even without blood ties. Rising from her chair, Lydia extended her hand to show the girl through the library. So many books, and all the histories of all the Princes of hell. ever recorded word was in thickly bound books that adorned the many shelves. There was no librarian, for the staff at this part of the castle were scarce. Mammon had people WHEN he needed them, and if he didn’t….they would be paid up and sent on their way. There were pleasant reading areas, and large comfortable chairs to sit in, to lose yourself in one of the many romantic tales and stories. Funny, for a man who hated romance to keep romantic novels. There was a reason for this…but the only one who would tell that tale would be Mammon himself.

Lydia glided along effortlessly on the carpeted floor as she escorted Mariela out the door when she was finished the tour.

“Fancy something to eat?” Lydia asked. She had full intentions of taking her to the dining room, to enjoy a wondrous feast.




Dessy:  Mariela and Lydia were bonding, and Mariela hoped they would be good friends for a long while. Mariela liked Lydia. She was.. interesting, to say the least. Mariela stood up and took Lydia’s hand when she offered it, before Lydia showed her around the library. It was grand – it had every book Mariela could imagine. She ran her hand over the top of the sitting chairs when she passed them by, feeling the softness. The Prince had all of these stuff and he probably didn’t use half of it. But that was okay, because Mariela would certainly use it. Mariela exited the library with Lydia, turning to look at her when she asked if Mariela wanted something to eat. “I am quite hungry.” she said, thinking a bit before she nodded her head.


Razorbackwriter:  Warner had decided to seek out Lydia and Marie, mainly because he was concerned. The Prince had not only taken his armor, sword and horse with him to Wrath. He took the bulk of his army. Which meant that the number of guards left to protect the Kingdom of Greed was way less than normal. Sure, the Prince had counter measures in place should someone decide to take matters into their hands and try to seize Greed Castle while the Prince was off fighting, but still it was a concern to Warner.

Seeing the women up ahead, he jogged along with his belly bouncing about till he arrived near the door way to the Dining hall.

“I trust you are both okay. I know the Prince would dine with you if he was here….but…he does get carried away when it is time to lop off someone’s head at another kingdom. So…how about some dinner, hmm?”

He showed with his hand where he thought they should sit, and Lydia shrugged her shoulders lightly. “One step ahead of you, Warner. Tell me, why aren’t you off on the front line with Mammon? She was curious, but always thought that beneath that fat exterior lay the heart of a true coward.

“Someone has to keep the home fires burning. Heh.” It was a weak response, but he knew he wouldn’t last five minutes on the battle field, what with his lack of skills.

Lydia took a seat at the nearest table and showed Marie where to sit. One by one, servants came out with many dishes to place on the table before them. From roast pheasant to baked vegetables, hot bread and wine. It was quite the feast. Taking a napkin, Lydia draped it across her lap.

“Bon appetite.”




Dessy:  Mariela gave a gentle smile as Warner ran up to them to see if they were both okay. She raised an eyebrow at his response when Lydia asked why she wasn’t with Mammon, but followed where he had gestured and sat down at the table where Lydia showed her. She watched servants run up and down placing food on the table, and she widened her eyes. “Wow..” she said, taking the napkin and draping it over her lap as well. “He really does have everything.” she said out loud, looking over the many dishes. She decided to start small, so started by adding some baked vegetables and other small foods to her plate. She’d rather fix extra than place a bunch on her plate and waste it because she couldn’t finish all of the food. “So, who is the Prince trying to kill and why? If I may ask, of course..” she said lightly, looking up at Warner and then over at Lydia. There she went with the questions, her curiosity taking over. She swore that one day she would get in trouble because of it.


Razorbackwriter:  Warner and Lydia both stopped eating and placed down their cutlery when Mariela asked as to who the Prince was planning to kill and why. It was obvious that the girl had a curious nature, and with all that had gone on at her arrival, it was little wonder her interest was piqued. Lydia ran her tongue over her bottom lip as she toyed with how to explain the situation, while Warner dabbed his brow with a napkin. Lydia, being the most open of the pair decided to divulge.

“The Prince seeks to correct an..injustice. I am not sure if you are aware, but the Prince of Wrath was murdered by….his lover Gabriel. She has since taken over the throne of Wrath, and with this in mind, the Prince wished to avenge the death of Belial, and remove the woman from the throne she stole.”

Warner stared at Lydia, as she recounted what she believed to be the circumstances behind the Prince’s reason to attack the Castle Wrath.

“That and he feared that if he did not strike first, that she may well seek to end all the Princes and take over Hell itself.”

What would the young witch think of the Prince of Greed now?




Dessy:  Mariela looked at them both as they both had stopped what they were doing to answer her question. She had so many questions, and not enough time to ask them. Mariela raised her eyebrows, then had a shocked expression as Lydia explained. “Why would this.. Gabriel.. kill her lover? And is being a woman and ruler of a kingdom such a bad thing?” she asked. “Or.. is she a lot more evil than I think she is?” she asked. She couldn’t say she was surprised. Seven different rulers in Hell, it would only be obvious that they would want to fight each other. Of course, there’s not much she could say about Mammon – she only met and talked to him for a few minutes, but although since she lived here and worked for him she suspected she would eventually know more. But Mariela was a bit too nice for her own good – so it didn’t really matter how cruel Mammon is,or anyone for that matter, because she’d still be just as nice to him as everyone else. Cautious, and maybe a bit frightened – but nice.


Razorbackwriter:  Lydia pouted as she contemplated Mariela’s question. Why would Gabriel kill her lover – the Prince of Greed? It was almost like she was musing on the idea herself. Warner popped a potato into his mouth and chewed as they spoke. He then answered with a mouthful of food. “Maybe it was that time of the month.” Lydia burst out laughing at the very idea of that. “Oh..sure, blame it on PMS. If that were the case and women did that every month….there would not be a man left in Hell…or earth for that matter. Hah!”Warner shrugged his shoulders and added. “You can be pretty mean around that time.” Lydia smacked him with a napkin, before rolling her eyes and returning her gaze to Mariela.

“Personally, I see nothing wrong with a woman leading things. I mean….look at Earth…see what the men have done to that place, it’s a right mess. I guess, it would be fair to say that Mammon can be a bit…sexist in his views. Also a traditionalist. Seven Princes of Hell…all that.” Lydia said with a wave of her hand.

As to whether Gabriel was more evil than one might think, Lydia shrugged. “Never met her. And…with the way things are going, I may never get the chance. Mammon has taken his army over to Wrath. You can expect a lot of heads on pikes.”

Finishing their meals, the servants came out to take away the empty plates and cups, allowing the trio to retire for the night. Lydia again reached for Mariela’s hand.

“Let us walk to the roof tops, we might be able to see the fighting from there.” It was no surprising that Lydia was curious as to how the battle was going. Would Mammon be defeated? Would he ever return?




Dessy:  Mariela ate as they talked, and she couldn’t help but laugh when Warner made the comment about it being “that time of the month”. “Of course. PMS is blamed for everything.” she with a grin. She laughed when Warner told Lydia she was always mean around that time. She then gave a shrug as Lydia spoke. “I guess you’re right. I’ve never been a fan for fighting, myself. I’m more of a “peace” person.” she gave another shrug. She grabbed Lydia’s hand and stood up, giving a nod of her head.“Watching the fight sounds good.” she said, giving a smile. She wanted to see what was so big about this Gabriel person being a ruler. But, she didn’t actually want to meet the girl… Actually, she wanted to avoid that…


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  1. Hi, girl from the bush. Thanks for the ‘like’ and comment on my post ‘Why do you blog?”. It brought me to your blog and I’m fascinated by the idea of writing sequences in turn with (an)other writer(s). I haven’t yet had time to read through your posts but I will. I’m used to photographer bloggers I follow doing ‘film swaps’ which I suppose is a similar idea, but I’ve not come across your type of ‘swap’ or collaboration before. I like the idea and maybe can find a writer to try it with. It’s surprising how many Australian bloggers I’m ‘picking up’ – at least three I mentioned in my post (without naming them) are in Australia.
    Thanks again, grumpytyke


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